Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fullerton , California

We surprised my brother and went and saw his show (METRO STATION)last night in Fullerton, California! Miley came too with her mom and Billy Ray. The band was AMAZING! Good Times!

I plan on being at the show on Monday night at The Knitting Factory. I have a photo shoot with Jason Earles from 4 to I am hoping the show starts a little later that night......but I plan on being there.

I looked at the script for Hannah this week and guys are gonna love it! I'm really lookingforward to it......I can't spoil the surprise....but there's someone you saw this season that is coming back............

Have the best rest of the weekend!



MARIAM. [: said...

that's awesomeeeee.
i cannot wait to see your brother play tomorrow!
and of course, you!

im guessing our friend, jake ryan is back?

see you tomorrow.
have an amazingg week!
the girl with the big green sign.

Olivia said...

aww mitchelllllllllll!!
its my birthday today!!
and i'm gonna see you&mason tommorowww!!

i think its jake ryan.
no, i can only think its jake ryan.
miley should go to th eone tommorow too..
i'm gonna go celebrattte my birthdaay :D

the girl that made a picture for your dad's birthday
the girl that made the first video to "wasn't your girlfriend' that was featured on your blogggggg<3

Maddie (: said...

Heyy Mitchel (:
well whats going on ?
well im watching high school musical two. haha. im liken it so far. did you like it ?
well;; i live in Georgia && you should deffentally come down here and like go to Six Flags or something.
&& of course i would be there to meet up with you because it was my idea. (: haha.yehhh.
well have a good week. :]]

Anonymous said...

Omg thanks for the update mitch. love u so much. ITS EITHER JESSE MCARTNEY OR CODY LINLEY AHHHH XX

becca said...

awww... i wish i could have been at the show... metro station is amazing. and there's only 30 days til the cd comes out!

well, i know i am hoping that jake ryan will be back on hannah montana. or it could be matt marshall (whatever happened to him? i thought that he and lilly had become a couple...), or maybe the president and sophie... or maybe jesse mccartney! c'mon now, mitchel, you really need to narrow it down a lil bit more. :P

tell mason good luck for me, i'm sure tomorrow's show will be great.

i hope you have an incredibly amazing week.
Much Love ♥

Jesenia said...

Hey!... Mitchel!...thats cool!..xD
I already imagine your brother's face when he saw you guys!... i can't wait to see the new take care!...xD

Luv u!

Samantha said...

Thats so great! Bet Mason loved that.

Oh, photoshoots always sound fun.

Hmm...I'm gonna guess. Jake Ryan!!!! haha.Wonder if I'm right.


Carly said...

Heyyyy awhhh i sooooo wish i was in cali just for tomorroww!

tell ur brother good luck!!! ahhh and have fun!

tats fun about surprisng ur brother tomorroww!

have a fun time tomorrow!

and hmmmm new person uhmmm has to be jake ryan! right. or idk lol.


Daniella said...

cool :)
I don't know why but they stopped to broadcast Hannah Montana her in Israel.. :(

Anonymous said...

thats so kool!! im guessing its Mikayla or jake ryan im really not sure<3

happy belated birthday mr. musso
love you keep up all the great work!


Anonymous said...

ooooo i really really want to go to a metro station concert it would be soo much fun! im sure everyone will love the new episode! im guessing the guest is gonna be..... jake ryan!!!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome u got 2 c ur bro last night!...i found out that metro station is coming somewhere near me but it's a little further than i thought it would be...they will go on tour again....right? is back again tomorrow!...i take a total of 13 classes a year...but 9 a's pretty cool...well not really but still....i told my friend 2 watch phineas and ferb on friday and she did she asked me "Who does Mitchel play?"...i told her u play jeremy but u weren't on that episode... :(...but u will be...then she like o!...totally...sorry had my moment...ok have fun tomorrow night!...u have a great week!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ lurslef 4 being who u r!!
lot's of luv!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)


I wish I coulda been there rokkin
out with u n mason n miley!!
Knitting Factory? Is that like a restaurant? Or is it literally a Knitting Factory place-thingy-ma-jigger?
I hope ur shoot goes well-be goofy! Us gals luv funny guys ;)
Hmm... can't wait to find out what that surprise is!!
Wells, gots ta go eat=) Broccoli casserole- blechh
Love you mucho, mista musso! (not talkin bout ur dad btw lol)

Anonymous said...

I bet it's going to be Dolly Parton?

I wish u would come to Arkansas!! No celebs come for a meet&greet in Arkansas!!!!!!!! =(


Lιѕα -- x said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!

