Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily - one day late

Sorry guys, I couldn't post your comment because you left your phone number on it. I can't post anything with personal information. I hope your birthday was fantastic...and anybody celebrating a birthday today or even this week....Have the Best one EVER! Emily and her buddies bought me an incredible jacket and I didn't get to thank them in person, and I feel really bad about that, If I remember correctly, they had to drop it off with my BIRTHDAY! and thanks for the awesome hoodie!

Also.....Abby....did I ever thank you on the blog for the hoodie you bought me with the CD's on it...very cool and I wear it all the time. You guys remember ABBY? She won a meet & great with Miley last year and I got to go too. We spent some time at Universal there in Hollywood. .there's a YOUTUBE out there Abby and I are good buddies....and thanks for the book. I got it and it's cool! You put a lot of work into it!

I'll be in Miami tonight. Come and see me if you can! Have an INCREDIBLE DAY!



halok1985 said...

hey mitchel!!! i hope you have such a fun time in miami tonight. my best friend amanda is going and i went to orlando on monday...i met you but i wish i could of met you longer. you are my all-time favorite star and i think you are so incredibly talented as an actor AND singer. one day, i wish to be a singer and actress as well. anyway, if you remember me, i was wearing a hot pink shirt with jeans and a sparkly tied belt. also i had on polka dotted shoes that were like 4 inches high so i was almost your height but you asked me "hows it goin" and you put your arm around me and i said "GOOD" and i almost fainted lol. but my hair was down and i had a pink choker, pink hoop earrings and a HOT PINK CAST on my left arm. if you remember me [or even if you dont] its still awesome that i met one of my heroes!!! thank you soo much!

Anonymous said...

C:\Documents and Settings\Emily\My Documents\My Pictures\OH MY MITCHEL.PNG

mitchel i was bored and this is what i did. let me know if you want to see any more pictures like this.

leanne [= said...

thats so cool that you got the hoodies. [=

i'd be there tonight if it was in new york. [=


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aw mitchel you're so sweet!!

Krystle Kayla said...


hoope your having fun in florida <3

francesemily said...

Awwwww, thank you!

Yeah, I'm sorry about that comment, I definetly didn't leave one with my number in it but, she was being an awesome friend =]

This definetly made my day.

But, we still have your present.

And it WASN'T a hoodie.

We hope you're back out here sometime soon so we can give you the gift.
I'm also working on something else to go along with it =]

Thank you for the birthday wishes, it means a lot<3


Chelsee said...

Ok, Mitchel, you're like the sweetest guy ever.

Yeah so happy birthday to everyone!

And have a fun time in Miami, Mitchel!!


Sam said...

have fun in Miami tonight, wish i was there! and just let everybody on the tour know that we all appreciate so much what they have done for us to make each concert such an unforgettable experience! love ya mitchel, talk to you soon :]

Terry said...

Hey Mitchel, what time is the meet and greet in Miami? Also, do we have to have Hannah Montana Concert Tickets to see you? I wasnt able to get some so I hope not!

See you later :]

Katie R. said...



Sasha said...

I would give out my number. one i would get in huge trouble and i don't know about number two.

i saw the Youtube video...Abby seems so sweet. You should try coming back to Indiana and for more specific area...West Lafaytte!

See ya

Julie :] said...

ur such a sweetie Mitchel :]

Nyra said...


Nat said...

Hey Mitchel! So yea, I definitely with I could come to Miami tonight and see you... but I'm stuck her in Iowa where it's really cold and snowy... lol
You're so great to your fans! Plz get a facebook..?? :) lyl

christineLovesMitchTate said...


dude are yooh gonna go to any jonas concerts? if yes which ones?
im really curious cuz im going to 2 of dem and wanted to know if yooh were gonna be there.

and ily <3

Melanie said...

ahhh you are so amazing =]

Anonymous said...

This is way off topic...

But spill.

Who is your 'special duet with'? Is THAT the valentine's day surprise (still don't mind the shirtless flexing)?!? Even if it's not... STILL SPILL. Got the dish from the POPSTAR! blog. Who is it? And when will it be out...I'm pretty psyched for this, and your two new songs... unless this is included under the category of those two new songs. Either way, I'm stoked.

Oh, and is tonight the last night for Miley's tour? Just wonderin'.

Oh, and do tell of this duet. Please. (urk, sorry for the barrage of questions)

britt said...

heyy mitchel your so fine your so fine, you blow my mind hey mitchel, hey hey hey MITCHEL!

heheh :)

have a great time in miami tonight!

xoxo BRITT xoxo

Anonymous said...

Have an awesome time in Miami! I wish I were there to see you. Thats why you need to come to Chicago!!!!

And Happy Birthday to everyone who is having a birthday! =]


liz said...

seriously !@#$@!??

and im still hoping that massachussetts is far enough away from la, and you know you liked the most boring place in the world when you came, right?

you didnt even come during red sox season, so nothing was exciting.
please come back, please

Samantha is Mitchel #1 FAN! said...

have fun at the concert tonight!
i dont like Abby!

Luv Ya,

steeter45 said...

hi mitchel i wish i could have met u umm i was in orlando onn tuesday but i didnt get to meet u and it upset me so bad but anyway do you think u could email me at florida-chick-2007@hotmail plz pl z plz i am ur biggestestestest fan in the world i love u mitchel


Cassie =] said...

hey mitchel
that's cute that you do that (the whole happy birthday)
i got the radio disney cd thing, with you on it. i have played your song like a million times. i wish i could meet you, but your never near me. well once, but i was in the hospital. just thought i would post a random comment :)
cause that's just the way i roll (couldn't resist lol)

ayoo maryann! said...

hah your so nice :)

I would love to come see you in miami,

You+New Jersey= needs to happen this year. :)

eeek packing for moving stinkkksss.
and i don't get why were even moving cause our new house is 2 miles down our road.


MeganP2010 said...

Ohhhhh i wasnt mentioned in this blogggg. That's cool. I guess. Do I needto buy you something to be worthy? I'm hurttt. It stings mitchel, stingssssss.....

Nahhhh psycheeee JUST KIDDING!!! heehaaa never EVER take me seriously....! Thats so great that you have so many adoring fans, mitchel!

