Friday, August 24, 2007

Out of Guesses????

Joannie Palumbo....thanks for taking the time to guess.....

I am right in the middle of shooting and I gotta get back on stage........Have a GREAT WEEKEND!



Anonymous said...

have fun shooting!!...yeah 1st comment!!...well @ least i hope!...have a great weekend!
here's a quote!
"Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!"

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :) remember happier, bigger and has awesome hair like u!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I was off. I never thought about her!
XoXoX Shayla Boas XoXoX

Heidi said...

Cool, cant wait to see the new episode!!! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Darn It!anyways it would be cool if RBD were guest starring!they are my fav. singing group!
-Genesis ♥

Dani said... that name. lol

You're going down, phony Joannie! Who smells like week old Balogna!
Who's been in you locker all aloney!
Right next to that...that...
Melted Ice Cream Coney!!!!

Dude, your posting so much, I can't keep up!!! lol


Olga said...

Hmm, I wouldve never been able to figure that out. I cant wait to see the episode. :]

Have fun shooting the rest of the Episode. :D

Have a good Weekend. [:

I love you so much.


Hannah said...

oooh! i knew i was forgetting someone. =D well gud luck on the new episode i can't wait til the episode w/ joey fatone!
i might get to see you when you're in santa clara.

-Hannah(from the bay area)

raaachel said...

Danggg, I was OFF! :P
Well Cant wait for the new episode.
Peacee. <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I've never heard of Joannie Palumbo, so I looked her up on Wikipedia. Whoops, my bad! I thought "Joannie Palumbo" was her actual name! LOL. Hayley Chase...well, I do remember her character, now that I figured that out! ;) That was a total and complete lack of inteligence, right there!! Hehe. I can't wait to see her again! She was hilarious in "Cuffs Will Keep Us Together"! Thanks for telling us, by the way...I seriously had no clue!

Hope you had fun shooting Hannah! You have a great weekend too... :)

Love always,


MARIAM. [: said...

thats cool.
good luck shooting.

ILY. [:

the girl with the green sign.

Anonymous said...

oh. i would have never guessed that.
have fun shooting.
i cant wait to see the episode!

<3 Tara

Anonymous said...

have fun shooting. i cant wait to see episode. i hope you have a great week end. uhh yeah



Molly said...

Okay, I would have NEVER thought of that! I seriously it was Thor! I hope you have an awesome weekend!



Anonymous said...

oh. i would have never guessed that.
have fun shooting.
i cant wait to see the episode!

<3 Tara

Anonymous said...

OMG Joanie?? Cool. Hehe I bet the episode is about Lilly and Joanie because they HATE eachother :P hehe.I cant wait to see the new episode!

Kylee said...

Ohh thats awesoome!!!

You're going down, phony Joannie! Who smells like week old Balogna!
Who's been in you locker all aloney!
Right next to that...that...
Melted Ice Cream Coney. :]

haha good times.. :]

thanks for posting DURING shooting! your amazing. :]

Love Kylee from Texas.

Anonymous said...

have fun shooting! i think it would be really cool if Metro Station guest starred on one of your shows and Miley liked the lead singer or something, I would LOVE to watch and episode like that

Katie R. said...

Man...I never would have thought of her!
Can't wait to see that episode. it should be great!
I like this guessing game thing. You really know how to keep a secret! and pull our chains!
Have fun shooting the rest of the episode! Thanks for coming on and telling us even though you were busy! Thats what makes us all love you so much dude!!

Katie R.

brooke said...

hahah oh wow, i never thought about her [:
eeek i hope your having fun shooting the show!
have a great weekend.

Sasha said...

i would have never thought about her.
Can't wait to see the new episode!

See ya

Christina said...

hmmm i never thought about her. But shes great. looking forword to it.

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Joannie Palumbo?! She was so funny!! I wonder if half her hair will still be gone...LoL!

Good luck with the shoot!

Have an incredibly awesome weekend!!

heather b said...

hey mitchel :)

thats awesome. cant wait till it comes out. do u know josh flitter? he was in nancy drew. his brother is one of my good friends. good luck filming!

