Tuesday, January 08, 2008


You made the blog! You know I couldn't leave you out.....

By the way....I am recodring a brand new song this week......

Have I told you guys lately......My FANS are the BEST! I couldn't make it without you!

More good news on the way....



- adrissy said...

I'm still so embarassed.

Jenny said...

Whoa jeez haha
I was refreshing to see if you approved my comment on the other blog
I was refreshing every once in a while, and I didn't see that it was a new blog lol. I was just looking at the "0 Comments" thing haha.

Daniela said...

what is the name of the song?
can't wait until you tell us your good news:)
Daniela (from Israel)

oliviaakiddo! said...

i just texted her (:
mitchel is too nice (:
yess yesss?
nowww a LOT of people have been on the blog (: ahhahaha.

dudeeeeee, thats the reason she has her name lke that to trick some newbies ahahahah (:
the boards are still extremely suckiiish though :P

ashlee said...

*jaw drop* no ashlee? No mention bout the girl who travels from oregon to see you? =[ Noooo, I'm kiddinggggggggggggggggg. But mariam iss superr cool. =]

I thinkkk we want the "more good news" like SOON. IS THE NEWS ABOUT GOING ON TOUR?? If it is, then YAY.!

2 weeks exactly till radio disney jams 10 comes outt! Ima buy like 238748632781982736217+1 copies just for ur song in it. :]

CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THE NEW MUSICC. Your music is the bestest stuff I've everr heard.

Oh and just mentioning....on IMDB I'm MyWhiteStripedGloves so yea. ^_^

Okk srry longest comment everrr.


Krystle Kayla said...

aww thats so cute mitchel!
i bet she is reallllllllly happy =]

see you soon & can't wait for the new song!

leanne =] said...

actually, my name is Leanne. haha joking. cant wait for the song! i've been listening to Lean On Me non-stop. can't wait for the other good news either. i hope it's that you're coming to new york. again. closer to me. =]

no Mitchel, YOU'RE the best. =]

(the girl with no question on Radio Disney) =]

brooke said...

mitchieee, mariam is going to die when she reads this.
ahaha you mentioned her name.. 4 TIMES :D.
AHH, new song? i'm excited!
yaaaay. i love good news :D.
OH MY GOSH! speaking of good news..
woo baby. now im only 6 months from my license [for love.]
ahaha. sorry, i had to say that.
anyways, have a great day :D.


livvy! said...

mitchel :)
mariam's so lucky! i've always wanted a shout-out on your blog, hehe. guess what? my new years resolution this year is to fly to america and meet you ;)
i love you!
livvy <3

Katie R. said...

Awww.. Mariam is going to be SO happy! Your the best to give her a shout out like that! I can't wait till you share your news with us!.... I love it when you have news! and I can't wait to hear the new song! I'm sure it will be GREAT!

-Katie R.

Lexi said...

Hey mitchel did you get my
elf ur self of u???

Chelsee said...

LOL Mariam! She's gonna flip!


Anonymous said...

sorry Mitchel this one's for Mariam....YEEEEAHHHH MARIAMMMM!!!!

Jenny said...

By the way...
yay can't wait for the new song! lol.
You are aweeeeesome!
We should chill some time. :)

Sara said...

Pshhh I haven't been mentioned and I'm from IMDb :p. No big deal though. I get excited for everyone else lol. Especially Chelsee because I was with her when she gave you the knitted hat lol.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you seriously are one of the nciest guys ever.

You need to come back to Boston :)

paula said...

woo! can't wait

when is your cd coming outt? i'm sick of listening to 30 seconds of License for Love on my phonee :(

brooke said...

maybe one day you'll know me enough to mention meee :/.


Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...

omggg. she's gonna freeeeeakout when she sees this!
ahaha you're so sweet (:


Sasha said...

I can't wait to hear the new song. It's probably going to be awesome!

You tells us that we're the BEST all the time so don't worry, but don't stop telling us though.

See ya

~JB~ 35 said...

lol...i know i'm early...BUT Happy Half Birthday ...tomorrow....:]...hope it's amazing

P.S. I told u (well Carly did) that i had a yellow lab named stitch...well it's his half b-day tomorrow 2 lol...so hope it's amazing 4 both of u guys :]

Tess Mus...(dang not yet!) said...

