Monday, August 25, 2008

Clean Hands & The Cruise

That's what my week is filled with! I am doing a tour right now to promote the Clean Hands Are Cool Hands campaign. I have taken my first private jet....extremely COOL! I am visiting children in elementary schools all over the United States including Nashville, Tampa and today I'll be in Las Vgas. Please go to to check out the site and learn all about taking care of YOU!

Also, I leave for the Disney Cruise on Wednesday morning. I will be in Florida for just a few hours and then off on the cruise and I just can't wait. We have so much planned for the cruise and congratulations to the Radio Disney Winner who gets to walk the red carpet with us! very cool. They are also showing a sneak peak on the ship of the ALL NEW "Suite Life On Deck". My brother Marc is hoping for more of the same suite life we all know because that's one of his favorite Disney Shows.

I hope everybody is having fun and enjoying their school and all. I will be starting back to school on the 8th of September and hoping to graduate by May! I will be in the 11th grade but will also be taking a few 12th grade classes and have earned enough credits to finish up this year if I work very hard. I am definately going to try.

House Bunny has "Shake It" featured in the movie! Let me know when and where you hear Shake It or any METRO STATION music! I get to see Mason in just a few days. He has a couple of days off after his trip to CANADA....also, Mason and the band will be on Jimmy Kimmel on the 4th or 5th of Sept. TIVO and watch .....very cool! Metro Station will be headlining their new Tour that starts in early October!

Have a Great week! Remember to check out often for updates! And I do have extremely good news to share in the near future! It does have to do with MUSIC! just saying....



Ashlee said...

TELL MARC ASHLEE SAYS HI. :] have fun with everything. =]

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

SWEETT!!! to bad i'm not in elemantary school any more...but next year i'm gonna be in high school...YAYY!!!! Have a safe trip, and have alot of fun!!!

ily, melissa

Carly said...

Hey mitchel! yay a new blog!!! the cruise sounds like soo much fun! cant wait to hear all about it! have fun!

thats soo cuteee ur going to different elementry schools. lucky kids! ahah the only cool assemblys we had were like about dare...

ugh i am having NO fun at school this year. junior year sucks! ahaha! lucky u, u get to graduate early!

im going to see house bunny just so i can hear shake it! lol i dindt know tht was in there. thts very cool. and i will be dvring jimmy kimmel!! ahhh!

lol i love when u say just saying for some reason its funny! but it better include ur CD and a Show...maybe 2...IN CHICAGO!!

alright well this is probally extremly long! have fun with everything! and glad u get to hang with mason!




christineeee (: said...

mitchy, im really proud of youu & wishing youu success & luck in everything youu do!

imma go to 10th grade this year. im gonna miss summer, but ohh well. [:

youu can do me a huge favor, right? you will come to los angeles sometime soon, okay?

alrightttt i love you.
see youu sooon?

tayy bby :] said...

aaawh, mitchel.
thats reallly coool :]
maybe youll visit my brother and sisters elementary school !

I wish I was goingto be on that cruise.
you'll be an hour away from me boarding your cruise from floridaaa, but I won't see youu before youu lead because ill be at schoool.
but you'll have ffun :]

I LLOVE metrostationn<3
hhaha, illl watch them on tv :]

goood news about your music ?
yayayay :]
I can't wait to hear it!

kay, welll have ffun on the cruise !
illl missss youu, but come bacck to florida sooon !
loveyouu mitchiee :]

GiGi said...

Wow, a private jet sounds awesome!! It's so sweet of you to promote the Clean Hands campaign too! (:

Yay, I can't wait for Suite Life on Deck! Suite Life is one of my fave Disney shows too, right after Hannah Montana of course. And tell Marc that GiGi says HIII! =D

YAY for Metro Station! I'm glad you'll be seeing Mason soon too!

AH! Is it your CD release date?! I want your CD so so so BADLY.


Emily said...

suite life on deck is a lot like the original, just on a boat, so i don't think Marc will be disappointed ;) i went to a taping of an episode and it was good.

have fun on the cruise!

oh yeah, i saw the house bunny last wednesday at the premiere and when shake it played i was like "whoa!" haha.

AmandaKaitlin said...

haha very cool :D

They played "Shake It" yesterday on this Filipino Show called "Wowowee" bahaha it was kinda weird cause my dad was singing and dancing to it which is pretty scary xD

Anonymous said...

have fun!
wow graduating????
scary stuff mitchel, scary stuff!
too bad i'm not in elementary school anymore... :)
come to nebraska sometime please??
oh yeah metro station is in this month's issue of POPSTAR! they have a poster and everything! pretty cool!
okay talk to you later!
p.s. comment me back on myspace please?