<3always, heather b

Ashley said...

have fun it ur new hannah montana show...hope so cause every hannah montana is so awesome...i love smokin oken so much...i love u ashley

Elizabeth said...


I have no clue who that is. I'll look her up on google!

Have fun shooting tonight!

<3 Liz

jonasg said...

Joannie Palumbo,wow, well keep it real on the set ,dude

jrcarey said...

awseome dude cant wait to see it

Alex m. said...

are you serious? i thought it was Cody LInley. haha. I suck i know. but, sorry i haven't been able to comment this week so...i'm sorry bout thta. ANd i'd really like to see ur bro play but i live in Memphis, TN and no good concerts come here. Cept that Justin Timberlake concert this summer! haha. That was awesome. Yo, Mitchel Musso's Bringin Sexxay back! yea. lol. i hope you enjoy that somg by moi! lol. But, the phineus and ferb show was realy funny. I looove Ashley's character too. "Mom, mom!" haha. Well good luck on the Tenn Choice Awards i'll watch it 4 ya and hope ya'll win! laturz!

Alex m.

ally m said...

haha sweet :] cant wait to see it! youre posting so much lately - its awesome! thank you so much!

haha its also really cool that you came & updated - even while filming! :]

* just wanted to say a big thanks because you are like the only actor that actually does this for fans & plus, we can tell you read what we write because you respond!

haha you are the perfect celebrity crush! :]

i love youuuu.

<3 ally m.

Katie said...

omg that's so cool! i'm so happy


Palumboooo haha. That's funny. lol. I can't wait to see it! Have a great time shooting and a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

If I figured that out I would have slapped myself in the head....gosh....I like just watched that episode...I hae that scene of her with no hair on the side of her head.....wait..isn't that her? Hmmm.idk..I'm clueless! I'm a REALLY dumb blonde(no offense 2 smart blondes!) soo I reallly don't know....but yea...mitchel! Guess wat???!!! 22 more days till we meet again! YAY! I CANT wait! I'm gonna bring u sum goodies! Hehe.....u will luv them! Trust me! Well can't wait! I would soo want 2 hang out with u after the meet and greet...but that won't just happen.....but maybe u should hold a contest that the first 10 people in line should go 2 lunch with u! That's a good idea(I think it is!) isn't the event 4 diabetes? Well g2g! I'm on my sidekick and I'm about 2 fly back down 2 portland,OR from san jose,cali(by santa clara!) but ill be back! Just 4 u! And I'm skipping skool 4 u 2! Well luv u mitchel....hey be4 I go.....I think I like a nickname I gave u....MOOSE(Y)
Ashlee KO!

Fer said...

so I got it right!
it's so cool can't wait to see it=D
man you've been posting a lot, I LOVE IT!!!!
Good Luck shooting have fun!!!
love ya<3

tiffany said...


okay so i'm totally lame and just saw "my best friend's boyfriend" for the first time right now


"ohhhh my's natalie portman!"

hahah that's classic

Anonymous said...

Have fun!, cant wait to see the new episode its gunna be awesome i bet.
have a great weekend. :)

lots of love

Anonymous said...

Have fun shooting Mitch. I can't wait to see the episode now. (:


Claire said...

Hey Mitchel, please say youre coming back to Chicago soon??? I really want to meet you again, you're so awesome :) PLEASE COME! Or better yet, come to Wisconsin. No one ever comes here :) love youuuuu!

Anonymous said...

this will be a funny episode. lol.

erin91 said...

oh sweet i got it right!

Amanda Q said...

lmao! thanks mitchel we were all soo lost =]

oh yea i love you! ill write you a fan letter soon

Anonymous said...

thank you for taking the time outta shooting to tell us who it is...
Wuv u forever, Hope

brendasally said...

have fun at the shoot :D

omfg. i've been waiting
forever for metro's cd to come out.

i have their older one.

i kinda like the older version of
kelsey better.
but you know what.
its all good.

please please pleasssssse.
tell your brother to have
another romancing the bean show.

those were seriously
the best shows everrr.

it would totally make my liiiife. :D

oh and tell them to play
goodnight and goodbye haha
thats the best song.

