Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Don't worry about the surprise....

You guys are just way too good at finding things out! I'll think of something else for Valentine's Day. For sure! Glad you liked the video. Em's and I had a blast!




Anonymous said...

I Love The vid
Aww You were so cute
Cant w8 For the song so i hope you have fun
I Got Loads Of Posters Of You And Ive Supported You ever Since
I got The SnowBuddies Dvd cnt w8 2 see it
Gonna Watch it now
Also Can You Say A Massive ShoutOut For Me As A Valentine's Gift Yur Awesum Mitchel Keep Up the Good Work
Love Ya Loads xxxxx Catherine

brooke said...

awww, i feel really bad that people figured it out.
buttttt i know you, and you'll come up with something great :]!


p.s. have an awesome day, too!

Carly said...

omg tht video was amazingly cutee! lol

The SWEET life of mitchel and emily! aha nicee!

cant wait to here the song! looks like u guys were having fun!



Brittany said...

Well I don't comment much but I'm procrastinating with my hw lol

YAY! I'm a huge loliver fan and I can't wait to hear the song :D

Glad you guys had fun :)

Can't wait to hear the new surprise!!

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Aww, don't worry about another surprise! The one about the video was HUGE enough! I can't wait to watch it!!

I hope you're having fun wherever you are!

selah said...

it looks like you guys are having fun.
i laughed through the whole thing.
i would love to watch THE SWEET LIFE OF EMILY AND MITCHEL.
trust me, i would.

we're actually dicussing the video on the LOLIVER board.
oh, yeahhh.

Katie R. said...

Thanks Mitchel! I feel better now. Have fun bowling!


Anonymous said...

That's really cool! Wow, I haven't been online in a long time. I really hope I finish you Valentine's Day surprise in time... I hope you had fun with Kelly! (I don't even have to ask if she had a good time, because I'm sure she did!) I can't wait to hear the new songs, but especially the one with you and Emily! I hope you are having tons of fun! Well, I have to go read the Odyssey for English class, and I have to think of something to do for lent (considering today is Ash Wednesday...) Oh, and tonight is a new moon! Anyway, g2g! ttyl! *smile*


leanne [= said...

aww, i can't wait! [=
hahha i just saw meet the spartans today and there's a part when the spartans and persians do stomp the yard, i could NOT stop thinking of that video! [=

~Leanne [=

Allie said...


That video on the site, the entire time i was cracking up. you really should like, put that comicalness on hannah montana and stuff, cuz u r hilarious, and obvz the writers are not bringing out ur full potentialness of funniness.

oh! and that hoodie was like awesome, with the fur... OH! and in a picture in like M or something, u and ur brother look so much alike! (i'm sure you get that a lot), but so do i, with BOTH my sisters, one is 2 years younger and the other is 5 years older, and we're almost the exact same height. kinda funny right?

anywayz, come to NY, and um, see ya around

Shannah said...

Aww i feel bad now you have to think of something brand new....
Happy Valtines day<3


shireeeeen love mitchhhhhel said...

that surpise better be goodd!
+ that video was
veryy funny :]

i love you,

Sam said...

you both were way too cute in that video. i can't wait for the song, it's going to be great. make sure you come across to the east coast sometime. love you :]

Kiza said...

Hii mit
LoL we found ouT XD
I cant wait to see the new surprise then OwO anyways its awesome dat u and em are having a good time cuz u guys rock! =D
well gotta go!
take care


Nikita Bimson said... are rad.

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

Aww...I'm sorry about your surprise...I can't wait to hear the song with Emily!! I know it'll be awesome!!

Don't worry to much about another surprise...We all just love reading what you're up too!!


Erin91 said...

omg if you think of something even better than you and emily singing together i might have a heart attack. not even kidding.

can't wait for the songgg

Chelsee said...

Well, Mitch, just you being you is enough for me! Have fun with the songs, and I can't wait to hear it!!!

Oh hey, did you have fun with Kelly? You should blog about it so we can all hear about it!

