Monday, July 09, 2007

Can you say Silver Mercedes C240 Black interrior! Oh Yeah!

The Party was Absolutely Amazing! We did have it one day early at the Shag Night Club in Hollywood and sent balloons flying up to the sky at midnight when it turned 7/9/07.

The night started with a limo ride from the Harry Potter Premiere on over to the club. The limo held my two best friends KyleE. and Sam L., the Metro Station Band including Mason ofcourse and my little brother Marc. We showed up at SHAG and walked the red carpet and joined 200 close friends already partying. A video of the 4th performance was shown at 9:00PM as well as a surprise Birthday Shout out via Video from Corbin Bleu and Aly & AJ.(who are on tour together and culdn't make th party) Corbin sent a taped message and Aly and AJ actually dedicated a new song to me and that was a Great surprise! My brother showed the first Music Video for Metro Station which will be released very soon if not already! It was incredible!.

Then Metro Station plyed to a huge crowd!They includede their newest song "Tell Me"! The cake was lit afterwards. It was a giant tire on top of a white sheet cake. The entire tire was Chocoate. CPK sponsored the event. YEAH CPK( California Pizza Kitchen)! I love you guys! We had a group there making free party trucker hats with graffit and everyone got to make up what they wanted sprayed on the hat and we also had tables there for my dressing room that everyone signed with permanent marker.

After the band we had the DJ play on into the night and we had a blast hanging out, dancing , taking pictures and visiting. All my friends at Popstar, Tiger Beat and Kewl Magazine were there to cover so expect some great pictures soon. It was a night I'll never forget! Thanks for letting me share it with you!

P.S. I am reading all of your Birthday Wishes and I appreciate them so much! As guys are the Best. Hey...if you haven't visited YOUTUBE...head on over there and watch "Let's Go"! Just type in Mitchel Musso Citywalk. Thanks for your support. You have overwhelmed me with your positive thoughts! Can't wait to share the new song with you!


anna signore said...

omg hey mitchel! omg i hope you have a GREAT party and sweet 16! wat an awesome car! congrats on EVERYTHING!! i hope you have a good one! good luck driving... drive careful plz so you dont get hurt in ur new car! well hope all ur wishes come true! i ♥ you!
♥ anna signore

kirste27 said...

Happy Birthday Mitchell! I hope you're having a wonderful one!!

Older men are to be sober-minded, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love, and in steadfastness.
-Titus 2:2

Haha, just kidding about the older men thing. Stick with the rest though!
Again, Happy Birthday!

brooke said...

Omg Mitchel! When I read that I was in shock! I am so happy for you :D
Wow, and the party sounds like it was a total blast. I wish I could've gone! haha that would've been amazing.
Well anyways, I hope you had a great sweet sixteen [:
Oh yeah, and make sure you drive safe, I would NEVER want anything to happen to you.


Carly said...

hey mitchel!! omg sounds ike u have a GReat Party better then anyone could ask for. that is soo cool. everything u had is like something i could only imaginee!!! i hope u had a great birthday day today! u sooo deserve itt!! Happy sweet 16. and lovveee the lets go video. i cant stop watching it!!! lol well i g2g lyl

Emily said...

glad to hear you had such an awesome birthday!!!! Sounds like tons of fun. haha i wish i could have been there. what all did you get for your birthday other than an awesometastic car??

~Emily from San Fernando Valley, CA

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see HP5!!

i'm glad you had a blast!!

wish i coulda been there!!


Becky said...

Did you really get a car!!! OMG!! BTW, nice car!! lol
You should put pics of it up so we can all see.
That's so cool you had an awesome party, what kind of cool presents did you get?
Wow, well Happy Birthday =D
P.S. If you ever want to take your new car on a road trip, you can drive to Oregon and pick me up =D haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel.YAY!!! im the 1st one to leave a comment!!!Happy 16th Birthday!!!im glad u had a great B-Day!!!

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad, to hear your birthday is going so well. I'm REALLY glad that you had a party, and balloons went up at midnight. That made me so happy. And knowing you're happy, makes me even happier. Anyway, I can't WAIT any second longer to hear that new song. (btw I hope the Harry Potter movie was good, and you weren't too confused when you saw the fifth one, and none of the others!!) And, to let you know, "Let's Go" made it as my favorite song the first second I heard it!! (I'm listening to it now!! You're so talented!) I hope you had fun with friends.Again 16th Happy Birthday, and enjoy the rest of your birthday!! Love you <3

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <33333

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-DAY MITCHEL!!!!!im glad u had a happy birthday and i hope u got everything u wished 4!!!
ps...i watched "lets go" over and over again today!!!

Popsicle and Izze said...

