Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey guys! What's UP??

Saturday, October 4th I will be performing this weekend at the St. Judes Power Of Youth Event at Nokia in Los Angeles. The event is from noon to 3PM.

Sunday, October 5th I will be at Miley's HUGE 16th Birthday Party Bash at Disneyland. Marc's coming too!

I will be on the set of Hannah all week!

My older brother Mason and the band Metro Station are in Australia this week! VERY COOL!

Check out the Ebay auctions benefitting Missions International if you get a chance! Just go to ebay and type in Mitchel Musso.

Have the Best week ever!


EDIT to say: Brittany C...got your message and it's on it's way! Take care!


Charlotte said...

Dang, I'd really love to go to Miley's birthday. But Boston to LA doesn't really work.

Ashlee said...

woo. have fun.!

basically.....saturday was awesome. it was really werid how we were staying at the same hotel. I loved your doggy slippers. :] & your performance was AMAZING. =]

P.S. your dad is awesome. :D

Camille said...

You are amazing.. It must be pretty dang cool beeing you. You are not only a huge celebrity but you get to go to awsome partys! You are super lucky, you truly have it all. You can sing, dance, and act! WOW! I am very impressed!!

Love you lots,


Heather said...

Your brother's in Australia...why didn't you come with him? :'( I want to see you live, you know its hard to believe celebrities are real when you never get to see them and well all of my favourite celebrities never come to Australia. Have an awesome time at Miley's party i bet it'll be heaps fun!

Mareen said...

Ahh this is so cool =]
Everytime I read your blog I wanna come to the USA =D
Have fun at Miley's b-day and on set =]

sambeth said...

Mason needs to come back! I can't stand not being in the same country as him.
and i wanna go to miley party too but i live in philly. ughh

Cassidy said...

Will do, Mitch! Rock the concert, and PLEASE come to Canada! :)

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel!
Good luck on your performance!! (Even though you don't need it!! You're such an amamzing performer!) Please tell us how it went!
Have fun at Miley's birthday party! Tell Marc I said hi!
How does Mason like it in Australia? I hope he's having fun!
I'm going to go check out ebay right now. And speaking of ebay, I found this song, that I thought you might like! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vpsPuLZOyo
Have a great week Mitchel! You deserve it!
Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333♥

megan said...

WOW i can be your date??

i will love you foreever
haha im in gym right now..
and apparentlyy this is waht you do in gym.. go on the computer.

Ańń :] said...

Hey Mitchel ;-*
Good luck on your performance ;)

Makayla said...

I wish I could go to Miley's Sweet 16!!...

Arizona and California's really not that far, but I kinda went to Disneyland more than a few times this year :P

have funn!! :)


Anonymous said...

lol, We are going to NC tonight!! :) I will probably see my brother tommorow :D
XD So right now that's the biggest thing thats up for me :) lol
COOL, I hope Miley has a wonderful 16th B-day!! And I hope you have lot's of fun this week on the set of Hannah Montana! :) For the last couple days I have been wathing those videos of you performing on www.mitchel-musso.com lol I really can't wait until you put out your album :) then I can listen to your music in the car too :) lol
The sun came out!!! lol it's been rainy for the whole week so far, for a second, it was a lot brighter....now the sun went away again... :| lol :)
Hey, I decided to be a cat instead of a witch...I have cat ears and I will make a cat tail, and I will probably be a halloween cat. It was kinda funny this year, I like a lot of outfits, but couldn't find one I really liked a lot, so I decided to put together a costume... :) Oh, now it's sunny again!! lol Hope you have a awesome Halloween too!! though I guess it's a bit early to say that...then again, I guess it's never too early :D lol
okay, I probably should go now, there is still a lot to do after all... We will be coming back next week on Tuesday or Wednesday...its one of those... :) So I guess I will tell you all about the trip to NC when I get back!!

still wish ya luck Mitchel!!

