Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ok....seriously.........and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

Your mom named you Mitchell Musso and your a girl? First of have just about the coolest name in the world....the only thing that would make it cooler is if it was spelled with one L like mine....and second of all.....I gotta see a picture of you and a birth certificate to prove that your not joking with really,.......that is very cool!

Ok....about the guessing of the guest star this week......the truth is.....ONE of you got it you know what that means......if any two people mentioned the same person......then that's not who I am talking about. Only one person got it right. And remember....a lot of the people mentioned are coming back......but this one has lots of scenes with me this week.......keep guessing........and I'll let you know on Friday when we shoot before a live audience.

Mike Stanley is Not in the house this week......but Oliver is!

Guess who is directing our show this week????? Rondell from "That's so Raven" and "Cory in the House" huh?

I am recording tonight....I'm very excited about that!

Have the MOST incredible day......oh....and I thought I was going out of town this weekend.......but

Hannah is up for the TEEN CHOICE AWARD!!! so I will be with you guys on Sunday night live on FOX. I'll be on the red carpet and sitting with the cast and I am very Happy about that! Make sure you watch!



Anonymous said...

Wow....YAY! I'm voting 4 hannah! Omg..mitchel only 24 days till we meet again! I'm soo excited! I can't wait..well g2g!I have a audition 4 being a actress in 30 min!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh Mitchel!

who got it right???

was it an anonymous person like me!!!

omg omg omg. cool!.


Anonymous said...

First Comment (I hope)!

Wow. I was just refreshing your blog and a new post came up. Lucky me xD. I really hope I was "that one person"! I think no one else guessed mine... That is pretty cool that she's named Mitchell Musso, probably not as awesome as you though! Can't wait for the episode with Rondell!

I'm so taping those Teen Choice Awards, watching them over and over again!

Carly said...

hey!!! my mom just had a baby girl and named it mitchel musso! with one L. lol jk that would be so cool. woah

hmm so did i guess it right? is it brooke shields. lol after this comment i am going to read all the other ones to see if it anyone else said her!

have fun at recording. PARTY HARD.

YAHHH for teen choice awards!! woah! so excited. ill have a party and well all watch it!! cant wait!!

lovee yaa



Anonymous said...

ok about mitchell musso thats weird i dont belive it... but if so ur right that is the coolist name EVER!!! ummmmmm is it larry david or brook shields??????? aww 2 bad i love mike standly but oliver is way cuter!!!!!! cant wait to watch the teen choice awards hopefully ill see u!!!!

Anonymous said...

- mitchel -

first~ good luck on friday with hannah montana!!! i can't wait to see oliver!!!! who do you think that you are more like, mike stanley or oliver oken?

second~ i can't wait to hear the new song!

also that is GREAT news about the teen choice awards!!!!! i'll be watching FOX haha

but i have a question, whats this about some one having the same name as you?? and their a girl? what??? i'm confused...


Cleo said...

Yay, i'm so glad you'll be on the teen choice awards! I'll be sure to get a good look out.

I'm also very excited to hear your new song! :D

Will you be making a CD anytime soon? I sure hope you do, you have a great voice.

Katherine said...

Hey Mitchel,

That's great that Hannah Montana is up for the Teen Choice Awards! I'm so happy for you guys. I can't wait to see the new episode of Hannah Montana!

Rock On and Peace Out!


MARIAM. [: said...

someone named their daughter mitchell musso? thatss tight!

i should name my son mitchel, but he'll be mitchel jr. since we'll be married. hahahahahahahhaha.

im very happy for you and the cast of hannah montana. [: you guys deserve it. and i'm positive that you guys will win. [:

have an amazing week.
you deserve it.

thank you for posting in your blog mitchel!
i love youuu.

the girl with the big green sign.

Anonymous said...

they do have the coolest name in the world...
hah, that made me laugh.

p.s. theres a new JESSICA ALBA movie coming out...
even though its rated R, i thought id tell you, haha. x]

Anonymous said...

NO WAY HANNAH MONTANA IS UP FOR TEEN CHOICE AWARDS THATS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! sry im hyper. i cant wait for the new song i told you that already but still. so yeah good luck recording tonight.