Love youuu byeeee


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel. I'm glad your having such a great day! Yes I remember Abby.It was a miley world conteast right? Yeah I enterd in that.She is the luckest girl in the world. well I think so.....

Have fun in Miami!


Melissa =] said...

Hope you have fun in miami Mitchel


Makayla said...

Hey Mitchel!

Tonight's the last concert of the BOBW tour.. Please let Miley know that she did a TERRIFIC job on tour for me!

I hope you had a great time "touring" on the MileyWorld tour bus! Sounds like so much fun!

I sorta met Abby at the Jingle Jam in AZ, she's really cool! LOL! It's cool because we're both from AZ!!!

OMG! Tomorrow if Phineas & FERBUARY!!! I am so excited! It is going to be a rockin' show!!!

So, are you watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? I might because it's here in AZ! AZ rocks!!!

Well, I got to go now. I have A LOT of homework ahead of me! I wish I could see you in Miami, but it's kind of far =(

Much <3,
(Girl from Phoenix with same B-Day/Met you at Jingle Jam)

Sara said...

I know who Abby is! Because of youtube lol. She seems like a really sweet girl.

So yeah...happy birthday emily even though i have no clue who you are lol.

Its getting close to V-Day and I'm getting excited. I REALLY wanna know the surprise. It better be good.

Love Ya


abby(: said...



thattt just like made my lifeee

i have been worrying about that book for likeee 10128139283 years.
i didnt know you got ittt!

im like squealing right now.
im shaking
and likeee screaming.


i looooveeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuu


Makayla said...

It's me again =)

Anyways, I saw you dancing with Miley in Orlando ,I think, and you have got some sweet moves! Haha!

Much <3,
(Girl from Phoenix with same birthday/Met you at Jingle Jam)

Allie said...

hey Mitchel!

um, i don't have anything to say...

wait, i do!

i downloaded a free episode of Phineas and Ferb on iTunes. You had one line the entire time, and those we're the best 2 words of the entire thing. "Hey Candance." I love this show so much! It's so funny, sort of on the basis of Family Guy, but for disney channel. I love how for the acting episode they put Ashley Tisdale's real face instead of her cartoon one. I found that so funny.

I know i say this every time, BUT PLEASE MITCHEL, COME TO NEW YORK!

Oh! And tell your brother and his band i love their music. So good!

Yours is good too... BUT when does it drop?


shireen lovess mitchhh said...

luckyy girlss,
gettin mentioned in your blog: )

have fun in miami : )

but i bet you'd have more fun if you came to MICHIGANNNN!
im sorry; i had to :]

i love you,

Makayla (Girl with same birthday from AZ) said...

Me again! BTW, can you post a link to your song "My Bet Friend" becauseI keep searching and can't find it. Thanks!

Jackie =] said...

mitchel, come to pennsylvania!!! =]

i talked to you on mileyworld and radio disney, you totally rockk my worldd haha ;] you gotta go on mileyworld more!

KelseyLovesM.T.M said...

Oh My Gosh!:)
my friend Ashley is going to see u in 23 days and se is giving u my letter:)!!!:O i am so excited.
by the way u so have to come to Canada!!!:)

amanda lynn :) said...

aww. abby's amazing. haha. i dont know her very well but she's really nice. its nice of you to give her a shout out! :)

Allie said...

and another question:

what does Metro Station have to do with Hannah Montana? I mean, they sound NOTHING alike. AT ALL.

i need to know, it's been on my mind forever.

Ahh! What is your fave Metro Station song besides "Seventeen Forever"? I love "Control" "Kelsey" "Tell Me What To Do" "Wish We Were Older" "Now That We're Done" "Seventeen Forever" "California" and "True To Me" they all rock.

And Panic is good too. "Nine in the Afternoon" is so good!

I love "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" by Mitchel Musso. BEST SONG! I got a free download from some site. Been on my iPod since August!


AddictedxtoxPancakes said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
I just realized that I can sort of act pretty well. I tricked my mom into thinking that my bff's kitchen exploded....but don't worry I told her I was kidding as soon as she was like "What!? what happened?" Sooooo funny. Me and my bff were crackin up so much and I kept saying "Hi I'm Jess and I'm addicted to pancakes." And I tricked my 2 closest friends into thinkin I didn't love you anymore. This is my bff's thingy she sent me:
are u bac to loving mitchel musso because u didn't make it one month
it would be really boring if you stopped. and neway it wasn't me it was jen saying the stuff about the cucu hut i would say it once in a while just making a joke!!!!! so we cool because it would be weird.
PS even i have an obssession with him ever since i met him (sigh).
^ahahaa I told her I wasn't totally serious when she called and said "Jess!! What's worng with you!!"

Anonymous said...

hey guess what?....i saw u on this show called ET...entertainment tonight and u were on it w/ miley!!!...i was like "omg there's mitchel!" and i saw u like singing and dancing w/ miley to best of both worlds...that was really cool!....6 days til my birthday mitchel 6 days!...february 7th...please don't forget that...please!...oh and if u do come to nebraska after denver, that wld b the best late birthday present ever!...pretty please?...i will keep begging til denver is over...then next time u r close again it better b around like summer time so then i can absoltly go!...well ttyl!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

Short Notice said...


I hope you're doing well... today's my birthday, and I'm finally 16... it was a really great day.

I hope you're having fun and that things are going well for you! :)

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Mitchel, buddy, you are too sweet!
Omigeezus....My sister's fishie is having a birthday. He's gonna be 2....if he doesn't die first. He hangs out in this plant all day. He's usually really active too! Maybe if I tell him you say Happy Birthday, he'll feel better? He's a big fan. xD

I saw that video of you and Miley with the concert!! That made me laugh!! I was singing to Lu Lu Skip to my Lu! Lu Lu Skip to my Lu! Lu Lu Skip to my Lu!
Skip to the Lu my Darling! Lost my parner, would will I do..... etc.... I could beat you in a skipping contest anyday. I was Champion Skipper in 1st grade! BOOYAH! lmao It was cute.

