Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey Guys!

So...I have heard a couple of great comments already.....but I really want to know what you guys thought of Mike let's hear it! I certainly had fun making the episode and look forward to opportunities of going places with "Hannah Montana"

New Premiere pictures are up on if you guys want to head over there and take a look......I met so many people at the Grove yesterday. I walked around for hours literally with my good friend Kyle Massey and his brother Christopher. We had a blast meeting fans and chillin and shopping. We even took time to eat at The Cheescake Factory there at The Grove with other friends like Victoria Justice from Zoey 101. She and Christopher work on Zoey together.

I will be working on music this week as we are on Hiatus from Hannah. And...I will be working on "Phineas and Ferb" this week too. Can't wait for you guys to get a glimpse of that show... Hope you love it!

Also.....this next week on Hannah is a great please don't miss it. Way to go Hannah writers.....they out do themselves every week....the show just gets funnier and funnier!

So...leave me a message and let me know what's happening in your life....let's keep the Summer going as long as we can...right?


Saturday, July 28, 2007

BRATZ Premiere

I'll be there in the morning! Takes place at The Grove in Los Angeles California at 10:00AM Sunday Morning July 29th.....scream if you see me and I'll do my best to yell back!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh my's been way too long....

since I said hey!

I hope you guys have had an incredible week....I have! We have been working on a new episode of "Hannah Montana" this week. I have also been workig on a new song that I am really looking forward to sharring with hopefully that will happen very soon!

I wanted to let you guys know that I will be coming out to visit my fans at the Santa Clara Convention Center on September 16th. Hope you guys will come out and visit.

Also....keep watching "Hannah Montana" because there are so many surprises heading your way. I have heard a rumor that the first episode of Phineas and Ferb will air August keep watching for that too! brother Mason just left with his band Metro Station on their first Nation Wide Tour! They will be everywhere from New York to New Jersey....From Florida to if you ever get a chance...go see them...they are great! Check out their Myspace when you get a chance.

Have a great weekend and post when you can...I love hearing from you guys!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oliver's Alter Ego's Coming

Alot of you took a guess a while back as to what Alter Ego Oliver would have to be able to go backstage with Hannah & Lola. It was great reading all of your guys are creative! And a couple of you got real close.

August 4th's episode will be the unveiling......but incase anyone still wants to throw out a guess or two......feel free. One thing I can tell you is that Oliver comes up with his own idea of how he should look.....and Miley and Emily have a completly different idea. So get two shots at it!

I will be at "Hannah" this next week as well as working on "Phineas & Ferb". And.....I plan on sharing a new song with you very soon. I can't wait for you to hear it!

Share "Let's Go!" with all your friends....pass it along! Go to youtube and type in Mitchel Musso Citywalk get a sneak peak at my first song. "Let's Go"!

Have the most incredible Saturday ever!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aly & AJ Concert/Corbin Bleu

That's where I'll be tonight! In Irvine California.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Can you say Silver Mercedes C240 Black interrior! Oh Yeah!

The Party was Absolutely Amazing! We did have it one day early at the Shag Night Club in Hollywood and sent balloons flying up to the sky at midnight when it turned 7/9/07.

The night started with a limo ride from the Harry Potter Premiere on over to the club. The limo held my two best friends KyleE. and Sam L., the Metro Station Band including Mason ofcourse and my little brother Marc. We showed up at SHAG and walked the red carpet and joined 200 close friends already partying. A video of the 4th performance was shown at 9:00PM as well as a surprise Birthday Shout out via Video from Corbin Bleu and Aly & AJ.(who are on tour together and culdn't make th party) Corbin sent a taped message and Aly and AJ actually dedicated a new song to me and that was a Great surprise! My brother showed the first Music Video for Metro Station which will be released very soon if not already! It was incredible!.

Then Metro Station plyed to a huge crowd!They includede their newest song "Tell Me"! The cake was lit afterwards. It was a giant tire on top of a white sheet cake. The entire tire was Chocoate. CPK sponsored the event. YEAH CPK( California Pizza Kitchen)! I love you guys! We had a group there making free party trucker hats with graffit and everyone got to make up what they wanted sprayed on the hat and we also had tables there for my dressing room that everyone signed with permanent marker.