Well.... have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I loved that video!
I watched it like 10 million times. Tehe. =]


Cassie (sn is Cassieluvs2talk) said...

i'm sry that we found out so fast... I still wish it could be a surprise! Oh well, but don't worry, i bet you will think of something! I have some little ideas...ok.. maybe I don't have anything! lol.. well ttly

MitchelLover64 said...

I LOVE U! I got Snow Buddies yesterday! Da vid rocks! Come to Boston soon!!!

MitchelLover64 said...

Hi Mitchel! I LOVE U! I read a cmmnt dat asked u if u cood give a shout out 2 a fan n I love dat idea!! Cood u give me, MitchelLover64, a shout out 4 V-Day! I have ur fan address n I'm sendin u a Valentine!!! Love Ya!

selah said...


i read the synopsis on imdb.
sounds like a modern day Breakfast Club, which i love.
but i'm just now hearing of the bleachers movie thing.

even though it's not disney-friendly, i don't know, but i could see you playing a character like Bender.
the bad boy who you can't help but love. :]

Kodhai said...

Its okay! You don't have to make a Valentine Day suprise for us! We loved this! When is the actual video/song gona be released?? Have a good week!
Kodhai <3
P.S.Have you answered fan mail recently??

Era said...

Dear Mitchel,

I'm truly truly sorry for ruining your surprise. Honest, I didn't know that this would be part of your surprise planned. The video was posted on a Disney channel Livejournal community and on an Emily fansite, so, I didn't want the Mitchel fans to miss out on an awesome thing, so, stupidly, I just posted it up since it was already on youtube. I'm so very very sorry. I don't know how to repay back for causing a huge bummer for your Valentine's day plans.
Anyways, I'm sure you'll be able to score a larger Valentine's day gift for the fans. I'll pray that you will. *chuckles*

My sincerest apologies again. I feel soo terrible. *sheepish*

rosario said...

awe i love the video!! <3
im sorry people figured it out.
i hope you have dun with Kelly Tonight!!!

I can't wait till i get the Snow Buddie DVD, the only reason in getting it is because of you lol

Can you be my Valentines??
I'll be yours!!

Luv ya!!!

Anonymous said...

hi mitchel
omg you know what would be soo cool
if you get like an MSN Messanger so that all your fans can talk to you on there.

Anonymous said...

Really you will???Thats awesome!But now I have to guess again......

Maybe you and Emiley should do a meet and great together to promote the new song. That would be so "SWEET" life of Mitchel and Emiley notice its spelled sweet not suite lol!

This has been another wierd comment by


Mira said...

oh my gosh
mitchel you looked sooo hottt in that video your hilarious i love sooo muchhh! (:

-Mira (:

Anonymous said...

I'm telling youuu Mitchel! Shirtless + flexing + sign that says you love us = BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER. :)
- Emily

Anonymous said...

omg yea i loved the video of u too it was halarious u were soooo ganster lol hahahah it was cute!!! we had a snow day soooo much fun!!!!!!! have a great time with..... all the new things ur planning!

lizzieeeee said...

i love you :)

pimpcessita said...

I think that it will be more cool if you do a song with Miley because there is ALOT of MOLIVER fans you can check on this website too :

brooke said...

wow, imdb is insane.
and this is why i don't go on it.


loveyou, until the end of time.

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

That's one of the many things I absolutly LOVE about you; you're SO nice to your fans. I hope someone posts your new song on youtube. I can't WAIT to hear it!

I think I told you my mom is having a baby, the end of March, and it's going to be a girl. We have the name, Ariana, picked out, but don't have a middle name. Do you have any middle names for girls, you like???

Have a GREAT week, and weekend. Youi deserve it! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Beth said...

I'm really soory to hear the suprise dint work but hey it happens. Anyway Im going to be 16 tomorrow i can't wait. Anyway again have a great time doing what you do.

guitar_queen said...

Hey mitchel i cant wait 4 ur duet u guys are gonna sound great i am

guitar_queen said...

Mitchel u seem to be on Youtube a lot so check out some of my videos of u and metro station and miley ECT.
copy and paste i hope u like my videos I love ur music sooooooo much lean on me and white stripe gloves r my TOTAL Favs Rock on
Love, Victoria

Anonymous said...

ha!! that video was soo funny. i was smiling the whole time. im a HUGE loliver fan. teehee. that was great and i cant wait for the cd to come out. i love you


Tricia said...