I know what I'm gonna get you if you come to Chicago....BUT GUESS WHAT?!?!? I'm gonna make YOU guess!!! Because you make us guess.....I'm getting even! Actually, like 3 things....but I'll only give you hints for TWO, cause I'm sure you know the third one is....(Rhymes with CaniBrigeratorBagents.....)

Item Number Uno
1. CHOCOLATE. IS BETTER. IN COLOR. And no, not M&M's....or chocolate.
2. There's always too many of these at a signing.
3. Write Out Loud.

That one's Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Item Number Deux:
1. Freddie Mercury sported one of the parts of this present
2. Big Schnozz
3. You can FINALLY go out in public again.

Come on! Let's here those guesses!
A great white shark? An invisible cape? An extra little brother? I bet you $100 bucks you're guesses aren't as AWESOME as mine!!!

Dude. I made up the ToFurky Rap!!! I made a video of it, buts is private as of right now, so I'll set it for a little bit to be unprivate later on....for now....ENJOY THE LYRICS!

Once upon a time,
There was a lonely slab of tofu
Thanksgiving rolls around,
No one wants you

So he wanted to get together
With a chick named turkey
Turkey said,
“Hey, dude, that’d really worky!”

Say What, Say What?
Say What, Say What?

Protein packed, a vegetarian snack,
Spit it out,
Cause it taste like crap!

Say What, Say What?
Say What, Say What?

And its all Freaky Freaky Frozen.

This has been a Dfridge Production.

Be. Jealous. Of my. Coolness.


Anonymous said...

one more thing mitchel...have i ever told u that u r an amazing dancer? :P i saw the video of u dancing on stage w/ miley on youtube!....that was so cool! must have been amazing to b on stage and dance along w/ miley in front of thousands of ppl!...hope u had an awesome time!


Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel! everyone keeps saying your going out with miley? is that true!


Christie said...

Hey Mitch

I got a chance to send my entry into the fanbook by Abby... look me up. LOL


steeter45 said...

hope u have fun im miami oo i also hope my cousin doesnt get to meet u bc i would b really really jealous gosh but i think they did bc they were like really early so yea gosh that is so not even fair i love u mitchel

ur # 1 fan

shelby (orlando)

Anonymous said...

Mitchel :]
That Emily is one lucky girl.
I can't wait until Valentines day.
I'm going to the Jonas Brother
concert in Houston that day :]
I wanna sing
Cheese Jerky
with you again :]


grace said...

you should give my friend lizzie a shout out on her birthday! feb 16th yooo.
shed love that more than anything.

xoLauraJane said...

Ok first I have to say, I was reading Mallorie's comment and I laughed out loud. You should take her up on that skipping challenge! Haha.
Ok second your'e such a sweetheart with the whole birthday thing! So awesome of you to give a shoutout.
Hope to see you somewhere in PA soon!!!!
Love you!!!
XO Laura Jane <3

Idina said...

I actually heard "See You Again" on the radio today... It was kind of weird, because I didn't expect it, but I cranked up the volume and started jamming whilst driving... I think people gave me weird looks... hehe

Just though you'd like to know...

And I'm sad because I can't find the MetroStation cd! :'(

MeganP2010 said...

hayyy mitchel.

did I mention I love you? Because I do.

Hope you come to the San Franciscoish area soon, I really want to see you! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it's like my dream.... to be buddies with you..... it's gonna happen, k? we can go to parties.... and chill... and yaaa that's all I can think of.

I'm going to LA on like February 17 I think... I plan on spending a lot of time like in the Grove... maybe fred segal... definately robertson and melrose to shop and stuff... ooohh and I want to try pinkberry!!! Have you been there? What do you suggest?


love, Megan.

Daniela said...

Happy Birthday:)
have fun :D
Daniela (from Israel)

Nikita Bimson said...

Hopefully you will get the bracelet I sent you. Since I didnt get to give it to you in person, because they closed the line down. =[
But anyways....You wear alot of hoodies. XD

leanne [= said...



Taylor said...

aww. i wish i came 2 c u yesterday!!
my mom wuldn't drive me tho! :(
its lyk 2 hours away from here!
next time cum 2 wellington, k??
u hvnt been down here b4, rite?
im writing u a letter.
hopefully u'll be able 2 reply.
i know ur super busy!!
well, cant wait 4 tha surprise still!!
its gunna be a good 1, rite??
well, iloveyou. <3

<3 Taylorr

P.S. u know the sprouse twins rite?
i was in their movie 2 years ago as an extra with gabi (she was with me the 1st time we met u) and tha movies coming 2 dvd tues!!
im soo excited!
u shuld watch it! :)

Beth said...

Hope you had fun in Miami!
Thats all i have to say for now. Come on boy write abou tsomething that i can give a real comment to. LOL(i hate doing that but i had to)

Brittany said...

hey Mitchel!!

I saw you in Miami last night but you left RIGHT before I got to meet you :(

That happened at the Jingle Jam in Orlando too.

That seriously needs to stop.

Nah, jk lol

But I hope you come back down here REALLY SOON. You must love Florida because you come here a lot haha

You looked good though. And it was funny when you were dancing on stage!! haha I got a video though so check it out :D

Can't wait to hear your surprise!!! :)

brie said...

hey hey, mitchay!!!

again, can't tell ya enough how sweet u r! but you know one ever remembers MY birthday because it's in the summer! nobody at school decorated my locker for my HALF BIRTHDAY last month! and by the time my birthday comes along, everyone is either on vacation, or spending time with family, or they just wanna come because it gets too darn HOT OUT!!!

lol. but anyway....let's see, what's going on in my "wonderful" life? well, school was closed today because of the freak blizzard that hit the city last night! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! yeah, so i plan on staying in all day, maybe do some some Wii with my brother....idk. it's like they said in a movie "Anything can happen on a snow day!" Hmmmm.....maybe you'll drive your Mercades all across the country to come to my house to have a snowball fight in my

so what other stupid and crazy things have i been up to lately.....hmmmm. well, i tried out for Talent Show on Wednesday...i played piano....i'm waiting to hear if i made that. i also got a new high score on Wii Bowling which is such an accomplishment because if you know me, you know i don't bowl very well. oh, and i also fell by my locker yesterday trying to balance the crap-load of books i carry with me all day long.

