Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hey guys!

I promise that if I knew ANYTHING.....I would tell you. I am just as excited as you are about our date.......but I have absolutely no information at all yet. As soon as I'll be the first to know! I promise!

You guys have the most incredible day ever!



Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out about the date with you mitchel, it would be so cool for anyone to win that and have a fun date with you. Have good day also. I love you.

Jacquelyn said...

Thanx Mitchel!!! =D
I am way too excited for the date!! =DDD Ok.....All i need is an overdose in Chill pills!!!!!! LOL....I hope u pick someone who was very truthful when answering the questions on the form...ANY girl would be the luckiest if she went out with you, because you are everything a girl looks for in a guy; you're super sweet, funny, and don't forget....Charming!! =D Well, whoever you pick, i hope she has fun....Wait, she WILL have fun because she will be with....YOU!!!
Well, TTYL.......and as you always say....PEACE-OUT!!! =D

Dani said...

Thanks Mitchel!!! You rock!! I can't wait to see who gets in!

YOU have the AWESOMEST week ever!


Jessica said...

lol glad you're excited! wish i could have entered but i live in england :P

Nicole said...

SWEET! I CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHO WON! are you gonna post who won once you find out? or are you gonna make us wait till feb? haha

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Popstar! chose the finalists. I mean, they said that they were choosing them based on how compatible they were with you Mitchel, and who gave truthful answers. But really, how much can they know about us from a piece of paper? Though they said it isn't a beauty contest, I imagine that had some sort of role. But who knows, maybe I cracked the top ten!

Thank you and you have an incredible day too Mitchel!

Love ya!


Abby! said...

I am so excited to see who won! That would be so awesome if I did, but I would still be happy for the person who won because YOU ROCK MY LIFE! You are so incredibly AWESOME!
P.S. By the way I'm working on a letter to send you!!

Jenn said...

mitchel your amazinggggg!!! =]
that is awsome that you'll tell us when something happens.. hopefully that will be soon. =]

peace. Jenn

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, you're the best!!! i can't wait for OUR date!! just kidding!! i'll be just as happy for the person who wins even if it's not me!!!

Have a great day!!!


Colleen said...

aw i wish i had entered... :(

o well i hope you have fun!!

mitchel are you ever going to come to maryland/dc area??

Anonymous said...

Yay! first comment! omigoodness, I wanted to enter that contest SO badly, but I couldn't find the magazine anywhere! Mitchel, I'm working on a bracelet for you right now. I hope u will like it!

♥Amber said...

Hey Mitchel! I have been dying to know some info but I can't wait for some! Have a great day too!


Anonymous said...

i wonder how many girls entered..

...probably a million.

Erica said...

Hi Mitchel! I can't wait to hear who wins. Though, my mom didn't let me enter. :( But oh well, mabey I'll have another chance! In class today, we wrote a love letter to a celebrity. I wrote mine to you. It said:
Dear Mitchel,
You're the cutest boy I've ever seen. You're nice and funny, and your smile is amazing. I love you so much! Will you be my Valentine?

To bad we had to read them out loud. 8-) When I heard we would, I got wide-eyed. It was so funny. But seeing as everyone already knew I'm totally in love with you, it wasn't as bad as I thought! Oh well! I hope you had a good day today!


Kirstin Moore :] said...

Mitchaaa !
It's Kirstin, again.
Ahhh ! Results are comming soon,
i can't wait. But i don't want to keep my hopes up, but i'm glad your really excited !



Emily said...

I knew there was a reason to buy imported magazines...

Ela said...

Hi Mitchel! I didn't join the contest, but whoever wins the date would sure be Lucky! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

lol thas cool lol well i wasent asking but for the girls who were i no you would of post it if you knew lol well hope the girl who wins is anice girl lol love ya your biggest fan nicole and you have an awsome day to but i wont lol im sick lol with asthma well yea bye

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! ahhh I so can't wait! I hope I made it to the Top 10. And hopefully you'll pick me! hehe. I CAN'T WAIT either, Mitchel! =)

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Britt:] said...

thanks for the update mitchel! <3
your a totally amazing guy :]

Jena said...

Maaan. im like.. beatin' myself up because i never knew about that contest!! Errrrrg. Stupid stupid! ughhh. but anywho.. LUCKY! to whoever wins.. and yeahh.. like. wayyy luckyy. How many people entered? Kazillions I bet.. haha. kazillion and one ifi had known about it! *tear tear* but oh well. I guess maybe we can meet some other wayy.. hah. Yeah rightt. thats only if my dream(s) come true. 1. Become famous actress.. 2. Meet Mitchel while im a famous Actess =] haha.
Much Love;;
P.s. Kindaa hard to have an incredible dayy when the guy of your dreams is so far away =[

Anonymous said...

Mitchel! My birthday was this weekend. Just wanted to let you know. hehe.

love, you.


<3. Rayy.

mollyonwheels said...

Hey Mitchel!

Can't wait for the results!!! Have a great day...or night I guess....

<3 Molly

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel everyday you make me love you even more! thank you so much! im dying to know!!! thansk a bucnh!! have a SPECTACULAR week!!!!=] =] =] =] =]

Anonymous said...

(Not sure if my comment sent or not... so here it is!... Again!)

I still can't get over how completely awesome it is that you agreed to do the Date thing.

Honestly, I'd be a BIT freaked out by the whole "Blind Date" thing--.... it's sorta a blind date, I think.. in a way...??

Well, who ever wins, they'll deffinatly have fun!
I have to wonder what you have cooked up for the date though?

