Monday, December 31, 2007


By the way....those of you who are going to the Private Cleveland's Jan. 2....not Jan. 1st. I don't even get on the plane until 6:00PM tomorrow it's the second.....



Anonymous said...

that is sooo cool! I really wanted to go to your Dallas Jingle Jam! I begged and begged! My parent would have let me go but i had no ride back! =[ I was soo sad! I started to cry! Hopefully you will come back to texas! Dallas!

Anonymous said...

im excited im havin a PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! and disney channel is gonna be tuned on all night and I WILL DEFFINITLY BE WATCHING U!!!! i cant wait im sure it will be awsome!!!

Anonymous said...


Daniela said...

mm have fun :)
Daniela (from Israel)

maryann musso :] said...

ahh now Olivia cant come :(
so its gunna be me and my friend Meaghan!
It will still be amazinggggg though!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch....

Wow...that sucks for the Clevland peeps. Hopefully you'll get to go there soon! Ohio is amazing. Cedar Point is wiked cool. You know what's also cool? Mall of America in Minnesota....haha....

My little sister's a brat. She gets everything she wants. She wouldn't go to A&W with me to get food for the family so I didn't get her ice cream. Then she cried to mom about it, and what does mom do? Goes and gets her ice cream.

Christmas was good! I got a copy of the JAWS movie script with preprinted signatures of Roy Schieder, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, and Steven Spielberg. It's pretty amazing. Probably my favorite gift! What was your favorite gift?

Oh! And yesterday, I had a late Christmas with my mom's side of the family and I snuck one of my cousins one of those fake winning lottery tickets and she totally fell for it! Till she read the fine print that said 'Redeem at Yo Mommas House!' The reaction was priceless!

It was an AMAZING 2007! Hope to see you in '08, eh?


Jenny said...

Oh sure post two blogs when I'm not on. haha.
Still don't see no Minnesota on your list.. :(

kc said...

aww mitchel.
i wanted to come meet you in cleveland.
ohh well.

oliviaakiddo! said...

Hey Mitchel,
I hope you are having fun with the last few stops on your little tour, I saw Metro Station last night, at the Chain Reaction, it's a really small place, and the show was amazing. They even did an encore (:
Michelle was there and she introduced Mason and I so that was pretty cool (:
have funnnnn.!

PS: You BETTER be nice to my buuudyy maryann on the 3rd. Kay? :]

Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel
Happy New Years Eve!!! I hope you have a Blast there.

See ya

Anonymous said...

heey mitchel your so fine your so fine you blow my mind! hey mitchel hey hey hey mitchel! hahah!
Guess what my 16th bday is the day of the private signing in clevland!
:]<3 so exciting! unfortunately I cant go! :[

Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...

I hope you go back to Ohio soon. My friend Brooke was really looking forward to meeting you.

Have fun tonight (:
Happy new years eve.


--ASHLEY . said...

I must say Mitchel , you're a pretty lucky boy ;)
I got tickets for your CLEVELAND appearance !
I am super excited . Im coming from about 4 hours
away =(( it sucks , ahh oh well .

BY THE WAY ; i got the VERY LAST
of your cleveland tickets ! =)
i was pretty luckyyy wooo !


Mariam. [: said...

still kickin' it with kyle!?

have funnnnn, man!

i hope you had an amazing holiday/2007.

i miss you like crazy man.
but, you're coming home soon;
and you better have not forgotten what you promised me dudeeee. (:

i will talk you later.
like, in '08.

i love you kid!
-mariam. (:

have you seen this?
if you have, then nvrm.

iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

havee funn!

have a happy new yearr!

ily <3

Jenny said...

Okay Mitchel, post a blog that says Happy New Year! I dare you :)
I also dare you to say my name in there. haha. bye

Anonymous said...

heyy mitchie!
oh my goodiness thank you so so so much for posting on your blog all the time! it is just WAY to nice of you, seriously i know i seem sarcastic but im actually not being!

anyway, okay the people on the imdb wall are being really mean lately. its just getting so drama-ey, is that a word? and its just really bumming me out so could you maybe say something?
also a lot of people have gotten really cliquey and a lot of us feel left out over there!
anyway i was just wondering if you would say something thaaanks mitch you are the absolute best!
have a great new years, dont do anything to bad- mr. disneystar ;)
lovee you, see you soon!!

Jenny said...

didn't take my dare huh?
how bout take this one
come to Minnesota :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! Unfortunately, my plans changed again! I won't be able to make it to the Jan 5 pre-party because that is the same time as the kick off for this year's robotics competition. Our team will be discussing ideas for this year's robot based on the rules and what the competition is. Well, I'm about to watch Phineas and Ferb, so I'll talk to you later! *smile*


leanne =] said...

hapy new year mitchel! =]

(the girl with no question on radio disney) =]

Kayla said...

