Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Headed that way this weekend. Hope to see you guys there!

Please check out my MYSPACE at http://www.myspace.com/mitchelmusso for ALL things about my tour & we will be adding dates as fast as we can.

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Lot's of meetings this week & School!

Also, Hannah Montana starts back up this week on Wednesday so I will be busy on set. & I think I am stopping by Phineas & Ferb as well.

Did you guys watch Hannah Montana last week? Do you think Lilly & Oliver will continue to date? Make sure you watch the show!

Have you seen Hannah Montana the Movie? Let me know what you thought about the movie.

If it's your Birthday this week, Have the Best Birthday Ever!



Amy Dunlop said...

The 'Hannah Montana Movie' hasn't came out over here yet! (Scotland)
But I have tickets to see it when it is released on Friday!
I'm so excited! :)

Anton Nyberg said...

it's my birthday today ! :D

check out my twitter :D

Anonymous said...

it was about time, I mean 3 years!!!
I hope they continue to date,they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g together <3 I'm a full on lollie shipper! Thank your writers for us!!! And thank you and Emily for being incredible!!!!! I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY!
The movie was awesome as well :D
I'm so excited for your CD Mitchel, it's going to crazy!

Taylor said...

Thanks for the update!! I will be sure to watch the new Hannah Montanas!

Bekah said...

The Hannah Montana movie isn't out yet (Jersey) but am looking forward to watching it!! :D
Can't wait for your album to come out! Have already ordered it! :D
You are such a talented singer!! <3

MissaLissa :] said...

omg! that eppi was awesome.
i got to see the movie last friday! it was awesome.
i requested you to come to portland or ionia. it all works. lol

go to me and katie's twitter please :]

love you

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

Do you think you'll come to Rhode Island? lol, if you don't I will probably try to go to the six flags one in NJ...or if you go to Hershey park, PA, then I might be able to go there...it all depends...
I like Hershey park a lot :) lol
I went on my first looped roller coaster there!... It's been about four years since I've been to Hershey park though... I did go to Hershey World about a year and a half ago :)
I made a Twitter! lol

Also... It was pretty hot this weekend! I think it was a new record or something like that. It feels like summer :)

Whats up?
For me, I think I forgot most of what was up...lol
I did hang out with my friends last weekend, I didn't go see my dad last weekend...um...I went to the park last weekend...tried to look for crabs (Couldn't find any, but there were plenty of clams!)...I really haven't done much out of the ordinary this week...but it's still early, it's only Tuesday after all...
I've been playing guitar more often even though I have close to no idea how to play...lol

Wish ya luck Mitchy! :)

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. My favorite ride in Hershey park used to be one of those raft rides where you go through the rapids and stuff...except my step dad used to always purposely try to shake the boat so that I would get hit by the waterfall lol
Seriously, sometimes he would hardly be wet when we got off the ride :) ...hmmmm....maybe I'll team up against him with the help of my mom next time I go on one of those :) lol

Anonymous said...

Have fun in New Mexico be sure to soak up some Vitamin D and some R&R! Love the myspace page as always, extremely excited that you are FINALLY coming over to Canada :) You will love visiting here Mitchel and so will your fans! Hope there will be more demands on more Toronto tour dates. Enjoy your school work; I know your graduating this year so that should be a fun experience!

As for the budding relationship, I'm not too sure of it I really wish that Disney would stop pushing that envelope because not everything turns out to be a happy ending. As long as it doesn’t affect the friendship that’s been there since first season :S Instead of watching HM I watched HP and thought it was hilarious! Good job goes to you and Jason :) Anyways have yourself a good week! Keep on living the dream, Mitchel.

Yours from ON
M.B. of LR

PS. A big thanks goes to Jordan for uploading HP! I’ll have to watch it again.

Anonymous said...

Dun.. dun.. dun...

Adry said...

I Love LOLIVER!!!!!!!!!
I waited 3 years for this so im really happy now that they are together!!!!!!!!I wish that they continue to date,they are incredible together! The movie was good just not enough u or Emily I think....

Anonymous said...

loliver is awesome!

I'd cry if they're break up

Camille said...

I loved the Hannah Montana movie it was really good! but i think you should have been in it more..., and i think you guys will date for a while yea. but I always thought it would be Miley and Oliver but Lilly and you make a very cute couple as well! i am actually really happy that lilly and oliver are together. and Hatching Pete was so funny! Good Job!

