Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Make It Up To You" and the DISNEY CRUISE SHIP!!

Just wanted to mention that I performed a brand new song on the Disney Cruise called "Make It Up To You" and I hope you guys get a chance to hear it!

The Disney Cruise was one of the highlights of my year for sure! I had the best time and I wanted to say THANK YOU to DISNEY and everyone involved who gave me a chance to be a part of such a fun adventure. My family was grateful for the opportunity and my band was thrilled to be a part of it all and we just had a wonderful time. I can't thank the Disney Cruise Line and everyone enough for all they did to make our trip so special! The concert was something I will never forget!

Also, mark your calendars...Mason and the band Metro Station will be performing live on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night Thursday September 4th and it will air on Friday September 5th. Set your TIVO!

I'm working on a little something for the Hannah feature film today, worked on Phineas yesterday,I'll be at Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow, working on Hatching Pete Interviews on Friday as well as an episode of another popular Disney cartoon and I will give you details on that soon! I am also working on Music everyday and am enjoying every minute!

I plan to be in Reno this weekend for a video shoot, don't know if it is a public appearance, but if it turns into one, I'll let you know.

ALSO********* I am having a family friend put some stuff up on EBAY to raise money for Missions International. Missions International raises money to provide homes for people who don't have them and also they build churches in Mexico. The pastor is Bob Mason and he is a good friend of the family who married my parents years ago and has been working in the mission field for years. If you would be interested in owning some real Mitchel memorabilia and also helping out a really good cause, head over to ebay and take a look at the shirt that is up for bids. We plan on adding many things in the near future. This is our test run.

Have the Best Day ever!



Elizabeth said...

Splee unto ye and all thy awesomeness. :) lol. That's really cool. I can't wait to hear all about those things. I'm glad the cruise was fun! Wish I could have been there! Love ya Mitchy!

Anonymous said...

lol, cool new song! lol currently I am listening to the video of you singing "Hollywood Girl" on the cruise. lol, love the song! lol sounds like you had a great time :D
lol :) :D XD :D :)
I don't know why, I just love making different smiley faces in a row, like sometimes whem someone says something, I will have a lot of smiley faces in a row reacting to what the person said. :)
Oh, I think last time I might of mentioned finding a Jack Russel Terrier, well they found the dog's owner so that's really good, if we hadn't called someone to get the dog, the owner might of not of found the dog. :| :)
...My feelings are still a little hurt from the whole my dad telling me that he would never see me again if I decided to follow my dreams thing. but i guess it's his loss if he leaves me for following my dreams, cause even though his religion believes that I'm a bad person for not being in their religion, I know I'm a good person :) lol so my heart isn't really THAT broken anymore.
ANYways, :) I am hoping to go into some more serious acting classes soon. So that should be fun. :)

well, still wish ya luck Mitchy!!
lol, and can't wait to hear more of your songs!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I am learning some Japanese, don't know a lot yet, but i'm still learning it.

:) :D XD :D :) lol

tuba♥'smitchel :] said...

niceee :)

sounds like you had a blast.. i envy you!! lol jk

you sing so cute! <3

Gina said...

ahh yay mitchel! im so excited for you!! im glad you had a great time on the cruise, i love cruises xoxox dood, u gotta tell us when ur album comes out i mean me and my BFF cant wait any longgerrr !!! ahh im so excited that youre raising money for SUCH SUCH SUCHHHH a great cause yayyy i hope u have a WICKED rest of the day and hopefully ill see you soon babe xoxox

brianna said...

hey mitchel(: that's so awesome!!(: i can't wait for everything....

Breann said...

im glad u had fun on the cruise... hah and ur brother is preforming on my birthday its tomorrow sept.4 i cant wait to see what i get part of it was a 2 week trip to puerto rico but my parents r getting me another iphone cuz i broke my old one. have an amazing week.

Love ya.


ravenvampy said...

ur typos make me laff! spellchack buddy! i'm not going 2 b an english major 4 nothin! lol!

Brittany said...

Aww glad you had so much fun. You sound like a little kid haha

And maybe I'll but something. I think it's for a good cause. Glad to see you making a difference :)

And I will try to see Metro Station this Friday. Speaking of Metro Station, I went to see the House Bunny over the weekend and I was with my cousin and her best friend and when it came on, we started dancing in our seats and singing along haha it was fun :)

Wow, you're really busy this week. Well, so am I. In fact, I'm supposed to be doing an essay right now but I took some time out to visit your blog :)

Hopefully I'll see you soon! Good luck with everything and have a very lovely day :)

PS. This is what the alphabet would like like if Q and R were eliminated.