[whats your fave song?]


mel said...

ohh i rememberr herr!! should be good!

aww thanx for telling us. im excitedd forr the neww epss!!

in aus we only get 1 new episode every 2 WEEKS! its the highlight of my fortnight.. haha =]

oh well <3
mel xoxo

Maryann! said...

hah i wouldn't have thought of her.

is she like going to be a regular?
That would be pretty chill haha.

i'm liking the fact you took the time to post a blog when your in the middle of shooting lol.

you have a great weekend to! :]

Maddie said...

Whoa, I never thought she was a BIG enough character to be brought back, I wasn't even thinking of her, I was thinking of all the people from the first season. Good luck on filming!!

Alyssa said...

Hey Mitchel,

I fixed your Wikipedia page, because at the end it said that you played in Metro Station, so I fixed it so it now says that Mason plays.

♥ Alyssa


Joannie Palumbo? Who is that? no offense hehe ;)
Keep on shootin some good ones!!
Wuv u mucho mista musso!

Alex m. said...

okk...i kno i have already commented, but i was reading Devon's blog. and he said ur party was awesome! i thought that was was kinda cool. He said he "tried" (lol) to dance for Kool Mag! haha. How did that work out? Is he a good dancer? He also said your brother was great! yay 4 u and ur bro! haha. well i just thought that was kinda cool, soo i hope u enjoy. : )

Alex m.

Era said...

Heya Mitchel,

Was the episode name Joanie B. Goode? And was it about the rivalry between Lilly and Joannie, cos it was mentioned in the episode "Cuffs keep up together", that Lilly has been trying to beat Joannie at something since the second grade but failing. Are there flashback scenes with young lilly and oliver and joannie?

Maris-AAAH! said...

Congratulations on the shooting? Wait, which episode is the one you filmed? :O (Is confuddled) Did I mention I'm completely in love with your brothers band? Ohyes, I am!

Marisa. :]]

Leanne xP said...

I think I might have guessed her... I hope I did!

Good Luck shooting! Can't wait to see the episode!

Anonymous said...

o that should be good!!!!!!!! have fun shooting!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to here ur new song really badly!!!!!! u should seriously think about making a cd that would be awsome!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the answer about your name mitchel you rock

your biggest fan Beckie

Anonymous said...

the girl that lilly like shaved have of ehr hair offf !
hmm you have a lot of scens with her, is she gonna be your gf on the show !
hhmmm......have fun shooting !

McKennah said...

Wow!Joannie Palumbo! Never in a million years would I have guessed that!I don't even remember who that is.I thought it was going to be Cody Linley.Anyway have fun shooting,and my fingers are crossed for Teen Choise Awards. Good Luck! School starts in less than a week. Eek! I wish I could make your meet in Santa Clara. Well, G2g.

Type To Ya Later!

Samantha said...

Cool! Joanie! Hahaha.

Hey Mitchel, could you tell Billy Ray Happy Birthday for me? I'd appreciate it!


I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


lol ok i was off by like....alot!! hee hee

im so tireed right now i just got back from a 2 hour canoe trip around the pond next to my house cleanin all the trashh=[ it was nastayy but i hope it looks better noww

have fun shooting!!!



Heather said...

Hi Mitchel. I hope filming is going well :)

Ashley said...

Haha, i <3 ur name better with 1 L, lol! Man, have u been posting a lot these days. Im watching u in the Dc games, but im relly sorry but I dont want red to win lol! I want Yellow to win, because I LOVE Em! I was actually between Red, Green and Yellow, (miles, Mitchel and em) But i decided to devote myself to yellow. Lol! But dont worry i still <3 ya! Its been a busy week for ya huh? Well same for me with school and stuff! I cant wait to see u in more Hannah Montana. One of my favorite Oliver lines are..

-Im laughing because its so rediculous.

the way u say that is so so so so so so so funny! Btw love the hair!

I will try to post more often! Also im going t opost a pic of us soon, when i can get on my dads computer, so i can give the url lol!

Anonymous said...

with the haircut! wooooo...
this should be good!



Joannie Palumbo...what a ghetto fabulous name! lol

Yeah, I forgot who that was.... :?
I was way off, wasn't I?
Oh, well!

Have a great weekend too, Mitchel!=D


lacking creativity for a name said...

