Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hey guys!

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the Pre-Party's and Jingle Jams! Did we have Fun or WHAT???? I gotta tell you....I will be traveling some more....and I will be sharring my music in some more keep reading my BLOG...because there is more to come!

Thank you to the fan who knitted the hat for me...I wore it to two more pre-parties and It was so cool!

My Dad said there was some fans in Albany...some I have seen before...they bought me a gift at changed plans for my exit and I didn't get a chance to meet with you and say thank you.....I am so sorry...tell Albany to have me back....Dad feels really bad.....send anything you want on to Disney and I can get it that way....send to my attention.

I want to come out and share my music with you and get a chance to meet everyone!! I am really sorry about that......I feel bad for everyone that I didn't get a chance to meet in all the cities.....I promise to do everthing I can to get back out there.

If you want me to come to a city near you...please write ALL REQUEST and ALL MAIL to DISNEY. NOT to Mitchel.....just to Disney so that they get it....not me....and they can see that you want me to come and visit. If you send a request to me...I can read it....but can't really do anything about it....if you send it to Disney....they can read it themselves and make a choice as to whether I can come or not....the more people write from a certain city...the more likely I would be able to come back again.....Also.....Radio Disney request are great too! Call and request a song....."Lean On Me", can be requested right now...hope you like it!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the stuffed animals, belt buckles, candy, necklaces, braclets, CD's, Itune cards, and all the incredible fan mail and notebooks...I can't believe that so many of you have walls covered in my posters!!! You guys are absolutely AMAZING! My mom enjoyed looking through everything....she can't believe how hard you worked on was amazing! If you want to send fan mail...please write to Disney and DO put my name on that mail so that they know it's for me.....I always get mail with my name on it.I am a little behind in sending fan mail out....but I will work on it this week.

You guys are great to post on Marc's IMDB board...he feels special...thanks guys! and when you talk about Metro Station.....well...that's just really cool too! The Musso Boys ALL appreciate you very much!

Please let me know when you see the "Lean on Me " video on Disney...I want to know what you think.....

Everything is going to be Great in 2008!



jukebox said...

gah! im pretty bummed i didn't see you mitchel!! but its okay.. one day. we shall meet.


Carly said...

aww i cant wait for u to comee bk to chicago if u do!! haha i hope u do come and share the music! that would be amazing! haha...

glad u like the gifts! and omg i know everyone on imdb has been callin in im sure everyone else is too! i love the song!! haha

glad that u finally posted!!

i better goo!



Anonymous said...


I know this sounds stupid, but where can I get the address to send out an all request for you to come to a city around me????

Have a GREAT 2008!

Carly said...

hey and also.... by any chance what is disneys address? sorry i feel like i should know it by now lol


Anonymous said...

And where do I send fan mail to you, so that I can be sure you'll get it??? The one on your website, or is there another one. Like what's the address for disney???? And where exactly do we put your name, if we write to Diosney??? THANKS FOR EVEYTHING YOU DO!

leanne =] said...

Ohmahgosh, you're traveling again. yaaaay! i hope you can do a show in new york, we're waiting. =] uhmm yeah i'm gonna send disney something in like 9573408 seconds. ohmigosh i love lean on me. i was playing it on repeat for like an hour and a half. YOU'RE WELCOME SO MUCH. haha. you deserve it alllll. dude, we're buying you the world. we're spending all our pearls. we're signing checks and flying jets. =] haha. happy [late] new year. i hope 2008 is safe and healthy for you and your family. =]

(the girl who didnt have a question on radio disney).

Anonymous said...

Mitchel, Lean on me is AWESOME!!!!!!! I have it on my iPod and I listen 2 it everyday!!!! lol! plus i really want you to came back to Dallas for a concert or something, so I can go for my birthday! I'm finally turning 13 July 30! YAY ME!! lol! That's all I want for my b-day is to meet you! You Are AWESOME!!!
Love, Shayla

P.S I have every single one of your songs Lean om me, red carpet,
leavin,let's go wasn't your girlfriend,and lisence for love! ( I know on and on but i haven't heard it yet!) lol

Anonymous said...

awh u r the sweetest ever...well actually all the musso boys r sweet!....ok u need to tell marc i say hi!!!!....then u need to tell mason that metro station needs to come back to omaha since i missed them and i really wanted to go!...i can't believe it....half of the school year has gone by now and i just noticed it!...oh well...any-hoo.....i hope u had a great time on ur traveling and i hope u come somewhere near omaha or lincoln nebraska!....that wld b way cool and i wld scream!....oh and p.s. my walls r covered w/ ur posters too!!!!!! :)

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

Ohmigosh, are you going on the Hannah Montana tour??? That would be so awesome!
Glad you had a great time at your preparties!! Sounded like a lot of fun!!!



