Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guest Star....

A lot of you were right...all the people you mentioned have been on the show and a lot of them are coming back.....but No One has given me the name I'm looking for....this is going to be a tough one!

How was Metro Station last night?????? Incredible! Tell me if you were there...

I had my photo shoot with Jason yesterday...today I have Hannah, Phineas and Ferb, Vocals and a meeting with my music agent....CRAZY DAY!

Looking forward to every minute of it.

I am recording a brand new song tomorrow. I'm going out of town this weekend...that's whats going on over here..........



Kylee said...

AHH. i dont know who it is!

Im excitedd though :] :]

Im glad you had fun at metro station last night, oh and i got alot of there songs of lime wire on my ipod. they are pretty good!

have fun with your busy day and i will be thinknin gof you :]

CAN NOT WAIT until your new song!!!!!!! exciting :]

Im not doing much this week school starts monday :/ ahhh. its gone by so fast.

well, i love and have fun today :]

Kylee from TEXAS



Anonymous said...

Were u looking for Lesley instead of Jake Ryan? Idk. Hmmm...
I wish I could've been there.
Wow. Sounds cool. Phineas and Ferb was a funny cartoon when it aired after HSM2.
Can't wait to hear a new song!
Have fun!

Kad [Short Notice] said...

A tough one eh? I'll crack the mystery, I say!

Aww, I looked for videos and pictures of the concert but found none. Glad you had fun!

HAHA. Have fun recording your song and being out of town!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

You're up a bit early, right? LOL.

I have no idea who the guest star is...Can't wait to hear about it, though! Have fun with your really full day...Good luck to you for all of that, too! :)

I'm sure we'll love your new song. Have a great weekend!

Love always,

Kylee said...


Kylee from Texas.
:] :] :] :] :] :] :] :]

Anonymous said...

omg first comment woot! anways.. gust star...i dunno..becca?!
u had a photo shoot with Jason yesterday? today u have Hannah, Phineas and Ferb, Vocals and a meeting with ur music agent?!sounds psycho crazy to me! ooo! new song?? cant wait 2 hear it!!!!!!

luv, <3Moo 12..
P.S. cant wait till phineas and ferb airs in january!!!!!! ITS GUNNA BE AWESOME!!!!!

Dani said...


Ok I'm just gonna gonna start naming people that have been on the show:
~Brooke Shields
~Cody Linley
~Jesse McCartney
~Jonas Brothers
~Corbin Bleu
~Joey Fatone(hasen't aired yet, but you mentioned soemthing about him)
~Selena Gomez
~Dolley Parton
That's all I can think of!!!

Sounds like a busy day! I have school tomorrow, so that's gonna be hectic for the first day! The joys of sitting in a classroom for 6 hours with 2 hours worth of homework, after you spend 2 hours at work, then you try to sqeeze in a little bit of LIFE! I know, you're just so jealous....yeah...

Have fun recording a new song! And going out of town! A little R&R is going to be nice! Where are you going? Ah, you don't have to tell, just wondering!

Yesterday, I went with my friends to the movies and saw "The Invasion." Pretty good! Kind of a sci-fi thinking type and a little freaky type movie. Aliens basically take over human bodies by spreading a virus. Then I saw.....MONSTER HOUSE for the first time. Another great movie! I was watching the behind the scenes stuff and you were so little!!! You and Sam were also really goofy! I was cracking up when you guys were singing about a spoon, then something about cartoons. You guys looked like you were drinking Mountain Dew all day or something. Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing.....


Anonymous said...

is mamaw miley && jackson's grandma coming back ??
wow you do have a busy day !
sounds fun though !
come back to new york or new jersey !

-xo Michele

abby said...

Wow that is a busy day!! hmm.. NOBODY guessed it!? geez....

maybe the jonas brothers again? or noah cyrus?

i cant wait to hear the new song!

<3 abby

Kylee said...

Andrew Caldwell?
Madison Pettis?
John D'Aquino?
Francis callier (roxy)?

Thats all i could remember besdies mileys mom and i posted that already :]

Kylee from texas

love you!

abby said...

okay these are all the season 2 guests i could think of...

larry david
madison pettis
jonas brothers
brooke shields
jesse m.
selena gomez

any of those right?

<3 abby

Daniella said...

I so happy for you :)
YAY!!! A new song!! =]

Anonymous said...

i cant think of any one else. i cant wait for new the song. i love all of your songs. i just cant find lets go with out screaming girls lol. i hope you have fun today. so yeah...


Ramiro said...

Thats cool Mitchel. Im pretty sure Phineas and Ferb will be a huge hut!

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Was it Thor?

Can't wait for this song!

