Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brie! Twins! Everybody!Happy Birthday!!

Yes...I totally forgot to mention the Piano work of the one and only Brie! You did an amazing job and I totally watched it. Thank you so much! And I failed to mention the twins in Portland. Yes my mom said that you said it meant a lot to be there and I appreciate it so much! Thank you to everyone I may have forgotten to mention. I know there were 1200 people with standing room only, so please forgive me for not mentioning everyone....but I want you to know how much I appreciate ALL my fans ...I REALLY DO!

And A Giant Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating today and this week! Have the best one ever!

Filming over for the day and I'm heading out...


Lean On Me

Hanging on at # 7 again this thank you for ALL the votes, calls, shout outs and postings and requesting! You guys are AMAZING! YOUTUBE is at 415,000!

I am in Utah today filming. Having pretty much the best time ever. Ok...lot's of people you know are in this film....waiting for Disney to post so I don't get in trouble for spillin the details, but you guys are going to love the cast!

I am working on a HUGE project....which is my 45 times Bigger than my last surprise SURPRISE! and I can't tell you yet,but I will be able to soon.....why do I say ANYTHING before I should? I DON'T KNOW!

Anyway, I had a great time in Incredible time actually. Lot's of terrific fans! Thank you for all the gifts and a Big Shout out to Ashlee who came with her mom and friends. Our whole family sends a Thank you for the engraved Dog Tags. A big shout out to the cheerleaders...of course I remember you...and to all the kids....I hope to visit again soon!


Friday, February 22, 2008

PORTLAND Tomorrow!! Brie...did you say?

Hey guys! I am in PORTLAND tomorrow....who's coming? I personally can't wait!

Ok.....I have another surprise for you know how last time I said I had a BIG surprise.....well.....this one is about 45 times bigger than that surprise. But.....I can't tell you yet....but I can tell you Very soon! and.......

Ok....BRIE....did you say that you could play "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" on the piano and that you might put it up on YOUTUBE? it! I definitely want to see that! And...if any of you guys are playing my songs...singing my songs....making youtubes....let me know. If you put Mitchel Musso as part of the title, I will definitely see it. My mom checks YOUTUBE everyday! And she always emails me and lets me know whats going on. So...I think that's really cool and I appreciate it and I would definitely watch it.

Am I reading my BLOG? Of course! And by the way...if you send personal stuff like your phone numbers and email addresses....I can't post those.

The "Lean On Me" Youtube has 346,000 hits today. How is that even possible? I don't know.....but I got to tell you...THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't wait to check the Radio Disney Numbers this next week and see where we are....but whatever it is...Thank you so much for listening and voting and requesting....I REALLY appreciate it and I am so glad you like it.

The new movie is a blast....thanks to Disney for letting me do another DCOM for them. Can't wait to tell you more about it.

Thanks for watching Phineas and Ferb! Thanks for watching Hannah Montana!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Lean On Me" is number WHAT???

We made it to # 7 this week! I don't know how you guys did it, but you are really listening and calling and making me feel good about "Lean On Me"!

Did you know that the "Lean On Me" Youtube is at 310,000 today.....that is AMAZING!

I don't know what to say except thank you for voting and calling and listening and watching!

I am in Utah today....I just flew here this morning. I will be here for a few weeks shooting this new guys better get to Portland, OR. on Saturday because I can't wait to meet you there!

Hey! Who won the Snowboarding lesson with me on Radio Disney?? That should be cool....and I bet they will fly you to UTAH where I am because there is plenty of Snow up here.

Ok guys! Thanks for the support and a special shout out to Molly and Katie who have a new youtube out for the Family....I think it's called the MUSSO awards or something like that....but we all appreciate it. You guys are GREAT!

Have the best week ever! The Very Best and I will keep checking the YOUTUBE numbers and checking the top 30 to see where we go from here! It sure is looking good!

And thank you for all the VALENTINE posts.....I got over 250 for the Happy Valentines Day Blog....that was really cool!


Thursday, February 14, 2008


To all my favorite Valentines!

Lizzieeeee,Vish,Nadine,Trann,Meeghan,Anna,Lizzzz &
last but not least..Maryann

You guys know that I love you and I wish you a Wonderful Valentines Day!

I know I promised you a surprise today.I have SO many things I want to tell you….Lot’s of really fun stuff going on. I just can’t say too much because I don’t want anybody mad at me… …let’s see…….
I did record the song with Emily….you guys know that already….but they sent it to me last night, and I really think you guys are going to Love it and I CAN’T Wait for you to hear it!

