Friday, August 01, 2008

I think Aimees email is working now....AND!!!!

Just saying!! Email her and let's keep her reading all day long Monday.

*****Ok.....somebody sent a post with their email address.....I was trying to post everybody's messages, but when I had to delete hers because she had private info, I accidentally deleted a couple of great comments. Just wanted to say that I am sorry about the ones that I deleted by mistake! MITCHEL MUSSO MADE A MISTAKE!! First one ever!! JK


P.S. I will be at Teen Choice on if you get the chance. I am in New York tonight and I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow at the show!

Are you watching DC Games....are you voting? Are you saying GO RED! Go RED! Go Red!! Cool!


Ashlee said...

woo. have fun, mitch. hopefully I can see you soon? -ashlee.

christineeee (: said...

aww mitchy you posted at exactly 11:11. ii think thats adorableee [:

ii hope ii can see youu sunday. hahaha but its okie if ii dont. whats meant to be will find its way [:

see you soon, right?
love yahhh <3

christineeee (: said...

i heart mitchel. <3

christineeee (: said...

this is gonna be my 3rd post. ii forgot to sayy:


ii heart mitchy. yes ii doo. hehe....

Abbey said...

Sounds fun!

sandra. said...

have fun at the TCA! :]

Breann said...

hope u have fun in new york.... and what happend with the DC games the first episode u didn't look so happy that was the 1st thing i picked up on when they told u what team u were on u looked really dissapointed. i'm recording all of them!! and of course im voting im just waiting until i can vote for u i don't care about the other people lol.

Love you

Katie.<3 said...

haha yes im voting for red. your team also happens to be my computer desktop right now. yes im a nerd. =D
have fun tonight and the teen choice awards!

.audrey. said...

of course i'm rooting for red!
actually, all my favorite stars are spread out pretty evenly this year.
you and nick jonas. good team :]
anyway, i'll be watching the TCAs on monday.
have fun in new york!

Carly said...

yay! yah ur right aimees email works now :)

have fun in new york! :)

and yes im voting for the red team! GO REDDDD!

lol well have funn!! cant wait to see the next ep of disney channel games.

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

haha mitchel!
:O i am watching the dc games!:)
and i so want red to win:D.i always vote for the team ur on anyway;P.haha.i hope u have an awesome time in new york!


Anonymous said...

have fun mitchel!
goooo inferno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'll talk to you later cuz i'm going to my grandparents for my czech days!


Anonymous said...

have fun at the TCA! i am definitely watching.

oh and GO INFERNO!!! that really has a ring to it lol

and the whole 11:11 thing? so crazy!! did you make a wish? ;] i always do lol


kelbel said...

I am totally watching the Teen Choice Awards!!! I am also voting for the red team!!! I hope the red team wins this year!!!

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

GO RED TEAM! have fun at your concert wish i could go but i cant seen as im along way away. and be happy ur on tne red team u didnt look tooo happy cheer up red is cool anyway gotta go bye from heather in england luv u loads xx

mitchelfan1 said...

i know im saying Go red hot red hot red hot. See you on the teen choice awards Have Fun. I hope hannah montana wins. Good Luck!

Natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Awesome! Have fun at New York.


Love Ya!


megan said...

WOAHH!! according to my tv, teen choice is monday?? is the award ceremony not live or is my tv messed up!
hah welcome back to ny! (darien was more fun, remeber it forever--and the girl who asked you to marry her!, and if you want she will stay take yes as answerr =])

anyways!! good luck! okay!!!
break a leg!

love you!

love you!

Nisha said...

You know that I will vote for RED!!!!! I'll see you on Sunday!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!! ;P


Anonymous said...

i <3 mitchel! come to Florida so i can meet u again! - mikayla

Anonymous said...


it doesn't matter! " EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES...NOBODY's PERFECT, I go"...oh,hehe, I had a HANNAH moment there! lol =]

Anyway... I hope the red team wins the disney channel games!!!! WIN!!

I'm finally 13!!!YAY! I got a nintendo DS with 2 games which are GUITAR HERO and Zelda. I have finished 1 song on EXPERT. (All the small things.) I am in love with Blink 182 AND METRO STATION and YOU!! lol



I'm off to play guitar hero!