Ok that wasn't it but I just wanted to tell you to say hi to your family for me! Even though I don't know them haha anyways, ttfn :D

Katie.<3 said...

im glad the cruise was fun! i wish i could have been there. i cant wait to see mason on friday. =]

#1FANisamyniemela said...

you are such a sweetheart!
I'm so happy you had the best cruise ever and i saw some youtube videos, i haven't heard the new song, but it looked like a blast, i'm watching all the stuff this week yay! i'll comment later g2g

love you!

josiee(: said...

your blogs make me smile.
just so you know...

Anonymous said...

Awesome! It sounds like you had a BLAST on the cruise, just as it should be. sorry about your drumer messing up his back on the jet ski, But it sounds like you had a pretty sweet ride on it! I've always wanted to go on a jet ski, and hopefully someday I will!
The ebay thing sounds awesome! your so thoughtful to give away your stuff. I hope it'll all work out well so they can build more houses and churches!
So my dad is trying to find me and my twin sister a modeling agent, and I'm excited cause we get the chance to do what we do best, and maybe get to be in a few commercials. I have a friend, his name is Mark Daugherty and he moved to LA to become an actor, and he hopes to be on Disney channel, so if you hear of him, he's my life long friend. and this weekend, I am being in a fashion show, I'm modeling Homecoming dresses, they'll be pics up on my myspace soon. But i'm excited about it, cause I get to experience the whole celeb feeling of waking up super early, hair and make up, photoshoot. EXCITING STUFF!!

Please..please..please.. read your messages on your myspace, not the comments. but the messages, I sent you something, and I'd like you to read it. Its by "Katie"...which is me.. LOL.
So when you get the chance, check it out!
I miss you, and I hope to see you in the near future soon!

-Katie R.

Anonymous said...

You're working on too much things xD....I'm happy you had fun on the Cruise =) and I can't wait to listen to your new song


Brie said...


You're so incredible!

New song....Mason on Jimmy Kimmel....being at the Reno...selling stuff for charity on EBAY.......what more incredible things can your Musso boys do?!

.....performing and signing stuff in Chicago would be nice...........

sorry i keep bugging you about it. but i can't wait forever, dude....

luv, brie

heyyitsemily said...

thanks for telling that mason is performing on TV. im gonna record it. =]

my uncle who just survived lung cancer told me when we went to planet hollywood that his favorite band was metro station, and that he likes seventeen forever

im also excited to see them in november for the disco balls and blow up dolls tour.

Disa said...

I'm glad you had a good time on the cruise :)

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

Yay a new song I still am waiting for your CD to come out I am most definately going to check out the website for EBAY and buy a shirt and tell all of my friends to buy one too so yea.....
love ya
amber K.

Mariam. [: said...

awh mitchel.
im having a really bad day. ):
and then i came home and i found out you were going to go to jimmy kimmel and that made me MORE bummed. cause my friend was gonna take me cause her aunt works on the set and we both love metro, but she had to give the ticket to her cousin. "/
soooo, now i dont get to see you OR metro station.

when are you gonna do something in cali?

kelseeeee:) said...

aw mitchel thats so greaT!
A new song???:Dcant wait to hear it!im glade u had fun but the fun ends for me tonight:(.school starts tomorrow.but i cant wait to see everybody,i always get involved with sports and clubs at my school but im going to a new school.for high school:Dbring on grade 10:D.lmao.all my friends.well accept a couple are going to the same school as me:) so thats awesome!.oh yeah!!guess what my good luck charm is...a neckalace that has ur name on it and has a picture of friend got it for me a while going to wear it tomorrow!i hope u bring me luck,mitchel:D
i hope u have a great day!!
oh yeah i will so watch metro station!!!!:D ur gorgy mitchel:)


Anonymous said...

oh i want that shirt!
i'm so glad u had a great time!
i'll see if i can watch jimmy kimmel friday...i might go to the school dance...even though they! ttyl


Nikita Bimson said...

I'm glad you had fun.

Oh, it's very nice of you to do that missions thing. =]

Ashlee said...

woo. sounds like you had a good time. I'll deff watch jimmy kimmel. =]

dude, I'm bidding on that shirt. I hope i get it. :D

well, have fun!

Gennine said...

Awesome to hear that you had a great time on the cruise Mitchel!! Hope all is well, and I can't wait to hear your new music! Also, I will most definitely set my DVR for Metro Station on Jimmy Kimmel, thanks for letting everyone know!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

ALEX said...

ahhh that cruise sounds like so much fun!
i want to hear your new song!!
and i'll definitely watch jimmy kimmel tomorrow night are you kidding me?!?
uhggg today was the first year of 11th grade and i want to die!

have fun at you videoooo shooooot!

Anonymous said...

hey babe!!!!!!
exciting and reno you should be in Colorado and I will be bidding ok love you

Jodiee ♥ [: said...

=O its over already?
I thought you'd be on it for aaaages. Thats English people for you :D
oh, accept us on MySpace pleeeeease [: I only go on to see if you;ve accepted ;) jokess x
+ why does everything have to be in AMERICA. come over to ENGLAND :D


Mareen said...