Elle <3

#1FANisamyniemela said...


well it's cool that you got a myspace but you should at least messege me back my goodness!

i have a guess on what the "music suprise" is...

is it????

-a new music video to "revolution" song?????
-your CD got signed with the people so now you can announce the release date (itunes too)????

let me get some credit in the next entry if i'm right give that credit to...

-#1FAN-amyjo-♥ -



Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

hey mitchel, can you do me a favor.
the second you hear that your set to come back to ionia or and place within a 15 mile it on here so i can get tickets?

thank you!
luv a lots,

Casey [KC] said...

You Said: House Bunny has "Shake It" featured in the movie! Let me know when and where you hear Shake It or any METRO STATION music!
I heard Seventeen forever in the commercial for the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2!!!! I know thats your favorite song by them or was anyway?!

Ashlee :) said...

that's so awesome!
i hope you have a great time on the cruise! That sounds awesome, too bad i have school :(

i heard today that Metro Station will be performing at Disneys Grad Night this year, and there are rumors around my school that we are going to Universals Grad Bash, so i'm going to do everything I can to make sure we go to Disney :)
& since you will be almost graduated, you should deff come and hangout :)

come to Florida soon, and stay on land ;) <3

Taylor, Justine, Becca, Marguerite, Cat and Anna! said...


i luhhh you mitchel boo

Shayla said...


I think I know what you're suprise thingy is!! That involves music!!


That's my guess!


Nikita Bimson said...

dude, have a great time.

Anonymous said...

that was an extremely longg blog,
but very cool (:

superbre01 said...

Is ur new music news about ur CD!! Or even another tour???? Please come to Pennsylvania again!!!
btw.. Im exactly 12 days younger than u!!! and i'm graduating too!!! That's so cool!

I was the girl who met u in the green room at the Wildwood, New Jersey concert in July, 2008!!!

I also hope that i get credited in ur next blog!!! That would be AWESOME!

Please let me know if u are visiting Sol Feinstone Elementary in Newtown, PA!!!

I was also wondering if u r going to be in Disneyland, California on early October!!!

comment me on myspace... im already ur friend!!!
**my myspace default picture is of u and me.. and a green background.

Hope u have fun on the cruise ship.. and keep us posted on what's goin on!!!

sorry. long comment..
<3 always,
ur biggest fan!
Breanne <3<3<3<3

Hayley Michaud :D said...

Yeaaaaaaaaah :)

i'm so proud of all of your success :D i'm 16, and i've been a fan of you for a while. still haven't met you though :(

i've met mason twice before... and i'm seeing him at another meet and greet in october. i'm exciteddd.

metro station is absolutely amazing. but i'm sure you already knew that so i honestly don't know why i'm telling you.

but yeah i'm a junior also :)
we should hang some timee.

comment me on myspace if you'd like :D

we're already friendssss.

Gina said...

ahhh im so happy that everything is going so well!! fjkdsa;fjs AND GUESS WHAT im going to see metro station on october 28th we got the tix last night so im superrr stoked!! ily and hopefully will see u soon hun xoxox

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

Ohhhhh I hope it has something to do with a ummm CD I soooooo can't wait for that and I am going to the new metro station tour already bought tickets for my show lol!
love ya,
Amber K <3

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

Hey Mitchel. i just relized that you said that you might be graduating...and i read your entry this morning and it's almost 10 pm. i just that
anyways. good luck...i hope you graduate!!!! I JUST RELIZED SOMETHING!!! you'll be graduating the same year as my brother and he's two years odler then!!!

good night!!

SashaLovesYou said...

i wish i was that busy.
and i cannot wait until i finish school.

Katie. said...

have tons of fun on the cruise!!! i start school on....sept 2. i think. im trying to forget about it. haha. and im thinking your good news should be....chicago concert!!!! just saying. lol.

Anonymous said...

mitchel it seems ur havin fun. a private jet thats 2 kool. i hope you have fun on ur trip.


does this "music" news have anything to do w/ ur cd?

Gennine said...

It's awesome to hear from you Mitchel! That's really cool that you might graduate from high school early, too! And I will def. watch Metro Station on Jimmy Kimmel, I wouldn't miss it!!!
blog more soon!
love ya!
~Gennine,15, NJ

PS: Have fun on the cruise!