Katie Busscher said...

mitchel, i miss you so much!.. me and my friend always talk about when you sang to us! dude... miss that! awh.. but guess what. you posteed that at 11:11 hah. how crazy? lol
but you need to come to mi. soon!
even though u were just here .. but come back soon! please!

Nyra said...

LMFAO @ you trying to lighten up the mood at the DC Games. dude, not even kidding that was golden. i was laughing for a good 5 minutes. hahaha

come back to boston soon please. we miss you here. :)

p.s. party it up at the TCA's!!!! <3

Austin said...

Mitchel Made a mistake!!!SHocker! omgosh! LOL sounds great see you on the tv set at the Teen Choice Awards! Luv ya forever!

Gina said...

heyy mitchel! im sry that some were deleted!! well, i just wanted to sayyy I SAW YOU TONIGHT WITH MY FRIEND ND U WERE AMAZING!! there was such a long line for the meet and greet dood, and it was SOOO worth it. we were the girls who gave you two big bags of Skittles and Starburst! PLEASEEE reply and we love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!
xoxox GINAA!

Anonymous said...

mitchel! haha your so cute :]
on the DC games you make me laugh

go inferno! :]

you had a concert in my state the other day and i wanted to go but i couldnt because i just went to the jonas brothers concert a few weeks ago so my parents wouldnt let me :x but i saw you at a mall already so its alright :]


Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna! said...

Mitchel! I'll be at the Teen Choice Awards tomorrow too. See you there hopefully!! ;)

Anonymous said...

o kno M itchel a mistake how will u ever live wit ur self jk

hey dont be 2 hard on urself think of it this way its only a few and all of these people will repost if they r truly dedicated fans which they r

if they werent they wouldnt of posted anythin

be tru 2 ur self


p.s. I loved the rap on ur Inside Track and yes u r a great rapper even if it was a little wack
see u at a concert

i luv u comin all the way from Mesa AZ

and yes my name is Jamie i am not asllowed to sign up for anythin so ya see ya lata bye

Nikita Bimson said...

Well, everybody makes mistakes.
-tries to not burst out in song-

YAY! Go red team!!!!!!


Stephanie said...

Cool! I'm definitely watching the Teen Choice Awards!

And Don't worry everybody makes mistakes! (great, now I got the song in my head)


P.S. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! The red team is the best!! hahaa. i just saw you at one of your concerts last week.. you were amazing! i just wish i had a chance to meet you and possibly get an autogragh.. well hopefully i will see you again!! <3 your biggest fan!

Anonymous said...

heya i saw the scn from the top of the pops magazine its a good mag i read it alot here u should come to the uk again. bye from heather
p.s. im voting red

saravana said...

hi mitchy... i just want to say that i like you....and you r so cool!

Leanna Marie said...

I am uber-saddened by the fact that I could not come see you yesterday, but my Mom went to Maine and I has to stay home all alone because I have to watch my doggie. And I was up until early o'clock in the morning on Saturday morning because Friday night was the release party for the book Breaking Dawn, and I had to work the party at B&N. :(

<3 Leanna

Leanna Marie said...

AND I forgot,

I'm cheering for the red and the green teams. SO GO INFERNO! HAHAHA!

<3 Leanna

Mareen said...

Hey Mitchel.
Of course I am watching the DC games.
And I am soo voting for red x]
Cool that you are at the Tenn Choice Awards =) Hope you'll have fun

-Mareen ♥

Anonymous said...

Aren't the Teen Choice awards on Monday? I love you Mitchel! Good luck on the third season of Hannah Montana!

bryceee(: loves marc and mitchel said...

mitchel!!! (:
havee funnnnn
im still voting reddd.
i muss june 26th ):
nd i miss marc && youu soo much!
teen choice ill be watching [;
iloveyou good luckk.

- bryce (:

Kayla said...

i saw you at the spiedie fest! hahahahah i was the one who gave you a peice of paper that said like "next time youre in binghamton lets party ny style" then had my number. oh man, between meeting you and demi twice that was the best day everrrr <3

Disa said...