Heyy mitchel<33
LOLZ! I was readin like marcs imdb page like all week. I was suprised (kinda) that u mentioned it! But yea...i was gonna go see u in albany or w.e but then i found out it was 3 hours away so i didnt :*( but w.e i'll try to come to when ur in ny, pa, or nj (hay that kinda rymed or w.e) butt yea and like 2 months ago i just got like my side kick but yea w.e and my other phone was an mp3 player so i was listening 2 my songs and like metrostation came on and i was like OMG! METROSTATION! X] it was funny but bored and watching iCarly x] but gonna go request ur song on R.D. :) sooo yea Byez!
Peace! TooTles!

DaniRefridgeratorMagnet said...


Big. Blogs. Are. My. Favorites. AND SO IS MARCMARC!!!! lmao I'm glad he likes are posts. We are uber cool over there.

Dude. If you come back to Chicago....I will be happy. I wonder if the petiton is still worth sending to Disney. We have 124 sigs....maybe I should get that up and rolling...well after you go to Minnesota of course, haha. It'd be uber sweet if you did a concert out here in Chicago though.....Oo!! I bet you that special guest in the extended BOBW Tour!!! But you don't come till after the Chicago one. Grr.

Glad you like all the presents and your mom too! haha the Hula Girl was your favorite though, right?? And DANIREFRIDGERATORMAGNETS! YES!Haha, I kid. Hope Stitchness enojoyed his stuffs too...I love dat doggie....cause I have no mom's allergic....grr....So I can only spoil my fishie. With new palnts and stuff. Like he notices....=/


Jessica said...

Omg!! I love reading that and being able to say "Hey that's what I did" ahaha. Umm well thank you very much for that post I really needed it today. It really is going to help me get through the week also. Yea today I was kind of scarred for life. Me and my mom went to the store and well it's not important just scary. Yea, moving on I really want to see you again I have like all this stuff to give you like a cute little care bear and stuff like that!! My bff was telling me before about the neclace we gave you with the heart and the key she was like "ok he has to wear that or I'll make him!" You might not wanna get her mad trust me long story about a poster of you....she'll say something crazy and I'll be like "What What'd you just say?BAM!!" long story if we see you again we'll explain. Other than that I probably want to say this before it's too late and someone else asks you this. Well I fell in love with you the day after Valentines day...very special I know and even though it's only January I'm going to ask you anyways....Will you be my Valentine?

I love you forever and your words really helped me get through this crazy day!!

EmilyyAnn said...

Aw I wish you wouldcome back to Oklahoma.
And this time you could preform :]
I'll contact people and see if we can have you back :]
I'll be sending in some fan mail soon
I cant waitt to see the video Mitchel:]

Sasha said...

I'm one of those people who didn't get to see you. You came to the state i live in just to far to drive. I hope you do come back to Indiana though.

I've voted for "Lean on Me" a billion times already!!! i'll def. tell you when I see the video for it. I'm sure it's great.

Tell your brothers that I said HI!!!

I'm glad you liked all your gifts.

Have an awesome 2008!!!

See ya

Mariam. [: said...

mitchel! (:

dont bother mentioning the kids who drove seven hours in the rain to see you! hahahaha.
im kidding.

but anyways.
i miss you like crazy.
but its all good.

see you soon.
i love you.
-mariam. (:

asheeisintense said...

hhaha we made you the "love" book ! :)
and met you after the meet & greet in virgina !
i'm the one who cried because i like you soo much!!

marykateee =) said...

i'm deff. sending a request for you to come to jerseyyy.
i've traveled all over the tristate area to see you and my parents are getting tierd of drving me. haha
so yeahhh.
i think you should come to here and see us jersey fans.
you have a bunch of themm.
keep being amazingggg and working hard.
you're amazingggg <33

ashlee said...