BAHAHAHA! WOO! I was right for once in my life. Oh, momma and papa will be so proud xD

Is this the epi called 'joannie be good' or something? Cant wait till it airs.

Kad [Short Notice] said...

Oh, so THAT's why I saw the "Joannie B. Goode" episode... haha, I liked her she was funny!

I'm moving to NYC tomorrow night and I'll be getting there at 11pm EST! [Which makes it 5 am in Paris] How am I going to cope with it?

Have fun shooting, and have a GREAT weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was way off! Oh well. Good luck with filming! I can't wait to see the new Hannah episodes, and I can't wait to hear your song! *smile*


Madoka said...

aw i started school this past tuesday so i haven't been able to comment all your blogs. well have a fantastic weekend mitchel! :]

a fan

Anonymous said...

hey mitch,
just sayin' hello 2 u....pretty bored 2day!...still upset about my friend moving away...she's never home anymore and she hasn't moved thing is 4 sure...she's not moving 2 new mexico!!!...i am so happy!'s a quote!
"Love never can relpace them...Love your friends...they may never come around again...Love yourslef for being who you are!"...this one is the best so far!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :)

Anonymous said...

The episode IS called Joanie B. Good, right? Wow, it feels so good to post again! I haven't done that in a while! She was pretty funny: quote: "Yo, salt and pepper, you wanna bet on it?" unquote.

I actually thougt Miley's IDENTICAL cousin, Luanne, was guest starring! I wonder if Oliver's still LOVES her (did you notice tht I uppercased "identical" and "loves"? I mean, how can Oliver REALLY like someone that looks EXACTLY like his best friend?

Oh No! I have to go now! My little sis is doing the laundry and put TOO much soap in! Before I leave I want you to think about this quote: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." (Robert Frost)

Gotta go, mi Amie. Have the awesomest weekend! Peace Out!

Salimata (Sala, peacegal

Anonymous said...

awww i wish u would have won the disney channel games!!!!!!!!! but u did really good!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres always next year!

mitchels babe said...

really??? i woulda never guessed! hope ya had fun shooting...and staying up till 2am recording your song is going to be worth it!!

love ya always babe!!


have fun shooting.
I am in the process of making a CD.
it's really hard work.
i know how you feel when you have to get it exactly right.
i am far away from perfection.
& me & my friend is making a magazine.
we are actually done w/ the cover page & page 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, & page 20.
it's really kewl.

& also i am going to a metrostation concert on september 6th in Augusta Georgia, where i was born.

are you coming.
it would be like extremely kewl if you would be there:]]


Kylee said...

Haha i watched the one today were you went out with Becca(AH i cant remeber the name right now lol) and it made me laugh so hard when i heard this...
"Becuase your Smokin Oken,
You Leave the Ladies Heart Broken,
ANd everyone knows were not Jokin."

hah i just htought i would telly uo that because its soooo true :]
and on the guessing thing.. man was i wayyyy off..

haha i love you.

Love Kylee From Texas.

P.S. i know i h ave asked a million times for you to come to Texas and i know that with your busy schedule you cant really do anything about it but i thought maybe and million and 1 was a charm :]

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that the Red team lost, but then again, it was all for fun and charity anyway. I'll have to watch the Teen Choice Awards tomorrow! Good luck! *smile*


Dani said...

Hey Mitchel,

My dad goes, "Guess who's 46 today?"

Of course, I have no idea!

And he says, "Billy Ray Cyrus!"

So... please wish him a Happy Birthday for me, ok? Thanks!


tiffany said...

oh, the head shave girl. ahaha fun.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Joannie. Interesting... Can't wait to see it.

Soooo... when are you guys gonna have a Miley/Oliver friendship episode? A lotta people are pretty pissed (no, actually, really pissed...) that there hasn't been ANY when there were at least 2 last season. All bases but that have been covered in MAIN plots... Miley/Lilly (SEVERAL TIMES), Miley/Jackson (SEVERAL TIMES), Miley/Robby, and even Miley/Roxy. Where's the Oliver love...? ;_;

Anonymous said...


Tiffany said...

haha. I would have never guessed.
Anyways, have fun shooting.

