Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Words can't describe how busy I have been....

But I wanted to give you a quick update! Music News is HUGE and yet I am still Not allowed to say ALL that is going on. But I wanted all my fans to know that I appreciate your support! You have been with me through it all!

"Seventeen Forever", Metro Station's newest hit song Video was shot right here in our home town of Santa Clarita last night. What an incredible concept they came up with for this song! I'm just gonna say, look for a few familiar faces.

I took a very quick trip to Texas on Sunday. My family had a reunion and a BIG Italian meal! It was Great!

Who's coming to the concert this weekend?? Can't wait.

2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars
September 27, 2008 Add to Itinerary
Times: Doors open 4pm; Showtime 5pm
Location: Tacoma Dome
Phone: 253-572-3663
Admission: $79.50 VIP, $49.50, $39.50, $29.50
Presented Locally by KeyBank. Straight from Beijing, see your favorite gymnasts perform routines to today's hottest music! Gymnasts scheduled to perform include Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Chellsie Memmel, Paul Hamm, Morgan Hamm, Kevin Tan, Jonathan Horton, Justin Spring and Joseph Hagerty as well as past medalists Shannon Miller and Blaine Watson.

Featuring live performances by Disney recording artists KSM and Mitchel Musso from the Hannah Montana show!


SPOKANE ARENA (Spokane Washington)
Sunday, September 28 at 5:00 pm
Tickets: $79.50, $47.50, $37.50, $27.50

After the Olympics are over the greatest gymnasts in the country are headed on the road and they're stopping at the Spokane Arena! What could be cooler than Shawn Johnson, Nastia Luikin, Chelsie Memmel, Shannon Miller, and Paul Hamm all be knocking your socks off to some of the hottest music from Disney Records! This isn't any old gymnastics tour! This is a totally new way to see the greatest sport of the Summer Olympics! This is a high energy, no-holds-barred Gymnastics Palooza!

Group Discounts Available

View Gymnastics seating map
For more information visit www.gymnasticssuperstars.com

Have an incredible week!



Ashlee said...

woo. can't wait to hear the news&see the video. :]

ashlee is coming to the concert on saturday. =]

well, I'll see you on saturday!

Miranda said...

Wow Mitchel! Hope you come somewhere near me!

Miranda said...

Wow Mitchel! Hope you come somewhere near where I am!

megan said...

haha yeah you and miley are so in the video!
im smarticle<3

pretty much, wow you were busy, DANG!

Anonymous said...

Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

when are you gonna release those songs you sang this summer.

Katie.<3 said...

"Music News is HUGE and yet I am still Not allowed to say ALL that is going on."....aka youre gonna do a concert in chicago? right? haha. its been like 92753 years since you last posted. im glad youre still alive. =]
and i cant wait to see metro stations new video!!

Nisha said...

I am so excited about the music video!!!!! :)


Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

I wish i could go to the concert!
luv ya,
Amber K.

Shanelle said...

Hey whats up babe I just wanted to that you made my day by posting I love you so much. Anyway I want you to come back to Colorado I miss you so much hon. So I can't wait to see the new 17 Forever video and for your news to come out. I hope you had fun with your family and I sure hope you enjoyed the big Italian dinner. Anyway hope you make a cd it would make my day. Anyway you make it so easy for your fans to be there for and support you. You deserve everything that you get and I want the best for you. Ok well I love you and wanted you to know that you have inspired me so much.

~taaylor.* said...

i waant to hear the news :]
i know its going to be amaazing.

i cant wait to see metrostations musicvideo for seventeen forever.
i love themm<3
but who doesn't ?



hhaha, i miss youu so muchh<3

kaay, welll, have ffun at your concerts !
&& goodluck; I know youll do amazing though !

-brianna!(: said...

hey, mitchel(: i can't wait for the video!!

i hope i can go to one of your shows!!!

but i am going to see metro station on OCTOBER 22nd!(: so if you're going to that one, plese let me know!! you're awesome, and need to get a youtube channel!! (: haha.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating even though your so busy!!
I bet your family reunions are SO much fun!! And an Italian meal sounds so good! I LOVE Italian food! Especially Lasagna !!! =]

I can't wait for you to share all the news and stuff.