Anonymous said...

sounds like your gonna be mr. bizy bee 2day! lol. hope you have fun. that guest star thing is bugging me now. i thought it was jake but hmmm... i wanna here ur bro play. eveyone says they r awsome. but we'll see.
Love yah much!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

is it mike stanley 111? no thats you ummm dolley parton? um idk you need to give us another hint plzz!!

~~mary~~ (the #1 mitchel lover)

Anonymous said...

hint need another hint! plzz ily
~~mary 4m maypearl~~

Anonymous said...

is the guest star Cody Linley or Dolley Parton?

Olivia said...

thankss for the update mitchel i didn't see you at metro station cause you were upstairs and i was downstairs being beaten up practically..!
but i talked to your brother he's really nice.
and blake too.
i saw miley there, i didn't know she was gonna come.
but i stillll love you even though i didnt' seee you.
and you never said that "wasn't your girlfriend" was your song at the fourth of july thing!!
see, its playing in the backgrouund!
i'm getting so much hatemail on the videos i do :/

whatever they can deal with it.

i didn't get any pics with ANYONE.
my cameras a retard.
but yesterday was the best day after my birthday ever :]]

cocoksb1994 said...

i wonder if hte guest star is cody linely who knows but either way i can't wait

Lιѕα -- x said...

Yep That Does Sound A Lil Crazy =D Better Than Being Here..So Much For Summer..Its Non-Stop Rain =[ Anyway..Enjoy Yuurself =P
&& Good Luck With Yuur New Song!!
Loove Lisa <3

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has gotten the guest star yet! I'll go through all of the guest stars soon, but for now is it... Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, or Vicki Lawrence? I'll keep guessing. I'm glad you had fun at the concert! Good luck with your busy day, and I can't wait to hear your new song! *smile*


Erin91 said...

hmm...is it one of lilly's men? like matt or lucas? or the jonas brothers again! that'd be awesome!

can't wait to hear more of your songs<3

Erin91 said...

oh or maybe Dex?? ok my guesses are Dex, Matt, Lucas, or the Jonas Brothers since they're all from this season.

Ashley said...

That sounds fun! Your busy 10x's busier than me! Hope you have fun!
<3 Ashley

Katie said...

omg that sounds like a huge day for you! hope everything goes as planed!

MeganP2010 said...

woaa your day sounds crazy- but fun! That would be like my dream day to like go and act all day! I took a voiceover class like a week ago so now I know how to do like looping and voicing characters and advertisments!

I can't wait till the new episode of hannah, even though I don't know what it is... MAYBE IT'S LILLY'S MOM HAS GOT IT GOIN ON!!! oh my god that would be so cool if it was!! That's the one that I met you at and sat in the audience-- so cool!

See you in September!


Tiffany said...

I wonder whos coming back....I really want to know
hope you have a great and fun, busy day.


Okay, honestly, I have absolutely NO idea who's coming back...
I'm thinking maybe Larry David or Noah Lindsey...hmm...

I'm really excited to hear your new song...oh, yeah--"Wasn't Your Girlfriend" is STILL stuck in my head! Crazy isn't it?

Speaking of crazy, your day's pretty hectic with filming Hannah, Phineas and Ferb, and your recording...have fun, busy boy!

Much luv,


MARIAM. [: said...

i went to metro station last night.
and i saw you! haha.
you're brothers band was amazing!
and danger radio and forever the sickest kids.

can't wait to hear the new music.

have an amazing trip this week end.
and good luck with your crazy schedule.

i love youuu. [:
the girl with the green sign.

ashlee said...

heyyy mitchel..hmm...idk who the guest people r!! oh but im kindddda excited cause im on the waiting list 2 go seee a taping!!! but yea...ok let me count...25(?) days till i meet u again!!! ill be screaming the whole time..and if i make u another bracelet ill try no 2 be shaking soo much this time!!hmm..u should come 2 oregon!! cause i live in portland and a lot of people come here....but i have 2 travel about 2 hrs 2 get 2 san jose 2 meet u..oh and im cutting skool 2!! thats how much i luv u! oh and i messaged metrostation on myspace and they seem soo awesome!! i cant wait till their show on nov.29 here!!! well glad u had a good time last nite!!!! see u in 25(?) days!!!!

Kylee said...

Is it miley and jacksons grandma?????

Elizabeth said...


Is it Selena Gomez? A lot of people are guessing her now. She played Makalia, right? Cause I guess her.

Busy busy Mitchel! You must be really tired by the end of the day. I hope you get some rest before tomorrow! We don't want a sleepy Mitchel recording songs. Cause when I sing and I'm tired... It doesn't turn out as I planned.

