Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Catalina Island today! my dad got up this morning and said....why don't we go fishing on Catalina Island? So he and I hopped in the car and met a friend...Jason who just so happens to have work with Miley World....and we took the boat over to Catalina. The fans in Catalina were awesome! I didn't know I was going to be I am very sorry if you live there and we didn't get to meet today....but the people I met were chillin.

I had a great time and I hope you guys had an awesome day too!

I have had a few comments about the new Metro Station Music Video "Kelsey"'s amazing right?....I brother is a great singer. I am very proud of him...if he is in a city near you....please go and support and tell him I miss him!

I will be at their show in LA on the 20th of if your going to be there....I will see you then.

Also....someone asked if there will be a third season of Hannah??? I would say ABSOLUTLEY! And...did you know that the Miley/Hannah doll is hitting the stores very soon! cool right?

Thanks for all the posts about Mike guys make me laugh! Don't forget that this weekends episode is freaky freaky fresh so don't miss it!

And....pleae forgive....I was publishing posts yesterday and may have accidentally rejected a few posts by accident....if one of yours doesn't show up...please post again.



Anonymous said...

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miley is taking over the world!!

everywhere you turn, you see her face everywhere and its freaking me out!

Elizabeth said...


We will always forgive you. Don't worry about it. All that matters is that you read them.

I'm so buying all the Hannah dolls. I may be 14 but I still love dolls. Uhhh...too much info. the weather in Cali? La la la...

Hurray for 3rd seasons!! I wonder what other crazy things Oliver can do... Hmmmmm...?

Hope you had fun fishing and VERY glad to hear from you!

<3 Liz

P.S. It's 1:00 in the morning here in TX. I'm TIRED!! Haha!

Carly said...

omg fishing! that sounds like soooo much funN! iv gonee fishing like once lol and caught this really big fish it was pretty cool! lol.

thanks for the update sounds like ur day was soo cool.

i loved the kelsey video! soo cool! i love metro station and i sooo wanna see em. but i cant there nnot coming =[ someday ill have to check em out!

i loved mike standly and i actually loved ths ep. lol someone posted it on imdb loved it!!

thanks again for the updatee.

ttyl ily


Anonymous said...

Ohh sounds fun. I have no idea where that is soo its all good. I have talked 2 jason a billion times on MW. He is awesome! And I have talked 2 u on there 2! Yay! But when u come 2 santa clara u should either go to santa cruz(if u do tell me!) or go 2 great america. Both places r awesome....its real fun at santa cruz though. We(maybe) would have soo much fun. They have rides and a arcade and a huge wharf and the beach is really fun. And it would make mine andmy cousins life if u actually came. She is mentally retarded and she is in luv with u like me. And her sweet 16 is on sunday. And she's going 2 santa cruz. Seriously mitchel, u should go if u have time...oh and just teling u if u go to the san jose international airport there is gonna be some stalkers! I know cause when sum1 comes to SJ people stalk like maniacs. But anyways I can't wait 2 see u! I'm soo excited! Its the second time I have met u! Last time u were super nice and I luved meeting u. U seriously made my dreams come true! Thank u soo much! Luv u!
Luv ashlee

Valaurie said...

Sounds like you had a great time Mitchel! Why can't you come to Canada? By the way catch any good fish, you forgot to mention that. Kelsey is such a great song. I should tell my friend Kelsey about it i theink she would enjoy it! Oh tell Mason he's a great singer!(so are you)

Love you, Valaurie

Anonymous said...

hey dude i really love you can u like tell me how to audition for something or like notify me when theres some sorta audition?? please! ily

Valaurie said...

Hey its me again. Mitchel I'm sorta made at you right now! Right after i read your blog and posted i headed over to metro station on myspace and now i'm hooked!!!! They are such a good, no great, no they are an AMAZING band!!! Your brother has an amazing voice.(i think amazing is my new fav word know,lol) Anyway i just wanted to say that, oh and tell Mason they need to tour Canada! Plus i forgive you for making me a big fan of Metro Station!

Love You, Val

Alicia said...

