Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Lean On Me" is number WHAT???

We made it to # 7 this week! I don't know how you guys did it, but you are really listening and calling and making me feel good about "Lean On Me"!

Did you know that the "Lean On Me" Youtube is at 310,000 today.....that is AMAZING!

I don't know what to say except thank you for voting and calling and listening and watching!

I am in Utah today....I just flew here this morning. I will be here for a few weeks shooting this new film.....BUT.....you guys better get to Portland, OR. on Saturday because I can't wait to meet you there!

Hey! Who won the Snowboarding lesson with me on Radio Disney?? That should be cool....and I bet they will fly you to UTAH where I am because there is plenty of Snow up here.

Ok guys! Thanks for the support and a special shout out to Molly and Katie who have a new youtube out for the Family....I think it's called the MUSSO awards or something like that....but we all appreciate it. You guys are GREAT!

Have the best week ever! The Very Best and I will keep checking the YOUTUBE numbers and checking the top 30 to see where we go from here! It sure is looking good!

And thank you for all the VALENTINE posts.....I got over 250 for the Happy Valentines Day Blog....that was really cool!



Molly said...

Haha, I like how you get excited about snow! I am so sick of snow! I've already had 3 snow days, and 3early outs because of it! Well two days were ice days, my whole town was covered and power was out everywhere! It was pretty sicknasty! But also today, it snowed, again, after a snowstorm this weekend! its crazy, when you go out side when its 30, it feels like 50! I'm ready for summer, and yet where i live it still gets to 105 with humidity! so we get ALLL the seasons.. My friend was compleminting(SP?) on you voice yesterday, she says you have talent and use to to the best of your ablitity! Well i gotta go to taco bell, then soccer(eh running).

Molly E.

Carly said...

haha Mitchel wow congrats on LEAN ON MEE! wow! im telling u next week! defently in the top 3rd i know i said that last week but this is the week! haha!

omg i tried winning that stupid snowboarding contest haha well not stupid! but ya know! haha i really thought i was going to have the chancee!

omg i saw that video katie and molly made very cuteee!!

Well have fun in UTAH! come to chicago sooon!!! maybe a concert!?!

well ttyl



Molly said...

Snow, wow I am pretty much sick of snow, we always have snow on the ground now! Its crazy, and then in a few months it will be 100 degrees out, my state is soo WEIRD with weather! My friend said she really liked your music video for lean on me it was "cute", I liked the song choice, it reminds me of kanakuk, and i miss kamp ALOT. Good Luck!
Molly E.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I'm glad you're having fun in Utah! #7, huh? AWESOME!!!!! With any luck I can mail your surprise tomorrow, but it was supposed to be dry last week *sigh*. Today was the ship date for the robot, so our robotics team can compete at regionals! I'm so excited! Now the part of working on the robot is over, so a different kind of work begins... teaching the team the electric slide, and judging by the way things went today, I have a lot of work to do. lol! I'm also kind of excited because we're all going bowling tomorrow night and playing ddr together on thursday! It's going to be so much fun! I saw the youtube video with the Musso awards... it was sooo cool! Have fun teaching the winner how to snowboard! There's supposed to be snow in the northeast on friday! *smile* Unfortunately, I don't get a snow day because... it's february break! Hooray! *smile* There's supposed to be an eclipse tomorrow night, so I'll be looking out for that! *smile* Have an AWESOME week! *smile*


Cassie =] said...

WOW! that is insane in a good way! number 7! congrats. come to ma. just saying... LOTS of snow. to much. bleh. but anyway. that's awesome that you are in utah. emily was just there for dognapped (i beleive) and hsm 1 and 2 were filmed in utah. man popular place for Disney movies. lol. but thanks for the blog post. it was long overdue (in my opinion lol) and good luck with filming

Anonymous said...

I am so not surprised that the totally AMAZING song "Lean on Me" reached #7!!!! Mitchel the song is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! No doubt anybody can tell you that it WILL get to the top 3 and it should be very soon too!!! I am soo excited I can't wait til then!
Also I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that you are coming to Florida!!! I really REALLY REALLY hope that you come to Miami to do a show!
One last thing my mom told me if I keep up my good work in school that I can go to the DISNEY CHANNEL GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy! I really hope to get to meet or see you again! (because I did see you for a little while at the last concert that was in Miami!)

P.S. It rocked when Miley brought you onstage to dance with her to "Best of Both Worlds!"

Crystal! :-) :-D :-P

Can't wait to hear from you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

MITCHEL, THAT'S AMAZING! You deserve it and I'm sure "Lean on Me" will get to the top three in no time.
Snow basically sounds phenomenal right now. It's been in the 80s and 90s down here lately. Snowboarding would be SO much fun. Congrats to whoever won! I went skiing down this enormous mountain in Vermont when I was five between my uncle's legs. It was terrifying...XD!

Anonymous said...


#7?!?! That is insane!!!! Lean on Me is such a great song....

I DON'T THINK I TOLD YOU. MarcMarc no longer has to give me his Nintendo Wii! I found one at Target! And dude. I could totally kick your butt at Guitar Hero, fyi. SPEAKING OF MARCMARC...Warn him that Ashlee is gonna talk to him for me!!! ahahaha I love that kiddo.