I hope you have a great trip!

<3 Liz

-(aMbReA)- said...

Hey Mitchel. Glad to hear that you had fun at your photo shoot and the concert. Hope you have fun on your crazy day and when you go out of town to make your new song. Can't wait to hear it! ^^

Are you SURE no one has figured out who the guest star is? I mean, a lot of people has commented, and someone's bound to guess the right person! But if it's that hard, then everyone will get their answer when they watch the episode. Have fun!! ^^

Take care,
Ambrea from Cali

Amanda said...

hey! i saw you last night but you were on your cell phone and i didnt wanna ba rude so i just like waved and you kinda waved haha but oh well its all good you should of went on the stage! haha i did =] i saw you and devon and miley and billy ray last night was awesome!

Katie R. said...

Wow sounds like you have a busy day my friend! Can't wait to hear the NEW song! Its going to be great!
Nothing exciting happening with me right now, But this weekend I am going on a bike trip with my church, So that should be fun. Have fun this weekend Mitchel!
-Katie R.

some person said...

Hm...I'm guessing Roxy? She hasn't been in a couple of episodes lately. Colin Lasseter? Larry David? I think I spelled those names wrong.

I wasn't at the Metro Station concert last night. Oh well, glad you had fun!

Yea, that is a crazy day. Hope everything goes according to plan. Can't wait to see the pictures and I'm looking forward to that new song of yours.

Have an awesome week! (:

Anonymous said...

Last night i had a dream that your mom said that she had to post on your blog too. and she put up all your baby pictures, and a great video of you she made when she CURLED your hair for some play....IT WAS SO FUNNY! you looked so cute....:):)
then again, when don't you look cute!?
well, in my dream, you also came to utah, and then you and i met, then someone threw a rock at me, and you caught it in mid-air.........it was great!!! lol
plz, plz, plz! comment on the 26th, so i can read it on the 27th...it is gonna be the very first thing i am gonna read for the new skool year....HIGH skool...it would mean the world to me!!!
Love, forever, Hope

Anonymous said...

i was there, they rocked. it was even more amazing then i thought it was going to be. lol i saw you there too, i didnt wanna bug you though, you seemed like u were having alot of fun though.

Anonymous said...

is it heather locklear?

or brooke shileds again?

or even Jake Ryan as miley's ex-bf???

hmmm.... =P

i'm glad u had fun! i could have went to the fullerton and hollywood metro station concert, but i couldn't! =/


Amber said...

umm... Ashley Tisdale??
Corbin Bleu?
Brooke Shields?
Dolly Parton?
Cody Linley(ooh I hope so)??'
Jonas Brothers?
That Becca girl(I hope not)?
Ok, I'm outta guesses...
Anyways, NEW SONG!! YAY!
I'm excited about that!
Have fun with your incredibly busy day!

PS...come visit houtson, texas!!!!

tiffany said...

sweet jesus you get up early.

uh...is it that neighbor dude? haha

iono. he was funny though.

raaachel said...

Hmmmm, lets seee. Tons of people mentioned most of the guest stars but i remember Karina Smirnoff was in one of the episodes. Is it her ? Hopefully in right :)


Cant wait for the new song Mitchel!


Shelby said...

hey mitchel!

ah ihope you enjoyed your summer hehe mine is almost over, i have one more week=] but ont he bright side on the 22nd i am going to a metrostation concert! doy ou ever go to any chicago shows?

Allison (alli c) said...

sick! Sounds freaky freaky kool(lol)!
I saw the Disney 365, lol, u and Lucas.

keep on singing, and acting, and all the other great stuff you do!!!,


KeLSeY said...

im so excited for all your new songs!!!! their gunna be awesome!!!

but i have one question when are you coming back to chicago!!?? all your fans miss you like crazy over here!!!

were having better weather than last time! lol the two times you came it was pouring rain and freezing cold!! but now thats its summer its nicer

we love you!!


Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel :]

Sounds like you had a pretty busy day...I can't wait for your new song and Phineas and Ferb!!!
It's all so exciting!
Well, I started school today. It was exciting getting to see all my friends again, but other than that it was pretty boring. I can't believe how fast the summer went :(




Hmm.. I know heather locklear is lilly's mom on the show, and dolly's coming back, but thats pretty much all i know =) sorry ;)
I wuz browsing through the fan encounter pics on ur fansite and i found a girl kissing you on tha cheek- that made me so jealous, only cuz she got to kiss the best cheek in the world lol :)
Didn't get 2 go 2 Metro Station- dunzo where it izzz. Boo-hoo, frikky, frikky, hoo ='(
That is a crazy day! I had 2 tests, a quiz, 3 writing assignments and lunch wuz borrrrrrrring. Cuh-RAAAAZY.
You gots ta give us a listen to that new song when u finish it!
Wuv you mucho mista musso ;)

Fer said...

oh man I have no idea!
maybe that girl Joannie?or becca? or maybe Brook Bhields I really don't know...