Hope you carry on enjoying your weekend =]
Bye for now..i gtta go watch fireworks!!, its kinda late and im kinda tired, but hey it should be amazing!

Have a great week !!

Love Lisa <3 x x x

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great time seeing the Metro Station play Monday with would have been awsome to see.

It could be jake ryan or jessie MaCartney I have know clue who is coming back but I can't wait to see.

Have a great rest of the week!!

Your Awsome Fan,

Courtney :]

Natalie said...

ur such a supportive bro!!! i'll have to check their band out sometime, cuz they sound good! and i can't wait for the new hannah epis!! the jonas bros one was funny, but i missed u! but i finally saw ur mascot prep on dc!! so funny....have an amazing week!


Anonymous said...

OMG. I can't wait for the new episode! Oh, and hey, Mitchel? wanna do me a HUGGGGE favor? Could you post on the 27th? REALLLLY early in the morning, like, 6? or maybe, if you post after 9 on the 26th...? You see, I go back to skool on the 27th, high skool, and i wanna kick it off my reading your blog, on the first day, before reading anything would you? Please and Thank you, Love you forever, Hope

Carly said...

oh is it miley mom??

brooke shields?

or dolly parton...

yah lol just guessing again. i still think jake ryan too!


Olga said...

Have fun at your brothers show
They are really good.
But I dont plan on coming to a show anytime soon.

Have fun at the Photoshoot :D

I bet you, Selena Gomez is coming back to Hannah Montana, Ive been hearing rumors.
I cant wait to see it. :D

Have a good Sunday, and then a good week :D

I love youu

iluv2act94 said...

Hey, Mitchel.

If I lived in CA, I would TOTALLY come and see you. =D.

Have a good night,



Anonymous said...

wow that's awesome =] hmm a photoshoot with Jason..can't wait to see the pictures. I'm guessing that Jake Ryan's coming back. hehe.

<333 Leslie

Tiffany said...

thats cool that you guys suprised him.
the other day i started to listen to metro station
cuz people were saying they were good
so i did and they are
i love the song kelsey
and i bought it on iTunes.
theyre really good.
i would go to the concert but i dont kno that many songs.
anyways, cant wait to see you at the signing.

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel!
i can't wait to see your brother play with MetroStation tomorrow!
my friend Nikole ios taking me!
it's going to be soo much FUN!

can't wait to see who the guest is!but i have a feeling it's going to be Jake Ryan.

well see your tomorrow!

<3:] krystal <3:]

Tiffany said...

That's really cool that you guys suprised him.
The other day I started listening to Metrostation and they're really good.
My favv is Kelsey and I bought it on iTunes.
I would go to the concert, but I don't know that many songs.
Anyways, can't wait to see you at the signing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jake Ryan, right? Popstar! spilled it in their blog -_-

But I still can't wait for the episode! If Metro Station comes near me, I'm hoping I can see them!

Rachel said...

i love phines and ferb!!
i cant wait till the rest comes out!!!
i really wanna c ur bro & metro station play but i havent yet. :(
im gonna have 2 say that i think the person comming back is cody linly/ jake ryan.
am i right?!
am i right?!
anyways.....I LOVE U!!!!! :)

Rachel <3

Kylee said...

cant wait for the new hannah :]
have fun at the photo shoot with jason!love youu.
kylee from texas!
PLEASE come to texas :]

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun!

who's the photoshoot for?

it better be cody linley.
haha. yes. it better be :]

i'm super excited.


Anonymous said...

koolio. sorta sad though, for my friend, her aunt died yesterday

love you,

anonymous this time

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! I glad you had an AWESOME time at your brothers concert! I also can't wait to find out who's coming back to Hannah Montana! Is it Brooke Shields? Dolly Parton? Well, whoever it is, I can't wait to find out! *smile*


Anonymous said...

Jake right?hahaha i noe that i am right because i read a mag so..yea

Sasha said...

I hope you had a great time at the concert!
I bet Jake Ryan is back.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
what's up?...glad u got 2 surprise ur bro!..i wish i could do that 2 my bro but i can't...have fun tomorrow night!...ummm jake ryan is back right?..ok g2g!
lot's of luv!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urslef 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)

Anonymous said...

Mitchel i love you your biggest fan. Are you going to the aly& aj,drake bell, and corbin bleu concert on the 31st? P.s can't wait for the new episode.

Anonymous said...

metro station is soo good i wish i could be there but i don't live near where they are preforming!:(


jake ryan? jessie mccarntny? plz dont tell me its mckayla! uh idk who else....if its a guy hes no where as hott as you!

Elizabeth said...