Hahahahah that made me literally 'LOL'.

I think my comment was one of the ones that got "accidentally" deleted by "mistake"... :(
Hahah I kid, I kid.

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

RED TEAM IS GOING TO WIN!!!!!! lol I'm rooting for you guys!

lova ya,

brie said...


jk. lol


And i'll definetly watch the TCAs tomorrow!

luv, brie

p.s--if you could, drop me a comment on my blog. please?!

Molly said...

*Gasp* YOU MADE A MISTAKE?!?!!? NO WAY!!!!!! That is unacceptable. *Nods* LOL. jk



Molly said...

Oh yeah, hahaha.GO INFERNO!!!!! WOO!!!


Anonymous said...

hey, i just have a question that i hope u can there any disney channel circle of stars video/songs coming out any time soon? i read on wikipedia that there was one for tarzan that included lots of u guys from disney and now it doesnt say anything...anyways, if u could please clarify that would be great because there are alot of us fans who enjoy those...

Anonymous said...

so u remember when u said u were at ashton kutchers resturaunt with a feamle from the disney family? is it chelsea staub? i saw in what i think was j-14 or something along those lines that u hasd exchanged #'s at the dc games so i'm just curious. have fun and be safe in ur travels


ALEX said...

you were in my dream last night!!
haha but it wasnt creepy dont worry, you came to bumbershoot which is like this seattle music festival and you shook my hand but you had paint on your hands and i was like wtf.... haha

brianna!(: said...

haha, 'first mistake ever!' i know, mitchel, it probably was!(; ha, i am sooo watching the teen choice awards! i'm pretty sure hannah montana got nominated for something, right? well, if so, good luck! go red!! oh, you posted at 11:11! ha, sorry, i'm a spaz! d:

cya later!(:

megan said...

yo =]
wow you got some mad guitar skills, though it looked like nick was gonna kill you! haha! ohh well =[..

my friend is like bragging beacuse her team is doing so well, so i might have to back out of the beat, lol!

Anonymous said...

Aww Mitch I really do lovee youu youur soo made of awesome! Byee xxxx

Abi =P x

Anonymous said...

hey babe!!!!!!!!!!
Whats up I am ok just wanted to say that I miss you and love you so much oh and guess what today is my b-day love and oh yeah its my 17th oh yeah go me ok well I am going to email her so have fun at the awards i will be watching <3 love you lots

Brie said...

Hey hey.

You probably think I'm nuts telling ya to post a comment on my blog, when the link hasn't worked....sorry. But i figured it out. so leave me a comment, dude!

luv, brie

Disa said...

Hahahaha DC Games = Funny.

"Mitchel was trying to ease the mood by playing the guitar... but I think he was driving us crazy more than anything" - Jason Earles

jenn said...

how come whenever i think im finally goign to meet you after 3 years, i dont? :( :(
i couldnt go yesterday :( :( :( :(

come to new york soooonnnn again :(

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel i am so cheering on the red team! and my birthday is today! =] stop by in michigan again sometime please! =] that would be so cool to meet you agian! [:

love ya mitchel! <3

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't get to watch disney channel games yesturday, but I will try to watch it tommorow!! lol :) And I will try to watch the 2008 Teen Choice Awards...Hopefully I will remeber this time :|
Oh, yesturday I got to pet a horse, and feed it carrots!! lol (My second favorite animal would probably have to be horses) though my all time favorite right now would still have to be wolves...
It's kind of funny, cause a few (Meaning around 4-5 years ago) years ago, my dad showed me these wolf pictures online, and each time I would be like, So Cute!! And then he brought up a picture of a wolf growling and I'm like, Still So Cute!! lol, I was just kidding, well mostly. :)

On Firday (I know I just totally misspelled Friday) my dad is going to Brazil...So I won't seem, I mean see, him for a whole month...ANYWAYS...
hmmmmmmm...I HAVE to vote this week, I missed it last week. :| :)

It's okay...(though my comment wasn't deleted since I didn't right a comment until now...)
I'm sure I make mistakes all the time... lol, sorry I had to laugh because I probably should change my sure into a possitive. :) considering I usually talk too fast and say the wrong thing, forgeting something (which happens often), and MANY other things...that i'm sure I have forgotten... :)

Ok :) ....GO RED!! GO RED!! lol :D

Hope your haveing lots of fun mitchel!! And of course...Wish ya luck!!