EWA said...

In Poland Hannah Montana The Movie is in cinemas on 17th March...and I watched it.I think it's AMAZING.! Very funny and sometimes sad.I really like it.! :) You should have been in it more.!But you was COOL. :D
I hope you'll have a GOOD week. :)

grace w said...

the hannah Montana movie was zoo good and I like the music viedo with u doing the ho down throw down

Samantha said...

"What I don't like about you" is officially my favorite episode so far. For three years I wished that the characters of Lilly and Oliver would start dating. When "Joanie Be Good" premiered, it made me sad because, I didn't think that Oliver would ever betray Lilly by dating her #1 enemy, but the writers can do whatever they want I guess.
I really hope that Lilly and Oliver are in it for the long haul, their chemistry is off the charts, no doubt due to the amazing talents of you and your gorgeous co-star, Emily. I can not wait for the next new episode, "Promma Mia" this Sunday!
I have not seen Hannah Montana the Movie yet, but I really do. I wish that you had larger role in it, but I guess you had your reasons. I loved you and Jason in Hatching Pete, you were hilarious!
Good Luck with your music, can't wait for the album!! You and Mason are awesome singers!! this is off topic but, I really wanted to go see Metro Station in concert last night in Lowell, MA, but I couldn't make it because of school obligations. :( tell Mason that they NEED to come back soon, and maybe bring you along with him! Now that would be AMAZING!

kelseeYYY . (: said...

mitchel ! HEY :] . i saw the hannah movie the day after it came out ! w. a bunch of my friends .the funny thing is , one of mY guy friends, brett LOVED it . LOLOL it was AMAZING THO < 33 . YOU LOOK SOO HOT ; D . WELL . you always doo ;] !GAHAH . SERIOUSLY THO . &&& OHH . I SAW the tour date thingy and OMFG. YOU CUMING TOO , TORONTO <3 . effin rights(; . im deff, going to make it happen that i meet You ! haha.i want to give you a hug :) ! WOW.. that sounds creepy . lmfao ohhwells . I CANT WAIT . btw; do you know when the tickets go on sale ? .OMF . YOU SHOULD GO ON MOD. YOUR BROTHER WAS ON IT ''MUCH ON DEMAND'' . get one of your peoples to call up and say you will be in toronto . (Y) . and like yea . gaha if your not busy . ;( . too bad you wernt going to be in Toronto for a few days , we could chill D; . i love how i said that and we dont even know eachotherr. haha. well i hope you read this (: .

BYE ! <-333 .
kelseyyy ''

btw; im not a big disney fann . but hannah montana is good:)

Sarah Camacho said...

The movie was great, I really liked it!
The new episode was definetly the BEST of all the seasons, I was shaking I was so happy!
I am so excited that your coming to Canada, I live in Montreal, so I'm gonna drive down to see you!!!
When and where can I buy tickets?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I was looking at your tour dates and I realized...the day you come to Anaheim is the last day of finals. :( It'd be really neat if you could come to the LA area again in the summer. NY's so lucky to get you on your birthday! Ooh, maybe you could come to LA the first week of August? That'd be wicked cool!

Afiqah said...

Yeah! I watched it! It was awesome!! But you and moises arias were'nt actually in it. :(
You guys just act for a few minutes!! But i love it! but if only u act more it will be more awesome!!! :D

Afiqah said...

about the dating thingy!! :D
I hoped so!! cause you guys look cute together!! :D

Sini said...

Hannah Montana The Movie was great ! My mom was sad, because she hoped to see you more in the film : D haha Mitchel you are awesome and please come to Finland.

Tanya said...

I've never been a huge fan of Lilly and Oliver together, but I think I'm psychic because right before the episode aired, I thought, "I wonder if they're ever going to put it in the show...?" I have to admit though, it is kind of cute. Must have been fun for you and Emily anyway. XD

I actually thought the movie was pretty good (I went with my younger sister). I still think Oliver and Rico should have had more screen time (I'm not saying this because I'm on your blog, really... ^^), but it was definitely cool to see more depth in Miley's character. My sister said it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Havent seen the movie yet but me and some friends are going to see it on saturday we cant wait =D

Ursula Caturla said...

