Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Well......that wasn't exactly the way I planned it

You know how you plan a BIG SURPRISE and then someone let's the cat out of the's happened. Your BIG VALENTINES DAY SURPRISE has already been told by a video that slipped out and was placed on this morning. My BIG SURPRISE was that Me and Em's were recording a song TOGETHER. I know that there are a lot of LOLIVER Fans and I just thought you guys would love it......but someone has already spilled the bummer....but was something that I thought I could say Happy Valentines Day with and now guess what? I gotta think of something else.....hopefully I will.

Are you going to be in Denver this weekend at the All About Kids Expo? I can't wait! Somebody bring a camera and get the new song on YOUTUBE! My grandma back in Texas wants to see it!

Snowbuddies came out yesterday.....enjoy!

I have my date today with Kelly...we're going bowling...should be cool!

I am editing this message to add: I can not do the Bleachers movie because it is not Disney Friendly. I am not sure who put that up on IMDB but it wasn't me.

Talk with you guys soon!



Anonymous said...

Wow! That stinks that someone spilled the beans. But I watched the video and you guys were hilarious!!! LOL! I LOVE you Mitchel!!!! Happy Early Valentines Day <3<3

xoLauraJane said...

Aww I'm sure you'll think of something just as awesome to surprise us with on Valentine's Day. Sorry that the original plan didn't work out. You're still awesome! Have fun with Kelly today! I don't know her personally but she seems cool! Love you!

XO Laura Jane <3

leanne [= said...

ahhh i saw that video! aw, bummer. i'm lookin forward to the song though. [= your imdb announced bleachers too. it looks prettty good! [=

hahha kelly said she's going bowling with you and then she's interviewing you and stuff.

i plan on getting snow buddies. xD a: because your video is on it and b: because those puppies are adorably cute. [=

~Leanne [=

Krystle Kayla said...

it got ruined!!
man that stinks!

but thats amazing you guys have a song together.
im so excited =)

have fun in denver,
wish i could be their =[

Krystle Kayla said...

and for your new valentine's should do like a live chat to talk to everyone.
it'd be soooooo coool!


Daniela said...

ohh a song it's pretty cool :)
have fun in your date :D I wish I could be there.. but I will keep wishing...
Daniela (from Israel)

Megan x said...

Awww Man,
That's a shame that you didn't get to tell us the news.
But when I saw the video, I didn't even think that could be the surprise lol.
You were hillarious on that video, you put a big smile on my face =]

I Hope you have an amazing date with Kelly,
And I can't wait to hear the song you and Emily recorded. =]


Megan xxx

brooke said...

awww mitchie, im sorry someone let that video out :/.
i saw it yesterday and was like
"hmm, i wonder if thats the surprise?"
well, its okay, it was an awesome one :D.
and i hope you and kelly have an awesome time bowling! i lovelovelove bowling.


Jenny said...

Yay should be awesome!
I love you and Emily so it should be
an awesome song then. haha.
Too bad someone spilled the beans,
but at least you're not making all
those kids go crazy waiting. haha jk.

Yeah I know Snowbuddies came out
Tuesday, I should get it. haha.

Have fun with Kelly and bowling. I
love bowling, its fun. (:

So, what about that place you are
going, far from LA? haha. you are
going to announce it soon? you said

Haha you gotta think of something
else.. .for Valentines said

anyway bye. haha

Andi said...

hey mitchel!
srry i havent comment you lately
whats goin on?
hows ur life been
your goin on a date awsome
happy v-day
(when it comes around)
whens another HM comin on?
i just heard your new song
"lean on"
its my new favorite!
i lov it!
its awsome!

well im at home cause
its awsome!
but im really bored



Breann said...

Awwwe its okay it was still a great surprise!!!! i saw the video it was sooo funny i saved it on my Iphone and im sure u can think of something else. It was actually kinda crazy cuz i act exactly the same way when i'm excited except the singing part i refuse to sing in front of people.

okay i would love to say more but i am soooo dizzy cuz im sick again and looking at the screen is killing me.



Katie R. said...

