Sunday, September 07, 2008

The next Hannah Montana episode airing is about my

new girlfriend! Remember Joanie Palumbo? We had so much film filming this episode and expect a little more Joanie this next season!

I have been in Reno for the last couple of days. All my work is adding up to my big Music surprise I have for you keep reading the BLOG!

We shoot a brand new episode of Hannah this week...very cool!

The new cartoon last week was YING YANG YO and I can't wait for that to come out...FUNNY stuff!

EBAY news.....the first item will be closing in the morning and can I just say THANK YOU for bidding. You guys know that a portion of all proceeds are going to a very worthy cause. Missions International builds houses and churches where needed in Mexico and the founder is a very good friend of our family by the name of Bob Mason. And yes, Bob Mason has a lot to do with my parents naming Mason (my older brother) Mason. Bob's precious wife Debbie went to be with the Lord this last year and we wanted to bless his family by doing something special. That's where the ebay idea came from. There are clothes that I have worn in photo shoots, to red carpet events, items from my dressing room and so much more. We plan to add about 30 new items in the next day or so. Always check back and see if there is anything you like. Just go to and type in Mitchel Musso. I will be glad to autograph anything you end up purchasing.



Carly said...

awh mitchel tht is so sweet with the ebay thing. me and my sister are going to take a look now!!

ah yes i saw a "sneak peek" of the new ep. cant waitt!!

cant wait to hear the big newss! sounds like ur having fun!!
yay! lol.

so wait u still havnt started school yet right! man lucky u!!! aahah

well alright just wanted to say tht its really sweet of u and ur family to be doing this chairty thing. and i hopefully will but something.



Shayla said...

grrr~ I so wish I could be joannie palumbo!! lol

Well Gotta go!

Jennifer said...

That's so awesome that you are doing that. I can't wait for season 3 to premiere!

Ashlee said...

woo. I already saw that episode of hannah montana. :]

awhh. that's cute, that mason was named after your parents pastor. =]

dude, that shirt is mine. my grandpa is bidding on it for me. :D

I miss yooou. :[


Athena said...

new girlfriend? thats pretty cool! Im sure your excited.. I also wanted to tell you to check out cause my name is Athena and I would love to set up an interview with you for Dad's radio station. So check it out and tell me when your available for a phone interview. Thanks mitchel, and thats awesome you are doing the whole ebay thing!

Hollywood-Girl 101 said... i asked my mom if we could bid and she said "the concert was enough melissa" and i was like "GUR!!!!" so yeah...sorry.

can't wait to hear your news!!!

i love you,

Denise said...

i cant wait for the new episode!! =]

and i also cant wait for the biiig news!!!! =D

and i really love the charity thing for ebay. if i had money, id donate... i already donated to the change for the children foundation... its so rewarding =]

amy said...

yay!!!!!! i can't wait for that ep to finally be on tv. i watched 100 times on youtube already. it amuses me everytime u say "love doodle" lmao i can't wait for the new season... :)

i'm watching HM right now and u are Nancy. Now ur mom is yelling at u...

I CANT WAIT FOR YOUR MUSIC!!! Especially ur song with Mason!! I know it will be amazingggggg.

u should totally go watch Blake Cam if u havent. your brother is a british italian batman.

i keep making my friends listen to ur songs haha. im an awesome brainwasher.

i'm sorry to hear about debbie. RIP <3 u guys are so sweet <3

have a great day mitchy!

Alex said...

I can't wait for the new episode soo Cool!!

Nikita Bimson said...

That's sweet what yall are doing. =]

New season: HOORAY!!

ravenvampy said...
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Elizabeth said...

The Hannah Montanna thing is cool! When I watch that episode I'm probably gonna imagine I'm Joanie. :o) The EBAY news is cool too. Except for the fact that I didn't win that stuff! lol! And the church thing...that is SOOOO sweet! Thanks for mentioning the Lord on your blog. I'm a Christian and I'm glad you are! Love you Mitchy! God bless!

Alex said...

Omg i can't wait to see the episdode .. im watching the VMA's right now ...

I have to look on youtube for your stuff ..

I cant wait to hear about your new songs and stuff ...