Hey Mitchel.
Wow this is so cool.
New song.. so wanna hear it =) I think I'll look for it when i am back from school =D.
Anyways ... I loove Metro Station!! They totally do rock!
And to mthe cruise again .. I SO believe you that you had an awesome time. I EVER wanted to go on a cruise too =D

xox Mareen

ashley said...

i will be watching metro station tomorrow =]

and i just might bid on that, lol =]

oh yeah. i was your first comment ever on myspace. go look!

Brie said...

I'm at school......before class. I am sooooo bored.

Just wanna drop a line and say HEEEEEEEY to my favorite dude ;)

luv, brie

GiGi said...

Aw wow!! I can't wait to hear the new song!! It's awesome you had such a good time on the cruise! My family went on a Disney cruise back in like...November 2005, I think it was. Anyways yeah I had the most amazing time and I've been wanting to go on another ever since! Disney really knows how to cruise in style, lol!

Yes I can't wait for all the new stuff coming out!! I'm like so excited for Season 3! And your CD better be coming out soon dude!!! Haha. =]

Oh wow that's so awesome you're donating stuff to help out Missions International!! I'm guessing Mason was named after Bob Mason? Lol. That's so awesome. Anyways, I just went and bid all my birthday money on that shirt. xD

Nisha said...

hey mitchel that's great i'm gonna listen to it in a minute! btw my b-day is in 18 days!!!!!!!!! i would love a happy bday from u!!!!! turning 15!!!! eeeeeeep lol


Miranda said...

Awesome Mitchel!+ I'm glad you had fun on the cruise!

Hayley Michaud :D said...

mitchel :)

myspace meeeeeeeeeee :D

Leanna Marie said...

If I wasn't a poor college student I would totally bid on that! Because that shirt is amazing and you wore it!

I'll have to go find video of you on the cruise.

<3Leanna Marie

Jackee said...

omg that is soooo neat that you do alot to help others. at my school there are usually a couple trips a year to do stuff lik that. but i also wanted to tell you that "shake it" was on the new 90210 series. i dont remeber which episode but it just aired. it was a nice suprise. hope you enjoy your week. =]

Alex said...

Omg todays thursday ... i have to see when metro station will be on !!! Yeah i have to check out your new song my fav so far is wasnt your girlfriend .. i love that song.

I bet a lot of people will bid on your stuff on ebay .. ill still check it out

When is your album going to come out ... i know i asked you this a million times but i want to get it sooooooo bad !!!

Dont you have enough songs for an album ???

Ive always wanted to go on a cruise ... it was probably fun !! Me and my mom want to go but my dad doesnt

Uhh that show doesn't air till tomarrow ... that stinks i got confused just like in math today ... wow i was horrible i got about all the answers wrong ... uhh i hate algebra !!

Well have an awesome day ...


Allie said...


I'm glad your happy. That makes me happy. :D

School sucks, all of my classes (except for spanish) (and i'm serious) are with this kid who wouldn't stop harassing me last year. HE'S A JERK! I hate him.

And then they are spraying this stuff in the air, and you're not supposed to breathe it in, and I did, and now I'm woozy. This is not good...

Have fun with everything!



~*Amber*~ said...

Aww yay! I'm glad you had fun on the cruise. =] Its sounds like everyone was awesome to you guys. And raising money for churches and housing in Mexico is so sweet. =] I hope it goes well.

Good luck to Metro Station! You're both on Jimmy Kimmel. Is your interview live?

I seriously can't wait for your music to come out though! I'm super exited.

Anonymous said...

ok, I know I already left a comment...but...
I was just wondering...would you like to come to my halloween party?
It will be on the 25th of October.
from about 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Though we are not totally sure about the time yet) :)

-Coral (The girl from RI)

Anonymous said...

i love your charity! it is a really good cause! mitchel you are a de-light in this dark world! :o)

Love, said...

Hey Mitchel,

I was just watching a video of you performing. It had a clip of "Make It Up To You" and some other songs including "Lean On Me" (yay! <3).

Here's the link:

Anyway, I just wanted to there any way you could tell the names of each of those songs in the video? Cause I'm really curious. I love them all. My favorite is "Revolution" (or whatever that song is called).

Also, WHEN IS YOUR ALBUM COMING OUT?! Mitchel Musso, are you aware that your fans have been waiting for over a year, since your music debut? I can't wait much longer! Especially since you always talk about you working on your music, so I know it's going to be AMAZING!

Cassidy said...

Great song! I have a vid of you on the cruise ship on my iPod, and it's annoying because I gotta keep rewinding it to hear that song! It's really good! You are one heck of a talented guy!

Samantha's corner said...

Hi will you ever come to florida??? oh yeah i went on a disney cruise!!! when did you go

Samantha's corner said...

Hi Mitch!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Mitchel I luv youyr blog! You are hilarious and awesome1 I am a big fan of your older brothers band! U rock!