4 day weekend was of the hook.....I went to lunch with my friend and we drove like a half an hour to go to a resturant that there was one near us? idk, we were being so blond...and we left the waitress a $7 tip by accident!! GAWH! We are stupid.

Chicago or Minnesota soon, yes? Concert? Hopefully soon, boy! Bring MarcMarc and Stitchness!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing I just wanted to thank you so much for posting blogs and stuff! It is really inspirational because I want to be an actress when I grow up or as soon as possible. lol! But anyways the point that you care about your fans means so much! Thank You!!!!!!

-Crystal :-) :-D :-P

Disa said...

Congrats on making #7!

But I'm sure it'll be even further up next week.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel. :] lean on me is an awesome song, I KNOW its gonna get to like #1 soon. I CAN FEEL IT!
ooh, utah sounds fun..I want snow...oregon, well my city IN oregon, had ONE snow day. Pretty werid, cause ya know, its oregon.........I TRIED winning that snowboard thingy, but radio disney is too difficult to win stuff on...its hard enough just calling in to request a song.

PORTLAND! WootWoot. dude, you have NO idea how stoked I am for the concert on saturday...like NO idea. EVERYONE at my school knows you have having a concert, I kinda..mentioned it..........a lot....chyea........I'm sooo freaking excited. Like "OH MY MUSSO. MITCHEL TATE MUSSO IS COMING TO PORTLAND AND HAVING A CONCERT!" excited. THAT excited. :] we should go bowling, mitch. I can stake out all of the entertainment around the convention center. Are you bringg your mom&dad? cause I got all of you a present. =]

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

Ohmigosh...you SO didn't have to post anything about the video...I honestly thought it wasn't good....but thank you so much for doing that!!! My day pretty much was horrible...I had to go home early from school because I was having trouble with some med problems, and then it basically led me to being in bed all day. So when I saw this it made me feel SO much better!

Hope you're having fun in Utah!



christineLovesMitchTate said...
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Chelsee said...

Ohh my God, Number 7?!?!?!? WOOT!!!!
GO Mitch!

Lol and I'll bet Molly and Katie are happy right now! Their vid is awesome!

Well, have fun with whatever you're up to! Hope to see you soon! *coughBOSTONcough*


Nikki said...

Wow! Great job on the Lean On Me. I love that song! Everytime I hear it, I turn it up so loud and sing and dance! Its such an amazing song! I new the words right away when I first heard it! I am suprised that you sing you are an amazing singer, the best singer that I had ever heard! Well I cant wait until your Cd comes out!

xoxo<3 Nikki

Anonymous said...

OMG, iloveyou.

britt said...

mitchel im so proud of you :]
before you know it, its gonna be number ONEE! its crazyy ! and I tried to win that snowboarding lesson thing on radio disney, but no luck :( ohh well im just oh so happy about lean on mee!


KT J. said...

Hey babe! Congrats with the success on "Lean On Me"! I hope your day today wa good and tomorrow is even better ;)
You KNOW I luv ya, Mitchel =)

Nikita Bimson said...

Thats ama-za-zing.
Thats totally wicked.
Congrats to the person who won the snow boarding thing.
I was so happy about the valentines thing. My friends didnt believe me. I was like I'm the only white girl with a ghetto name(actually its russian but they all say its a ghetto name. XD) that reads his blog. lol.

You made us girls happy. =]

Shannon Loves Mitchel! said...

Hey Mitchel!
I am soo glad that it is #7 thats amazing and you deserve it!!!
You have a great voice and i cant wait to hear about the new movie your doing!
It seems good allready because your in it!
I wish i could have won the contest but maybe another time.
Well bye!

<3 Shannon

leanne [= said...

molly and katie are probably like flipppping out. they showed uson imdb. xD
wow, number 7?! i can't wait for it to be number 1! =]
i had a dream last night that you were coming to new york, but the day before you had to be there for some 30-year-old woman for her surgery because she refused to undergo this surgery unless a disney star was there with her...

love youuuu.

-Leanne (Leanna ;D)

christineLovesMitchTate said...

mitchieee ahhhh

ii wanttt a shout out from yoohhh. a little later, though && dude come to CALIFORNIA! ii have to see yooh again...

ohh ii cut my hair, with bangs haha. come to california PELASE. fly in like 2 months back here. (:

okiiee ii have homework. ):

i love you.
i miss you.

have fun!

Sam said...

i love you mitchel! please come to bamboozle in new jersey on may 3!!!

christineLovesMitchTate said...

ohh and mitchiee

lean on me's #7, did yooh know that? haha wow it wuz 30, then 10, now 7. dont worry, ii vote like everydayy. it will reach #1 soon.

ii love you
soo muchh <3

come to california!
concert? please?
ii miss you...

ew i have a bunch of homework to do now. peace-out haha

ii love you
soo muchh <3

hannah(: said...

Mitchel..you amaze me.

K T said...

haha well i met you at an AT&T store. it was so cool haha it was fun. you better remember me cuz u told me you'd never forget my name. haha ohh and we also joked around saying that you stole my song so yaaa it was fun! write back to me pleaseee!!

Kiza said...