Have a great week!!

-Katie R.

Anonymous said...

i sooo want to see the music video!
oh hey this reminded me of you...did you know that the ex blink-182 drummer was in a plane crash and has severe burns and is in critical condition? have fun at your concerts!!! p.s. come to nebraska please???


Disa said...

Okay, SO.
I don't have tickets.
I have no money.
My parents won't pay for it.
But I reaaaally wanna see you!
I've been begging you to come here for like a year so I'm gonna feel bad if I don't :(
And I'm assuming you're not doing a meet & greet since you didn't mention it?

I'm thinking my best friend and I will probably end up driving to the Tacoma Dome and hunting you down ahahah. Seriously though. We always manage to luck out and do that when we don't have tickets for someone we wanna see... haha.
So I think you should... haaaang out outside the Tacoma Dome before the event at approximately 2:45-3:00 and wear bright colors... eh, eh? ;)
Hahhahah I kid, I kid.

Gina said...

ah dood im stoked to see mason's new vid!! xox good luck with everyythinggg

tubalicious_ said...

Thanks for the info Mitchel! :)
We'll stick by you through the good times and bad just you see.
I hope you had fun in Texas! I LOVE Italian food! <3
I'm not coming to the concert.. :(
Too far :(

Come to PA someday. or come to michigan during thanksgiving so my aunt can take me there :)

Sarah said...

I'm going on saturday!
12th row, i can't wait.

Abbster said...

hey mitchel!
ahhh you are such a busy bee! so nice of you to drop by and inform us about it! :)
ohhh new music stuff!! veryyy exciting! can't wait to gear about it!
new music video also sounds very exciting! can't wait to see that too! familiar faces... hmm.. is moises gonna come in at the end of the video and get the girl like in the SOS video? haha. maybe I'll see you in it?
anyways I hope you have a fantasically amaaaazingly awesome show! wish I could be there!
thanks for keeping us up to date!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

That is SOOOOOOOOO awesome that you get to see the Olympians from the Beijing Olympics!! They were really good this year. Unfortunately, I can't go even though I live in California, and there's one booked for Sacramento. But I hope you have a whole bunch of fun there and see all your fans!!!!Say hi to Shawn Johnson for me....! ;D

Ambrea from Cali <3

tubalicious_ said...

Oh by the way, in one of your earlier posts you asked us to inform you where we hear metro station, well here's a good news for you: Shake it is #9 most requested on my local radio station. Well it deserves it. :)

Mary said...

o dats awesum, cant wait 2 c da video!!! puleaze cum 2 hawaii!!! we luv u hea!!!!!

ALEX said...

BAHHHHH i have a volleyball tournament! I'm going to try suuuuper hard to make it, I think I might even uhh... feel a cold coming on... or something. Haha.

cruddddd i hope i can make it so bad! :(
are you gonna come here early to kick it in seattle?!?

Anonymous said...

totally cool!! lol, hope you and everyone going has lot's of fun!! lol, next week I will be in North Carolina!! I will get to see my brother!! And I think that he will be comming back up to RI for a little while...though he might be leaving three weeks after we leave...so he will probably miss my halloween party and halloween itself!! But either way the party should be pretty cool :)
hmmm music news...ok...I have absolutely no idea!! XD lol all I can think of is either your cd, or more concert dates!! Hey, sometime you should come to RI :) but right now it's freezing!! lol...well it's cold considering how warm it was last month...and again, I hope there will be lot's of snow :)...hmmm, this year I want to have a snowball fight XD
lol, I love the fall, what is your favorite season Mitchy? I like the colder seasons usually because of all the holidays, and i'm always busy with either planning a halloween party, or hoping it snows...and usually other stuff too...being able to see more family...like my brother :)

lol, ok gotta go Mitchy!!

still wish you luck Mitchy!! lol

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. wow you are busy...but it sounds like your haveing fun :D XD
lol, ok...last year I made Halloween rhymes...they are kind of funny :)

YoureUndeniable09 said...

oh my gosh are you and miley in the video?!
that would be so cute and amazing
the M&M shippers will go wild

...i hope that wasn't too weird hahaha
i still hope the two of you are in the vid :)

Nikita Bimson said...