so yeah things are a little weird, but wait....they only get weirder. so i have to take the school bus everyday to and from school because my mom still has to drive my little brother. now, i don't know if you've ever taken a school bus before, but they are so crappy! like, i can understand that it's bitter cold out, but like, the windows are so frozen and i can never see out of them! And they always fall open randomly, and when you try to close them, they eventually fall down 2 minutes later! and me and all my friends sit in the back of the bus and there's this big window that is like NEVER CLEAN! i swear! i always was able to see through it, but now we can't!!! all of us on the bus wanted to pitch in and get some money for the Bus Driver so he could take his bus to the wash, because we can't people-watch through crappy windows!

i can't believe it's February ALREADY! wow, does time fly or WHAT?! yeah, kinna excited for Valentine's Day....cept for the fact that I'm single......sigh, i have no one to share that SPECIAL DAY with that only comes ONCE A YEAR.....sigh.......

luv, brie

Brittany said...

ps. I was wearing the Oliver sitckers at Dadeland haha

Sam said...

mitchel! i just saw lean on me on disney channel and me and my sister were rocking out. you are way too adorable!

leah browne said...

lol, I totally love how all these people are talking to you like they actually know you. Like, no offence to them. I do the same thing. =] Oh, maybe I should say something about your blog while I am at it. umm...thats so cute that you said happy birthday on your blog. awww. and I believe that is all. Yeah, its all.

Kathy said...

wow mitch u have such great fans

but didn't other ppl buy u sweaters and stuff? or was that all?

well i met u in flordia BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Eryn! said...

mitchie i want to be mentioned in your blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

my firneds were at the florida show
when you sang best of both worlds they were like OMG i wish michele was here =] haha they said you were amazing !

-xo Michele

Anonymous said...

I saw Phineas And Ferb 1st Feb
OMG it was sooo funni and i reli enjoyed Watchin it.
awwwww Your so Sweet
on ur next blog can you say Hi for me As IM a big Fan
oi Have like 101 Posters Of You on my wall haha and im going to send you something 1 day because your the sweetest Guy.Love Lean on Me vid keeps cumin on n i cant stop listnin 2 it jst Fab anyway i hope your ok ur so talented and a great actor singer Enjoy Miami and say congrats to mason for me Cnt w8 4 big new Hehe! Love You loads Catherine xxxx

Anonymous said...

wow u really have great fanss!!!


heyy! i feel soo bad i just heard what happened to the cab! thats horrablee! really sad!

but well have a great rest of the time in florida!!

lauren.caroline said...

we miss you already.
this is the three girls from last night at the miami hannah concert.
the ones that were with jason for most of the time.
he introduced us to u.

lauren [me][lauren.caroline]
alex [shysweetie999]

^imdb names lmao.

you said you liked my hand :D
the one that said <3 mitchel.

from "your favorite girls"


Anonymous said...

Woop Hope You Have Nice Time in Miami
101 Posters Of You On My Wall haha Ur 1 Lucky Guy
Omg I Reli Loved Phineas And Ferb
Ur Gr8 as Jeremy
n i cant stop listnin 2 Lean On Me
It always comes on Disney
Im Like Ur Biggest Fan
Can You say A massive Hello To Me It Would Mean Alot
Your Sooo Talented n Gr8 Singer/Actor
Love Metro station Congrats 2 Mason
Cnt w8 4 Big SUPRISE gonna be gr8 my friend Sharlies Excited 2 haha
Anyway Hope Ya have fun
Love You loadz Mitchel xxxxx Catherine

lauren.caroline said...

oo yeah. and i won ur shoes

Terry said...

Hey Mitchel!
If you are still in Miami, please do another meet and greet sometime this weekend! :D

I didn't have a chance to meet you yesterday and I really want to meet Smokin' Oakin ;]<3

Jenny said...

aw you're so nice (:

IShy said...

sup mitchel

hope u read this, i hail from england , ur really kool man im jus lovin the cheese jerkey and unlike any other famous person u keep in touch with being normail , peace , i hope to give u a one on one in b-ball (basketball here) lol, ill probs never meet u though


Rosario said...

I went to the concert in Miami and met you ( I was the one that tolled you i talke dto you on radio disney the other day)! You were so nice!! Im so glad you got to introduce Miley and that you were on stage with Miley while she sang You Get The Best Of Both Worlds song. You rocked!!! I have a video of it. I was screaming SSOOOO Loud when you got on staged!!

I had something for you yesterday but i wasn't able to give it to you because i got there kind of late and Jason didn't was in a hurry i guess idk.


Annie said...

I was at the concert last night in Miami. I was one of Jason's special guests and you called me and my two friends your "favorite girls".
Please come back soon. Last night's concert pulled me into my newly-found obsession over Disney (with my friend's help of course). You did so well and I had the most fun I've had in a long time. Not to mention this was my first true concert apart from my dad's jazz/blues concerts and Broadway. I don't think it could've gone better.

P.S. You need to work on your organizational skills. We toured the bus Dear, dear, dear.

Tiffany said...

sounds like lots of fun 2night. its great u care about the safety or ur fans. my bday isn't until march i'll tell u more
have a great time.




Anonymous said...


Allie said...

i'm so sorry that I missed the Phineas and Ferb premiere! I was looking through my iPod and then i realized that Phineas and Ferb was premiering! I wanted to see it!

When will it be on again?

I'm so sorry! I really am! I loved the pilot and the free episode on iTunes though... !


randomgreenbean said...

Hi Mitchel Musso! I love reading your blog. Come back home to California! You should come to Chino Hills. We are getter more city-like. We have a WALMART! Haha. And a TARGET across the street! Hahaha. Plus, a whole bunch of little stores around there. And a COSTCO! FREE SAMPLES! YAY! hahaha. You have a lot of fans here. It would be great if you came. And gave me a hug. If you ever do a meet and greet over here, then let me be first in line. Hahaha. Just kidding.

pinklovz21 said...

Hey mitchel!! i hope you read this. But I met you in miami last night at the concert. It was amazing! I also LOVE your song "lean on me". But anyways at the concert it was awesome. I loved when you came onto the stage with miley. I was wearing a white shirt and when the concert was over and you were about to leave (sorry about that) you signed it! Thank You very much!!!!! I really wanted to thank you!! Because you must have been tired after all those pictures! But thank you so much for everything!! I hope you know how much you appreciate what you did for all of this!!!