Konichiwa~~(dang xD im running out of language to say hi o,o x'c)

haha TOLD YA!!
O YEAH~~!!

well dats really awesome & u dont have to thanks 4 dat cuz ur song is really good and we are not making u a favor :D~~
jst wait u'll see dat soon it'll be on TOP 3#~!!!

U ROCK =>!!!

Alana said...

Yay! number 7
( everyone,prepare to see 'Lean On Me' be number 1!)
i actually heard the original 'lean on me' this morning.( yours is WAYY better)
well I can't be sick of snow because it does'nt snow her(except its COLD here)
wish the snowboarding lesson winner was me......that would have been fun.
have fun in Utah!

lauren.caroline said...

ayy kid.
congrats on lean on me and see you soon love.


i think, end of march?
kids choice?
youd better go.

btw im gonna make mason call you from his fone on wdnesday. im stoked to see that boy again.

jackieee said...

ah, mitchel. you deserveee it.
&so today, my friend haylee
called moises, but he didnt answer;
but his answering machine is hillarious,
its miley rapping. i thought of you :p
but anyways, i hear your on the red
team this year for disney channel
games?! looks like i'll be all
for red again! (: keep updating
and have fun in utah! btw. we want
details on yours &kellys date! lol

ayoo maryann! said...

i WISH i won :(
if i went to utah i bet they'd have some sick terrain parks at there mountains.

where i go there idea of 'terrain park' is a itsy bitsy half pipe and a beat up rainbow box. HOW EXCITING?!!?!?

soon enough your going to be at number 1 :D


Gennine said...

Ah, snow? You're so lucky, we haven't seen any yet in Jersey....hope your day was awesome!!! Thanks for updating your blog! Please post more soon, I'd love to hear from you!
love ya!
~Gennine, NJ
PS: I've been voting my butt off for "Lean on Me," btw...lol

Madison said...

hey mitchel!
we should still get lean on me higher up. =] and whoever gets to go skiing or snowboarding with you is veryy lucky and i hope you have a great time. you should go on tour this summer, and come back to indiana, because its the best state ever haha. that was sarcastic. but keep up all of your hard work! oh, and i think you should get a myspace that would be really cool too. =]


Katie R. said...

Oh My Goodness, Molly texted me that we made it on the blog and i did a happy dance! Thank you SO much, it's so cool to be mentioned, I mean, it probably is so little to most people, but its so BIG to me and Molly! We worked hard on it, and Molly did most of it, I just helped pick out pictures. we worked on it yesterday. and I have to say, it was alot of fun! I am glad your family liked it! I am sure Stitch like it too, LOL!
Wow, your in Utah again! I hope your having fun working on the movie! Is this a Disney Channel movie? I can't wait to see it!
Lean On Me # 7! wow, it sure did move up fast! before you know it, it will be # 1!!! How cool would that be!?!?
Have fun in Portland this weekend! Come to Michigan soon!!!! Maybe a concert??....ooo...that would be cool!!!


Julie :] said...

#7 is not good enough.

we shall reach #1!!!


and umm... come to cleveland? yea. ;] haha.

love u!

have fun in Utah!


Anonymous said...

AAAHHHHH!!!!! I can't believe it's number 7! At this rate you will be number 1 in two weeks or less!!!! I really hope you can come to Arkansas again. We love you here!

ajwtcb said...

#7 - Awesome ... but I'm not surprised one bit. It'll reach #5 by the end of the week, I'm sure. You did a really good job on the song and video! So, don't be so surprised. That recognition is something you can always "lean on" if you're having a tough day.

BTW, I did finally get to see the full video. Gave me chills it was so good, and I don't get that feeling with just any music these days (well, unless it's Jump5 I guess haha). Maybe it was the cold weather that day ... on second thought, nope - it was the song!

Fer said...

woww lean on me #7???that is sososososooo cool!I guess all those online requests and calls really work!

I reall can't wait until you tell us all about the movie!!!it's gonna like THE movie=D

well, hope you have a great time with the snowboard lesson...I'm sure it's gonna be soo much fun!oh and you are SO welcome about the valentine's posts...you know we all love youu!!'cause you're awesome like that =)

have an AMAZING week!!

love youu<3


Emily said...

wow number 7?? thats awesome!!!! but i dont think we're gonna settle for that. we'll get it all the way to number one. pretty soon, you'll be hearing it every day for the top 3!!!!

have fun in utah! hsm was filmed there and it was very successful, so hopefully since your movie's in utah, it will be successful too! haha. nice logic there right?


Anonymous said...

Omg, "Lean on Me" is amazing. I love that song! I love the puppies too :) And, I hope that the winner for the snowboarding gig is excited. I sure would be. Except I don't know how to snowboard. Lol :( Omg, 250 posts? For Valentines!? Wow, aren't you mr. popular with the ladies? Lol... - Lynn :):D:):D FROM CHICAGO. US BEAR FANS ADORE YOU. TTYL!!!

Jenny said...

Thats awesome Mitchel. soon it shall be number 1. haha.

What snoboarding lesson? never heard of it. haha.
ew snow, i hate snow and i hate winter its so gross. haha.