Hey Mitchel!
Sounds like you had an AWESOME birthday! I am so happy for you!
That was really sweet of Corbin Bleu and Aly & AJ to send you a birthday video! I haven't heard Metro Station, but they sound really cool. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


P.S. there are 16 smilies jsut for you!

Kad. said...

Glad you had fun! :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time! Have fun test riding your new car! (sweet!) I can't wait to see the pictures! I'm glad you had an awesome time! You can't go wrong with CPK. I can't wait to hear your new song! In the words of the sixteen year-old birthday boy who I'm writing to (aka... you! lol) PEACE OUT! *smile*


Kad. said...

Haha, chocolate cakes are the BEST. No doubt about that. ^^

Drive safely!

Anonymous said...

Happy 16th birthday Mitchel! I hope you have such an awesome day - you deserve it! I'm so proud of all of your accomplishments & I hope that all of your wishes come true! You seem like such a sweet guy and I hope to meet you one day :) I love watching you on Hannah! .. I hope you continue all the great work & enjoy being one of the new faces of hollywood. :) Live it up! I love you Mitchel!

<3 ally m.
ps. i left basically this same comment on the most recent update but i wanted to leave it here too :)

Anonymous said...

oh, & congrats on the awesome car! :D

<3 ally m.


holy musso.
baby a car? Silver Mercedes C240 woahhh. Your party sounded wayyy cool.IM EXCITED FOR METRO`S NEW SONG & VID. ahhh i love them. haha. your brother is cool.
Glad to hear your birthday was fun. :) & you are sharing that
car with me. lol


Jessica said...

Dear Mitchel,
Congratulations, you are now 16!! That must be so cool!! Nice car, I jusr searched it on Google to see a picture of it, lol! (I'm not so good with cars!). Anyways, how was the Harry Potter premeiere??? You are SO lucky to have gone to it. I'm like, the biggest Harry Potter nerd ever, haha!
Wow, a lot of people came & that's cool that you got to hang out with all of your friends and Mason and Marc!!
Again, I just want to say Happy Birthday because you really deserve all the care and support you get from us fans because you're so amazing, Mitchel!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chandler said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I can't believe you got a Mercedes!!! You're so lucky!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! You rock!!!


JoAnna said...




I TOOK A VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jacquelyn said...

Mitchel, it sounds like you had one heck of a sweet 16!!!!!!!!!!! I reeeeeaaaalllly wish I was there partying with you...Unfortunately I am stuck inside reading my really good horse book while it's thunder storming outside. But I am extremely happy you had a fantastic time!! =D

Whoa a silver Mercedes with black interior?? SWEETNESS!!!!!! The car I always wanted is a green Mustang GT with gray interior!!! OH YEAH!!! =D I don't think it's gonna happen though..
Now that you are officially 16, you can get your license!! Woo hoo!!!

Well, all I can say is Happy Birthday, and I wish you the best of it!

Take care and have an awesome 16th year!! =)

Yours forever and always, ♥
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel I'm so happy your birthday was more then you ever wanted. It seems better then my 16th bday on the 1st. I wish you the best and hope you enjoy your new car!!! Emily

Jesenia said...

Hey Mitchel!...Well I wish u the best today!...You ROCK!..xD...May all your wishes come true!..How does it feel to be 16??...I can't wait until i'll be 16 that'll be in 3 months!..xD...Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!....Have fun with all your friends, family, and the people you love!...And I LOVE U!...Take Care!


Danielle said...

OMG! I`ve been waiting for this day!!!!! I`m like dizzy right now but that doesn`t stop me to writing a Happy Birthday to the most awesomest actor in history!!! (lol!) But Anyway Happy Sweet 16!!! and I`ve watched Lets Go! It was AWESOME!!! Seriously I was speechless after!

Valaurie said...

Wow! Happy B-day Mitchel! Sounds like you had a blast. Well I hope this is a really great year for you!

Love Valaurie

Anonymous said...

OMG!! ur car is so awesome!!! happi 16th mitchel!!!! hope u hav a fantastic rest of ur b-day!!!! ur so lucky u had the cooliest party!!!ily<33 xox

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel...

Does that mean you got a car? Congrats! Glad you had fun and I can't wait to hear MetroStations new CD and all. Aly & AJ are amazing and I bet the song was great.

Stay safe, be smart, and take care.

Oh! And happy birthday.

<3 Liz

mitchelfan said...

it looks like you had aLOT OF FUN AT UR BIRThDAY I MADE YOU a birthday picture lolz hope you like it

Anonymous said...

I hope you had the best birthday ! :]
Your brothers band is amazing, I listen to them everyday and I cant wait 'till there new album comes out !!
much love - Devin

Ashlee said...