Hey Mitchel!! This is my first time posting on here, so YOU ROCK!! And Mike Standley, he's a pretty awesome person!haha, but will you ever be in Minnesota, or Southwest Minnesota anytime soon or in the near future??? Well you rock! love ya, Alicia....

Olivia said...

hey mitch<3
i actuallllly LOVELOVELOVE mike standley the 3rd;]
my siggy on imdb :]
im gonna try to go to the Aug. 20 show.
my bday is aug. 19, and i might be in SD then so i'll go to the 19th and 20th shows, i believe.
we could chilllllll!!!
i'm like actually cool, too :D

aww i went fishing in florida when i was on vacation, and all i got was a lillypad >.<

and my brother got hooked on a big lillypad and then the hook broke, so we were like...dang!

hahah. see you?

Anonymous said...

I love that Freaky Freaky Fresh bit, but coz im british i sound so pathetic lol!I sound the queen rapping, which isnt gd!

Kad. said...

Aww, haha. Glad you had fun fishing! =)

The music video for "Kelsey" is AMAZING. I loved it!

Haha, Mike Standley the third... Count Dorkula, as Miley put it... =P nice one.

Have a nice day!

Alex said...

that sounds fun. I'm acctually going to a lake this weekend too. But whatever, Have fun in Cali.


Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel it sounds like you had a lot of fun!!!!! I've never been fishing, but I have been crab fishing!!! It was fun!!!

So.....I left for my trip yesterday and now we are in Minnesota in a hotel....getting ready to leave soon for breakfast and to hit the road stop, South Dakota!!!!! =D (We're going to the Bad Lands!)

Hey it's nice to know we make you laugh!!! =D I absolutely love Mike Standley!! lol.....Ya know, when someone types 'LOL', you never know if the other person reading it is actually LOLing!! LOL LOL!!!! So...are you laughing?? =DDD

Anyway, I better go...My brother wants to use the computer before we leave...

I'll talk to ya later...right now I have to wrestle man eating bears!!!!!!!!!! =D


Yours forever and always; ♥
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Meg said...


Heyy!! I think u mighta deleted one of my comments lol. its kool though, as long as u read it!! =] Metro Station totally rocks my world =] theyre awesomee! Im so xcited about the third season of Hannah!!I bet its greaat!!
I finally saw let's go!! It was great!! you're an awesome dancer/signer!! actually you're an awesome everything =]
I still havent gotten a chance to re-mail your birthday card so it's gunna be reaaaallly late!! sorry about that I couldnt find any stamps lol
K i gtg have a fabulous weekend + ill b thinkin bought u=]


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I forgive you and I know others will to so you don't have to feel bad about it because they won't be mad at you.
I hoped you had a fun time fishing at Catalina Island!! In Florida where i live it's been pouring down rain in the afternoons so I been bummed out about that. Man i wish i could meet you for the first time in LA but I start school on August 20th.

That is so cool that miley/hannah doll is coming out in stores. Im so glad that there will be a third season and i can't wait for more epsoides this weekand. Thanks for the update and I'm so glad you did because usually later in the day i would see if ally or you updated.

Your Fan,


Alex M. said...

hey mitchel. I was wondering if you were coming to Memphis sometime soon. I'm setting up a new site and it would be really cool if i could ask you a few questions for my site. Or if you don't mind can you e-mail me at This is just for my site. I will NOT e-mail you back saying something like "OMG! I looove you!" lol. Don't worry i'm not a crazy obsessed fan.


Anonymous said...

i am in love with your brother's video
i was gonan see them on their first show in NY but my mom wouldnt take me
i've talked to your brother on myspace ! haha he's nice just like you ! i went fishing once it smelt bad ! they should make an oliver doll i would so buy that !

-xo Michele

mmb said...

Hey thanks a ton for your post. I hope you had fun boatinf. I went to Wisconsin and it was the first time i had EVER swam in a lake but it was cool. Mike Stanley is AMZING and I can't wait to see the new episode!!! Hey I watched a vid. of you doing something with fire! That's pretty cool I've never seen that before. If you don't remeber emily was filming it and then whatever you were holding lit on fire and when you opend your hand it disappered (if i spelled that wrong sorry i suck at spelling) Hey my freind doesn't think that this is really you so in a post (when you get the chance) can you just type "molly" at the bottom or what ever cuz then she will believe me. Thanks youre the best!!!