Leanna Marie said...

Phoney Joannie! Haha!

Hope her hair had time to grow back!

~Leanna Marie

Anonymous said...

oh no!...mitchel my friend is moving 2 new mexico!... :(...i'm so sad!...she leaves friday while i'm in school and then i might not c her for months!...have any ideas on how to help...again?

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :) ;)

Anonymous said...

that's awesome!
=O and you said you had a lot of scenes with her. :O
well i can't wait to see it!


ally m said...

aw, too bad the red team lost! i was rooting for you! <3

haha when i heard the thing where you said "if i dont win, i will feel bad about myself" - i laughed.

but dont feel bad about yourself! ;) youll always be a winner to meeeee.

[yup, that was corny. hehe]

* im DVR'ing the TCA's tonight! :D

<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Good Luck tonight at the 2007 Teen choice awards and I hope you guys get an award because I think you guys are doing an amazing job with "Hannah Montana" with is my favorite show to watch. Also You guys keep doing what your doing and never give up.

Have a great day!!

Your Fan,

Courtney :]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

So it's about time you told us who the guest star was!!! Hve LOTS of fun shooting more episodes of "Hannah Montana"!! Can't wait for more episodes!! Anyways, you posted this blog entry on Friday and now it's Sunday...sooooooo.... THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS ARE ON IN 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!:D It is hear in Ontario, Canada anyway! I'm sooo excited! I hope you guys won!...Wait....the Teen Choice Awards were already filmed. Cuz I know there not live. So I have something to ask you...... DID YOU GUYS WIN???? lol! I guess I'll just have to wait....1 hour and 20 minutes. Thats how long untill the Teen Choice Awards now. I'm a really slow typer. You know why thats sad?? I'm going into grade seven in September!

Anyways I've dicided that I'm gonna mention this in every comment...... COME TO ONTARIO!!! Yeah..... so... anyway I'm getting ready to start my "One Hour Countdown To The Teen Choice Awards"! And so I'm gonna end this coment with this quote by me........ "since I've been typing this comment for 25 minutes it's now 6:55 and theres...1 HOUR AND 5 MINUTES UNTILL YHE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!!!" hope you won!!

-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G

Anonymous said...

Omg! Ok so there r a LOT of rumors going around that the show hannah montana is getting sued and cancelled! I have NO idea if its true...I doubt its not....but ya never know! Ohh guess wat? Metrostation was here in portland the other nite! But....I was actually on my way 2 portland from santa clara,cali.......I starting baling......a was sad....I talked 2 blake on myspace and he said that they were going 2 portland and I found out that it was the day I was coming I was BUMMED! Well can't wait till sept.16! I have sum requests from friends 4 u 2 say their name and say happy bday 2 1 but its only 2 people....I hope u can do that! It would make my friends life if u did...and 1 of them is from australia! She still lives there though..she wants u 2 go there soo bad! Well luv u!
Ashlee KO!

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel! She was the one person I didn't think of, but I can't wait to see it. I hope you have/had fun shooting the rest of the episode.

I'm watching the TCA's tonight so maybe i'll see you! Have an AMAZING deserve it =]

Love, Rebekah

Rebekah said...

Hey again! Aww, your girl (Jessica Alba =P) won the hottie award. How amazing is that? Hehe.

Emily-Ann said...

Have fun :) Hopefully the new episode will come out in nl soon.

ally m said...

I'm watching the TCA's right now & I'm looking for you! So far I haven't seen you & I'm not very happy about that. Haha :]

Maybe soon? Its almost the end...but I hope Hannah Montana wins!

Haa, your girl Jessica Alba got Hottie :] Big shock, everyone loves her!

lol, Love youuuuu.

<3 ally m.

ally m said...

kay, so i just commented you like 5 mins ago [haha] but they just said that Miley won & then said Hannah Montana won!!

YAYYY :] im so happy, i knew you guys could do it! YOURE ALL AMAZING.

& then Miley just said "Mitchel I know youre out there somewhere" but they didnt show you.

:[ :[ :[


<3 ally m.

Melissa said...

miley just gave you a shout out on the emily there???

Melissa from PA

Anonymous said...