Glad you had a great time at Metro Station they totally rock!

it's so cool to do all those things today, good luck!

Can't wait for the new song I know it's gonna be awesome! cause you're AMAZING!
k have fun=D


Anonymous said...

OMG. Goodluck with your nusy day ;] hehe. YAY a new song..I cannot wait to hear it. I bet its going to be amazing! =] YAY

<333 Leslie

Anonymous said...

cant wait for the new song! :]
hmm. im going to guess,


ooo. or uncle earl! lol he hasnt been on the show, but they mention him alot! haha idk.

<3 ally m.

Amy said...

Hey Mitchel! I can't wait to hear your new song! I hope Corbin guest stars again :) That would be so cool.
Good luck with everything!
<33 Amy

Emily said...

I have 4... if its not jake/lesley.

1 Selena Gomez
2 Jesse McCartney
3 Brooke Shields
4 Jonases


idkkkk guessinggg

Cant wait for the new songs!
<3 ya Emiii

cutieluver said...

hey mitchel! long time no talk lol i think dolly parton is gunna come back!!! :) :) :) tell meh if im right!!!! i <3 hannah montana!!!!

Later dude

Olivia said...

Mitchel here's all the recordings i did of metro station from yesterday!!


Now that We're Done

Seventeen Forever




Michelle said...

Dang, this is a tough one, so no one has guessed who it is yet?? Is it Willis, Becca, Johnny Collins, Ruthie Stewart? I can't think of anymore that would be a surprise...I think you've stumped all of us this time, when will the commercial be out?? Anyway, I can't wait till the episode!! Love you so much!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Agh~ Dang it! I want to know who's going to be on "Hannah!" I wish I could've been at the concert last night. But, I'm here in the windy city! UGH! Well, anyway you've got a pretty busy day! - :0! Can't wait to hear the new song! Much Love!


Anonymous said...

Darn it!Ummm....idk seriously!?!
Have u met RBD before?If you have met them awesome!i would love to meet them also you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I started school this week so it has been ok the first day and today I had basketball practice but we do not have a team yet.

I hoped you had a great time seeing your brother mason last night and I know he did an awsome job and I just wish I could of been there with would be so cool to see.
I can't wait for some more Hannah Montana eposides and I think these fans are making really good Gueses to figure out who's coming back.

Have a great rest of the week!!

Your Fan,

Courtney :]

Anonymous said...

Uhh, is it Dolly Parton??

She's the only person i can really think of if it's not jake ryan


kristina said...

I am thanking
heather locklear or
matt prokop

Andi said...

Is the guest star the girl who played Mayacla? Im not really sure? Any way I really want to hear your new song!!!!!


Anonymous said...

o dang it well i cant wait to find out!!!!! i wish i was there for metro station they r great! cant wait to here the new song i kno it will be great!!!!!! r u gonna end up making a cd or sumthing cuz if so i really want it!!!!!!!!!

Id swim the ocean for you♥ said...

hmm hmm hmm

uhh the cracker??? lol idk i cant even think of people who were on the showw im gettin total brainfreeze!! hmm Jesse Mcartney?? rawr lol

Have fun with everything ur doinn
and i wishh u the best of luckk=]

{{hmm i think u get that i love u=]}}


and ive wished on everrry star and airplanelol that youd pick me for the j-14 contest but even if u dont have fun newayyyy!!!!!!

iluv2act94 said...

It's Joey Fatone!! isnt it =D


Anonymous said...

ooh new song?
yay! i cant wait! i'm glad you had fun at the concert. i checked out there music and it's really good. have fun with all those things you'll be doing :]

love youu,

Jenn. said...

sounds like a crazy day.
hope your having funn.

my guess, would have to be..
Brooke Shields. i heard she's
gonna be in another episode..

christine h. said...

i saw you yesterdayyyyy. yeahhh, the show was awesome. craziest metro station show ive attended FOR NOW.

cant wait til they get SUPER big, oh geez, those shows should be WAY fun.

so were you just waving to me or did you want a high five? cause i took it as a high five rather than a wave so i high fived you. hah

Kylee said...

Michael Steger?( the famous tennis player haha)
or was it the annoucer from "everyone was best friend fighting" and "i want you to want me to go to flordia"??

Kylee from texas :]

Anonymous said...

I think it's maybe Matt or Lucas or Jesse or Luann.And phineas and ferb was hysterical!!!!