- -BAYLEEhunter* said...

hmmm...i have no idea who it is,too lazy to look through hundreds of comments and so ill just wait til you tell us =]
well i may be gouin to the MS concert in november at atlanta,i sure hope i do! im goin to a hannah montana concert in tennesee (also in november!) my cousin alexa and me are goin,shes 16 and im 14 so we look like geezers (superbad:]lol) but were goin around tellin everyone in school...most people are like "who the crap is that?" but hannah montana,OH YEAH!! lol
i know youve said a million times but on masons myspace it had a comment that was "supposedly" sent by you?! just wonderinggg!!
well have a good week [cant wait for hannah and cant wait til phineus and ferb comes back!!)

mariam. [: said...

and about the guest star...
i still think its becca.
but, im not suree.
i just went through all the comments really quickly and she was mentioned more than once,
soooo, i was wrong.
im not sure. i guess you'll just have to tell us. ahahaha. [:

Anonymous said...

OMG YAY more Oliver. :] woohoo hmmm I'm still thinking about that guest star hehe. OMG Rondell?? That is so kewl. Ahh I cannot wait to hear the song Mitchel, I really cant. YAY. Oh and I am so gonna watch TCA =] yeeeppeeee. lol.

<333 Leslie

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm still like guessing right now (for the guest star) hmmm. anywho ur so talented, ur a great actor/singer/rapper [= hehe. anywho i really want oliver and lilly to like date or something :P hehe. But Mitchel u rock ur my idole =]

check out this forum that my friends and i adore



A girl named Mitchel Musso? wowww
Dang boy! I hate guessing games- I stink at guessing, obviously lol
I'll miss Mike! But if Oliver's still there, I'm happy ---> =] see? happy ;)
Rondell Sheridan is directing? Hmm.. never knew he directed! Awesome to see wat that episode'll be like!
Yippy more recording!! Wish I could help out like maybe backup vocals- ooo! you could ask girls to send in their singing voices and you could choose which one you want to sing backup on one of ur new songs!!
Yay!!! You're not leaving, and I get to see yu at the TCA's!!
Well, stay awesome!!
Wuv u mucho, mista musso ;)

Jenn said...

mitchel, i seriously cant figure this one out.

ohh, and i have a question for you.
is miley really going to school in chicago?
i doubt you'll answer, but it was worth asking.

Anonymous said...

awhh aren't u sweet? it me who guessed right tell me is it me???....mitchel i need some advice...well my friend is moving away and we've been the best of friends for years now and i think she said she's moving to new mexico....that's pretty far away 4 me...when i was walking home i saw the sign and started there anyway 2 make the pain stop?...i'm crying right now...sorry it is really hard 2 type...awhh man no mike standly?...well that stinks!...coolieo that rondell is directing!...that is awesome....don't worry i will watch the teen choice awards...please can u answer my me meand my broken heart?... :) 4 u pretty please w/ sugar on top? :)
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urslef 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;) :)

Dani said...

I forgot to add to my list so glad you posted. Larry David. He is amazing!!!! I love Seinfeld. I hope he comes back!!!!


*dα n Y E L L ' said...

OMG are you serious? I can't wait 4 the Teen Choice Awards! I hope the show is nominated and wins.:))))))) Have fun shooting on Friday, with the 'big star'! Can't wait to watch it!

Love Always,


i still have no idea who is guest starring....and ....theres a new hannah montana dvd coming out O.o Life's what you make it....i like how u look on the cover lol well i'm gonna get it...


Anonymous said...

i'm so bored mitchel!!...HELP!...the guest star thing is nagging me right this very minute!...i'm tired!...but i can't sleep because it's not even 9 here yet!...yeah 2 hour differnece...TOMORROW I RUN THE MILE I JUST REMEMBERED THAT!...they say we can bring ipods but i don't wanna...don't wanna take a chance!...i luv u and ur music!.. :)!...pretend it's bigger and a lot happier and has awesome hair like u!!...i'm still waiting 4 a letter from u...i keep waiting and waiting and waiting!...oh yeah i got a new m mag and i was u have a myspace?...just wondering u don't have 2 answer that! it's pouring here!...pretty creepy!...ok well have an awesome day!...well night and rest of week!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urself 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

You're right. Mitchel is a pretty cool name, but what if you have the SAME first AND last name?! Wouldn't that be cool, too?! Well, that's me! Same first and last name. No lie. My mom said she named me that because it sounded pretty. I love my name though. It's what makes me unique!

