Thursday, February 14, 2008


To all my favorite Valentines!

Lizzieeeee,Vish,Nadine,Trann,Meeghan,Anna,Lizzzz &
last but not least..Maryann

You guys know that I love you and I wish you a Wonderful Valentines Day!

I know I promised you a surprise today.I have SO many things I want to tell you….Lot’s of really fun stuff going on. I just can’t say too much because I don’t want anybody mad at me… …let’s see…….
I did record the song with Emily….you guys know that already….but they sent it to me last night, and I really think you guys are going to Love it and I CAN’T Wait for you to hear it!

DC Games are in the works…... I love Dc Games and of course it is in Florida again this year. I believe towards the end of April….so be watching out for that. all your favorite Disney friends will be there.

I am Not doing the movie Bleachers….I don’t know how that got on my IMDB page…..but I Am doing a film. I am starring in a film with another Disney Star and I think you guys will love it. I am in Utah today beginning on some rehearsals and wardrobe fittings and such. The movie is just getting started so I’ll let you know more when I can.

I told you “Lean on Me” is number 10 this week…THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT!! I will update you on the new numbers as soon as I know. Thank you for supporting the YouTube as well….I do check the numbers and it’s very exciting to see it getting thousands of hits a day!

I just recorded a brand new song on Monday and Tuesday night and have two more to record this week! They are Incredible! Just for you…but you already know that!

My Dad has been taking meetings with lot’s of people about my music….the response has been OVERWHELMING to say the least. I am very happy and have lot’s of good people that care about me and want to help and support it all…..and I am grateful!

I just recorded a song for Phineas and Ferb last week. My character Jeremy will have a song in an upcoming episode….a BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone over at Phineas for giving Jeremy a chance to sing! How cool is that?

Can I talk about my brother Mason, lead singer of METRO STATION for just a minute? They are doing AMAZING!!!!! Did you know that they will be doing a quick tour of Europe with Panic At The Disco. I thought my brother Mason had arrived already…..but let me tell you…THERE IS NO STOPPING METRO STATION! By this time Next Year…everybody who is anybody will know who they are! Their CD is sold everywhere now… get out there and support because you don’t want to Not know what’s cool! Right?

Marc, my little brother is doing great and he sends out a little Valentine love too! He will be with us in Portland on the 23rd at the All About Kids Expo…so if your coming to the show, stop by the merchandise table and say hello.

I had to stop for a minute and call my mom….I wanted to tell her Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m in Utah and she is in California today. Make sure you wish someone special a Happy Valentines Day today too!

Ok guys…..I hope that you know that your support means more to me than anything and I couldn’t make it with out you. Thank you for all the Valentine notes on the Blog that I will get today….I know how you are….your always so supportive and I thank you and wish you the Most Wonderful Valentines Day EVER!



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Carleigh said...

Your Brother is amazing.

Krystle Kayla said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mitchel that was such a sweet thing to do!
thanks for the shout out! =)
have fun in utah!!

cant wait to see you soon!! <3

Anonymous said...

So i was reading the list of names and then i see, RachelRay? LOL Happy Valentines Day!

Dakota said...

okay, im done now.
whew...ok. i cant believe all the stuff thats
happening with you! a new movie? NEW SONGS???
ok...u did something nice for us, now im gonna do some thing nice 4 u!

say hello 2 your meez! its your own little avatar!
in muy next comment, ill give you the password so that u can chane his clothes and stuff....
heres my meez, and she has a message 4 you!

aand yes, i actually do look a lot like that!

oh mitchel, are we really your valentines?? u do lknow that u are my first valentine, right? SO AWESOME!!!
i gotta go, but i just wanna say that you are an amzing person and i am honored 2 be your fan i love you soooo much and i pray 4 you every day!

luv, dakota (i beleive i am your only fan who is Goth! so cool!)

ps. normally id play air hockey on a hoiday, but i cant 2day. know why? Cuz yesrterday, we donated it! my mom has a friend who houses mentally disabled men, and thay needed something new to do,so we decided to give them it. i was surprised at first, but thaen i said that it was ok with me. i miss it, but at the same time im glad i donated it! it makes me warm and fuzzy inside!
call me santa!
10 months early.
my mom ran into a parked car yesterday.
that was one of our more interesting days. but no one was hurt.
ok, waaaaaay 2 long!

Breann said...


I love you!!!!


Andrea said...

happy valentines day mitchel! (:
i have no idea if that andrea is me, but if so, thank you so much!
you never cease to amaze me. (:

andrea <3

Krystle Kayla said...

ah i just realized my names in their 2 times!

maybe see you next saturday?

Andrea said...

happy valentines day mitchel!
i have no idea if that andrea is me, but if so, thank you very much!
you never cease to amaze me (:
hope your day is fantabulous!

always; andrea <3

Anonymous said...

Holy son of a fish Mitchel. You don't know how many girls you made happy. Like a gazzillion maybe? That was amazingly sweet of you! HAPPY CLEMINTINE'S DAY!

I'm basically home sick, which sucks bum. I got a fever baby, and the only perscription is more cowbell, and I don't have one...grr...No but seriously....fever, coughing, headache...etc....etc...On the brightside, I'm watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off....Pardon my french but YES I AM REALLY SICK! xD


Can't wait to here your new Jeremy too! Hopefully you'll sing a song at a concert know, Chicago maybe? Just a thought. Cause I'm getting you stuff and you will know foshizzle it is Mallorie aka DANIREFRIGERMAGNET/DFRIDGE! Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.


Ashlee said...

Mitchel. :] that's sweet that you put everyones name on your blog....

your music career is like BOOMING. I can't wait to hear all of these new songs.

metrostation is getting pretty huge. they sell out like every single show they do. I'm happy that I FINALLY got tickets to see them. they've been here 4 times and its been sold out everytime.


One last thing... =[ you forgot forgot "Ashlee".. :[ but its fine, its awesome that you gave a shoutout to everyone tho!

Have a good valentines day.

Ashlee said...

OH. Wait, nvm about my last comment...I saw my name. :] that's awesome. Thanks mitch. =]

Cassie =] said...

hey mitchel! idk if that shout out to cassie is to me. if so thanks! i can't wait for you and emily's song to come out either. DC GAMES! OH YEA! lol. can't wait for that. i can't believe you are doing a movie! that is insanely awesome! yea for new songs! that's great that your music is getting such a great response. i can't believe jeremy gets a song! finally disney gets smart =] tell mason, and all of metro station congrat! they are getting really far. i am quite proud of them. =] i'm sure you are as well :) have a great valentines day :)

p.s. i told you i would get on. now onto my bed. if you remember why i said that, you get virtual cookies :)

Anonymous said...

Omg mitchel ur amazing! Today has been a sucky dayy but I just saw my name in ur blogg...thank u!! Wow lots of names thoo!! Lol

Lean on me will be in the top 3 next week just watch!! Its a great songgg!

Omg a neww songg yahh I love new songss!!

Utah sounds funn!! So does the new movieee!!

Well I g2g ttyl



MeganP2010 said...

wow mitchel, you truly are the best!!! Thank you so much for that blog post, I hope that 'megan' on the list was me! Mitchel I love you so much and I truly wish you the best!

And I saw metro station last night in San francisco! The entire show was amazing- all the bands did a really great job! Anyways, I got to hang with mason a lot... He's really cool! And he remembered me! Awww it was the best! He was wearing those gold hi tops that I know you have! My sister and her friends were like running around and chasing him though, I felt a little embarassed!

Well, thats all for now. Happy valentines day! Thanks for bieng my valentine! I hope i get to see you soon! Maybe when i go to hollywood on sunday you'll be there! I LOVE YOU MITCHEL MUSSO!


Anonymous said...

Mitchel my names in there!YOU TYPD MY NAME ON A BLOG!!!OMG!!!!Thank you soooo much your so awesome Mitch! Have an aaaweeeeeeeesssssooommmmeeeeee Valntines day mitch!

This has been another wierd comment by


sammie said...

Happy Valentine's Day mitchel!(:

tiffany said...

I said from the start they were ganna get huge. And they're starting to. They've already toured with big names in the mainstream music scene and they've managed to get their own tour bus not even 5 months after their first record. That's friggin amazing. They're all talented guys. I just hope I get to see them again before they get more well known and all of their shows start selling out. :)

tiffany said...

oh, right. and happy valentines day :) <3

Natalia said...


OMG! You're the sweetest guy in the world! Seeing my name there on your list was the best thing of the day! Thank you so much! Hope you have an awesome Valentines Day, just like me.

I'm really looking forward to listen "if I didn't have you". i'm sure I'm gonna love it.

DC Games. cool! I'll watch them. And I'll vote if I can, last year. Oh, speaking about DCG 2007, did you know that the red team won in Spain? I was so happy about that. Yor team had the most votes every week, except 1. Cool ,huh?

You're making a film with another Disney star? wow, that's awesome.

An already recorded song and 2 more for recording this week. Can't wait to hear those.

It's amazing that Jeremy is singing on Phines and Ferb.
But, wow, you're an non-stop worker.