Anonymous said...

i really have NO idea who it is!! my first guess was jake ryan but that was wrong i guess...hmmm i'll think some more about it!!
i didn't go to the concert but i check their myspace alot and they are pretty good. do they have a CD?
i am REALLY excited about your new song!!!! i LOVE 'wasn't your girlfriend' alot and i cannot wait for your CD...you are coming out with a CD,right???????

love always babe!

mitchelsBABE said...

school starts monday (UGH!!0
when do you start "school"?
cannot wait for the new song!!

i entered the J14 contest to win a date with you and i REALLYT hope i win!!

i'll be dreaming of you!!

love ya always babe

marykateee =) said...

Heyyy Mitchelllll.
I can't wait to see who is going to be on the show.

Once again I'm sure Metro Station did amazinggg giving that they are the most amazing band to ever be formed.

I can't wait to see the pictures from the photoshoot and the new music!!!

p.s you should come to ny or nj verryyyyy sooon.

Anonymous said...


i think the guest star is..dolly parton?


dolly parton or becca weller?

Anonymous said...

haha & i saw the hsm2 premiere disney 365 today, lmfao you are too funny mitchel.

"lucas is standing right behind me!"

haha, that made me laughhhhh.

<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

is it Dolly Parton?

anna signore said...

hey mitchel! wats up? well i hope you have funn! today was my offical first day of high school! it was soo much fun and i was soo scared but then it was better while it went by. after school i had poms practice and me and my friend tried out for captain for poms and so there has to be at least two ppl and so me and my friend and this other girl tried out but the other girl didnt want to so she droped out and then so me and my friend did the dance cuz captains make all the dances so i think we made it! :) so yah today was a great day and i hope you had a great day too! talk to you later!
i ♥ you!
♥ anna signore

Nicole said...

is it the jonas brothers?!
or codyy?
uhh JESSE!
maybe.. uhh

haha, im outa ideas :[

Melissa said...

Hmmm.. could it be Morgan York who plays Sarah? :]

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... could it be ashley tisdale... i rember she was on thats so sweet life of hannah montana... but i have no idea....


Anonymous said...

ok i will give a few guess...is it joey fatone, corbin bleu, or umm i have no other guesses....WOW u have a busy day!....but it is worth it...CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOUR NEW SONG!...what is it called?...school today...pretty boring...we had picture day today...fun....NOT!...umm finished all my homework in homebase and during class...had a quiz over sentences...well how they r written like complete subject and predicate...all that stuff...had gym today...after like 40 min. we were all tired!...gym teacher worked us hard today!...umm thrus. we run the mile!...i have no idea how fast i'm gonna run it!...glad u had an awesome time @ metro station...I CHECKED THEIR MYSPACE AGAIN AND THEY R CLOSER 2 ME!...but i don't think i can go :(
...i really wanted 2 but maybe it will be on paper-view!...lol!..ok well g2g!
KEEP ROCKIN' & :) @ urslef 4 being who u r!!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ ;)

Maureen said...

I think its going to be Dolly....

Cant wait to hear the song!!! I want to see your brothers band soooo bad but they havent came towards me yet :(...

Yeah im busy with field hockey, gymnastics and school


jonasg said...

hey mitch, im an actor and even i can't handle 2 scripts at once, ur really suin,lol, well i could be at the concert cause i live way in florida,lol, so i couldn't go;I cant even think of any one else, besides jake ryan, and dolly,maybe miley stewerts grand mom,lol,well cant wait to hear ur next song keep it up,dude

Mal said...

Hey Mitchel,

I know I asked you not to send anything back, but I was just wondering if you got a big birthday package I sent you over a month ago...It had a music birthday card, 3 comics of you and your brothers, lots of guitar picks, a mix CD, and a basketball key chain for your new set of keys, lol. It would kind of suck if you didn't get it...anyway, have a great week!

Melissa said...

ugh. i read everyones comment and those are the ppl i was thinking about. i cant wait to know who it is. i hope you have an incredible time. im trying to have a great time before school starts. o0o yea you should go to Miley's tour thing with the jonas brothers on saturday 11/03/2007 its at the Honda sneter in Anahiem. I would love to see you there! What other day is Metro Station gonna be performing in CA? I would love to go see them. Good luck on you recording and I hope you have an amazing weekend!

<3 Melissa

Anonymous said...