I am going to guess...hmmm...
The only gest star there really has been has been Jake Ryan and Jesse McCartney. So I'm gonna guess Jake because Cody already comfermded it! ;-) OH! Are the Jonas Brothers coming back!?

Have a great photoshoot and its great surprising your family members! Its really fun...haha!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

i cant wait for the new episode i wonder who the mystery person i can only think of 3 people cody linley jesse mccartney and mileys mom .i hope you have fun at your brothers concert and shooting the new episode

have a great week


Monica said...

Cody Linley???!!! PLEASE LET IT BE CODY LINLEY!!!!! lol. That's awesome about the Metro Station concert! When they come to San Diego, I'll be there. Cant wait! You rock Mitchel,and we're all here for you!

Peace. Love. Monica

some person said...

Hey, how was your dad's birthday?

I saw Phineas & Ferb on Friday. Not bad! The part where the kids were on that little roller coaster was pretty funny. Oh, and the platypus was adorable. I saw you in the show too, though I wish you were in there much longer, lol. Anyways, I'll keep an eye out for future episodes.

Have fun at the concert and the photoshoot! Can't wait to see the pictures.

I wish Disney Channel would air new episodes of Hannah Montana everyday. That'd be awesome. Can't wait to see the episode you're currently filming! Hm...I'm guessing the Jonas Brothers because everyone else said Jake Ryans so I'll say something different.

Have an awesome day! (:

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
Like i said before, I told you i'd let you know how my other camping trip went, (if you read the one about my wild tubing adventures!)
ok so...I got back from camping again with my Moms side of the family, and I tell ya, It was crazy! None of them have really gone camping before, and so they where complaining about having to sleep in tents/campers. Not having cell phone useage. how it takes a little longer to cook meals while your camping. It was just crazy!! But the best part is, I went fishing for the first time yesterday, and I caught 2 fish!! I was so excited!!!! We didn't keep them, we just let them go. But it was so thrilling! LOL. It was probably just beginners luck though. But it was still fun, we also went in this AMAZING forest to see these REALLY old trees, and it was a beautiful forest! I just wanted to go wandering in them. But sadly I couldn't.... Had to stay on the foot paths. Also, Last Night I played Glow stick tag at this playground with some of my cousins, and we all kept falling on things. It was funny! But it was a BLAST! So yup, I just had to tell you all about that trip too. I'm not going on any trips for now, But if anything exciting happens and i just have to tell you, I'll keep you posted! I hope you have fun at The Metro Station concert tomorrow!
-Katie R.

Anonymous said...

and i was about to go to the show but im busy that night. but ill definatly be at the next 1

Sara said...

Hey Mitchel,
That's cool that you went to your bro's show. I bet you guys had a lot of fun!

I bet you and Jason will have a lot of fun tomorrow at the photo shoot. I bet the pics will be great!!!!

Hmmmm......someone's comming back?
My guesses are:
-Miley's Mom
-Jesse McCartney
-Cody Linley
-Selena Gomez (Mikayla)
Make sure you tell us who it is when you're able to, okay? :]


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! my name is heather. i just want to say that you're amazing and your brother's band is amazing! i just started listening to them and i think they're great. i REAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLy wish i lived near the knitting factory bc it would be absolutely amazinnngggggggggg to see you! =] ughh too bad i live in jersey.. hopefuly ill see you soon! <3heather

Fer said...

hey mitchel!
that's awesome!
hope you had a great time=D

I'm guessing it's Jake?lol
have an awesome time tomorrow!
love ya<3

Anonymous said...

cody linley as jake ryan in miley's x-boyfriend.

Deanna said...

Aw man! I wish I lived down in SoCal, I'm seeing Mason at the show in Roseville (3 hour drive). It must have been a nice surprise for people to see you and Miley at the show, I wish I could've gone. But I'll be seeing you in Santa Clara (do you have any more details about that?) and I'll see Mason on Thursday so it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Haha... everyone thinks it's cody/jake
I think so too!

Megg said...


I know i say this too much butt,,, i wish i didn't live in rhode island!!! rawr i wanna meet u soooo bad

i had to put my fave poster of u in a frame cuz {ur gunna think im a huge dork} i kiss it goodnight{lol}and i was wearing away the paperrr lol lol i cant help itt ur irresistibleee=]

im xcited for the new episodee!!

Love Meg

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch can you post a pic of your car?

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I'm soo sad! I found out that Metro Station was coming to Florida, but my friend told me that they were playing at this bar place and that no kids were allowed. :(
I can't wait to see the new episode of Hannah Montana! Im super excited!
Ah, gotta go enjoy the last day of summer while I can. :( I start High School tommorrow. Wish me luck!

livvy! said...

wow, that's awesome :)

if i could, i'd fly to america to come and see you an mason.. but i don't think i'd get very far.. i only have £8! hah.

i'm guessing it's.. jake ryan?
i hope so.

hope you have a lovely day :)
love, livvy x x x

mmb said...

