Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey guys! What's UP??

Saturday, October 4th I will be performing this weekend at the St. Judes Power Of Youth Event at Nokia in Los Angeles. The event is from noon to 3PM.

Sunday, October 5th I will be at Miley's HUGE 16th Birthday Party Bash at Disneyland. Marc's coming too!

I will be on the set of Hannah all week!

My older brother Mason and the band Metro Station are in Australia this week! VERY COOL!

Check out the Ebay auctions benefitting Missions International if you get a chance! Just go to ebay and type in Mitchel Musso.

Have the Best week ever!


EDIT to say: Brittany C...got your message and it's on it's way! Take care!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hey guys! Thank you so much for bidding on the items on EBAY. Just a quick update that we are putting up 30 new items tomorrow. When you have a minute, head over to ebay and type in Mitchel Musso and see if there is anything you would like to bid on. We are NOT allowed to say that we are raising money for charity on EBAY. I want you to know that we are though. The charity is called Missions International and it means a lot to me and my family. I plan to give the money to Bob Mason, the pastor of Missions International at the end of the year as a Christmas gift. Looking forward to letting you know how much was raised.

You guys have the most awesome day ever! And the best weekend too!

I'll see you in WASHINGTON!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Words can't describe how busy I have been....

But I wanted to give you a quick update! Music News is HUGE and yet I am still Not allowed to say ALL that is going on. But I wanted all my fans to know that I appreciate your support! You have been with me through it all!

"Seventeen Forever", Metro Station's newest hit song Video was shot right here in our home town of Santa Clarita last night. What an incredible concept they came up with for this song! I'm just gonna say, look for a few familiar faces.

I took a very quick trip to Texas on Sunday. My family had a reunion and a BIG Italian meal! It was Great!

Who's coming to the concert this weekend?? Can't wait.

2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars
September 27, 2008 Add to Itinerary
Times: Doors open 4pm; Showtime 5pm
Location: Tacoma Dome
Phone: 253-572-3663
Admission: $79.50 VIP, $49.50, $39.50, $29.50
Presented Locally by KeyBank. Straight from Beijing, see your favorite gymnasts perform routines to today's hottest music! Gymnasts scheduled to perform include Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Chellsie Memmel, Paul Hamm, Morgan Hamm, Kevin Tan, Jonathan Horton, Justin Spring and Joseph Hagerty as well as past medalists Shannon Miller and Blaine Watson.

Featuring live performances by Disney recording artists KSM and Mitchel Musso from the Hannah Montana show!


SPOKANE ARENA (Spokane Washington)
Sunday, September 28 at 5:00 pm
Tickets: $79.50, $47.50, $37.50, $27.50

After the Olympics are over the greatest gymnasts in the country are headed on the road and they're stopping at the Spokane Arena! What could be cooler than Shawn Johnson, Nastia Luikin, Chelsie Memmel, Shannon Miller, and Paul Hamm all be knocking your socks off to some of the hottest music from Disney Records! This isn't any old gymnastics tour! This is a totally new way to see the greatest sport of the Summer Olympics! This is a high energy, no-holds-barred Gymnastics Palooza!

Group Discounts Available

View Gymnastics seating map
For more information visit www.gymnasticssuperstars.com

Have an incredible week!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Few Concerts coming up........EXCITING!

I will be in Tacoma, WA on September 27, and Spokane, WA on September 28. Both Arena shows will feature our Olympic Gymnastic Champions from the Games of 2008. More details to follow.

I will perform at the South Carolina State Fair this year on October 11. & I will be in Little Rock , AR (Gymnastics Tour) on October 12.

I met with the Gymnastic Champions in Reno last week and it was awesome! They are amazing and I am so happy to be involved with this project. More dates coming very soon! Also, the show in Reno was taped for television, I will try and let you know when it airs. I believe it will air on My Network TV...but don't have a date yet.

Have you visited CLEANHANDSARECOOLHANDS.COM? When you get a chance, take a look.

Metro Station will be shooting their "17 Forever" music video soon right here in CA.....I plan to be there but don't have details yet. Marc wants to go too!

By the way, I have heard there is a new Moose Man Video just released this week and a sneak peek at Marc's new pet!

