Friday, January 18, 2008


I'm headed to dance rehearsal.....and I leave for Europe it's a little crazy here......but I was thinking about you and wanted to say hey! I hope everybody had a great week! And great plans for an awesome weekend!

Hey....have you requested "Lean On Me" today on Radio Disney???????? you haven't......get yourself on over there and request it....we are tying to break our 21 spot and bring it on up up up.....right?

I have a brand new song....if your in New Orleans next will be the first to hear it......I Can't Wait....Let's take a guess at what the title might be......I'll give you one little's about a girl.......ok....not the best hint.....but it's all I'm giving you right now....guess away!

Take care, be safe....and keep reading the blog....



Julie :] said...

sweet! have fun! :]

and i request Lean on Me every morning x]

we shall beat #21! haha.

and this new song sounds interesting already ;]

i g2g tho.
love ya!


ashlee! said...

MITCHEL! Have FUNNN in europe! I wish I could go theree! Itd be funn. Dude, I'm mad at you.! I can't fly to new orleansss! And I wanna hear that new song! Its probaly AWESOMEE.

Omg, mitch, I'm SO happy. I GOT METROSTATION TICKETS! 70 days till the concert! I'm stoked. Oh, and I MITE be going 2 denverrr. If I do, we shouldd hangg and go skatinggg. =]

PLEASE TELL ME THAT THE CONCERTS ARE OVER ON THE WEST COASTTTTTT. ill die if they arentt. I need more mitchelness. Wait, no, you should just fed-ex urself to oregon and live hereee. So then I could see you more. :]

P.s. Make sure you rush-deliever urself. :D

Lisa said...

Mitchel! Lean on me is Amazing!! I AM OBSESSED WITH IT@
IM GOING TO YOUR brothers CONCERT on February 1st at the creepy Crawl STL

Meeghanherexo said...

so were guessing the title, yes?

let's see.

haha, the last one!


Keep us updated about Europe?
have fun boy.

abby said...

yess a new song! :] that makes me excitedddd! i just requested lean on me like 50 times...haha.

- have fun in Europe!
[im so jealous!]

*abby from texas!

jackie. said...

hey mitch!
a girl?! that cant be good news.
hopefully thats not pertaining to
your big valentines day news.
but yess, we've all been voting for you on radio disney!!
keep up the good work,
hope to see you soon<3.


ahhh! i dont know how to request your song. how? post a blog and tell how. haha! ;D

a girl?
hmmm....dont knoww.

comeee to arizona boyfran! we need you! lol!(:


p.s. have fun in europe!

oliviaakiddo! said...

i saw your dad yesterday
but no you :O

Chelsee said...

Yes, yes. It's most definitely called Meeghan.


This girl.... did she maybe win one of the Win a Date contest, and you named your song after her?

Not a good thing.
Especially if you're Dyslexic, like me.

Ok, I'm not ACTUALLY dyslexic but I mix almost everything up, so It's kind of like it. Annoys the heck out of me.

Well, randomess done (keep in mind that it's 2:30 AM here on the boring 'Ol East Coast), Good luck in New Orleans! I'm sure your song will be a hit!


Megan x said...

Mitchel's a busy guy!

When you come to Europe, I don't suppose you could bring some California sun with you?! haha, I miss the summer and sunshine =[

I love lean on me =]
It was stuck in my head all day at school yesterday, so I had some weird looks when I started humming it =P

Hope you have a safe journey and have an awesome time in Europe (so awesome that you will want to come back and see us! =P hehe)


Megan xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I love Lean on Me, I request it each time I remember to do it. lol. I'll go to do it right now that you remind me about it.

It's so cool that you are leaving today to Europe!! Are you going to tell us where are you going to be? Cause I'd love to see you. Hope you come to Spain! =]

Have a safe flight! and hope you don't get bored, cause it will be long...

Love Ya soo much!


lizz :) said...

haaay boy hay

mitchel metro station tommrow!!
and i vote for lean on me every day,

but a girl? i can tell this is probably going to dissapoint me
so is your valentines day news?

ill love it though..
have fun in europe,

:) looove you boy

bbrrriiitttt. said...

heey! i requested lean on me!
&& I bet its gonna be in the top 10
[[i hopee, that would be ggreatt]]
well have fun in europe, im sure
you will! and about the new song..
i'm stumped.. but i wish you were coming to philly, eventhough I saw you in December that was just tooo long ago :[
ex oh ex oh.
~~britt :]<3

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you have a fun time in Europe today! And I hope you had a good time at your dance rehearsal. I'm sure you did GREAT! I wish I had great weekend plans. Knowing your happy, will make my weekend.

No, I haven't requested "Lean on me", yet, in like the past three days. Hold on. I'm gonna go and do it! OK. I did it.