WHAT THE HECK??!!! i want that car! that car is totally sick!!!! man i think we should go on a ride in it. hehe that would be awesome!!! come to beaverton,OR and we could totally do something....oh i wish that would happen!!! HAPPY BDAY!!!!! i cant believe ur turning 16! i remember u when u were 9!!! u are such a amazing person. well im gonna go pack cause im moving from cali to oregon for the 6th time in 5 years.....uh i hate oregon.. well byezz!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im so happy for u!!!! u deserve everything expesially the mercedes!!!!!!!! the party sounds soooo exciting im glad u had a good time!!!!!!!
I♥U sooooo much
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kewl..yoor lucky..lOlz.

but im gettin' a mustang converitable for my 15th b-day, bcuz my uncle won it exspecially 4 me, so my b-day will be awesome this year.

i'm glad yoo had a GREAT TIME at yoor party, & i cant wait 2 hear more songs from yoo!

♥ ya lotz!

Jessiica renne'e =) said...

hey birthday boy! lol.
Im glad you had a fun partii!
And have fun driving that car. (btw) im lovin that car =]

oh yah and i didnt even tell you yet Happy birthday!

Jessica Bennett / Benedetto x33

Annie said...

well hope your party was rockin! and hope you had a SA-WEEET 16th birthday! congrats on your new song and good luck in everything you do! your AwEsOmE!!!
♥Annie from Naples FL

Dani said...

"Can you say Silver Mercedes C240 Black interrior! Oh Yeah!"

I wish! All I can say is 1991 Honda!!!! Believe me, if you ever drive by me, I will understand if you don't wave! Can you say Loser Cruiser?!?

It sounds like you had a ROCKIN' AWESOME party!!!! In real life and online!!!! lol ;)

Even though my sixteenth birthday isn't for like 11 days, I had my "party" a month ago!! Me and my friends went to The Great Wolf Lodge in WI, Dells! It has this GINORMOUS indoor waterpark! It had over 10 slides and this huge funnel thing called the tornado! And a HUGE wave pool! Awesome fun! If you ever get a chance, you need to go! I know, I know, you're wondering; Why did you have your birthday party so early? Simple: Good hotel rates. lol =D


Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel! Your party sounds amazing. I'm so thrilled it went well. I hope you enjoyed your special day (sounds like you did) and i'm so excited to see how your talent will keep growing as the years go by. Have an AMAZING week!

Love, Rebekah =)

jennifer said...

omg happy birthday mitchel!
i'm sooo glad you had the BEST time ever :]

Erin91 said...

omg that sounds sooo amazing. i'm glad u had fun! wow that party sounds so cool. it should have been on mtv! lol i'm watching chris brown's 18th birthday party on mtv right now, but i'm sure yours was much better :-)

Paige Testerman said...

WOW. your party sounded like tons of fun.. i just hope that my sweet 16 can be that much fun.Be safe driving your really cool car.
You are so talented and lucky!
keep up all the good work.


im so jealous. i cant wait to turn sixteen! next year, baby, next year!

anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love!

i saw the "let go" vid. i love it! you're a great dancer AND rapper! who would have known? haha.

cant wait to see the pics. i also cant wait to see the new metro station video! loveee ittt!

happy birthday, again! you rock!

Anonymous said...

hahaaa sound's really amazing!
I wish u had a sweet sixteen patry on mtv.
i just got done wtahcing chris brown's but he did a super sweet 18
it was kewl but urs would eb a lot better!
that's really kewl it sounds like u had tons of fun!: )
i was screaming happy birthday 2 mitchel musso! all day 2day lol
this is a big moment 4 me!lol
well bye bye!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Mitchel! Congrats on turning 16 and getting such a sweet car (You better drive carefully because you know if anything happened, everyone here would freak out sooo much)!

Oh and I wanted so bad to go see you on July 4th, but I couldn't make it. :( I just checked out your song though - it was great! I can't wait to hear more from you!

Kristen Lammons said...

Happy sweet sixteen mitchel (: i love you!

Tiffany said...

OH MY GOD NO WAY!!! YOU DID NOT GET A MERCEDES! I ENVY YOU. IT BETTER NOT BE A CONVERTIBLE OR I AM REALLLY GOING TO HATE YOU! lol, oh my god mitchel! that all sounds so amazing! dude, you rock!!! it must be so cool to be you right now, with the music and birthday and everything! ok so i think you have just probably had the best week ever! i don't have words! all i can say is hope you have an awesome bithday! love you soo much!!!


Brianna said...

Hey Mitchel! Hope u had the Best Sweet 16 ever. Hope u got everything u wanted. Good luck with the new song.

Anonymous said...

i love you. <3
hahah. i just needed to let you know. :]

Anonymous said...