MITCHEL, IF YOU ARE GOING ON THE EXTENDED MILEY TOUR, IMA BE MADD! Cuz, those concerts r like way over...THERE and I'm over HERE....yea. If u aren't going on the miley tour, and you book shows at a maximum 12 states away, I WILL BE THEREE! I will help mommy musso and marcccc sell merch. :D

Oohh, I got you like 5 packages of starbursttttt over the 5 times I met you. Yo, 2007 was the bestestt yr everrr...I first met you on march10 in san bruno, and then saw/kinda hung out with you in santa clara, then you came to OREGON*yay!* and then you went to san jose, then you went to phoenix. Wow....I just realized I've traveled 4 out of the 5 times I met you....but it was SO worth it! Cuz you rockkk my socks off.

OOOHHH! 185 days till YOUR 17th bday! Yayyyyyyyyy! But ur still 4 yrs older than it won't be a good year when you turn age legalize-ations!

Mitchel, mason is coming to portland for the 3rd time, and for the 3rd time, I can't go. This time its cuz its sold out. =[ I wanted to see mason!



maryann musso :] said...

i just wanna let you know that i think your the nicest guy ever.
I drove 7 hours to come see you in Pittsburgh PA and even though they were rushing everyone by and said no pictures i thought it was cool you let me get one haha :)
Even though i look scared of the guy that yelled at me for taking it lmao.
the girl in front of me in line was a little uhm, unique? She was nice though :).
ahahah she said 'why does he keep saying white striped doves in this song?'
and i was like 'GLOVES, NOT DOVES.'

you hafta come to new jersey soon mister!
Since i don't think you've come here yet haha.
Me and Olivia are working on some way to see you together.
Except theres the problem of the fact that she lives in California and i live in New Jersey.

Well this comment is probably way too long so i guess i should go now haha.


P.S Your version of Lean On Me is sooo much better then the old one haha.

julia said...

well first of all, mitchel you rock!
secondly, PLEASE IF SOMEONE GETS TO READ THIS send me an email ( and we can have a chat, i am feeling quite lonely and i'd love to meet someone on the internet!!!
thanks a loooooooooottttt

Breann said...

i just got ur dolls from target i was sooooo happy and it was the last 2!!!! the 3 of u guys together and u with the body board or boogie board or what ever it is lol.... oh and isn't lean on me gonna be on Radio Disney 10 which is coming out 1/22? and im naming my puppy stitch even though its a girl but i don't care lol... and mason added me to his myspace... i thought i should let u know u should check it out... my whole page is about u!! and if u look at my pictures u can see my room i have to add more to my wall im also on ally's i been talking to her also...

Love You...

Hope to see you soon!!!!


Krystle Kayla said...

mitchel. we were the ones that bought you the gift yesterday! ohmygosh!!
i cant believe you remmeber us.
it stinks so much that we couldnt give you the gift but it feels amazing to know that you remmeberd me & emily. it really does mitchel.

we miss you so much.
we are hosting this benefit this summer for childrens poverty. I tried talking to your dad about it but we didnt have the chance.

id be soo cool if you can email me or something back?

we miss & love you tons.


francesemily said...

We want thank you for doing the pre-party tour, I got to come out to a few dates, and it was really amazing of you to sit there for hours signing and taking pictures.

And there is no worries about the gift, we will see you soon enough.
We know that sometimes things happen, and it's all good. We are not from Albany though, but are excited for the new tour.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

And we kind of love talking about Mason and Marc?
It's the cool thing to do.


Anonymous said...

i still cant belive i missed u in chicago i guess i will have to write to disney and hopefully have u come back!!!! i sure hope ur eventually going to put all ur songs on a cd cuz that would be sweet!!! speaking of cds and metro station i love there cd i just cant stop listening to it ever scince i got it! do u have a favorite song by them? i really like true to me and california and lets not forget shake it!!! hope u have a reat year!

oliviaakiddo! said...

