Friday, January 12, 2007

Hey guys! I am really excited about the bracelets! You guys are AMAZING!

Just wanted you to know that you can't even tell my hair was cut....they did a Great job.

They changed the dance on us....we had to learn a brand new one and it's better than the first one. We shoot it today in front of the live audience! Hope some of my fans will be there tonight to see it!

I can't wait for the Win-A-Date contest results.....but I don't have any information on it as of yet. I'll let you know as I know something! Can't wait for our date!

Have the most awesome day ever and weekend too!



Anonymous said...

I think having a 'good' weekend is IMPOSSIBLE.
I hate this whole 3 part blizzard.
You have no idea how lucky you are that you're somewhere warm.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!! I LOVE your acting so much!!!! I can't wait to see that episode. I really hope i win the "win a date with mitchel" contest. I adore you sooo much!! I am your #1 fan. I watched your brother on according to jim, and he is almost as good as you!!!!! I love the way you act as Smokin' Oken cause you are sooo funny. Well i hope the taping goes well!!
Your #1 fan,

Kelsey said...

I wish I could go see the dance.... but I live in NYC. I cant wait to hear the results for the win a date with you contest. Good luck with you dance!!

Kelsey L

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the new epi.!!!
i couldn't do the win-a-date thing it was to late

Anonymous said...

Man, I should really learn to make bracelets... Oh wait! I can cut a piece of string! Yes!!! Haha, jk! I really do want to learn to make them.

Dancing is fun. I want to learn a choreograhped dance...

I would really like to win the Win A Date with you, but then again, who wouldn't? I would be happy if I just made it to the ten finalists. Though that would mean you rejected me by choosing someone else. Way to lower my self esteem! Again, just kidding Mitchel! Besides, how much can you really learn about someone from a piece of paper? If I don't win, I'll meet you someday. I know I will.
Sorry this is such a long comment!

Love ya Mitch!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I'm making you one right now!
It's blue && white.
I hope you like it.
I have a longgg letter, too.
haha. hopefully you will read it.
do you get all of our mail, or just a select amount?

Well, I can't wait for new Hannah's!

And I hopehopehopeeee I won the date!
Whoever does is such a lucky girl to meet someone as incredible as you.



Anonymous said...

hey i saw you in Life is Ruff yesturday in just like 1 1/2 years you look really different. Anyway it was awesome.

Im gonna see you at the show later i can't wait to see your dance!

Erin91 said...

ah i cannot wait 4 the episode! it sounds awesome

Anonymous said...

well yea thats cool that the dance is better and the cool they did agreat job on your hair to but well i hope they pick someone nice for you to bad i didnt get to enter you have anawsome day to love nicole and hope you like my bracelet

cara and sam said...

mitchel! we're your first comments! so im glad u got ur hair cut but i hope its not too short! i bet you will do great dancing and i cnt wait to see the new episodes. we will be sendin stuff into u soon!!

Jenn said...

sorry bout them changing the dance on you. but i bet you'll do great. =]

and i have a question.. i dont think you'll answer it on here. but i tried to ask it on IMDb but no one answered it and like its a few pages backk. but w.e. i'll just try asking here. so I've been on the waiting list for HM tickets since like April, and they e-mail you when there's tickets avalible. But I checked the other day where I'm on the waiting list at and it says "HANNAH MONTANA IS AN INVITATION-ONLY AUDIENCE. AT THIS POINT NO TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE WAITLIST IN THE CASE THAT STAND-BY TICKETS BECOME AVAILABLE PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION BELOW. THANKS!" does that mean the tickets are only for the people that are already on the waiting list, or for other people that are invited? Becuase you just said that you hope you see us at a taping, so I was sorta confused.

peace =P. Jenn.

kimbo said...

dancing is preeeettyyy cool, i suppose. actually, that is a lie. it is extremely cool and i'm just being jealous because i have not a graceful bone in my body. no, really, not even like my hand is graceful. :]

Marta! said...

Hi Mitchel!
Do you really like bracelets? I love them, too!! The only problem is... I can't make them ^^" When I think about a bracelet, I imagine it really cool, but it comes out something horrible and it doesn't look like a bracelet at all... lol ^^
Anyway... I have to make a video of you dancing! It would be cool! lol
Looking forward too see a new pic of you with the new haircut.