So ACTUALLY I read this on Emily Osment World today, and I must say I was very pleased with the news! Just think of it as an early V-day surprise? When I picked up the Disney Jams CD the other day, I thought it would be awesome if you guys did a duet and the fact that you are is just amazing. I dunno bout you, but I still think this is the greatest gift (even if it was a little early) so thanks!

Erin91 said...

oh BTW- i had NO idea that you knew the word loliver! that's awesome haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel can't wait for the new surprise! When I saw the video of the you and Emily I thought that was the suprise but i'm sure your new suprise will be great! I'm a little bit jealous of Emily I wish I could sing with you!
Love ya - kelly

p.s. not to weird you out but my cat has a crush on you! I know how weird it sounds but when she's in my room she sits and stares at my posters of you! LOL!

Cassie =] said...

i watched the video after you posted the last one and it looked like you had fun. maybe what you should do is just like not mention anything about a surprise. then valentines day surprise us. i might not be in the mood to read it. but we'll see.

(p.s. if you wanna know why i won't be in the mood. it's because 12 years ago, on february 15 my dad died. i was 4. so that week is pretty hard for my family. and also today a friend of my family, who helped us so much passed away. so it's a pretty hard time right now. but maybe i'll just check your blog then go back to bed. lol.)

Danielle said...



Anonymous said...

Omg! Im trying to make you and Miley a v-day card but I can't find any red or pink paper!

Good luck thinking of a new surprise

This has been another weird comment by,


Julie :] said...


i didnt wanna find out till valentines day =/

yea, the vid was kool, but i still feel bad that someone had to ruien it.

ily mitchel!

Dakota said...

and yes, i am a moliver.
i dont think i can come and see you!
*&@$%# school....
this is not my day...

liz said...

where are you coming next?
far from la? tell me eifdkjalgkfj!#%!@???

i love youuu :)

brie said...

Dude, that is so awesome that you're doing a song with Emily! I can't wait to listen to it! But next time, you should call me and do a song with me....we'd kick butt, yo! lol. Yeah, we can beat-box and rap or whatever...yeah I can see it now....Mitchie and Brie we can all ourselves! lolz.

Well, I still have bummer, man! The weather guys called for over a foot of snow, and all we got was, like, four little inches! GRRRR! But it does look really pretty!

Have fun bowling!!!

And I have an idea for your suprise. I'll give you a involves someone whose name is a type of cheese and you ask her something that sounds like Bill Too Me By Lalentine........

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Yeah the video was awesome. And you are brilliant, so I'm sure you'll come up with something else!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

Sorry that your surprise got spoilt. It sucks when that happens. =P

That's cool you're doing a video with Emily, ever considered doing one with Miley? That'd be awesome. (Yes... I am a Moliver shipper....)

Well, hope you have an awesome day too!

Becci said...

My mate Catherine loves you so much it hurts. THANK YOU for making her feel good again! XX

Megan x said...

Mitchhhiiieeeee =]

I see Metro Station are coming to the UK to support Panic! At the Disco soon
I really want to go, but none of my friends will go with me =[
You'll come with me instead righhhhttt???

Hehe lol =P
Just kidding
But that would be amazing lol.



Megan xxx

Anonymous said...


( . )

britt said...

your so cutee! :)
and i feel so bad that someone spilled the beans :X but im stoked to hear the songg.

lovee yahh lotss <3

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! i met you when you were down here in Miami which was awesome by the way :) i went with my best friend danielle, the one who made you the scapbook and we were wondering if you liked it ?
hopee so. <3

Anonymous said...

mitchel how did the date with kelly go???

and post ur next autograph signing soon pleasee!

Jenny said...

I just watched your music video
Lean On Me and then I watched the
movie... Snow Buddies haha. then I
watched the music video again (:
I like it :)

hales said...

What is the video called?

Nikita Bimson said...

Today was my school's great Mills Idol auditions,
(its like American idol)
I've made it past the 1st round.
yay me!!!