-Coral (The girl from RI)

p.s. what is your favorite thing about Halloween? I guess I like everything about it, except for the tricks anyways. I am bringing a good amount of scary stories along on the trip :)

p.s.s. wow, Australia? Cool :D

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mitchy. :) <3 That sounds really fun! I'm so happy for you! (hugs) But I'm also sad cause my froggy died on Monday. :(

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Have so much fun at Miley's birthday! =)


Anonymous said...

hey, when is ur brothers music video gonna be shown? and are u gonna be performing for the hannah montana concet to film for the new episodes? i heard ur the opening act :)!

♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

*sighs* nuthen much ... just ... blogging ... ;)

Aw, all that sounds like so much fun!!! Rock on, Mitchel! Hope you have a BLAST everywhere you go!!

Keep smiling!
- MeGaN
<33 =D

Katie.<3 said...

australia?! awesome!! haha. im jealous.. have fun in la and mileys bday!!!

tubalicious_ said...

turns out the trip to miley's bday will be wayyy to expensive for me. I won't get to see you :(
But hey! I'm sure you'll have a blast :) Omfgg marc's gonna be there? me so envious!! :-O haha.
well chillax. oh and btw, australia is the bomb! its fulla hot accents and i LOVERS IT! <33

keep it legit

karely said...

dude OMG ! so cool ! and mitchy.. are you going to be going to the Metro Station concert October 25th ? cuz if you do im so gonna be in that front row if i can ( early entry :] ) so cool that your gonna be going to Miley's sweet 16 ! i wish i could go but uhm.. MI to Disneyland.. uhm not happening. good luck with Hannah Montana too !

-karely ♥

sarahstarshipp said...

kbasically, kids at my school are bragging about how they paid $90 to see ac/dc.

and i said, "that't not even bad, i paid $80 to see mitchel musso play 4 songs. from last row on the floor."

i love youuuuu.
i'm trying to get stuff on ebay.

~*Amber*~ said...

Sounds like you have a very eventful week coming up!

Good luck with everything, Mitchel.


Brittany said...

Whoo! Good luck with your performance! :)

Wish I could go to Miley's birthday thingy but...too much money.

Anyways, I love Australia! That's cool that they're going.

Yay HM! Hope you're having fun filming while I'm stuck at school lol

And I will be buying at least one of the items. Most definitely. I just have to remember to go on lol

Well, I've got to read ten pages of The Scarlet Letter lol TTFN! :)

Oh yeah, and in honor of the first day of October, what are you doing for Halloween?

I'm gonna be a pirate :) Whoo!

ps. Have an awesome day!!! Although, the day might be almost over by the time you get this lol oh well have a totally awesome week! You rock! :D

~taaylor.* said...

pshhhh, los angeles ?
cometofloridaaa<3 ;]

california is much cooler than litttle old florida.

uggh; I waant to go to mileys birthdaay !
and see youu and maark, the coolest kids EVererererER !
but I'm gunna be in disneyWORLD then,
not disneyLAND !

aahhh, so I heard metrostation was in australia ?
I waant to go there so baad !
i love the accents people have there<3

mmkay, mitcheltate.
youu bettter be having ffun !
and comebacktoflorida soon,
even though its so boring here.
byebyebye :]

~taaylor.* said...

pshhhh, los angeles ?
cometofloridaaa<3 ;]

california is much cooler than litttle old florida.

uggh; I waant to go to mileys birthdaay !
and see youu and maark, the coolest kids EVererererER !
but I'm gunna be in disneyWORLD then,
not disneyLAND !

aahhh, so I heard metrostation was in australia ?
I waant to go there so baad !
i love the accents people have there<3

mmkay, mitcheltate.
youu bettter be having ffun !
and comebacktoflorida soon,
even though its so boring here.
byebyebye :]

Mitchelshollywoodgirl said...

awww that sounds like fun I wish I could go to her party I know a bunch of people that are! but I hope you have a great time!

luv ya,
Amber K.

P.S. If you get the chance tell Miley happy birthday for me!

christineeee (: said...


all ii know is that it's in los angeles. FINALLLYY!!!!

ii hopeee ii cann makee it too seeee uu.! <3

christineeee (: said...