:) :) :) :D :D lol :)

Still planning a Halloween Party...:) lol, For some reason right now I really want to get a rubber bat and hang it from a string then have it swing out at my sister...though I probably won't do my sister anyways... :)

-Coral (The sometimes totally crazy (but in a good way) girl from RI)

p.s.I have a very big box of Arts and Crafts, and Odds and Ends lol... :)

Megannnn! :D said...

hey mitchel!! every year i vote for your team!! so this year, i'm ALL red!! GO INFERNO!!! I also sent Aimee an email about your show in colorado. no worries mitchel, everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days, everyone knows what, what i'm talkin bout, everybody get that way...NOBODY'S PERFECTT!!!! lol!! i just had to do that! i ♥ mitchel!!

--Megannnnn! :D
hope to see you again soon.

#1FANisamyniemela said...


i watched all the DC games so far, your team isn't doing so're luke warm..but i'm still voting for INFERNO! In the last episode you were awesome when you played the guitar to ease the mood of the team and jason was like you were driving them crazy ohh boy funny stuff! So tomorrow is August 4th the big TCA 08' hosted by Miley Cyrus :) yay! And you said you'd be there?!? COOOOL!!
well and i hope you had fun on tour buddy! It was awesome how me & you got to hang out in Ionia,MI still remember that??? tell me in your next post if you remember me, that would mean alot to me---
--love your,

#1FANisamyniemela said...


Nice Articles & Pictures & AWESOME poster! &&& of course the COVER rocks!


~*Amber*~ said...

Mitchel! =]

I sent my email the other day to Aimee. Hopefully mine went through.

Hope you had fun at the TCA. I'll be watching tomorrow with my besties.

Go Inferno!! I'm still cheering for guys!

Nicola loves Mitchel :) said...

Hey,Mitchel, have a nice day~ Hope you can enjoy your happy things around you~

PS:Why don't you sign in your MySpace Page? :(

Your crazy fan from China,

Breann said...


i don't even know what to say but im trying to calm myself down and talking 2 u well commenting u always calms me... so im freaking out b/c i am about to go get my wisdom teeth pulled and they didn't even break trough the gums so i don't even wanna know how its gonna feel when its all done... ill tell u how it goes when i get back my mom is spazzing cuz im on the comp..

Love you,


Sala said...

Wats Up Mitchel?!

Guess what? I finally have a blog! Whoop! Haha lol. I haven't typed anything up yet, though...and i have no picture yet, They'll both be up soon though.

Anyways... GO RED!!! Haha, in the second episode you were tryin' to cheer up everyone after your team's 3rd place LOL. That was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing! Everyone still looked a little pissed :D... even after your amazing guitar playing! Seriously! You're great!

Anyways, I wish to see you in the near future. Make your dreams become a reality!


Breann said...

okay so i just got back from my surgery everthing went good even though i cant even feel my mouth and my best friend has to translate everything for me since shes the only one that can understand me cuz i have soo much gauze in my mouth..... i was sooo nervous but the only thing that was keeping me calm through the whole thing was thinking about u.

Love you.


Alex said...

Uhh ... I missed the TCA ... but its probably on today sometime ... yeah of course GO RED TEAM !!!!!!!!!


KT J. said...


I missed TCA- i thought it was tonight =( Oh well!

I am watching dc games and im cheering for both inferno AND cyclones (you and joe hehe)

I love this season of dc games- way more exciting than last year. That one was a snore, a bore, and..well.. just not good. lol

I love you with all my heart, man!

melissa said...

i'll try to email her again.i am definatly watching TCA. i already made sure none of my family was going to be in the living room because they're always talk. but yeah.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I can't wait to see you tonight on the TCA's! I am so excited!!! btw I saw a skateboard with Inferno on the bottom and thought of you. Sorry if that's really off topic, but I just wanted to share. Can't wait to hear from you in your next post! Luv ya
Lissa from Arkansas

melissa said...

