Friday, August 03, 2007

Sorry about the link guys....

It should be:

I did the interview today and have been told that they would air the interview over the weekend several times. I have no idea when the repeats will occur. But.....they did play my new song "Wasn't Your Girlfriend". I hope you guys get to hear it...let me know if you do.



Jessica said...

*squee* I wanna hear the interview and song! I can't wait any longer even though I have to! Well, I'll go to the site and check out if they have your interview!

Anonymous said...

Okk cool. But I'm on my way 2 the airport....I haven't got 2 listen 2 anything since the 27th. Cause my speakers don't work and I'm always on my sidekick. In fact I'm on it rite now. But ill listen 2 it I swear! Sept 16 is 2 far away for me 2 wait! Well g2g luv u!

Sasha said...

I'll try to listen to it when i get the chance and hopefully i will. I really want to here the song

Alicia said...

The interview with you, is on RIGHT NOW!! I'm listening and its great! and i think they are playing your song soon!!

Anonymous said...

i listened to the KOL interview! it was awesome!!


Anonymous said...

I like the new song, keep up the good work.
you should come to canada. :)

Alicia said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW SONG! Sorry your song wasnt playing when i had my other comment... THE SONG IS GREAT!I LOVE it already(and it's not over yet!)haha.. well.. you ROCK!! Love the song, and you..haha... xoxo...Alicia!!<3

Kristine said...

Hey, Mitchel. I heard your song. I liked the beat - it was sick. I hope I can get the song on IMEEM or something. Oh yeah, and they didn't air my question: are you coming to Canada any time soon? Or would you like to?

Alright, pc.

Erin91 said...

ah the interview was awesome! you are so hilarious!

and omg holy crap. you can act, rap, beat box, dance, skateboard, sing, and write awesome songs! is there anything u cant do?? seriously!

i LOVED the song! omg. i love it. and your voice is amazing, not even kidding. i was like squealing the whole time i listened to it lol

oh man, why are u so perfect? is there something in the water ur drinking?

jordan said...

as soon as I saw this i went to the site and caught the very end of the song. like 15 seconds but those 15 seconds were amazing!!!!! you should put it on itunes or a myspace music or something!!

love jordan

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I just went over to and heard your song, and you were amazing!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear more of your music! You're and awesome singer! Awesome job! *smile*


Sara said...

Hey Mitchel!

I was lucky enough to click on the link and be just in time for the interview and the song. I just finished listening to both the interview and the song and they were great! Even though my dog was barking right next to me during the first verse and half of the chours, I was able to hear it. I liked it a lot! I can't wait to hear more of your music. Keep up the good work!

P.S. Good luck with your pranks! ;)

Anonymous said...

The song was awsome!!! I literally almost started to cry!! (I cried a little!!!) Because it was so awsome!!!! I <3 U!!
XoXoXoXoX Shayal Boas XoXoXoXoX

marykateee =) said...

keep up the amazinggg workkk.
and I heard that thing about the prankss. haha
i don't have anyyyy.
the ones my friends do to eachotherr are just flatt out gross. switching your nice clean pure water with toliet bowl water. =/
but really....keep up the great work.
<3marykateeeee =]

carly said...

hey mitchel!

ah i havnt heard it yet but everyone says ur greattt!!
cant wait!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I wanna hear the song so badly!!! I bet it's awesome!!! This is so exciting!!! You should make a CD and go on tour!!! (In Canada to!)Hope you do!!! YOU ROCK!!! BYE!!!

-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G

Anonymous said...

nooooooooooo! my stupid computer is stupid. Lol. it's slow and the speakers don't work half the time
but i promise somehow i will hear the song!! and i can't wait!! OH man i can't wait!! =]


Anonymous said...

i loved the song it was AMAZING!!
you have a great voice cant wait to hear more songs!

Anonymous said...

i loved the song it was AMAZING!!
you have a great voice cant wait to hear more songs!

OLGA said...

Mitchel Your voice is absolutely aaaaaaaaaaaaaamazinggg Omggg.

Now all the Disney Channel Stars can sing[:

I loved your interview, your hilarious.
You must do something special that just makes you better and better[;

Your like perfect - its not even funny.
You Need to come to Texas, Like Right now[:
Im Serious :D

Owell Hopefully we'll here some more soon :D

I love you Mitchel Tate Musso.
[Haha I love saying your full name]


Katie R. said...

WOW!! Your song is AMAZING!! I loved it. You have a very nice voice! And the interview was fun to listen to. Those kids where so funny! and sweet. Can't wait to hear more Mitchel!
Katie R.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOh, I want to hear the song, but I dont know how to tune in to KOL! PLEASE HEEEELP!

Review girl

Anonymous said...

Mitchel I didn't know you sing I had a feeling you could since your brother has an awesome band I wish I know when your song will be on the radio so I can her, but I dont really want to listen to that radio station all day because its not really my kind of music oh well maybe ou can perform it and put it on Youtube. ily!
-Kelly <33

Anonymous said...

I should have said this earlier, but OMG!!!! He's gonna be a voice on king of the hill! WHATS WRONG WITH HIM, HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE CHRISTIAN, now hes encouraging people to watch idiot shows!!!!!! ( I still love Hannah Montanah, though.)

Review Girl

Anonymous said...

eeeeep, Mitchel I loved it, u r soo good and thee beat was awesomeee, keep it up. I can't wait to watch the new episode of HANNAH MONTANA. u are so freaky freaky cool [=

<3333 Leslie

Anonymous said...

ok i'll try this one!!....ok i'll tell u if i hear it....buti might not beable to do it 4 awhile since i go to my grandparent's house tomorrow!...i love them so much!!...ok.....g2g!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!


loser said...