Awww... Mitchel, I feel so bad right now, I was the one who found it and posted it on IMDb. I didn't do it on MMO. But I still feel really bad. I am SO SO Sorry. I didn't know, it just looked so funny and I wanted to show the rest of the people on IMDb. I hope you'll forgive me. I am sure you will find something else....


selah said...


whoa, i didn't even know about that word.
well, i am a Lilly and Oliver fan, so a song with you and Emily just made my day tons better, since it wasn't as good as i had hoped.
thank you, mitchel. :]
just sucks that somebody ruined the surprise.
but you're smart and quick on your feet.
i know you can think of something.
i have faith in you. :]

i wish i could go to denver, just so i could post a video for your grandma. :]

hope you and kelly have funnn!

love :]selah.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Sorry about that video getting leaked :-(



Heyy Mitchel,
OMG! yay! ur doing a song with emily! haha. Im happy. Aww, if i was going 2 denver i would record it for your g-ma! Awww i <33 Old People (no offense lol) THERE SOOO CUTE! lol! well, thats all i gotta say i hope u && Kelly have a great time!


Beckie said...

i luv the vid of u though cuz ur so hott in it!!

Anonymous said...

wow...I think the song will be great! =)


ayoo maryann! said...

awh im sorry mitchel :(
psssht people these days!
how dare they ruin your surprise.

but there is a good thing.
you looked pretty fly doing those stomp the yard moves lol.
"thats me playa!"
oh and i have the same boys like girls hoodie as you!

yay Kelly!

awh man no Bleachers :(
i was looking forward to that, oh well!

good luck with thinking of something new :)
I'm sure you will!

selah said...

here's a thought for the V-day thing, you could do a picture of you flexing your guns.
i wouldn't object... :]

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

OH MY GOSH! that is so bad.i was waiting for that Vanentines day sure you will think of something else.but i think its realy great that ur doing a song with emily and i hope the date goes well tonight!


Anonymous said...

Heyy Mitchel

i watched that video earlier and u and emily were so so funny, u both made me smile.

im a huge loliver fan, so thats awesome that you two are having a duet together, i cant WAIT to hear it. :).

that sucks that the surprise was ruined. :(


Cassie =] said...

Awwww! i didn't know but that still sucks that someone spilled the beans. oh well. it was still a surprise for me. lol can't wait for it.

Sara said...

The surprise wasn't as big as I hoped :(. BUT I am excited about that! I'm a Loliver fan for sure. and that was a hilarious video lol.


Love ya


Anonymous said...

that is an amazing supriseeee! i was afraid you and miley were together =[ I LOVE YOU MITCHEL!!!!

Anonymous said...


Lexi said...

3 days later and I'll be in Denver too. :(....
I hope to get to meet you someday. which we probably happen if I keep aksin my mom. Keep coming to the Midwest and we'll get to meet.
and tell your bro congrats cause I went to a metro station concert about six months aga and I was the only one who was singing along with the songs, and I saw them again on sunday, and there were about 100 people singing the songs.


That sucks that youre plan didn't work... But the video is amazing!!! I fell on the ground laughing cuz its so hilarious!! You and Emily are actually really cute together.... I love Lilly and Oliver together too. lol. But I cannot wait to hear the song!!

Speaking of songs...I bought Snow Buddies yesterday. =] I watched the video so many times. Then I got in trouble. lol.

And have fun with Kelly tonight! Shes so lucky to get to hang out with you! I love bowling! Its so fun. lol.

And that place youre going far from LA.... Its Chicago isnt it? Or Wisconsins even better... CHEESE jerky!!! lol. idk who said that first but I thought it was funny.

You're awesome, keep up the great work, I love you!!!!!

Julie :] said...

umm so whoever spilled it, im kinda mad at x]

that stinks tho =/
hopefully u will think of something else!! :D

love u!


lizzieeeee said...

Have fun with Kelly!

aww, i was excited about Bleachers. It seemed funny.
and i can't wait to hear your song wiff Emily :)


Sasha said...

I didn't even know the BIG SURPRISE until now. I'm planning on getting Snow Buddies. They have such v=cute doggies!!!!

See ya

Erin91 said...

first off, i am a huuuge loliver fan and that video was soo cute!!
i really can't wait for your guys' song. like im so pumped now it's ridiculous.
and you don't even need to give us another vday present cuz this one was amazing!

