Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hey guys!!

Ok....just so you know......I did finally pick a winner for the POPSTAR Contest. I am not allowed to share the name because of course POPSTAR would like to do that since it is their contest...right? Anyway........it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I looked at all of the information over and over again.......but...could only pick one winner. You guys are all amazing!!

I am on the set of "Hannah Montana" today. We are working on a great show for you guys. I will also be working on "Phineas and Ferb" this afternoon. I believe "Phineas & Ferb" will begin airing this Spring or Summer and I play the part of Jeremy who is Candace's boyfriend. Candace is played by Ashley Tisdale.

I have several plans for the weekend.....but I may not do any of them because I really want to take my Driving Classes. The classes are all day Saturday and Sunday for the next two weekends.

I am still planning on coming to the San Fransisco area on March 10th.....more info to follow....but it will definately be an autograph signing.

Also....I have a photo shoot with J14 next week!

And...YES! Monster House was nominated for an OSCAR!!!! Very exciting! If you can....get a copy of Monster House and be sure to watch the commentary. I was only 12 when I started working on that film......I was so little!

Also.............my little brother is in a film called "The Last Mimzy". The movie comes out on March 23. My brother Marc and I plan to walk the red carpet together....so that will be cool! Come and see us. I'll let you know where as soon as I know.

Also...if you live in the Dallas area....My older brother Mason, has a show with his band METROSTATION at "The Door" downtown Dallas on March 17th....which just happens to be Mason's 18th Birthday!

Way too much information....right! You guys have the most awesome week!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

POPSTAR! Our Date!!

You guys are right! They are going to give me the 10 finalists and I have to choose from those. How am I going to do that????? I have no idea. I have heard that they are all lovely and full of personality....atleast on paper.....right? And that they would all make great matches for me. How about that? I may have to just put them in a box and pull one out because I know I will never be able to choose on my own. I can't wait to read the ten entries though! Thanks guys for making this project so fun!! Looking forward to our date!! PEACE-OUT! Mitchel

Friday, January 19, 2007


Hey guys.....I have been told that I will know the winner by next Friday.....but I don't know when it will officially be announced. I do know they have narrowed it down to 10 finalists. I am not allowed to announce the winner....I AM SURE THE MAGAZINE WILL GET A HOLD OF THE WINNER AS SOON AS THEY CAN. Looking forward to our date!!


San Fransisco, CA- Any fans?

Because I am planning a visit to come out and see you all!


Saint Paul, MN-Any fans?

Just wondered because I am planning a visit to come out and see you guys!


Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hey guys!

I promise that if I knew ANYTHING.....I would tell you. I am just as excited as you are about our date.......but I have absolutely no information at all yet. As soon as I do......you'll be the first to know! I promise!

You guys have the most incredible day ever!


Friday, January 12, 2007

Hey guys!

Ok...now I am really excited about the bracelets! You guys are AMAZING!

Just wanted you to know that you can't even tell my hair was cut....they did a Great job.

They changed the dance on us....we had to learn a brand new one and it's better than the first one. We shoot it today in front of the live audience! Hope some of my fans will be there tonight to see it!

I can't wait for the Win-A-Date contest results.....but I don't have any information on it as of yet. I'll let you know as I know something! Can't wait for our date!

Have the most awesome day ever and weekend too!


Thursday, January 11, 2007


I love them. I grab them out of the envelope and put them on right away! I'm not kidding. I love when you guys make me stuff. Your so nice to think of me. If you look closly at some of the posters I am wearing some of the bracelets you guys have sent me. I love the thinner ones made of string in any color...and the hemp braclets are cool too! Keep them coming. I always add them and wear them for a while. You guys are awesome!!!

By the way....I'm on the set today.....I just came from dance rehearsal....that's right....I am dancing this week and it is really hard for me. I'm having fun....but it is a challenge. We are doing an episode about studying Biology and we have had to learn a song about bones. It's CRAZY!!!

Anyway....I got a slight hair cut today....don't worry....it's still long....but now you can see my eyes!

Anyway....you guys are amazing! Thanks for posting! Have an incredible day!!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Musso Fan Mail

Hey guys! I love to get your fan mail!

Please write to:

Mitchel Musso
c/o The Disney Channel
3800 Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA. 90211

Just a reminder....if you send a dollar with your request....you don't have to worry about postage or anything as far as it getting back to you. Just write me a letter and make sure you use the address above....place one stamp on the outside and remember to add $1.00 inside and I will be glad to send you a picture back.

Another thing you can do.....is send me a favorite clip or poster and I will be glad to sign that if you like. I get a lot of pictures in the mail and I sign them and send them back. I think it's great that you guys like the posters enough that you want me to sign them!

Anyway...please write and know that I look forward to all the fan mail!