Jodaayy [: said...

Can't you come to England?
Or get the cruise to come to England ^^
Have fun graduating, its soo much more fun than going into.. 9th grade I think it is over here ><

Ashlee said...

mitchel....I have a question. why did you wear the dogtag that says "Mr.Musso" for the KEWL photoshoot? that was the one I got your dad. :D

Ewa said...

Have fun.!I hope you have a great time on the cruise.!
On yours blog and I check out everyday(some time) xD
Thx you written.I was very interested in how you passed time. ;]
-Ewa <3

crystal said...

Hey Mitchel! Thats' so cool that you will be taking a cruise. Hope u have fun. Also how's the show coming along? can't wait to see Season 3. also i luv metro station i will be checking them out on jimmy kimmel live. Congrats on school starting back. Thats cool that ur gonna be in the 11th grade. awesome. Good luck with school. Also hope u have fun hanign with ur brother mason. he's so cute just like you. make sure to keep us updated about everything. Hope u have fun! ur fan

.audrey. said...

grr. jealous person. right here.
you should stay being a junior with me. just should :P
have fun on your cruise.
[i'm still jealous of that]

Mareen said...

Aww mitchel this si so cool =)
You are going to graduate? I will in ... 4 or 5 years. I dont want too.

I hope you'll have so much fun on the cruise =). I want to go on one too =P

Lucky elementary school kids ... I would probably be in middle school right now .. well i am 13 so I think so.

And wow .. a jet .. you are so lucky =)

xxx ily Mareen

I'd Swim the Ocean for You♥ said...


I heard Seventeen Forever in the preveiw for the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 moviie :)

veryy cool
have fun on your cruiseee


kelsee:):)<3333 said...

yee:)haha canada rocks<33
i hope u have funn on the cruise!:D i was on a cruise before,but in starts on the 4th for me:(.grade 10:)

i hope u have an amazing time mitchel:D


Anonymous said...

:D you must be very exited about tommorow!!! lol
ya...not really looking forward to school...Though I think I go back to homeschooling around the same time you do...or around there.
We went to the beach saturday! sure was an intresting event :) I will just say jellyfish, harmlesss, but jellyfish :O :) I didn't go into the water much. We found a dog...a jack russel terrier...same kind as my dog. We had to call the police or someone like that to take the dog so they could find the dog's owner...the dog had no tags on it's collar...

oh! Last year, on Christmas eve, some relatives stayed with us, and my brother, sister, and I were joking around, and my brother was saying how he was going to put tacks, or something like that, on the floor in front of the fireplace for Santa Clause...the kid actually believed him, we just laughed and we were like no not really...we always seem to joke around like that...ANYways lol
still planning the halloween party...what do you think you will be for halloween? Hmmmm...I will most likely be a witch... :)
Do you have a favorite scary movie?
I have a few favorites...
lol, I don't know if i've told you this before, but ir's kind of funny... after watching a scary movie last year, I went upstairs, and my alarm clock started going was pretty funny cause no one was upstairs and there was no noise, then your alarm on your clock goes know it's in a way funny, my brother used to hide on the second floor of our house (If not one was upsatirs and the lights were turned off...) and my mom would tell me to go find him. And I would like start to freak out because I knew he was there, but anyways, one time my brother hid right next to the stairs, and I could not see him...he jumped out and I screamed...I chased him all the way down stairs... it was pretty funny...
cooooool, extremely good news haveing to do with music...AWESOME!! lol can't wait...hmmm :)

Wish ya luck Mitchy!!! and can't wait to hear the music news!!! :)

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. Besides my brother jumping out to scare me, I'm not scared that easily...well actually I am, but when it comes to scary costumes, I just laugh...a couple years ago we went to a haunted maze, and all I did was laugh when all the people dressed up came near me, I was not scared at all, and for some reason I could'nt stop laughing...that was pretty interesting...

ALEX said...

"just saying"
there you go again mitchel!

br00000 i already bought tickets to see your brother in November :)
Jeeze he's been to Seattle looooads of times I think you need to come here!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! :D, i'm meeting mason && metro station in October. I'm super excited. I was wondering, my birthday is September 11th [ ha i know worse day ever right? ] anyway i was wondering if you could wish me a happy birthday, my names mira. thank you soo much i love you mitchel! <33

megan said...

haha. i dont starts school till septemeber 3. a week. EWW!! =[. your lucky your done this year, i have 3 years. this is my sophmore year. so yeah.
have fun on the cruise your soo lucky! tell us if the shows good or now. haha be honest. and also you should come to high schools. haha
love you

Nisha said...