Mitchel :]
So how is your 2008 going so far? lol
By the way that sucks that the Cleveland signing is a private one. Really wanted to meet you. But I guess that will just have to wait until another time.
But have an amazing year. Hope to see you some time in 2008.


marykateee =) said...

hope you had a great 2007!!!
it's finally my birthday!

Anonymous said...

Have an awesome 2008!


Makayla said...

Happy New Years, Mitchel!!! Also, please check out my website:

macy said...


ashlee said...

HAPPYY NEWW YEARR!! *throws confetti* guess wat I bought yesterrday?!?! A OLIVER DOLL!!! I lovee it. But, it would have been awesome-r if it has like HAIR. You could make the doll do the "mitchel-hair flip" and put it on video, and upload it 2 youtube and itd be the most viewed video of all time. :D AND, the hannah montana calendar is set on julyy 24/7 becuz, mitchel is the bestest one in the calendar. =] OH and my friendd went 2 disneyland and she saw like 5 different people with musso related things on. She called it "ashlee references". M-I-T-C-H-E-L, come 2 oregon this year! Don't make me fly all over the country for you! I got u a present! So next time I see you, ill give u it. Its prettyyy awesomee. It starts with a "i". :] well its like 1:20 in the morning. Happy 2008! -love, ashlee

Oh! And tell ur family I say hi!

Maya said...

I love you! i really wanted to go to that thing on december 7th but, radio desiny or however the heck you spell it only gave out some like 200 wristbands and your fansite had no idea until like a week before this thing would happen! well, i will go the next time :-P (hopefully)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Have fun :) My cousin is looking forward to seeing u in Sewickley and Happy New Year :)

Jess loves Mitchel...mmmmmmm.... said...

Hi Mitchel I heard that on Family Guy and me and my friends were joking about that. I hope your New Years eve was as Freaky Freaky Fresh as mine was! Well I kept singing "You can't have my white striped gloves" and my bff's mom was like "I don't want them." It was funny!! Then I was screaming "I LOVE MITCHEL MUSSO!!!!" really loud when we went outside at 12. I screamed that like 50 times and then my bff's dad told me to stop Well I best be gettin to work, I'm entering a lot for the free trip to Hollywood for the Bop's celebrity spectacular issue that I just got. Do you know if the winners get to do something with you like the other girls did like last year? Please let me know if you can at any time!;)

Olive Juice!!! (code for I love you)

miss caro said...

hAPPY new year!you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeghanherexo said...


kiddo, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

come to minnesota.

I will officially be your biggest fan then.

ShireenMusso_ilymtm said...


im guessing its because of the snow? ha. yeha its pretty badd
happy new year love:]
come back to MICHIGAN in '08!
or toledeo,
i have a guarenteed ride to there:]

i love you,
the girl in michigan with the candybook:]

mitchels babe said...

once again sorry i havent commented in a while..hope cleveland rocked your sock! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

selah said...

Yola, Mitchel.
Merry New Year!
Hope you had funn ringing in the new year.
I just watched Miley and the Jonas Brothers on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve special thingy. :]

Love Selah.

Anonymous said...

i was really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow mitchel =(
but i cant make it anymore , nobody will take me . I got the last
tickets , and i cant even use them anymore =( gosh . my life
freakin sucks . this was the only good thing i had to look forward to
and now i have nothing !

Anonymous said...

Hi! How was your new year? Happy 2008! I hope you're having fun with family and friends! Since I can't come to the pre-party in NY, I'll mail you your belated Christmas gift. I hope you like it! *smile*


Anonymous said...

geesh 6 pm? is like pitc black dark here by then!...i know crazy rite?...well i have a little adivce for u....well actually not advice just a please w/ sugar on top and a cherry come to nebraska or somewhere somewhere by omaha or lincoln!...i wld die and come back if u said u were comin' to nebraska!!!!!! u need to promise me that u will have a save 08, ok?....well...ttyl!


Jenny said...

Happy new year :)

Michigan Girl said...

Happy New Year Mitchel!
I havn't been on here in forever, but after seeing you on a Sweet 16 episode with Aly & AJ, I thought I'd visit again!
So how about a trip to Michigan on your tour? The snow is beautiful right now!

Hope to see ya here!

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you have a GREAT time in Cleveland today!!! I REALLY wanted to see you, but I never even got to find out where you are gonna be! I was so mad. PLEASE COME BACK TO CLEVELAND SOON! My two sisters were upset, when I told them, it was a private event! Anyways, I know this is a few days late (Sorry about that!) but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope it started off great, and continues to get better!

Deticated to you, forever and always,
Amanda <3333

Meeghanherexo said...

I like planes.

I want to ride on one.

haha, this is a wierd comment.

but i'm in english, and bored.


brie said...

Have fun in Cleveland! Safe flying!