P.S. First Post! *yay*

Elizabeth said...


ANOTHER dance?!?!? Well...good to know you like it better then before. Still can't wait to see it.

I entered the Win-A-Date on the last day through an e-mail so I'm so sure if they will accept my entry... I thought it ended on Feburary 2nd but, nope! It was January 2nd! My bad...

I hope you have a super great time shooting today! I'm sure the audience will love it as much as you loved working on it!

You have a awsome weekend too Mitchel!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see the episode and find out the results, ur a relle great guy and I hope they chose someone really special for you. I entered but I dought ill win. Anyway good luck with the dance and if i dont win, have fun on your date!

Kelsey L

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel I wish I could come and see you film Hannah but I live up in Washington near Seattle, I will send you a letter soon and maby with a bracelet, I also cant wait to hear the Win a date with you winner I love you


Becky said...

good luck today!! i'm so excited to see you dance. lol have fun!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see all the new episods of hannah I really want to go and see you film and episod some day but I most likely wont because i live up in washington near seattel and i cant wait to hear who the winner of win a date with you is.

Emily said...

I believe your hair is acting very stealth, haha.

I'll go into the audience if someone can lend me a few thousand dollars to fly and accommodate me, lol.

eeeee my dog is looking at me, I'm gonna go chase her around the yard now.

Take care xx

Anonymous said...

hey well mitchel its me again nicole well i wanted to no were do you guys actually film hannah montana i no in hollywood but like were ? hopefully you can answer this question and cant wit to see your new hair cut and hope you do good on the dance wish i could see you but i dont no were it is lol love your biggest fan nicole

Tiffany said...

that's cool that ur excited about the braclets. ") you're just too cute! i should have entered that contest. but i've met you before, and you were super nice and you tought i was a year older than i was :D. so yeah. hope the episode taping goes well! so how do u get tickets, you still have never said!

Jordan (forshowskillet) said...

Hey mitch, just wondering how big is your wrist? lol i want to make you a bracelet but i don't know how big it is! also, someone told me that you choose the date winner on feb. 12th. if so, be sure to look for me!! haha.

love jordan

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
Glad to hear that it doesn't look like your ahir was cut, but either way your still sexi!(lol) but I can't wait for the results either! I enetered on the last day by e-mail! I hope they got it, but even if I don't win I'm sure a lucky fan will win! Oh good to hear you like the dance you changed but have a good weekend also and have a happy Martin Luthern King Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

Oooh I can't wait to see you dance. WoW - this is crazy... I was thinking of sending you some bracelets THEN you talk about people send you them... I'm so psychic! haha. I can't wait to find out the results of the contest!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I just tried to leave you a comment but an unexpected error had occured but anyways. I just came from cheerleading! God, that is so tiering(or however you spell it) but I can't wait for the results niether, even if I don't win I'm sure they'll choose a great person. But anyways, I start basketball camp in 3 months. I hoping to make the varsity team next year(sophmore year) But It's great It doesn't look like your hair was cut, but either way your still hott! But have a great weekend and good luck with your dancing, although I'm not going to be there to watch you:( Bye!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
i'm glad u like getting fan mail and the bracelets! i just made one 4 u a couple days ago and sent it in! it's a black and white hemp one! hope u like it!
oh, and i can't wait 2 c u in season 2!!! ur my idol!!! luv ya!



hey mitchel! im sure your haircut looks fine Ü thats really cool of you to wear the bracelets... youre awesome! i made you a collage once, maybe you can tape it to your shirt or something. LOL. j/k!

cant wait for the new hannah episode..
<3 ashley

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel!
So they switched the dance on ya guys? Hopefully this one is a little easier for you to do! I wish i could come see your dance, But i live in Michigan.... So sadly i can't. But I know you will do WONDERFUL!!! I'm sure your hair will look great at what ever lenth they cut it! Hope you have an AWESOME weekend! And i signed up for the date, so i hope i win. But if i don't thats ok too! I'll meet you someday!!!
Tootles* Katie R.

Kelly said...

hey mitchel!

yeah i was wondering how i could get tickets to see the shootings... and its a good thing that the dance is better =) i couldnt enter the win a date contest because i never knew about it till it was too late. Well, hope to meet you somedayyy...that is if you come to michigan or something =P LOVE YAHH

Kay said...

our date is gonna be soo fun! lol i hope i win man!!!