Awesome!!!!!! I just had my first day today!!!! Wow!!!! So many people started saying, "Freshmen" and "Why are freshmen here?" and all I wanted to say is," Weren't you one?" But I kept my cool. LOL! Well GOOD LUCK in your classes!

Elizabeth said...

Tampa? Oh my gosh! Tampa is in Florida! I hope I can see you while you're in Florida. Where is the boat launching? That's all I need to know so I can talk my mom into letting me go! I LOVE YOU!

sierra said...

Hey Mitchel! That's so cool, have fun on the cruise! Can't wait to hear your big news...

Sara said...

I love how I get Metro Station news from your blog lol.

Elementary school? I feel so old now. I'm a senior in high school. I start school tomorrow.


hazel said...

this might not have anything to do with the article (i like it i like what ur doing its cool not washing ur hands is grose!)
i was jw when u were a sponsored skateboarder was it just like a skateshop flow team or something or was it like a big company and if it was a big company which one???
i wanna get sponsored someday by element
but idk if i can

Anonymous said...

I hope its an ALBULM! i have been waiting forever! :D

Miranda said...

Awesome Mitchel! Still wish I won that contest!

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

my friend Jocelyn says HI

Sala said...

Wats up Mitchel!?

Aw, i already started high school about 3 weeks ago...and its so far pretty AweSOME!!! Do ya have any tips? Lol, I sure need some!

About your music...


I sure wish you are, or will do so in the future! You guys are awesome, and would sound great together!!!


Anyways, have a great week! Love ya!

<3....all i need ta say!

Fer said...


I'm so glad you're having such an awesome time, have fun in your tour and on the cruise!=D

Ohh Metro Station is becoming VERY known here in Mexico, it's cool how now everybody seems to love them:P Tell them they should come here!

love youu<3

Anonymous said...

Omg music are you putting out a cd if you are I can't wait to hear it. Ok love you babe oh and tell Marc I say hey.

Ashley <33 said...

Hey Mitch. I new at this soo sorry If I mess up....

Now i'm curious, do you like reply to these comments?? Like i said im new so im not so sure. Clean Hands, hmmm yes very important =] WOW ur goin on a cruise.... so not fair, I'm goin this year too but not when your going ='[

Elementarys!? Now thats sweeeeet <3

when u do i'll see u there ;]

METRO STATION ROCKS also and I'm like in love with ur hair!!

well thts it for now I hope u reply, and if u dont then i sound realy stupid right now =[ oh well

xoxox Luvs Always xoxox

Ath6594 said...

hey about the myspace thing... sorry wrong blog butt yeah wish i knoew sooner, cuz i just deleted mine but if u gots a facebook i'll gladly request u there =]]

xoxox Luvs Always xoxox
Ashley <333

AUstin said...

OH MY GOSH! Right now your only hours away from me! Thats so amazing! I love you so much! I start school today! So fun, right? LOL! Luv you forevers!

Brie said...

Yay! Now my hands are clean all the time!!!

Well, they always were before....but even shinnier since that commmercial!

ok. never mind. Imma dork.

I am sooo looking foreward to seeing your performances on YouTube when they get of the upcoming shows better be Chicago......

You're probably so annoyed by now, &&I'm really sorry. But I miss ya :))

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Have fun in the cruise! =)


~*Amber*~ said...

I hope you get to be on The Suite Life on Deck Mitchel! Enjoy the cruise! The show looks really good.

Congrats on school! I hope you get to graduate this year! =] That would be awesome. I'm gunna be in 11th too this year.

I wanna see The House Bunny soon!

karely! said...

omg! i was in canada just sunday! darn! i wish i would have seen him... where in canada was he?

Anonymous said...

i love METRO STATIION i heard shake it in dance class today !

Elizabeth said...

It's awesome that you might graduate! I'm only 12,but I'm homeschooled,and doing Junior High work! And doing pretty well too. But math is a terror!