METRO STATION on a European tour, with Panic at the Disco. How cool is that? You're brothers band is going to become really huge. Congrats about that.

Mitchel, I also wanted to tell you, sincerely, that it's such an honor to be a fan of yours. You're really sweet, nice, generous and caring with everybody, and also funny, which is awesome. You deserve all that you have and you'll become huge because you're really talented and an excelent person.

Keep rocking.

Have a GREAT Valentines Day.

Love Ya so much!



awww...mitchel! ur so cute! lol. there were 32 lines of valentines (haha ryming much). and i was on the 10th. awww. ily!<333. Ya no what you should get a myspace. and add me x]. I think that would be the right thing 2 do lol. Awww. Happy Valentine's day mitchel<3333 I hope you have a great day! i did. We had tag day 2day. (means we dont have 2 wear our uniforms but pay 1dollar). And i got BQQ chips. :D. lol. ILY! your my valentine! love ya<333

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing that the amy is me :) haha. i don't remember seeing any comments from a different amy... hmm idk ? :) haha.
you're so sweet!!
and i hope you have a WONDERFUL valentines day!! :]
AHH i can't wait to hear all the songs!! you and your brothers are doing GREAT right now i love it so much!! =] =] =]

OH and dangg i was hoping the DC Games would be at the end of march!! =[
because i'm going to disneyworld on march 26th. AHH!! :)

we love you mitchel!!
thanks for making valentines day amazing!! :)

Anonymous said...

happy v-day!!!!....i doubt i'm in there but i know u practically mean everyone in gerenal rite?...i hope! lot's o' news!...oh new film! cool!!!! i will go c it rite when it comes out!...hope u have an awesome time!..oh & i am changing my name to my real live nickname 2 ok?...just remember this is or was the luv2laugh!...wish ur parents & bros a happy v-day from ok?...& and let's not 4get u!!!! <3

~*ELLE*~ a.k.a.luv2laugh :) :D

Dawn. said...

Aw, Mitchel, you're a sweetie.

That was such a sweet thing to do. Do you mind coming to Wilmington and showing the guys here how to be a gentleman?

I'm so happy for everything that's happening for you-- you must be so excited!

You should go to Bamboozle in New Jersey, since your brother is playing there in May. It's over a 100 come. :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

brooke said...

mitchieeeee :].
im finally in your blog.

i hope you had/ are having
mine was pretty good, better than i thought it would be.
even though im sick, which is dumb.
hahah. i've been saying all winter.. "i don't know why i haven't gotten sick at all, i think there's something wrong with me."
i get sick.
hahah. yeah, but its all good.
i can't wait to hear your new songs :], and yours and emily's!
i know its going to be superrrrrr awesome.
woo, welllllll your amazing.
and i love you.
i bet typing all those names took forever.. hahah.
but it was extremely nice :].


Sara said...

Wow Mitchel that must have taken forever to type. How are your fingers feeling after typing all that? lol.

And YAY! I'm on that list of names!!! You seriously just made my day and possibly my week for that lol.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

and I'm excited for the songs! And a new movie??? Looks like a lot of things to look forward to :).

Metro Station IS getting huge. Its CRAZY. I'm hopefully(as long as the tickets don't end up in Missouri instead of Mass...long story lol) seeing them in May!

You seriously are the sweetest amazingest guy ever. Its true.



leanne [= said...

MITCHEEEL! (this is gonna be a long commenttttttt)
hahhaaa my name is leannE, but leanna's good toooo. i'm used to that kinda stuff. you got the 'leann' part right! that made me smileee. [=
my card should come in the mail around fourth of july. it takes a while from ny to cali, and with your schedule its gonna take even longerrr, so don't be surprised when it's like next christmas and you're like 'wtf?'.
i already know who you're doing the movie with, but i won't say because i don't know if you wanna do a surprise or something.
omg. i cannonnoot wait to hear all these new songs!
speaking of awesomely awesome songs, tell mason to tell their tour-date-planner-person to do a show in new york! this tour sold out and the next they're not coming here. =[
mmkay mitchel, next time you come to new york, BRING MARCCC. and if possible, stiiitchhh! [=
wow mitchel, you really SHOULD put spaces in between all those names... my mom is an english teacher, if she saw it she'dbe like 'OMGGGGG LET ME FIX ITTTT!'.
me and her are nothing alike. swear.

tell your family i said happy valentines daaaay!

~Leanne (or leanna ;D)

Chelsee said...

MITCHEL!!! I am in tears right now!!! Thank you soo much, you made my day!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I love you forever and ever!!!

Chelsee <3

selah said...


You have literally given my heart a shock that's the equivalent of a stroke. Whew...
I'm good now. :]
You have no idea how you made me feel, Mitchel.
This day, every year, generally sucks for me, but you definitely turned it around for me.
Trust me, I will never forget this. :]

DC games.
And now that I live in Orlando, I will try my best to be there.
Wait...April for the DC games...and you said that you were doing two concerts in FL in April.
Mitchel, tell me you are NOT performing at the DC games.
Because if you are, that will seriously be sick!
You have gotten me so excited right about now...and I definitely would type more but I'm about to go see Jumper, so expect another comment later on.

You don't know how much I love you.
Seriously, you don't.

Love you so much, Selah. :]

Nisha said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! What's the movie called?? Is it with Emily since she said she's gonna be doing a movie also??? :) <3

Anonymous said...

O my gosh Mitchel! I love you so much!!!!!!!! I hope you have the most amazing Valentines Day ever, because I know that you made mine better!You rock my world! Say hi to Miley and Emily and wish them a Happy Valentines Day for me!!!!!!!
LOTSA LOVE <3 <3 <3

jackie said...



shireen lovess mitchhhh! said...

this is my BEST valentines day
you so just made my dayyyy xD

but shouldnt you have written
shy-reen? ;]

as for all of those songs of yours;
so when is that CD
coming out mr. musso?

as for that movie?

well happy vday mitchel,
and i love you so much.


sam=theshizzz said...

so there was like about 5 sam's and samantha's in there, but whatever! happy valentines day! <3

Anonymous said...

Hello Mitchel.
First i want to say it's really cute from you to post such things for your fans.
Honestly, it made my day. Even if i'm not posted on that long list of your favourite valetines. I don't wonder, you didn't know me at this time.
mmmhh.. maybe next year?!
So, i really hope you have a GREAT VALENTINES DAY. And by the way, i really love your new song 'Lean on me', i'm listening to it the whole time i use my computer.


Have a nice day <333333


Brittany said...

YAYAY!! I don't know if that Britt is me, probably not, but whatever that was REALLY sweet! :)

Can't wait to see you at the DC Games and on April 12th!


Thanks so much for making your music and doing your thiingggg haha

Yay, MetroStation is pretty good! I really like their song Shake It! haha

la dee da I'm procrastinating with my hw

Ok, gotta goooo peace, floss, and apple sauce :D

Samantha said...

Aww Mitchel! You did like every name of ever person who's ever read y our blog or something! that is so sweet! and I see a Samantha, I'm saying thats me. ahahaha. =D That must of taken forever. You're so sweet. Happy Valentines Day!!!

Wow Wow Wow! I'm so excited for you and your family! You're all doing so much!!! Tell Marc I said Hi! Mason in Europe?? Lucky them! ahaha. =D Hipe you have a wonderful week and wish I knew more of what to say, but again, Happy Valentines Day.


Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks for the shout out! That was very nice of you and by the way i LOVE Phineas & Ferb!!! I watch it every single night in FERBURARY lol:) Hope Utah's going fine well gotta go.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Amy said...


Katie R. said...

WOW!!! That must have taken you some time to do all that! Thanks! Your in a movie with Jason Dolly right? Kelly told us. Can't wait to see it, I am sure it will be great! I hope your having a nice V Day! You made our V Days very special!
I think that the Katie you put in there was me, but there are a lot of Katie's on here, So I will just take it as being me. LOL
and So I leave you with this....just a little V Day thing for you..

"Let Me hold your heart in my hand,
This is where your heart needs to be,
My love for you will always be true,Your heart will be safe here with me."


Allie said...

AHHHH! I LOVE YOU TOO MITCHEL! That was so sweet, that just made my day. Today was the worst. At school, you can send flowers to your friends and boyfriends/girlfriends during class, and none were sent to me. My friend sent one to her other friends, but not me. And then my crush, who I totally thought was gonna ask me out didn't, and turns out he asked out a different girl. I was totally bummed until right now. Thank you so much!

A new movie? YOU MEAN IN THEATERS?! OMG! I can actually see your face instead of just hearing your voice!

OMG. MY FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME IS GOING TO EUROPE WITH PANIC. I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE FOR TELLING ME THAT. Too bad I don't live there. WAIT. EVERYONE will know who they are? NO! Then their songs will be overplayed on the radio, be intermixed with 6 other songs, looped over and over again. But I'm happy for them. TELL MASON I love him. but not as much as you.

Cool, new songs. And one on Phineas and Ferb. AWESOME! Now I have to watch it!

COME TO NY! Please! Seriously, my heart was crushed and stomped on today, and seeing you would mend it.

Happy Valentines Day!