In Him,

Anonymous said...

Kelsey is like the best song Ive ever heard in my entire life!
THe video is soo amazing too!
Im going to see them next week on the 10th!! :- D :- D

Good Luck with everything!!


marykateee =) said...

Oh yessssss.
Kelsey is an amazing songgg.
(and just so happens to be my myspace song [: )
and I agree 110%....Mason is an amazingggg singerr!!!

So basically,that new episode of Hannah Montana was amazingggg.
My best friend's little sisters...(she has 4!!) almost died of laughter during the whole episode.

Anyway...I hope you have a fun week!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time
- your biggest fan

baby r said...

I hope there will be an oliver doll!
Love always
baby r

Anonymous said...


luv ya, Samantha

Sasha said...

Hope you had fun fishing!
Kelsey is a great song, I love it!
Hope you have an awesome time today!

Anonymous said...

Fishing??? Sounds, fun! I've only ever fished once. And, I wasn't that great at it. But, soon one day I'll be a pro- fisher. Hehe! I am so excited that there will be a season three of "HM!" Also, I find it so nice that you take the time to read every post. That is truly so sweet. Never CHANGE!!! Your #1 fan, Lynn!!!

Anonymous said...

that's so cool u got to go fishing with ur dad!...was it awesome?...i'm glad u had a fun time Catalina!....i so need to watch that music video!...i will as soon as i get done....i wish i could see metro station but they're not coming anywhere near me! school starts in like two weeks... :(...o well i can't stop it....i can't wait until the thrid season!'ll be awesome!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)
P.S.i heard that a little someone here (mitchel) is working on a rap/pop album!...can't wait for that!!

Katie R. said...

Sounds like you had a BLAST fishing! I've never gone fishing before............Wait....I take that back, I've watched my friends fish.....Not sure why I didn't do it. Sounds like fun! I had the chance to go fishing this weekend actually. But my family and I are going Camping. So that should be fun.
I hope your having a good week!
Katie R.

Dani said...

Hey, Mitchel!!!!!!

Fishing?!? Lucky Duck! I'm going fishing today and all this week with my gramps! I'll let you know if I catch anything bigger than 3 feet then I'll mail it to you! jk....jk... What kind of fish are at Catalina Island?

Miley/Hannah Doll? lol My sister might want that, but right now, she's still pretty obsessed with trying to get a Zac Efron doll in Troy or Link....=P

Still haven't gotton to see that episode yet. But what I've heard so far is vampire, gotee,(don't think I spelled that right!) and some other weird things...Ooo! I know your a vampire rapper with a gotee?? Actually, that wouldn't be that

Well, I g2g...I'm getting ready for a 10 hour car ride, stuck next to my annoying little sister. I know you are just SOOO jealous. Yeah.


kathy said...

omgosh glad u had fun fishing!! and im also really glad they're doin a third season of's getting really good!! you're such a good actor on it and it makes it seem like, real instead of just tv!! like i feel like im actually there!! sometimes i shout out at the screen lolz..... luv ya!!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I am so buying the dolls, and even if they have an Oliver one, I'm getting that one for sure!!!

Jessica said...

Dear Mitchel,
Wow, fishing on Catalina Island! That must have been fun!
Aww, I just watched the music video for "Kelsey"! I now love that song even more! METRO STATION ROCKS MY SOCKS, LOL!
That would be really cool if there was a 3rd season of Hannah Montana.
haha, Miley/Hannah dolls. That's sure to be interesting.
Well, I hope you have an awesome week, Mitchel!

alli said...

awee how could anyone not forgive u? lol ur so awesome. fishing sounded like fun. i like fish. lol random. but i have a question.

whats ur new song called?

i cant wait to hear it!!! im a singer/songwriter/dancer/actress
so this kinda thing makes me excited to see actors doing other stuff too!

mmk love ya!


Anonymous said...

omg! metro station rocks!

i love their songs! especially Kelsey and Now That We're Done!

cool, i'll see u at at LA then Mitchel!