Brit said...

heey! the video was so funnny!
goshh you are so hottt!
anyways im excited to hear the new songggg :) well gotta go! byee<3 <3

Anonymous said...

Sorry the plan didn't work out, but it was a great surprise anyhow! I saw that video; it was HILARIOUS! It's cool to see you behind-the-scenes and in a setting that is like home to us...haha.
Bowling's so much fun! My high-score is 164, but I haven't been in a while...I should work on that..


Shannon loves Mitchel said...

I saw that video yesterday while i was looking on youtube for rescent added mitchel musso videos like i do everyday and i saw it!
I hope you come up with another great surprise!

<3 Shannon

Anonymous said...

Mitchel! That video was hilarious!
You are so funny! That was a great Valentines Day present even you know someone let the cat out of the bag. I loved it! I hope you think of another something to share with us! That would be awesome!
Those little puppies in Snow Buddies are so cute! <3.
Happy Early Valentines Day Mitchel!

musiclvr95 said...

Aww, that sucks that your Valentine's Day surprise was ruined. Even though I'm a huge Moliver fan, I still think it's pretty cool that you made a duet with Emily.

Taylor said...

mitchiee, hu spilled tha beans??
oh well.
iloveit anyways!! :)
thats soo cool u guys are doing a duet!
im soo happy 4 u!!
that vid was histarical btw!!

ur crazy,,
but i love u 4 that!!

ur tha best valentines day present anyways.
just that ur alive. :)
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Mitchel =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[
Loliver isn't the only ship. Moliver is a ship too, which you depressed =[ =[, and the M&M ship (thats yours and miley's ship name)
Yeah, if you couldn't tell i'm a huge Moliver fan, and a huge M&M fan. (M&M is yours and Miley's ship name since you guys have so much chemistry together) You and Miley should do something together to make us Moliver fans happy. Other then that, i think its cool you and em are doing a duet together. Even if you did upset us Moliver/M&M fans.

Mariam. [: said...

i am sorry about the surprise.
but its okay...

that is so cute how your grandma wants to see it, awwwwhhhhhh!
we wanna see it too.
maybe you will just have to sing it for us live here in california, yeah?

im excited for kelly. !!!

post a blog soooon! :D

i love you.

Lauren said...

wow i really didnt think that was the big surprise, but thats AWESOME. i cant wait to hear it.

have fun with kelly, i know shell have fun, shes been freaking out

no not really, but she seems really excited.

<3 Lauren

i like the idea of the LIVE CHAT thing.

i say you do it :D

MeganP2010 said...

haha I was watching that video and I SOOOOOOOOO knew it wasn't meant to be seen.... it wasn't scripted or anything, and you were just like bieng yourself- haha I loved it. Even though I thought it was the best thing ever (and you are hilarious and MORE THAN EVER BEFORE my favorite person)... I just knew it wasn't meant for us to see!!

but i'm glad I saw it cuz NOW I KNOW THE SURPRISE and now I know that you really are the hilarious dude I thought you were lol

love, Megan.

ps- dude i went driving today, I'M SO GOOD!!!!

And will you be in LA next sunday? BECAUSE I WILL!!! maybe I'll see you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, that sounds really cool! But don't forget about us Moliver fans though! We need some love too! =)

Sorry about the vid getting leaked, that stinks... Don't you hate when you have a great surprise and it gets spoiled too soon?

Anyway, i'm sure the song will be fantastic! You, Miley, and Emily should all sing a song together! That would be awesome!!


MeganP2010 said...

oh yeah, and also I agree with the following Vday surprise suggestions:

1- The shirt-off guns-out flexing pic. Totally not against it, thats fo shooo....!

2- The live-chat idea. I thought of that a long time ago and i'm like askjfasl that would be so cool if mitchel did a live chat! The jonas brothers did one once... I don't know how they did it but they set up some video on their mac so that their fans could see what they were doing, and type in this little chat box to ask them questions, and they could talk to the fans through the video... if you could figure out some time in your schedule and some way to figure out, wel... IT WOULD BE AWESOMEEEEE

except i'd like it better if just you and me were chatting, but... WATEVZZZZZ

--Megan. again....