I hope you had the best Sweet Sixteen party, and I hope you're having the best Sweet Sixteen birthday...well birthday day! Haha! But did you seriously get that Mercedes?? Awesome, if yes, and please include pictures! LOL. Your party sounded great! I wish I could've been there, even if not invited...tears! LOL I am just kidding! Haha! But Happy Sweet Sixteen again!

Love always,

Kristine said...

You should have called up MTV and put your birthday on "My Super Sweet 16", lol. That would've been cool.

Happy birthday, btw.



brit said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday. I wish i could have been at the party. It sounds like it was amazing, but not as amazing as your car. So just a last minute birthday wish. Happy 16th Mitch. Love you more than u know and enjoy your car.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the greatest party ever. I hope my 16th B-day will be that great in a month. I Love You Mitchel.

Jessica said...

sounds like it was fun. wish i could have been there :] Give meeh a ride in yer mercedes :DDDDD

Sarah said...

OMG!! I can't believe ur 16!! It seems like just yesterday u were little oliver oken with short hair and a squeky voice!! lol u have totally matured and have become an awesome person!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Sounds like LOTS of fun!! What an AWESOME car u got!!!!!!

Love,Samantha!! I LOVE U!!

mar said...

I just wanted to say that to you and congrats on your new car =]
you must be so happy! It sounds like you had an awsome nightt!
love you.

Samantha said...

Woo! Now that is a present!!!!!

Haha, Sam L, I know who that is, and I know what he looks like, but what does Kyle E look like?? Haha. Jk... The party sounds like it was amazing, but I'm here on a mission, and that is to tell you...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCHEL! You're sixteen now dude! Its a good age!(too bad I'll be 17 in about two months... Haha.) Hope today and yesterday were amazing!!!!!


lily said...

hey mitchel,
i hope you had a really great birthday! hope all your wishes came true!

Finding A Way.. said...

I'm happy you had a good birthday..
Happy Sweet Sixteen!!! =]]

Dang.. I want your carrrrrrrrrrr

Nicole said...

it sounds like you had an amazing birthday party!

can't wait to see mason's video and pictures in tigerbeat!

dont crash the car!!

enjoy the rest of the day & hope the wish you made came true!


Anna H. said...

Happy Birthday Mitchel!=]

Sounds like your party was amazing. I love Metro Station by the way. They're one of my favorite bands.

Congrats on the new car. Have fun with it. I know you will.

Again, Happy Sweet 16 and keep up the amazing work. I'll always be a fan.


Fer said...

awww I'm soo glad you had a great time at your party!
and woow a mercedes!!!
congrats!I love you mitchel HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
hope all your wishes come true this is such a special day and keep having fun!=D

HannahNR said...

Your party sounded awesome! Happy Birthday Mitchel!!! Today was my sixteenth birthday too! But I didn't have a party or anything. But your's had to have been really cool.

I hope you had a great day!


jessica said...

hey mitchel!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

u r amazing and my inspiration!!! never change!!!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun. Happy sweet sixteen mitchel, :]

bianca; said...

happy sweet sixteen.:)

Sara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I definetly bought cupcakes today and i put a candle in the cupcake around 8:30 or so and sang happy birthday to posters of you on my wall. Hahaha, i feel weird telling you this but yeah. So you turned the big 1-6, pretty cool. I turned 16 exactly 4 months ago :) hehe. Well, it sounds like your birthday was amazing and i hope all your hopes and dreams come true but i'm sure a lot of them have these past few years!

Love ya, Sara.

Anonymous said...

OMG Mitchel sounds like tons of fun (thanks for the invite..lolz..jk..) well i just wanted to say i hope you had a great birthday and by any chance did nick jonas attend?) i wish i could give you a big bday hug like i do to all my friends on their bdays..but sadly i dont know you..i just know who you are..well anyways just remeber that jesus loves you and that he can use in many ways to reach out to other people!!!! HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY NIIIIIICCCCCCEEE CHOICE OF CAR!!!!


Lissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We all love you sooo much! It sounds like you had loads of fun! You deserved it! Thanks for the love for your fans. It really means a lot to us to know that you care. I hope that this was your best birtday ever.
Luv ya 4ever!

ttran said...

Dude, that sounded like a B-L-A-S-T!! That was deifinitely a great SWEET sixteen birthday! I'm glad thatyou had so much fun! You deserved it!!

Happy Sour Sweet Sixteen!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cutiiiiieeee.
Hope you had an awesome day.
Glad u had a fun party :)))))

Anonymous said...

hae Mitchel. OMG that sounds like such a kool party I wish I could have 1 like that well I hope all your wishes came true!! all my love

Chloe! said...