I didn't see you on the Teen Choice Awards! At least Miley was able to mention that you were there when she accepted one of her awards. I'll try to find a picture of the Hannah Montana cast accepting the award, and I'll give you the website if I find it. *smile*


Caroline said...

Oooh! That's who it is. Have fun shooting! Cant wait for your new songs and the Metro Station CD!

Caroline said...

Sorry abt that, i didnt no it would post my comment after i signed in. lol. Anyways, just keep up the good work and thanks for giving us the scoop!

Caitlyn said...

awesome i can wait for the episode and i know your song will be great i love ur shows and your songs it would be a dream come true if i met you and i know almost EVERYTHING about you!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Emily said...

Another video with youuu =D i madee =D

Anonymous said...

This week I will find out if I have won the J14 magazine bowling date with you and I'm freaking out! I'm so nervous to find out if I've won or not. Is it really true that you help choose the winner? If you can let me know that would be great. Have an awesome week!!


*dα n Y E L L ' said...

Hey Mitchel!

I just finished watching the Teen Choice awards on FOX (well sorta... like 2 hrs ago:PPP) haha anyway, i'm glad Miley won an award!:DD But I didn't see you @ all... :(( I just heard Miley give a shout out to you when she recieved her award!:)

Anyways hope you had fun @ the TCA's!

Love Alwayysss,

jessinicole. said...

aw im quite sad you werent actually shown on the teen choice awards :/
But yay for hannah montana winning and miley :)

Sasha said...

I hope you had fun at the Teen Choice awards. It sucks that we didnt get to see you. I hope you got a chance to talk to Jessica Alba!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! Hope your having fun on Hannah Montana! I am your biggest fan :) I love you in the episode with the tennis game and you and lilly fight, its freaky freaky hilarious :) Anyway, I read that you go to metro station shows so I was wondering if your going to be at the one in PA? probobly not but just wondering haha!


Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with this post, but congats! hannah montana one an award at the Teen choice awards!!

luv ya xoxo


Jessica said...

haha, I just saw you on the Disney 365 thingy! I laughed when you said, "Lucas.....he's right beside me!" and you leaned towards him and smiled your gorgeous smile! :)
Well, that's all for today! I hope you have an AWESOME week!

alli said...

omg i would have NEVER guess that!

heyy i heard cody was invited back for more espisodes.

is he coming?

[hes my #2 hottest guy ever!!!...

cuz ur #1!!!]

lots of lovee.


Allie said...


I <3 all the work ur doing on Hannah,ur so funny!

I hust checked out Metro Stations page on Myspace, listened to "Kelsey" and fell in love. It's my fave song! I also like California. Tell Mason (please).

So, see ya!

Allie <3's Mitchel

kaylaaa said...

heyyy mitchel. hope youre havingg fun shooting hannah montana episodes. do you ever travel to the east coast?

Hannah said...

OMG! i missed the teen choice awards! but miley won i think 2 awards so congradulate her for me.

i hope i can meet you in santa clara in september!


bianca; said...

hahah you know whats funny?
i had a dream about you last
night. i was talking on the
phone with you. lmfao. random
huh? haha. well . i didnt get
to watch the new hannah montana
eps. i hope to see it soon too.
haha. take care doode.

Alexandra said...

Hey Mitchel,
its been a long time since i have written to you. You really had a crazy week. I cant wait to see the new episodes!!!!!! I know there going to be awsome!!!!! So how was your week been so far? I been at school so for me its okay. well i hope you have an awsome week! talk to you soon.
One of your many fans,
p.s cant wait to hear your new song!!!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel i think ur name is really cool but i thought Mitchel was a french name!but well evn if u rent french i still lik u best
hope u hav a gr8 tme
so where are u these days?

Melissa said...

Hey Mitchel -
I saw u at the TCA's.
you walked right pass me..

dont u look just so cute

i called out ur name and u looked at me but u never came over so i couldnt give u ur gift

so hopefully ill see u sometime soon again. ttyl and keep up the great work!!


Anonymous said...

u rock mitchel
can't wait 2 hear all ur new rockin songs
do u evr wish u were the old mitchel without fans and popularity sometimes??
i love u more than anything
(p.s ur hair is awesome

-(aMbReA)- said...