I wonder who got the guest star right! Probably not me, but whoever did must be one heck of a guesser!

Too bad Mike Stanley III won't be in the episode, but at least Oliver is in it! I sure missed him!

That is EXTREMELY cool that Rondell is directing!! "That's So Raven" and "Cory in the House" are awesome shows!

Of course I'll watch you and the rest of the "Hannah Montana" crew on TCA!!

Oh, and good luck recording!!

Have a super duper awesome day!

Melissa said...







**ooops, bad**

Kylee said...

AHH. i wish my name was mitchel musso :] haha

i hope i guessed it right i guess a whole lot :]

wooo hoo oliver!!! hahai love you :]

that is very cool that rondell is there! i wish i could meet him and you..haha

im very exicited your recording tongiht to :]

i did have a pretty good day.. thank you.. and i hope you do to :]

go hannah!! haha i will be watching!!!

love you,

Kylee from Texas

Leanne xP said...

I was just thinking of Metro Station and it was like I was struck by lightning or something. I thought ehhmiigawshh, Metro Station has to guest star on Hannah Montana (I mean HAS to)! I mean what would this world be like if they didn't?


MeganP2010 said...

haha no wayy, some girl's name is Mitchell Musso? So weird! Omg I hope you win the teen choice award!


Hannah said...

wazz i right? is it gwendolyn yeo?

Kylee said...

Alright mitchel,

you wanna know HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?!?!?

i went threw every freakin comment and wrote down all the names that were mentioned and then i went back threw them and crossed of the ones that were mentioned more than once. if thats not a very caring and LOVING fan pshh then i dont kno what is :]

alright i got..

~Ruthie Stewart
~Sterling Knight
~Erin Matthews?
~Margo Diamond
~Morgan York

and that would be all..

i love you to death i really hope i get to meet you one day not because your famous and not because your "hot" like alot of poeple.. i want to meet you because your an amazing person and your my hero :]

love you and have a fantastic week,
cant wait for the new song,

Kylee from Texas

P.S. if u come to Texas i would really be the happiest person ALIVE.
P.S.S. im listenign to lets go right nowww :]

Hannah from California said...

is it noah cyrus, gwendoline yeo, or vicki lawrence?

Aly said...

Hey mitchel omg i think i am the 1st comment on this post AHHH!!!!!!! but i just have to say i your brothers's music on their song 17 forever (best song ever!!!!) and of course i love your music LOL i always listen to it and i can't go a day without listening to that song 'wasn't your girlfriend' and i don't know how i am gunna survive wen skewl comes this monday!!! but i will have time after skewl and Homework ugh!!! LOL well i love you soooo much


Anonymous said...

I am definitely tuning in for the Teen Choice Awards. Have fun with the recording and I cant wait for the new episode.


Amanda Q said...

omg that would be cool if my guess was right!! yeaaaa haha that would be cool if someone had the same name as you =]

marykateee =) said...

Oh my goshhhhh!
I'm so happy for Hannah Montana for making it to the Teen Choice Awards.
I'll deff. be watching it!

It's 11 here in Jersey and after 6 miles of running I'mm tiredddd.

Good luck at the TCA'S!!!

Olga said...

Hmm Someone named there child Mitchell Musso. I dont really believe it. But they must be lucky.
To be named after the hottest guy in the world. [:
When I get married to you.
I really wont know what to name our children. :]
Hahaha. Im positive about that. :D

I still have no clue who that mystery person is.
Noo idea, what so ever.
Im probably never going to figure it out until you tell us who it is.

Cant wait to see the new Hannah Episodes. They just get funnier and funnier and funnier, every single time. :]
You guys have the best scriptwriters ever.