Laurennn said...

btw, dc games.

ill be there love.

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

mitchel u rock!:)happy valentines day!!!!!thats all i was talking about today was u! and i just think ur amazing i cant say that enough.i just llllllllllooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee you!!!!!!!:) and u really got to get ur but over in canada i know there are loads and loads and loads of fans like me:).oh by the way in my gym we had to do this fear factor thing and i had to drink this werid chunky green stuff it was sick but i ate it!:s
but again u rock!!!!andi cant wait to hear about ur music and i cant wait for ur cd!!!:)

love u so muchhhh!!!!!!!!!<3

tran! said...

Hey, Mitchel!!

Happy Valentine's/Single Awareness Day!!!

I'm wondering how many poeple you've made incredibly happy today!! You certainly made ME smile! I tried counting all the names, but my eyes couldn't take it! Haha.

I cannot wait to hear you and Emily's song! Sweetness!!!

And some more songs from you??!! And another on Phineas and Ferb?! Is this the greatest Valentine's Day or what?!!

Another film with a Disney Star? Well, congrats to you, you stud!!

Watch out for Metro Station!! I heard one of their songs last night on the radio!!! Woot woot!

And of course "Lean On Me" is in the top ten! How could it NOT be?! You're amazing!!

"Make sure you wish someone special a Happy Valentine's Day..."



And with that, I am off to my first violin lessons!! Whooo!!

I hope YOU have an even more amazing week than the one I wish you would have the other week.


Caitti said...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MITCHEL i will always support you for everything -- i have a necklace and i call it my MITCHEL MUSSO VAIN

cassie said...

aww, happy valentines day mitchel!
im freakinn hooked on metro station!
im going to see them again on march 5th in pittsburgh.
i can't wait!!
i made my friends listen to them and now they all loveee metro station too.
i just got the summertime oliver doll for valentines dayy.
i was soo excitedd.
anywaysss have fun in utah!


yay!! i saw my name! lol thats so cool that you wrote out everyones name like that.

I'm planning on asking my parents to take me to FL and watch the DC games. That would be one of the best days of my life!! lol

I can't wait to here about your new movie!! It's gonna be amazing. Im phycic...I can already predict that. =] Is it gonna be a DCOM or like a movie movie?

I heard 'Lean on Me' on the way home from school and I started freeaking out. lol. I voted for it so much!

I can't wait to hear your new song!!! 'My Best Friend' is amazing!! And Jeremy's song too! lol. Jeremy's my favorite. Phineas and Ferb is actually pretty good! =]

I hope you're having an amazing Valentine's Day!! Mine was OK. I got chocolate and got kinda sick for a while. lol. I love you!! <333

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel!

Wow, you DID still surprise us for V-day!!! I was NOT expecting a list of all your valentines. And I'm quite ecstatic to be listed, I might add! =) We all love you so much and look up to you, you know that right? =D

I can't WAIT to hear your new songs, especially the one with Emily. So exciting!

And tell Marc - Happy Valentine's day!

So much news, and I can't wait for it all. And btw, you should come back to Georgia so I can meet you. I couldn't go last time, which made me pretty sad.

Love you Mitchel!!!!!

-Rebekah =]

OLIVIA said...

hey mitchel!!!!!!!!!!!!!of course im going to wish you happy valentines day.......will you be mine? ha ha jk i know you probably already have a valentine but umm.anyways have fun in utah and I LOVE YOU .....


daniie said...

awe. yay! thnx and happy valentine's day to YOU and your loved ones too!
i bet you've made everyones day!

i hope Lean On Me keeps reaching for that number one spot!! (:
hope your havin fun out in Utah!!
much love*

francesemily said...

Aww, that was so cute, I just woke up and sat here and read through all of those names.
You made some girls' day really special Mitchel.
Thanks for the valentine's day wishes.

All that new stuff sounds so exciting!

As for metro station, I have to wait another month to see them, I'm pretty ticked, cause I was about to go buy tickets on a show that wasn't announced as sold out yet, I didn't have the money to get the tickets until now, and they were totally beefed. Talk about being upset.

I haven't seen them in a while.
But it's okay they are in the area the day before the show I was oging to, and then the next month with bamboozle//bamboozle roadshow.

Hope you have a great day today Mitchel, we love you!

Hope to see you again soon.


Jessica said...

OHHHHH MYYYY GOOOSSSHHH!!!! I feel SO BAD!!! I haven't written in this in FOREVER!!!! LITERALLY!!! Like...Gosh, so much has HAPPENED!! With you going to Europe (Lucky duck fer sure!) and Phineas and Ferb and "Lean on Me"...Geez, boy you're EVERYWHERE!!! Dude, I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU SO MUCHH and I feel bad for not writing in your blogs, it's just that I've been busy with school and tired but at least I can now!!! *sigh* I'm so glad that everything is going so well for you Mitchel!! You're AMAZING at everything that you do and you (AND Mason and Marc) deserve all the love and support!! Eep, I can't wait for everything!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! I LOVE YOU MITCHELLLLL!!!!
~Jessica A.~

Gee, I hope you remember me, haha! I'm sure you will ;)
<3333 (Sorry I just like giving you lots of hearts! :P)


Just a thought.....

n1nab3ar said...

Thanks a million!

A movie! thats great! I can't wait to see it, and knowing Disney there will be a contest to win along with this movie so I will be glued to the radio for the next month.

Snow, no school, and a shout out from Mitchel Musso!
You're amazing! ^^
My day is made.
I hope you get plenty of love today and I know you will.


lizzieeeee said...

aww, you're so sweet :)
happy valentine's day. i love youuu!

Fer said...

HEYY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!hve an amazing day!

awww mitcheel!! my name's there!!!I'm soo excited thanks so much you are so sweet!!!

woow all those news are AMAZING! can't wait to hear more about them, especially your movie that's so cool!!

and I LOVE your brothers, wish them a happy valentine's day from me=D Metro Station rocks and I'm sure by this year they'll be known everywhere!!lol

well again thank you soo much what you did was just amazing...tiping all of our names, lol you know we love you and we'll always be there for you
and again happy valentine's day!!!((I got so many balloons and candies today!it's so cool=))

love you soo much!!!<3


Anonymous said...

mitchel musso, i love you!
i can't believe my name is here :D
i know it's with like x48502808 other girls, but whatever. this is the best valentines day ever! thank god there's people like mitchel musso in the world :)
i love youuuuuu!
- livvy

Lisa said...

a picture with the musso boys minus marc.
the most amazing photograph of my life!
I'm friends with your brother on myspace! look for me :-p
Im under "that one girl!"

are you still taking of our shirt?

Annie said...

AHHH, HOW COOL! So many new things to look forward to!

Thanks for the shoutout! I feel so loved! Valentine's Day is officially complete. Hope you have a great one and enjoy recording and filming this week.

By the way, when you posted, I was in English class and the vocalists were doing singing-grams. I think it was 'You and Me'.

Anonymous said...

can you please mention lizzie on the 16th, it's her birthday and it would mean the world to her if you could say something.

Katy said...


i gets to see them this month and it SHALL be the best day of my life....

second best day...
best day was meeting u in San Antonio!


Rosario said...

Happy V-day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,


I hope you're having an AMAZING Valentines day so far! I am! I can't WAIt for your song, and I can't WAIT for the DC games, either!! I'm so stoked. GO YOUR TEAM! Tell Marc and Mason I said; "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY", too! But, will you be my Valentine??? PLEASE???????????????????

And Mitchel, you're ALWAYS telling us how much you love us, but let me take a minute, and tell you how much I love YOU!!!! I do, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo much!

I can't believe "Lean On Me" is number 10!! I want it to be number one! I also hope you have a TON of fun on your new movie!

Deticated to you forever and always,
Amanda <3333

P.S. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! <3

xoLauraJane said...

Aww you're the biggest sweetheart ever! I was so happy to see my name since I haven't been commenting your blog that long! So thanks you so much! You really made my day. Now to make things even better you should come to Scranton, PA so I can go see you! =] That would be AWESOME!
Love you!
XO Laura Jane <3

Sam said...

awww you included me on your extremely long list, i feel so special! and yes metro station is my second favorite band and i'm going to see them in may, and remember you are more than welcome to come with. come to new jersey soon!! i miss and love you, sam <3

Anna said...

Hi Mitchel,

Happy Valetines day. I'm new to this site. I just came on today. I love you.

Anna <3

megan said...

omg you said my name!! i love you even moreeeee!!!!!

lizzieeeee said...

ohkay my last comment was short, i didn't have much time but...

thank you so muchhhh. you're amazing.

and tell your family i said happy valentine's day too :)

uhm, wowy, metro station is getting so big! panic at the disco? that's hugeeee.
& every month at my school we have a stupid paper, and there's a page about new CD's, movie's and stuff like that. and METRO STATIONNN was in this months cd! i can't believe it. no one at my school knew who they were a year ago and now they're just blowin' uppp! tell mason congrats ;)

happy valentine's day again. i love youuuuu!

oliviaakiddo! said...

hey kiddo heyy.
mariam and i know you love us most defffff. (:
and we love you tooooo!


awwh marc i miss that kiddd.!!
well i'm off to make another video blog regarding you.
like the usuallll.


