Friday, August 24, 2007

Out of Guesses????

Joannie Palumbo....thanks for taking the time to guess.....

I am right in the middle of shooting and I gotta get back on stage........Have a GREAT WEEKEND!


Thursday, August 23, 2007


Just in case you didn't know......and I know a lot of you Do know.....but obviously some of you don't......

Metro Station has two brother Mason Musso is the lead singer.....

and Miley's brother Trace Cyrus is the when Miley and I go to their shows....we're both supporting our brothers....

Very Cool Information if you didn't already know save your money and buy the CD when it comes out in September!!


3 Right Guesses.....

I'll post tomorrow....We shoot before a live audience tomorrow night.

Yes...My parents only used 1 L for my name for that reason. No h*ll in my name

The Mitchell Musso girl came from a post I read earlier...someone wrote and said their name was Mitchell Musso and it was a girl...unless I read that wrong....

I almost finished the new song last night....I was working on it until like 2 in the morning at the's hard to record it have to do it over and over again. I hope you guys love it when you hear it.

I appreciate you guys coming out for Metro Station....I was hoping you guys would come out to support my brother whose album comes out next month! Buy the new Metro Station CD!!! Sorry if I stayed a little in the back ground....but the night was all about him....I'll try to be at every Los Angeles show....just so you know. That's why Miley tries to find a place and enjoy the show too.....she's there supporting! But...we both love our fans for sure!

Don't forget the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night on FOX.......Hope we win! That would be incredible!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ok....seriously.........and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

Your mom named you Mitchell Musso and your a girl? First of have just about the coolest name in the world....the only thing that would make it cooler is if it was spelled with one L like mine....and second of all.....I gotta see a picture of you and a birth certificate to prove that your not joking with really,.......that is very cool!

Ok....about the guessing of the guest star this week......the truth is.....ONE of you got it you know what that means......if any two people mentioned the same person......then that's not who I am talking about. Only one person got it right. And remember....a lot of the people mentioned are coming back......but this one has lots of scenes with me this week.......keep guessing........and I'll let you know on Friday when we shoot before a live audience.

Mike Stanley is Not in the house this week......but Oliver is!

Guess who is directing our show this week????? Rondell from "That's so Raven" and "Cory in the House" huh?

I am recording tonight....I'm very excited about that!

Have the MOST incredible day......oh....and I thought I was going out of town this weekend.......but

Hannah is up for the TEEN CHOICE AWARD!!! so I will be with you guys on Sunday night live on FOX. I'll be on the red carpet and sitting with the cast and I am very Happy about that! Make sure you watch!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guest Star....

A lot of you were right...all the people you mentioned have been on the show and a lot of them are coming back.....but No One has given me the name I'm looking for....this is going to be a tough one!

How was Metro Station last night?????? Incredible! Tell me if you were there...

I had my photo shoot with Jason I have Hannah, Phineas and Ferb, Vocals and a meeting with my music agent....CRAZY DAY!

Looking forward to every minute of it.

I am recording a brand new song tomorrow. I'm going out of town this weekend...that's whats going on over here..........


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fullerton , California

We surprised my brother and went and saw his show (METRO STATION)last night in Fullerton, California! Miley came too with her mom and Billy Ray. The band was AMAZING! Good Times!

I plan on being at the show on Monday night at The Knitting Factory. I have a photo shoot with Jason Earles from 4 to I am hoping the show starts a little later that night......but I plan on being there.

I looked at the script for Hannah this week and guys are gonna love it! I'm really lookingforward to it......I can't spoil the surprise....but there's someone you saw this season that is coming back............

Have the best rest of the weekend!


Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Official...............................

I will only be posting on my Blogger from now on..........keep in mind that my mom is always looking at IMDB. She goes on there all the time but for so many reasons. She checks all kinds of statistics and information about films and such....but I will no longer be on. I can't say that she won't be looking around on my page.....but I'll be right here with you guys!

So.......I went on a date yesterday! There was a contest winner....NOT J14......That hasn't happened yet.....but I went on another magazine Date and I just want to give a huge shout out to Ariel and Kristen! We had an incredible afternoon of bowling and I am sure the magazine will share all the details as soon as they can. Good Times!

"Hannah Montana" is incredible this week....we shoot before a live audience this evening.....Mike Stanley III is in the HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! brother and his band METRO STATION will be performing at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. on Monday night.....BE THERE!!! I have a photo shoot in the afternoon.....but I will be there as soon as I can look for me.....and yell for MASON!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my dad's birthday today! If it's your birthday too.....then here's a shout out to you as well.