I cant wait for your new song.
Ive said a bunch of times,
Your voice is amazingggg. [:

I am definatly going to vote For HM for the TCA. And I will definatly watch it. :D
Maybe if Miley and Emily are busy
You can get the award. And then we could all see you on LIVE TV. :D

I Love youu.
Its trueeee.
Come to Texas.
Really, really, really soon. [:


allison said...

wow someone has that name?! coool. haha i'm not even gonna go and read all the guesses for the guest star and figure it out. i'll just find out! mmmm new episodes of hm need to come out SOON! its been too long lol
hope your song turns out awesome & you have fun at the teen choice awards!

Rachel said...

Im voting for Hannah for sure! :)
Only ONE person got it right?! WOW, i wonder who it is ?! :O
Hopefully it was mee. :)
Well im out.
Peaceee. <3

Fer said...

I'm voting for Hannah!!!can't wait to see it!!!

So I read all the comments in the past blog and I'm pretty sure I was the only one that said it was that girl Joannie but idk...

Have fun recording tonight I'm sure you're gonna be great!

Hope you're having an AMAZING week!

Anna =] said...


yay. Hannah Montana up for a Teen Choice Award. You guys will win. I'm sure of it. You guys deserve it more than anyone else.

Humm. A girl named Mitchell Musso. odd. I must say.

I'm totally stoked for your new music. It'll be spectacular. I am positive.

Have an incredible day.
Unfourtantely, I might not because my town is under water right now from a major flood and we have something like a city emergency and no one is "suppose" leave their house and all this other crap. But I'm thinking I might just get out of my house tomorrow. I'm sad and sick of being in my house.


Abby S said...

WAS IT ME?! WAS I RIGHT!!?? I SAID LARRY your blog if i was right say Abby S was right. haha i prob got it wrong though. someone might have said that. o well sounds cool!!!

Olivia said...

before i read that whole thing i thought you spelled your own name wrong!!
i don't like that.
like ever since i saw you on life is ruff and all that stuff, mitchell looks wrong and mitchel looks right

so now,
and i think that this girl is lying causee...
mitchell musso?
mitchell/mitchel is a boys name
and its a form of michael.
so he rname would have to be MICHELLE.
okiee doke :]
did you know
that in italian
MUSSO means basically, a big nose?
thats so funny i think :D
i'm italian so i sorta know this stuff.
my last name means coolness in italian :]
italians do have a tendency for big noses though
just like youu :]

abby s - from TEXAS =] said...

oohhhh i bet it's morgan york, i went through ALL THE COMMENTS and the only name that was named only once was morgan york. but she is on alot of episodes! i didnt tihnk she counted. o wel.. cant wait!!!

Amanda Q said...

Michael Steger???

lol for that guest star thing idk?! just guessing. haha have fun at the teen award on sunday =]

omg hannah montana should have an episode where trace ,mason ,anthony, and blake [metro station] go on tv and they play a little something that would be cool =] and i could be like omg that was my idea haha =]

Anonymous said...

haha whoa, someone with your name? thats cool. haha and i looked at the comments from the other post [haha] and only one person guessed dex, so my guess is him! :P

haha, yay for TCA's! :]

have an amazing rest of the week mitchel.

<3 ally m.

Melissa said...

Could it have been me? haha, I dunno, I think I'm the only one who guessed Morgan York (Sarah).

Either way, have fun recording and filming Friday! I can't wait to hear your new song. :]

I'll DEFINITELY watch the Teen Choice Awards and look for you. Have fun and good luck on winning the award! I know you guys will win. :]

Erin91 said...

ok ok. my last two guesses.
the girl who played Joannie
or the guy who played Dex.

and i LOVE Rondell! he's so funny! again, can't wait to hear another one of your awesome songs =)

and omg, you crack me up every time u say "have the most INCREDIBLE day!" or "have the best week of your life!" haha ur hilarious.