Swweet i cant wait to hear the song


A.J. said...


yay!<3 can't wait to hear it

today is my cousins 3rd birthday!!

hope your week is great.


Jessica said...

Ok so yea I know I just posted but I was looking at your older blog posts..and what does this qoute mean? "Elves rule the world". You were like asking what that meant so I don't know if you know either but yea like what does it mean? Here's another confusing qoute "The drapes, Spin, the drapes" aha Just ask about that and maybe I'll tell you.


Katie said...

I'm excited for the new song and I want to see you perform. :)

Thanks for coming to Woodbridge.


Samantha-LUVS-MitchelTateMusso said...

who is mariam???!!! =(

Anonymous said...

awesomeness :)

Mitchel I have a question...please answer i'm like dying to find out lol...Is Hannah Montana over? I know that you guys finished filming the 2nd season a few months ago, but is there going to be a third season or is it completely done? PLEASE answer :D

Fer said...

yayy!!!!can't wait to hear your new song!!!!
awww I want a shout-out on your blog!!!that's so nice of youu Mariam must be soo happy!=D

Hope the good news is a tour AND you're coming to Mexicoo!!!!my new year's resolution is to meet you soo if you don't come here, I'm flying to the U.S to meet you...seriously=D

and no mitchel,YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
I love youuu<3


Jessica (aka Girl obsessed w/Mitchel) said...

omg!! I'm driving myself crazy cuz I'm so bored!! Which probably drives you crazy cuz I keep posting on here.lol. Ok so like don't mention my poem which took ten days to write...jk jk...Actaully it was exactly...3 days..5 hrs...and 10 mins...but seriously who was counting in homeroom?? ahaha. "The drapes, Spin, the drapes" ahaha

love you forever!!

Carly said...

aww haha mariam is going to be soo excited when she sees thiss! aha! and cant wait to here the good news!! ya gunna post it today?? tomorrow??? i think thursday is tooo long! haha! hope if it is a tour chicago is on thereee! haha


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
When will be able to download your songs via iTunes? Let me know...


ashley ! said...

mitchel, we're not the best, you are !


if you could just go here and look at my default picture, it'd make me so happy , because we're hugging :)

oh, and i can't wait for the new song, i LOVE all your songs!

maryann musso :] said...

i love that kid haha.

there is a 100% chance that she starts freaking out with happiness when she reads this ahah!

I think im flying to california in march so you better be doing a meet and greet or concert or something there haha.

Me and Olivia are going to make you a beautiful cake and duct tape wallet :)
don't ask why haha.

Taylor said...

ily soo much.
ur soo sweet 2 ur fans and neva 4get about us, soo ur the best!!
come bak 2 florida!!
2 west palm beach.
we need ya here!!

guess wat??
im meeting cody linley this weekend!

ur still my fav tho!!

and cant wait to hear the good news!
hopefully ur doing a CD or Concert Tour soon!

ily mitch!!
u rock!
ur my hero!!
and im miss u!! <3

Mariam. [: said...

oh wow.
i was in history class today...
and my phone was vibrating, and i couldnt really check it, because i was doing something,
but, i was like "what do these people want from me?!"
so you know, i start going through my texts and one of them was about your blog and the next one and the next one. ahhaahaha.
like half of them were about the blog...
and i literally squealed in class when i saw the first one.
my history teacher was like, "is this about oliver?!"
and then half the class was like, "MITCHEL!"
and we were all laughing, including my teacher.
i dont think i wiped the grin from my face the entire day.

you have no idea how amazing you are. i love you so much. (:

nicole. said...

iiiii go to school with mariam and she made me look at this. trust me...shes excited. i'll be hearing about this at school for a while now....

-Nicole. (mariams friend)

p.s. and mariam never stops talking about you...ever...and shes gunna be mad at me when she sees i did this...

Jenny said...

Gee, Mariam has not read this yet?
haha. anyway..

brooke said...

happy half birthday mitchiee!
your officially 16 1/2!
i just turned 15 1/2 the sixth! :p. and i got my permit today..ahah youur probably like wow how many times is she going to tell me?
its just super exciting :].