Thaks for the update!!!! I'm finally home from thge beach and it was soooo much fun! My b-day was yesterday and i had a great day! A phootshoot with Jason? HMMMMM is that like for a magazine? where it's like the 2 dudes on hannah, other than rico, which one is best? HMMMMM these are the ?s that haunt me! LOL!!! anywyas have a great day and have fun at the concert I can't make it I'm bummed.

In Him,

mmb said...

Hey I forgot!!! I loved the episode with the Jonas brothers!! I was bummed Oliver wasn't in it though!!!!! Anyways pass it on the Miley and Emily for me!!!

In Him,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I can't wait for the new Hannah episode! I bet it's going to be awsome because YOUR in it! Oh and I loved Phineas & Ferb! Me and my friend Mary we were like " That's Mitchel!" We were screaming and my mom was like "Shut-Up!" We were like :::GASP::: But anyway I can't wait for the MetroStation Concert tommorow! I hope I'll see you there!
XoXoXoX Shayla Boas XoXoXoX
Your number one fan!

kristen said...

hi Mitchel i think the last seasons guest star is Vicki Lawrence! hope im right!

Anonymous said...

(Jake Ryan lol)

Anna Signore said...

aw... sounds like you had fun! well yah just enjoying the LAST day of my summer :( high school starts tom. for me and i am kinda nervous! but i think i will do good! lol well hope to see you on hannah montana! i ♥ you!
♥ anna signore

Anonymous said...

Is it Jake Ryan? Or is it the Jonas brothers? Hmmmmmm. Well whoever it is i can't wait to see the show.
- Your biggest fan!

Erin91 said...

ahhh yess i so hope it's cody linley! hoepfully jake ryan can become normal and he and miley can go out!

Abby said...

heyy mitchel [= thats so great! my life goal is to meet you and get a hug from you! I saw Emily Osment at the steamtown mall in Scranton, PA and i wish you would come! if you do believe me I will be there =) have a good day <3

briana Swift said...

ok im gonna take a guess, i think it is going to be jesse mccartney ro dylan sprouse, cause i saw something online about ds starring in one of the hannah montana episodes, anyway im sure its gonna be great. you really need to come to pennsy to like hershey park or something, man that would be mad awesome!!! : ] ♥love you -Briana

Kad [Short Notice] said...

Hey Mitchel!

Have fun at the Metro Station show tonight!

Right now I'm watching "The Notebook" on DVD, it's really good so far.

I hope you had a great weekend and that you'll have fun!

Jen & Maria said...

Cody Linley. Haha.
When Phineas and Ferb was playing on the 17th, then I didn't see your character in that episode, but my sister said she heard your voice in there. But i didn't...

Alli said...

awe mitchel i wish i could come see u . =[ but i cant. but im not guessing who the person coming is... I KNOW who it is. its cody linley. [hes my #2 hottest guy... ur the first. lol]

mmk. hope im right.

love ya


Anonymous said...

dolly parton?

alyssa said...

omg!!! is CODY coming back!!!omg that would be fantastic

-(aMbReA)- said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm glad that you got to see your brother Mason, since you always said that you missed him. I hope you have fun at the Knitting Factory and your photo shoot! By the way, I think the ones coming back are either the Jonas Brothers, Jake Ryan, or Mike Stanley III. Stay cute! ^^

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Thats awsome that you got to surprise your brother, the only person i can think of that could come back is Jake Ryan.

~Mako~ said...

Hey um is there any way to get into a HM taping???
cus I live really close to the studio and I always see u guys coming and stuff
so I was wondering is there anyways to get in???

abby said...

Hey Mitchel! Sounds like you had a great time at the concert! i got kelsey on itunes =] i think it's either selena gomez, jesse, brooke shields, or cody....hmmmm


~Devon said...

The Knitting Factory sounds...errr...interesting.. haha
Hope they have a good crowd, as in non-rioting fangirlish crowd. Hmm, doubt that.=P

I'm thinking Jake Ryan, who knows, maybe there was somebody that came on on some episode that hasn't been aired yet...rright...

Have a sunshiny day!

Isidora said...

I have a question:
Do you have an account in Stardoll ?

Anonymous said...

it's jake ryan isnt it!? orr jonas brothers? no, i think it's jake ryan. when will that episode air anyway? soon i hope. have a great time at the concert!!

have an amazing rest of week!