Somehow, I picture either a carnival, or ice skating. Lol-- don't ask why, I have NO idea! =P

Good day?
Ehh, midterms mad it crummy. =[
But, on the bright side;
I'm off my crutches tomorrow!!
Litteraly 15 minutes after I commented your last entry-- I sprained my ankle dancing and was in the ER until 1 am!
Really, I'm supposed to use the crutched for 3-4 days, and I think it's been 3, so someone else can take the 4th.

Cructhes + Midterms at school = A Fast Track To Insanity!

Have an awesome soon-to-be weekend!
P.S. Mark was great in Accourding to Jim!! Even my SISTER laughed when he said, "You just spit on my shirt..." and she has it drilled in her head that she's a certified credict!

P.P.S. Sorry this is long, but I'd like to tell you that Friday is National FREE HUG DAY!

Give a hug and share a smile

Jacquelyn said...

LOL I already had the awesomest day of my life: The day i met u at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago!!!! =DDD Even though it was pouring rain like crazy that day, i didn't really care because u were there! The rain actually made it more interesting!! lol....!!!!! Anyway, i want to let u know that i love you!! <3

paige said...


haha. yeah i doubt i'll win, but what the hey. who knows?!

and ps. tell your brother that all of his songs are pretty sick nasty. seriously, they have been stuck in my head all day. his songs and metro stations


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to find out, it would be so cool to go on a date with you. But if I dont win have fun on your date.

Kelsey L

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad, I couldnt enter the contest. "Win A Date with Mitchel"
I wish, but I live in Canada, too complicated.

Im so sad! We have so much in common that it's almost impossible! :( Well, maybe next time, when you come to Canada.

I will MAYBE make you a bracelet, I just need to know what to do if I live in Canada? Put U.S. money? I dont have any :( I hope you can answer me Mitchel. It would be appreciated ;)

Peace & Love To All.
- Sindee

Fe/Mignolo said...

Uh, I wish I could have entered but I live in Italy [Milan] and the contest it's just for U.S.A and Canada =[
Well, I just hope that someday you will come there and I can see you or uhm, maybe it's more probable that I will come to U.S.A. =D

Duh, well, have an awesome week! And good luck at all the girls that entered the contest.

Peace-out lol

Anonymous said...

hey, mitchel! man, i am SOOOO excited about the contest! it's almost here! YAY! when u know the finalists, PLEEEEEEEEZE tell us! i am DYING to know!!!!! how many "pleezes" do i have 2 put B4 "pretty?" PRETTY?.....PRETTY?.....PRETTY?..... lol--funny Hannah joke there.

anyway, i would LOVE 2 win the contest! even if i was in the final 10 and i didn't win, i'd still be happy knowing that i was a finalists! i have my fingers crossed!

luv, brie

P.S- PRETTY?.....PRETTY?.........

Sindee said...

I wish I could of entered. I was sp sad. Since Idont live in the U.S Mitchel I would do anything to go on a date with you :( but this time, I really had no choice :( And I feel so bad.

It's okay though, Have the best time! Im gonna make you a bracelet, I just need to know what I do? I dont have any money in U.S, So what do I do?

Love & Peace.

(Sorry for the other blogs I posted,
you can delete those, I was confused, ahaha)

Anonymous said...

wow... i didn't know you had a blog! yay! i'm SOOO happy you're not a poser because i would be SOOOO angry! i HATE posers! just so you know i applied for the win a date thing... i hope i win!

i Love you =)


Anonymous said...

i love you =) i wish i knew about it before! i have a picture of you in my locker and on my binder! LoL

i <33333333 you =)

Erica said...

Mitchel, with all the goodness in your heart, please make another win a date thingy but make it so that you can enter online!!!!!! I don't know where I can find POPSTAR! Magazines! But in other news: I'm in my school spelling bee! It's tomarrow! Wish me luck! (I'll need it. I will be thinking of you through the whole contest!)



Kaitlin said...

MAN!! I wish i would have entered, but my mom wouldnt let me bum anymore money from her untill i paid her back and by then it was too late, but i hope u have an amazing
<3 **Kaitlin**

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!! (again....This is my 3rd comment! Sorry.....LOL!!!!)

I really haven't been having my GREATEST week ever this week......because 1st semester final exams are this week!! grrrr..At least you don't have to take final exams!! lol...But on the bright side, I think of you and all the pressure seems to go away...

Oh, your brother Marc was absolutely AMAZING on According to Jim a few weeks ago!! Tell him that he did a GREAT job...I really enjoyed it!!

Wow...I am really hyped up for this date, but i doubt that i will win =(. I don't really have a lot in common with you; we are interested in different things: for you, skateboarding and acting. for me, horses and horseback riding...But who knows?! Maybe something will happen....I do believe that opposites attract!! But whoever you choose, and she makes you happy, then I'm happy!! =)

I hope YOU have the BEST week EVER!!!

You've been extremely sweet and loyal to your fans...Keep it up!!

Love ya lots!!! U never leave my mind...
=D ♥ Jacquelyn~*~

Abby and Jenifour said...

Hey Mitchel!! This is Jenn P. and Abby F.! We are at school (blah). We just wanted to drop by and say that WE LOVE YOU! and that YOU ROCK OUR LIVES!! If there was no you, we dont know what we would do! We love you Mitchel! Youre amazing!

Lexi said...

have fun on da ways hope you pick a cool girl. If I met you I would probably scream then I would just be my totally random, fun self

Briana said...

Haha, hope you and that lucky girl have a great time on your date. My friend is going to be so jealous. She loves you! Too bad we didn't enter. Have an awesome week! Lots of love and support,

Emmy said...

Whoever wins a date with you are so lucky! Because I live in England, I can't get the Popstar! magazine (shame, looks really cool), so you've got to tell me who the winner is! (Or I'll poke you .. alot) :]
Love you.