Emily said...

wow. if i was her, i'd freak out that you had a whole blog entry about ME (well techically not ALL about her, but still....)lol. next time i meet you, i'm gonna make the biggest impression ever (in a good way, don't worry). i actually thought of it the other day. anyway i can't wait to hear the new song. and youre on the radio disney countdown!!!! yay!
~Emily from san fernando valley

t-ran said...

Hey, Mitchel!


I can't wait to hear it!

Maria said...

Mariam almost says Maria.. just erase the m at the end. hahhaaaa LAME!
"we should chill sometime"
haha Jenny! :D
new song new song ! yay!
Have I told you lately...
MITCHEL is the BEST!!! :D

Jasmine said...

aww haha youre so sweet
and i cant wait for the new song
hopefully ill see you soon
ill send a request for you to come soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! :)

You forgot to tell us how your New Year was!

I can't wait to hear about the good news yet to come.


iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

lmaoo shes gonna freak when she reads this haha

anyways i cant waitt to hear ur songs!

ilyyyyy <3

With Love,

k! said...

aw, you're the best mitchel.
come back to CP- we all love you here (:

- k-lin!

Jessica (still obsessed w/Mitchel) said...

Ok so yea I posted a bunch of random stuff about ten times today...but this time I'm serious. When was someone gonna tell me that Billy Ray Cyrus was on an episode of Degrassi?! I just saw him on there and I was like "Whoa that's awesome!!" and another thing I was looking at younger pics of you and how can someone look so cute their whole life AND have the BEST personality ever!! Wow you are seriously the most I amazing guy I've met!! (Yes I get to say met now cuz I did meet you!!) Man I never ever met any guy like you, boy you sure kick butt!! ahaha. Oh and you should try apple cinnamin baked fruit crisps!! YUMMM!!! I think I'm a little hyper but normaler then earlier...idk! Oh and no Mitchel you can't have any pancakes!! Umm..yea that's my quote now not the one about the drapes but you can still ask about that if you wanna know...which maybe you don't. "The drapes, Spin, the drapes"ahha. And "Elves Rule the world" I still haven't figured that one out yet...

If you want me to be happy all you gotta do is......................................BE HAPPY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I have exams tomorrow for school and i just hope i do good on them. Wish me luck:)

I cant wait for the new song. I'm so excited

(You inspire me so much)

Have a good rest of the week!!

-Courtney-#10(My soccer number)
(*I Love Soccer*:)

Tori said...

Whats the good news?!

Can't wait to hear your new song =]

Kirk said...

MARIAM! YOU MADE THE BLOG! haha. Good for you mariam! we shall celebrate on IMDb.

Hey guys!

abby from arizona(: said...

that is soooo nice for you to put that in there! you are sooo sweet!(: thats why we all love you!

i need to hear this new song!
thats why, you should come perform it in ARIZONA! we love you here<33 biggest fans! HAHA!

cant wait to here more news! miss ya!

P.S. i hope you got my surprise in the mail! if you did, i hope you liked it! ;DDDD



Hey Mitchel! Waz up my homey?!?...yea...lolz! Idk...yea...ok im random...yea...PIE!..CHICKEN!!...*gasp* CHICKEN POT PIE!!!......AND I DONT CARE!!!....BUT MY MITCHEL......AINT ...HERE!!!! :) yea! Ok....then but yea... w8 U PUT UP MIRIAM (sry if i spelt ur name wrong) BUT NOT JENN?? Idk realy but that'd be kewl! Yea.. But this is a question alot have put up but is the disney adress the one on ur site? Or what? Cuz idk...my bff jill....yea......tomarrow is wednesday! And i have gym :*( i dont like our gym teacher she's annoying but of corse i've had her since 1st grade (minus a half of 3rd grade) soo yea...I WANT U TO COME TO NYC (or like staten island again :)), PA, OR NJ!!! I'm willing to drive 3 hours *looks at mother* ....HAHA she said yea sure....w8 if she said yea sure then why wasnt i able 2 c u on saturday....makes no sense...BE COOL STAY IN SCHOOL!!!
Peace! Tootles!