A new song?!?!?!?!?! Yes! I love all your songs so far! Is the title of the song... " I need you in my life"???? Because I certainly need you in mine!

Have a GREAT weekend, and be sure to tell us how Europe went! And who are you rooting for in football? I'm all New England-ed up! I hope you have the time of your life! You deserve it!

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Anonymous said...

Have an awesome time in Europe Mitchel!
I can't wait to hear all about it!


Oh, and last night I had a dream that you came back to Chicago. Lol. XD

Taylor said...

o lala, mitchie!!
what girl??
hav a blast in europe!!!
c ya in florida!! :)

DaniRefridgeratorMagnet said...


So this week you are NEXT week, we have to bring you up! You ARE moving up though! Congrats!

Have fun in Europe! Bring me back something french! Ahahaha Home Alone quote....

I bet the song is called IMDb Girls. I'm freakin' AWESOME at these guessing games!!!!!

Take It Easy!


Daniela said...

have fun in Europe!! :)
and I hope you'll have the best week EVER!!!!!
Daniela (from Israel)

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
Ahh, you know I have been requesting it online, and over the phone! lol.
man, oh man, I wish I could hear that song!! It's probably just as amazing as all of your songs, because they all rock my life!
By the way, I don't think I could ever stop reading this blog, or stop loving you!

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

Have an awesome time in Europe!! I know you will!!!

I'll definitely request Lean on Me today! We WILL beat 21!!

I have NO idea what the title would be, but it sounds sweet!! Whoever the girl is must be a great one!!


Sasha said...

I've been requesting the song. We;re going to make it #1!!!!

I'm not a good at guessing so I'll just wait to hear the song title.

See ya

Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

Hey Mitchel!!
Have fun in Europe!!

I gotta go like request Lean on Me like soon...or now. sweet of you to write a song about me!! lol jk. I can't wait to hear it!!

my weekend is sooooo awesome!! Today we're taking my dog for a nice walk at this park!! Tomorrow night I'm going midnight bowling!!! WOOO!! I'm gonna go not do so well!!

Ok so you gotta let me know about me and my bff's strange rap!!ahaha
I'm very surprized that in the last like 12 hrs people actually wasted their time to watch this...jk it's actually kind of funny....because we stink so bad at rappin'!!lol

I'm gonna go request that sing soon!!

Anonymous said...

ahh!...ur leavin'?! fun!!!!!....ok my guess is i have no give me another please!.....u take care and stay safe too, ok?...promise me...ok to u l8r man!


Ollie's Dollies said...


Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

Wait ok so i figured out the name of the song!! Ok let me guess it's called "About a girl" right? Hey wait a minute one of my favorite shows is called that, cool. Although I would sit and think when it first came on I was like "Wait what is that show called, I know it is about a girl...oh wait!" Ok so anyway....please don't let it be about some girl that has to do with the V-day news...because that wouldn't flow with the past 11 months about how much I love you and about how you're the only guy I've been thinking about and how much you fixed my broken heart. I don't wanna go through another disappointing V-day....and I fell in love with you last Valentine's day!! Please don't break my heart like all the other guys...:( Especially since I believe that you're the one who fixed it....

So think about what I said ok? lol
Rock like a PARTYSTAR!!

Beth said...

Hey Mitchel have fun in Europe. I cant wait to her about what it was like there.
Anyway have fun

Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...

have a safe trip to europe.
& i hope you have a great time (:

Makayla said...

Have FUN in Europe!! I hope you have a great time!

Don't worry, I vote for "Lean On
Me" everyday like 20 times! Haha!

Hmm...a girl..It's gotta be good!
I can't wait until I hear your new song!!!!

I saw the pics to the Hannah Montana permire on Thursday! Looks like you and the cast had sooo much fun!!!

Love you!
<3 Makayla
(Girl from Phoenix with same birthday)

christineLovesMitchTate said...

ii wuz der at thee hannah premiere. yooh came ii saw yoohh but ii didnt get a picc with yoooh. ii got a lot of pics OF YOOH but its not the same...

thxx fer saying hi later when ii screamed my lungs out at the premiere (: ii wuz wearing glasses and ii wuz at the other side of the street when yooh were talking to the video dudee

hahaha anyways, have fun in Europeee

ilyyy <3

ttran said...

Hey right back to you!

Awesomeness! I hope you have the time of your life there! Yes yes, we are trying to bring that two-one into just the ONE. Whoo!

Sorry....I'm a little hyper right now.

You be safe, too, Mitchel. I probably won't be considering I'm drivng again for driver's ed in a couple of days. I almost died yesterday when I drove. And if I die before I see you in New Orleans....