<3 peace & love

Robyne;; said...

Sounds like your having fun!
I love learning new dances.
They can be challenging, but hecka fun.
I hope your shoot went well.

And that Win-A-Date contest sounds cool!
I hope you have fun with that too.

<3 Robyne;;

Kelsey said...

I wish i was allowed to have entered, I hate being grounded!

ily anyway.

Kelsey B

Lindy said...

Mitchel i hope i win i have had a countdown to win the winner will be announce

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh! I totally wish I could have gone to the taping! I've been on a waiting list for about 6 months, and still haven't heard anything back! Does this mean I'll never get to see you :[? Well I hope all went well! And I can't wait to see who the finalists are!


Jena said...

:O :O Im crying almost literally right now. I never knew about the win a date contest.. Man, this kinda stinks. Oh well. I shall look for other contests to meet him :)
Love You Much Mitchel<3;;

meagan said...

wow! that sounds like a really cool and interesting episode! i am making u a braclet, i can't choose b-tween red and blue or red and white. well i will make a decision soon, bye!


Paige said...

Hey Mitchel!

Sending you some fan mail soon!

Glad the hair isn't all gone...glad you like it =]

I can't wait to see who you won the date with...hope you guys have fun!

Love you <33

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! man, i wish i could c the dance, but i live 2 far away! DARN! o well. i hope i win the contest! well, if i dont win, have fun w/ whoever does win!

luv, brie

Dani said...

SAAAA-WEEEEET!!!!!!! Ok sorry!

Thanks for the update! I did make you a bracelet, so I'll send it soon, as soon as get a letter typed up!! I'm super busy, cuz I got study for finals! (Which I probably will procrastinate on!)BLAH!!! So yeah, I'll send soon!!!

Dancing.... Fun stuff, I'm sure you'll do fine!!!!

Ahhh... The contest!!!!! Can't wait!!!!! Thanks for if you're gonna update us on that as soon as you know!!! There's about 2 more days till the finalists are picked! If you haven't noticed on the comments page, we've been bouncing off the walls counting down! :D

Anyways, thanks for the update and hae a great LONG weekend!!!!


Anonymous said...

T.T Man I missed out on the win-a-date thing. Not only am I too late, but I don't even live in the US. Damnit... Oh well.
I guess I'll just have to figure out how to make these bracelets. Hmmmmmmmmm....
I'm sorry they changed the dance on you, but hopefully it was worth it in the end :D Anyways as for your haircut, I wanna see this. I hope it isn't too short.

Luv Sal

Anonymous said...

kool you cut your hair??? i think you're awesome either way. can't wait to see what it looks like!


Haley said...

wow... SO COOL! i can't wait to see the dance! By the way you write your blogs, i can tell you're a nice person!

-Crystal <3

Anonymous said...

awww...mitchel your soo sweet! i hope i win the win-a-date! i would love to meet are one of the coolest guys on tv!

<33 ya lots!


Erica said...

Hi Mitchel! It's me again! Just wanted to say hi! And I will send you a bracelet! Love ya!


Anonymous said...

have a great weekend, too.... i wish i could meet you, then i could help you w/ the dance.... GOOD LUCK! i'll send you a bracelet

- Raleigh

Christine said...

i wanna see you DANCE! :D

ooooh yeah, do you go to any of metro station's shows?

i was supposed to go to the one in march but it was cancelled. so im going to the one in fabruary... maybe. hopefully. so go! so i could see a really good band and your pretty face :P i think tha'd make it a real awesome day right?

hahaha, alright,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
2 more days! Can't wait! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Lol, this guy at my school has hair down to the middle of his back-- please NEVER grow your hair out that long unless it's for a movie! Lol.

So I suppose it was just a trim?

What type of dance are you doing? Aah, that sounds like so much fun to dance in front of a lvie audience!
Sorta like musicals!
Last year we did CATS and the entire thing is pure dance- no lines that are spoken except "The Naming of Cats"- but that's all in rhythm- if you want to get technical about it! =P

You have thousands of hopefulls waiting for that contest result!
Ha ha, you must feel extremely loved! =P
What guy DOESN'T want tons of us crazy girls entering in a contest for a date?

Gotta go!
Have a good weekend!


Erica said...