YoureUndeniable09 said...

i am so into metro station right now! i just started listening to them (i really dont know why it took me so long...) and i am obsessed! my favorite song right now is now that we're done...and california. and kelsey. okay all of them haha...i really can't stop listening to the cd! tell your brother he's doing a great job :)

and so are you! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm graduating in May also! My work has Metro Station on their speaker playlist, so I hear them about 20 times a day. Pretty much my whole cheer team loves them and they're coming to Michigan in October but pretty much none of our parents are letting us go because the show is at a club in Pontiac. But we're trying to get some of the football players to go with us as bodyguards haha

Alex :) said...

exciting. i'd love to go to elementry schools because everyone would be so happy when they saw u.
good luck.

i love suite life to and totally can't wait. debby ryan is cool.

i think the song shake it should go good with the movie. it should have been in the trailer. is it? IDK! anyways, that's cool.

Alex :) said...

when i was in elementry school we had a talk about recycling but that speaker wasn't you!
-alex, again!

Anonymous said...



Disa said...


My mom wants to go see the House Bunny and she wants me to see it with her so maybe I'll see it just because Shake It is in it :D

I go back to school September 3 and I'm graduating June 13! Oh my. I'm so excited.
You better graduate this year, mister!
That way we can both be Class of '09! :) :) :)

Brie said...

Hey hey Mitchel!

Hope the cruise is going good. I hope they air some of it on Disney....I gotta watch it!

I gotta tell ya, i really dig the new picture on your do you look good........

lol. Just wanted to say HEY and have a greeeeeeat weekend!!

luv, brie

tuba♥'smitchel :] said...

COOL!! :)

Can't wait for that news! =O
Have fun at your cruise & tell us all about it! I just started 11th grade and its stressful yet FUN!

you ROCK!

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

katie says hi again.

so today i went to mejiers in ionia and i remembered that someone said that you went there to get stuff. so i was freaking out,

PS. don't jump off the ship and get in trouble...that would be bad.

Gabriella said...

hey Mitchy!
have fun on the cruise. I did see the House Bunny and when shake it came on I started dancing and I was like omg! its metro stations song!!! i also am going to see Metro Station in November for the 2nd time! I can't wait! i also can't wait to see you in October! I wish u would come to some high schools... like mine. lol. well have fun on the cruise!

Alex said...

I have to check the list to see what schools your going to ... because it would be awesome if you went to my school ... which is kindergarden - 8th grade ... which i won't go to next year yeah ill be in high school !!!

Me and my friends think house bunny look soo funny soo when we see it ill try to see when metro station song shake it is playing ... i love that song ...

Hopefully you get a cd out soon because i want to buy it which reminds me i still have to buy the jonas brothers cd ..

If you can sometime come back to Davenport Iowa to do a concert again ... because it was awesome !!

- Alex

Alex said...

Omg ... i didn't know that the clean hands are cool hands thing was about stopping the spread of mrsa .. thats awesome i did a science project on it last year ... yeah and i could of gotten it but i was lucky i didn't ... because i had a boil right above my knee i think it was because of my kneepads being right there i still have a scar there ... yeah mrsa is very dangerous but thats a good idea about the clean hands are cool hand ...


Valaurie said...

well have a fun cruise!
I cna't wait for Metro Station to come here!!!!
Oh, yah that reminds me, I heard Seventeen Forever in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but more recently they have been on the Muchmusic (Canada's music station) On like the 2 spot (mabey even nimber one right now)
so they are very big

SO have a safe trip and I'll be praying for your saftey!

Much love,

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

katie said she was listening to radio disney when they were interveiwing you and she heard you say the thing about teeth i was wondering...did you actually try it? and does sound

KT J. said...

I'm glad you're promoting clean hands! And im happy you're happy for the cruise, i wish i could've won that thing, but if you're over 14, ya cant enter lol being 16 is hard work!
If you graduate this year, i'll be so jealous cuz im a junior too.
I will deff. look out for metro station and maso, and i can't wait to see house bunny!
Dont leave us hanging! Are you releasing a cd?!?!? if so, im buying it the minute it comes out!


Ashlee said...

ahh. I'm at the movie theatres right now and I saw a trailer for "how to lose friends&alienate people" and shake it was in the trailer. :D

Anonymous said...

new picture? how cute!
so i was watching the disney channel games with my friend heddi and we saw something in your ear...could it possibly be that you got your ear pireced?????? i was SHOCKED! but congrats on winning! woooo! go inferno! ya!