Jess said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
I saw that video a few days ago....totally awesome!! Out of all the guesses I never would have guessed that...I am such an idiot!! lol. After I saw that for some reson it made me ,l csdfggjjg Oh sorry about all that crazy typing....I kind of truned around and saw you on the TV and kind of fell upsidown on my chair and I couldn't get back up!! ahaha. Yea so like I was sayin....after I saw that I was randomly really hyper and I couldn't get to sleep so I through a pillow across the room....I was bored!! Plus the tv wasn't on so that didn't help either cuz it was really quite....too quite. Oh I love the sweatshirt you had on in the video....I'm gonna steal it!! sleep w/one eye open....


Caitlyn O said...

My fave part in the video is at 25 seconds!!!

Jenny said...

OH YEAH MITCHEL! hahhahaha okay so yesterday, me and Maria were riding in the car, and we saw this sign that says Oak Inn Restaurant or something.. and Maria's like "Oak Inn" but fast so it was like "Oken" hahaha, and I'm like "OKEN! I wanna go there" hahaha, remember when I said You are going to open up a restaurant and serve cheese jerky and rap about it when customers come for one of my guesses? hahaha well theres your restaurant, the OAK INN hahahaha. OKEN... and it had a thinger at the bottom of the sign that changed and said different things, and it said "Wednesday" then it changed and said "Guitar Hero" hahaha YOU'VE GOT GUITAR HERO?!?! i so wanna go to your restaurant! haha (:

Anonymous said...

oh i am sure u will think of somethin!'s only a week away too!...better think fast!


KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

Thats True Were Genious:) lol!
jk jk.i was looking everywere on goolge and youtube to try and find ur new song My Best Friend because i want to hear it!but u need to read my blog i only have 4 posts but read the first one that i pt on there.i got in so much trouble
and it has to do with u lol!

Lizzz said...

that sucks someone blew the suprise but hey! i liked your Boys like girls hoodie :)


Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

im so glad you and emily or singing a song together!
i loved that video haha
your way funny lol.
& i hope you had fun yesterday with your date from the j-14 win.
even tho i wished it was me lol, its all good tho lol. maybe ill win a date with you some other time =)

well i hope you have a good week!

Jessica Benedetto =)

oh yah cant forget i thought i would show you a picture that me and you took in pittsburgh:

and a picture that me and your dad took together in pittsburgh:

i hope it works for you to see them, let me kno by blog please, if u dotn get them ill try to resend them =)

selah said...

don't know if you know already but...


Thank God.
That makes me so friggin happy!

Alana said...

i'm sure you'll think of something
here's a thought;send me a valentine! :) just kidding ( unless you want to)
FYI i have 'Lean on me' stuck in my head! ( makes Algebra a whole lot better!)

Emily said...

aww now i feel bad that i watched the video a couple days ago :(.

even if you don't think of anything else, you'll still rock, so dont worry!

maybe you should do a live chat and surprise us all on valentines day! haha there's an idea ;)


Abbster said...

Hey mitchel!
That video was amazazazzzing!
it was soo cute. emily is sooo beautiful, and you were soo cute! everytime you flipped your hair, i like jumped for joy! lol.
youre so amazing. emilys so amazing. i cant wait to hear the song! =]

Anonymous said...

im glad u guys had a fun time! :) luv ya

AddictedxtoxPancakes said...

Hey Mitchel!!
Yesterday in tech I accidentally wrote Jess Musso on my paper!!lol. ahaha you're on a boat!!!!!¤t=mitchelbeach.jpg¤t=happybirthday.jpg

Have the best weekend evr!!!