Mitchel OMG I can't wait until your new song! I really like Let's Go and Wasn't Your Girlfriend! They were AWSOME! And These are my guesses for the new HANNAH episode.
*Jesse McCartney
*Dolly Parton
*Brooke Sheilds
*Mike Standley III
*Bucky Kentucky
*Cody Linely
*Madison Pettis
*Selena Gomez
*Larry David
*John D'Aquino
Those are my guesses! Mitchel If you read this, could you tell us if one of these are correct.You don't have to tell us who though, just tell us in your next blog post. PLEASE?!?!?
XoXoXoX Shayla Boas XoXoXoX

Katie R. said...

I'm not sure If Thor ( Andrew Caldwell) was a guest star, But could it be him??? Or..... , Madison Pettis . Those are my guesses. Can't wait to see who it is!!
-Katie R.

Anonymous said...

cant wait for your new song!!!! im just guessing but is corbin bleu coming back on the show????

kelli said...

hey mitchel. i was thinking, maybe the guest star who is coming back could be ashley tisdale?-when she was on the episode "on the road again" which wasw part of thats so suite life of hannah montan! anyways glad you had fun at metro station!! have a good rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

is the guest star noah cyrus????

cocoksb1994 said...

is it the person who played miley's grandmother

Anna =] said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yipes!I Have No Clue But Wild Guess The Only People I Can Remember.....
The Queen Of England OR
The Grandma?
I Don't Know
But Sounds Interesting
I Wante To Go To The Concert Monday But I Had No Ride!
I Bought Tickets Too!
It Was Like A Birthday Present Since Monday Was My Birthday!
Well I Think Your The Most Amazing Person And Hopefully We WILL Meet Someday!
I Love You!

Blaaaaah said...

WOOO! Guessing games, awesomelicious. As much as I like Cody Linely, I really don't wanna see his face on the show again as Miley's love interest. I might jump off of something very tall if that happens xD

okay, here are my guesses...

Miley's mom/Brooke Shields?

Mike Standley III (of course he's coming back, what am I saying)?

billy ray's dance partner?

er, that's all I've got to guess for now.

btw, is it true Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron will be guest starring soon? there are rumors that they will appear in an episode together.

answer if you can =D

Much love,


iLOVEshoez said...

Ok, I'm gonna say Corbin Bleu? Or that lady named Gwendoline Yeo? I know that was random but I remember her name from an episode and I've seen her somewhere else too....You have to give us a clue!!! PEAS AND CARROTS!! PRETTY PLEASE......

I'm planning to go to a Metro Station concert soon.....

Luv ya' Mitchel!!!

MM_luvr_4_eva said...

hey i love you i wanted to go to this concert but i couldnt. ok so i think the ppl that will be in the show again are either Brooke Shields, Heather Locklear, Jesse McCartney, Larry David, the Jonas Brothers, Dolly Parton and/or Vickie Lawrence. or Billy Ray's partner Corina. yes u rock i love you so much

Hannah said...

uuuuhhhh..... is it one of the following:

ashley tisdale
dolly parton
jesse macCartney
gwendoline yeo
noah cyrus

Danni said...

sterling knight
brooke shields
corbin bleu
the actress who played the reporter with the extremely long last name that i can't remember
selena gomez
dolly parton
uhh Jake's "girlfriend" in the people who use people episode

i'm liking my chances in the corbin bleu department...but i might be wrong. hmmm =/

Deanna said...

That's great! I can't wait to see your brother in 2 days! I'm so excited.

I really need to ask you though, on September 16th, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, do you have any more details? Like maybe what time you'll be there (sorry if I missed it or something)? Because I called the COnvention Center to ask and they said they had no information on you making an appearance there. So any info would be grand! Thanks Mitchel!

Katherine said...

Wow... I hope you have fun doing all of this. That's the important thing! :P

ashley said...

hey mitchel im a big fan of yooh and miley it would be the best day of my life to meet yooh i have miley world and im 14 living in australia i play guitar and sk8board as well i have a krooked sk8board omgsh i think your cute come visit australia

ashlee said...

hey again mitchel!! ok i met another big fan on mileywolr dlike 2 sec ago and she cant comment so she wanted me 2 say hi and her mileyworld sn is ash07 and she luvs u!!

Sara said...

Another song? YAY!

Hm...are the Jonas Brothers the guest stars or something? I'm so bad at guessing :(.

Marisa said...

Hai, Mitchel. ^___^ I'm listening to one of your songs right now! I usually don't like rap, but I've been listening to it over and over again for an hour and I haven't gotten bored with it yet. :]] You should be proud, I'm a tough music critic. Good luck with the next one.

Maris-AAAH! :]]
From: Somewhere over the rainbow.

Anonymous said...

is it vicki lawrence? shes the only one i can think of that hasnt been mentioned......i dont know,did you know we have the same name?(im a girl but my parents named me mitchell)and my last name is musso. thats weird, i didnt think anyone else had that name.