Thank you again!!!
I hope I can meet you one day!! When you come back to miami or something like that!!!
and again thank you!!!

haley said...

hey today i smy sis's birthday...her name is JENNA will ya mine sayin "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" shes only 3 but it'll be cool cuz she knows who you are but i still like you more than she does...0=]

kk love ya lots and lots and much blessingz<3

luv haley

grace. said...

can you please, please, please, please, PLEASE wish lizzie a happy birthday on February 16th. It'd would mean the world to lizzie. =]

jackie said...

mitchel, please please please

and btw. i just saw hannah's
3d movie, and wowww. it was
amazinggg, i cant get overr how
good it was. it really feels like
your actually there. probs to miley,
jbs, and kenny!

and i saw you doing best of both
worlds on youtubeee! aww, haha.
it wass superrr cuteee(:


JoJo said...

hey i heard about the cab....pretty scary...wishing ur brother good luck on the road

r u going to any RRRGLT dates?

Molly said...

i remember watching that video on youtube.. pretty neat =].. and its my friends birthday today! i actually just got back from seeing 'the eye' so i just saw your celebirty crush i believe? but anyways, creepy movie!

I hope you have a good weekend! Most of mine i'm sleeping since i am physically exhausted from trying to manage too many sports and school!

--Molly :)

Anonymous said...

hey mithchel hope u have funn with mileyy! b safe!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel luv hearing from u soo try to post more blogs!
oh can plz try to work on doin more meet and greets there soo much fun!

suziXcore said...

Mason is one of the coolest people I have ever met. I promise this. Plus, he makes sweet jams for the world to enjoy! :]. His hair is ridiculous and when you are three inches from his face he DEF looks like a Musso brother, it's fantastic.

[that's totally random and off subject, but I felt compelled to inform you]

brooke said...

i went and saw the hannah movie.
AMAZING x9283712749127.
i wanna go see it again like a million times. :].
anddd then i came home and watched phineas and ferbbbb!
it was totally cute.
jeremy and candacee :D. loll.
please come near ohio.
pretty please?


becca said...

go to
it is relly ool
you rock mitchel

Carly said...

Omg i watched phineas and Ferb last nightt! amazinggg!! cant wait for the next ep!

i also heard what happened to the cab! i hope there okay now! they said they were resting...hope metro station and the other bands drive safly!

glad to hear florida was funn! hope u come bk to chicago or somewhere near here soon!

sounds like u have great fans! lol

well ttyl




Heyy! :]
Mitchel I just wanted to say I loved the Phineas and Ferb premiere!

You were great!
Plus... I love the yellow hair! <3

I have a question for you:
Do you like being a cartoon, or do you like being on the camera?

You dont have to answer.

Luv Ya! <3 Shannon

xneverfarbehind said...

Heyy Mitchel :)
Guess who I met yesterday!? Emily! Osment. :D Agaaiinn, she says she hasn't seen you in awhile so you better see her soon, haha. It was at the Tustin Legacy, where you were at for a M&G, but I couldn't go because of a big rivalry football game, haha. :/ Hope you have a good weekend! ♥

Anonymous said...

come to houston!!


TeenDisney said...

I've never been to Miami! Just Destin and Orlando =) hehe
Stay warm, and tell Emily I said Happy B-Day too if you can!
x.o. KT

Tiffany said...

ok,mitchel i remember b4 u asking for us to tell u when we saw ur music video on disney channel..i've seen it b4 on youtube but i just saw it disney!!!its great!!congrats!

mandark. said...

hey mitchel. i'm mandi. i met you a year ago at the ymca in chicago with grace and lizzie.

i know you've probably heard this before, but lizzie is honestly your BIGGEST fan. she's loved you since 2005 and probably will love you until she's like...80; her birthday is february 16th and it would mean eveything in the world to her if you posted a shout out on her birthday... so go go do it!

iheartflounder18 said...

Hey Mitchel! I was just wondering where you were going to be when you came to Denver cuz me and my friends would love to come out and get an autograph from you! That would be awesome if you could let us know in a new blog.

Anonymous said...

ooo yaa!!! i saw you hehe. youu were incredible! so was miley!
but i was screaming i was like ahhh! IS THAT MITCHEL MUSSO! hahaa. well you were really good so. i just wanted to tell you that =]

Anonymous said...

come to new jersey
or new york city!

CassiiD said...

Hey Mitchel
Your Da Best Actor Lol
Always Make Me Laugh
You Should Come Down To Austraila One Day

MileyGwen said...

Hi Mitchel!! I met you in Miami the other night! That was nice of you to come to the pre-party and take pictures. I loved it when you sang the cheese jerky song, That was so cool! It was also so cool that you got to be on stage with Miley for Best of Both Worlds!
I hope to meet you again some time!

P.S. You should really have a fan club!

lizzieeeee said...

aww, you're sweet.

eyy, my birthday is the 16th *hint hint*, ahaha.

i saw phinease&ferb last night.
it was reallly funny :D
i can't wait to see more.



Sam said...

hey mitchel! i just watched you dancing with Miley to Best of Both Worlds, it was way too cute, you guys are so adorable. love you and miss you! :]

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Shark. Obession. Ferbness.

Ferb: Sharks have to continue to move forward. Or they'll drown.
Bully: You callin' me a shark?!?!
Ferb: *Pinch*
Phineas: Ferb!
Ferb: Well, he was all up in my face.

Ahahahaha I love Ferb's accent. I was laughing so hard.


Anonymous said...

hey luv ya mitch!

Katie R. said...