I won't have a good week probably, for one, i was supposed to go to a concert tomorrow, but now i can't, cause my mom and sister are sick, the ones who were supposed to come with. before that my other sister was sick, and my brother. gee, pretty soon i'm probably gonna get sick =\ i sure hope not, that would be awful. haha. well, i probably have a turn in this sickness going around. whatever.
you're welcome for the valentines posts i did, haha, but thank you for mentioning all those names, how many girls did you make happy??? 876567567467?? haha.
well, have a great day haha. :) later. later what? i don't know. hahaha. BYE

Chrissy said...

Hey Mitchel! I'm so glad that Lean on Me is doing so well. :D Hope you're having lots of fun in Utah. Oh, and we totally miss you in Northern California, so you need to come here soon. :P


Tori said...

i watched the "lean on me" video for the first time today
it was really good=]

you have an amazing voice. you should definitely pursue in a music career if you ever get the chance :]

i hope you have fun in Utah
the snow rocks but i never get to see it except when i go snowboarding:'[
snowboarding is even best! lol
congrats to whoever won the contest=]

i know i keep saying this but u should really consider going to disneyworld sometime between march 13-17th
preferably the 14th if u can b/c thats when our band is marching in the parade! just thought I would tell u.
it would be sooo awesome to see you there!!!=]
(i talk too much, haha)

well have a great day =]
ily. <3


Kelsey Marie said...

That is so cool! You got #7 and i betcha it will keep going up!
And the number of hits on youtube SO many of those are mine lol! I love that song!
That is so cool your in utah, ive been there a once. But during the summer not to much snow. You dont know who won the snowboarding with you? Well i hope you have fun it sounds cool!!!
Can you say what the movie is about? or who you star in it with?
Are you in the same movie as Selena and Demi??? i no there filming a movie around this time.
That is still amazing your coming to portland? you know there filming twilight in oregon soon?! lol js.
But ya, like i say everytime i comment. You need to come to the Capitol Mall in Washington! So all of us can see you up here!
Well have a great week! Have fun on your movie! Luv ya dude!!!!


Mariam. [: said...

you deserve everything you get, love.

if you ever need a pick me up...
read this.

i wonder if you can guess which ones are mine.
hopefully not!

i think me and olivia
should practice some form of
protest, and refuse to comment
the blog
until you do something in cali...
cause we miss you kid.

and psh.
i mean lets get serious,
i dont know
have you can stand being away from us for so long.
its ridiculous.

like doesnt your heart hurt or something?

i love you. :D

some of your friends are FREAKS.

Anonymous said...

Im sooo happy for you Mitchel! I know Lean on me is going to be #1! I just know it!So guess what Mitch?? My friends mom works at the air port and saw you and your family there like a week ago and didn't get me an autograph!!!Im like so mad!!But any way maybe i'll meet you someday and get an autograph that way......So anyways im going to go to radio disney.com and Were going to get Lean on me to #1!

This has been another wierd comment by


Andrew said...

I saw "Lean On Me" on Youtube yesterday and guess what?? IT'S AWESOME!! Will you ever come to Europe sometime soon?

Andrew said...

I took a quiz, and guess which character of the show I am?
Oliver lol. Anyways dude I love your singing and acting oh and you dance really well too. Ignore those guys who say bad stuff 'cause quite frankly they're just jealous that they couldn't be a disney channel star...oops i mean SUPERstar like you. Well...who here doesnt want to become a dc star? I know I do. but anyways that's not the point...the point is that your a cool dude and I enjoy watching your songs on youtube and watching you on disney channel.
From a guy who wants to be your friend,

Anonymous said...

congrats 2 the #s , here we got lotza' snow this is the U.P. haha anywho, what movie are u shootin'??

Taylor said...

im soo happy 4 yaaa!! :)
thats awesumm!!
i was gunna enter that contest,
but whoever won is soo luckyy!!!
have funn snowboardingg!
hav funn in utah!!!
c ya in floridaa in april!!!
3rd time wee getta meet!!!!

Sasha said...

Today I got a 2 hour delay from snow. I hate it and like it. I hate it because it's cold, but I like it because I get to play in it...YAY!!! I hope you have fun in Utah and Congrats to "Lean On Me" for being #7. That is awesome now we just got to get it to #1
YOu have 258 comments on the HAppy Valentines one. That is alot. It must make you feel special to have all those fans and more.

See ya

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

hey mitchel that is so great.
i am really happy for you.and i cant really take to long because i am at school it is 9:30 am here in cape breton in canada.
and i hope ur best with all ur music and stuff.

you know we love ya!

Rosario said...

YAY #7!!! I've been voting like crazy, since im sick i get to stay home and i've been voting everysingle day like 30times. haha. I didn't win the snowboarding contest :( Have fun in Utah!!!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! That is so awesome Mitch! I love 'Lean On Me'! It is really good and I'm sure you will go up even farther on the list! (#1 Oh yeah!) You're an inspiration to me to want to follow my dreams and reach for all I can be!


Dakota said...

i am happy about several things!
Nuber 1, i am happy that you are shooting a film in utah where my bff Hope lives! Super Awesome!
number 2, i am happy that Lean On Me is #7 this week! Lets get it up 2 numbero uno, si?
number 3, i am happy that jeremy is gonna be singing in a futuer episode of phineas and pherb! btw, its not your fault, but JEREMY IS BORING!!!!
im glad that they are finally givinng him something to do!
number 4, i am happy that you are mamaking new songs! YES!
nummber 5, i am happy that MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMMOROW and i will be 14! as a result, i get 2 see that hannah movie! WOHOOO!!!
any way, good luck on your movie!
Luv, dakota
ps, i seam to have a thing 4 long comments, dont i?