Anonymous said...

Oh wow thats so cool Mitch! I can't wait to hear it!!!Sorry that someone let it out but oh well it's still cool.I wonder what you will think of next......... thinking......
anyways you guys are so funny lol loved the vid.

This has been another weird comment by......


Tiffany said...

oh wow,i'll have to fiund it on youtube or something. sounds awesome and for valentines, I personally don't need nething from u. Mitchel u r so nice to shoutout to ur fans and do m&g w/them. ur awesome!!

Samantha said...

Aww, well I didn't see the video! I didn't know...But that is so awesome! ahaha. I wouldn't say I'm a LOLIVER fan, but i'm a Mitchel fan and an Emily fan. ahaha. =]

Hope your date is/was super fun!!!! And I'm sure you'll come up with something great.

You, as Jeremy, on Phineas and Ferb, gosh I love that show! Its so hilarious and just plain adorable!!!! I loved the song they sang on the premiere night. hahaha. You and the rest of the cast, crew, production people, ext did a great job on making an entertaining show. And of course big ups to the writers.

I was watching Monster House earlier and thinking how you've grown...Time Flys!!!

Have an incredible day Mitchel!!!


Anonymous said...

hey mithchel! Im excited about your new duet with emily but I am a HUGE MOLIVER FAN!! so maybe one day you and Miley could do a duet so us moliver fans can have something to cheer about> love the video though! GO MOLIVER

Alana said...

so someone spilled the beans...
can't wait to hear the song!
have fun on your date!

Anonymous said...

Aw sorry about the leaked vid. You've got some Moliver fans too. Did you know that? Really broke our hearts. :( Just kidding.

You, Miley, and Emily should sing together sometime. Cool video. :D

Sarah said...

That's okay, it was still a really good suprise. And yeah, I'm a huge Loliver fan, and when I saw this, my mouth literally fell open. lol. Anyway, I can't wait to hear it!

Fer said...

weelll...I'm a MOLIVER fan but Emily's cool I love her! and the video is great=D glad you had a blast=D

too bad someone spilled the beans=(

love youuu<3


Anonymous said...

MOLIVER fans exist too... we're feelin pretty much ignored right now, thanks to the show... and apparently NO ONE knows we exist either... not the magazines, not you, not even the writers...

Ah well... Life's a biznatch like that...

Anyways, can't wait for the duet. That'll be sweet - I heard we'll hear it in May? That's too far away.

Glad to hear we may be getting another valentine's day surprise. WHEEEE. It better be good (shirt. off. now. xD)

And it better not be partial to Loliver again, 'cuz I am soooo sick and saddened by its popularity right now it's not even funny (um, I won't lie, I almost upchucked all over my keyboard when I saw the word on your post... honesty's the best policy, riiiiight? Heehee).

Melissa =] said...

Aww that sTtinks

But it was a Really Good Surprise!!!! =]

oliver and lilly/Emily and Mitchel, <<<<<-----
Wow Thats a surprise 0_o :p

Well peace out mitchel ;)


Anonymous said...

That totally sucks that someone spilled the beans for you. Ruins the fun of a surprise. But the song sounds great and you sound fantastic with Emily.

Actually, I'm not a Loliver fan, like at all, but I'm a huge Moliver fan. Seriously, you and Miley should TOTALLY do a duet together! In fact, I was hoping you were going to do one with her soon, for the show or something. You guys are so adorable together :).

Keep up with the fab work. I love hearing about you on Disney Channel and online too!

XOXO ~Kylie

shelby said...

omg that will be so cool

Anonymous said...

It's a shame someone ruined the surprise. =[

And Loliver isn't the only ship, Moliver's pretty popular too. =)

Anonymous said...

don't listen to people who are mad that you're "ignoring" their ship.
you went on the miley bus tour concert thing, now you have a duet with emily. why does everything have to be a competition? it's even, get over it everyone!

love u, mitchel!

Anonymous said...