dudddde youre gonna leave again arent you. ohh sheesh boyyy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about contacting Disney! I think I'll try that... I hope you can come to the north east again soon! It sounds like you had an awesome time! I'm sorry, but my fan mail will be arriving late; it's homemade and it took a lot longer than I thought it would (but I'm pretty sure you'll like it when it's done) It was supposed to be a Christmas / New Year's gift, but it's taking a long time, so if I'm not lucky, it might end up being a Valentine's Day gift (but it still would have originally been for Christmas). I'm glad you had fun at the pre-parties! I had an amazing time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Cirque du Soleil on friday! At Cirque du Soleil, at the very end, they shot out tons of paper snow flakes into the audience! I think I might still have a snowflake stuch to my coat! Yesterday and today, I was at the kickoff even for my robotics team, and it was so much fun! In this year's event, there is an oval race track with a divider down the middle of it. Cutting the track in half the other way is two metal bars creating an overpass above the robots. On the overpass is four balls - two red and two blue (for each alliance of three robots)- that are very wide (I don't remember the diameter). During autonomous mode (when the robot drives itself) the robot drives as many times as possible around the track getting four points for each time around the track. It gets 12 points if by the end of autonomous it knocks one of its balls off of the overpass. Then, after autonomous mode, the robot will carry or push the ball counter clockwise around the track, gaining 4 points for every time around the track, 2 points for every time the ball goes under the overpass, and 8 points for everytime it goes over the overpass. Then, towards the end, the robot gets 12 points if it can put the ball on the overpass and get it to stay there until the end. At the end, the points gained by each robot on a team will be added, and the alliance (red or blue) with the most points wins! I know, it's confusing, but the robotics founder says that if you don't have a headache, you don't understand it. The problem we're having is that the ball is made out of a slippering material, and using a gripper could make the robot's arm too heavy and make it topple over, but we do have some other good ideas under our sleeves... well, for now I have to go write to my friend from Illinois, so have fun, and come back to the Northeast soon! *smile* ttyl!


MeganP2010 said...

ahhh mitchel i love it when you post little updates like that! I'll make sure to send disney a request for you to come to san francisco/bay area because i'd LOVE to see you again!! You're like my favorite and I think you're so talented and sooo cute!!! Your jingle jam concert in san jose was amazing and i was so nervous meeting you again haha i think i sounded like an idiot, but maybe next time i'll be prepared!

I'm really trying to get tickets to the metro station concert at slims in san francisco in february, but it's sold out so i'm pretty bummed@ I got to see them last time they came thougha and i met them and everything! I love your brothers, Mitchel!

I love you so much!!!


ShireenMusso_ilymtm said...


Seeing you was the best thing ever! And why would you be shocked that walls are covered with your face? Your simply amazing, and that's why your up there. I love Lean on Me, by the way. I like the beat, and your voice :]. You should most definatly come back to Michigan! Did you not hear how loud we screamed for you, and how I forgot to breathe and forgot everything? [I was like, the third girl in line, if that at all refreshes your memory.] WE WANT YOU BACK BABE. I can't wait to see you music video on Disney! Cute puppies, gorgeous boy...ahhh, perfection. I hope you liked reading the candy book I gave you, I just hope you havent ate all of it yet:]


i love you,
the girl in Michigan with the candy book<3

brooke said...

i hope you can go to cleveland,
that way i can give you my gift..
i know it was really sad for me at first,
but now i can make your gift even MORE AMAZING.
today i got a miley doll.. so now you and her can hang out :D. ahah.
the funny thing is, miley is taller than your oliver doll!
anyways, im glad you had an awesome time touring.
i can't wait to see you.


iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

ahhhh ii LOVE that songggg

yup the new years starting goodd

ii miss yooh
cant waitt to see yooh again

ilyyyyy <3

With Love,

Anonymous said...


Sara said...

Aww I really hope you come back to Mass!! It was amazing getting to meet you. Definetly the best day of my life. Hahaha IMDb! =)and the whole Marc board thing. We're a bit crazy lol. All you Musso boys are seriously some of the most amazing people ever. I love you, Mason and Marc...a lot hahaha.

I REALLY wanna go see Metro Station on the 20th but its sold out and there was an early show added for that day but that sold out too before I even knew about it :(. Oh well.

You're seriously one of the sweetest guys ever.

Love ya <3333


Rachel said...

hey mitchel! i think u r soooo hott and u know.... im single! lol well i was just wonderin, do u really awnser fan mail? cause i sent u a letter but idk if u got it, prob didnt. but any who i think ur an awesome actor and sooo hott. im an actress so...any tips? i <3 u!

Gennine said...

Hey Mitchel!!! Happy New Year!!!
Yeah, you definitely have to come to the NJ/NY area!!! You have so many fans here!!!!!!
Hope you're doing well!!!!!

love ya!!!!!
~Gennine, 14, NJ

Krystle Kayla said...

hahha its soo cool you mentioned me & emily lol

you will be getting that gift sooon! :)

Chelsee said...