I bet you're checking the cheerleaders out.

juts joshing you.

Anonymous said...

Do you like Italian meal? =) Can't wait for the video and the news!


~*Amber*~ said...

You can't tell the music news yet?? Lameee. But I'm sure when you get the ok to tell us you will. =] I really can't wait!

Hmm...I think you'll be in the video maybe?? Along with Marc? I'm keeping my eyes open for that when it comes out. =] I hope "Seventeen Forever" gets as big as "Shake It" did.

Good luck with all the up and coming shows Mitchel! I'm hoping there will be more in the near future. =]

hazel m said...

come to the east coast!!! it seems like everytime u try it gets cancelled? what's up with that? all the west coast has is pretty beaches... the east coast has polluted ones!!!

Carly said...

i had a italian meal today :)! just pasta tho!!

ahh i cant wait to see the video!! hope it comes out soon! thts my second fav song! i know its going to be great.!

dude u gotta come to chicago we miss u!

and hey ur still doing tht music video with mason right?!? u better!! tell us more about tht too if u are!

glad u got to visit home

g2g! my power has gone out in like 2 times in the past 2 hours. its so bad. ahah its probally going to go out right befor i send this!

ttyl lyl



ALEX said...

yeah i can't go.
yeah i hate my life, tacoma is like a half hour away from my house! but i already committed to this volleyball tournament waaay out in wenatchee, and i wouldn't make it home in time to see you :( i would drive to spokane, except that im a loser and don't have my license yet and my parents said they won't do it.

:( uhg, you finally come to seattle (ish) and i can't even make it!!

you best come back soon, haha.
no wait im serious.

btw, tacoma is sort of gross, and spokane's not much better.... don't be appalled!

Cassie =] said...

september 26th from 8-9 on my network tv is when it airs... post this right away so that way people can know... idk if your in it though

Anonymous said...

hey! CIAO!! I'm so happy you enjoyed Italian food!!! But when will you come to Italy?? We're waiting for you!!
(sorry if there are some printer's errors but that's the better English I have!) love u...Claudia

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

That's so awesome that you're all busy and still find the time to post to us! You rock so hard!!!

And aww, we appreciate you too! ;)

EEP ... now I'm all curious. I can't wait to see the video!!!!!!

Ooo Italian food is the BEST! That's awesome that you got to hang with your family ... I'm glad you had a great time!!!

Arg. Too far for me to make it. But I will ... someday ... in the future ... won't be long now ... ;)

Wowow that sounds like a blast!!! Hope that goes saweetly!!!

I just realized ... again ... you're so awesome Mitchel!!!! My prayers are with ya!

Keep smiling!
~ Megan
<33 =D

Camille said...

DANG! You are busy, thank you so so much for taking the time to talk to your fans in your blog. It means a lot that even though your busy you still care and appriciate your fans. WE ALL LOVE YOU MITCHEL!!! Thank you so much for all you do for your fans.

Love you always


ravenclawreject said...

Whoo. The Metro Station vid shall be awesome. =D

Oh, and you should come to Arizona sometime. Perferably TUCSON. ;)
Apparently you were here earlier this year, and my mom heard about it, but she DIDN'T TELL ME. -_- I'm still mad.

Anyway...hope you have fun with your concert thingy!

Molly said...

Hey wow, so I just watched a myspace video about disney stars.. for like the first 30 seconds I thought it was real.. but guess what! If you didn't know you are a model! Haha, well here it is. http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=42943183

Julie said...

Congrats on all your success!!


Anonymous said...

hey i saw you performe the song In Crowd durring the show and i have been looking everywhere for that song but i cant find it! would you mind telling me when or where i can find it.

please and thank you.