Hey, Mitchel. Since Miley is extending her tour, does that mean you're extending yours as well?! Please say yes! Me and Jackie miss ya so much and I'm sure all the other Chicago girls do, too!

AND HAPPY (late) MU-YEAR!!!!!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! How's your week going? Mine's pretty good - Monday and Tuesday I had winter vacation, so there was no school, today was pretty good, tomorrow is a C day in school (our high school schedule is confusing, but C days are good), and I have a french field trip to NY on friday. Also, as much as I would like to go to the NY pre-party on saturday, I am doing something else fun - I'll be at the robotics team kick off all weekend! I'll explain later, but for now I have homework. ttyl! *smile*


brooke said...

i dont know what im going to do with your gift noww :[.
let it sit in my room?
i've been crying all day,
i really hope you can come to ohio again, soon.


Jen & Maria said...

Gosh Mitchel, you haven't blogged all year!

Mariam. [: said...

i saw the boonbock saints at the store the other day and i thought of you! hahaha. (:

i know.
but whatever.

have fun in ohio. (:


Allie said...


Can't wait to see you on Saturday in NY, it's gonna be so awesome! Happy new year, and late Christmas, and have fun at your other meet & greets.

(Another of your biggest fans) Allie <3

chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

Hi Mitchel Im saying this to you and all of the cast of Hannah Montana. So, tell them I said this. Also this is for all of the people of Mitchels blog too.

Happy New Year everyone and God Bless you all. May you all have the best year ever.. and you will, as long as you have Lord Jesus on your side. Jesus loves us all. He is with us, there for us when we need him. So, just always think of Jesus and remember he is with you always and there to help you. So, dont forget that and you will all have the best year ever. . and never forget to pray to Jesus when you are feeling troubled of any sort.. and also thank him for letting you be alive today and everyday. =)))))

Also to make this an even better year please ask Jesus to forgive you all of your sins, do that today and everyday.. and if your not saved, get saved.. please. =))))))

Happy New Year and God Bless you all. Jesus loves you all.. and I love you all too. Have a great year. =))))))

Goodnight =)))

...and Mitchel..hehehe..Im still waiting for that autograph headshot. =)))

ashlee said...

MITCHEL! I'VE FOUND A GREAT DISCOVERY! In guitar hero 3, they have a level-y thing-y and the name of the venue is "mitchs' moose lounge" TOTALLY inspired by you! I think they are such big fans, they wanted you to be a part of the game.

Oh and about ohio, I'M SAD! My frienddd,allz, was gonna meet you and call me with youu. =[ GO BACK TO OHIO, GO TO ALLIES HOUSE, AND CALL ME! :]

And, I think ur brother *mason* is gonna think ima freak if he reads the msg I sent metrostation on myspace....I'm like "ill hide in a drum case and you guys can roll me into the venue"....*cough*........yeaa.

I know where you wanna go rite now, OREGON baby! Chyeaa! Oregon+mitchel=never ending party! Heck yess!

Its 1 am. I have a "thing" for commenting ur blog at 1. I'm just THAT cool. Well ima go back to staring at your calendar.


brooke said...

i wanna see you tonight so bad
you better come to ohio, reallllly soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! How are you? I'm in a really good mood now, because... I get to go to New York tomorrow! I get to see Cirque du Soleil, and go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! It's going to be so much fun! Then, on the weekend, I get to go to the kickoff for my robotics team! Basically, we find out what this year's competition is about, and we come up with ideas for the robot we'll be building and programming for the next three months, until we go to Atlanta for the finals! Ok, I must sound like the biggest nerd on earth, but that is surprisingly only part of my busy schedule for a while. I just found out about two major auditions for theater in my area, so I can't wait for that either! Well, I have to go now, but I'll talk (or write) to you later! I hope you have an awesome time in Albany, and I hope you come back to the northeast soon! *smile*


Janejila said...

When are you coming to south floridaa...i know that yo already came to florida but i dont think south floridaa...please comee

xoxo Jane

I LOVE YOU said...

hey mitchel

You are so kind always posting on here telling us your days, it doesnt even seem like you lead a boring life- you're so busy so why do you blog aha? because my deasr, you are a dedicated actor, and you love your fans which i am ever so thankful for!!! it is so nice and i love coming on here and reading everything my man has got to say! Even thot!?ugh i get frustruated when you dont post every day (COUGH TODAY COUGH) I still love you becasue yuo are OLLIEEEEE on Hannah Monanta. and you are a cute kid you know that? MITCHEL TATE MUSSO YOU ARE SO FLIPPIN HAWWT! We are going to get maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrieeeed one day hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!!! but mr big star, you might think im a tad creeeeeepy.

okay so im mad you ddint post my last message :( sorry that the imdb are being mean and i told you...but whateeeves i still love you PLEASE POST THIS ONE!!!!

Jessica said...