Anonymous said...

ok well my best friend is over and I told her about your blog and she had no idea that you had this and she thinks it so cool! she like to figure out things so of course she made me got thru all the comments while she tallied everrything it took like a hour! and there were a few that were only said once so then we had to go to imdb and figure out who is from the second season and we came up with a few answers so we had to think who you would be in scense with.

she thinks it's the guy who plays Dex? But i dont think so. I have no idea who it is. (she can be so annoying no jk but she rocks)lol

ok well after this long comment you are probley bored to death sry!

lauren and sarah

Hannah said...

so who got it right?

i can't wait til the teen choice awards. i'll be looking out for u & the rest of the Hannah Montana cast on tv. lol. i'm not going to be in LA, i'm in the bay area though...

Anonymous said...

I saw one Noah Cyrus, but then I like raced through all the comments. Lol. Is this the last taping for the season? Rondell is directing? That's awesome. I'll watch for u on the Teen Choice Awards. =D

-(aMbReA)- said...

Hi Mitchel! I'm glad that Hannah Montana's being nominated for the Teen Choice Awards! I am DEFINITELY voting for it! Who is named Mitchel Musso too? Whoever they are, it must be REALLY cool! Thank goodness someone mentioned the right person for the special guest!! Can't wait to see the new episode! Talk to ya later! ^^

Take care,
Ambrea from Cali

cecile said...

woww that's a lot of good news (:
and that's sooo crazy that you and that girl have the same name
haha well i hope you enjoy your week
God bless<3

ohh and happy late birthday to your dad (:
mine was yesterdayy

Tiffany said...

I really wanna know who the guest is
but i guess i have to wait.
that is soo cool that Hannah is up for an award.
can't wait to see you on tv.
oh and i hope you guys put up exactly where the signing is soon because my mom is thinking about taking me, but i don't know yet because we live by LAX.
But i just hope i can go.

fubias said...

yay for hannah! we already voteddd for itt! well we migth go to the red carpet event for the teen choice awards so we'll look for you there! <3

we love you,

lalalaaaa said...

lol, first of all, I love you, because you actually replied to the person - who was a girl - who said their name was Mitchell Musso xD Just proves that you actually read the BLEEPload of comments that you recieve though, which is a good thing =]

But, still - did ya have a little Oliver Oken moment there? xD

Secondly, guessing time...

Morgan York...? Guy who played Guillermo Montoya? Uhhhhhhhhhhh... hmm. I dunno. The correct guesser should get a date with Mitchel Musso. Teehee (unless it was a guy, cause that'd be really awkward - but how many guys go on your blog other than to glare at you in jealousy since you get to work alongside two gorgeous girls?-)

Okay, I shall stop talking. You probably have more comments to plow through at the moment.

Much love,


btw - your brother has a sexy voice O:D

lalalalaaaa said...

Oh yeah, forgot one of my guesses -
joannie. I'm probably wrong but, meh.

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel :)

congratulations on the nomination for hannah montana! the show will deefffffffffffinitely win. i cant wait to hear your new songs. hopefullly ill see you soon! come to ny/nj <3

lovvee yaaaa - heather b

Lιѕα -- x said...

Haha thats pretty kewl Lol
Im not to more than happy to see just oliver on the screen =D
& You have an most incredible day too..i get my EXAM RESULTS TODAY =O Im well scared, wish me luck =( !!

Love Lisa M <3 xxx

Daniella said...

I so happy for you :)
And I want to hear you new song :)
plasse come to Israel!!

Kad [Short Notice] said...

Ahh, congratulations on the Teen Choice Award nomination! =D

HAHA. I'd love to meet both Mitchel & Mitchell Musso... that's pretty amazing!

Hm. I honestly wonder who it could be... ahh well.

Have a great end of week! =D

Alyssa said...

I bet it's Brooke Shields coming back to play in another flashback, right?

Hope you have fun at the Teen Choice Awards! I'll be watching :)

♥ Alyssa

Alyssa said...

Hey Mitchel,
Me again. I was just wondering...When you turn into Mike Stanley, is the beard thingy itchy?

Sasha said...

That stinks that Mike Standley wont be on the show this week. Atleast we get to see oliver!
It awesome that Hannah is up for teen choice awards. Well i have to get ready for another day of school

See ya

Ashley said...

OH MY GOSH that's so cool I already voted 4 Hannah on the Teen Choice Awards! I never guesed the person who's coming back so I think it might b Luanne! So I hope that's right!G2G bye!
<3 Ashley

Anonymous said...