Guess what mitchel?!?!? MY FRIEND ADMITTED THAT U WERE HOTT!!! Finally shes come 2 her senses! All this time ive liked u she said omg hes soo ugly ha! She admitted, and if i meet u shes coming with me :)
Peace! Tootles!

Anonymous said...

Recording a new song? Ooh lala! LOL! JK! I love your songs btw! You have some awesome beats, and everytime I hear your voice, my feet have a mind of their own and start a-dancing! Get out the disco ball! Lol! But, anyway great job on everything in 2008! You had a great year, and I'm 100% positive that 2008 will be the same or BETTER! I love you will my whole heart, and one day hope to meet that beautiful head of hair! LOL! But, you do keep it lookin' spiffy...Did I just say spiffy? Ok, then. I am officially wierd. But, that is not "new" news... Lol! Can't wait to hear the news! Much love Mitchel, Lynn ( YOUR #1 FAN FROM CHICAGO :):D:):D)

MeganP2010 said...

hahah i guess she deserves to be in your blog!!!

I think my new years resolution will be to be mentioned in your blog one day... on top of chilling with you numerous times and seeing you some more! I LOVEEEE YOUUUUUU!!!!

-Megan. [[hannah montana taping, sanjose jingle jam, and hopefully more!!!]]

luke said...

hey, do you have msn mitchel? we need to talk to you, or brag about having your msn!!!!

Anonymous said...

aww haha Mariam seems happy :]

and i cant wait to hear ur new songg. i've been addicted to "Lean on Me" x] its my myspace song and everything. haha.

ok well i gotta get ready for school. so ill check back l8r when ya have more news :]

and btw, UR the best ;]

haha love ya Mitch!


DaniRefridgeratorMagnet said...


I'm done now.

Yeah! Mariam got into THE BLOG. She's one of the reasons for the refrigeratormagnet obesseion. So she definatly deserves some love.

New Song? Good News? Sweet.


brie said...

New song? (wiggles fingers) Oooooo hooo hooo hooooo! Sorry...i got all Brian Winters on ya there.....lolz.

And again, where would you be without your AMAZING fans?!?!?! You know we're DA BOMB, FRICKY FRICKY FRESH, whatever ya wanna call us! And you know me and Jackie TOP THE TOP! lol, jk.

and are ya diggin' the Mitchel's Mix CD?! it's OFF DA CHAIN! lolz

luv, brie

Meeghanherexo said...


Mariam, ahhaa.

I was one who texted her and told her.

she freaked.

mitchel, boy.
minnesota still needs you.


and you can go fishing with mallorie and I!


Dawn said...

If good news means you're going on tour, you best be coming to Boston. ;]

Have fun recording your new song! I'm sure it's going to be amazing.


Jenny said...

Haha Meeghan.. he says you have to write to Disney, and tell them. Mitchel needs to come to Minnesota. so we will write to Disney and tell them!! :D comeseemeandmeeghanandmaria
haha anyway.
fishing? :P haha.
how bout, come to Minnesota and you can go bowling with Maria & I. or skateboarding. lol jk.to both.
or not... haha!

mamabear7001 said...

Dearest Mitchel!
I love you! I just listened to Lean on me on Youtube.. Its pretty much my obsession. Ive listened to it at least...150 times and im not exaggerating. Its playing right now as i type. If you would like to know my New Years resolution is to meet you! So if i have to fly to you home in texas.. OR you come to my hometown.. I will save up. and i will go. Get Excited!
I love you!
-Lisa B

P.S.-Come to STL!

Jessica (random girl who likes pancakes) said...

Hey Mitchel!!
twich twich...I am so anxious to find out if you're coming somewhere near Phili!! It has been making me even more figgity than I usually am. By like 10am I was going totally crazy and almost jumped out of my chair during science and started rolling around on the floor. lol. And now I am even more anxious since I just remembered about your new song!! Oh I hope you're going to post info soon before I start rolling around on the floor!! ahaha. I have a picture of you topless on my binder and my teacher (Who thinks you're cute) said "Now who is this bear chested guy?" or something like that and I started laughing!! hahahaha...but seriously you should consider wearing no shirt more often. haha. "And no you're not getting any pancakes!!"


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the song! It'll be great! =)


Chelsee said...

