Thursday, September 04, 2008

EDIT! 2 More Shirts up for bid on EBAY! DC Games & Typhoon Lagoon

***************************EDIT: We found out we are not allowed to mention a charity when posting items on ebay....the items are being taken down by EBAY and will be put up again without the add. *****************************

There are two more t-shirts up on Ebay plus lot's more coming your way!

One is my original T-Shirt worn during the DC Games. I spent everyday in this shirt for 5 days! I sweated in this shirt, ate in this shirt, did all the competitions in this shirt and I am hoping one of my favorite fans will have the chance to enjoy it. I have already autographed it for you!!

Also, the original t-shirt I wore to Hannah's first concert at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World is up for grabs on ebay too. I have already autographed this one too.

We also added the dresses the girls wore for "Let's Go" and there will be all the items from my Last years dressing room at Hannah Montana....keep checking EBAY under Mitchel Musso. Lot's more will be added this weekend.

I just got back from Jimmy Kimmel! Mason and the band Metro Station were AMAZING!!!! Watch it if you can. It will air tonight at midnight in LA and I think tomorrow night as well.

Have a GREAT night!



Disa said...

I'd bid but I currently have no money and I wouldn't know what to do with it once I got it ahaha.

Ashlee said...

ooh. I gotta check those outtt. I'm gonna bid on all of the shirts. lets hope I get one. :]

I'm waiting for jimmy kimmel to come on, its only 11. I got another hourrr. I can't wait. =]

dude, you need to go on tour again, but come near me next timeeeee. :]

Anonymous said...

"I spent everyday in this shirt for 5 days! I sweated in this shirt, ate in this shirt, did all the competitions in this shirt " ahaha lol this made me laugh soo hard.

im gonna stay up extra late and watch metro station =]

there almost as awesome as you are =]

<3 jess

Shefali said...

Hey.......!!!! itz super cool...
i want da one signed by u....
i can even murder sum1 2 get da T-shirt signed by u.........
Luv ya....!!!!

Shefali said...

Hey......bye da way.....!!!!
Congrats 4 ur PRIVATE JET.....
it might b coo...l 2 have ur own private jet........

Anonymous said...

*__* I love the DC games shirt...maybe my dad'll try yo buy it for me =)


Gina said...

eyoo!! well thats cool, i would bid... but mis padres wont let me... YET! :) ily mitchel, nd i hope uhave a lovely day!! xoxo now.. im gonna go to school. haha sucks!! love youu


GiGi said...

OH MY GOSH! Forget the other shirts! Haha, they're all awesome, but I was there at the DC Games this year!! You gave me a high five and I talked with Marc... If I won the DC Games shirt that would pretty much mean more to me than anything in the world! It would be like the most amazing memory... GOSH I have to have that one. I'll do whatever it takes. xD

Oh yes, and GO METRO STATION! =D


Angela said...

Cool. I hope YOur #1 fan is able to get one of those.

~*Amber*~ said...

Ooo awesome! I'm totally going to get my dad to bid tonight. =]

Again, congrats to Metro Station. =] Sounds like they did amazing on Jimmy Kimmel.

Nisha said...

I would love to bid on one, but currently got no money! LOL

Katie. said...

awwww im pretty much poor at the moment... otherwise i would get them. haha. and the typhoon lagoon shirt? is that the black and white checkered one? omg ive been looking for a shirt like that foreverrr! im bidding on that one for sure! =]

LIIIZ said...

i dont know how you live in california without exploding over how wonderful it is.
i went a couple weeeks ago and i am totally in love with the whole placeeee.
im going to college out there!!!
hopefully USC.
maybe ill see you there a ton in like 3 years!
love nukkaaaa

em.ily. said...


i recorded metro station cause i was tired and had major tests today. but im gonna watch it.

i saw them at the HOB in july and they were amazing. i cant wait to see them in november when they come back to orlando.

you should go on tour and come to orlando :]]

Anonymous said...

i'd bid but i have noooo money at all...grrr
i hope it's on again tonight!


Purinsu said...

Hey! SO awesome!

I'll be sure to be watching!

(Oh, and that checkered shirt up for bids? Really cool. A lot of my friends want it)

Have a great day!

~♥ Sarah

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

I SPENT ALL MY MONEY FOR THAT CONCERT!!!UGH!!!! i would totally bid for the dc games shirt and when it arrived i would rub it on my face and say "oh my gosh, mitchel musso's sweat is in this. everygirl's dream!" know creepy right? oh well.