Anonymous said...

hurray for 3rd season :) billy ray was on a local radio station the other day (by phone, im pretty sure) and he said that hannah just filmed its 50th episode! & i thought of how disney had that "65 episode rule" and im pretty sure that if a show is successful enough, they will keep going! i hope you guys make A LOT of episodes :)

i have a question, and it may not get answered so ill submit it to the ask mitchel but ..

how long is it from when you guys tape an episode, to when it is aired? and if you do answer, can you give an example of an episode? thanks! :)

glad you had fun fishing <3

<3 ally m.

Tati Raen said...

Hey Mitchel,
Omg August 20 Is My Birthday And My Sister Isn't Coming To my Party So She Promised She Would Take Me Anywhere I Wanted And I Asked Her To Take Me There So Who Knows Hopefully I'll See You!

georgina said...

Lol cool fishing =]
Hope you had an awesome time!

I had a great day, a few little girls of my street have decided im there new best friend, so they are round my house everyday all day, its quite amusing actually lol. =]
but they are cute!

yeah your brother rocks! awwh thats sweet that you miss him =]

Yay! a third season of hannah, wow a miley.hannah doll, that is just too cool, lol, miley is great!!!!
although im a little too old for dolls lol. =]

Im glad we make you laugh by the way =]

and also have a great weekend!!!!!
hope to hear more from you soon
you rock!

--Georgina Lily x

iluv2act94 said...

Haha, hey Mitchel..
I love how down to earth you are.
Taking so much time to write blogs and read comments.

You rock.

I love you


Anonymous said...

ooh catalina island- sounds like fun :]. hope you had a good time.
oh and i might be 13 and dont play with dolls, but i am so gonna buy the Miley/Hannah doll! they should make a Oliver/Mike Standley and Lilly/Lola. haha that'd be so cool! please stay in San Diego or LA this week so i can see you! [preferably SD in the beginnning of the week and LA in the end =)]

see you soon [i hope!]
i LOVE you,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Hope you had fun fishing! I've been fishing before but I didn't like it to much cuz of all the bees in'stuff. Anyway I can't wait for the Hannah dolls! I don't play with dolls anymore so I just get dolls That are modeled after my fave stars and then I keep them as collectors items. The Kelsey vid is great! Your bro is a really good singer! Oh and Mike Standley is really cool!! BYE!!

-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G

Erin91 said...

ah u are so funny! did u catch any fish? i went fishing (and tubing) all last week at a lake near me, and i didnt catch a thing. but it was still fun.

i love metro station. seventeen forever is amazing.

and omg im so pumped for the 3rd season! wooh! cant wait to hear more of your freaky freaky fresh raps!

ttran said...

Fishing is fun!! I love to fish!

I haven't seen the music video yet, but I will soon, and if he's in a city near me, I will definitely try my best to go see him and deliver your message.=)

Yay for a season three of Hannah Montana! I can never get enough of it! I love the show! Would the Miley dolls have Hannah wigs that you can put on and take off?! I think that'd be so funny! She's Miley. Now she's Hannah. Now Miley. Hannah. Miley.

Freaky freaky fresh...that just sounds so cool! I bet that fish you caught was freaky freaky fresh! Okay, that was lame on my part! I'd better stop myself before I type something even weirder...

I hope you have a great Thursday!!

Maddieee (: said...

Heyy Mitchel ! (:
wow. i used to come to this site all the time during Keyboardinggg. && my friend && i would be on it all the time at school. haha. well yahh. fishing ? maybe thats fun for guys but not forrr mee. Well maybe its because i just canttt fish. blahh. but im glad you had funn. im so jealous of you guyss ! like all the celebertys know all the other celebertyss ! That really makes me jealouss. yah know what would be like really cool ? if like you could win this thing && like go hang out with like a bunch of starsss. Well anywayy you should come to Georgiaa. && like go to Six Flagsss or somethingg. (: that would be amazinggg.
well i love youuu. (:

Kate said...