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

** **



p.s (So sorry that i havent been typing to you lately.)i had soccer and we are going to Tampa for a tournament.

Michelle said...

I have no idea if that Michelle is me. Probably not but its still cool : )
Happy Valentines Day!!


See you in Portland!

Loretta said...

happy Valentine´s day for you too Mitch, my 17 year old sister loves you, too she says that you are hot and cool, and she really loves your hair

Sasha said...

Wow...That's alot of people...So I kind of flipped out when I saw my name, but I'm okay now I swear.

I hope you had a geat Valentines day today. i did. Well sort of it was okay and crappy. I was going to tell my crush i liked him today but he wasn't at school.

I'm going to get Metro Statons CD on my birthday. It's on th 17th of march. St. Patricks cool is that!

I can't wait to hear the new songs

See ya

Disa said...

I don't know where to start.
New songs... new movies... Metro Station... Valentine's Day.

First of all you're basically amazing for managing to put everyone's name on your shoutout.
Haha o_o

Second... I'm seriously super excited to hear all of these new songs you're doing :D
I'm assuming eventually they'll be put on your very own CD for us to buy?

Third... I'm also seriously super excited to see this new movie :D
I wanna know who the other Disney star is that's gonna be in it with you! Hahah.

Fourth... I'm so excited for Mason, Trace, Blake & Anthony to go to Europe! Even though I don't live there or anything... it will be an amazing experience and I'm sure they will gain a LOT more fans.

Fifth... Happy Valentine's Day!
You're so sweet (:

kellyyy said...


first of all.
s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s s p a c e s
it was like one RUN ON SENTENCE.

ily kiddo.
i had to say it
since you corrected my math.

thats a lot of names.
like a lot.
playa playa playa playa playa playa playa playa playa playa playa playa

i'm onn the list!!

come back to colorado.
you know it was a blast.
better than FLORIDA will ever be.

britt said...

ahww mitchel you are the sweetest guy ever! I love you so muchh!

Today is the day of love, and by spreading my love I am going to say HAPPPY VALENTINES DAY TO EVERYONEE! and I just wanted to say mitchel I lovee you! hehe:]<3

i cant wait to hear the songss! and congrats for everything youve donee! again for the third time.. i love you times a million!

with lovee,
BRITT! <3 xox

Allie said...

OH! Hey, it's me again, I was just wondering, can you get ur brother to get me tickets to the show in NY at the Crazy Donkey? Their sold out, but I NEED TO SEE THEM. Cobra Starship and We the Kings are awesome too, and having them with the BEST BANF OF ALL TIME just makes me want to go even more. But I know that's impossible. And tell Marc happy Valentines day too!

So, you know how I told u at my school we send flowers to our friends and wat not? Well do that with Miley and Emily. You send one to Miley, she'll send one to Emily, and she can send one to you. You'll never know who their from.

Uh, what else, my sister says hi. She knows how much I love you, and when I told her about how I'm ur Valentine, she totally flipped out. Shes like, "SEE! HE LOVES YOU!". You have no clue how great that made me feel. So now I'm rubbing it on my ex-crush and hoping he learns the mistake he made by not asking me out.

Love Again.

Gretchen said...

OMG! I'm your valentine!!
Awwww thanks :)
Happy Valentine's Day!
(My little sister Hanna says hey...ever since she got to meet you she cannot stop talking about u!!! She has a lil crush!)

Mariam. [: said...

mitchel tate musso.
i love you.
happy valentines day. !

Anonymous said...

when i saw my name in your blog i freaked out! YOU TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! that must have taken you forever to type all those names and it was well worth it. you made me smile and this was def. the best v-day ever.
you are the best! i am honored to be you fan.

i wish you and your brother the best at everything you do. you guys deserve it!

hope it was a good one

love you

Gretchen said...

By the way- I know it was a little while back, but at Family Gras was Miley there in her bus? Some people say she was, but other people say she was already in Orlando. If so are there 2 buses - or does she ride on a different bus, like a hidden one or something? LOL. :)
<3 Gretchen

hanna said...

hey mitchel I'm Gretchen's little sister i'm the one who went to family gras and went in your trailior with 4 other girls my sisters i have 6 in all.i have brown hair and im short not also i love you but i adore and want to mary you. mua love,your girlfreind hanna

Gennine said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Mitchel!!! Loved the shoutout!! That made my Valentine's Day sooooooo much better!!! When I saw my name, I screamed so loud, lol. I hope your day was awesome, and I can't wait to hear your new music. Metro Station is on fire!!! I can't wait to see the Youtube vids with them. Panic(!) at the Disco is one of my favorite bands!!! And the DC games! It's the highlight of the summer, man!
you should post this long more often!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!
love ya!
~Gennine, 14, NJ

kelsey said...

my name is kelsey i am 7 and i saw you on the stage at family gras thats all i have to say i love you happy valentines day

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a LOT of names! Carpal tunnel, much?

I only recently found you (yet I'm an OLD fan), but I think you're amazing and I really do hope your success continues.

I am also REALLY looking forward to the CD and I can't WAIT to see the movie--I already know what it's about (no spoilers here, though) and it's going to be great, I'm sure.

My name was NOT on your list, but c'est la vie! I mean, you didn't say MEEGHAN's name, either... Poor Meeghan. But I guess now she'll maybe get her own personal post so ultimately, she'll have ALL the rest of 'em wishing you'd forgotten them instead.

Enjoy Utah--it's a great state, wonderful scenery. And it's fairly close to my favorite hub city Disco bowl, much?

SAMS LIPGLOSS IS POPPIN...i don't even like that song? said...

i also forget to add that i'll see you at the dc games this year and POST THE DETAILS TO YOUR 2 SHOWS IN FLORIDA! i don't know if i can even go, but it all depends on what time your performing dude.

Shelly said...

Um...I'm not sure if you are talking about me Shelly, or a different Shelly.
So I'm just gonna assume that you are talking about me haha.
So thank you very much, that was very sweet. I hope you are having an awesome V-Day too. :)
I'm actually seeing Metro Station tonight. I'm stoked.
Wish you were here.

lizz said...

i love you
i hope thats me liz up therrr?
your so sweet

i meant to send you a v-day card
but i never have enough time
and thank you so much!
tellllll mason i said congradulations, i love him

i loveeee you

Megan x said...

Mitchel =]

You're just the cutest =]
I can't even imagine how long it took you to write out all those names....

Happy Valentines day!!

Oh, and thanks for my rose =]
Okay.. so it wasn't technically from you
But my friend sent me a rose and wrote it from you
Which I thought was very sweet of her

I love Metro Station =]
I'm seeing them when they come to London with panic at the disco
I'm so excited =]

I'm glad that everything is going well for the Musso family.
You are all truly amazing =]


Megan xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank You Mitchel! I love you and Happy Valentines Day!!! <3
I was so happy when I found my name in there. =]

selah said...

so the movie, pretty good.
tons of action, so i loved that.
pretty nice cast too, and that never hurts.
but no matter how excited i was to see Jumper, me seeing my actual name in your post made me feel so...i don't know if there is a word for it.
and since coming back from the movie, within the last hour or so, something...very stressful happened, but, i don't know, as long as i kept you in mind, it wasn't so horrible.
i really want to thank you for that.
let's just say, i will not forget this day...ever.

on a lighter topic...
i like how you said you didn't want anyone mad at you.
yeah, we wouldn't want that.
not after how SOME people reacted after one of your previous posts. =/
well, i cannot wait for your duet with Emily.
you two are so awesome.
i know it will be great.
new movie, niceee.
new songs, incredible.

of course you can talk about Mason for a minute!
your brother is so rad.
touring EUROPE with Panic! at the Disco is...amazing.
how people don't know about Metro Station is beyond me.
hope you're having funnn in Utah.

love you so much, selah. :]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm sorry that I haven't commented your blog in a while. I have been busy with college papers, projects, and my college's homecoming.

That was really sweet of you to make a list of all the girls as your favorite valentines. I know that you made a lot of young girls and teenage girls extremely happy. :)

I hope the DC Games continue to be fun for you and the rest of the people involved in making the games possible.

That's strange that someone would put the Bleachers movie on your IMDB page when you're not even doing the movie. Even though I am positive that you would do a great job in the movie, but I understand if you do want to do a movie like Bleachers because of working with Disney. I am glad that you are still doing a movie. I hope that you can post more information in your blog soon about it. I know that I am not the only one that would like to hear more about your new movie project.

I am glad that Lean on Me is climbing up on the Disney charts and that it's doing so well on Youtube.

That's awesome that you're recording more songs. I hope all goes well with that. I'm also glad that a lot of good people want to support you with your music.

I can't wait to hear Jeremy's song on a future episode.

I am, once again, really glad that Metro Station is having success and doing well. Also, I'm glad that Marc is doing well too.

I hope you're having a better Valentine's Day than I am (I've been sick since Monday evening).


Julie :] said...

Mitchel! :D

happy valentine's day to u too hun!

love u lots! :]


Kitkat said...