I didn't get it right before, but is it Dex? Is a girl SERIOUSLY named Mitchell Musso?!?!?! That would be a major coincidence! I can see where her name might be Michelle Musso, but... SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Well, like you said she has the second coolest name in the world! That's so cool that Rondell is directing this week! I can't wait to hear your new song! I wish I could come to the Teen Choice awards, but at least I can see it on tv! Good luck! *smile*

Kylee said...

Oaky so its Kylee again haha

so i went and looked up the poepel i had left and.. i turns out that ERin Matthews and Morgan York were already mentioned and Lindsey was Noah cyrus's middle name?

So the people i have left are..

Micheal Stegar...MINE.

Sterling Knight

&Margo Diamond

i hope i got it right!!

love you,

have a good day,
Kylee from Texas

Meg said...

omg i think i was the only person to guess the craaackkkerrr lol

uhm yea if i did get it right and u just mentioned me in yuhr blog i will totally and completely FREAK OUT!! lol

ill be watchin on sunday wit u=]

omg i have orientation @ mi new school and i amm sooo nervous....high school is SCARY!!!



jrcarey said...

Hey Mitchel my names Junior BIG fan of you hope we get to meet eachother someday looking forwoard to it and i will vote for Hannah you have my word cant wait to see you guys on sunday TILL NEXT TIME GOOD BYE AND GOD BLESS to ya

ally m said...

haha, olivia said this & i totally agree!

"like ever since i saw you on life is ruff and all that stuff, mitchell looks wrong and mitchel looks right"

everytime i see 'mitchell', i'm just like, wait thats not right? haha.

its weird to see it spelled that way now :P

<3 ally m.

Leanne xP said...

I just like woke myself up this morning. Here its 10:40 AM, usually I get up around 12:30 PM. The first think I thought about was who was on Hannah Montana. Ohmigosh, was it Bucky Kentucky or Tracy?

Maris-AAH! :]] said...

Hai again. So, can you tell us who got it right? C: My names not Mitchell, or Mitchel, and my last names not Musso, either. But, I don't have a birth certificate, sorry! So, even if I was, I couldn't prove it to you. :P Darn being born in a foriegn country. But, that might make my biography interesting... >__< ily, seriously, I do.

Marisa. :]]
PS, congrats! I'll vote for it!

Anonymous said...

Hey mitch is it true that your parents named u with only one L because they didn't want the word h*ll in your name


Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I am SO happy that you, and the Hannah cast, is up for the Teen choice awards!! I hope you win!!

Is the guest star, Jesse McCartney? He's the only one, I can think of. I hope you have fun with the guest star!

How was the HSM2 premiere?? I hope you had fun. What was your favorite song?? I like "Every day". I saw you on the Disney365, with the HSM2 premiere. It looked like you had a great time. I glad! (btw, when do u start school??)

Well, good luck in school, this upcoming year, and have an incredible weekend!

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Georgina Lily! said...

Hey Mitchel!
Thanks for the updates!

wow really a girl has your name!
cool =]
if its true anyway lol././.

Awww no mike! ohh well Oliver is way better of course!! =]

Oh cool... i CANT WAIT to hear your new song! its gona rock.
your making songs so fast. lol.

Cool yay!! hannah montana better win lol..!!!

Well gona go bye bye
Love Georgina x

Chrisitna said...

I was listening to Miley's song right here and was like Maybe I should check Mitchel's blog to see if he updated. and u did so im leaving a comment. I wonder if I was right I hope so! Congrats on the Teen choice awards You guys are so gonna win! I know it! What did you think of Hsm2! Awsome right? Anyways, good luck on recording. What crazy things will Oliver do next? keep on rockin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!

I thought you might enjoy this game.

thanks for everythibg you do!

Leanne xP said...