KaHey Mitchel.

so will you please tell me if you're like making an album? I didn't know you were into rapping. anywho I heard you were doing a movie with Devon Werkheiser is that true? PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS

kelsey said...

ah thats awesome! i love fishing! but ya i forgot the name of your brothers band i was like what are you talking about lol, then it clicked and its weird because my name is kelsey! trippy lol i just thought that was kinda cool, ya, i cant wait till the third season of hannah im exited lol love ya mitchel!!!!

allison said...

hey i actually listened to metro station today. they are really good! and i found out they're going to be in san antonio soon...which is where i live. hmmm. haha i went fishing once. it wasn't that fun because my older sister caught all the fish. and i was only like 4 so i wasn't too happy about that...i'm gonna try to watch the new episode!
have a good week
-allison :]

Anonymous said...

you were at catalina?? i live in whittier, if you know where that is. well anyway, I saw you at the harry potter premiere in july, I was one of those crazy people standing along the railing for 4 and 1/2 hours. lol
well anywho, see ya

Monica :)

Rachel said...

heeeeeeeey M to da ITCHEL to da HIZAY! haha

the music vid of Kelsey is so cool!

i can't wait to watch more Hannah epi's!

omg u know me & friends are always saying FREAKY FREAKY FREAKY FRESH!!! like out of nowhere & when we get 2gether at party's and stuff. haha! it's funny!

have an awesome week!

God Bless,
<3's Rachel

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel!

glad you had fun at Catalina!
i'm deff going to buy the Hannah doll when it comes out!=P
SEASON 3!!! yay! i can't wait to see all the crazy stuff Oliver will do.

Metro Station!
hopefully i can go to their aug 20 show.
i'm still trying to convince my brother to take me! lol
and their vid was awesome!
i can't wait for their album to come out!


<3:] Krystal <3:]

MARIAM. [[: said...

i love you.

they need to make an oliver okan doll that you can turn into a mike standley doll.

i'm dying to hear your new musiccc.
especially since im in love with your brother's new video.
he is amazing.
just like you!

i'll see you there the 20th!
i cant waittttt.

until then,
you're amazinggg.

oh and,
i'm super glad you had fun in catalina.

Sara said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Metro Station lol. You have no idea lol. I can't watch the Kelsey video until tomorrow though because I moved and I don't have internet or cable so i'm at the library lol. I miss my tv and internet :(. Oh well it gives me something to look forward to. I'm sure the video is amazing though because the song is AMAZINGGG!

Yay for the 3rd season of HM. I still haven't been able to see the new episode because of course I have no cable but I can't wait to watch it when its on.

Catherine said...

Soo...when you were fishing at the Island, I was sitting on the Jersey shore. Awesome, haha!

I love Mike Standly...especially the way you got the name, lol.

Can't wait for the 8 HOUR RUNNING OF HANNAH ON SATURDAY!!!!! And then theres the new epi on Saturday and Sunday too. So cool!

Alexandra said...

Hey Mitchel,
I think its great that you really read all the post people write to you. It makes me feel like your one of my friends. Its awsome that you interact with your fans.
Im so glad there is going to be a 3rd season. I wonder what other things Oliver is going to get
Im glad you had a great time fishing with your dad. By the way your the only person who can say freaky freaky fresh and make it sound cool.:P I cant wait to see the new episode! Have an awsome week!!!!!!!
One of your many fans,

Deanna said...

Hey Mitchel! I haven't commented on this blog here before but I read it from time to time. I'm so psyched that you're coming to Santa Clara! I will SO be there. I missed last time when you came to SF and I didn't find out until it was too late so I'm glad I get a second chance!

I just got into Metro Station a few weeks ago, even though I'd known about them for ages because you kept pimping them out. I regret not checking them out right when you told us about them because they are amazing. I'm driving 2 hours to see their show (hopefully) and I'm really excited. Your brother DOES have an amazing voice!

Alright Mitchel, thanks for being so good to your fans! Hopefully I'll see you soon!

Anonymous said...

i'm going to their concert and i hope i'll see youthere i'm actually going to two ofthem one in hollywood and the other in san diego eeeeepp i'm soooooo excited your brother IS talented and so are you i LOVED the Mike Standley the third that was laugh out loud funny i loved it!i'm glad you had fun in catalina fishing!

Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel :]

Sounds like you had a good time fishing with your dad. I've only been fishing once, but I didn't catch any fish. Did you catch any fish??
Anyways Kelsey is such a great song. Metro Station is truly amazing! I wish I could go to see them in concert. But that would require a 7 hour drive, which I don't think is going to happen :[
Have an wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

hey mitch,
i just watched "Everybody was Best Fried Fighting" funny!...i'm glad u had a good time! w/ ur dad!...that really cool!....i watched the kelesy video...luved it!...can't wait for the thrid season!!'ll be so awesome!....the freaky freaky thing was quite a touch!...LOL!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

p.s. i heard someone here (mitchel) is putting out a rap/pop album!...that'll be so cool!..can't wait 4 that!

Anonymous said...


tell metro station to get their butts over to Canada!
seriously I have built such a fan base for them!!!!


Anonymous said...

woo! Fishingg!
i haven't been in forever. i used to go at my grandmas house when i was little, but they moved into town. =[. *tear* haha.

Yay for season 3!! WOO!
OOHH and i heard Cody Linley is coming back! YAY i sure hope so. i heard that he might be a permanent character.

=O i haven't seen that video yet!! oooh i need to go find it and watch it! Yay!!
i was at warped tour yesterday and met paramore and boys like girls! it was awesome!! :P

hope all is swell :]


Ashley said...

I saw ur episode...mike standley!! that was funny!!!! you'll always keep me laughing!!!! luv ya!!


Anonymous said...


hope you had a fun time with your dad. I love to go fishing with my dad. I remember this one time me,my sister,and my dad went fishing and my sister and I must at leat caught 15 fish and my dad didnt catch any.

I didnt see the Kelsey video yet but I'll get right on it. After what I read I hear its good.

I loved you as Mike Standley! Ohh I mean Mike Stanley the 3rd! I liked the part when you were at the tennis game and when the girl in front of you sat down you were like, freaky freaky freaky ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Cant wait for the next episode.

Keep up the great work!

Meg said...


I forgot to tell yuh that my icon on aim is lyrics from kelsey!! I love the song and im so glad i found the iccooon


Anonymous said...


hope you had a fun time fishing with your dad. I LOVE to go fishing with my dad. I remember this one time me,my sister and my dad went fishing and my sister and I caught at least 15 fish and my dad didnt catch any.

I didnt get to see the Kelsey video but what I have read I hear its good.

I loved Mike Standley. Ohhh I mean Mike Standley the 3rd! I liked the one part when you were at the tennis game and when the girl in front of you sat down you were like, freaky fraky freaky ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I cant wait for the next episode.

Keep up the great work!

Madoka said...

Fishing sounds like fun! Too bad I'm no good at it. Aww no one hardly ever comes here to Hawaii but hopefully I still get to meet you one day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! How r u? I'm so glad you had fun! I don't think I'll be able to make it to see Metro Station, but I'm sure they'll be amazing! I can't wait until season three! Then again, I suppose I want to see the rest of season 2 first! Have an amazing week! *smile*


Isidora said...

I'm going to see the video of Metro Station, They're so cool!!
I love you!!! you're so nice!! :)



Hope you had fun at Catalina Island! sounds fun.
I've always wanted to go fishing, but I never got the chance to--yet.
The shocking part is, I live in Canada(come here--I'm begging you)and the fishing's GREAT here, so I've heard.

Anyway, I so want a Hannah doll...yeah, my doll-playing days are over(I'm 15 going on 16, by the way) but I still want one.

I haven't seen the "Kelsey" vid yet, but I'm looking forward to it.=)

Waiting to hear more about you and your wacky adventures!


Samantha said...

I hope you had a GREAT time fishing.

