Monday, August 25, 2008

Clean Hands & The Cruise

That's what my week is filled with! I am doing a tour right now to promote the Clean Hands Are Cool Hands campaign. I have taken my first private jet....extremely COOL! I am visiting children in elementary schools all over the United States including Nashville, Tampa and today I'll be in Las Vgas. Please go to to check out the site and learn all about taking care of YOU!

Also, I leave for the Disney Cruise on Wednesday morning. I will be in Florida for just a few hours and then off on the cruise and I just can't wait. We have so much planned for the cruise and congratulations to the Radio Disney Winner who gets to walk the red carpet with us! very cool. They are also showing a sneak peak on the ship of the ALL NEW "Suite Life On Deck". My brother Marc is hoping for more of the same suite life we all know because that's one of his favorite Disney Shows.

I hope everybody is having fun and enjoying their school and all. I will be starting back to school on the 8th of September and hoping to graduate by May! I will be in the 11th grade but will also be taking a few 12th grade classes and have earned enough credits to finish up this year if I work very hard. I am definately going to try.

House Bunny has "Shake It" featured in the movie! Let me know when and where you hear Shake It or any METRO STATION music! I get to see Mason in just a few days. He has a couple of days off after his trip to CANADA....also, Mason and the band will be on Jimmy Kimmel on the 4th or 5th of Sept. TIVO and watch .....very cool! Metro Station will be headlining their new Tour that starts in early October!

Have a Great week! Remember to check out often for updates! And I do have extremely good news to share in the near future! It does have to do with MUSIC! just saying....


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The new concert....where will it be??

Ok....last week Radio Disney was having a contest for the newest Disney show called "The Suite Life On Deck". Disney is letting me board the ship along with my band and sing a few of my songs. I have always wanted to take a cruise and not only do I get to do that, but I get to hang out with the awesome cast of "The Suite Life On Deck". We sail out of Florida next week for 3 fun filled days at sea!!

If your on the boat, I'll see you there! I believe they will be taping some of the ships adventures, so hopefully you'll get a glimpse of my show!

I'll have more exciting news in the near future! More shows and even more stuff to share.

We are into our third week of Hannah and we are having a great time. It's great being back with my friends!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Check it out! A new project I just finished "Clean Hands are Cool Hands"! I am very proud of the work and the help it will bring to remind everybody to wash your hands and stay clean and healthy!

Have the Best Weekend Ever!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mason & METRO STATION on Good Morning America

They were on this morning!!! It was such short notice. I hope you guys saw it. They were AMAZING! Search for a Youtube if you missed it. INCREDIBLE!

Filming the second week of the third Season of Hannah. We are VERY busy and the shows are better than ever!

I have a surprise! I will be performing at the end of the month at a very special place. I will post soon! The good news is, if you can't come to where I am, I believe it might be televised and you'll get to see at least a piece of it on the Disney Channel soon. I'll explain as soon as I can.

Have the BEST week ever!


Monday, August 04, 2008

EDIT! I don't know that anyone is interested....

But I do have one now.....just saying!

My incredibly talented brother asked me to be on his top 5. Yes, Mitchy is me and please Do ask to be my friend. You are all dope girls! You know that!! dope meaning cool! But you already knew that, so come on, don't be shy....
Go to Metro Station's Myspace and then on to my brother Mason's page to find me.

I might not be answering & blogging on there but there are family pictures and info.


Friday, August 01, 2008

I think Aimees email is working now....AND!!!!

Just saying!! Email her and let's keep her reading all day long Monday.

*****Ok.....somebody sent a post with their email address.....I was trying to post everybody's messages, but when I had to delete hers because she had private info, I accidentally deleted a couple of great comments. Just wanted to say that I am sorry about the ones that I deleted by mistake! MITCHEL MUSSO MADE A MISTAKE!! First one ever!! JK


P.S. I will be at Teen Choice on if you get the chance. I am in New York tonight and I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow at the show!

Are you watching DC Games....are you voting? Are you saying GO RED! Go RED! Go Red!! Cool!