OHH MY GOSHNESS!!! You mentioned my hat! I'm glad you like it, and now I feel special :). Well, Mitch, I have to tell you, I technically didn't make the hat. Well, sort of. See, I was going to, but I had NO clue how to crochet and my friend Taylor (The one you gave the shout out to) DID know, so she was TRYING to show me. I just couldn't get it! And then I got so mad that I just gave up on trying her way and started doing it my way. Well, it ended up being a cross between a hat and a scarf! lol! So Taylor, being the GREATEST best friend in the world *sarcasm* held it up in front of my science class and was like "DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS?!" like as a joke, you know? Well, I finally gave up trying, and it was 2 days before Boston, and so Taylor took it and fixed it. But it was totally my idea for the design and the pompoms and the colors and everything! And I tried! lol So we both were a part of the hat-making process!

Like I said, I'm glad you like it and Taylor is going to FLIP when I tell her you mentioned it!


(P.S. which pre-parties did you wear it to? I want to see if anyone from the boards went and if they took pictures!!!)

Makayla said...

Hey Mitchel! I'll send as many requests to Disney that I can! LOL!

I was listening to Radio Disney and I was waiting for "Lean On Me" to play. It is a GREAT SONG! It is my new favorite! Can't wait to see the new music video!

Like on Radio Disney and like Bop and Tiger Beat Magazines say that you are "finishing your first album"!!! I can't wait until it comes out (hopefully)!!!!

By the way, in your next blog can you post the address to Disney so we all can send requests?

The next time you come to AZ, I made something for you and the cast of Hannah Montana!!!

See you then! Rock on Musso Brothers (Haha)!!

<3 Makayla

P.S. Letter from me coming to you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I just heard the song "Lean on me" and i thought you did a great job on it.I liked the rapping in the first part of it and as i was listening to it it sounded so familar to the old song but i think it sounded so awsome in my opinion.
I still listen to Metro Station and tell your brother for me that he is doing an amazing job and i'm lovin the music.

(Keep up the good work mitchel and know that us fans are sill with you and are supporting you 100%!!)

-Courtney- :)

Makayla said...

BTW, I forgot to tell you something in my other comment.

Congratulations on your sucess and Marc and Masson's success!! I love your music! I have like a few of your songs on my iPod and I'm searching for more! Lmao!!

Come back to AZ soon!!! Arizona's waiting for you to come back!! Haha! LOL!




P.S. Haha! I'm a dork!

BTW, My brother loves Metro Station's song "Kelsey" because..I'll tell you next time you come to AZ! Haha! TTYL! Check out my site:!!!

Sara said...

Oh my gosh the knitted hat was from Chelsee hahaha. I'm the girl that was with her at the pre-party in Mass.

Thats AWESOME. I'm soo happy for her haha.

Fer said...

woowww then I'll send millions of letters to Disney requesting for you to come to mexico!!!

Guess what?? I have my walls covered in your posters and I love it!!
I really wish you could come here so I could meet you and give you lots of gifts just cuz you're AMAZING!!!I know I can send gifts and stuff to you on fan mail, but I think it would be cooler and definitely more special if I could give them to you in person=D

And I'm sure 2008 is gonna be great!When are you guys gonna start filming season 3 of Hannah Montana?

Tell Mason and Marc I love them!they're both soo cool and I love Metro Station!!They have turned into my favorite band they're like AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well..hope you're having a great time!keep us updated on what you're up to!

love ya<3

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Ah, you are so great! You deserve all those adorable gifts!

I cannot wait to see the music video! I'm sure it'll be amazing! I'll sit in front of the tv all day, holding a "Mitchel is cool beans" sign. Haha. I'm so excited to see it!

I hope you have a super duper fantastic week!

Jenny said...

Oh finally Mitchel (:
Ok ok, so we tell Disney that we want you to come to Minnesota...
Hear that Meeghan? haha.
Yeah that was a long blog. (:
I haven't wrote you a letter yet, I was planning on it though. So I will. sonn. aha sonn? I typed that so I left it there "So I will sonn" hah. anyway, so I will soon. (:
Hehe I do talk about Metro Station
& I talked about Marc sometimes.
Like I didn't know he was in The Last Mimsy .. but I saw him in there. haha.
& darn Metro Stations show in Minneapolis Minnesota was sold out when my sister Maria looked for tickets. gosh.
Third time we have to miss Metro Station when they came to Minnesota. =\
Anyway.. ..bye; goodnight, Mitchel.