Katie.<3 said...

i already saw the episode. its like my favorite. and hopefully i can bid on your items!!! haha. sounds like youre having fun!

Samantha said...

Your Performance in reno was so cool! That's totally awesome that you came.

I don't know if you remember but i asked you to sign the Back of my phone.

thanks for that.

You have been added to the list of ppl i've met this summer!!! WooHooo


Anonymous said...

Awww.. Mitchel, you are so sweet! That is such a nice thing to do for Bob Mason. Your Family ROCKS! I Love your family.
and I knew you guys named Mason after Bob's last name. I was like thinkin" Hmmm.. I wonder if they named Mason after his last name, since he is such a close friend of ya'll" LOL.
I hope it all works out well, please keep us posted on it!

LOL. I actually already saw the Joanie episode.( Youtube) But I look forward to the new season of more Joanie.

I hope your doing good, I can't wait for the Music News!! I love your big surprises!



Bridget said...

Oh Mitchy your too adorable & I miss you wayyy too much. I really need you to come on over to PA soon lol
My b-day is November 3rd soooo.....

I want those velvet dice!! Def. Gonna bid on them Lol
Anyway....I'm gonna go leave you a myspace message, but you like never read them so its just for my amusement lol

Hope you have an amazing week!
<33 ya

Nisha said...

I already saw that!!!! It was AWESOME! I just saw Emily's. Once Upon A Dream music video!!!! I love it! Tell her I said she did an AWESOME JOB!!!

tayy bby :] said...

I can't wait to see the new episodeee :]

ohyeaah, the big news !
I can't wait to hear it.
i have a feeling its going to be reallly good! :]

Aawh, I think its so sweeet how your doing that chaarity thing on ebaay.
im gunna aask my dad to get me something off of that.
thatd be reallly cool. :]

mason was named after the pastor ?
thats reallly cool :]

kaaywelll, I miss youu mitchieee ! <3 :]
come baack to fflorida soon, kid.
its boring without youu here.
and I have nothing to look forwaard to :[

loveyouu ;]

Disa said...

The whole eBay thing is really sweet of you, Mitch :)
I wish I had money to bidddd.

Soooooooooooo yeah.
I really think you need to come to Seattle mister man.
And I think you should stay here a whole week and do like 7 days of concerts & meet and greets in a row to make up for the time us Seattlites have waited for you to come.
Sound like a good idea? Yesssss it does.
So tell your managers and agents and the rest of your "people" who need to know that you're doing that, kay?
Thanks for being so understanding and cooperative and I'm glad we could come to an agreement on that :)

Camille said...

mitchel!!! im the highest bidder on the shirt that ends tommorrow!!!!! Im super excited this is great. i really hope i get it. we'll c! Thanks love you so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the big surprise =)....I wish my dad could buy something from E-bay *__* But anyway that's a great way to help so much people and I'm happy for that =)


Anonymous said...

You are incredible !


ashley said...

does that mean joanie is your gf in real life of just hannah montana... you're confusing lol =]

Ashlee said...

you probaly knew this was going to happen, buuut..................I BOUGHT THE SHIRT. the white one that ended today.....I bought it for like 160$. :D woo.

-ashlee. :D

Camille said...

URR!! I almost got the shirt!!!!! ALMOST!!! I was 3 dollars away. Im gonna get one though... i will, hopefully! thanks for all! ily

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Awww that's so cool! I saw the new episode on YouTube, but I can't wait to see it actually aired. Then it won't pause itself every two seconds... *growls at computer* =)
Eeeep! Can't wait for your surprise!! It's gonna be gooood, I know it!
Gasp! Ebay! Haha ... I am officially broke, or else I would bid. =P
!!!!! A family at my church knows the Masons! That's so cool! And I think it's supah awesome for you to mention the Lord in your blog ... I'm a Christian and it makes me soooo happy that you are too!!! My prayers are with the Masons ... and you too of course! =)

Hope you're having an awesome day!

Keep smiling!!! =D
~ Megan <33

SashaLovesYou said...

i saw the episode.

the ebay thing is really cool.

Anonymous said...