P.S. you know that picture of the girl with like, 8 pictures of you on her wall that's painted pink? jsky- i have 20 times more than her- no joke!

love you-

jonasg said...

well,lol i would go over the limb by saying this,but every one thinks jake ryan is coming back, but i think its dolly parton......actually 50/50

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

First of all I wanna say that on blog you posted before this one I left a comment that said, "Since it's not Friday anymore..." when I meant to say since it's not Saturday anymore. Sorry 'bout that! Anyway... your brother was probablly really suprised that you, Miley, Miley's mom, and Billy Ray showed up at Metro Station's concert! That was nice that you guys went! I hope all the other Metro Station concerts go well! I know they will!! :)

I think that maybe Jake Ryan might be coming back to "Hannah"...I might be wrong though....whoever it is, it will be an awesome episode! I know, it and everyone else knows it!!!:D Anyway here in London, Ontario it's 9:30PM and I was supposed to be off the computer an hour ago.

-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G

Audrey said...

I hope you enjoyed your brother's concert and that your photo shoot went well.
i just saw pictures of your new haircut, and i thought i'd let you know i really like it!
have an awesome week!

Anonymous said...

i had an AWESOME weekend considering you wished me a happy birthday!! thanks so much!!!! hsm2 rocked..did it not? i wish you woulda been in instead of miley but i do enjoy mileys songs.

love always babe!
(cannot wait for your new song)

marykateee =) said...

omgggg mitchel!
I want to go to a Metro Station concert like you couldn't belive.
But so far it's just not workingg out =[.
Anyway,I hope you had fun!!!
I bet they did aweosmeeee.
p.s come to NY veryyyyyy sooon.

Karleigh said...

Have a great week<3


Karleigh said...

I havent seen any of the new episodes cause they dont show them here in canada yet.....:( But i can still watch the show here and i think some of the new episodes are coming here??


Anonymous said...

Okay first off I just wanted to say you are so CUTE. okay, now that I got that out of my system... I can't wait for the new episodes of HM. It must be really cool being an actor and getting paid to do something you love doing. (Not like you care, but I always wanted to be on Disney channel it's like been my dream cuz I love acting) But any way I hope you enjoy the rest of you week.
♥♥♥, and lot's of it =]

hey just asking a little favor, but if your ever going to be in SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA... can you please post it on your blog... THANKS A MILLION =]

Anonymous said...

That's awesome.
Ok, I just realized u said the guest star is from THIS season. So my guesses r Cody Linley, JB, Dolly Parton, or Jesse. Idk. I may b way off, but I guesses. =D

Anonymous said...

OoOo...I have another guess. It's Selena Gomez. =D

Anonymous said...

I bet it is Dolly Parton right? she was in it last season and i've been hearing around everywhere that she's coming back and somebody posted pictures on the internet. miley was dressed up as dolly and dolly was right next to her. am I right? sorry if I spoiled the suprise but is it Dolly Parton?

Anonymous said...

I would so totally want to go to a metro station concert but cant. live all the way back in Canada. cost a lot of money to fly out to a concert. would go but to much for me to go there. cant wait to see new Mike Standley episodes. Was watching Hannah Montana yesterday the "hannah get your gum" that episode! Like when you say "uhhh, I hate that woman" Do you really not like gum?

brooke said...

ah mitch! i am so excited to see the hannah montana :D.
i wish i could've been at the metro station concert, i want to see them so bad!
but its okay, i'll see them some day :].
well i hope you had fun, and have a great week!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel. okay, so i looked online on the different epiosdes, and i think its going to be madison pettis.


Anonymous said...

Humm, I'm guessing it could be Dolly Parton or Miley's Grandma. But hey I could be wrong!

Hope you enjoyed the Metro station concert!

Anonymous said...

is it dolly parton?

Hannah said...

it's jake ryan isn't it?
well, i hope you can come to the bay area some time.

Amanda Q said...

hmmmm well i went to the Metro Station and Danger Radio show on monday i saw you!! yeaaa haha but yea any was im guessing the guestt coming to hannah montana is that Mikayla girl

Jessica said...

dolly i hope! or jakeee, oooh!

Quelqu'un said...

Hey Mitchel! I love your blog, it's so awesome that you update your fans on what's going on with you :). I think the person that's coming back is Brooke Shields.
Anyways, hope you have an awesome rest of the week

Anonymous said...

is it DOLLY PARTON????

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that it is Dolly Parton, b/c she has not been on the show in while.

BNJ (baybay) TEXAS Rox

Anonymous said...

I hope that means Cody Linley is coming Back as Jake Ryan!!!