Happy Birthday Lovely,

Sounds like you had a great time! Haha, I wish I was there. How is it being 16 and already owning a CAR? I'm jelaous. When you check out the birthday greetings on the forum, be sure to read mine. My username is Spices-salt. I've seen the video for "Let's Go" many times. It's so cool!
Much Love♥,


I Might Even Be A Rockstar; If Only You Could See The Truth Inside Me said...

Sounds like it was awesome!
and the late Birthday!
and enjoy driving
drive safe

Alli C. said...

i am happy 4 you but very mad at the same time, I WANT THAT CAR, and the harry potter premier? I AM MAD! lol. hey, give me a ride in the car some time? jkjk.

Luv you like a fat kid loves cake! ( lol probably more than that),
Alli C.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:]it sounds like u had so much FUN!!!!! that car is HOT!!! this is the just the beginning of a amasing year!!!:]Hope you have an amazing rest of the week!! which u will!!!:]

p.s: i will always be a fan!!! even when you turn 75!!!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Mitchel! Yes I know I'm a day late, but my mom wanted me to get off of the computer when I was just about to enter a comment.
I'm glad that you had a great birthday. Sounds like you really like the car you got. hah.
Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Your party sounded amazing. Mine
(I'M 15) will probably be like in the backyard with little fluffy pink b-day hats, and Barney will come along and wish me a happy 16TH! And, I'll blow out the candles to my Dora the Explorer cake. That's my life for you. Wow, nice car by the way. Mercedes! Again, let me say mine will prob. be a broken down 1983 Toyota. Thanks for rubbing it in. Just kidding, I love you Mitchel. I hope you had a great birthday!!! And, just thank you for saying all your nice comments towards your fans. I know that I really appreciate your love! XOXO! LOVE, LYNN!

marykateee =) said...

You got my dream car!!
Haha. I'm glad you had a fun time!!
you're amazing.
Please don't ever change.

Anonymous said...

Oo that sounded like fun.
I wish I couldve went haha. :]
I hope you had a great party and you had the time of your life. :]

I love you so much. :D
Happy Late Birthday[:

P.S. - Dont get into a car crash.
Nobody wants you to get hurt[:

Katie. said...

OMG that party sounded fun!!!!! I bet everyone there had a blast!
My friend Sara and I made you a cake yesterday. It was chocolate woth chocolate frosting and said 'We <3 Mitchel!' It actaully didn't turn out horrible. We sang happy birthday, too. lol But my dog ate the leftovers this morning. oh well

brie said...

DUDE! you got a MERCEDES?!?!?! THAT'S AWESOME! you lucky dawg! You deserve everything! glad your party was a blast!

luv, brie

Alicia said...

Mitchel WOW i cant belive it ur 16 and have an awsome awsome MERCEDES! my mouth dropped open wen i read about wat car u got! Im glad u had an awsome birthday! Have fun in ur brand new car! cant wait to c metro stations music video!!!! LoV yA----ALICIA

Lauren said...

Happy 16th Birthday Mitchel I hop its the Greatest and you get everything you ever wanted!!*

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Mitchel!!!! Hope you have the Greates Birthday of your life!!I am going to get you a small birthday gift and send it to you and a letter and get your autograph if i can i hope so !! :):):) I LUV you hope you have a great sweet 16 bye xxooxxo

Anonymous said...

omg!...that sounds awesome!!!!!...Sorry I couldn't wish u a happy birthday,....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCHEL!!!!....i bet u took ur car around town for hours huh???...i am so happy for u!!!!

today i had to go to the doctor...wasn't as bad as i thought though so that was good!!!!...

hope u had a wonderful b-day and i wish many,many more!!!....1 more carefully!!...
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!!!

-luv2laugh ;)
P.S.RED TEAM ROX!!!!!!!!!!...and congrats again!! :)

Shelby(Chitown) said...

hey mitchel!

oh my gosh you got the mercedes! ahh i am so happy for you i remember you saying thats what you wanted! haha sweet! I told my brother cuz he was by the computer when i was looking and he is like oh my gosh no way that kid got a mercedes! lol happy birthday!


lauren said...

Happy birthday Mitchel,hope you had a fun one!:D

Megg said...

Heyy Mitchel!!

Sounds like you had an ah-mazing tyyme @ yuhr party!! Congrats on everything! I cant wait to see all your pictures! Of your party and your CARR woaa!! Have fun wit it =]
o0o0 and i sent u a present in the mail =]

mmb said...

Hey I am soooooo stinkin' happy for you. I also (as you would imagine) am INCREDIBLY jealous of you and your CAR!!!!! You shouls take a pic of it and send it in i wanna see it!!!! PLEEEEEEEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELF IN YOUR NEW CAR! That would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
SAD!!!! I am happy you had fun with your freinds and the cake sounded REALLY cool!