Hey Mitchel,
I was reading the names and noticed my name and about flipped out for 20 minutes before my brother had to tackle me to the ground. LOL. I guess I'm just THAT big a fan. LOL.
Just knowing you actually typed my name made me scream with joy. LOL.

I love Metro Station! I heard Miley's bro is in it too. That must be cool. I NEED to get the CD soon...maybe I'll get it today for my b-day. LOL.

Well thank YOU for being so wonderfully awesome. As flattering as it is, you thank us a lot, when really, in my eyes, it's you that is so incredibly amazing!
Funny, i never thought my first valentine would be a really INCREDIBLE guy, who I've never actually met...i SO SO SO SO wish i could meet you though!



Kitkat said...

WOW, i saw my name in the list and freaked out for 20 minutes until my brother had to tackle me to make me stop. Just knowing you actually typed my name makes me scream with joy! I guess I'm just THAT big a fan!

I love Metro Station. I've been meaning to get the CD though. Hey, maybe I'll get it for my birthday today!

Speaking of Valentines day It's kinda funny. I never thought my first Valentine would be a Impossibly INCREDIBLE guy that i never actually met. I so so so so so so so so SO wish i could meet you though. R U sure you have no power of the places you go? PLEASE come down to either Rochester or Buffalo, NY if you can!

As much as it flatters me, i honestly think you thank us too much. I mean really, in my eyes at least, YOUR the amazing, wonderful, awesomely, incredible one, with the real talent. you earned your fans, not the other way around.



Boys like Girls rox said...

Happy Valentines day!!!!
that must have took a long sweet of you!! Yup one year since I fell in love with you.....1 amazing year!! Tell your family I said happy Valentines day!!! You are all amazing!!!

♪ Karina ♪ said...

Aww, thanks for mentioning all of us Mitchel! =] Happy Valentine's day!! And I'm totally happy for you and your brother for all your success. I'm definitely looking forward to watching both of you advance your careers over the next year! =] Hope you're having a fantastic day.

- Karina

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel happy valentines day o and where are the disney channel games going to be held is there by some chance i could find out how to get tickets to meet a few people there oo

love ya shelby

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Okay, either I'm psycic or I was really hoping you would do that...and I feel special to be your valentine (Among about 1000 others, lol).

YAY!!! Can't wait to hear more about the DC Games!! Let us know more!!!



Destiny said...

Happy Valentines day Mitchel. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for taking out the time to put everyones names on the list. Cant wait until you come to Florida again. Hope to here more about that soon.


Anonymous said...

Mitchel, I LOVE YOU to death now. You so made my day, and thanks for the shout out :) That was very sweet of you. I can't wait to hear your new songs. And Happy Valentine's Day! I got alot of chocolate today, most of them were chocolate kisses. Anyways, congrats to Mason. Have fun in Portland next weekend!


christineLovesMitchTate said...


yay II FINALLY MADE YOOR BLOGG! well sorta, but oh well (:

ii just screamedd and dudee my dad came running up the stairs, ii noe hes staring at me, and he goes like, "oh its that mitchel again."

haahhaa well thanks again fer making my day...



Anonymous said...

Awee Mitchel,
That was really sweet of you (:
It was a pretty good surprise, I didn't think you'd put all the girls names in your blog!
That was a long list! I saw my name twice. Thank you, you made my day! and like every other girls on here.. hahah. Guess who MY favorite Valentine is..

I can't wait to hear your and Emily's song! I bet it's amazing. I saw this video with you and Emily in the studio from like 10 days ago or something, it made me & Jenny laugh, hahah. (:

I want to go to DC Games! It sounds like so much fun. It's in Florida too.. I swear, you're always there! haha :)

YAY! A moviee with another Disney star.. who is it? hah, I can't wait to seee it! :D

I am so excited for your music! When are you going to release a CD? I'll definitely buy it! :D and that's awesome you get to do a song for Phineas and Ferb. Very cool!

You can talk about Mason anytime! hahah. I did know they are touring with Panic! in Europe, annddd when they come back here to Minnesota in APRIL, I'm hopefully going to see them! I can't waittttt, METRO STATION is AMAZINGGGG! <3

Happy Valentines too Marc as well, and your family. I hope that you come up to Minnesota and visit all your fans up here soon, it would mean the WORLD to us. Minnesota needs Mitchel! <3

HAPPY VALENTINES DAYY!!! Thanks again for all the shout outs.
I love you kiddo!<333

peaceeee & love.

Natalee said...

WOW i can't believe you took the time to do that, how nice of you!

.audrey. said...

my name was on there!
i think it was me, i have a somewhat unique name.
that made my day!
hopefully you come to indiana soon!
.audrey. :]

Kelsey_Marie said...

OMG!!! thx for the shoutout!
thats so cool your starring in a new movie! is it a disney movie or a reg. movie???
Mason and METRO STATION! r amazing! i love his cd Kelsey is the coolest song ever! lol (go figure) wuts your fav. song by them? my fav is actually shake it and wish we were older. so ya know i guess lol.
Thats awesome marc going to be with you in portland!, had he had any work lately?
umm...OH! thats so cool Jeremy gets to sing on the show! i cant wait to watch that episode!
When is your duet coming out??? i hope soon!
But ya, what songs ru giong to sing in portland? get again im going to suggest you come to capital mall in washington or some place close to there so i can see you since i cant make it to Portland!
i hope you have an amazing valentines day! your amazing and completely deserve it...and thx for reading my long message lol!
much love, bye!


Ashley said...

OMG Mitchel! U ROCK! I LOVE U! Happy Valentines Day to u too!!!!! UR the best! My name was there!!!! And just so u know, I called in twice and requested "Lean On Me"! I'm SOOOOOOO happy its in the Top 10! I'm soooooo proud of u! UR amazing! Again, I LOVE U and I hope u have a GREAT Valentines Day!!!!!!!

Lizzz said...

you're such a sweeetheart.
theres maybe one or two that could've been me on that list.. and i'm pulling that i am? :)

dude i LOVE metro station.
i started liking them back about two years ago, before they're signed and everything! they've come pretty far away and imagine how big they'll be next valentine's day! blows me away! i'm seeing them in a weeek for the first time. i'm SO STOKED.

we miss you back in New Orleans<3
have a good week!
l8r :)

Terri said...

Hey Mitchel,
OMG my name is there yeaaaaaaa

whot whot whot

haha omg you made my day!!

you rock mitchel :)



brie said...

Oh, Mitchel, you make my heart swoon.....ok kinna cheezy.....ummmm...Mitchel you make my heart still to're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration.....ok WAAAAAY too cheezy to use song lyrics. so how about...YOU ROCK!!!!

I can't congratualte you enough on all of your amazing acomplishments! I can't believe how popular you've become in the past year! I mean music and's incredible!

You bro's rock too! Tell them I say HEY and a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! And Metro Station's jammin with Panic! At the Disco!?!?! HOW AWESOME IS DAT?!?!?!?! That's gonna be you one day....but maybe you'll be with some other awesome maybe the Brie Band or something.....yeah we can be Brie and the Brie-ettes Plus Mitchel! Yeah I can see it now.......

I have a bit of news of my own! My aunt just had her first baby yesterday! I was at the hospital ALL literally, like from 4AM to 9PM! But it was all worth it. My little cousin's name is Gia Susan....and she's beautiful! I'm so glad I'm a big cousin!

Also....I MADE TALENT SHOW!!!! YAAAAY MEEEEE!!!! I'm so excited but also extremely nervous! I'm singing "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys...but wait, there's more....I'm also proviing my own music on the piano! It's gonna be awesome as long as I don't do something stupid like faint or fall off the bench.....

Thanks so much for the special Valentine's Day shout-out. Valentine's Day has never really been a favorite holiday of mine....

but you just made my day so much brighter :)

luv, brie

allisonnnn; said...

uhh i loveee when you postt.
it makes my dayy.
&& omggg. i see my namee!
aweee. that was soo sweet.
i lovee youu.
happy valentines day.
i sent you a card in the mail
so be lookin out for it!
mmk. lovee ya. toodless.

marykateee =) said...

i love you
that's all i really have to say
and mason is amazing
your're parents have to be the most proud parents ever.
even prouder than the manning's!!!!
all three of you are amazing.i lovee youuu

Taylor said...

happy v day!!
im 1 of ur have valentines,,
and ur my #1!!!! :)

DID U SAY FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
ILL BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!
ily. lyk soo much. :)

Ashley said...