Shanelle said...

Hey thanx for updating I want to let you know that I want to see you again sometime and also that you helped me not think about Skool for like 2 seconds. My rents keep hounding me bout college so am looking for those anyways love you have fun at the events planned for the weekend.

Leanna Marie said...

Isn't there an episode of HM that has Metro Station on it coming up? That's what I heard...

We miss you over here on the East Coast. New York State.... Rochester area... Not that I'm hinting or anying! ::wink::

OH and I keep meaning to ask... Do you know when 'No Sugar Sugar' is airing? I've been dying to see that episode.

Um... Yeah...

Wish Miley a Happy Birthday from NY. It'll be (insert word that means awesome here)! Mine was... but that was 65 million years ago... Or almost 4. But who's counting? Heh heh.

Peace, love, and doughnuts! (No pun intended!)
<3Leanna Marie

Anonymous said...

OMG NO WAY!!! will u be walking around the park??? I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I see u again!!! I LOVE U!!!


PS. I drew that picture of u and gave it to u at ur Wildwood concert in New Jersey!!

tubalicious_ said...

i got my shirt + jacket today.. exciting! :) lol and I was like hanging it in my closet and I checked the tag out && it was like gsus sindustries. i cracked up. lol im gonna go to my descriptive writing for composition class =C

Ańń :] said...

my dream, my angel, my prince...


Ańń :] said...

my dream, my angel, my prince...


_ said...

Miley's eager haha. A month early :P
For my sixteenth this month Im going to play guitar heroes, haha. I'm hardcore.
I hope you have a good time at Miley's party. Dang, I wish I could go hehe.

And when you tour next, come to the UK! *cough* Glasgow *cough*

Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

WOW!!!!! austrailia?!?!?!? that's far away!
yeah....during the week i hung up some pictures of the ionia free fair concert and now everythime i open my locker i start smileing cause your the first thing i see!!!! and i also hung some pic of Corbin in concert(the same concert at ionia) then i hung up a pic of the Jonas Brothers. now i have a reason to go to school...lol. luv ya lots!

Miranda said...

Hi Mitchel! Hope you have fun and have a great week too!

Anonymous said...

uh! well have fun! lol jk ily! come somewhere near me pretty please?? okay l8r


Brie said...

u wanna know what's up...
What what?!?!?!


October 4th, huh?
well that's mah HOMECOMING!!!
pretty much all the high schools in my area have their homecoming tomorrow, too.
I am SOOOO hackin excited, yo!!

and Happy b-day to Miley, and congrats to METRO STATION! omg they are huuuuuuge! me and mah friend Carolline were sitting by her locker yesterday and we were singing "control" and "tell me what to do." WOOOO!

u gotta get your cd out there so my friends can rock out with me, too!!!

have a super fantastical weekend :)

luv, brie

Camille said...

That sounds so cool, but Hawaii is kinda way far away... i love you!

Emily said...

i just won the signed t-shirt on ebay! for charity!

it was the shirt from hannah montanas first concert in 2006

can't wait to get it!

-emily <3

Brittany said...

Well, since you haven't made a new blog yet, I'll just comment on this one again...

My great grandma died last night. I was going to bed and all of a sudden my mom starts crying. By this time, I was supposed to be asleep so I couldn't get up to see what was going on but I just knew she died because my mom was going to Jamaica to see her this weekend. Anyways, I cried before I went to sleep. I felt so sad. And what's worse is that my mom was sad and she cried all night.

Anyways, sorry to post this bad news, it's just that since this all happened, I couldn't buy your stuff on ebay because I didn't want to ask my mom or dad to go on ebay and bid for them for me (I was in school all day), considering the circumstances. Sorry! You have no idea how much I wanted those dice from your dressing room lol I've been waiting all week. But whatever.

I just wanted to know if you'd be putting up more. Please let it be on a weekend because there's no school then lol well I gotta go now. Bye!