DC Games are in the works…... I love Dc Games and of course it is in Florida again this year. I believe towards the end of April….so be watching out for that. all your favorite Disney friends will be there.

I am Not doing the movie Bleachers….I don’t know how that got on my IMDB page…..but I Am doing a film. I am starring in a film with another Disney Star and I think you guys will love it. I am in Utah today beginning on some rehearsals and wardrobe fittings and such. The movie is just getting started so I’ll let you know more when I can.

I told you “Lean on Me” is number 10 this week…THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT!! I will update you on the new numbers as soon as I know. Thank you for supporting the YouTube as well….I do check the numbers and it’s very exciting to see it getting thousands of hits a day!

I just recorded a brand new song on Monday and Tuesday night and have two more to record this week! They are Incredible! Just for you…but you already know that!

My Dad has been taking meetings with lot’s of people about my music….the response has been OVERWHELMING to say the least. I am very happy and have lot’s of good people that care about me and want to help and support it all…..and I am grateful!

I just recorded a song for Phineas and Ferb last week. My character Jeremy will have a song in an upcoming episode….a BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone over at Phineas for giving Jeremy a chance to sing! How cool is that?

Can I talk about my brother Mason, lead singer of METRO STATION for just a minute? They are doing AMAZING!!!!! Did you know that they will be doing a quick tour of Europe with Panic At The Disco. I thought my brother Mason had arrived already…..but let me tell you…THERE IS NO STOPPING METRO STATION! By this time Next Year…everybody who is anybody will know who they are! Their CD is sold everywhere now… get out there and support because you don’t want to Not know what’s cool! Right?

Marc, my little brother is doing great and he sends out a little Valentine love too! He will be with us in Portland on the 23rd at the All About Kids Expo…so if your coming to the show, stop by the merchandise table and say hello.

I had to stop for a minute and call my mom….I wanted to tell her Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m in Utah and she is in California today. Make sure you wish someone special a Happy Valentines Day today too!

Ok guys…..I hope that you know that your support means more to me than anything and I couldn’t make it with out you. Thank you for all the Valentine notes on the Blog that I will get today….I know how you are….your always so supportive and I thank you and wish you the Most Wonderful Valentines Day EVER!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank you so much guys!

"Lean on Me" is now officially in the top 10 at number 10 this week. I thank you for listening and I appreciate everyone calling in and asking for Radio Disney to play it and for watching the YOUTUBE which is at about 220,000 hits as of this evening.

You guys are the BEST FANS in the world and I appreciate you!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Denver was AMAZING!

I really had a Great time. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported my music. You guys are Great and Denver is really special. As soon as we touched ground, Marc and I had a snow ball fight. We went out to eat at a place called Fondue and it was different. If anyone has been to one, you know what I mean. It was fun though.

I enjoyed meeting everybody. The fans were AMAZING as usual. You guys made my day by screaming So loud and bringing posters and stuff. My fans are the best....I couldn't make it a day without you. I always appreciate your support.

Thanks for making "Lean on Me" # 11 this week!!!!! Rememeber when it first came out , it was # did you do that? Thanks for calling in and requesting the song and watching the YOUTUBE. I heard it's gotten over 200,000 hits. That's AMAZING too!'s almost Valentine's Day.....just saying.....

Don't forget that I will be in Portland, OR. on February 23 for a Concert at the All About Kids Expo there. I believe the show begins at 5:00PM

I am also announcing the next concert in......... Florida! I will be there on April 12 doing 2 shows. More details to follow.

Hope you guys have a Great week!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Don't worry about the surprise....

You guys are just way too good at finding things out! I'll think of something else for Valentine's Day. For sure! Glad you liked the video. Em's and I had a blast!



Well......that wasn't exactly the way I planned it

You know how you plan a BIG SURPRISE and then someone let's the cat out of the's happened. Your BIG VALENTINES DAY SURPRISE has already been told by a video that slipped out and was placed on this morning. My BIG SURPRISE was that Me and Em's were recording a song TOGETHER. I know that there are a lot of LOLIVER Fans and I just thought you guys would love it......but someone has already spilled the bummer....but was something that I thought I could say Happy Valentines Day with and now guess what? I gotta think of something else.....hopefully I will.

Are you going to be in Denver this weekend at the All About Kids Expo? I can't wait! Somebody bring a camera and get the new song on YOUTUBE! My grandma back in Texas wants to see it!

Snowbuddies came out yesterday.....enjoy!

I have my date today with Kelly...we're going bowling...should be cool!

I am editing this message to add: I can not do the Bleachers movie because it is not Disney Friendly. I am not sure who put that up on IMDB but it wasn't me.

Talk with you guys soon!