I'll be super mad.


Well, have fun in Europe!!

Oh, and the song title MUST be "Meeghan".

Fer said...

awesomee!!!have fun in Europe and when you come back you tell us all bout it!!!

I request "Lean on me" all the time!!we ARE gonna beat #21=D

the new song sounds interesting Can't wait to hear it!!

love youuu<3


Anonymous said...

have fun in europe! song title...i'm probs v. wrong, but couuld it be "I can't wait"? haha...anyways!! U ROCK!

Jess said...

Ok so i was gonna request Lean on Me like 20....million times (even though my hands are like numb) but my computer is slow so it didn't work...sad isn't it?

Rock like a PARTYSTAR!!

Elizabeth said...


Your song "Lean On Me" really helped me today. The only reason I worked so hard on passing my biology exam was because my parents said I could go see The Jonas Brothers in concert. The tickets went on sale this morning. So I had a shot, but daddy had his credit card number changed. By the time we sorted all of that out, all the tickets were sold out (under a minute).

I was so bummed out, mom took me to Target to take my mind off of it. On the way back home, your song came on the radio and brightened my day. It really showed me that "Hey! Other girls are going through this too! Just lean on me, and we'll get through this together." I just wanted to thank you, Mitchel.

I want to you have fun, but be safe, in Europe. Have a great time with Ashley, Allison, and all the other cast members.

<3 Liz

Jess is bored without you said...

hey!! I'm really bored right now so I thought hey why not do something exciting!! And of course this is one of those exciting things!!'s it goin? Seen any good movies lately? Any funny videos? hint mine...cough....oops sorry got a tickle in my throat. Well gtg.

My life is yelling at the UPS guy to deliver you to my house...ahaha

Jess is still bored without you!! said...

I totally forgot to tell you my new "Cheesy" qoute wich totally fits you!! "You could grate cheese on those abbs!"

brooke said...

mitchieeee, have a safe trip to europe! & have funn :D.
eeek, i can't wait for your new song!
maybe its about a girl named..
brooke? and she loves you insanely?
yeahhh :].

wellll, please stay super safe in europe, and post a city soon. likeeeee near ohio, okayyyy?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're living the life! Just went ski-ing yesterday! It was bundles and loads of fun!!! Well, have fun in Europe!! Much love, btw I'm seeing the Jonas Brothers in concert Feb. 22nd ( 6th row seats BABY!!!) YES! I'm excited and counting down the days... Much love, and happiness- Lynn ( Your #1 fan from Chicago)

ayoo maryann! said...

i counted my requests, and i requested lean on me 55 times so i hope that helps out :)
Believe me, us IMDb girls are VERYYY determined on getting you to number 1 hahah!

pssh why do you need to rehearse YO MOVES ARE ALREADY PRETTY FLY :)
and for guessing the title i have no clue hahah.
have fun in europe!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Have fun in Europe! I have been requesting Lean On Me, and I'm about to do so right now! Hmm... about a girl... It could be about; a breakup, a makeup, a crush, a friend... I have no idea! Is it about a real person? That could be a big hint... Either way, I can't wait to hear it! Have fun! *smile*


Meeghanherexo said...

See, people agree with me on the song name.


ashlee said...

Mitchel! I KNOWW YOUR SECRETTTTTTTTTTTT. Radio disney kinda said it on air.....but yea. They said "mitchels coming out with a _____ soon." So yea. If that's not ur secret, then idk what it is. =D dude, I'm shakingg. I'm SO excitedddd! Ahh. Made my nitee. Oh and I called radio disney like 200+ times and I got through 2 times and requested ur song and they played it 10 minutes laterrrr

mitchels babe said...

about a girl?? hmmm, I HAVE NO CLUE! so I heard this song by metro stationa and I don't know the name because I just started listening to them but I think the name is something about dancing at the disco because they say that a lot. I am glad I started listening to them because they are really good! I CANT WAIT TO HEAR YOUR NEW SONG!!!! I requested lean on me but they never played it.

bye cutie!!

MitchelsBabe said...

hah i have had this account but i forgot the password and just remembered it!

Dawn said...

Mitchel! Have fun in Europe! I will be praying that you guys all have a safe flight and back.

Let's see about that it "I Can't Wait?" Because, you know, you did capitalize I, Can't, and Wait...Well either way, I certainly can't wait to hear the new song! haha

Jess is again, STILL bored without you said...

WOOOT!! I'm going midnight bowling tonight!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! I'll be thinkin about you....nothin different there. ahaha You could grate cheese on those abbs!!ahahaha

p.s. you couldn't have gone to florida 2 months later....when I will be there!!!

Anonymous said...