<3 Brittany

EricaLovesMitchelMussoandJB said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

I'm coming to see you at the SC STATE FAIR!!!!




Nikita Bimson said...


Hollywood-Girl 101 said...

i forgot to say Have a great time at miley's party.

yeah...my grandma and i were watchin hannah montana like 2 seconds ago and i was like "Grandma, that's one of the guys that i saw at the concert" and my grandma was like "oh he's good looking." and then i was like well that's awkward...lol. she was laughing the whole time. it was the eppi where miley thinks rico found out her secret and you were having a war with a monkey. huuuuh...good times!
luv ya lots

Anonymous said...

OMG!! (sorry I haven't been on in a while)

I hope you have soo much fun at Miley's 16th birthday!! It's really cool that Metro Station is in Austraila!!!! Too bad I don't live there... :( cuz I would definitly go and see them!!

Have fun on the set of Hannah Montana!!!!!

Much Love!!!

karely said...

AHHH ! mitchy i got one of your hats on ebay ! im so happy ! (: im like gonna wear it like every day ! and muh bee eff eff says heyy ! (:

-karely ♥

Anonymous said...

Whats up? Well.. I've been doing school. and getting ready for my first homecoming dance. Its my first because I'm homeschooled, and my sis and I are going with our friends to theirs. I'm excited, and its cool that we're going with a group of friends, instead of like dates. Although, I wish you could be my date for it. But you have a concert that day (The 11th)....So, Think of me, and I'll think of you, and then it'll be some what close. LOL.
Have a fun time at Miley's birthday!! I wish I could come, never been to Disneyland. Wish her a happy b-day for me!
well, have an awesome weekend!

-Katie R. (from Michigan)

sarahstarshipp said...

fhsjkfga, the thing on ebay ended while i was walking home from school.
and i lost.

Alana said...

Cool Metro Station's gone "Down Under"! Get it? :)

Tell Miley Happy 16th Birthday 4 me! Please?(even though her B-Day's not till next month)


Alana(i know u missed me.;)

KG LOVES YOU said...

Katiegrace needs another shirt, her sister stole it back. Where can I find one? Her Heart is broken.:0(

-brianna!;) said...

hey, mitchel!! on tony oller's myspace, he has a few pcs of you from teh power of youth event... but he spelled your name wrong :( ha, i'm sure someone will correct him... i would, but i don't have a myspace! haha. have fun at miley's party and shooting hannah!! i can't wait fro more new episodes!! and HATCHING PETE:) haha. i am really excited... on the twenty-second, i get to go see metro station!! :) it's in cleveland, and you should totally go!!:) you could go to the rock and roll hall of fame before the concertt:) haha. :) well, i guess i'll talk to you soon!

take care!!



Miranda said...

Also, I love your blog's new design!

Camille said...

like ur blogs design!!! and i have a ??? obama or mccain???

Nina said...

I'd like to see you live on some concert, but I think that's impossible, since I'd never ever get my moms permission to come to the US :D You should have a concert somewhere in Europe, then I'd definately come 8D

Have a nice day
- Nina

Athena said...

Hey Mitchel! Im sure you had sooo... much fun at Miley's party! Well anyways, I have been trying to contact you to set up an interview for my dads radio and tv station. (Im 18 and set up the interviews for all the celebrities.) I was thinking who we should interview next, and I thought... of course! Mitchel! He is so amazing, why wouldnt our viewers want to hear more about him! So if you are available for a phone interview soon, that would be amazing! Just check us out at www.myspace.com/greekradioandtv
Thanks Mitchel

Anastazja said...

i've got a blog about your older brother's band : >

Abby said...

mitchel you are amazing :)
i want to meet so bad so
come to pennslyvania soon!

do you still use your myspace because you still didn't accept my friend request. no worries tho!

have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Nice new layout Mitchy! :)

Austin said...