Oh my gosh, I just now looked at your answer for what you look for in a girl! I'm not gonna tell you that I have a pretty smile and pretty eyes, I think I do, but that's an opinion! But I will tell you this:
1. Air hocky is one of my favorite arcade games.
2. My dad is an excellent pool player, and I'm carrying the tradition!
3. And the Santa Monica Pier? You know it! I LOVE amusement parks! I go to Magic Springs every year! Especially in October (Magic SCREAMS) to see ZAMBORA! Mabey if I meet you we can go, and ride The Guantlet at like, 10:00!!!!! Well, anyways, it's funny how that answer just was like so fitting to me. ;-) See ya around! (Hopefully)


Ps. If I saw you in OUR mall, I would probably run up to you, but first I would faint!!!! Bye!

Anonymous said...

thats cool. i cant wait to see the episode!

i entered that contest. i cant wait to find out the results!

have fun with that dance. haha.


Amber said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! Mitchel can you believe it!?!?!?!? 1 more day!!!!!!! I hope your as excited as me!!!!(although I bet you are!!!!!!) Well I'm excited and I just mailed you a letter!

Anonymous said...

heyy Mitchel!

OMG you're THE best actor EVER!!!!! i LOVE your work SOOOOO much and i LOVE the show Hannah Montana! (i hope this doesn't scare you, but the only reason i watch hannah montana is for you!) you're THE best! =) keep it up =)

~xoxo Ashley <3s you LOTS!

Crystal said...

heyyy mitchel! i just wanted you to know that you're a FABULOUS actor and you're my favorite! i <33333 your work SOOOOOOO much and you do SUCH a great job at playing Oliver Smokin' Oken! Keep it up

~your NUMERO UNO fan
xoxo Crystal <3333s yooh LOTS! =)

Amber said...

mitchel you're SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and you're a FABULOUS actor =) keep up the GREATTTT work!!

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!! I just wamma say thanx for the updates!!!!

Hmm...An episode about Biology and a song about bones......That should be interesting to watch!! =D

I can't wait for the win a date contest!! I am crossing my fingers (and toes) that u would pick me!! In fact, i would just be happy if i became one of the 10 finalists!!! U seem like a GREAT, fun, & loving guy with a big heart, and ANY girl would be the luckiest girl on the face of the earth if she went out with you! You are the funniest and nicest guy I have ever known!!!! =D
I love you!!!
Your biggest fan,

Anonymous said...

mitchel your hair is amazingg!

i love it. okay?
okay. =]

amber said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!! I must know who the finalist are! I don't even think I can sleep! But I have 2 hours and 9 minutes so i think i can wait though! But nighty night! Hopefully when I sleep the time will go faster! Well adios! XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, I can't wait to see your new hair. I bet you look super adorable. Even if you got like a bald cut i would still love you. [lol.] but yeah, i'm not going to say im your biggest fans because you know, all those other girls do. I kind of want to win the date, but then I would probably be really nervous and not talk for a few moments. But then I would get more outgoing and thats good. Well I'm gunna go . I hope you had fun shooting on friday! :]

Anonymous said...

so basically.

you are pretty beast. i am a fan.

and im writing you something right now, and on the east coast, it is definately 3:54. so im pretty beast too for staying up that late and writing you a letter.



Anonymous said...

hey im sending you a fan letter today lol

well actually it turned into me telling u about myself i don't even know why but watevvss hope you read that joant!

my name's colleen btw

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel!

I just saw some new pictures of you and your haircut looks really cute!

Have you heard about the weather here (in TX)? Its unbelieveable! Freezing rain, ice, I'm not quite used to it! Hope your having fun in the it even sunny there? I'm not sure.... :-P

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

mitchel u are so awsume keep up the awsume work!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you really are quite amazing.

just thought i'd throw that out there

Colleen said...

just wanted to say i sent you a letter today..hope you like it :)

btw i've had one of your brother's songs stuck in my head all day...he's really good!

anywhoo i watch this show
called hannah montana
because there is this cute guy on it
i think his name is mitchel?
well i love him
and we are going to date :)

Anonymous said...

im ALMOST done with your braclet!!!=] cant wait to send it and im dying to see you dance the bones dance=] cant wait! have a great week!=]

Jessica said...

bones? wow. i have no clue. anyways, haha im just bored so i thought it would be nice if i left a comment. are you ever coming to North Carolina? i hope so :]