*facepalms self*

Oh... lovey. Did you not see this coming when you said 'loliver'? I feel bad for ya, really. Spammed with 'go Moliver' comments. But, remember... partiality ain't a good thing when it comes to your crezeh fans. Now said Moliver fans are prolly getting made fun of on the loliver forum. Po' thangs.

But, I am guilty now... I agree with the moliver fans...

Can't wait to see what you've come up with as a 'replacement' valentine's day surprise, by the way. =]

julia said...

I'm sorry the video got leaked, but I'm sure you'll find something else for Valentine's Day :)

You and Emily are both awesome and I love both of you, and although I'm not a Loliver fan (I don't hate it, just not my favorite), I'm sure you made a lot of them happy :) Just don't forget there's a lot of us MOLIVER fans out there too! ;)


Anonymous said...

Aw, that was such a cute video! Emily is adorable, I love her! Oh, and I was taken back that you knew about loliver. The whole Moliver/Loliver thing is getting old it's just a kids TV show..let it go. What the writers want, will happen.

Natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

I watched that video. It's hilarious! Emily and you are awesome! The surprise was great, I can't wait till I listen the song.
I'm sure you'll find another great surprise, you always find a way to make us smile.

Have a great day!

Love Ya!


shireen lovess mitchhhh! said...

well the video was veryy funny,
and i cant wait to hear the song!
have fun in denver
+ on your date todayyy

i love you,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mithcel! I am happy to here about your duet. Remember Moliver is a ship too and its pretty much
50/50 when it come to Moliver/Loliver. Maybe all 3 of you could do a song or maybe you could give us MOLIVERS something to cheer about! anyway Congrats! love ya!

Molly said...

So I just screamed SOO loud for having 3 hours of sleep last nite! and loosing my voice from cheerleading! I am a hugee Loliver fan( no joke, you two are the backround of my laptop!)! My friends and I actually making shirts for valentines day that relate to you two! It's the quote about lilly holding olivers hand because of the crayons. Soo im pretty sure i need to go text everyone!

Mollyyyy =] you just made my day, and today was not very good.

Anonymous said...

oh!...i thought mayb cause it sounded kinda big to me and stuff so yeah!!!! is my b-day!!....a ton of ppl said happy b-day to me today!...i wanna go 2 denver 2 c!....just to think u will b this close to me...12 hours! :P....please please please come to nebraska!....bleachers...what the heck is bleachers?....oh well...oh and u were so funny in that video!!!

~*luv2laugh*~ :D

Emily said...

eeekkkk Loliver =)

Lollipop ships love <3
Awesome duet man =)

yes, you are so right, many loliver fans, we have your own site didicated to yous made by da wonderlyful era-meister =)

I am very spazztic right now, as you can see, lollipops around. You get a green one that turns blue, with gum in the middle =)

Also a huge Emmers fan, emizzle is off da shizzle. Duets togetha =D

Surprises surprises. cant wait :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel.

Sorry someone leaked your secret. I saw the video, if its the same one as on youtube. And you and emily were funny.

I can't wait to see what you decide to do instead. Perhaps something non-loliver ;)

As much as I love both you and Emily, I'm just not a fan of the loliver coupling on the show. So, its kinda sad for me to read that you're supporting loliver since that means it'll probably happen on the show. :( I'm more of a lackson fan myself. Let me rephrase that- I'm probably the biggest lackson fan you'll ever find.

Aww. Your grandma wants to see. haha, I'd get it there if I could.

You're so lucky! It hasn't snowed all winter here! And it usually does, so I'm pretty upset that my snow isn't coming.

Have fun with Kelly.

What was Bleachers?

Happy early Valentines' Day! (And wish emily a happy belated birthday).

♥, Alyssa

Kitkat said...

My B-day's actually on valentines day! I so can't wait for it!
Well I'm not really a Loliver fan. I'm honestly a Moliver lover. My friend who can't stand Loliver (she hearts Lackson too much to even joke about Loliver) screamed and almost cried when she read that, cuz she thinks that you support the idea of Loliver. Do you?
Well good luck with Kelly! and happy early valentines day!

Michelle said...

How did your date go??

Jasmine said...

im sure you'll think of something else :]
btw i love the video
and i have the same jacket
i went to tourzilla in SF and got it
i wanted to go see metro station and we the kings, but it was on a weekday :[
again; loved the video
youre hilarious mitchel

iSelena said...