Breann said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

Omg i'm so excited!! i won the Valentines day card that was signed by you from Popstar!!! and my parents are making fun of my reaction cuz i did like half of a scream so i didn't sound like that much of an idiot but that didn't work out so well lol.... I have to take a picture of myself with it and send it to them i'll send one to Ally also if you want me to for your website. This is like going to be the best Valentines Day everrr!!!! i'm sooo happy!!!



mitchels babe said...

sorry. but a new surprise is ok for me too!! the other day the commercial for the snow buddies dvd was on and towards the end they play your song and i turned the tv wayy up so i could hear and i was like omg that is my baby singing

Anonymous said...

i loveee the viddd.
cant wait to hear it :p
&its a shame it got spoiled,
but hey, maybe you can give
us another valentines day suprise
now, ahah, just kiddding. just
updating is enough for me. but i
really wish you would post on here
when contests come up pertaining to
you. but letss hear about your date
with kellyy! DETAILSSS. haha, but
im lovingggg phineas&ferbs. your
voice is amazinggg. looking foward
to meeting you sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you!

Sorry I haven't posted...I've been.....well, you know...grr...

Anywho! Oh dear! My sister's fishie DIED yesterday! Depressing. She wants a new one....

So last night, me and my sister went to see one of your bestest buddies...Yup, the Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds 3D Concert. And they let us KEEP the 3D glasses. They are SOOOOOOOO COOL! I wore them all day at school today and got weird looks! I can't imagine why?

I still want you to be my CLEMINTINE! Remember...Coolest. Citrus Fruit. Ever.

So. My new current song is "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. The music video is pretty sweet too! Check it, yo.

And as always, tell MarcMarc, he's my favorite. And kisses for Stitchness too! OH GOSH DOGS! My friend has a yellow lab and a husky and the jumped me on Wednsday. They claimed I took their Scooby Snacks. No lie.


Brittany said...

st. louis missouri mitchel!!! come see ussssss =) i know you've previously said that you don't really have control over it, but.. i'm just letting you know .. we want to see you lol =)


Carly said...

Mitchel! hey i just want to say congrtats on making number 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for radio disney top 30!! its almost on the top 3!!! EXCITINGG! hahaa!

lol well yah just wanted to say congratss!!




Caitlyn O said...

OMG im so happy... LEAN ON ME is #11 on RADIO DISNEY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

your music is absoultely amazing and it would be incredible if youuu could come to the state fair in illinois in august!!!!
and the state fair is even on my birthday this year so if ya came it would be the best birthday ever and my friend and i would wait outside the gates all day!!!
plus...we loved the new song w/ emily!
your such a cutie mitchel!!!
danielle and lexy

Chelsee said...

Woot Mitch! Lean On Me is number ELEVEN on the RD countdown!!!! Congrats! We're gonna get you all the way to the top 3!!!! I can guarantee it!


Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

just had to tell you , that earlier today i called radio disney for a contest and im quilified to win the grand prize lol. and i have no idea what the prize is eather haha. just thought i would tell you!
and that i hope you got my pictures i sent u from the last comment i left you =)

hope you have a good weekend!

Jessica Benedetto =)

Kelsey said...

Hi Mitchel! I was wondering, are you ever going to come to Kansas City? Miley did, she was great, but I want you to come!

Disa said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear about the surprise being revealed early... but the song sounds like it'll be really cool!

The video was cute. Haha.

So yeah. Basically tonight I was supposed to see Metro Station but they aren't playing at the place they were originally gonna play afterall.
Now they are playing at a place for ages 21+ :(
I told my mom. And she's taking my friend and I down there and is gonna yell at the people at both venues for changing. HAHAH.
I hope at least I'll get to meet them again though.

But anyway.
I hope you're able to come up with another amazing Valentine's surprise :D

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were a singer until i saw your lean on me vid on disney. then i saw this other one on youtube. dude, mad props. (i know this has little to do with the topic you blogged about). I loved your "lean on me". that's one of my favorite older songs. just out of curiosity, and i know i'll probably never know the answer, how much rap do you listen to? I'm a rapper too and you've got a gift for rhyming. it made me laugh though when i read on youtube that someone called you "the next aaron carter" (they were so excited)...i think you've got more potential than that! do a study on rap. listen to seasoned rappers and study different styles of writing rap (it's like poetry...there aren't just sonnets, there are hikus and villanilles and limericks...different ways to rhyme). and sidebar: if you study poetry composition too, you'll be an unstoppable rapper. gosh i know i'm being a pain on this comment, but dude, you've got skills and i was impressed with you, and i wanted to leave a bit of a crazy fan comment/helpful advice...i guess i succeed on that "crazy fan" count...k i'm done. God Bless!