T can't wait to here the big news on Valentines Day! I hope it has something to do with you coming to Philadelphia. That would be so totally awsome. Well I hope you had a blast in Europe. Bye =]


Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

Rappin ain't our thing but we sure are cool
We dislike emos and we dislike school
That's like my favortie part of me and my bff's rap....probably the only normal part. Well I'm gonna go request Lean on Me!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea I think people think our rap is dumb......

Anonymous said...

cute pic mitchel!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)

xolyssaxo3 said...

Mitchel, have a WONDERFUL time in Europe!!! can't wait to hear how it went!

cant wait to hear the new song.i won't be in new orleans. i don't live anywhere near there!

im going to see national treasure today. hope its good.

well luv ya.


Anonymous said...

Your songs are awesome!
What other projects are you going to start doing and/or audition for when you return!

Alexa said...

heyyyyyy, awesome:]:]
Lean on me's amazing:]:]:]
i love it soo much!

so have fun in Europe, and come to Hungary, its not too far from Britain, just 1 or 2 hours... Budapest's a good place in these days, but we have no snow anymore... and its not too good, cause snow ball fights are awesome... hmm.
i'll wait for you, haha, we cant live without you!!! haha

uhhm, it sounds great, a girl? oh, yeah:] i cant wait!!!


Jessiica Reneee' =) said...


how lucky are you your going to europe today! oh yah and if you ever visit italy while your their, look for my last name cause i guess its like everywhere lol.
& it would mean so much to me if you posted when the disney channel games will be.. if you know when.
because me and my family would like to go, but we dont know when they are,
btw i cant wait to here your new song! & alot of your songs are about girls, but thats cute =)
anyways i hope you have a great time in europe (i know you will) & come back to pittsburgh soon!
oh yah cant wait to here that valentines day surprise!

Jessica Benedetto =)

selah said...

So's life across the pond?
Picked up a british accent yet?
I know I would have. :]

You are coming to Orlando, right?
We miss you.

Love, :]selah.

Mary** said...

I'm so excited cause I'm seeing Metro Station March 4! I really hope I get to meet Mason. =) I want to buy him a present, any suggestions?

Have a blasty blast in Europe!
You're the best!

amy said...

ah sick, but you're in europe on my birthday (the 21st) :[

ive always wanted to go to europe, you're so lucky dude!

Katie R. said...

Mitchel, You have to check out the BLOG some of the girls on IMDb made....
What do you think? Amazing right? I post on it too.
So, maybe you could post a message on it like we do on yours!...Its just a thought.... A good one though!
I hope your having fun in Europe! I wish I was there with you! That would be an AMAZING Trip!
Come back to Detroit soon!

" Your Friend For The Day" -Katie

Anonymous said...

MItchel! i hope ur having fun in europeee!! man i wish i was there! iv always wanted to go! haha

cant wait too hear the surprise or w.e on vday! haha

guess what i just got tickets for metro stations next tour! cant wait! im going next week and then again in april! so excitedd!

well ig2g

DaniRefridgeratorMagnet said...

Dang fridge. Will not work. Hope your not too upset. I know you looked forward to those. haha


Meeghanherexo said...


I don't... I don't understand Dani's comments.

Mal, ily.

8 days till flo rida.
I know you like that song, don't argue with me.
20/19? days till CO!

...maybe you should get ready to be yelled at.
haha. because,'ve basicaly gone to every state BUT minnesota, so i'm starting to think you have some sort of personal vendetta against Minnesota.
Don't you like the biggest mall in america?
it's huge.
you're excited,. I can tell.
So I start work soon.
Not exactly good on my part, but hey, can't live off your parents forever.

I made a shirt yesterday at Victoria's secret.
a few people know what it says, and you'd understand it.. but not many people would.
i'm not going to say it here.
ask me on the phone.

hi! said...


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel good luck and you should come to georgia again love you and god bless

Patsy said...

Hey Mitch (:
Is there any chance you will be doing a meet and greet in London?
It will really make my day if you do!
Okay, please post here if you do.
Thanks (:

kbs8162 said...

What is the name of your drummer in your video "lean on me" (which by the way I love) but yea your drummer is reallyyy hott. =]

CassiiD said...

Hey Mitchel
Just Found Your Ofiical Music Video On Youtube I Like It Alot
Keep Up The Good Work

Allie said...

omg love your song! you are SO hot! im meeting cody linley in 7 days! who is the drummer in the music vid for lean on me?

yo biggest fan<333

Anonymous said...

love your song!!! who is the drummer in the vid lean on me?

i get to meet cody linley in 7 days!!

YOU SHOULD COME TO MICHIGAN!!! that would be amazing!!

so can you tell us who the drummer is? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry i dint think my other comment posted so this is #3 :]