Haha! Abby is awesome! She joined!!!! Haha! Did you get the fanbook we sent you? I said your hair is cool because it is!! LOVE YOU MITCH!

SDgirl said...

sup mitch sup..hows it goin fine i hope seen all the interviews you had and just thought i say i know you love miley you not tellin i know it.wanna know how i know... im gypsy.. yes verey true story. you guys are so so so did i say so cute together.. one day you gonna get married... and im not a loliver fan.. what about those who are moliver fans hello!! dont forget about us. yeah yeah you just friends.. well did you ever hear of friends being lovers.. dude you guys make such a cute cuple. man just tell her how you fill. cuzz i know everything about you ... lol im gypsy i tell no lie..if you dont beleive that im gypsy.. then ill proove it... i know you.. are a boy. right right.. ok i know that you are 16 yes .. am i right . ok i know that you use to live in texas right .. ok i know that you are a famouse boy yess am i right.. and you make the music ..and you work for disney yes.. now i tell you this.. your in love with someone really deeply and is afread to mess up things.. yes.. see i told you all you need to know.. im gypsy..i tell you so yeah.. anyway.. your awesome doing great love your music i would love if you came out to san deigo that be cool.... and if you can please please have someone anyone please did i say please have someone post the song.. leavin i am in love with that song.even though havent heard it all i wanna hear the words.. but ya i think your next suprize should be..umm thinking.. still thinking.!!. your geting married to miley suprize.. that will shock everyone.. theres a million of us moliver fans out there so yeah dont forget about us.. yess mess with me... .lol ok so yeah.. thank you for reading please come again soon.i hope you enjoyed your time here.. lol im crazy.. oh yeah one more thing... check out on youtube the.... hannah montana chainsaw .. episode im makeing. its gonna be tight.. ok i bugged you enough.. latter gangsta..: )from the gypsy girl.. in SD. YEAH MESS WITH ME... IM OUT

Anonymous said...

Ahh, sorry for all of the Moliver Fans ganging up on you just because you said the word 'Loliver'

People were bashing Emily too because of you're interactions
Kinda sad =(

I hope people don't keep flooding you with anti Loliver or pro Moliver comments, because really, you didnt do anything wrong. I know you didn't mean to upset people, but i don't get why they're saying that you did, because, really, you did nothing but talk about the duet.

Well, i hope you're doing good =)

Anonymous said...

YEY!!! even if you didnt surprise us with it exactly on valentines day i still think it was the best valentines surprise ever!!! i cant wait for the song!!! i mean u and em's doing a song together!!! best valentines surprise EVER!!! :)!!
cant wait for it!

Anonymous said...

I saw the video on YouTube and it was so adorable! I am a huge LOLIVER-Lollie fan. lol

Anonymous said...

aww too bad the surprise is ruined! I was so excited though when I saw that you and Emily were going to do a song!! I ship LOLIVER big time.

Anonymous said...

is the website of all things loliver if you want to check it out...

that stinks that the surprise was ruined :( but i still love it! lols.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Sorry if it feels like us Moliver fans are ganging up on you but we are just trying to let you know that we are a BIG ship too. We love you and Emily just not as a couple on the show. We love you though and the video was funny. Cant wait to hear the song, now you just have to give us Molivers something to scream and go nuts about! Just Kidding (*no seriously Please* haha)Well love you and Ems! but remember "Mollie always licks the Lollie!"

Anonymous said...

This is a Moliver site if you wanna see it Mitchel.


HaleighJayy said...

Hey, I was at the Denver Children's Convention! You did such a great job! I tried to tape it for youtube, but my camera ran out of battery right before the show. :(
But I do have a bunch of pictures on my phone!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Haleigh

TyCherryT said...

Down with it, but why does it matter if bleachers isn't Disney friendly? Are they even affiliated at all lol? That comment confused me...

ravenclawreject said...

Ha. You know about us Loliver fans? (Yes, I'm totally in love with Loliver.)

I love you and Emily's video. It rocks.
I don't think anyone's posted a comment in a while...whatever. Goodbye then.