Couldn't go to any of these places...sad sad things! I wish to meet you! LOL! But seriously I'm your October 2008 Fan of the Month! We have to meet soon! Next DC Games I will be there holding a huge sign this time! I will meet you it's my new mission! Course I love you and wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you know if Moises has a myspace. I was trying to see if he did, but there are SO many "moises" that i don't know which one is the REAL Moises. LOL. So if you could let me know, that would be awesome. cause I love that kid. he is so cool!

-Katie R. (from Michigan)

Angela said...

Sounds like you've been busy. LOL.
Mason is SO lucky I've always wanted to go to Australia! Well I hope you have a good week!

Camille said...

hey were you just in Minnesota with Metro station doing a sining in hot topic??? cause my friend said you were.. but you said you were gonna b on the set of hannah all week... just curious!

luv ya


Anonymous said...

Dude. I'm going to go see your brother and the rest of the guys perform in Chicago the 24th. Tres excited...

Anyways. Glad your having a good week. =)

SELENA said...


Anonymous said...


are you coming to the camp ronald mcdonald halloween party like you did last time??

Brittany said...

Oh my gosh, you changed it up! Now it's gray/blue/whatever. Interesting lol

Update soon! :)

<3 Brittany

chelsea;; said...


i get to see you in less than a week at the sc state fair !

i'm beyond psyched, but are you doing a meet and greet?

i can't find any info on anything.

if you remember, you should definitely give a shoutout to katie, chelsea, and tori!

we're big big fans.

chelsea (:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I'm back from NC, it was a VERY long drive lol. We finally were in RI at about 2:00 A.M.!! On Thursday night I saw my brother again. On Friday he graduated, it was really cool :). On Saturday...I don't quite remember what we did, I think we met my brothers friends...On Sunday we went to an amusement park called Carowinds, I went on a rollercoaster with more then one loop...lol ya before that, ive never gone on a rollercoaster with more then one loop on it. I went on one where you stand...it was so wierd going through like two loops while standing...The only rollercoaster I refused to go on was one of those rollercoasters where your on your back, then your floating over the ground... It looks like your almost flying... Have you been on one of those Mitchel? I think its official...I love rollercoasters... :) :D XD At the end we went on a River Rapids ride...lol it was a lot of fun!! Hey, Mitchel, guess what?.....My brother decided to come back to RI with us early. lol, so he will be at my Halloween party. On the ride back, he kept makeing funny faces at me while I was trying to sing to some music, and I kept laughing and couldn't stop...lol it was really funny. My mom was wondering what was going on because I was laughing so much...though he was making funny faces because he didn't like the music I was listening to... Ok, I will stop talking now... Oh, wait, one more thing! I played Guitar Hero for the first time!! I made it from the levels easy to medium in like less then one day...Though I still have trouble with medium...but considering I had never played before, I think I was pretty good!
Wish ya luck Mitchel!!

p.s. I still go trick or treating...there are actually two groups of kids in my neighborhood, the little kids, and then the older kids later on... :)

Brittany said...

Oh my gosh, Mr. Mitchel Musso! (Sorry for replying to this so much but this is actually really cool!)

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone from Wizards of Waverly Place are wearing shirts...With your face on it! lol It's the same one I got at the Radi Disney Jingle Jam last year. Here's the link if you wanted to see :D


I'm off from school today :) Happy Thursday!

<3 Brittany

Anonymous said...

3 more days till you come back to Arkansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i got the package you sent! thanks so much! it really means a lot to us! your great!

<3 always and forever

brittany c

Mitchellover17 said...

Hey you have to blog again I miss seeing your voice babe and you also have to come back to Colorado to see me lol Love you

Mitchellover17 said...

Hey you know what would my day better babe? The answer is of course YOU. I miss you so much I can hardly beleive I havent seen you in like 3.5 months and thats a long time to go with out you lol. aNYWAY TODAY IS HARD CUZ its the one year anniversary of my friends death and I kinda feel like her death is my fault considering the fact that she saw me kiss her brother and then we were all like playing a game and none could find her and then when we did it was too late she already commited suicide and you make me smile so I have spent like all day in here on your site. You need to come see me well I guess I could share you with the rest of Colorado lol or atleast mt friends you could have a private concer here for us well mainly me ok well g2g I love you and I wish that one day my dream will come true oh and hope that you someday will give me a shout out to me Shanelle just dropping hints for you to give me shout out lol ok really got to go this time all though I really dont want to but ok bye my ove untill later

Anonymous said...