Anonymous said...

ashley tisdale, she was on the episode, on the road again right? is it her?

Katie said...

heyy mitchel! I didnt write a comment on your last blog but I think I know who is coming back. I think its Dolly Parton.. not sure though. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

i am guessing the person is
or the president daughter

i cant wait for your new song
i love both of your others songs
love ya

Anonymous said...

lesley? hehe or wait um mileys mommy lady whoever actress played her?

becca said...

geez mitchel... this ones gonna be pretty tough.
okay, these are the only ones i can think of:
-johnny collins
-margo diamond
-mammaw stewart
-the queen
-becca weller
-dolly parton
-jake ryan
-matt marshall
-karen kunkle
-miley's mom
-the pres and sophie
-jesse mccartney
-larry david
-the jonas brothers
c'mon now... it has to be at least one of them :P

well, i absolutely can't wait for your new song!!!! i'm sure it will be amazing. :)

i wish i could have been there when u saw metro station... i bet they were amazing.

school starts tuesday :(

well, i hope you have a great week.
Much Love ♥

Megg said...

Jonas Brothers Mayyybayy???

lol sawry about my comment yesterdaee when i said i love you abour 218452473508375 times lol just thought u should know

uhm yeaaa sooo I LOVE YOU


alli said...

omg mitchel,
i think i know who it is!
and no ones guested it yet!

is it that lady that played mileys mom?
sry i forget her name.

in ur next blog please say if someone got it!!!


love ya lots

keep on rockin


ps. cant wait for ur new song. r u gonna have a cd???

Kiora said...

I hope Jake's coming back..
Sounds like you had a busy day. Hope you're doing well. && thanks for always working so hard.
See you around.

Olga said...

Hmm, well i cant find that someone that you are looking for.
Owell, we will just have to wait and see it on TV. :D

Hope you had fun at the concert.
Sorry I couldnt be there :]

Hopefully you took some really nice pictures with Jason, I cant wait to see them. :D

I really cant wait for your new song. You really do have an amazinggg voice. [[[:

You sound very mysterious.
very, very, very........ mysterious. :D

Cant wait to crack the code
And see what is going on. :]

I love you alot



mitchelsBABE said...

give us another hint!!!

love ya always babe!

Anonymous said...

what's the name of your new song?
do you rap in it?

love your biggest fan Beckie


hiii mitchel :)
uhh i have been praying your week has been going
a lot better than mine. It`s flooding super badly here
in Ohio. My whole town is underwater. Luckily my house
wasn't because i live outside of town. But to tell you how bad
it was..there is over 14 feet of water.. and the water has passed
the GOAL POSTS of our football field. It`s really bad.

hmmm. well have a great week!
<3 Ashley

p.s. phineas & ferb was hilarious!
haha. the roller coaster=NOT SAFE.

Jessica said...

cant wait for the song :]

Alyssa said...

I bet it's Mike Stanley the 3rd. I don't know, though.

Can't wait to hear your new song!

Bye for now!!!

♥ Alyssa

Anonymous said...

i heard one of metro station's songs while watching the n. it sounded really good!!!!
i think its either the gypsy/pyschic or Becca

have fun on your busy day :)

XOX bria

Caroline said...

Hmmm.... this is really hard. Everyone's mentioned a lot of the recent stars, but I think it might be Erin Matthews, Heather Locklear, or Karina Smirnoff. My friend thinks it's gonna be JB, and that you're just not telling us, bc u want it 2b a surprise, but you wouldn't do that, would you? A hint would be much appreciated! Can't wait to hear your new song! You should totally come to Richmond, VA sometime soon. I know, it's like ALLLLLLL the way across the county, but you have a lot of fans here. have fun and don't get too stressed! Life's no fun if it's only something to get through.

Anonymous said...

its cody linley isn't it?? lol

ttran said...

Hi, Mitchel!

I just finished my homework from school...boy, do teachers like giving loads of homework!! Haha! I have to make a speech tomorrow for my drama/speech class. Wish me luck!

Let's see....someone who was on the show before...I'm guessing...Willis!! Hahaha! I have no clue! There are so many! But I'm guessing Willis because that's a pretty cool name! Willis...doesn't it sound coolish?

Wow, you DID have a crazy day! Glad to hear you loved it!

Oh, my gosh!! I still spazzing out because I can't wait to hear your next song!!

I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!

Christina said...

I'm betting on the jonas brothers. This really makes me want to know who it is now. grrr! just tell us. Tell us. Tell us. You do a great job as Oliver! Keep it up! Can't wait till the new episode.

Anonymous said...

umm. could it be couper or Roxy???

can't wait for your new song!!