Mitchel, Guess what?
I got Fear Factor on dvd today, and on the plastic it has a sticker saying that all NEW episode will start in June on NBC!! isn't that cool? I think so, I Love watching Fear Factor!!
I hope its true. because you never know. I will have to fo some research on it. I'll let you know.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! It's awesome u still remember Abby. By the way, since Miles is your best friend, maybe u could visit sometime? There is a board there about u too, (don't worry) ;] Hope u have a great day! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch!! We got tickets to the Jonas Brothers Concert on March 11 in Richmond!! We want you to come to the concert! That would be amazing! Glad your having fun in Florida!! We love you so much and we hope you come! lol.
Katie and Meg

AddictedxtoxPancakes said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
ahaha...tonight me and my bff went iceskating!! And when we went by these group of boys they were like "Chocolate waffers" and I kept saying "Mitchel Musso is hott" each time we went by so then they finally asked who you were. So I told them you were Oliver on Hannah Montana. And one of them like kept telling me things like "Your hott" or "Hey cutie" and I'm like "Thanks?" But then once he asked for my phone number I'm like "No". Yea I guess random guys tend to think I'm cute? Yea thats my life....So can I consider you a random guy? lol jk.

alexis said...

the video of you and miley at her concert made me crack up. you really are the dream guy: sweet, funny, and cute! i got your autograph in the mail the other day! i couldn't stop smiling for about 2 or 3 days. thank you for being the best mitchel you can be. <3u -alexis

court125142 said...

i love you mitchel, you are truely my favorite actor. I would die if i met you and i hope i do get to meet you, you are the best.

love you

Shannon Loves Mitchel said...

Hey Mitchel!
I forgot to tell you this.

When you were on radio disney that one day, I called for two hours straight and then it started ringing so I freaked out and then It answered and I heard people in the backround and then you hung up on me!!


hahah. jk.

<3 Shannon


yesterday i was talking 2 my cuz kelsey, and i IMed her and im like you theme song is Kelsey by Metro Station. and She now loves the song! Yay! i made her like Metro Station! I'm trying 2 get tickets for Metro Station, but the links and stuff are this is going 2 be a little tricky. But other then metro station, i think im going 2 c one of my fave bands, with or maybe with out one of my fave singers. Boys like girls! and maybe im going to the Avril Lavigne concerts were they open up.

You need to come back around NJ or NYC or PA, i need u! lol.

Im writing you a letter so far its 8pgs but, ill keep working. What ever happen 2 that other letter i gave u in nyc, its been almost a year now, no reply. i gave it to u on May 19th, when u were at the staten island mall.


AddictedxtoxPancakes said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I was need to come back to Phili soon so that way you can sign my new scrapbook of you and then I can hug it all night long like I did before. lol. I'm trying to get tickets to see the Hannah concert movie!!! Well have an awesome rest of the weekend, which sadly is only one day.


Beckie said...

oh i know ur gonna do a duet with miley on ur album??? am i right, or close at all??? please let me know....if u go on my myspace it shows 2 vids of u 1 at mileys concert and the other one of ur music vid

jackieee said...

mitchh, you rockedd the best of
both worlds songgg onstage with
mileyy! and whereee can we hear
your "my best friend" songgg?
comeeee to new jerseyyyyy!(:

and i have a guess for your big
valetines day surpiseee!
aree you going to be openingg
for the jonass brotherss?!

marykateee =) said...

i'm glad you're havingg funnn.
and hopefully you'll be able to find time to watch the super bowl today!!!
let's go giantssss<3333333
have funn in all the other places you're goingggg.
stay golddd<3

marykateee =) said...

ohh and mitchel!!!
you're two biggest fans livee hereeeee.
(jackiee and marykate) ;]

and i don't think you have ever come to the amazing state.
closest iv'e seen you is staten island.
and i saw you theree =]

but still my parents are getting tired of driving me around the tri-state area to see you and then you leave before we even get the chance.
stay gold<3

.audrey. said...

so i'm pretty much mad with radio disney right now.
because the grand prize sounds flipping awesome.
but apparently they think only people under the age of 14 would want to win.
i'm 16 and i want to win.
i'll enter and lie about my age. ;]
hope you come back to indiana soon.
it'll be fun.

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel omg im so mad i just heard about the grand prize and it ends liketomorrow! and dnt they liek call the winner 5 days in advanced or something! man! i coulda won!!

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...


your such a nice guy giving shout outs on your blog =).
lol anyways wow i just relized its been a month today that i seen you in Pittsburgh! you deffently need to come back!
so ive been thinking abotu your valentines day surprise && i think i know what it is. your gonna take everyone that comments your blog to california so we can hang out with you! haha j/p.. but dont i wish lol. but anyways i gotta go get ready to watch the superbowl at 6 oclock!

have a good week !

Jessica Benedetto =)

marykateee =) said...

jackie and i commented you right after each other and didn't even mean to!
maybe that's a sign that you should come to jerseyyy =]

elissa said...

hey mitchel!
i just saw ur video for lean on me!
it was so good!
just thought i'd let you know!

Annie said...

About the organization thing, don't be offended, I was kidding! I'm no more neat that you are. Besides, you were only on the bus for a few days. I'm sure most of it wasn't yours. =)

I'm excited about the surprise. Are youuu...coming out with an album?


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! ya watching the superbowl?? i dont think i am ahaha not a big fan... lol who are u rooting forr?!

ERIC! said...

this is eric i met you in chicago. would you please give my friend lizzie a shout out on her birthday, february 16? THANXS!!!

Anonymous said...

come back to houston.we miss you here.

Anonymous said...

YOU SHOULD COME TO LITTLE ROCK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hannah said...

ahaha soooo....iv been trying to win contests on rd for 3 hours now...havnt won one yet....BUT iv gotten in 3 times all 3 times i requested lean on me! lol! yahhh! and iv been voting onlinee! im sure it will be like in the top 3! lol!! hope ur havn fun!! watching the superbowl??

court125142 said...

Mitchel, i definitely think you should come to Erie, PA because its so small here and no one famous ever comes here and if you came that would so freaking amazing.

Love ya,

Danielle said...

Hey Mitchel

Come back to Los Angeles!!!



Danielle said...

Can you eMail us at with your booking information?

Like what manager we should email about booking you for a benefit concert. We're interested in having you perform!

And Jordan Pruitt is interested in performing so it would be really fun!

We've been trying to get Miley's 'people' but no responses... Do you know someone or could you ask her who we should talk to?

We plan on having this concert in August in New York City. Hope you can make it!!!

Thanks SO much!


Kelly said...