ARKANSAS TOMORROW! I am super extremely totally completely excited!!

Brittanyy said...

i feel like i havent read your blog in foreverrrr. SORRRY :/ Ive been so fricken busy. BLEHHHH.
comeee toooo philadelphia, please :]
I miss you lotssss.
okayy, im done for now, byee<3
brittany. (:

Anonymous said...

Come back to Florida lol. We need some TLC. Hope you had fun at Miley's Birthday Bash.

chelsea; said...

mitchel, i'm so glad i got to see you at the fair last night.

unfortunately, i didn't get to meet you.
are you coming back anywhere near sc anytime soon?

and by the way, i wanted to ask, you said that you got to sing to three girls during hollywood girl, i was wondering if that was the shout out i was asking for?

if it was , THANK you,
me and my friends almost died.
oh, we were also the ones with the smokin oken poster (:

we love you so much,
please come back soon!


I'd Swim the Ocean for you♥ said...

hey mitchel !

is there any way possible, at all, in any way, that you could possibly comment my myspace ?


lol please let me know, it would make my whole life♥


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, i have noticed something, you don't smile anymore in pictures. it makes me sad, cause thats like my favorite thing about you, is your 100 watt smile!( sorry, thats what I call it LOL)
So, smile :) more often, its good for ya.
Ok, well I hope your doing well, have a great week!

-Katie R. (From Michigan)

steph said...

Im from austral and saw your brother on tv, they were soo great. You should be really proud! but i wish u had come with lol!

Carly said...

Hey mitchel!! omg u gotta update soon!! i wanna hear about mileys party and hannah montana! how are things?!?!

cant wait to see the seventeen forever video! saw some pics and heard its based off of lost boys! ahah pretty cool

i saw some videos from the SC fair looked fun! like the new songs!

update soon
and come to chicago!
we miss u!



megan said...

omg =]
some one else besides me wrote on your blog to go to rochester.
yea yeeahh
so that means you have to go to rochester.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I tried sooooo hard to meet you in Arkansas, but failed miserably. I tried a hotel, I tried by the fences before the concert, and I tried by the fences after the concert. I didn't even go to the concert. Afterwards was a new Hannah episode and all I could think about (through my hysterical laughter) was how much fun it would have been to get to talk to you. So I'm not blaming you for this at all. I'm just saying that you need to come back with another public meet and greet. Much love from everyone form Arkansas! btw 1 day since the day you came. :D

Holly said...

i saw you a couple of days ago (saturday in columbia, sc) IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! i thought it was soooooo great how you came out and walked around and came and talked to us by the fence! o and thanks for saying you liked mine and my friends shirts!! we made them just for you!

Lisa said...

Betch you need to update this more!! You are my hollywood boy and i am your canadian girl so you need to go on tour with your brother and come to toronto please. so i will see you on october 26th, toronto, canada at the koolhaus

Alana said...

hey Mitchel! i'm bored out of my mind.so i thought i'd say a quick "whats up"!Hows season 3 of hannah going? i can't wait for the premiere.

guess what! tomorrows my 15th birthday!:) 15 on oct 15th how cool is that!?

have a happy happy happy day.or night.or whenever u read this.


Sami said...

Lucky!!!!!!!!!!! ive always wanted to go to California!!!!!!!!!! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Wende said...

No way! my Bday is the 4th! That is sooo cool! Tell Miley that I love her, the next time you see her!! Also, please visit my blog: Lori's Super Cool Peace-out blog, on blogger!!! Also, I left you a message on you Fan Phone, so PLEASE call me back! It would mean alot to me. I love you!
PS- Please come to Fort Mill SC soon!