Elle & Heddi(conditionally)

MARITZA! said...

hey mitchel :) hopefully you'll read this i met your parents at the six flags show in springfield massachusetts on june 26th my friends and i were talking to your mom and dad about brooke from texas and your dad was all "her mom makes some good cake!" haha but if you read this ask your mom if she remembers us and tell her we said hello :)

thanks! hope everything is well
and we cant wait to see you again

ravenvampy said...

hey mini musso idk if u read all of these comments with ur "busy schedule" but if u do then tell ur brother that he ttly rox my sox. srsly let him no that he's awsum & an amazing singer. check out my blog if you get time.

Brie said...




luv, brie

Alex said...


Inferno Won

I knew that you guys could of done it

You were awesome !!!

You guys were last and then tied for first ... then WON !!!


Dakota said...

Hey babe!

Wow...A cruise...AND u are a spokesperson 4 something...that is so awesome!

Im glad that u are doing good!

Wow...11nth grade...where has the time gone? And GRADUATING??? I dont even wanna t5hing about that man! I like it better when your a kid like us!

I hate school, alegebra is WAY 2 HARD!!!

45yx squared Times 45 Pie...


Anyways... Good job on Inferno winning, of course we all knew that they were gonna win! :)

And i just know that your music suprise is gonna be that u are (finally! :)) release your album. Im gonna have "Wans't your Girlfriend" on repeat, dude.

So im out here at my aunts house...every day were tubing or boating or something...My cheeks and nose are so red from all the sun!

Well, have a FANTASTIC day! sorry i have not commented in so long...I got busted fopr the EXACT same thing as Miley.(provacative myspace pics and excessive flirting with boys online.)

In fact, technically speaking, im not supposed to be on right now.

*stands by computer whistling innocently*

Im gonna stop bugging u now. :)

Luv, Dakota

Elizabeth said...

Yay Inferno! Good job Mitchy! You did the team well!

ravenvampy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMY said...



kadie said...

hey its kadie from the cruise or otherwise known as ur judge for the ping pong game or the perons u hit in the head wiht the ping pong ball!
p.s. nicole the other girl with me saw u at the airport and i hope she said bye for me but if she didnt since i never got a chance to
bye and i miss you alot!!
ok welll thank you for the invite to breakfest even tho i never got a chance to come and see you since they were closed! so sorry about that!!
umm well i hope to see you soon! and i hope to talk to you later!!
~~ always..kadie lombardo

kadie said...

Hey mitchel its kadie from the cruise!
well my friend jenna just tolde me about this otherwise i would have said id see you there!
well the cruise was auh-mazing and im sorry thati never made it to see u during breakfest and if u dont reconize my name im the judge for your ping pong game and im teh one u hit in the head with the ping pong!! ok well ttyl!!miss you lots oo and i never said bye so bye and i miss you alot!!
~~always....Kadie Lombardo

kadie said...

Hey mitchel its kadie from teh cruise!!
other wise known as a judge or he girl that got hit in the head with the ping pong! still weairng the necklace!!
im sorry i never got to see u at breakfest and i never said goodbye so im sorry bout that but goodbye and i miss you alot!!
i hope to talk to you soon!!
~~always...Kadie Lombardo

Alana said...

that is SO SWEET!!

So hows the suite life going?

Is the good news ur CD?
I mean i'v been waiting since BEFORE ur tour!

lol bye

Camille said...

i love you mitchel!!! can you post a new blog entrey, its been like a week. i wanna here about whats going on with you! love you!

Abbster said...

Florida!? cool beans!
I wish I could go see you:(
I saw metro station a few weeks ago, or something like that, and I swear, even after the third time, I NEVER get tired of it!
I saw john Mayer on Saturday, idk if you like him,
and I'm going to see the jonas brothers in 2 days!
well, I rly gotta meet you sometime okay?
keep it awesome;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchell!!
I'm watching 90210 and I just wanted to let you know that they played '"Shake It"!
I got so excited when I heard it!!

Hope you are enjoying life and the people in it!

Anonymous said...

I just heard Shake It on the season premiere episode of 90210.

Anonymous said...

Hey babe update your blog I hate not knowing whats up with you and I also hate not knowing if its a cd oh and you need to come back to Colorado and graduating me to in December and did I ever tell you that you and I are like 23 days apart? I miss you so much babe come back to me.
Love you always and forever,
Shanelle in co.

tuba♥'smitchel :] said...

Oh by the way, I watched House Bunny and heard the shake it song omg its so cool that its featured in a playboy movie lmao.