Lot's of love to you ALWAYS,

Anonymous said...

16 is the biggest !!
i turned 17 on november 23
so i know what the sweet sixteen is
like lol i hope you had tons of FUN

Love rach

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to put these two pictures up for you. :]


alyssa said...


happy sweet 16

hey if we send u homemade chocolate fudge can u eat it or will u have 2 throw it out?

whoeva kirste27 is she spelled ur name wrong


sweet 16

my bday is on the 27th

sweet 12 : (


the almost 12 yr old BIG fan but SMALL age


Anonymous said...

thats so awsome congrat and i m glad cha had fun and happy birthday well i have to go sorry bye love cha
~nicole aka nickel ~

savanah said...

you have to be wicked careful in your new car! i had this wicked bad dream that you got in a car accident and almost died n it scared me soooo bad! BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but also have fun!:)

Alexandra said...

hey mitchel,
Thats awsome how you go a car for your birthday. I would be excited to if I were you. Its great to know you had a great party for your birthday. you sure did deserve it.
One of your many huge fans,

Rachel said...

Your 26! How ballin is that?! lol
I'm sooo glad u got the car u wanted! it sounds sooo awesome!
You lucky dog you! haha
I wish I was at the partay!
I want a trucker hat!!!! lol
well I'm sure it was really a night to remember!
juss be careful while driving k? haha
much luv!!!!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Ji said...

happy sweet sixteen!

by the way, you shouldnt let the balloons fly into the sky cause it pops into the ocean and the fishes eat it and die...

sorry about that
so you got a new car?? :]

Annie said...

Happy belated birthday Mitchel. Sounds like you had a great party. I think you may have topped those Sweet Sixteen kids on MTV. And you don't seem as annoying as them either. (= Hope it was amazing. You deserve it!

Ashley said...


Hey whats up? Im so sorry I could not post on ur actual birthdy, I was not able to get on! :( Well I hope you had a great time at ur party, it sounded like you did.

Ya know turrning sixteen is really special, and someone as special as you deserves a wonderful birthday! So i really hope it was great.

Corbin is so sweet for sending ya that message, Ive hung out with him cuz my mom was working on his newest Deal with it music video when he is at Animal Kingdom. Hes really sweet, not as sweet as u tho!

Also i want ya to know that I have met you 3 times

1.Typhoon Lagoon Hannah Montana concert
2.the second day of the disney channel games (u were eating chick filay!)
3. After the concert at the Disney Channel Games (u were looking for an exit)

Well ya, anyways just wanted to give ya a special message! :)


Ina said...

i couldnt get on to wish you a happy birthday yesterday but happy belated birthday. i hope you had a great one six!

shireen said...

mitchel! you're sweet 16 party sounded AMAZING! shows you really know how to throw a great party! oh how i wish i was there.... i'm so happy for you that you got a car- a verryyyy nice one at that ;]. i hope that all of your wishes came true. and congratulations on all the incredible things you accomplished by 16!

love you,

PS- be careful driving! G-d forbid you get hurt. i would NEVER want that to happen


Anonymous said...

hey my friend has the same birthday as you. we just found out and we're like woah!!!

happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and say I say your performance on you-tube of Let's Go.

It is so nice to see you have such diverse talent and your dance company was absolutely amazing too.

Best of luck expanding your horizons and here is wishing you a very bright future.

Happy Birthday


baby r said...

Sorry I'm a day late.
Hope you had a great time at your party and have fun with your new car!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel.
Just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday. I hope you had an awesome sweet 16th birthday that was filled with lots of family and friends. Be carefull when you out there driving. It must of been a fun party especially with Metro Station playing. Definitly a night to remeber. All the best for a great year ahead of you.

♥ Sarah ♥

Anonymous said...

why didnt you cross the street at the premiere:/
i wouldve gave you a bday hug:)
i just turned 16 too! :D
i didnt get a car though,lucky!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel.
Just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday. I hope you had an awesome sweet 16th birthday that was filled with lots of family and friends. Be carefull when your out there driving. It must of been a fun party especially with Metro Station playing. Definitly a night to remeber. All the best for a great year ahead.

♥ Sarah ♥

mechi said...

you know, i live in Buenos Aires Argentina and here is winter, For 90 years it was not snowing here and yesterday it was the first time that I saw snow in my house, it was so special just like your birthday! you got to invite me! PLEASEE!!
another thing YOU GOT A MERCEDES??
perfect! just like my name! take care and dont drive while your drunk if not you'll end up just like Paris Hilton!haha
i love you mitchel, hope everythings ok!

Kaylyn said...