- Melissa

Karleigh said...

Have Fun, sounds like a really busy day:)! I was reading that facts page and i cant sleep without the tv on too lmao.


ericaca said...

metro station was AWESOME at the knitting factory! too the max. it had to be one of the BEST concerts i have ever been too.

and thanks for taking a picture with me mitchel! you're awesome! :D

Sasha said...

oo corbin bleu was on hannah montana before right?
I was sick for the last few days. how fun is that!
Hope you had fun with your photo shoo with jason. and i hope you didn't have to day of a day yesterday!
Can't wait to her the brand new song!

See ya


ahh..I dont know who it is.... I can't wait to see it though. I can't wait to hear your new song either!!! 'Hannah Montana's' on right now. lol It's the bone dance episode. I'm going to the Metro Station concert in Milwaukee on November 23. I'm also going to Miley's concert on December 8. I can't wait for either of them!
We had our first volleyball scrimage last night. We were probably the best team there. And we have our first offcial game tomorrow. I hope we do good!

tiffany said...

wowzaa you are busy!! i've been busy too lately, but it makes life fun and never boring! lol

post any pics on your website you took of you and miley at the metrostation show if you have any! thanks!

have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel!!!

Good to know that you're recording a new song cause the other ones were great!! but it's even better to know you're having fun!
Can't wait for your song. how's it gonna be called?!?

I hope you have a great week even if if it's so busy. And also i'm dying to see the pictures from your photoshoot with Jason E. !!!

Well you know we ALL love you, but especially me of course!!
keep it up, you're perfect and have a great weekend, have fun!!!


Anna =] said...


I'm excited to figure out who the guest star is. I have absolutely no clue who it could be.

I can't wait to see Metro Station for my 15th birthday! They are simply amazing.

I'm stoked for new music.


mmb said...

I think it's brooke shields!!! that's like THE only one no one mentioned. I think!!! she is so sweet and her baby is so cute!!! If it's her I can't wait!!! have a great week!!

In Him,

--maryy said...

hmm.. i'm probably wrong but maybe Lilly's boyfriend from the episode 'You're so Sue-able to Me"? haha to be honest i really do not know!

Or maybe Miley's mom comes back..??

Or maybe Sophie and the President..??

OMG IDK! lol
CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW SONG! I know it'll be awesome!

ily always
-- mary <3

Anonymous said...

I can't wait that new song! I bet it is goin to be amazing like you!
So what is this season of Hannah Montana going to be like!

Baleigh A.K.A BAYBAY
From the Awesome TEXAS

Cassie O said...

Miley's mom
The Jo Bros
Guillermo Montioa (sp?)
Douggie D
Cooper (I know he was from last season, but I miss him!)
Beary The Bear
Palumbo (That flag football chick)
Jeremy (Hannah's dancer that her and Roxi went on a date with)
Mr. Prez
Miley's Doctor
Ms Kunkle
Colin Lastiter (sp?)
That creepy person who was like the whole I love this perfume stuff lol (season 1 though!)

I don't know anymore

jessinicole. said...

guest star- i have absolutely no clue.
But i was at the metro station show, and i saw you :) I feel cool now, yay.


alyssa said...

okay i am going to be right i bet....

w00t! am i right? lol
can't wait till that new song mitchel!!!!

brendasally said...

IS IT ANDREW!!!?[thor]


that was intenseeeeee.
i was front row.
danger radio and
forever the sickest kids
were freaking amazing :D

and of corse your brother
was amaaaaazing.

tell him to have more
romancing the bean shows :D


brendasally said...

maybe its aj.
[the kid with the beautiful eyes]
[from the handcuff ep]
i think his name was like rich
or rick or w/e i dont know

maybe its CREAGAN haha
i dont know.


hes so cute hah.


brendasally said...

orrrrrrr its COOPER.

what happened to him?


or brainless bodacious becky

maybe that teacher from
the camping episode.

or matt [your friend] :]
the one that asked emily and miley
to the party but roxy interfiered.

or that guy that blew off emily
for the dance.
that went to the food court.



christina/mel said...

I WAS AT THE METRO STATION AND YOU LIKE HID THE WHOLE TIME. haha miley didn't seem to like the attention but i understand. but next time you say you're going to be somewhere don't stay upstairs the whole time at least come and say hi like andrew did.

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL. why dont you tell? okay is it like heather lockier? oh wait that hasnt come out yet...
anyways, your amazing.
oh btw i know this guy named mitchel, does that count?


ECHO :] said...

i was there! it was really amazing and i just love mason's voice :] im glad you had as much fun as i did.

<3 echo.

Anonymous said...

i think he special guest is Dolly Parton.