I hope you had a great time at the Teen Choice Awards. I really REALLY hope that Hannah Montana won that award, because I know that me and my friends voted for Hannah Montana! If you won, congrats! If you didn't, it's ok because there will always be other chances!! ^^

Take care,
Ambrea from California

Mindy said...


I hope you have fun picking the J-14 winner!!

I have my fingers crossed! <3


tonka grl said...

Hay Mitchel say i luv ur song wasn't ur girlfriend its a good inspiration for kids also if u can, can you post somethin' on my blog cause i started a month ago and no comments yet so if u can pplleeaassee post a comment that would be gr8 i hope i c u somtime

Anonymous said...

Joanie Pulumbo! ;0 ;l That's funny, Will her hair grow back? Hee hee! Thats freaky freaky funny!

Ami ;)

Fer said...

congrats for the award!
I knew you guys would do it!It was so bad that you didn't go up there but at least Miley gave you a shout-out=D I'm so happy! say congrats to the rest of the cast from me!
Oh and your girl Jessica Alba won hottie!lol
hope you had a great time=D
love ya!<3

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering there has been lily and oliver epis [ when you and lily fight ] and lily and miley and robbie ray and miey epis , are there going to be any miley and oliver epis , GO MOLIVER!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all - you rock! Thank you for your very big part in making HM worth watching. There are some episodes you have saved single-handedly and when you're not there (shame on the writers for not using you more) I hardly even care to watch it more than once.

Oliver is one of those rare characters that you just can't help but love no matter what he's doing - and I credit most of that to your excellent acting and great sense of comedic timing and delivery. Plus, the little glimmering moments when we see Oliver hurt or sad or truly sincere are lovely to watch - I can tell you have quite a range which the show doesn't always give you room to use. But it's fantastic when you get the opportunity (I'm thinking Miley Get Your Gum, Oh Say Can You Remember The Words, and Oops I Meddled Again in particular.) Keep up the great work and I hope to see you do other stuff, too!

Second of all - I echo those who have complained about the lack of Miley/Oliver plotlines. Those were my favorite episodes in season one, and I'm going crazy without them this season. Some of the sweetest, most sincere moments - you know, the ones that make you go "aww" - have been between Miley and Oliver. For instance the hug in Miley Get Your Gum, when Oliver stands up and sings for Miley at the concert, when Miley gets Becca and Oliver back together and he mouths "thank you". I miss moments like that.

It also has to be said that you and Miley have awesome chemistry on screen. It's there constantly, no matter what you two are doing, and sometimes I just want to shake some sense into the writers because it seems to me that they don't realize they're wasting all this potential.

Anyway, I know you have no control over what happens, but here's for hoping that Miley and Oliver get to be more of a focus in the future.

I don't know if anyone's posted this, but check out this Miley/Oliver thread at We're Oliver fans there and almost everything people post makes for a great read.!/topic/37628-836044/msgs.html?tag=board_topics;title;9

Oh, and congrats on winning at the TCA!

Paige said...

Yeah, never would've guessed that, but it's really cool!!
And, just out of the blue, I wanted to mention that I saw you on Disney 365 the other day and when you were all like, "I'm standing right next to Lucas!" I laughed. So much.
It cheered me up.
Well, that's all.

Anonymous said...

who is this Joannie? I dont think I've ever seen her? Has she been in other episodes? Mitchel you looks so hawt at the Teen Choice Awards. They should have shown you at the teen choice awards. But atleast miley gave a shout out to ya. Anyways have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I'm a little nervous because I go back to school tomorrow, but I'm enjoying my last day of summer. It was a pretty fun summer, so I'm happy. How was your summer? ttyl!


Karleigh said...

Well i could never guess that because i have never seen the episode with her in it, lmao!

I love that hoodie you woar to the Teen Choice Awards. At least Miley mentioned you cause they never really showed you on TV.

Whats up with you posting so much then not posting at all for a week :)

Luv ya<333333Peace!

baby_rachey said...