Jess said...

Yesterday we had a party and my three year old cousin Nolan came up in my room and saw my posters and said "Mitch!!" it was so awesome!! Oh and by the way he says hi and bye. He was walking around the house saying "Bye Mitch!!" I think he also meant my dad but oh wel...he still says hi...and bye!! Love you alot!!


gap_unminded said...

Oh dear...

Not all Moliver fans (I'm one) are stalkerishly obsessed with you, Mitchel, and Miley, the Cyrus one, hooking up. The fact that someone told you to "tell her how you feel" made me crack up and want to hide under a rock at the same time. A really really big rock from which I would never return.

I'm sososososososo sorry on behalf of whatever other creepy M&M related comments you have recieved, if you have recieved anymore that are likewise... seriously.

I can only imagine how awkward that must be for you, recieving stuff like that. It's one thing to push on for FICTIONAL characters, but another thing to tell real people these things...

I mean, obviously we think you're cute together (the fact that you guys could physically mesh as a couple is apart of why we love Moliver so much), but to cross the line into reality... yeah.

I'm sorry... again.

Um, yeah, can't wait for the duet though. That'll be very cute. OR your valentine's day surprise. Four days. Wheeeeeee!

*is still veeeeeery embarassed on behalf of all Moliver fans, and anymore M&M-crazed commenters...*

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! How are you? I hope you're having fun! I found a youtube video for "My best friend." Here's the link: I love it! Oh, and I'll be mailing you're Valentine's Day surprise tomorrow, so it should get there around Valentine's Day. I hope you like it! Have an AWESOME day! *smile*


Jenny said...

Maria said your comments are entertaining .. shes right . hahaha.

selah said...

i SWEAR this is my last comment on this particular post, but mitch...i KNOW you have got to be feeling a little bit uncomfortable about some of the comments you've been getting.
you know what i'm talking about.
the 'moliver' fans getting upset over you using the word 'loliver'.
and then the ones that actually think you and emily or you and miley are dating.
gotta be awkward, eh?
since those are your friends and people are getting upset over one little video/duet.
kind of feel bad for you, buddy.
i wish i could help. :]


Romin said...

even though has nothng to do with this post, nice concert in denver! i was the thridperson to see you =P then out of now where you were in the hotel lobby and we talked, but i was too scared to ask for a picture anyways, come back to denver xD

Anonymous said...

how was denver?....hope u had a good time! great time!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) :D ;)



i recorded your new song.

and idk if i should give it to you.

cause you told jaime that shes COOLER THAN ME.

if you were anyone else.

HaleighJayy said...

I loved the video; it was great.
Sorry it got leaked onto the internet.

By the way; I'm getting SnowBuddies tomorrow!!
I cant' waitt.

Peace; byeee.

Anonymous said...

Great job in Denver yesterday.
It was so cool, I was in the front row and center.
Can't wait until I see you again, byeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm sooooooo happy! I put the finishing touches on your Valentine's Day surprise, and I'm pleased with my work! Unfortunately, it won't dry for 3-4 days, so it looks like it will be a couple days late, since I can't mail it until it dries (but I think it will be worth it) I hope you like it! *smile*


n1nab3ar said...

Secrets are no fun!
I like to spoil surprises!
Happy (early) Valentines Day Mitchel!

Mariam. [: said...

talking to you yesterday made my day.
i love you!

blog soon, with good news about cali. [:

love you-
mariam. :D

Carly said...

omg comment 100?? ahha lol

wow im a loserr! lol so have u thought of another surpisee!??

hmm... maybe something like a chatroom for like an hour! --> amazingg

going on a short little tour??

another radio disney apperance??

more lyrics to my best friend

another song?!?

another win a date with mitchel contest?? maybe for like only the ppl on ur blog! ahah

u making a youtube account and doing like a vlog or something!?

well thats all i could think of now! im soo bored lol

well i heard the concert on sat was amazing! not a surpisee lol

and heard the date with kelly was a lott afunn!

well im gunna go ill ttyl