Hey Mitchel!

Ursula here. I am going to see the "HM movie" the first day it comes out here. I live in Peru, so I'll have to wait 'til May the 7th. I'm going with about 32 friends, so we're going to have a blast there. "Hatching Pete" hasn't aired yet, so I'll try to survive the following weeks ;)

By the way, are you going to do a Latinoamerican tour? PLEASE! If you do, come to PERU! If you come to Lima, I'd be the happiest person in THIS ENTIRE PLANET, seriously.


Ursula Caturla (Your biggest fan in Latinoamerica! =D)

Chelsea said...

Pleeze follow me on twitter.

Afiqah said...

Mitchel! Hannah montana the movie was awesome!! I just love it! But you and moises arias just act for a few minutes and that makes me sad! but really likes it! tell miley she did a great job! and all her new songs in it were awesome! and your new songs are awesome-awesomer too!!! :D

but if only u act more in the movie it'll be more fun!!! :D

Ur fan!!

Afiqah said...

hey! again!:D
about the dating thingy! I hoped so
Cause u and emily just loook cute together and i love it!! Yay i can't wait to watch the latest episode of hannah montana! with david archuleta in it!! right??

Anonymous said...

Yay! We live in Rio Rancho. We hope to be able to meet you. Take care.

The Weir Family

Anonymous said...

I was actually kind of suprised when Lilly and Oliver got together, I thought they had more of a brother/sister relationship as they bicker a lot which has now suddenly changed.
I kind of thought Oliver and Miley would end up together to be honest. I don't know, it seems kind of strange to me now because Lilly and Oliver's characters seem completely different, especially after seeing Promma Mia.

~*Amber*~ said...

I demanded a lot of places around here! I'm super pumped cause I believe I'm seeing you twice in July! =] Amazing.

Saw the Hannah movie a few weeks ago and my best friend and I loved it!

Good luck with everything this week!

Amy Dunlop said...

Hiyaaa again love :)
I seen the Hannah Montana movie today!
It was the premiere in Falkirk! Haha!
You weren't in it much!
I was so gutted!
my friend loves 'martin johnson' from boys like girls, your friends with him yeah?
Well, we had to wait till the very end of the credits until his name came up on the screen! Haha, I'm not sure why I'm telling you this?
But anyway, I can't wait till your album comes out!
And when I see you in 2012!
I love you :)

Hannah said...

The Hannah Montana Movie was amazing! I loved it! I seriously started dancing along to the Hoedown Throwdown and a few people stared at me like I was crazy...Oh, and I pretty much screamed when Taylor Swift came up. Haha, by the way, nice cake scene with Moises. The movie was really, really good.
Anyway, as for Lilly and Oliver, I'm not sure if things will work...at least not the right way. If they break up, their friendship might get a little awkward, and Miley will be stuck in the middle (again). They're a really cute couple though! :)
Well, I can't wait for your tour, and hopefully I'll see you sometime soon!

~*~.~*~ChelseaMusso~*~.~*~ said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!

Can't wait for new episodes of Hannah Montana! The highly anticipated LOLIVER episode was actually on for the first time in Canada today, on Family Channel! And can i just say that as a Loliver fan, I was EXTREMALY happy to see this happen! My favourite line in the WHOLE episode is "Her hair smelled like apples.... I like apples." I love that! and the whole 'Lillypop' and 'Olipop' thing was soooo cute! So do i think 'Lolipop' will continue? Yes i do; for a few episodes anyway. But in the end I feel like Oliver's gonna go back to being "a cross between a guy-friend and a piniate" (if u haven't noticed by now, i pay alot a ttention to EVERYTHING that is aid in the show =P) So yeah, GO LOLIVER! =P

Anyway, the Hannah Montana Movie; ahh i love it! its much more grown up and mature, but at the same time it still keeps the awesomeness of the show in it =P It's a spectacular movie! Im seeing it again this weekend! one problem though: YOU'RE NOT IN IT ENOUGH! =P lol, it's ok. im just happy you're in it! =D

So anyway, I hope everything's going well, and you're doing totally awesome! I can't wait for your CD! EEEEPPPP!!!! I'm SOOOO excited! But now i g2g, even though I have like so much more to say and i feel like I'm forgeting something, but I'm tierd and I wanna go to bed so
Byyyyeeeeeeeeeeee <3333
Peace. Love. Musso. <3333


Anonymous said...