Anonymous said...

How do we contact Disney?
And of course I love lean on me all of your music is awesome! espically white striped gloves (even though I still have no clue what its about) I also love leavin! hope you release more music soon! Lots of love!!! Kelly

ellie said...

Hey Mitchel! Hope things are going good for you with everything, just wanted to stop by and ask if you'd check out and possibly get word out about my new site called, a Metro Station fansite, it should be up and fully functional sometime in the next week or so, that'd mean a lot if you could, but if not that's alright too, have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

It's good to hear that you had a great time at the Jingle Jams and at the Pre-Parties. Hope it's the same fun or even better on your next dates.

I might send you a letter, but I'm not sure. Well, I'll think about it. BTW, I'd send a letter to disney asking them for you to come to Spain, but I know I'd need a miracle for that.

I love the song Lean on Me! It's amazing. Leavin and Lean on me are my favourites. Can't wait to listen On and on.

Have an amazing 2008!

Love Ya!


Daniela said...

ohh I'm happy for you!!!
have fun :)
and I'll wish that you'll come to Israel !!!
and of course that 2008 wiil be an AMAZING year like you :)
Daniela (from Israel)

Ang said...

yo mitchel

just want to say hi. i hope you have a good new year !!



Anonymous said...

i was going to ask how to send mail to disney.......but it seems as if everyonehas already asked that...ok lean on! have to come to california like ontario mills or victoria gardens!!!!!!!yeah or even the monclair mall........or you know...................i might know some street.........yeah that sounds good.............well i can't wait till i send you my fan letter.................when some 1 gets the disney channel address can you post it please............bye!

brie said...

I told have the most INCREDIBLE FANS in the WORLD!!!! Hope you come back to Chicago soon! Maybe you can have your own show...Mitchel Jam! Yeah! And then you can do a private show for me and Jackie. (Ok, Brie...stop dreamin' again....)

And BIIIIG shout out to your bros! THEY ROCK!!! You three should start a band....The Musso Boys...or The Double M's.....or The Three Mooses! Yeah....that would be fricky fricky fresh, yo!

So what's new with my life...uhh..well school starts tomorrow...grrr! But I do miss my friends...and the school has the BEST food! lol! The other day I went bowling with my cousins. I total stunk! My high score was 112! You need to give me some tips cuz I'm horrible! And then yesterday I went ice skating with my friend. It was so much fun, but she wouldn't stop obsessing over the Jonas Brothers! I mean, I like them and all, but I'm not OMG CRAZY over them! lol! But anyway, we had lots of fun...and I didn't fall! YAY ME! I'M NOT A CLUTS! (Gets up from computer chair and trips) OWWW!

Well I have to feet are hurting, just like my mom's always know herretity's a powerful thing....

luv, brie

Jessica said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I don't know if this got posted because my computer doesn't always work but I think it didn't. Well for the past two nights my push pins holding up one of my posters of you (Of course near my head to stare at haha) fell and the poster landed on my bed. (Thankfully not the pins) I had a dream about you and then heard crinkly noises so I woke up and there it was. I'm kind of creeped out. But anyways today at band leasons my band teacher said "I'm gonna send Mitchel Musso to Finland, it's really cold there" because I was talking about how my mom told me this morning to pay attention at school and not thinking about you so I said to her "Mom, he's MITCHEL!!! How am I supposed to focus on school instead of the hottest, sweetest, awesomest guy in the whole world?" so yea. I got like 5 or 6 of my friends to agree to write a letter to Disney to get you to come back!! WOOT!!! And I told one of my closest friends that she needs to teach me how to scateboard soon!! YAY!! I'm a little happy and hyper umm yea!! WOO!! And don't worry I'm not letting my band teacher send you to Finland!! ahaha..

Always thinking about you!! (Even though it gets me in trouble w/my mom!!haha)
Jessica!!! WOO!!

Erin said...

Heyy Mitchel! Haha my friends and I were the very first ones to meet you at the clifton park mall in albany..we gave you the balloons and my friend gave you a purple tiara crown thing ahah.. yeah I was bummed that i didnt get to take a picture with you because security like pushed me through, so you'll deff. have to come back or do things near by =] but otherwise it was amazing meeting you <33

Meeghanherexo said...