Mitchel I was just wondering, do u have a myspace? Cuz theres lots of posers out there, and I know here its really u and u can tell me for sure... or should I say "Fo Sho!" LOL! Like on RD! Anyway, post the answer in UR next blog please! Thanks lots! Love Ya!

ayoo maryann! said...

i hope you realize you have just made my day completely.

wait, nononoyou have made my LIFE completely.
hahah dork yah put my name twice<3
but thats even better. :)


MMK NOW ILL READ THE REST OF YOUR BLOG. after i saw my name i did a little dance and went straight to comment.

yay Mason! there getting so big, i remember when the CD wasnt even close to being out haahah.

anyway, LOVE YOU KID. :)

Last but not least,
Maryann :D

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel can't wait for the movie and the songs to come out! Happy Valentines Day!
Love ya! -kelly ;)

Morgan said...

ahhhh <3
mitchel you are sooo sweet.
only if all guys could be like you.
'my boyfriend just broke up with me'.
his excuse was : 'girl's want everything for valetines day, and i don't wanna spend any money on them', and i never even told him once that i wanted something.
owell, that jerk :)

HAPPY V-DAY! mitchel.
i hope yours was better than mine.
can't wait for the DC GAME'S, my mom said that she would take me, isn't that awesome?

actually right now; i'm in the making of a new demo, i'm sending it off next week, so i might be getting a record deal. i'm really excited about that :)

congrat's on #10.
you deserved it.

peace & love.


Lauren said...

aw, my valentines day was going terrible until i saw this, Mitchel, you are a sweet guy, if only every boy on earth was just like you. <3 i love you, and i am so excited to see all your new projects.

Always, <3

ps, i know the lauren in there isn't me, but that's okay, i know you still love me =)

Anonymous said...

Do u think it's possible for you to add that new girl, Anna, in your next blog. I saw she's new, and felt a little bad for her. I love you.

selah said...

So, Mitchel.
You say you're starting a new movie.
You also say you're filming it in Utah.
You're already there as we speak, uh...type...?
Does this movie have any type of sport in it? ;]

Well, Emily just so happens to be in Utah, filming a movie called Soccer Mom.

First I think you may very well be performing at the DC games...I may be wrong.
Next I think you and Em are doing a movie together.
Are you?
You don't have to tell us just yet...but am I right? :]

love you, Selah.

Mariam. [: said...

even though this blog was better than all the chocolate and flowers i got today.
this made me smile more than all of it.

but but but.
you forgot meeghan. !

Keelin said...

Hey! I hope you have an amazing Valentines Day. I'm seeing Metro Station tonight in San Diego and I was hoping you'd be there so I could meet you, but obviously you can't since you're in Utah. That's awesome that you're doing a new movie though! I really can't wait to hear more about it.
Much love!
~ Keelin

maryjane.mtm said...

i can call myself a blogger now, this is so exciting.

i feel oh so loved thanks to you.


holla atch'yo girl.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MITCHEL!!!! it is you're too sweet I won a Popstar Valentine Card autographed from you so then i made YOU one and sent it out today..well sorry it's gonna be late, but wow i finally found out how to leave comments on here...haha umm.. so I was reading a magazine and you said you like a girls personality..well you should so meet me I've been told that I have the most positive greatest personality ever! And I been trying to meet you by catching your concerts but you are too far away!!!!!!! You should come closer like did you ever preform at the "Mall of America"?..if not, I know you'd be a big how does this work with the comments? Do you respond back to me somehow or am I just blabbing for no reason?..Let me know in one of entrys or something...Anyways have a great valentine's day or whats left to it..It's 8:00PM in Michigan right now so , i'm just gonna go buzz on over to your offical site, check the youtube, then hit the hay. I LOVE YOU MITCHEL! and remember to respond back somehow...

marykateee =) said...

and how was your date with kelly?!
we want detailsssss

Anonymous said...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MITCHEL!!!! it is you're too sweet I won a Popstar Valentine Card autographed from you so then i made YOU one and sent it out today..well sorry it's gonna be late, but wow i finally found out how to leave comments on here...haha umm.. so I was reading a magazine and you said you like a girls personality..well you should so meet me I've been told that I have the most positive greatest personality ever! And I been trying to meet you by catching your concerts but you are too far away!!!!!!! You should come closer like did you ever preform at the "Mall of America"?..if not, I know you'd be a big how does this work with the comments? Do you respond back to me somehow or am I just blabbing for no reason?..Let me know in one of entrys or something...Anyways have a great valentine's day or whats left to it..It's 8:00PM in Michigan right now so , i'm just gonna go buzz on over to your offical site, check the youtube, then hit the hay. I LOVE YOU MITCHEL! and remember to respond back somehow...

CherryErry said...

omgg can u stop being amazing for like a second??
love uu!

Meeghanherexo said...

wow, that was really sweet.
you know you just made a lot of girls days.

but it's sad that i'm not in there.

That's cool, I guess?

except it really wasn't.

sad mitchel musso, you make me sad.
bad valentines day for meeghan.


you spelt it on saturday.
I was in your blog in october cause I made a pumpkin that said 'MEEGHAN HEARTS MITCHEL'?


oh jesus.

Anonymous said...

That's so sad. I'm not in ur list
:( - Lynn ... Lol.

P.S. Ur life seems to be going awesome. Great job!

Haley said...

Hey Mitchel,

I really don't know if you were talking about me because I'm on imdb alot, but if you were, thanks for the shout out!:D

Anonymous said...

omigosh! i got snowbuddies 4 valentine's day from my parents! it is so good & i've watched the music video bout 248979672149065589709747097092 times! i can't get enough of it!!!! the puppies r so cute! and u too ;) oh & i got my hair cut! it is pretty cool but it wld help if it wasn't snowing here!!! :) can u come here to nebraska pleaz? well ttyl...oh and wish ur bros the best of luck w/ their careers! and u too! well u don't have to wish urself good luck if that makes any sense @ all cuz i think i mite b confusing u....hmm...trick question to ask ain't it? :P


Alana said...

Happy Valentines Day Mitchel!

wow reading ALL the names gave me a headache!( got sooo happy when i read MY name!) really,your the only person who actually did something valentine-ish with my name...(in other words i did'nt get a single valentine card)
anyway can't wait to:

-see the song with Emily
-see the DC games
-see film with you in it
-hear Jeremy sing
-hear your new songs
-get Metro Station CD
-and a butch of other stuff thats BOUND to come up!

Again Happy Valentines Day!


Rachel said...

Aw, Mitchel, you rock! Haha, thanks so much for that, you truly made my day. I can't help but notice, though, you never said if you had a valentine. Keeping secrets? ;)
Totally kidding. But, I'm getting a puppy soon, and I can't think of what to name it. Right now, the top choice is Mitchel. I'm so creative with names, don't you think? I was thinking Metro, but that would be such an awkward name, like it was short for something else... still kidding. Am I making you laugh? I hope so. I made everyone else laugh with my name choices today. And, the last choice as of right this second- Charlie. I just thought it was a cute name. But, then some people would think I was naming it after a guy in my class... now that's even more awkward.
If you can think of any, make sure to let me know. Because, I think you can already tell that I'm not good with names. By the time I get him, the top name will probably be something along the lines of Fork... you see my dilemma. :)
Happy Valentines Day, Mitchel! Hope you had a great one.
(eat some chocolates while you're at it.)

selah said...

Sorry. =/
Just found out Em is in LA, not UTAH.

My baddd.

Terry said...


That was really sweet of you of putting all our names there! :D

Your shooting a movie and recording new songs?! Cant wait!

I hope I can go to the DC games this year! ;] <3

Becky said...

Happy Valentines Day (Single's Awareness Day), Mitchel!!!
You just made my day! I love reading post from you :D
So I have some bad news, I can't go see you in Portland!! I have to babysit that day! I know it's bad timing. I hope you come back soon so I can see you ;D
Congrats on the new project! I can't wait to see how it turns out, I'm sure you'll be GREAT! You always are.
I have fun in Utah!

Holly said...

Thats so nice Mitchel. I was wondering if on the 24th of Feb if you can say happy birthday to me in a blog? My name is Holly and I will be 15. I hope you had an amazing Valentines Day. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

.Aloha Mitch!!

xD aww u put all our names!! ur really sweet, ya know dat xD?! hope u have an awesome valentine day & spend it with someone special!! ( not as me, dat i haved to be with my tutor all day..dang it! i have to study more.. the only thing im good at is theater & chorus xD )

DC GAMES ARE GOING TO FLORIDA!??! Dats cool im going to florida too! xD !! it so awesome! i <3 those kind of games LoL! remember to have a good time & kick some butts at the same time LoL
soo ur are goin to have new songs!? dats really cool i cant wait till hear ur new song! i know is going to rock!! & im happy to hear about ur brother i haved hear some of his songs they are really cool i have them in my ipod! =D

...CONTINUE ---->

Kiza said...




mmmm well gotta go... gotta finish my science homework ( ..!! i swear that teacher hate me! he wont never leave me a day without homework ) Have fun in Utah for all of us !! =D and remember we'll always be cheering u on!

Buh Bye!


leanne [= said...

so it's not the best, but i can't do any better.

happy valentine's day.

~Leanne (leannaaa ;D)

~JB~ said...