Hey Mitch! that's so sweet that you wish people happy birthday! most celebrities dont do that... and im sure that meant so much to her.. my birthdays march 19, maybe you could send me a personal message... im so kidding.... are all those jackets you get from your fans?

SO i watched the super bowl today... and i keep wndering who does mitchel wanna win.... i kept thinking that yyou seem like a giants fan.. but i dont now you so i really dont know... your probably a cowboys fan... see im from virginia so its really my obligation to like the skins.

okay well im done boring you. hope londn was amazing and miami and where ever else you are... and i hope you have the best week!!


Meeghanherexo said...

So, mitchel.

Mason and I were talking on thursday...
and he pinky swore to tell you that you NEED to come to minnesota.
I miss mason.
Mason said he missed you, and I was like.. 'I miss him too...?'
School tomorrow
I don't wanaaa gooooo!
ahahahahahaa. so. kiddo.
we didn't get to chat in floridaaa... but co we should be able too.

I still have my tshirt. bahahaa, it's so cute. I wish you could see it...

you never answered me about kyle.
bring kyle to minnesota.

you will not regret it. :]

Esther said...

MITCHEL! will you please be my valentine??

Hannah said...

ahah sooo i commented a bit ealier telling ya how im like calling in for this contest on rd. for the past 8 hours now... i have now gotten in 9 times and all times requested lean on me! lol

shelly said...

Hey Mitchell.
Are you gonna be at any of the Metro shows when they are in California in a few weeks?
I'm sure you'll be at the Hollywood show but I didn't get ticket for that because it seriously sold out in like 0.5 seconds.
So you should def come to the San Diego show...jussayin. ;)

Cassie (sn is Cassieluvs2talk) said...

Happy B-day Emily! Omg Mitchel, I wish I could really mmet you, not just like go to another meet and greet, but like really hang out with you. That would be totally cool! I entered the Radio Disney contest for getting to have a snowboarding lesson from you, but unfortunately I didn't win. I've always wanted to snowboard, and with you, that would be totally the BEST time ever. I mean, i know you are SOOOO unresistible, but I would love to just be friends with you. I think I might send you a jacket or something sometime soon! I just hope you can come back to Pittsburgh... and Will You Be My Valentine? IM me any time!

ayoo maryann! said...

your brother is amazing.
go watch the video with him, its called like spyvision or something.

ana said...

hey mitchel... i was wondering when was the next time you would be going to miami or anywehre close cuz i didnt get to meat you when you came the other day. my friends met you after the concert and said you were awesome which isnt hard to believe. you sound like the sweetest guy ever and your reall hott so i really want to meet you the next time you come.


DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...

Your date with Kelly is in 2 days! Have a BLAST cause Kelly is just like the coolest person ever. After me of course. Cause you KNOW I'm the coolest person in the world. Yup.

Omigosh. We had a snowstorm in Chicago on Friday and it was the shizz. SNOW DAY! I went sledding! =) I have a hill right next to my house.

So...I'm guessing you don't wanna be my CLEMINTINE! Fine! Be that way. I see how it is. Clemintines rock, fyi. The are the coolest citris fruit ever.

If you get a chance check out the song "Jump" by Van Halen. It's sweet. I just downloaded it over the weekend. Nice beat, cool lyrics. All that jazz. Unless I'm the only freak on here who likes oldies music.....darn. As Huey Lewis said, It's Hip to be a Square.

Rock and Roll.


Anonymous said...

3 days mitchel!....oh and i got the radio disney jams 10 cd and i put u on it in a heartbeat!...ttyl!


Nikkie said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!! I hope you have such a great time in Miami=). I saw the pictures they took of you Frinday Jan.31 in Miami. You looked so cute. I liked every picture and the one where you were flipping your hair with your hand. That one was cutee!!! I saw you at the Oxford Valley Mall on Dec. 15 07. Man, you came down those stairs i couldnt breathe and i was like 3 seconds away from fainting. I dont know if you can remember, but I was the girl with my hair to the side short layered kinda,and I had the Abercrombie pants on..but, it said Abercrombie on the back, and yeah. I was so happy. And now my mom got me a blown up huge picture of me and you,and everytime I look at it I cry.Sounds weird but I do because I feel like im NEVER going to see you again.But I really hope I do again. You are so amazing. I look up to you. Next time when if I see you again im going to get you a present.Well write back!!!

~ Nikkie<3 xoxoxo =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel,I just got back form the Hannah Mntana 3-d concert.It was really fun! Oh,and I forgot to tell you I saw Lean on Me on Disney channel last night!And iv'e been watching phines and ferb every night.Hope your havin fun.come out to L.A. and do a meet and great......or......or....something!And hurry!

This has been another werid comment by


sara said...

please preform your
music in new jersey.

Anonymous said...

yeah!...u r on my ipod even more now!!!!!!!....miss hearin' from u!...i am pretty bored now too!...well ttyl!


Rachel ! ! said...

You are so amazing and i am sooo proud of you!
keep up the good work my love!
Rachel :]

Ashley said...

I LOVE u Mitchel!!!!! U rcok! I LOVE "Lean On Me"!!!! It's the coolest song EVER!!!!! Tomorrow I'm getting the Snow Buddies DVD and I can't wait to see the music vid! I already know it's gonna rock! I already saw like half of it on DC! And tonite RD is drawing the winner for the snowboarding contest! I hope I win! I would love to snowboard with u! Then again, there probably won't be much snow cuz ur so hot you'd melt it all! LOL! I'm serious! I could only enter once though. Love u! See Ya! - Ashley

Kneeecole6785 said...

Hiya Mitchel :)

I'm Nicole from Ohio. I'm 19yrs old and I absolutely adore you and the rest of the cast from Hannah Montana. I find you so hysterical and, i have to admit, you are quite a cutie as well lol. I was looking at some videos on youtube and found a link directing me here. I'm so stoked that it's actually you! I think it's really cool that you take time to interact with your fans....honestly. Well...just dropped by to say hello and tell you I think that you and your cast mates are wonderful!

I love to hear back from you if at all possible :)

Take care Mitchel and keep up the good work!

Emily said...

heyyy mitchhhh its my birthday tomorrow on Feb 5th no jokeee
coinkydink huh? seriously man.. xD

15erss =]

&love Emily, aka, hair flip persona. =P

Dakota said...