Traveling some more?
not Mall Of America though, please no.
You will be mobbed. I can guarantee it,.
We've gotten Lean On Me on RD a few times now..I also was in the friday night talent show singing it on the radio!
It was raddd.
Haha, Marc's imdb board... we love that kid.
Mitchel, do you ever wonder what was going through your parents head when they named you all with the initials M.M?
I do... I'm the middle child of three girls, and like you, were all m's. It drives me nuts,.

don't your rents ever mix up your names?
my mom mixxes them all together, haha.

eeeeaaah Jenny! I hear ya! let's get on that!

'Cept, Mitcheltate, if you can, try not to come with RD. Please?


Heyy mitchel ...again..yea w/e I REALY WANNA HEAR UR SONG ON R.D! Grrr but i never hear it well w.e any ways im like gonna give u a phototbucket link as soon as i finish this. (Im writing Musso Mitchel Marc Mason Metrostation over ana over in that order actually....) soo yea.... PEACE! Tootles!

SamanthaLUVSMitchel4EVER said...

i have a FULL wall of posters of YOU, you couldnt even see the color of my wall!!! lol. U R AMAZING!!!!! I sent you 2 fan mails last year, and i was sooo happy that you replyed!!! =)

U R AWESOME! oh yeah, Your brother,Marc wont add me on myspace!

Love,Samantha ur #1 fan from Arkansas! =)

Allie said...


Guess who?! Me!

Anyways, how do you deal with all those screaming fans screaming in your ear? I mean, how can you hear? I mean, all they say is, "I LOVE YOU!", but ya know? And how do you see with all those camera's in your face? Don't the flashes make you go, "ow!" or something?

When is the next time you are coming to NY?

Don't forget to tell your brother that I love his music.... Yours is good too! Love Leavin!

WHEN IS YOUR ALBUM DROPPING? I need to know! I was going to ask you if I went to your signing, but alas, I could not go. Alas, a funny word. Were there really 2,000 people there? That must be a lot of autographs, "MITCHEL! I LOVE YOU!"'s, and a lot of mom's saying, "he's so cute!".


Tori said...

whats the disney address?

k! said...

hey what cologne do you use?
ahhaha just wondering but it smells sooo good,
hopefully i'll get to see you again soon (:

Hope said...

i love you! thanks for posting!

tell ur family i said: 'HIYA MUSSO'S! You have a wonderful family! I hope to meet all of you soon.' lol. Tell um its from Hope...not like they will know me, but still.

anyhow, i love ur song lean on me. it is the only song on my ipod...that i like. everything else is lame. its not you. lol.

thanks again for posting, and being so amazing.

love forever and for always,

Mitchel lover!! said...

Hey Mitchel! I really want you to come back to the bay area. It doesnt really matter where. haha. I just dont know where to send the letter to. I screamed when i heard u were coming out with a lean on me music video!!!! :] CANT WAIT!



Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

you need to come back to pittsburgh like.. now!. lol
whoa i still cant believe u remembered me from when i met u in florida.i hoped you liked the picture i gave you, and i wish i could send u the picture we just took, i just have to figure out how to send it.
but anways my dad said im goin to florida this year , for the disney channel games! im excited and hopefully i get to see you again, on the rockin rollercoaster haha.. liek last year lol.
well anyways i hope you have a good week!.

Jessiica Benedetto =)

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel haha speaking of marc im watching shark boy and lava girl haha! i might be seeing metro station soon so excitedd! hey whats the address for disney?

amy said...

I saw you in Albany (well Clifton Park) on Saturday! Our town is so dull and having you come was AMAZING! Everyone hopes you come back. At first I thought it would be akward, because I'm almost 15 (on January 21) but I saw a lot of people my age are your fans too. PLEASE COME BACK [:
I shook your hand, so excited, haha I wish I could have hugged you.

tess mus... (dang not yet) said...

I wish i knew the address. I almost got to meet you!! Its not fair you just left!!!! I hope i win the free trip to hollywood thing from tiger beat when i entered i put yoou down as my fav cleb, i hope i win so i can meet you. everyday i look at my wall of your posters ( i cant cover the whole room i share it)and i just need to meet you i think to my self

Anonymous said...

aww your so sweet! well i'll defanitly be contacting disney to tell them to have you come to st. louis missouri =) hope i'll get the chance to meet you sometime!

selah said...


Uber long blog, man.
But I'm not complaining. :]

Fan mail...yeah, you gotta get on that, Mitchel.
I may actually get some free time to send you something soon.