Have the MOST incredible weekend of your life!


Monday, August 13, 2007

I was just going to tell you......

that I got a hair cut on Friday before we shot before a live audience.....and then I noticed this YouTube a fan made..... You guys are SOOOOOOO funny! gotta cut and paste. It was crazy when I menioned a YouTube last week and a fan was happy I mentioned flipper.....your being mentioned cause I thought this video rocked! Just the thought that you did all that work to talk about my hair flipping....... didn't get that much of a cut...more like a trim....and if your coming to the High School Musical Premiere tomorrow....then you'll see my new cut there. Miles, Emily, and Jason are all coming too so we are really looking forward to it.

We are shooting a new Hannah this week and it is HILARIOUS!!! We have David Koechner from "Anchorman" and so many hilarious movies as a guest star this week and he is so funny! Along with Gilbert Gottfried who is hilarious as well. You guys are going to love it this episode.

Also.....thank you Ally for posting the POLLS on tell ALLY how great she is!!! She and Era and Jordan work so hard on the site! Thanks guys for voting!

So...I'll see you guys tomorrow at HSM2!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

High School Musical 2

Hey guys, I will be at the premiere on Tuesday August 14th at the AMC at Downtown Disney. I should arrive around scream loud please so I'll know your there!

Hope you guys are having a FANTASTIC weekend!


Friday, August 10, 2007


You guys are the Best Fans in the World! I went on POPSTAR today to see the voting for the top 5 POPSTAR people........
This was posted on my website

Popstar! posted a new Blog on MySpace asking their friends to vote for their Top 5 Stars of the Summer. Then, once the voting is over, they'll use the Top 5 winners in some special way.

I was looking at your posts and thinking how cool it was that you guys took the time to vote for me. There are a lot of great people in the list....but I just think it's great that you enjoy Hannah and that I make you laugh and you enjoy the show enough to vote for me.

We are working on the show this week. Emily and I have scenes together on the beach. I can't tell you what it's about......but I can tell you the scenes have something to do with an interesting piece of food.....

My brother Mason has been traveling with his band all around the world ...I hope some of you have been able to see his show. Check out their band on

I am working on another new song this week......I don't know how many of you heard "Wasn't Your Girlfriend"....but that's up on YOUTUBE just by typing in "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" as well as "Let's Go" which you can hear by typing in Mitchel Musso Citywalk or you can catch both of them by going through the info. on

So....I know you guys are excited about High School Musical 2! right? That's airing next week along with a new episode of "Hannah". Just so you know.....I am not in the Jonas episode. But....I will be in Phineas and Ferb which is their surprise new Animated series that will air right after "High School". I play Jeremy....let me know if you see my character.

By the way....thanks for the MILEY WORLD comments.....I had a blast making the video's.

I hope everyone has an incredible Weekend! What movies are you going to see? Where are you going? What are you doing before school starts? Have a blast whatever you decide to do. You deserve it!


Saturday, August 04, 2007

"Wasn't Your Girlfriend"

A fan made this already....can you belive that?

Let me know if you like the song...


Friday, August 03, 2007

Sorry about the link guys....

It should be:

I did the interview today and have been told that they would air the interview over the weekend several times. I have no idea when the repeats will occur. But.....they did play my new song "Wasn't Your Girlfriend". I hope you guys get to hear it...let me know if you do.


"Wasn't Your Girlfriend" new song aired today on KOL Radio. Please go to their sight and listen for the interview that will be airing over the weekend. Let me know what you guys think!


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Catalina Island today! my dad got up this morning and said....why don't we go fishing on Catalina Island? So he and I hopped in the car and met a friend...Jason who just so happens to have work with Miley World....and we took the boat over to Catalina. The fans in Catalina were awesome! I didn't know I was going to be I am very sorry if you live there and we didn't get to meet today....but the people I met were chillin.

I had a great time and I hope you guys had an awesome day too!

I have had a few comments about the new Metro Station Music Video "Kelsey"'s amazing right?....I brother is a great singer. I am very proud of him...if he is in a city near you....please go and support and tell him I miss him!

I will be at their show in LA on the 20th of if your going to be there....I will see you then.

Also....someone asked if there will be a third season of Hannah??? I would say ABSOLUTLEY! And...did you know that the Miley/Hannah doll is hitting the stores very soon! cool right?

Thanks for all the posts about Mike guys make me laugh! Don't forget that this weekends episode is freaky freaky fresh so don't miss it!

And....pleae forgive....I was publishing posts yesterday and may have accidentally rejected a few posts by accident....if one of yours doesn't show up...please post again.