Ashlee said...

dang mitch, everytime I go on the ebay page, there's more stuff being added. My grandpa is bidding on like 3 shirts. :D lets hope I get one. :]



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchy!!
ya, kind of can't bid right now cause we are already going to North Carolina next I don't exactly have enough money for that right now...ya...
apparently my step Dad is bringing us out for some sort of surprise tommorow because this is the last weekend of summer...and the last weekend until I have to see my dad again...
like I said, after everything he's said to me, don't exactly feel like seeing him right now...
Well, that's all for now because I have to go to bed (it's 11:30 p.m. right now). I will try to leave another comment tommorow or the day after to tell you all about the surprise and what it turned out to be!! (Though I already guessed, and I am pretty sure I know what it is) ANYways, like I said, tell you everything tommorow Mitchy!!

still wish ya luck Mitchy!!! :)
lol and hope you have a great weekend!!

-Coral (The girl from RI) :) :D :)

ravenvampy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Sup homeskillet.
You sweated in that shirt?
Ewww. lmfaooo Stinky boy. Hope you washed it. ;)


Shefali said...

Hey....!!!itz cool dat u've approved my comment......
Thanx....!!!Well....anywayz keep rocking!!!
Luv ya....

Elizabeth said...

That's soooooo cool! Sadly,neither I nor my parents can afford it. But I might ask them anyway. :D lol.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! my best friend mira's birthday is on thursday, september 11th. and i know she was saying she was gonna ask you if you could wish her a happy birthday but i dont know if she ended up doing that. if you could please wish her a happy birthday shes one of your biggest fans and she loves you lots. thanks! :)

vaneeh said...

hey mith!! I have no money for buy it =( because I'm from argentina but I wanna have it =) lol.
I'm 16 years old and I've been ur fan since 14 years old when I watched u in Hanna Montana first time ! also This is the first time that i leave a comment here because i guess my english is bad
anyway! i think u r a good guy and u r so talent , funny and I really want to know u because u and me will be able to be good friends.
I'll be happy if u write me or something because I'm sure u r different and u will do it .. I hope so =P ehhe

loveyaaa !!


Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

sweetness I will bid as soon as possible!
luv ya,
amber K.

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

oooooo ok well i will bid anyways!
luv ya,
Amber K.

Camille said...

I NEED THAT SHIRT!!!! i just need some money! im gonna bid!!! im so excited!!! thanks mitchel i love you!!

ravenvampy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
José Jhimmy Feiches said...

I am from Brazil and I am your big fan!
My dream is to be a person like you, famous, Cool, and talented!
I hope you answer this comment.


Sorry for the mistakes of English

Camille said...

omg i bid, but i was out bid like right away :( this went on for a while but i am gonna get that shirt. hopefully... well i love you so much have a great night! <33 Camille

Anonymous said...

hey, It's
you know it's funny, I said the same thing last night, but then we had a blackout of some was pretty interesting...anyways...
where we went yesturday, was exactly where I thought we were going...though before we arrived at the place, my step dad said we were going to the baseball stadium where the Boston Red Sox play :) lol...ya we were near the place, but we did not go there...Instead we went to a place called "Tomb" it was Egyptian themed :)!!! we had to go inside a mummy's tomb with a story behind it. There was a whole bunch of things you had to do to get out, like matching things up and stuff like that. It was kind of funny, because my step dad's friend and his son came, and my step dad's friend stepped on the trap on the floor...the tile in the floor went down...and the ceiling started coming down too. lol then we had to finish our task before the ceiling came down totally... :) it was pretty easy...and then kind of hard...when we first went into the tomb, the lights went out...and my step dad kept playing with my hair in the dark, and every time I turned around I couldn't see anyone because it was so dark...then I said "I know it's you." And then I heard my step dad sort of I know it was :) then later my step dad told me to try something that he was eating...he would not tell me what it is...I tried a tiny piece of it...I did not really like turned out to be shark...I like sharks :|...
lol :) well I should probably go now...even though I would love to keep talking to you :) though I guess it would actually be writeing... lol :)

lol, still wish ya luck Mitchy!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. I guess I am a little crazy and wierd...but not as much as I used to be, ya after my dad said all he did to me...but I am getting back to my slightly normal sometimes crazy, wierd, and sometiems funny self :) lol, I don't I funny? I do make people laugh a lot. lol XD

p.s.s. on there was a video from the Popstar magazine, it has small parts of some of your songs...I think one of them may be "Make it Up To You" It sounds like a really cool song :) and I can't wait to hear the rest of it...and of course all your other songs. lol :D

Disa said...

Do you ever go to the Musso & Frank Grill in LA? Hahahah.
When I was there I saw that and I was like "Musso? Innnteresting..." and I asked my mom if we could go there and she said no D:

Brie said...


Dang flabit! I missed Jimmy! Fudge. I'll watch it on YouTube later.

luv, brie

ravenvampy said...
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Taylor said...

OMG thats so cool I want it I would totally wear it to school and show it off to my friends who are Mitchel Musso Fans and Metro Station Fans as well!


Miranda said...

How awesome! You WON in that shirt!