Thanks 4 the shout out Mitchy

happy valentines day 2 u 2

i don't even know what 2 well i hope ur day was amazing....stay safe kid :]

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day Mitchel! Hope it's good! @--+-- <3

christineLovesMitchTate said...

omj ii ferget to mention the following in my other comments

metro stations getting HUGE! ii mean last year no one knew who they were, and a week ago, a couple girls come up to me going like "hey yooh know this band metro station? well mason mussos hot and hes mitchel's older bro. did yooh know that?" im like, dudee, NO REALLY? hahahaa

congradulate mason fer me. tell him his bands awesome (:

oh andd happy valentines day to yoor family too! ilyy all <3

new movie?
new songs?
very VERY swweeettttt (:

okiie this is one of my longer comments.

yoor amazingg
ilyyyy <3

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I would have commented earlier, but I had a history essay due tomorrow that I needed to look over. Thank you for making me one of your valentines! Happy Valentine's Day! *smile* My Valentine's Day surprise was supposed to be sent a few days ago and be there already, but it is still drying, so hopefully I can send it tomorrow or Saturday. I can't wait to hear your new songs! I'm so glad at the success you're songs are getting! *smile* Have fun at the DC games again this year! Do you know what team you're on? Oh, and the Phineas and Ferb thing is so cool! How did they incorporate Jeremy singing? I can't wait to hear more about your movie in Utah! That's so cool! *smile* I hope you and your family are having an amazing Valentine's Day! That is so cool that they are so supportive! Thanks again for the Valentine's Day shout out! Happy Valentine's Day! *smile*


Mira said...

happy valentines day mitchel!
iloveyou! (:




i feel pretty dang special!
just to know i was on your mind.

thankss thankyou thank-you!
sooo muchhhh.

YOUUUUU are most defently my valentine.

i cant wait to see you again!!

cant wait to hear the new song, also.
you are just rising to the top, arent ya?

welll iiimmmmm sooooo happy for you!

Jenny said...

MITCHEL TATE! that is a HOLY lot of names, gee, how long did it take to type all those? haha. but that was very sweet of you (: oh but gee, forget about me! I don't see MY name on there. or Meeghan. I see Maria on there twice .. my sister, Maria. oh, you sure love her, mention her TWICE! hahaha just kidding, there could be two Maria's. haha. does that Miley happen to be Miley Cyrus? haha.

You can't wait for me to hear you and Emily's song? I can't wait for me to hear it! haha. Yay, its probably ossum ;) I really think I'm going to love it too. haha. yay.

DISNEY CHANNEL GAMES...I wanna goooooooooo Mitchel, come get me and bring me there. haha. They look so fun, I would wanna play them too. haha. too bad I'm not a Disney Channel star. haha.

Yeah you said you weren't doing the movie Bleachers, I saw it on your IMDB, yeah weird. But I can't wait for your movie, the one with another Disney Star. .. that we'll love. .. haha. don't know what its even about or anything, but since you're in it, its most likely going to be ossum ;) haha.

Thats ossum Lean On Me is number 10, but it should be 1. (:

Yay brand new song!! (: for us! haha. can't wait Mitchel Tate! hahaha, I just had to rhyme. and two more to record.. .ossum (:

Gee you're recording a lot of songs haha. (: for Phineas & Ferb...haha yay! its waay cool. (: that show is funny.

Of course, talk about Mason. I love Metro Station! i am listening to them now. haha. I love Masons songs also, the ones he has on his own myspace. Maria has their CD, she got it for christmas and we were both like "YAY!" when she unwrapped it. haha. we are gonna see them in April... when they come to Minnesota.. hope we can anyway.. we don't have tickets yet haha. you should come with them hahaha. that'd be great.

Then I send some Valentine love to Marc too. haha. I am wishing someone special a Happy Valentines day... you! Happy Valentines day (: haha.

Hahaha "Thank you for all the Valentine notes on the Blog that I will get today"

Yeah I watched the video of you and Emily.. its funny. hahaha sweet life of Emily and Mitchel! haha! gee, were you hyper in that video? haha i think so.

I'm not fond of my internet right now. its going slower than ANYTHING in the world. who's the donut now? MY INTERNET! hahaha. ANYWAY.

Well, going to go now, I forgot what else I was going to say to you =\ haha. well see ya, have a lovely night. happy Valentines day ..again (:


Anonymous said...

Guess what Mitchel.
I'm going to Minnesota over Spring Break.
So....if you want you can stop by my house and then me and my family and you can all drive up to meet Meeghan at the Mall of America. Good plan, eh? can just sit at home and be jealous of us. We'll be at the Mall riding the rides at the indoor amusement park, seeing SHARKS at the underwater aquarium, and then going back to my hotel to chill at the waterpark.....all while you are doing red carpet premires, recording songs and all that other boring stuff you do...pssh...Lame-o....xD

Ps....Dani and Mallorie=SAME PEOPLE LMAO! You make my day!


AmandaQue said...


Jenny said...

Haha Maria just said "Haha remember Mitchel in Secondhand Lions?" haha.

Shannon loves Mitchel said...

I dont know if i was mentioned cuz it was chopped off, but my name is shannon and it said shannan so idk if that was me but if it was THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

DefineHanax3 said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
I love your voice =)
I love Metro Station!!<3
I'm listening to them right now haha
I bought their cd
I love their songs; Goodnight & Goodbye, Dear Hannah, and Kelsey
They're probably going to stun Europe ;]
Like you pretty much stunned everyone with "Lean On Me"

n1nab3ar said...

By the way,
Don't get me wrong, this V-day gift is off the heezy
But deep down I'm still longing for that shirtless muscle flex.


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day!! I'm so excited for you with all the music stuff!

I absolutely LOVE Metro Station..ever since I heard one of their songs in a Degrassi advert. They really are amazing.

I can't wait for all the upcoming projects you have! I'm getting excited! <3


Lauren said...

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! i just left you a big long comment but i accidently deleted it. That makes me sad :(. Anyways I will try to remember what i said earlier.

It was really sweet of you to make your valentines list! It probably took a long time, but it really shows you care about us! It seems like you have been busy with your singing and Phineas and Ferb stuff. Jeremy gets to sing!! thats cool. I've been listening to "Lean On Me" since I got the cd. I have also been requesting it on radio disney. Finally TOP 10!! We will eventually get it in the top 3 though. Don't you worry! I don't think i have ever had a song stuck in my head as many times as "Lean on me" has been. It's a great song to just think about though. When I'm listening to it it really feels like you are right there for me when i need you! Anyways... have fun with your exciting but very hectic life!!!

~Lauren~ :)

PS. I hope you had a super duper, amazing, fantastical <3 Valentines Day <3! Mine was great just from seeing how much you care about us to make you valentines list!!

Sorry if you got my comment like 5 times. My computer was not coorperating!

Jenny said...

no ones probably commenting you. but me (: or maybe they are.. i wouldn't know . haha.


Ps, interesting comment huh? haha

Katarina said...

Hey buddy ol pal!

Im going to say the same thing everyone eles has!
U wrote my Name!

KATARINA! and its near the top!

I feel so loved!

I live in Florida and am tryin to find out when I need to get tickets for the DC Games. If you could write back and tell me that would be awesome but I understand that might not happen.

I cant wait to hear all your new music. Its be off the chain!

Tell everyone @ Disney I said hello!


Cassie (sn is Cassieluvs2talk) said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww I cant believe you spent that long typing just for us! That's soooo sweet! And thanks to you, i finally got my courage up and asked a guy out... He said sure! Thanx a Million Mitchel!

With <333

Taylor said...

i left a crazy comment b4.
all caps much???
sorry if i was lyk rele hyper.
u totally made my day tho! :)
and i cant wait til u cum back.
3rd tyme we meet :)


your are such a sweet heart!! all those name wow your crazyyyy i saw mine :]

well i hope you have a good time with everything your doing and OMGGGG the dc games neeed to be moved to march 16th ahahah ill be in orlando then for my friends sweet 16 :]

Haleigh said...

Oh my gosh!
Happy valentine's day to you too!

And to marc!

That was one of the best valentine cards i've gotten this whole year!
Thank you so much!
We love you in denver!
Come back!!

Much, much, much love;
Haleigh Jayy

Anonymous said...

hey i found elle!!!! yeah....does that count for all of the elles out there? i hope!!! i am happy now!!!!! yay! I <3 u!


ashleigh said...

happy valentines day mitchel!
1 day late but it still counts

luv u

Emily said...

thanks for taking the time to say happy valentines day to EVERYBODY! haha it made me feels special ;) so i was watching phineas and ferb yesterday and noticed the billy ray reference. haha that was cool. anyway i hope you and your family is doing great. i keep trying to get tickets for metro station on saturday so lets hope it works out!
happy valentines day a day late!


MitchelLover64 said...


Anonymous said...

oh my god Mitchel you're wrote all our names! You wrote mine too!^^ and i wish Happy Valentines day too! =)
kisses from Italy


Jenny said...

Did you just add Meeghan in there? Haha.

still no me.

TyCherryT said...

When I first looked up Metro Station recently, as a proud male Hannah Montana fan I saw the name Trace Cyrus and immediately went "Yo!" Then I saw the name Mason Musso next to it and I was like "No way."

The music owns.

Anonymous said...