Heyyy, are you still going to be doing Hannah Montana concert pre-parties since she's extended the tour?
I asked my mom to get me a ticket last month.
She didn't.
Then she told me today that they were sold out in the first hour!
And Miley's doing a 2 day concert deal here in Orlando!
Geez Louise.
So that means you have to do 2 pre-parties, okay?
You know, I'd definitely come to both.

OMM, I was able to get the mp3 or "Lean on Me".
I love it!
I cannot wait for the video...with the cute lab puppies! :]

Tell Marc and Mason I said "Heyyy".
Do you guys realize just how much better you guys make life for hundreds, if not thousands, heck, if not millions of girls?
Especially me!

Love Selah.

Anonymous said...

hi mitchel!
i didn't get to see you in cleveland and i hope you get to come to columbus!!! it's really cool! anyway i hope your weekend was good. mine was good.
have a great week.
talk to ya soon.


p.s. tell your family i said hi!

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel maybe you remeber me and my friend from albany we were the ones first in line and we had signs

-nina :]

Maria said...

Hey Mitchel,
I will write to Disney soon, cos I really want you to come to Minnesota, and I know a lot of people would go see you, so I was thinking maybe I could get a petition and get people from Minnesota to sign, and then when I get lots, I will send it to Disney. I'm not sure yet, but I thought it might be a good idea. :)
I'm sad cos I was planning on seeing Metro Station on this tour, but when I tried to get tickets for Minneapolis, they were all sold out! This will be the third time I can't see them when they came here! It sucks :( I really hope they come back soon, and I GET TO SEE THEM THIS TIME. ughldanhf. I hope you get to come visit sometime this year too! That would be amazing. <3

abby(: said...


it was soooooo nice to see you at girly girlz, and when you performed here! you MUST come back to arizona, we love you! <33
i sent you something in the mail, and we sent it today so i hope it arrives soon! miss you!


Paula said...

aw i love the musso boys :)

Emma said...

Hey! Thank you so much for coming to CP. For as big as the town is, nothing really goes on. You made my Saturday. : ) Come back soon!
By the way, I was really diggin' the hat!



Number 30!

come to colorado!

t-ran said...


Congrats on making the top 30!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel congrats on making it on the top 30 countdown for radio disneyy we knew those imdb callin parties would work haha and I'm sure many fans also called in...yahhhhh haha well yah just saying congrats

Disa said...

I'm gonna write Disney and demand you come to Seattle.
Maybe you should come to Seattle on February 9th, when Metro Station is playing here. Eh, eh?
And while you're here you can go up in the Space Needle :D
Bahahah. It's only obvious that deep down that's what you've always wanted to do.

I have an Australian exchange student at my house and she loves you. Juuuust thought I'd let you know, hahah.

Emily said...

well, you've probably already seen this (maybe not, i dont know) but guess what? Lean On Me was on the top 30 countdown on radio disney this week!!! ive been requesting it a LOT and i know other people have too so i thought that was really cool. i had fun meeting you at the staples center event and i hope i can see you perform again soon!
~Emily from san fernando valley

Anonymous said...

i think im gonna do that. write a request that is. it stunk that the pre-party became a priviate one for Cleveland. =/ i didn't get to go bc of it, and i was really lookin forward to it... *sniff*

of all places too x]

ok well... hopefully u can come back here sometime :]

love u Mitchel!



i cant wait till you can come back to chicago!!! if you did it would be the most awesome amazing night of my lifeeee!!! im sure youre new song is going to be just as amazing as your other ones! aannddd....i finally got 'lean on me' on my ipod yesterday and it already had over 100. lol.

im glad you like the gifts everyone made!! i had great time making the scrapbook!

pinky promise you'll come to chicago? haha jm.

Marissaaaaaaaa said...

i met you in Albany!!!
it was amazinggggg.
i really hope i get to see you again!

Cassie said...

Heyy Mitchel! I will be hanging around here to help u guys with some questions so michel can have less work! He has so many fans, thats its hard for him to keep up! well, heres the disney adress:

c/o The Disney Channel
3800 Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA. 90211

Julia said...

i went to the pre-party on january 5th in albany. i'm so happy that i got to meet you, you're amazingg.
and when you were leaving, did you feel someone grab your sweatshirt?
sorry about that. haha.
i couldn't get a picture with you, so i guess i had to touch you.
okay that sounded creepy lol.
i hope you come back!
- Julia <33