Katie said...


im glad to hear u had a good time.

funny how you mentioned it, right before i read your blog i was watching "kelsey" .i have to agree your brother is an AWESOME singer.trace is great too.
im guessing i can go to concerts now becuz last week i went to warped yesterday i kind of demanded my dad to take me and my friends to a metro station concert on september 7th.
well i hope your having a great week.and good luck with your music as well, i know its going to be great


Fer said...

it's all so freaky freaky cool!
I'm sooo happy for the 3rd season it's gonna be great and it's like my favorite show so...yeah!!!
hope you're having an amazing time=D


I'm glad you had fun fishing!!! My family and I went to a baseball game today. I can't say it was the funnest day of my life but.....They played the beggining of 'Best of Both Worlds' while we were there. My sister and I started laughing and singing along! And yesterday I bought a Hannah Montana birthday card that sings that too! I just bought it cuz it was cool.
Metro Station is one of my favorite bands ever!!! The videos awesome! Mason is a great singer!! Speaking of....when are you going to let us hear your new song? I can't wait!!
A Hannah Montana doll!?!?! That's sooooo cool!!! There should be an Oliver doll too. That would be awesome! Have a great rest of the week!

Lexi...... said...

Hey M to the I-T-C-H-E-L

I am hopefully going to a Metro Station concert. its like a 3 and a half hour drive, and its on a school night but keep your fingers crossed.

Did you catch anything fishing?


Lindy said...

mitchel u rock!! i dont post comments often but u r the greatest!!!!!! i love u so much! and u have the best hair in the world lol

Anonymous said...

I hope you had fun fishing. I won't miss the new Hannah Montana! It's one of my favorite shows...One of the posts you rejected was mine, but not to worry -- you're forgiven! LOL. Here's what I had to say though...I loved BOTH of your disguises! "Count Dorkula" was awesome...Very cute! And Mike Standley was even cuter!!! You are an awesome rapper! :P That's basically all I have to say though!

Love always,

Katie said...

Hey Mitchel! I was wondering if you know when you are going to pick a winner for your "Win A Date" contest!
You are such a great actor, keep up the good work! :D

AMAZING! is back. =]....again said...

to tell you the truth,
i really never heard of metro station until i found out one of the members was your
but i went to their myspace,
holy freaking cow.
they need some songs on itunes, i would totally download a ton.
they are completly awesome.
well mitchel,
just wanted to say that lol
your my hero.
yes my hero.
woo woo whoo.

Baylee said...

yay! youve posted comments alot the past few days...keepthem coming! awwww..i hope you had fun fishing yesterday,LOL! i love metrostation(i didnt know mason was your brother for the longest!! i guess its pretty obvious:yall have the same last name and look alike...just didnt click! =) but my sucky computer has been loadin the video for over half an hour!! (does someone wanna be my favorite person in the whole world and post it on youtube;ill love yall forever if u do!!!) cause if i dont see it ill cry and ive been a fan for a year and i wanna see the video!! sorry i loaded all this on ya :) but have a great week and keep posting!!! cant wait till u have a wonderful video,too! l0ve,BAYLEEhunter*

kristen said...

Hey Mitchel im going to see if i can mail your bro on my space and do you know were hes playing his band at? i love to go see him!! cant wait till next season of Hannah Montana :D ! like you said in your magazine give mad props for ally!:D [*cheers for ally*] thanks ally! HAVE FUN MITCHEL BYE!

Baylee said...

ahhh..but the picture while it loads(nope still isnt mason has the same guitar as my daddy,he thinks hes a rockstar or somethin! lol what a freak(my daddy,not mason) but i had to tell you that!=)

mechi said...

what can i say!
YOUR LOVELY, this blog really means a lot to me, being here in Argentina so far away, the only thing that keeps me happy everytime you write is your blog, cause i really feel close to you, i'ts so good and i'm so thankfull that you open up soo much and you care about your fans!
best wishes! DONT CHANGE PLEASE!!

nadia said...

hey mitchel!!
glad catalina was great! haha i missed you by a day, im going tommorow!

btw i hope to see you at the metro station show on august 20! im going and its my bday that day too so yea! hope to meet you there :]

the kelsey video was AWESOME by the way!
and mike standley was hilarious, great job mithel!

hope you have a great rest of the week!!

Chelsie said...

metro station is really awesome. "kelsey" is a good video too. i might see them on august 11th. im excited :D

thanks for letting me know about them.

peace out!