Went to the LOMA COLORADO Even in Rio Rancho, I was glad to see you during the sound check, since it RAINED! It NEVER Rains here!
So glad to meet you during the meet and greet, you are the best!

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL! Saw the movie, watched the new episode last night, awesome! You two are too cute together, if only dating on TV, perhaps in real life too!
Went to Rio Rancho event, saw the sound check at least and did the meet and greet! THANKS for coming back! PLEASE come to Albuquerque for a CONCERT! You rock, we love you on HM, P&F and of course, YOUR MUSIC! Stay cool and we hope to see MORE OF YOU!

Anonymous said...

Was PSYCHED you came to NM, too bad it was on the ONLY day it rained! We were in the front row of the sound check, you ROCK!
Cant wait for the new album. Come to ALBUQUERQUE (I demanded it) for a concert! Love you in Hannah Montana, you signed my brothers Phineas &Ferb hat at the meet and greet, we all love you! Thanks for coming back since you couldnt sing. Today is nice and sunny :)
You and Emily Osment should date in real life! (Like you have the time!?)
Peace OUT! XO-LA

Anonymous said...

Loved the new HM movie and LolOver Episode. too cute.
Wanted to ask, when I met you in NM yesterday, WHAT IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME?!

Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel =P

Um... I just wanted to tell you that I was almost 100% sure that Miley and Oliver would get together in the show sometime. It just makes more sense. All throughout the show, there have been hints that suggested the two would get together. The smiles, the glances, and the sweetness between the two- it was all there.

There were times when it was clear that Oliver would try and impress Miley in the donuttiest ways possible to mankind xD. Also, there were many moments where Miley would try her best not to make Oliver upset. But most of all, when Miley and Oliver would start arguing, Miley would feel so bad that she'd not forgive herself and try her hardest to get his friendship with her back. Oddly, she wouldn't do that to Lilly. she'd just hold a huge grudge until they made up. Why would she act differently toward the two? I know they (Lilly and Oliver) are obviously different genders, but they're both equal to Miley. Best friends, but why the difference in how she acts toward them?

About the whole Lilly and Oliver get-togetherness... I don't really understand why they got together. They were the exact replica of Miley and Jackson: bickering brother and sister (which was funny, by the way). There was no build- up whatsoever. I'm not sure what made the producers, directors, and/or writers of the show change their minds (relationship wise) all-of-a-sudden. They sort of just threw the sweet idea of Moliver out the window, after all of that amazing build-up. I'm sure many fans of the show saw it develop and im sure they were all in awe when they saw the newly found (and random) relationship. I know some didn't mind, but I know for a fact that some do. Its just not the same. Lilly and Oliver don't bicker anymore (which made the show more hilarious than it already was) and their characters (especially Lilly's) have almost changed their personalities completely.

Don't get me wrong. I luv the show... its actually been my favorite since it first started (since I was a wierdo 6th grader). Now I'm almost a sophomore. I've loved every character and almost every plotline for the past 3 years. It can't be ruined now. Now I'm stuck between loving the show and giving up on it for good.

All I'm saying is... please. Please suggest to the producers, writers, or directers that not all of us are in love with the change. Most of us aren't. I'm begging you, please tell them to give Miley and Oliver another chance. There is already gonna be a 4th season, so I doubt the couple of the moment will last. Please, with all my heart, with all of OUR hearts... ask them to give US a second chance. Without it, the show won't be the same anymore.

Luv you always Mitchel. We all do. Duhh <3

MissaLissa :] said...

omg! mitchel. my birthday is 1 week from today!!!!!!!! i'm gonna be 14 years old! yayy! may 11! yeah!
supperrrr pumped. you need to do a shoutout for me. please and thank you!

<3 you

Miranda said...

Hey, Mitchel! You rock!

Katie said...