I just thought you would like to know, that I just did something to save your BIG surprise from getting revealed too soon. But I had them take it down, till you told everyone. So no need to thank me. LOL. Just giving back to an awesome guy like you! =]

-Katie R.

Purinsu said...

Heehee. My youth pastor's FIRST name is Mason XD That's weirdish.

I bet every girl wishes she were Joanie, eh?

(My friends Jake has been betting on those shirts!)

Lots 'o love!


tuba♥'smitchel :] said...
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GiGi said...

I love that episode!! (I cheated and watched it on YouTube after it aired in the UK, but I'll still catch the US premiere, lol!) It's probably like my favorite Season 2 episode so far. Of course, I'm very excited for No Sugar, Sugar to air also!! I love all the Oliver-centered episodes the best. There better be more of those in Season 3. :) And there will be more Joannie in Season 3?! Awesome!! I love her character, she's so funny!

EEP! Like I said before, it better be your CD release date, mister!! xD

AW!! Mitchel, did you know you're the sweetest person in the whole universe?!? Because you are! (I think it runs in your family!!) I'll definitely be praying for Bob and his family now that you've shared that about his wife with us, too. Gosh, you guys are SOOOO nice to be doing this for them. You are my favorite person ever...not that that's a new discovery, or anything. Lol.

And I better win that DC Games shirt!! I want it more than anything! xD The other stuff is majorly cool too, but being at the DC Games this year just makes that shirt even more special to me. So...everyone back off! Go look at the other items! LOL. :)


Abbster said...

heyy heyy heyu mitchy! :)
a girlfriend!! finally! I really wanted Oliver to find a love interest! yay!
omg ying yang yo theme song always gets stuck in my head! haha
well I hope everything is still going well with you! it sounds like it is though!
God bless!

Anonymous said...

like i said i would bid but i have no money on me right this second!
so yeah i have some tests i gots to go study to you later.


kelseeeREADITMITCHEL;D said...

aw mitchel thats so awesome!
hha school started on thursday,it was AMAZING i lovve my clas:).haha i just got my hole bedroom redone,i have this VERRY,VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY BIGG poster of u it takes up half of my wall its of u:). i got it made:D.haha but yah.i hope everything goes amazing!:(new girlfrien,even tho its only in the show she is is still damn lucky!!♥:)


~*Amber*~ said...

Mitchel, that story about Bob Manson was beautiful. God bless him and his family. I really hope all of your fans end up getting something. I think its great what you're all doing. =]

Looks like everyone watched the new episode on youtube already! I know I did. We all cheated. Lol.

I'm pumped for music news!!

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

ahhhhhhhhh I was going to buy one of the shirts but in one day it went from $30 to $50 and my dad wouldnt pay that much for the shirt I was soooooo sadddd! I will try again though
luv ya,
Amber K.

Alana said...

Hey Mitch!i haven't comment in a while:
Joanie Palumbo?!That girl who is evil?!(jk)but still..tell OLIVER this:

Hey, hey.
You, you.
I don’t like your girlfriend.
No way, no way.
I think you need a new one.
Hey, hey.
You, you.
I could be your girlfriend!


anyway,that is so sweet what you are doing.I'm sorry for Bob Mason's wife...

i can't bid 4 anything cuz all i have is 40 bucks.that would NOT get me anywhere.Hahaha.

OK ur music surprise is ur CD!wat else?!


Anonymous said...

You know your little brother has taken up ebaying? Although I don't think the moola is going to charity. LMFAO Him and Kevin signed a iPod/iPod CaseBox thingy and are selling it under the username MUSSOPIMPIN13.



PS I saw that epi a while ago. I dug cause of the hockey involved. ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! :) lol
can't wait to see all the new hannah montana episodes :D
YING YANG YO? I think that i've seen that a few times...though I have not seen that lately.

Cooooooooooool!!! New music news!! lol :) I sometimes like surprises...except when my brother jumps out and tries to scare me...but even those times are fun...:) lol

that's sweet...:)...If I could though, I would deffinitely try to get something from ebay...but like I said, can't exactly get anything from ebay right now...if you have anything up by November, I can see if I can get something... *sigh* it's really sad when someone close to you dies............

hmmm...COOL!! Your hat and bracelet are my current favorites on ebay :)...