Heyy for all those who don't know who Mariam is, she is only the coolest person in the whole world! Well, next to Mitch of course (Sorry, Mariam!) And she's a proud Ollie Dollie. WOOT yay for Mariam!!


Megan x said...

Mitchel =]

Ohmygosh, I must be like one of the only people who hasn't heard 'lean on me' =[.
Sometimes I really don't like living in England, we never get the good stuff.

Mariam's a lucky girl =]
And you're just too sweet =]

oliviaakiddo! said...

people still haven't heard lean on me?
direct them to youtube, mitchel!


veryygoood (:

the original version makes me angryy ahaha :D
wellll yeah just watching the youtube video is wayyy better because i HATEEEE radio disney.
ahaha i meann (:
its just wayy too overplayed same stuff yknoww?
ahhhhh duddddddde if you leave soon what if i don't see you for a longgtimee psh.
mariam and i were gonnnna take you to chuck e cheese cause that'd be like a party...
but then it would be a mob of like little kids like
that would like...suck.
haha kiddinggggg
byeee :]

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

wow mariam had to be happy to see that you posted a blog for her , i would be--furshure lol.
but anyways i love the song lean on me! & i cnat wait for the the rest of the good news!
btw you seriously need to come back to pittsburgh lol. =)
and oh yah whenever you find out when the disney channel games are will u post a blog because my dad really wnats to go and take me and my bro and mom. thanks x3

Jessica Benedetto =)

oh yah and be4 i forget heres the picture we took in pittsburgh together .. well the first one is the one we took in florida, and the ones below it is the ones we took on thursday.


half of my friends say we look liek brother and sister lol.. but they think all italians look liek brother and sister lol =)

marykateee =) said...

have we told you lately....YOU are the BEST!!!!<3333
Can't wait to hear the good newsssss.
Keep being amazingg<3

Mary** said...

I can't wait to hear the new song Mitchel! You should totally come to Maryland. =)

Carly said...

ahh mitchel u gotta post the good news soon! its driving me crazyy! haha! Chicago??!????!?!?!?!?

better be!! u promisedd!


xolyssaxo3 said...

OMG she must be soo happy!<333

Mitchel Your the best.<3


Anonymous said...

oh u r so nice!....oh what's the song mister?...ahaha!...so what up?.....i can't wait for the new hannah episode this sunday!....i know u r in it cause i saw some of it on youtube....it's just a closet...ha!!!!!....well u better get crackin and tell us the news!...p.s. my biday is 29 days away!!!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)


geeze musso.

like onmygosh.

you need to tell us more things.

i'm shaking so much

i'll see you then.


mariums sooo lucky!!! i bet shes flipping out right now. youre soo sweet to do that for her. lol. i cant wait to hear your new song!!! can you tell us what its called?? oh ya... HAPPY HALF BDAY!!!!!! =]

gimmekimmi said...

how do we find out if you're gonna have an appearance near us?

Makayla said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday! Today is mine too!

Mariam's awsome! Haha!

Today durring recess, I started rapping these random raps from Hannah Montana, and everyone's like: "Makayla, you are such a big Hannah Montana fanatic!".

I put a pic of when I met you and Keke Palmer in my binder and this one kid told me to tell you "Hi." (Hmm....)

Come back to AZ soon! (Vote for "Lean On Me" like crazy tdhis weekend! Haha!)

<3 Makayla
(Girl who has the same B-Day as you from Phoenix!)


Sry about like yesterday with that crazyness and chicken pot pie....i was kinda hyper.....yea....but im normal cuz we had a bball game 2 day and won! Wootness! Yea...soo yea...
Peace! Tootles!

Mariam. [: said...

this blog probably made absolutely horrific day yesterday, amazing.
actually, it wasnt the blog...
it was you.

just knowing you thought of me yesterday makes me smile from ear to ear. (:

iloveyou! (:

Anonymous said...

Good to know about the music vid! cant, wait 2 see it!
well, i finished my fan letter, and im sending it 2day...this time 2 the RIGHT ADRESS!!!!( i swear 2 God i thought the talentworks one was the right one..)
I sent u something!
its definitely not as terrific as an i-tune card, but i think that youll like it..
Thanks for telling us about writing 2 Disney to request you 2 come 2 where we live...they are going 2 be hearing a lot from me now!

xxxxxooooo, luv Dakota

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I thought you'd like these two video!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roc_tdUQzlw ~ Justin Timberlake style

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9LmHXXWiJs ~ The original version!