I LOVE it that Oliver and LIly are finally dating.. disney channel always has a group of friends that hang out but never date, and if they do, they break up so soon after. So I for sure hope that lily and oliver will stay together! they are adorable! I think that Oliver and Lily should sing the "If i didn't have you" song together on the show.. it would be perfect! ;) haha, anyway, I haven't seen the hannah movie yet, but im dying to go see it. All my friends have made fun of me for wanting to, so i have no one to go with. yeah.. its tragic, but I can't wait to go!
Btw, i saw you in Rio Rancho this past weekend! I was so upset that you didn't get to perform(hope none of your equipment was damaged by the rain though). It was definitley an experience I won't forget.. standing in the rain for hours to meet you. =) It was a "movie moment" for me. lol, ya know the whole rain thing and a perfect guy to share it with, kinda.(even though you don't know me.
Anyway, Thanks for taking the time to come out to NM, no body from Disney ever does and I completely appreciate it! Keep up the amazing work(can't wait for youre debut Album!) and I can't wait to hear from you again!
Thanks for everything!

tubalicious_ said...

i heard ur like in one scene in the movie or summin so im like im not gonna watch it since i dont really like miley. anyways.. hi! long time.. im so bored mitchel. and i got played by this guy..yeah..

TheRealLoliverIsNowGone!! :( said...

Hello there...

Hannah Montana movie was awesome!!

But, the Loliver episode wasn't they cahnged 2 much... and all Loliver fans realize this but they could care less when they loved the hate.love reltionship but there just happy that Loliver 'won' the battle or whatever... so there like who cares it's still cute...

But, in reality Lilly and Oliver changed way too much!! They need 2 go back to normal fun loving bickering self!!

Molly said...

Hey if you listen to your say now number my 5th hour drama class called you..well not my whole class just a few of us. We were bored and had a sub. Just telling you!

Molly said...

Ohhh! And Loliver is amazing and i've been wanting it since like Miley Get Your Gum so it's very exciting! I'm sooo lame commenting on this but yeah. My 17th is sunday =D

Shefali said...

The Hannah Montana movie hs nt yet releasd in India bt well I'll surely watch it when it will release.....!!!
It would b gr8 if Lily n Oliver date each-other....though unfortunately i couldn't see the episode.....!!!


megan said...

so mitchel,
my day was going horrible. ive been crying all day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchy!! I love Moliver! But, Lolivers alright they should not have pulled Molivers through a loop sense season 1 though everyone though most everyone thought after miley get your gum dont see how Loliver's think this is Lolvier that Moliver would end up together.. then randomly loliver happens...

HM movie was awesome though needed more of you! Pre ordered your album!

Much Love from the U.P. Michigan

Shaun said...

Dude. You are totally awesome, and the show is, too. The only thing I suddenly hated about the show is how they randomly threw Moliver out the window. There was a lot of build-up toward Miley and Oliver, but now it's as if it was a waste. Loliver doesn't make any sense. It's just plain stupid, especially how it was unexpected and randomly thrown in. That ain't cool.

This was a bad decision for the writers to make. Now Lilly and Oliver have changed their personalities completely and there is no more bickering. It just ain't the same anymore, you know? Hope u realized how bad this turnout became. I just hate the relationship with all my heart.

P.S. Miley would look a thousand times better with you. She always has. She is sexy, and im sure you've noticed a million times already... *whistles*

This is all coming from me... a teenage guy. We have our opinions about the show. Don't hate haha.=D

Olivia said...

I loved the Hannah Montana movie, but i feel you were DEFINITELY not in it enough. Can't wait to see you in the Teen Tour, hoping there's a meet and greet before hand? But i have no idea! I would LOVE to see you!

Anonymous said...

hi i want meet you u r so awesome

-TYHui- said...

I haven't watched it yet ...
But I know I'm going to LOVE it . =)

Anonymous said...

wow...thats pretty amazing that you even came to New Mexico. glad you remembered us! unlike all the other bands who skip from texas to arizona and totally forget new mexico (AHEM...jonas brothers) thanks a lot for coming out here!

Anonymous said...

Hannah Montana:The Movie was Amazing!
But you're not often there :s


PS: Come on here! :) A concert Plz ! :)<3

Anonymous said...

I think Lily and Oliver dating is like the best thing that's happened to the show. It's just gotten so much better.

Isabella said...

Hello! Hannah Montana the movie was the best movie I've ever seen! : D
I love Miley Cyrus she is my DIVA!
You're beautiful Mitchel. I love you <3
I also love to Emily Osment.
(Isabella, Brazil)