I'm guessing again for the person...
Jackson's friend Max
the Judge Barrett
Young Jackson(Ryan Adkisson)
Young Miley (Ryan Newman)
Jeremy, Hannah's back-up dancer
Dandruff Danny
Mr. Annihilator
Mr. Mysterious Stranger
Mr... there's no name here
Guillermo Montoya


Her name's Mitchell Musso? That's so cool!!!! I wish my parents named me something cool..... That would get kind of weird though. idk.
Congrats to getting nominated for Teen Choice Awards!!! I realllly hope you guys win! I'll be watching it and cheering for you!
Again, I can't wait to hear your new song! And see new episodes of 'Hannah' as always. Pleeease tell us who the guest star is!! I'm so confused!! lol
Anywho, have a great rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

WOW!!! I can't wait for the Teen Choice Awards!!:D Hannah better win, because if it dosn't I'll be sad. And so will a lot of people. I wanna tape it, but I'd have to get another tape because I'm not taping over Hilary Duff Live At Much, or my kindergarden Christmas concert!

So one person got it right? hhmmm... I was starting to think that maybe it's Corbin Bleu. Idk. I'm most likely wrong though. And I still think whoever it is the episode will be one of the best!!!

So you said a girl has the same name as you?? Thats very cool! But I don't think I've ever heard of a girl with the name Mitchel. Isn't that more of a guys name? Well actually I have heard of a girl with that name before. Last name to? VERY VERY COOL! Is she like related to you or something? Maybe like a 7th cousin? I geuss it's possible.

Anyways....this is a really long comment. More like a letter really. Any way can't wait for more Hannah Montana! With Oliver! Fans want more Oliver!

-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G



A GIRL has the name Mitchell Musso?! That's AWESOME!!!
It'd more cool if she had one "L", though, but still. =D

Can't wait to see the new episode of Hannah! Mike Standley may not be in the house, but Oliver is--he's SO much cuter, anyway...;)

OMG! I am soooo happy for you and the cast of Hannah Montana. I know that you guys have worked really hard to get where you are today. The show is a HUGE success and I wish you the best of luck!

My fingers are crossed, Mitchel!


Katie said...

OMG! tell her congarts! but im sorry u cant go out of town this weekend but i bet this will be funnier!

Elizabeth said...


I read your post last night but I couldn't comment right then.

Mitchell Musso....hmmmm.... Maybe its pronounced diffrently? Thats really cool!

One person guessed it? wasn't me! I've already seen pictures of the one with Dolley and Vicky. That one sounds exciting! And I also saw some with Brooke Shields. Since tomorrow is Friday, I think I can wait that long!

I'll take Mike or Oliver...either one works for me! Abd Rondell is really cool! This episoide is gonna be amazing!! And you've been recording a lot lately. I wonder if your CD will be out by the holidays...?

I'm watching the Teen Choice Awards! I voited for Hannah and Miley for everything (of course I also voited for Sanjaya...but he was in a totally diffrent catogory!

Sorry you couldn't make it out of town but I think this would be a lot more exciting! Unless you were coming to Texas...then I would have to reconsider... Just kiddin!

<3 Liz

mitchelsBABE said...

i don't believe that her name is mitchel musso!!
i am STILL clueless about the guest star!!!!!!!!

i am excited about you recording too! what's the name of your newest you know yet?

cannot wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!

oh and you don't have to worry...i voted for hannah montana!

i will definetly record the teen choice awards

Kylee said...


post the girls name that got it right when you tell us that would be FANTASTIC :]

im sorry i post so much haha i just get different ideas...

I will be watching you on tca!! have fun and i will be thinking of you..

i really cannot believe you read every single comment we post thats of the millions of reasons why i love you :]

okay and i have a little question for you..whats it like knowing that millions of people are in love with you and knowing that they are watching you on tv everyday??

that would be so incredbly amazing...

well ill stop talking know haha,

i love you.

Kylee from Texas

(p.s. haha if i ever meet you you'll probably think of me as kylee form texas becuase i post so many comments and thats what i say haha :])

peace-out! :]

Melissa said...

yay!im so happy that i might get to see you because I will be at the teen choice awards that night too. I'm taking my best friend there for her birthday and you just gave me and early birthday gift. lol well see you there hopefully.

<3 Melissa

Jessica said...

YESH TONIGHT YER RECORDING :]]] aaah im so excited to hear it. is it a fast or slow song?

Anonymous said...