Rosario said...

i've already voted for lean on me 40 times today! haha i hope that brings it up!! :D

Allie said...


I want to go snowboarding too!

Anywayz, I made these awesome Metro Station bookmark things. Let me get you the links.

http://SugaBlossom4.deviantart.com/art/Metro-Station-Bookmark-77795095 That's one of them

http://sugablossom4.deviantart.com/art/Metro-Station-Bookmark-2-77839618 That's the other

I'm gonna make one of you and then post it and give you the link. Your bookmark is gonna look freaking sweet.

Congrats on the #7! That song is so catchy! I need it to come on iTunes so I can get it. I don't have enough money to buy the entire CD myself.

Have fun on ze set of your unknown movie.


Daniela said...

ohh and I hope that "Lean On ME" will be number 1 because you deserve it!!
Have fun :)
Daniela (from Israel)
(by the way did whenever I told you that my birthday date is8.7.1994? so close to yours ^^)

Allie said...


Ok, I"m done with your bookmark. It came out AMAZING.

Sorry the other things didn't come out as links. Just copy and paste the link-er mabober


There you go!

Hope you like it! Did as best as I could! I know you don't read much, but you can use it as a script place holder or something. Enjoy!


Samantha said...

Woo! I don't have radio disney anymore, so I haven't been listening , but that is awesome!!! =]

Snow, man, Michigan has so much of it! ahaha. Its been the worst winter that I've ever seen! But the snow is beautiful.

Someone won a snowboarding lesson from you? That so great! Let us know how that goes when you and the lucky person have your lesson.

Haha, the Musso awards. Now thats cool.

No, thank you! You taking the time to type up all those names just to wish us a happy valentines day was sweet!! Hope you are having a great week.


Kimberly said...

Awwww. Mann, I wish i won the snowboarding thing. I love the snow and snowboarding. They're building an indoor ski mountain in ga by me. it's gonna have tubing, skiing, snowboarding, halfpipes, snowmobile track, and ice skating rinks. i'm excited. :) hahaha. anyways, hope your day is rocking. and hope to be able to work with you one day on a movie. :D

Anonymous said...

mitchel thank you!!!!!!! you are a great person you write in your blog like everyday......and you interact with your fans.....im very happy that you are number 7 on radio disney this week.......i just want you o know that i am a huge fan and i love you ........

Anonymous said...



Boys like Girls rox said...

Whoa thats BIG!!!!! Yes!! number 7...look how close we're getting my freind!! All I need now is Metro Station concert tickets for March 7!! I heard ur gonna b there? If so thats soooooo awesome!!! Too bad PATD won't also b there for that one but it will still be the best concert ever!! Tell Mason he is the best and I can't wait to see him!!!! And hopefully I can c u to!!!
much love,

Natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

Awesome! Lean on me #7! Yay! But next week it's gonna be on a higher position for sure. Congrats!

Oh, I'm jealous, this year it hasn't snowed here :( and I doubt it will. :(

I watched the video of the musso awards, it's really good.

Well, g2g.

Have a great week!

Love Ya.


Sala said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... Mitchel ;)

"Lean On Me" is #7!?!? Oh YEAH!!! Mwahahahaha!!!! OK, Rico moment ova... anyways, these days, I'm not really feeling good :(. Over here, one day it gets hot, then one day it gets cold and snowy!!!!!!! Its crazy!!! I can't take any more of the snow (even though I thought it was really cool at first, since I'm a southern gal. You probably know what that's like :).) My 8th grade Social Studies teacher told my classmates and I that its because we're in between two climate zones (makes sense).
Anyways, how are ya? You must be havin' a lot of fun, huh? Hope so, 'cause us fans are happy when you have fun.
Ummmmmmm... one more thing... make you, your fam, your friends, and your fans happy. All I gotta say :).
OH, AND ALSO *waHOO!!!! I'm hyper*, tell us when you're coming to our state *coughKENTUCKYcoughACHOO!* (excuse me) or coming to a nearby major city *coughCINCINNATIcoughAHEM!*(Oh, excuse me AGAIN :)).

Peace, from the peacegal (haha LOTSA LOVE), or Salimata... or as most people know me... Sala :)

'\|/' *
-- * -----
/|\ ____
' | ' {_ o^> *
: -_ /)
: ( ( .-''`'.
. \ \ / \
. \ \ / \
\ `-' `'.
\ . ' / `.
\ ( \ ) ( .')
,, t '. | / |
'|``_/^\___ '| |`'-..-'| ( ()
_~~|~/_|_|__/|~~~~~~~ | / ~~~~~ | | ~~~~~~~~

I don't know why I posted this. All I know is that I love camels... and that I didn't make this... someone helped me ;).

daniie said...

lean on me - 320,294 views! plus me! <3333!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! Guess what? I can mail your surprise tomorrow! There were 2 spots that were shinier than the rest, so I thought they were wet and I didn't want to touch them to check in case I disturbed it, but they are actually dry, so I can send it tomorrow! I'm also having a lot of fun! I just went bowling with my robotics team (I haven't bowled in a while, and I got a spare on my first try, won my second game, and came in second as far as the overall scores go! yay!), and my mom and I made ice cream sundays to celebrate the vacation, and tomorrow the robotics team is having a DDR party tomorrow! How's your week going? I hope you're having an AWESOME time! *smile* ttyl!