Hopefully you like them! I found them last night!!

Deticated to you, forever and always,

Krystle Kayla said...

are you touring in may!?
i wanna see you on my birthday!!!!!

miss you <3

Chelsee said...

Heyyy Mitchel! I got this link from Katie (I think) about one of the pre-parties, and you're wearing the hat! lol I flipped out and all my family was like "Haha Chelsee!" ok well here is the link! It goes to the person's page, and they're the first 3 videos!


ok well ttyl! Love you (duhh!)!


jessica aka "Girl with a fantasy crush on you?" said...

Hey Mitchel!!
So how was your day? Mine started off sooooooo sooooo horribly but got a lot better. It started last night when my parents were talking about how my love for you is not "realistic" and bla bla bla and "Jess, you need to balance Mitchel with other things" so I asked what other things and all my mom could think of was "anything" so I told her that you are my everything and you inspire me. Without you I wouldn't be happy and I'd think bad stuff about myself instead of believing that I can do anything. So I basically cried the whole night. Then I had to go through the morning holding down my tears because my friends were saying that I needed to come back to reality so I told them that you are my reality. I was so upset that I wrote a poem and here it is:
He was the guy who was my escape
From all the drama and tears, he was my big break
I couldn't help but fall in love, he was my prince
I've just been happy ever since
But I guess fairy tales don't always have a happy ending do they?
Because I just can't stand to hear the words you say
"He's a crush, he's not real"
"So find a balance, that's the deal"
What kind of balance do you mean?
I don't want to back to last year when I didn't want to be seen
Because I thought I wasn't pretty enough for some boys
Mitchel is fragile, he's not just like all those toys
So don't tell me to stop loving Mitchel
Because I wanna stay here in heaven and not go back to....(Well you probably know the last word, I was angry and sad so I got a little colorful...but only once!)
I was so sad until someone who I thought would agree with everyone else noticed I was sad when I didn't talk. So I told her and she said that what they said was all a load of crap! It made me feel a little better, but still I am feeling upset...so please just give me some good news, tell me you're happy, just anything to make me keep going because it's your words that heal my broken heart.

I'll love forever no matter what people say...you are my life

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Okay...I am I really bad about jumping to conclusions, especially when its somethin I REALLY want...but I was wondering...is it the Hannah Montana tour? Is that what you're gonna go on?????

I hope you're having awesome week! Have fun recording your songs!!!!


Anonymous said...

ok.....really random

4 christmas i got Hannah Montana uno cards...best gift EVER lol...so i changed my schedule 4 second semester and i have 7th period study hall...so we had a huge Hannah Montana Uno war...lol

zahoryyyxoxo said...

Hey Mitchel, I met you in Virginia at Ikea. Wow, I got to give you credit for the screaming fans. The high pitched screaming must get kind of annoying. You are definitley cuter in person and everytime I watch Hannah Montana I tell everyone in the room I met you. You are nice to the point I know. Greeting everyone as they are special and doing it for 700 people must be crazy. I hope you come back to Virginia. <3

PS. You may not remember I was the redhead with ringlets ;)

Sarah =D

ashleyyy said...

ahh mitchel.

i can't wait to her the new song.

i'm sure it will be amazing.

just like you.

Paige said...

Hey Mitchel :]

I am sending out fanmail to you sometime soon...watch for it for me!

I can't wait to hear more stuff from you soon..

x's & o's,

Anonymous said...

alright! haha can u just please post when ur going to tell us?!? haha its making me crazyy

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
ah. no time, no comment! sry! =]
again i say, you are the sweetest guy! you are so great to your fans. i so cant wait to hear the new song. im probably gonna love it like the rest of them! =]
have a fun weekend!

vanna9ballin said...

Hey Mitchel.I wanted to tell you that I am sorry I didn't get to meet you while you were in Florida.My friend Chyna went though and brought me back an autographed pic of you though so I am still happy. :) Please comment on this!!! I love Mitchel!