I've been here before a few times...
Oh and, say it ain't so, I will not go, but congrats on the TCA nomination anyways.

Everybody's gone, and I've been here for too long..
Well I guess this is growing up.

(kudos if anyone can figure this out, ha)

Alicia said...

awsome! good luck and i hope hannah wins! have an awsome weekend! ughh skool strts monday NOOOOOO! :-(

Anonymous said...

GO HANNAH! wooooo!!

i'm guessing ashley tisdale. cuz only one person guessed her.. i think :]


Paige said...


I'm guessing Jesse McCartney or Cody Linley. but, then again, i haven't checked the past comments, so I'm gonna do that now. =D
Hope your week is going fantastically.


Fer said...

so I was thinking about something and I had to tell you:P

I bet you are excited becauseeee Jessica Alba might be there...and then if Fantastic Four wins an award she will be there AND you'll get to see her!lol I just wanted to say that...

So is it Joannie???

Ok I guess that's all good luck Sunday!
love ya <3

Anonymous said...

i made it through another day of school!...the mile...o i felt really sick afterwards!...i know it's not me who got it right...tomorrow u will post the guest star right?...i hope!...ok well this just came into my head...three words of advice and i'll write them @ the will be my new slogane...well i am still waitin' for that letter!..ok g2g!
LIVE, LAUGH, LEARN! (new slogane!)

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;) :) remember a lot happier, bigger smile, and has awesome hair like u!!

Anonymous said...

write more later, love you forever, Hope

Heidi said...

Hey Mitchel,
hm.. is it Dolly Parton or Corbin Bleu? Cant wait to watch the Teen Choice awards and see the new episode!


Olga said...

Hey Mitchel
My loveeeeee.

I made you a Music Myspace. :D
With BOTH of your songs. :D
When you come out with your
new one, Ill put it on there too.

Haha, thats how much I love you.
And How much I love your music.

Heres the link to it.

Hope you look at it,
And Like it. :]


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I really don't get the whole "girl Mitchell Musso" - thing, but it's quite funny! Where did u get that bit of information that u had someone else out in this big huge world with your an "L"? LOL.

I am so sure it wasn't me who guessed right for the guest star...I didn't guess because I had no idea! Can't wait to hear about it though! ;)


I think Rondell is so cool! He's hilarious...I think he's funnier in Cory in the House than in That's So Raven, though, but, still, he's super funny! Have some fun with the fact that he'll be on set...maybe play a few practial jokes on him? That'd be really funny!

Hope you have/had fun recording! I can't even begin to describe to you how excited I am for your new song! When's the CD coming out? Well, I mean, if there is one, but I'm just really optimistic, so I'm guessing that there will be one! LOL.


Good luck to you and all of the Hannah cast at the Teen Choice Awards! I'm rooting for you guys, of course! I will try my best to watch, but it's MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY that day, so chances are, I won't get to see it! :( I'm sure we have plans, I'm just not quite sure what they are yet...But, hopefully, you, Ally, Era, and/or Jordan will post about the awards, and maybe have some clips of them? We'll see, I guess!

Okay well this is long enough!

Have fun!

Love always,

Nikita Bimson said...

hey. uhm, it would be really cool if u read my blog. Its not really good though, its my 1st time on a blogging site. But it would be cool if u were the 1st person to comment that. Please and Thank you.

Maryann! said...

okay i probably sound REALLY stupid but did her parents make her first name Mitchell Musso and like have the same last name as them?

just kind of pointing that out haha.

Its kind of hard to believe that someone would ACTUALLY do that.

Allison (alli c) said...

I want to watch the teen choice awards so bad, but I probably cant stay up to watch the hole thing because stupid first day of school is on Tuesday, but I think I will be able to see the red carpet.



Briana Swift said...

you rock! and thats so cool about that girl named after you if its true that is...seriously what are the odds. oh well, good luck with the new song and have fun at the awards.

Briana Swift said...

ok, heres a quick guess: Mikayla is coming back? Soemone probably already said that though. Bye, and uggh school startys soon ♥&Spades;♣Briana

Anonymous said...

you are my love my life and some day i'll be your......WIFE lol


*PeAcE oUt*