Ok my leg hurts a little...well maybe not but it did. I was on the computer and I hear you on T.V. I spin around, fall off the chair and land on a bin thingy. Well at least it wasn't like before. I was staring at a poster of you and I ran into a wall slam my hand on my door scratch my back on my white board leaning against the wall that I slamed up against and then fell into a bin. So umm...I break my arm and I think we know who to blame.ahaha. I can just imagine that one. Oh you gotta check this out. I made it, it's both of remember that. Why'd I say eh? Oh wait cuz it's better than saying huh? So here is the pic of us that I glamed up or something like that. I was showin it to my friends at school they're like aww...then I started to know me always got u on my mind 24/7!!
notice the arrow...very important at who it's pointing at and what it says.ahaha and may I add ha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I just got back from a robotics meeting, and as it turns out, there was a chorus concert at the high school tonight! I got to hear some of it and it was great! I was going to be in chorus this year, but I had a schedule change, so I'll have to wait until next year. I hope you are having an awesome week! Have fun at your final pre-parties! *smile*


Anonymous said...

Mitchel. Watch.

You will now know why I'm stuck in a world of Refridgerator Magnets. Thanks to you and Mariam. Good job.

Jessica said...

Hey Mitchel!!
So r u gonna party like a rockstar this weekend!? Or in my dad's words rock like a partystar??? Idk. I listened to 17 forever like...17 times today...ahaha...bad joke I know.

Allie said...

hey Mitchel!

sorry, it turns out I can't come, bummer right? Have fun in NY!

:'( Allie (ugh, you have no clue how much this stinks right now)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just got back from my trip to NY! The museum was wonderful and Cirque du Soleil was amazing! I'll tell you more about it tomorrow, but for now, I'm extremely tired. How was your second to last pre-party? I hope your last preparty is great! *smile* ttyl!


anna:) said...

hey come back to ohio soon!
i didnt get to see youu


heyy, i saw you today (jan 4) at IKEA in woodbridge, va.
omg you were soo gorgous! haha, anyways my friend said he liked your hoodie and was wondering where you got it from.

Tori said...

i agree with the person below me

come to dallas =]

Tori said...

ignore my comment

i dont know where it went

but anyways, you should come to dallas

Mitchel lover!! said...

Hey Mitchel! I hope you had a wonderful chirstmas and new years! Mine was great and I'm sure yours was 2! <33

Brittany said...



Allie said...


So upset I couldn't meet you!

Anyways, I was watching this video on Facebook for Metro Station, and Mason was talking and I was like, "WOW! HE SOUND EXACTLY like Mitchel!" So, I just wanted to tell you. And tell them I LOVE their music, Control and Seventeen Forever are the best songs ever!


Allie said...

Ok, I promise this is the last time ok?

I was looking back at the March archives, and you posted one on My b-day! YAY!

Sorry, that just made me feel special...

Jenny said...

post a blog? :|
I love when Mitchel posts blogs ;)
come to Minnesota? :|

selah said...

Oh my word.

I just saw this video on youtube of you at the ikea in VA.
It was, like, you going or coming into some building.
It looked like some parking garage.
Dude, it was insanity.
Girls, screaming, falling, trying to jump into that elevator with you.
I must say, you are quite the charmer, Mitchel.

Love Selah.

Tori...again said...

this might sound random but Ill be at Disneyworld about March 13-17

it will be so cool if I saw you there :]

like the commercial i saw said "its the place were all dreams come true"

so yah, if you find time to go...hope to see you there

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD!!!! i love you so mush i just hope that one day i meet you.....................i love you have a nice day!

francesemily said...

Your dad told me to send you a private message on here, but I can't figure out how to do it.

But, it was nice seeing you today.

Did you end up coming back to the mall?
Cause your dad told us to go to a certain spot, but there was no sign of either of you, and we had to leave, because my mom wanted to get home.

Don't forget about my birthday coming up.

Sorry I almost forgot to give you the note.

See you soon!

katie said...

hey mitchel whats up?
i wanted to go to your meet and greet today in clifton park with my friend but i couldnt go :( i was so bummed cause i dont know when you will be back so pleasee come back to new york or massachusetts sometimee soon. thank youu!

Krystle Kayla said...


remmeber me?

hahahah i had blonde hair the first time you met me. then then today it was brown.

well yeah.

we were supppose to see you after you left at the "office" but that didnt happen =[
we were sad.

i bought you a gift too!
your dad didnt like that lol
he said i should waste my money.
but its ok.
i wanna see you so i can give it to you. :)

he said to come on here to private msg you but i have no clue how.

hope you have an awsome night.
and hopefully ill see you sooon?

^^^thats the picture we took today! :) <333

krystle kayla <3

Mariam. [: said...

your tour just ended. (:
so i suppose your comin' home.
ahhahaha. :D

i cant wait to see you!