Olga said...

Hmm, Glad You Had Fun[:
Haha I wish I still lived In CA
Then I could see you more often :D

Im Not A true fan Of Metro Station
But Ive listened to them a few times
And They are really good :D

I cant Wait To See Season 3 Oh Hannah Monatana - Almost the Best Show ever[:
Im Just Wondering If your Going to be In the Episode with the Jonas Brothers, Ive Seen a couple of pictures, and your not in any of them :[
I cant wait for the new Episode Tomorrow Night. They say its on Sunday, but Its really on Saturday :D

I Love Mike Standley, especially Considering Your The One Who Plays Him. :D
Your Always Freaky Freaky Fresh[:
I cant wait to See More of him.

Oh and you are so hott when you cuss[:
I saw a video on Youtube and I almost Died You are so Drop Dead Gorgeous[:
I know that Someday I will Meet You
At an Autograph signing and maybe go out for some Sush-ayy[:

I Love youuu

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had lotsa fun!! i'm super excited aobut the new hannah montana...are you in it??

have an awesome (tax free) weekend mitchel!!!!!!!!!

Meg said...


Wondering where we could get some Metro Station Cds in Ri??? Any suggesttiooonns?


Jessica said...

i want a miley doll :] and im happy there is gonna be a 3rd season. hannah montana is my favorite show. i don't know what i would do without it xD


Hey sweetie!
Looks like i'm gonna miss ya in LA, too =(
Yeah ur bro ROOOOX! But ur awesome too ;)
3rd season of hannah? yay! more mitchel!!!
oh yeah and i wanna know if this is really you in the video-
Love ya cutie patootie :)P

Anonymous said...

Fishing. Cool. I've never gone myself, hope you caught some fish!
Where is Catalina anyway? Oh well. If im ever in america I'll come and stalk you, K? haha.

I decided to go on youtube and search for your brothers band, they are pretty great!

A Miley doll? Hmm.. I might buy it and explain its for my wee cousin.. yeaaaahhh.. me watch hannah montana? pfft, never. *shifty eyes*

Yey, third season of hannah montana. Can't wait to see what Oliver gets up to next.


Anonymous said...

i cant wait to hear your new song i didn't get to hear it on kol but ill probley hear it soon i bet its fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

i loved that song, considering my name's kelsey. lol lol. Mason has an amazing voice. I'm listening to it right now actually. Well, I hope you had fun on you little trip!

Amanda said...

ohh my goodness =]
i was planning on going to that metro station concert thats awesome i hope i see you ! where will you be at!?! lol imma write to you =] before my birthday so i will get an autograph from you for my birthday that would be cool =]

bigblackdogstar said...

I'm seeing Metro Station in November with Motion City Soundtrack. <3

I was supposed to see them last night... but I was working.

I'm SOOO excited. <3

Zerina said...

Hope u had a good time in Catalina Island!! Im always wondering when I watch Hannah Montana what Oliver will do....You always pull some crazy stunt...haha! UR HILARIOUS.. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I saw your brother in New York at the Knitting Factory. It was an insane show. You and your brothers are so talented!

Anonymous said...

omg! i love catalina!

its so gorgeous =]

it's like one of my favorite places! idk why but....hey!

haha! well i dont live there or anything but i've been there three times when i go see my family.


haha and your song is awesome!

and your brother is great!!
i love Metro Station!


Ashley said...

you need to come to orlando sometime...xxo, ashley

Jessica said...

In May I was in Catalina Island for a camp. We got evacuated because of a fire. It was super scary. We got evacuated to another campsite on the island first, but the fire was spreading so at 1:00 in the morning me and all of my classmates who came with my classes, were on a ferry going back over to Long Beach. We stayed the night in a High School Gym with the Red Cross people helping us. The next morning we were on our way back in the bus. Our parents were all waiting they knew before we did about the fire.
(do you have a bebo)?

ericaca said...

ooooooooooh my!!! your going to seee metro station the 20th?! SO AM I!! ahhh. i'm even MORE excited to go noow! that band is soo amazing! and your brother is soo awesome! TO THE MAX! i hope i see you there!!