There's about 10 items closing today on ebay and 10 items closing tomorrow......just go to Ebay and type in Mitchel Musso. Part of the Proceeds go to Missions International.

Season 3 of Hannah is well underway and I believe it will be our best season yet!

Have an awesome week!


Sunday, September 07, 2008

The next Hannah Montana episode airing is about my

new girlfriend! Remember Joanie Palumbo? We had so much film filming this episode and expect a little more Joanie this next season!

I have been in Reno for the last couple of days. All my work is adding up to my big Music surprise I have for you guys...so keep reading the BLOG!

We shoot a brand new episode of Hannah this week...very cool!

The new cartoon last week was YING YANG YO and I can't wait for that to come out...FUNNY stuff!

EBAY news.....the first item will be closing in the morning and can I just say THANK YOU for bidding. You guys know that a portion of all proceeds are going to a very worthy cause. Missions International builds houses and churches where needed in Mexico and the founder is a very good friend of our family by the name of Bob Mason. And yes, Bob Mason has a lot to do with my parents naming Mason (my older brother) Mason. Bob's precious wife Debbie went to be with the Lord this last year and we wanted to bless his family by doing something special. That's where the ebay idea came from. There are clothes that I have worn in photo shoots, to red carpet events, items from my dressing room and so much more. We plan to add about 30 new items in the next day or so. Always check back and see if there is anything you like. Just go to EBAY.com and type in Mitchel Musso. I will be glad to autograph anything you end up purchasing.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

EDIT! 2 More Shirts up for bid on EBAY! DC Games & Typhoon Lagoon

***************************EDIT: We found out we are not allowed to mention a charity when posting items on ebay....the items are being taken down by EBAY and will be put up again without the add. *****************************

There are two more t-shirts up on Ebay plus lot's more coming your way!

One is my original T-Shirt worn during the DC Games. I spent everyday in this shirt for 5 days! I sweated in this shirt, ate in this shirt, did all the competitions in this shirt and I am hoping one of my favorite fans will have the chance to enjoy it. I have already autographed it for you!!


Also, the original t-shirt I wore to Hannah's first concert at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World is up for grabs on ebay too. I have already autographed this one too.

We also added the dresses the girls wore for "Let's Go" and there will be all the items from my Last years dressing room at Hannah Montana....keep checking EBAY under Mitchel Musso. Lot's more will be added this weekend.

I just got back from Jimmy Kimmel! Mason and the band Metro Station were AMAZING!!!! Watch it if you can. It will air tonight at midnight in LA and I think tomorrow night as well.

Have a GREAT night!


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Make It Up To You" and the DISNEY CRUISE SHIP!!

Just wanted to mention that I performed a brand new song on the Disney Cruise called "Make It Up To You" and I hope you guys get a chance to hear it!

The Disney Cruise was one of the highlights of my year for sure! I had the best time and I wanted to say THANK YOU to DISNEY and everyone involved who gave me a chance to be a part of such a fun adventure. My family was grateful for the opportunity and my band was thrilled to be a part of it all and we just had a wonderful time. I can't thank the Disney Cruise Line and everyone enough for all they did to make our trip so special! The concert was something I will never forget!

Also, mark your calendars...Mason and the band Metro Station will be performing live on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night Thursday September 4th and it will air on Friday September 5th. Set your TIVO!

I'm working on a little something for the Hannah feature film today, worked on Phineas yesterday,I'll be at Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow, working on Hatching Pete Interviews on Friday as well as an episode of another popular Disney cartoon and I will give you details on that soon! I am also working on Music everyday and am enjoying every minute!

I plan to be in Reno this weekend for a video shoot, don't know if it is a public appearance, but if it turns into one, I'll let you know.

ALSO********* I am having a family friend put some stuff up on EBAY to raise money for Missions International. Missions International raises money to provide homes for people who don't have them and also they build churches in Mexico. The pastor is Bob Mason and he is a good friend of the family who married my parents years ago and has been working in the mission field for years. If you would be interested in owning some real Mitchel memorabilia and also helping out a really good cause, head over to ebay and take a look at the shirt that is up for bids. We plan on adding many things in the near future. This is our test run.

Have the Best Day ever!