I started school today :| :)

ok, gotta go... :)

wish ya luck Mitchy!!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I have a very unique sense of style when it comes to fashion and stuff like, maybe I can take some pictures of me in some of my favorite outfits and put them on myspace, I will tell when I do, and if you get a chance maybe you could see them. I like wearing stuff like shorts over plaid pajamas. It's really funny... Or maybe it's cool...hmmmm
doesn't really matter if it's cool or funny, I just like wearing what I like wearing... :)

Molly said...

Joanie B. Goode! I saw that on youtube like back in May.. at first I thought you meant she is coming back in the third season and I was like noooooo! Because I am a huge LOLIVER fan:) Since I first watched the show, and I will admit I didn't like it at first but it grew on me during summer '06. Now I am obsessed, no biggie. Maybe I can get my mom to bid on somethings for hmmm Christmas? But just donating is much cooler, so tell us if there is a way we could do that please! Well I should probably do homework.. eww!
Good Luck with whatever you are up to!
Molly E.

Camille said...

you are such a good guy selling ur stuff for charity! i love you!!!

Anonymous said...

i might beable to bid for stuff!
okay sooo yeah....i g2g since i have to leave for school soon...bleh! l8r


Anonymous said...

i really want a shirt of mitchels... but thats a lot of money. i am gonna give to missions international, and that way i wont have to pay for shipping and everything cause i live in hawaii and it would be 34 dollars just to ship! but you guys have been saying that you wish you can give to the organization and you can. go to

Thanks Mitchel

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel,
i have some really excititng news ok here it is there is a college football team called notre dame i don know if u have heard of it but, there band played......shake it st half time i was feaking out it was so much fun.


Anonymous said...

new girlfriend =(
dahhhhhh is one episode xD
<33 I lOove mitchel mussOO

ravenvampy said...

oh! mm'kay! sorry to have become a bother! it was cool getting to know you and talk to you! and i wouldn't exactly say that i wouldn't love for you to somehow tag along with mason and the gang for they're concert in philly in november! since it'd be really cool to see you! (and i'll bring those cookies i promised you i would!) so yup! nice chatting with ya! still love ya mitchy! *hugs you tightly* bye!

Camille said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I got the shirt that just ended!!! Its the one you wore to your first hannah press tour!!! Im so lucky i got it for only 29.99, what a good deal!! Im thrilled! The other one i was bidding on went for 160 so im super lucky. Thanks! I will take very good care of it!!! :) Can you PLEASE sign it, that would make it 100 times better =] thanks mitchel! I love you!!!


~ Cami

p.s. my friend wanted me to get a blog and i was like chyea cause mitchel has a blog. so check it out! its thanks ily

lizzz!! said...


i missss you!

Miranda said...

That's so sweet Mitchel!

Ashley <33 said...

I WON YOUR JACKET!!! hehehe i cant wait to get it!!! "goofynanny" says it should be in the mail now i'm sooo excited for tht and omg ur actually dating joanie!?!?!? =[ awww but the EBAY this is awesome and i helped u with tht =D the new episode was deff amazing!! my favorite part was when lily grabbed the snake and said "its real." all the way to when Miley asked "so what do we wanna do tonight" and emily said "puke" then joanie said "leave" yeahh of course u know what im talkin bout cuz u were there =P and yet here i am rambling on and on about it haha well yeahhhh cant wait for my jacket i hope u signed it "love mitchel musso" that would like make my whole yearrr!!!

love youuuu

meeee (ashley)

Maddie Loo said...

Dear Mitchel,
I watched the episode and you were great! I'm not just being a kiss-up. I thought you were hilarious! Most people would say they hate Joannie, but I'm glad your character got a girlfriend! He totally deserves one. And did you say something about there being more Jojo? I can't wait for season three!

Joanna said...

Oh shes the one that dropped her books and then Miley and Lilly where going all crazy at you for liking her and...well you get the picture. Its another one like that? i really liked that one I saw it months ago though and I cant remember most of it now lol!

Have a gooooooood weeeeeeekend woop woop < as said by yoshi >


briana said...

i cant wait to see the new episode love ya briana