FEBRUARY BREAK!!!!!!!!! I'm done with school for the next week! Hooray!!! Unfortunately, the surprise is still drying. *sigh* I was done with it on Sunday night, and here it is, Friday, still not dry. *sigh* So, how was your Valentine's Day? Mine was okay. Our school did this thing where you could buy a singing Valentines for other people as long as you knew which of three lunches they had on that day. An a cappella group came around singing to the people who received one. A few of my friends got a singing Valentine, and it was so funny when a teacher got one! I think it was a prank, but they inserted her name in the song "My Girl." lol! Report cards came out, and I am very happy to say the least. *smile* I'm also happy because we have our first robotics competition of the season on Saturday! I can't wait for the scrimage! *smile* Well, I'm going to listen to music for a while, so I'll talk to you later! *smile*


Beth said...

Well happy V-Day. Glad your is going good. So this is a day late well oh well. I love Metro Station I just got ll of my friends hooked on them. Man your hitting everything now. Just don't do something stupid and mess it up we would be very unhappy if you did something bad. Well Have fun doing what you do.

Like Always

nikki said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Mitchel that is so sweet...I aslo see my name Nikki haha. After i saw my name I screamed cuz i was so happy!

Tess Mus....(dang not yet) said...


LOVE: Tess

Jenny said...

Aw Mitchel, you added me now (:

Thank you! (:

Tess Mus....(dang not yet) said...

Its me again!! New movie??? COOL!!! DC games in Florida?? COOL!!! Where in Florida???? Orlando???? HMMMM I need to see you!! so post it post it post it!! When does your album come out??? I need it on my iPod sooooooooooo badly!!! who is in the movie with you your starting to flim it soo huh???? I wonder if you can email me that would be so awesome!!!! I could give you my email in another comment... if i leave my email would email me once????HMMMMMMMMMMM
I'll try its worth a shoot. I cant believe you posted my name yat that just mede my day. I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Mitchel. I will leave you my email next message. Try to email me back i understand if dont try too! HAPPY BELATED VALINTINES DAY!!! I LOVE YOU


Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG MITCHEL I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U WROTE MY NAME OMG I SAW IT THATS SOOOOO CUTE OMG OMG OMG IM SOOO EXCITED I LOVE UUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u had a great valentines day!!!!!!!!! ooo yea i love metro station im glad they r doing good and marc too much luv to them!!!!!! omg im stilll very very very very very very very excited bout seeing my names omgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gennine said...

Hey Mitchel! Happy Friday!!! I hope your day rocked your sox!!! I told my friends about the shoutout, they flipped!!! Again, Thank you! It was a really sweet thing to do!!!
I hope you're having fun in Utah!!!!
Post soon!
love ya!
~Gennine, 14, NJ

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Thats so sweet of you and I saw my own name and I'm wondering if your talking about me. My name is Laura. I love you! Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!

So I haven't comented in the longest time! I've just been really busy with school n stuff. I have been really stressed out with school latly. Anyway it's a day late but..... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!<33333333333 Hey, you know what's cool? I saw my name in your blog and i was like to my brother tyler, "TYLER MY NAME IS IN MITCHEL MUSSO'S BLOG!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" Like i acually screamed!

Anyway g2g!

- Chelsea AKA Chillie

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel.
We loved your shout-outs to all your Valentines, including us. We are going to buy the Metro Station CD as soon as we can. We LOVE you.
Happy late Valentine's Day.
Meg and Katie

Anonymous said...

OMG! I must've made you feel so bad by saying that I wasn't there when really I WAS!!! OMG! My name is in there! I'm so sorry I didn't see it earlier!!! And, I think I'm the only Lynn on here! Aw, I feel so special. By doing this, it really shows just how very much you care about your fans. Thanks so much for that. Because we all love and care about you too:) You seem to be doing just amazing. Loving ur music video :] Great! I love you too btw! You are so so so so very busy! Wow! I can't wait to see ur surprise movie?!?! What star? Ooh tell me :) Well, I got to go. But, I'll post later. Have a fantastic weekend:) Bundles of love go out to you - Lynn from Chicago:)

Makayla (Girl with same birthday from AZ) said...

You have officialy just made my day!!!! When I saw my name on there, I just started freakin' out! You totally rock!!!

Much <3,
(Girl from Phoenix with same b-day)

Elizabeth said...


oh dang! Look at all the love on your page! Thats gotta be able 100 girls, right?? Crazy stuff!! And thank you Mitchel. I'll let you be my (late) valentine too. :]]

I want to hear your new music so badly! I cant wait till DisneyMania 6 AND your own album. AND your doing a movie AND your doing concerts AND your doing Phineas and Ferb AND your going to be doing The Hannah Montana Movie AND your doing the DC Games AND you're working on being everyones valentine! Is there anything you're NOT doing?!?

I'd keep on going, but I have an english essay to write.

Love ya bunches, Mitchel!

<3 Liz

Esther C. said...

thanks so much mitchel! you are so sweet!my friends are going to go see metro station today! i wish i could go, but i didnt know about it until like the beginning of this week. darn.

i love it when you make long posts. haha. i cant wait until disneymania 6. i own all the other ones, but this one will be special because its your first one. haha.

i want to get your lean on me song but its not available on itunes and i have most of the other songs on that cd from other cds and itunes. get it put on itunes! hahaha.

please come back to california! haha. how come hannah montana hasnt been filming for so long? there hasnt been a new episode for a while either. when do you start up again?

okay. bye mitchel!

Lauren said...

Hey Mitchel!!! i hope u had a great valentines day i know i did!!!


Anonymous said...


I keep regrettable, first because I am French and I do not speak English very well =)
Do you wish you a happy valentines day !!!
And I thank you for all that you brought me ...

Big kisses


Anonymous said...

WOO! yay thanks! omgosh, when it said Panic at the Disco, i flipped out becuase I'm listening to them RIGHT NOW! lol. I SAW THE METRO STATION CD IN HOLLISTER AND LIKE SPAZZED! it was so cool! Everyone stared at me, but oh, well. Congrats on EVERYTHING! Good luck with the new movie! Can't wait for it! And the song with Emily and the song for Jeremy! You're awesome!

~TrUmPeT bOi~ said...

Hey hey mitchel! I really do hope that you will type out my name in your next post! Cause, i really am a HUGE fan of yours! My name is Sidik Aziz from Singapore! WooHoo! i LOVE all your songs dude! You ROCK!! I'll be waiting for your nxt post! =D

Anonymous said...

im going to the dc games too!(:
you should post your schedual on
heree. how awesome would it be to
meet you at one of the parks or

Molly said...

Looks like you made a lot of peoples day! My valentines day was okay, besides the fact the one of my best guy friends was in a wreck and i found out 2nd hour, then it pretty much was down from there. But my friends and i made LOLIVER tshirts and they were pretty awesome, I would send you a picture if i knew, i'll get on that. Pretty cool seeing my name up there. Keep up the work, your going for good things, don't let people put you down, they are just jealous:).
Molly E.
p.s. Metro Station, pretty much rocks my world, most played band on my itunes and ipod.

Lexi said...

mitchel you are sooo awesome, i know i am a day late but happy valentines day.
i have been snowboarding fir th last 24 hours its been awesome. I hope you get a chance to Board while your in utah

lots of love,

KT J. said...

Well here's my favorite valentine!
(musso) hehe i kinda sneaked it in ;)
love you, hope your valentines day rocked!

KT J. said...

oh yeah! and thanks bunches for putting my name in there! thats why we go bonkers over you, love =)

nikki said...

AWWWW that was so cute of you! omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg i found my name Nikki...i ran and screamed. You made my day Perfect!


ps.whens your CD coming out!?!?!?!?!

Andrew said...

Wow, you sure do have lots of Valentines's =P. Anyways dude, you're an amazing actor and my favourite Hannah Montana actor, I hope the best for you. Uhmm, am I the only boy commenting here? o.o LOL!

Jackieee! =] said...

Ahh Mitch I feel so loved! Hahah. Happy Valentines Day!.. even though it was 2 days ago! ;] <3

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome! Taking your time and typing all our names! Here's something I just thought of.

Oh Mitchel your so fine your so fine you blow my mind hey Mitchel hey hey hey Mitchel!

You are sooo cool!

And happy valentines day!


Haleigh Jayy said...

Listening to the top 30 count down!
And your on the radio right now!
How amazing is it?
I know.
I'm like, freaking out right now.
Just kidding.
Got you there for a second.
Cuz I have mad ninja skills.
When its number 1, WHICH IT WILL BE, I will scream so loud I will wake anyone napping within a ten mile distance.
kay, next week, number one?
oh yes.
So good job on everything you do and such.
Love you!

Haleigh Jayy

Tess said...

Mitchel I have a blog now check it out

Love: Tess

Baylee said...

you have no idea how much that made my valentines day!!!! first off,my phone be jacked and so all through the day i couldnt text anyone[which i know breaks your heart.]and i found out i had a c in my physical science class so i was really down in the dumps. but then i came home got on the computer..and u wished me a happy v-day =] haha ily mitchel! and now im back up to a b because i cant go see metro station in april if i dont have all a's so now im working extra hard! but thanks mitchel, you have no idea how much that small gesture meant to all of us!

Erin said...

OMG u said my name in a blog hope u had a fantastic super extra spectacular great exciting adventoureses amazing extremely fun valentines day <3<3<3<3<3LOVE erin

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