Okay,I get it.
Your just not gonna post anymore 'till Valentines Day.

I dont care about posting this considering that your not gonna read it, what with all the other comments.

PS are u seriously singing a duet with someone? THAT SHOULD BE ME!!!!
just kidding.

brie said...

what's craka lakin, mitchel?!?!?!

So I've been listening to Metro Station a lot lately....I mean their music is so addicting and wicked awesome! And I have come to a conclusion about their whole CD:

The album is dedicated to a girl named Kelsey who was once famous and dated your brother or another member of the band. She faked her death so that they could run away to California. The only problem was that no one wanted them to be together because she was too young. But they didn't care because they were true to each other. And then one day, she got a hip cramp trying to "shake it" at the Disco and suddendly died on the dance floor.

Well, I don't know if that's right, but I guess it's pretty close.....? lol. I can be so random!

But dude, seriously, if you're gonna come back to Chicago, you better come, like, NOW!!!! We're supposed to get another freak blizzard! It's gonna be CRAAAAAZY! They're calling for an additional 4-10 inches by my house between tonight and tomorrow! SNOW DAY!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Yeah, come by my place and we'll go sledding! Yeah, on Friday, me and my BFF Bobby went sledding and there was this huge bump at the bottom of the hill, and he was like "Brie, come on! You gotta go down with me!" But afraid I'd look like an idiot, I stayed on the side to watch him. And he LITERALLY flew fight off his inter tube right when he hit it! He flew face-first into the snow! I swear I was going to pee in my pants from laughing so hard! lol.

But yeah we'd have so much fun! Just make sure to bring your little scarf so that you don't get sick! lol.

luv, brie

AddictedxtoxPancakes said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
You know what today is? It's Mardi other words Fat Tuesday!! In honor of my dad (That's what he said, I didn't make that joke this time!!lol) So I'm like eating three soft pretzels right now!! I should have like cookies dipped in icing and donuts....mmmmm....donuts!!! Ooh and muffins!!! And of course pancakes!!! am I making you hungry now? lol.

P.S. don't let your bff cut your hair. lol. long story....


omg you're the nicest person ever!!! i cant make this a really long post cuz im at my friends house and no ones home... lol. our computer doesnt work so i cant check things as often. ok i gtg. i love you so much!!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel! omg im soo nervous! they call the radio disney winner today!! ahhh! lol

have fun with ur j14 winner tomorroww!!

tara said...

come to nj

Breann said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!

i just bought the Snow Buddies DVD i didn't see it yet b/c i was watching Saw 4 which is a good movie btw and ur music video but imma watch it now.

Oh and i saw Hannah Montana 3-D concert thing saturday night it was amazing my friend and i wanna go was funny cuz at the end when she sang Best of both worlds and she said "mix it all together" we did that hand circular movement like we were mixing something and everyone around us looked at us like we had 5 heads! and i scored 3 pairs of glasses lol.



Allie said...

hey Mitchel,

hows it going?

wat kind of music do u listen to? I need new music, and no the "iTunes top 10" music, or "z100's 10 repeated songs", I mean songs, by unknown bands. And wat I mean by unknown is not either "iTunes top 10" or "z100", like We the Kings, Metro Station, Panic at the Disco, bands like that.

Talk to ya soon!

Anonymous said...

haha i heard the winner on radio disney! i hope u and lydia have a fun time snowboardingg! lol

u never announced the signing place right?? lol if nott please tell soon!

Carly said...

Mitchel!! we miss u!! come back to chicago soon! or somewhere near! lol

and hey have a good time with kelly tomorroww!!



Anonymous said...

2 more days!!!!!...oh and guess what!....we got out of school early cuz it was snowing so hard! was awesome and my whole class and other classed screamed cuz we were so happy...and if we have school tomorrow then we have another early out!...yay!....ttyl!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

DaniRefrigeratorMagnet said...


You're a freak. I saw that video with you and Em recording that song.....

"Bruce Springsteen..HUH!!!!!"
"It's sugar...."

You make me laugh kid. Bruce Springsteen rocks, btw....

DUDE. My aunt gave me my Christmas present. Guess what it was? MAGNETS. I kid you not. Those ones you throw in the air and they rattle? Rattle Snake Egg Magnets. They pone.

Oh. And tonight. A local theater was showing a free movie. Guess what that was? JAWS. Me, my daddy, and my sister all went. It ROCKED.

So the Freaky Fridge/Shark girl has been having a good week. What about you? You have not posted in forever, yo! Have fun with Kelly tomorrow, yes?

Clemintines are the best citrus fruit EVER. Don't you forget it!

PS THERE IS TOFURKY JERKY!!!! I smell a new rap coming on.......

Anonymous said...

hey we had a snow day today! i can talk 2 u 4 awhile!...but not 4 long...i need to help my dad out and scoop the porch and sidewalk....brr it is gonna b cold!!...oh and today was supposed to b our jumprope contest....hopefully it gets reschelded and we don't have to waste all that hard work we put into it!...oh and please forgive the spelling errors....i am pretty tired!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

smileyhopecyrus said...

omg mitchel i was in that book abby got tons of commcents from and me smileyhope cyrus well i think i mighthave signed as catie but either way i was in it cuz im a huge fan and luv u well ttyl luv ya

OLIVIA said...


Anonymous said...

Us texan boys need to stay together.I know u went to a rowlett school (dorris - cullins to be exact) and i go to rockwall schools pretty much the same thing right.O and by the way good job on lean on me and go rowlett eagles and rockwall jackets.P.S U might no Mrs. Kimberly Elsik yeah She was my third grade thecher and she said that she new u thnx

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchell :)

I know abby, she is really nice eh? Yah I seen a video she posted with you adn that sweater.

I Love You! said...

Hey... OMG,Guess what this is the coolest thing ever... WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Well personaly I think its awesome. But you are so cute I love watching you on Hannah Montana! Hope I can meet you one day! LOVE YOU LOTS!

Ashley said...

Hi Mitchel! I'm really excited 'bout yr new cd coming out! I am savin' for the new cd and waiting. It's worth it. @ least I think so.