Anonymous said...

No problem Mitchel! We will keep on voting to make your song #1!
Utah eh? I wish I could come see you, but its so far away from where I live. Sorry.
I hope you have fun in Utah! =]
Stay warm.


Tess said...

Do you know who won the snowboarding thing?? I entered like 45 time who was it you should know....

Love: Tess

Amy said...

ah that's great!
i said it would keep going up :] next goal? top 3, definitely.

Gennine said...

hey Mitch! Happy Wed! I was looking on the homepage of Youtube, and under the "videos being watched right now" column, I saw your video there! Just thought I'd like to share that....I hope your day rocked!!! Post soon!
love ya!
~Gennine, NJ

Allie said...


These song are the best, and no one is realizing they are. (Except for my friend Jen, who is just as obsessed with The Maine as I am).

Please check em out!

(In no specific order)

Control, California, Disco, True To Me, Seventeen Forever, Wish We Were Older, Now That We're Done, Tell Me What To Do, Kelsey, Shake It - Metro Station

Check Yes Juliet, Secret Valentine and Skyway Avenue- We The Kings

Six Feet Under the Stars and Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low

Ocean and Avenue and Jamie All Over - Mayday Parade

The Way We Talk, Give Me Anything, I Wana Love You (Akon Cover), If I Only Had The Heart and We Change, We Wait - The Maine

Eighty Eights - Farewell

Solo Impala (Take the Money and Run) - The Fashion

Send My Love To The Dance Floor, See You In Hell (Hey Mr. DJ) - Cobra Starship

Where Were You? - Every Avenue

All Over You - The Spill Canvas

Go Run - Josiah Leming


OH! Did you like my bookmark? Took me forever!


MitchelLover64 said...

HAPPY it's at #7! I hope it gets to #1!
Love Ya,

Jackieee! ;] said...

MITCHH! Congrats on being #7!! I'm so proud! Hahaa. Man, I didn't win the snowboarding contest, ah maybe next time though! Good news is I MIGHT be going to the DC Games this year! WOOO!

- Jackie <3

By the way, go on MileyWorld again! We miss you on there! Hahah. ;]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Congrats on making #7!!!!!!!!!
Your song is amazing or should I say (AWSOME):)
Way to go mitchel,keep up the good work.
My school has started track season and with i'm doing.Yay Me
I'm very good at sports especially Track.(I like to run):)
I hope you enjoy your time in Utah and have fun learning to snowboard with looks so cool to do.

Your Fan,


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention this before, but there is a lunar eclipse tonight! The last one before 2010. It starts at around 8:43 tonight Eastern time, so it's 6:43 in Utah. You should check it out! It ends at around 10:09 in Utah. It should be really cool! ttyl! *smile*


Anonymous said...

#7! But of course. It's AWESOME! I'm surprised your surprised. LOL. I'm gonna get everyone i know to help me get it to one of the top 3rd.
I SOOOO wish i won the snowboarding lesson. But sadly I didn't. I've been wishing i could snowboard for a while now...however i can't. I need to find time to learn.
It's driving me nuts, what movie are you doing? Can you please tell us?
Congrats Mitch!


Anonymous said...

love lean on me mitchel.
but i found this. your face is HILARIOUS

Anonymous said...

congrats mitch!!!!! that is so cool!!!!! oh and i can't stop listening to ur song! it is so good! my parents r sick of it!!! cuz i blare it so loud and what not! plus i watch ur music vid everyday!!!! hope u have a great week!!! *emphasis (sp?) on you)


Anonymous said...

Whoa. I went to that "mitchelsecrets" site and all I can say is, NONE of them SPELL worth a lick... And it seemed a bit anti-Mitchel (except for that part about the pants and the floor) so I'm not entirely sure why it was linked here. Just an observation...

Beyond that: Mitchel, if you're gonna SNOWBOARD, don'tcha know all the BEST snow is in Colorado??? Yes, COLORADO. You DID say that Colorado is "really special" and I assume you're referring to the snow and oh... the FONDUE...

So, we'll keep the snow cold and the fondue pots warm just in case You never know.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever actually read these posts?

Holly said...

Hey Mitchel I was wondering if on the 24th which is Sunday if you can say Happy Birthday to me in a Blog message? That would be so cool. Thanks. Hope you have fun snowboarding with the winner! Your awesome!

selah said...

lucky number seven!
very niceee. :]

only six places til you're number ONE!


Nikita Bimson said...

Uhm, Mitchel....
I have a question.

What's the best skateboarding trick that you've done?


Just wonderin.

mackenzie said...

hey mitchel ! this is mackenzie im new to this so haha, not sure how this really works.
but oh my gosh on hannah montana you are hilarious.

ive been trying to figure out how it is possible or how i can find out when you'll have a meet & greet near or in Kentucky? so if you can contact me or something thatd be amazing

Julz said...