Are you really Mitchel Musso

Monica said...

Checking it out... Can't wait to hear it!!! I'm sure its off the chain and freaky freaky fresh. lol.

Peace. Love. Monica.

Anonymous said...

ok i'm listening right now....i'll wait until i can't no more!!....ok well i'll tell u if i hear it....please put it on youtube!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urslef 4 being who u r!!


Anonymous said...

eeek! i'm watching KOL online right now & theyre like, doing the loop of the show and according to Rick - you will be on in "14 minutes"!

haha im veryyy excited!
i want to hear your new song so bad.
i want it to be on youtube so i can listen over & over like i do with "lets go"


<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

oh & i wish i wouldve watched the KOL thing when it was live, so i could try to call and talk to you


<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

the song is AWESOME I love it I cant wait to hear more songs! I bet (no i know) they are going to be awesome! the lyrics and music was awesome and OMG your voice you have the best voice ever!

Mindy said...

Mitchel! Your song was absolutely fantastic. You're amazing! Keep it up darlin'!


Kylie said...

your song was awsome and your a really great singer and can't wait to listen to other song you will write

Anonymous said...

okay, this is the 3rd comment ive left - but i just had to tell you that i just heard the interview on KOL! :) loveddd it.

mitchel, you are so hilarious & so nice to your fans! i only wish i knew about it earlier haha.

and your song was awesome! it was pretty different from 'lets go', but whats amazing is that you are so good at both! i wish i could listen to 'wasnt your girlfriend' again :( haha. but ill be listening for the KOL loop all weekend!

i love youuu!

<3 ally m.

amber said...

OMG i heard the interview and the song, it is GREAT! you are so so so talented. wow. and just when i thought you couldnt get any better, you're going to the studio to record a new song. i listened for almost an hour to hear you! thats devotion, right there. And btw, i have a feeling if i had talked to you, i wouldve been screaming, oh, and dont forget to COME TO TEXAS! please!


ps: Are you going to make a cd, cuz i would buy it!

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel your song was a great you are a wonderful singer and keep on writing can't wait to hear more of your songs


Carly said...

hey mitchel its me again! lol

any hoo


u wanna know what im in love wit?? lol


i love it! sooooooooooo muchhhhhhh




i am the one who said "Will u marry me".
i just thought i would let ya know.
The offer still stands.


Olivia said...

hey mitch your new songs EXCELLENT.

i am the first person to have a download link for it and a youtube video, so people should check it out. tell people please??
i'm going to metro station the 19th and 20th. you'll be there the 20th, you better talk to me or else :D



i watched KOL Radio for like 2.5 hours!!

mitchel come back to the boards please?
i got the ppl to stop :D

MARIAM. [[: said...

ya know?
everytime i listen to it,
it gets better.
if thats possiblee.
you're voice is pretty much amazing.

CHRISTINA/ mel said...

when i hopefully see you at the Metro Station Concert in hollywood I will totaly say that haha. anyways great new song. your voice is soo delicious.

Kad. said...

Heard it.
Loved it.
'Nuff said. =D


Oh, and keep up the good work. :)

omgxitssxklaudia :] said...

I lisended to you live with a bunch of girls calling in to marry you. And you were just like OMAGAWD i dont know what to say... that was really cute. Your new song..umm... ROCKS... haha I love it that you can sing, wait is there anything you cant do?

Paige said...

I can't wait to hear your new song!
I'm going to try to find it online to listen to it online.
Your voice is just so amazing.
I love it.
I'll also be keeping an eye out for that interview.
And, new episode of Hannah is on tonight! I hope you're in it! :]

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel u rock!!!!!!! i love ur voice its sooooooo cute!!!!! wasnt your girlfriend is now like my fave song u r sooo amazing and im so glad i finally got to hear it!!!!!!!

Meg said...


that song was ahmazinngg!!! I found it on youtube =] Your such a good singerr. hmm im thinkin someone needs a cdddd =]
Keep up the good workk



I'll clean your pool anyday.
But I knew there had to be one girl thinking that.

Your song was AMAZING but it just didn't sound like the Mitchel everyone 'knows'.
It was still good though.

Anonymous said...

OMG i cant wait to hear your second song !
you should get a CD i'd wait in line weeks for it ! !

-xo michele

OLGA said...

Hey Mitchel, Someone put it on Youtube[:

I love it :D Your amazing.
I Love you Mitchel :D


Anonymous said...

omg! thats song was soo good,mitchel! do you think you could tell ally or somebody to post the lyrics? cause i want to sing along to it. lol

Love ya! (and the song!!!!)


Lauren said...

I just heard your new song. It is awesome!! It's like the awesomest song ever!

luv, Lauren


OMG I looooove your new song!!!!! It's amazing! Are you having anymore songs?

Jessica said...

Dear Mitchel,
OMG! I just listened to "Wasn't Your Girlfriend"!! It's SO good & you're such a good singer! Man, is there anything you can't do?! Well, I'm off to listen to it again.
~Jessica~ (again :))

Becky said...

OMG Mitchel, I love your new song!! It's awesome!!! It's my new fav on my ipod! =D nice work!

Anonymous said...

i listened to the interview...haha you're really funny :] now i want to hear the song!

baby r said...

I luv ur new song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv u
baby r

Anonymous said...

i couldn't find the song by going to the KOL website but i went to da youtube website and i LUVVVVVV IT!!!!! i'm gonna try and find the interview later but the song is amazing!!!!


Zerina said...

cool! im listening to it right now!

Ashley said...

I heard it. I love it! and you can make an html link...