After the band we had the DJ play on into the night and we had a blast hanging out, dancing , taking pictures and visiting. All my friends at Popstar, Tiger Beat and Kewl Magazine were there to cover so expect some great pictures soon. It was a night I'll never forget! Thanks for letting me share it with you!

P.S. I am reading all of your Birthday Wishes and I appreciate them so much! As guys are the Best. Hey...if you haven't visited YOUTUBE...head on over there and watch "Let's Go"! Just type in Mitchel Musso Citywalk. Thanks for your support. You have overwhelmed me with your positive thoughts! Can't wait to share the new song with you!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just wanted to say......

You guys are all so AMAZING for supporting me like you do. I have read all the comments I could find and they are appreciated so much! I wanted to let you know that I will be releasing another song very soon and I am very excitd about it. It will be completely different from "Let's Go".

I wanted to release "Let's Go" first because of the title and how fun it was. I wanted you guys to know that I like to have fun and I enjoy getting the party started! I also really enjoy rapping......but.....

..... my next song has maybe one line of that means I'll be singing the whole thing not rapping and I can't wait for you to hear it! In the mean time....get yourself over to YOUTUBE and watch "Let's Go" again and again......leave me a comment or two and let's get this party started.... Let's Go! Let's Go!

Your the best fans in the world!


"Let's Go"

Theres other versions too. Watch when you get a chance and let me know what you think.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

KTLY Channel 5 in LA, CA-9:00AM

I will be on the show at 9:00AM in the morning (July 4th) if you guys want to tune in! Hollywood Launch starts at 7:00PM at CityWalk Universal outside the Hard Rock Cafe tonight!


Sunday, July 01, 2007


Guys.....I can't put into words how excited I am about this week. First of all.....I'm turning 16! Very Cool! And....I am also making my music debut this week at CityWalk on July 4th at 7:00PM.

I'm looking forward to all of your thoughts after the song gets out and more and more of you hear it. I am very thankful to everyone who helped put this all together too. I plan to have it put onto YouTube as soon as I possibly can.

By the trip to Florida was fantastic. I stayed at the Swan Resort. We always stay in a different this was great. They have an all night buffet and me and my friend Kyle took advantage of that. I worked on the Boardwalk at the Boardwalk Hotel and got to play some of the new Disney Video Games that are coming soon on the DS and the Wii,etc. and they were all Very cool!

I ended up at Seaside , Florida for the last 5 days of the trip and ran into all kinds of fans wherever I went and they were ALL great and I loved you guys being brave enough to just come up and say hi! and......for the record....I'd much rather you come up and say hi than try to secretly take a picture with a cell phone when you don't think I'm looking.

The Beach was HOT and great and I spent my time with my best friend Kyle and my little brother Marc and we skim boarded a lot and ate a lot and just hung out with a couple of old friends and relaxed and watched movies on into the night and had a Blast!

I did eat Seafood.....I did not eat Lobster......of course.

If you haven't visited recently...please do.....there's a couple of new videos right when you sign on that I would love for you too see. And yes...that's my POPSTAR date in the last. She was nice and ended up staying and watching us film for the evening. Hopefully she has great memories to share with friends...everyone on our set thought she was great!

Hannah Montana cast had another big photo shoot yesterday. We have been on Hiatus for a couple of it was great seeing everyone!

If you haven't bought your copy of POPSTAR out and get it....I'm actually on the cover with the cast....and I'm happy about that. I love being a part of the show and I really miss it when I'm not on the set. The entire cast is fantastic to work with and we all have a blast every week we're together.

I shot a Super Short Report today and it was great working with the kids. We did a little improve and that is always fun. I'm not sure when it will air....but be looking for it.

I work on Phineas & Ferb this week, and my little brother Marc will be working on "The Perfect Game"....a new movie that he has a small part in.

Come see me on the 4th at's only need to pay for parking. It is open to the public and we want everyone to come! I can't wait for you to hear "Let's Go" and I plan on sharring some more new music with you soon. There will be an autograph signing afterwards.

Thanks for being the Best fans in the world!