Wow! Congrats Mitchel! You did a great job on the song! :D

Samantha said...

we'll get it to number one MOST DEFINITELY =)
i'm done with homework and everything, so i thought i'd leave you a nice looong comment. it's the least i can do seeing that you try your best to keep us updated as well as you can with your blogs.

first of all, i just wanted you to know what i think you are AWESOME in all that you do. i love your music and acting!

second, i might as well tell you what's going on over here where i live. school is difficult. i'm having a hard time on asking someone to sadie hawkins. scared of getting rejected maybe? i dont know. any tips at all? but other than that, things are going pretty swell.

third, i feel like writing a poem (hahahah).

you're so cool
you make the boys jealous
but you make the girls drool.
(uhhh, im so bad at this lol)
you're as awesome as a dinosaur
(something something)
watching you on TV is never a bore.
(something something).

WOW.....that was pathetic. im sorry!
i'll do better next time =)

Anyway, i better go study. Chinese test tomorrow. =/ Memorizing characters is so HARD.

Hope you have the most FANTASTIC week!!

samantha p.

Cassie (sn is Cassieluvs2talk) said...

This sjpws how many fans <33 u Mitchel! I might think ur cute and funny, but how many people would be able to be with a guy like you? only like 5 or something if u ask me. I am so happy that u gave me confidence to ask this guy out, I'm gonna totally play him at guitar hero at a party on saturday! Thxxxx333


Angela said...

Hey Mitchel,

How are you? Hows life? Hows school? Hows your pillow? ( thats a joke from my friend i thought id share it with you ) So whats up, the sun is for me. Ive been pretty good,its my brothers 7th birthday today his name is John but he also likes when people call him J.P. Well i got to go now,See ya!

Mariam. [: said...

your brothers video came out!
hahahaha. :D

its pretty coooool.
lots of,
you know.
you were there! :D

thats alllll.
peaceeeeeeeee kid.

Allie said...

ok, i promise you this is the last time i will comment on this one entry. i promise.

I downloaded "Len on Me", and fell in love. Not only because ur in it, but because the beats and lyrics are awesome. The little dude in the background with the deep voice going "lean on me" is so cool! So glad it's #7!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mitchel...I saw the video on youtube an I just want to say that: the song is amazing, the video is amazing, you're amazing, your voice is amazing...all your fans love you! =)


Tiffany said...

don't worry we'll soon make it in the top 3.xD

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! What's up? Did you happen to see the eclipse last night? It was cool to see the moon red like that. I'm sending your surprise today! yay! *smile* I'll talk to you soon, I'm making peanut butter balls for a DDR party tonight. Have an AWESOME week! *smile*


liz said...

i LOVE the control video
tell mason i think he did an awesome job
and what a coincidence im taking a snowboard lesson tommorw, but not with you sadly
have fun though

Anonymous said...

YAY # 7
I heard Mason's song "A Girl Like You" it's amazing
you guys should defiantley do a song together that would be so awesome.

or do a song with like the jonas brothers ... that would be so cool.

i love your songs .. cant wait for the cd MITCHEL YOU ROCK


Gennine said...

Whoever asked if Mitchel reads these posts- he has to, to approve the comments, so everything we say, he reads. It's quite cool, if you all think about it, we're kind-of talking to the a celeb in a way...LOVE YA MITCHEL!! Hope your day rocked!!!
~Gennine, NJ

Allie said...

Ok, i promise, THIS will be the last time.

I just watched the "Control" video. Your right, it was crazy! The best music video ever! Trace is a amazing at singing, and so is Mason, and so are you!

Please tell me when it comes on iTunes!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel i hope you come to bamboozle to support your brother in may i know its very far but it would be great to see you there :)

Carly said...

hey mitchel! omg im sure u watched the control video! but omg i loved it haha

hey i voted some more for lean on mee!!! cant wait to hear how it does next week!

well yah ttyl



ayoo maryann! said...

oh my gosh.
i love your brothers new music video.<3

i wish i could have been in it :(

oh the benefits of being 18 and over.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel! I miss you.
Come back to Houston,
please please please.

You're amazing.
You know that ;]

Peace kidddo.
I love you, BFF

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was Mitchel, but then I (read/heard/can't recall) that it's ALLIE who approves the comments. Am I mistaken?

Anonymous said...

HEEEY MITCHEL whats up... wow you are so georgeous haha i just wanted to tell you that. i wishy you could sing to me lol.

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

im soo happy that lean on me was #7!
but utahh thats kool.
wow last week we had 3 snow days, & tommorow my schools
gonna have a snowday
&& the first time ever i dont want it to snow! lol.
cause tommorow im going to the carrie underwood concert,
and saturday the hs has a b-ball playoff game in new philly
which is farr away from were i live lol.
but what can ya do.My parents just got the tickets for me & my parents to go to disney when the disney channel games are! so excited. but my brother cant go because its the same time during prom, so it wont be the smae without him. But i hope i see you there, just like i did last year on the rockin rollercoaster =)

hope you have a good week =)

Jessiica Benedetto =)

Anonymous said...