Yay i finnaly got my own acount im usually anonymous lol
thanks for the update on your blog mitch! =] hope your having fun during filming hannah montana, cant wait to see the rest of season two, your doing an AWESOME job in it.
keep up the good work. take care have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Well, I guessed right.

It's about time you got voluble screen time in HM... a show where funnily enough you're a main star in yet keep getting underused time and time again. When are they gonna start giving you meatier roles? You've been cut out out of 4 episodes already and no storylines have been dedicated to you. It's annoying.

I'm only being rant-y cause I admire you, Mr. Musso, of course. So no offense.

Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel
Haven't heard from you in awile(how ever you spell it) I write so many words wrong. Well cant wait to hear from you again

See ya

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel :]
have lots of fun shooting. i know the new episode will be amazing like the rest.

i just wanted to say you seem like a really sweet, cool guy. i'd love to meet you some day.

Anonymous said...

Few others have already said this, but where are the friendship plots between Miley and Oliver, huh? I've been waiting all season for one of those. The writers are making me cry.

Pleeeeeeease tell me that there's a Miley and Oliver centered friendship episode on the way. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!

If there aren't any this season... well I know I ain't the only one that'll be complaining and sulking.

The only thing that could kinda sorta almost sooth my rage is you having more screentime in the main plot. Of course, for that to occur in the way everyone wants, there'd have to be a Miley/Oliver friendship episode.


ally m said...

hehe, i know youre busy & everything. and its so sweet of you to even do this in the first place - but i miss you! hahhh.

well its all good, just getting a little antsy for your updates!

no problem tho, you just keep doing what youre doing - cause thats what really matters to me, you working on the show & your music! :]

love youuuu.

<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

My first day back at school was today, and I think I am ready to have another successful year! (I hope!) ttyl!


Robin Andrews said...

ROFL, you always say peace out, what does it mean? I know a lot of people say it, but still i do not know how to peace out of somewhere wouldnt it ruin the peaceif it was out? I really need a life. I am commenting a fit celebrities blog and i have already forgotten what it was about in the first place. But either way yeah your fit, and i have just forgotton that i am using (to you) foreign lingo. Yeah well i think your hot, i just have a bad way of showing it and well done. I got grounded but you have actually given me something to make me excited. Lol i love Hannah Montana but i only watch it because of you and the short guy in it.So yeah thanks.

brooke said...

you haven't updated in a while /:
im totally sad.
im guessing your super busy. i hope your week was good!
& i hope you have a great weekend :]
talk to you soon.


marykateee =) said...

Heyyyy Mitchelllll.
So basically,I sent in a letter to win a date with you.
But I'm pretty sure I didn't win.
Oh welllll.
Hopefully I'll get to meet you someother timeeeee.
Keep up the great workkkk.

Anonymous said...

hihi!....what's up mitch?, well not much...just that both my friends that r close to me left me alone 4 the weekend...on moved 2 new mexico 2day!.. :( i'm sad...and the other one went out of town 4 the weekend!...u can c that i am very lonely!....what r u doing this weekend?...and labor day?...i also played dodgeball was fun during homebase because my teacher and the p.e. teacher teacher came running out of no where and saved us!...he hit a guy so hard in the back it echoed in the gym!...yeah it was fun!...sorry no quote 2day...i need 2 find some more!..k well i need 2go...becha getting bored listening 2 me!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :) bigger, happier, and has awesome hair like u!!

Anonymous said...


Hannah said...

hey mitchel, u havn't posted anything new for a week now. you're probably busy, w/ your music & shotting hannah montana.

well, have a great weekend filled with fun!


Anonymous said...

ok i just wanna give u some qoute's before i lose them!

"No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings"

"I'm not upset that you lied to me. I'm upset because from now on I can't believe you."

"People aske me what makes me love you so much but I won't tell them cause if I did they would love you too."

"Egotism is anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity."

ok i will get a lot more because i have a sidebar on my computer and i put a thing that tells a lot of quote's!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :)

Kayla said...

When is the Winner for the J14 date supposed to be announced?
Hope your have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.



OMG! i cant wait till the 365 in FL airs!! i was there btw. with my friend. remember i had the picture of u and me at the disney games at AK lodge? anyways my names MORGAN just so u knw. i luv you mitchel! ttyl