Mitchel...i forgot 2 post this in the post i just did.

idk if you heard me or not but when you performed in Ionia Michigan and when you were getting ready to sing one of your songs and people were just like talking i screamed "I LOVE YOU MITCHEL!" like everyone that was around me stared at me and my mom shock her head. it was great but worth it. (HA!i had to think about how to spell worth) but yeah

Athena said...

Hey Mitchel,
Are you coming to Florida anytime soon?
I hope so so I can see you!
Also good job on the dc games. I watch it weekly!

Molly said...

So I just watched the DC games I missed, well actually all because well Kamp and then Breaking Dawn release. But good job in that relay! I know its hard, we do stuff like that at kamp except its with my whole cabin(brother and sister cabin) which is about 24 people and we have to hold hands the whole time instead of ropes and so its harder to keep grip! But its still fun! My wonderful cabin actually won Sunday Funday ( a bunch of things like that lasting all Sunday afternoon) out of 20 cabins! Go Cabin Awesome(Cabin 8). Way to be encouraging also! I'm going to admit, your cheer... WEAK SAUCE, hopefully it will improve the next coming weeks. You like need more excitment and you need to scream it so that your voice is gone the next day and get in the other teams faces! Well, I hope you're enjoying your summer! Mine is sadly almost over, 16 days left =[. Goes by so fast!

Molly E.

Maria ♥ said...

I met you at the Spedie Fest in Binghamton, NY on Aug 2nd and I just have to say that your concert was amazing. My friend, Carly & I were in the front row and we had the best time ever! I got some really good pics and I was so happy to meet you at the meet & greet! Keep up the great work!

Maria Gable

Hayley said...

Mitchelllllllll :)

Alana said...

Hey Mitch!
Okay the Teen Choice Awards just finished and Shake It was playing!!
How awesome is that!?(in case u don't know,VERY!)

Oh and great job with "lighting the mood".Yeah.And u attacked a chair.My sis thinks u attacked a did yah?lol

and most importantly..HANNAH MONTANA WON!!!WOO!

Okay i'm done.


Taylor said...

Mitchel Mitchel hes our man If he can't do nobody can! Of course he can hes the man
Hey I just made a Ryhme Yeah me!

Ashley said...

:/ sorry about the email thing. i think that may have been me... i wasn't thinking.

i am a straight up inferno fan :D GO RED TEAM!! It looks like loads of fun!

I hope you had fun at the TCAs! I missed them :[.

Have a wonderful night. :]

Ashley <3

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Grr ... I would email, except I have not seen you yet ... AAHHH ... such a crime, such a crime!!!!

And OF COURSE I'm rooting for Red!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next episode!!!! Lol saw the newest one tonight and had to say that I loved your "we're gonna win" song on the guitar ... that was so funny!!!

Keep smiling!!
~ Megan

Gabriella said...

Whoo!!! Go Red Team!!! you and Nick r totally going to bring you guys to a victory! I can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchy! just stopping by to say hii! and i love reading your blogs :] they always make me smile. haha, your such a great person, and i look up to you. iloveyou!

and yes, I'm cheering on the red team on the DC games <3

Elizabeth said...

Wow the Great Mitchelino made a mistake?! Mark that on your calender folks that's a once in a life time event due his incredible and extremely unbeatable awesomeness. That's a lot of big words and they're rolled up into one big compliment.I hope you like my intelligence.
Love ya Mitchy!

ALEX said...

you always say "just saying!"

... just saying...


ishgeelaine! said...

hey, IM SO VOTING FOR RED GOO REDD! hope you guys win the next challenge,i know you will!

Anonymous said...

Aw, mitchel don't be to hard on yourself,

~Sarah Mina~

Joanna said...

Everybody makes mistakes,
Everybody has those days,
everybody know what what im talking about...

*looks around at all the un-impressed faces*

...or not...

No really, its fine I make mistakes TOO offten.

Oh, and INFERNO!


MacKenzie said...

haha hey mitchel! i cant believe im ..uh, kinda? talking to you! haha. well i think your truely amazing (: if you could comment me back or somethin thatd be cool. and btw im 15

KATTY said...

interesting stuff, bro