Rumor: in Mitchel's blog, he has to approve and read all the comments people send in
A) That's true. Though, I(Ally) approve them

Okay, I used the wrong spelling, but it's ALLY who approves the comments.

So, the question remains: Mitchel, do you actually read our comments? I mean, I know you're busy.

Anonymous said...

You know, Mitchel, Denver thinks you're really special, too.

Just, if you didn't know, is all...

selah said...

WHOA! i feel just like i'm taking control...of the night... :]

so i'm sure i've told you that that song has to be my favorite MS song.
and i love the video too.
it is crazy amazing. :]
but i have to say, they posted a bulletin of it on myspace and mentioned that it had a lot of making out.
so i'm like, "okay..."
and i'm watching it and i couldn't help but say...outloud, mind you, "how come Mason doesn't get to make out?" :]

but i love the video.
hope you're loving the snow in utah.
man, i wish florida would get snow. and not the fake stuff in Celebration.
i actually didn't get to stay long enough to see in the snow after the Jingle Jam concert.


brooke said...

life if ruff is on right now.
woo, and i saw the control video.
its supaaa awesomee :D.
you have a good week too!


n1nab3ar said...

I tried to win it, but failed miserably!
But I'm sure you'll have fun with the girl who won! I've never snowboarded, it scares me.
You fly everywhere don't you?

Rachel said...

holy moly, mister! you sound very busy. but, I bet your having fun out there in UT. I wish I won that snowboarding thing, I have always wanted to learn how! haha.
and, I just so happen to be watching Life Is Ruff- you look so young! :)
have a good week. you rock. :)

Molly said...

hey i would just like to mention i saw metro stations music video for control like 2 minutes ago( amazing song by the way and video).. woo hoo i got the first comment on this one!

Boys like Girls rox said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
Just wanted to mention that Monday Feb.25th is my b-day!! WOOT!!! My birthday wish well....besides you is...ok I got nothing. But please check out these two really funny videos and tell me what you think!! hey thats my birthday wish!!


the second one is long so Idk if you'll have enough time to watch that one soon...but if you are bored. HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love,
Jess!! ROCK ON!!!

Gennine said...

Honestly, I think Mitchel does the moderating, and I'm sorry if I'm wrong. Maybe Mitchel himself could clarify this? I mean, it probably is him,though...but I think it's good that you're being cautious, because there are a lot of posers out there...
~Gennine <3

Anonymous said...

AHH i don't remember if i've already commented this blog or not??
well anyways
i saw the video for CONTROL today!!
AHH it's amazing!! : )

i've contributed about 200 plays (maybe more? Oo)to "lean on me" on youtube? :]
it makes me happyyy

hmmm. i need to make another blogspot. a THIRD one!! this site doesn't like me!! hahaha! =]

hope you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gennine, I'm not being cautious so much as curious--if he's not reading, then why write? For Ally? I'm sure she's swell (she IS #1 out of 368), but c'mon...

I'd like to think that Ally weeds out the omigees and the waste-of-time comments (ie, half of what I write) and that Mitchel reads what gets through. Not long ago, he did a shout-out to Olivia and someone else whose name even HE didn't know, so I know he reads them at least once in a while.

Eh, whatever. It was a beautiful day and I'm not going to bug myself just before bed.

Anonymous said...

hey omg that is so cool i wish i could take the snowboarding lessons with you o well wen and where is ur next meet and greet in florida do you no

love ya ur #1 fan

brie said...

CONGRATS MITCHEL!!!! THAT'S SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!Well today is a pretty exciting day!!! I made a movie for my Physics project, so I have to present that today. It took me FOREVER to upload it to YouTube! Stupid site doesn't work! But I finally got it! YAAAAAAAY!Today is also ~*TaLeNt ShOw!*~ I am so excited but I am REEEEEEALLY nervous! I'm playing piano while singing "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. Gosh, I love that song! Maybe I should play "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" instead......yes, Mitchel. I can play the WHOLE SONG on piano....it's really cool. You gotta hear it sometime. If I put it on YouTube, I'll let ya know!Well, have a rockin' day and have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!!!!!
luv, brie*<):o)

Haleigh Jayy said...

I'm so so so so sooooo happy that it's number 7!!!!!!!
I can't wait until it's number 1, cuz, we all know its gonna happen.

I entered soooo many times for that snowboarding leson thing! Ughhhhh! I didn't win.
But I still hope you have fun!

So were having construction on our basement, and the guys pounding and everything were freaking me out, so I turned up Lean on me all the way up and now I can't hear them!

Okay, well, I have a dance comptetion two weeks, gotta go and practice!

Love you!
Haleighh Jayy

Aoi Sakura said...

Thanks for coming to Utah! It was WAY fun to see you at my school. I'm very excited for the new movie. Sorry for almost stepping on you. :) I guess us band people are a bit uncoordinated. Hope to see you other days of the shooting!

-Aoi Sakura

PS- I really love "Lean On Me." It's a great new twist on an old favorite.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel you rock! My friend loves u too.Tell Miley I said hi. By the way my name is Sabrina. You're also very funny on Hannah Montanah. No offense but "Shake it" is a weird song to me. I thought it said some "wrong things in the song but I'm a Christian so I don't know what other people's standards are. well bye cutie.