HEY MITCHEL!!!!!! HAPPY 16TH BIRTHY DAY!!!! Congrads on every thing: turing 16, ur music career, and ur acting!! ur so good at everything u do congrads again!!!!! Keep up the GREAT/TERRIC work u do!!!!!

Luv, UR biggest fan!

Chelsie said...

I'm but Happy (Late) Birthday! You got such a sweet car you're lucky. And your party sounded really fun. That's how I'd like my 16th birthday to be. Well have fun in your car and don't be ridin dirty lmao okay that was dumb who cares?

Yeah so peace out to you Mitchel :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! awesome car!i can't wait to be 16 i want to drive so bad i am 15 right now lol not to long though! i can't wait to see pictures i love pictures!!! i want to go in a limo but u probabl do that alot so its not a big thrill to u any more lol but i think they are so cool the one i really want to go in is a hummer-limo those are so awesome well g2g heart you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
Im glad u had an amazing birthday. :] u deserve it. ;]
ily and i wish u the best of luck for the future! ur amazing at what u do. really. and u always make me smile. :]
k well, byee.

andreaaa. said...


wow, you are like the cutest ever.
i love reading your blog, & how you keep us all updated.
it sounds like you had a blast at your partay. & now you've got a hott ride. =)

once again, let's go is amazing.
i just sit at my computer & rock out to it.
i can't wait to hear your actual singing voice.

hm. i'm gunna think of an interesting name so you'll remember me by my comments.

hm. can't mix it up too much with andrea. or ang.



well, hope you have fun with your new car.
& can't wait for the next blog.



Paige said...

You are so lucky!
A Mercedes, wow!
Happy belated birthday.
Sorry I could tell you that earlier, I've been busy with camp starting this weeks and such.
Anyway, have a great rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel i cant belive your 16 plz drive safe.lets go was rockin and me and my friend we're throughing our on little party 4 u but it never worked :(. well i love you

Lauren said...

HaPpY SwEeT 16 MiTcHeL!!* I hope you got everything you wanted!! You got a Mercedes that is so cool!! Hope you had a great Birthday!!... ~*LaUrEn*~

Anonymous said...

Whats up Mitchel? Happy 16th Birthday! Im really excited and happy for you. You rock! Oh and are you coming to Canada at all anytime soon? If you are please visit Winnipeg first. You are my Idol and you totally rock! Thats why i cant wait for you to come to Canada. You are so nice and kind! Also there is a bunch of people poseing as you on Youtube. Some person claims to be you. Here is his link I just wanted you to know that. And also tell Miley and Emily people are posing as you guys on there too.

Peace out,

Anonymous said...

I Hope you had an amazing 16th birthdaty dude!. Have fun in ur new car. drive safe


Anonymous said...

Now that your 16, are you going to forget all us little people?

Please don't!

But happy late b-day Mitchel!

I love you! (and so does everyone else!)

Allie <3

Kaylee said...

Happy Birthday Mitchel. Hope your 16 B-day was fun. Good Luck with Hannah Montana

ALYSSA said...



Alli said...

hey i sent u a birthday card... i hope you get it soon! happy birthday! ur party sounded awesome! wish i coulda been there lol well love ya


Chelsea said...

hi youre hott happy birthday☺

Anonymous said...

hey, birthday boy!.........we made you a special b-day story. here it is:

There once was a flamingo named Stacy.....she wants to go to the arctic, but needs to get supplies first! One day she went to the local Wal-Mart.....she bought a coat and snacks. The coat was made from cotton, and it was a pretty shade of yellow. The snacks that she brought were yogurt covered raisins, dibs (ice cream), and lay's potato chips.

Stacy was flying to the arctic and then suddenly out of the blue a BIG DUMB SNOW STORM HITS HER!!!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH", she screams as she gets blown by a polar bear selling candles. The polar bear's name turned out to be Izzy. The polar said, "Hey sassy cat where you headed?" "I'm headed to the stupid arctic!", yelled Stacy. "Yo flamingo, you're in the arctic fool!", screamed Izzy. "Well then give me some candles, Izzy!",said Stacy calmly.

Stacy is walking around outside because there is no stupid furnace to keep her warm. So she might as well get used to the cold. "Hi, foxy flamingo. What's crackin'?" ,says a strange penguin. "I don't know strange loser, what's crackin' in that stupid world of yours." ,said Stacy with spice in her attitude. "My name is Trucker Joe, and no I am not STUPID!" ,said the strange penguin,"And this is my twin Flipper. He's a mechanic." "Well then I'm Stacy." ,she said in the most girlish voice possible.

TO BE CONTINUED....................

Keep Rockin'!

-luv2laugh ;)

MARY!! said...

Hey Mitchel I am so jealous of your awesome car! jk! I just had a feeling that ur b-day was gonna be awesome! Lucky you! I was stuck on a bus coming home frm cheercamp! But i was thinkin bout you tha whole day! (i almost ran into a pole cuz i was "lost in thought"! lol

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i hope your birthday was awesome.. 16, very special day!



P.S. I'm a HUGE fan of Aly & AJ, that was so sweet of them to dedicate a song to you!

Amanda quimpo said...

hey mitchel!
i ♥ you!
your great my favorite actor ever! lol i hope you had fun =] happy sweet sixteen! oh yea and i watched the video with jra =] soo umm energy veiw ! =]

hope you had an awesome time =]

---- Amanda Q..


ha ha ur so luckyy!! i was watching videos on youtube and u and emily osment would make the cutest couple! as much as i love u i think u and emily should date! shes so pritty! and ur so freakin' sexy! ha ha!


Katie. said...

since that is your brother...
try to talk him into coming to tennessee.
you would be my hero.
glad you had a great birthday. :]
i turned 15 the 8th.
and i was like omgsh.
tomorrow is mitchel's birhtday!
welp, i'm gonna go.
your my favorite. ;]


Anonymous said...

Mitchel I've never heard you rap before but you did great! HAPPY SWEET 16! Your car is sooooo sweet!

GlitterKat/flower1 said...

Wow, omg, i can't believe Mitchel Musso can read this. That's so cool, and on (you HAVE to check it out -- including Miley! WE'd worshiop you 4ever.) RoXtar likes your music, and i (and she) would like it very much if you gave a shout out to her.

Anonymous said...

heyy boo i love ur car its pretty tight well i wanna be friends we shuld chill out sumtimee
aiight peace ur like the awesomist person ever!

lipgloss_kinda_gurl said...

OMG that's so awsome!

melissa24242 said...

happy belated birthday! looks like you had fun! lol and a small gift! lol j/k well again happy birthday take care!

melissa24242 said...

hey mitchel I just wanted to show you a little something I made you for your birthday....go to this like here:

well hope you had a great one! bye!


friden said...

I'm wondering if it's too late to say these "happy birthday" words to you.. however, I'll just leave them there.. as I really want to wish the person who was born in the same day, same month and same year with me.
Happy Birthday to you Mitchell ! Wish all the best to you ! Hope luck, happiness be with you on your way of life.
..for myself, hope we'd be friend from now on.

Anonymous said...

Happy 16th B-day
i kno it may be a little late but i never had time to wish u happy birthday!
u mean soooo much to me!
i am glad u had a great time and i never heard botu miley being there or where she ways!
i really wanna kno cuz thts ganna bug me
p.s......DRIVE SAFE!
dont hurt u or any1 else when u drive...haha!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday. okay, so i'm late. but im barely on the computer. so i think its weird that my brother's birthday is the day before yours. same year, month, everything. your car sounds awesome, i wouldn't mind riding in it.

kayla said...

i would have wished you a happy birthday little diddle but....things happen. i wonder if you got a car. hahah congrats on the big one six

jordan said...

omg! lucky! that sounds like so much fun! :) happy birthday, i know i`m kinda late, :) i love you!

Erin Zapor said...

hey mitchel! omg your car is awesome! i hope you had an AMAZING birthday i love your song, your amazing and i hope your having a great time! i luv u!!!! :) -Erin

Emelita said...

OMG!!! Happy Belated Birthday!! I never knew you had a blog here, I wish I could have written earlier! I hope you had the most 'radical' time of your LIFE!! You rock!! Take care! xoxo Emmy


Hey hun!
I checked out Let's Go! and it surprised me with how good of a rapper you are!
Acting, rapping, you can do it all!
Keep up the great work sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm so glad you had a fun birthday! Wow! A car! That's totally awesome! How is it being 16?

Christina said...

i never knew you were related to mason from the metro station!! that's awesome!!! lasjdfasdfsadf i've been listening to them for forever!!!

Gabrielle said...

Happy b-day!!! You are SO are a god. Have an awesome party and some fun in your KEWL car!!!


OMG! I Hope You Had A FANTASTIC B-Day! I wish I could go on YouToub but I can't 'cause I have dial-up. That's all u get living in the middle of nowhere! Oh Well! If I get High-Speed, You can bet I'll watch that video! Next time you go on YouTube, you should watch the shoes & the muffins videos. (if u haven't already)They're really funny. (I watched them at my cousins house. She lives in Toronto, so she has high-speed!) Oh! Have you heard the new Sum 41 CD? I'm listening to it now. It's really good, i luv it! It's called Underclass Hero. Well, that's about it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ♥CANADA♥!!
From Rach!

meggy said...

wow. and i thought i was lucky to get an '89 jeep cherokee.

Becky said...

this is my birthday too!!!!