Friday, December 14, 2007


Hey guys...Ally posted this I thought I would pass it along...thanks for voting! I can't wait to hear that it has aired on the Radio....very cool!

*************It's time to put you guys to work! Just kidding. Tomorrow, December 15th, Mitchel's song White Striped Gloves will be up in the Music Mailbag. It's up to you guys if you want to hear it on Radio Disney again. We all do, right?

Tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern time[check for local time], tune in to Radio Disney to hear the song in full and then call in to PICK IT. You can vote online too. Call them at 1888-3277-018, toll free. Below is a picture for it & link to the online voting page:

I am having an awesome time in PHILLY!


Anonymous said...

OMG! mitchel! have you seen I Am Legend! i saw it tonight and it was sooooo creepy. but it was really good! lol. hope you are doing great.


Anonymous said...

Haha you're a dork! =) Sounds cool! I'm gonna try to get an Mp3 of it but I'm going to PORTILLO'S around that time! You should have totally checked that out when you came to Chicago!

So did MarcMarc see his BoardBoard yet?? lmao

Glad you're having a blast in Philly....did you get a Philly Cheese Steak yet? Those....are....awesome....

Mallorie aka Dani

carly said...

Sounds good mitchel I will defently vote billions of times... I actually think white strip gloves is my fav... lol so well glad ur having fun in philly!

Ya gotta come bk to chicago soon we all miss u!! U pinky promised... haha lol jk.
I'm seeing metro station tomorrowww! Can't wait

Well g2g but I willnt forget to votee! Ttyl lyl



leanne =] said...

asdfghjkl; I wish I was at Philly!

I've already set the alram on my phone and told my mom to remind me about White Striped Gloves. I WILL hear it. Will. =]

I can't wait to hear it! =]

I just rapped Red Carpet to my mom. She was a little weorded out. Not because of the songs, because of my rapping skills. Haha.

Hope everything's going awesome! =]

(Girl with no question on Radio Disney, one of the official coolest radio stations ever) =]

Selah said...

I will totally PICK IT! It's about time they started to play your songs!

Love Selah.

jocieeee said...

mitchel my birthdays in 4 minuteeeees!!

ashlee said...

MITCHEL! Dude, u already know that ur song is gonna be "picked" and DEFFINETLY*I don't think I can spell....* not "kicked". I'M VOTING LIKE 12093478632771890293984763728 +1 TIMES! Ima steal every1s computer so I can vote more. *every1...LOOK OUTTT!* :].

I MITE BE GOING 2 FLLLLLL! Be flippin excited mitch. ASHLEE MITE COME 2 FLORIDA FOR U! *CHEERS UNCONTROLABLY!* I wanna see marcccccccnessss and mitchnesssssss....and mommmyynesss....and daddyyyynesss.!

Mitchel, if I go 2 FL, lets go......SEE SANTA AT THE MALL!. :D. I'm kidding...............or AM I?...*suspenseful music plays*.


kc said...

i went and saw metro station!!
they were sooo amazingg!
your brother bought me a cd and signed it for my birthday!
he's soo sweet!
i can't wait to meet you in cleveland!

oliviaheartsmitchel said...

I don't know, I'mma be in saturday school for truanciesss tomorrow. ahaha. and thats when my buddiee maryann is gonna see you and i'm just gonna be likeee well my phone is vibrating and i will not be able to get out of that saturday school unless i want to get suspended. haha,so whooo knows.
and i might be going to metro station on the 30th? It's in Anaheim.
and then I might be seeing you the 1st and 3rd because i have family in pittsburgh and cleveland? so yeah look out for that then? haha.
and like people at my school are so annoying i'm about to scream.
this one scary freshman chick comes up to me like grabbing my shoulders "oh my gosh you're that one girl that is friends with mthat mitchel kid?!" and i was like "what are you talking abouttt!??!" and i ran away.
and then like i was talking to my best friend and she said that kid in her class was like "so olivias really going out with that mitchel musso now" and then my friend said she was like..."uuhh nooo" and i think that's just really awkward...weirrrrrrd.!

Daniela said...

I'm happy that you have fun :)
but I can't listen to Radio Disney because I live in Israel snd it's said "we are sorry you most be in USA to listen.." :(
Daniela (from Israel)

maryann musso :] said...

hah i get to see you todayyy! :]

you'll loveeeee the sign im making lmao

Caroline said...

Glad you're having a good time in Philly! Can't wait to hear White Striped Gloves on Radio Disney! I'm so psyched, I only have 2 days left of school before winter break! Yesssssssss! Hope your weekend is awesome!

~Caroline :D

Jess and Erin said...

OMG Me and my bff saw you last night around 10:15. We were in the last group. We were the ones that gave you the cup with the fake flowers with the starburst and the poem and the chocolate covered nilla waffer and pretzels and other stuff. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet of you to look through the entire srapbook even though you didn't have much time. We sitll have to teach you Soulja Boy or if you know it all ready(which you probably do) we should dance to it. It was also extreamly very sweet of you to take three pictures with us even though we were only suppos to have one. After we got to the car and heard some lady screaming "I'm not getting lost in the city of Easton" we were laughing and crying all at the same time and then I started to choke on my soda giving my mom a heartattack.well we have to go eat breakfast. write back if you can please and thank you.

P.S you are way hotter in person.and you were totally working the hoodie at the crayola factory. It was so cool when you flipped your hair. Bye-Bye

Samantha-LUVS-mitchel said...

Did you have an awesome time arkansas?

Jessica said...

YAY, I can't wait!
I love you Mitchel!

Anonymous said...

dat is so cool!.......but i think i missed it......wait no not yet...well i don't know but it probably won't work where i am cause i live too far away from the nearest station so......i will cheer for u still!...wh-hoo!


Jenny said...

Yeah we all wanna hear it. :) lol.
Well, you should come have an awesome time in MINNESOTA! :D

you know you want to ;)

Anonymous said...


heyitscatino said...

you know what's insane is that i met you yesterday.
i must say i liked your kicks alot.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to hear the full version
i have the short one as my ringtone right now !
have fun =] you're awesome

-xo Michele ;]

ShireenLOVESMitchel said...

heyy love:]
i will most definatly call Radio Disney!
i miss youuu.

the girl in michigan withh the candy book.

Anonymous said...

i lllooovvveee the song white striped gloves its awsome!!!!!!! cant wait to here u on radio disney!!!!!!!!!!! im glad ur having fun!! i was wondering since the hannah montana best of both worlds tour is getting extended, does that mean ur coming back to those places for a nother pre party?

Jessica said...

MITCHEL!! I just heard it!! It's AMAZING!! I "Picked It" like 20 times already!

Mare said...

Hi, I just saw you at Oxford Valley Mall. I just wanted you to know, I probably have the youngest fan. My daughter is 2 (turning 3 Jan 19) and has been watching HM since she was 1 yr (no lie!). We couldn't get to stand in line because ...well...young ones don't have a long attention span. I just wanted to let you know my daughter Emily, loves you and the whole cast of HM. BTW:She loves that Lily's real name is Emily. LOL

leanne =] said...

White AStriped Gloves just made my life! I'm not even kidding you when I say I jumped, scremed, and sang at the top of my lungs with my radio remote as a microphone. At this very moment, I'm picking it 725627626 times and calling in to Pick it 94735346236230 times.


(The girl with no question on Radio Disney, the station that I love to death right now.) =]

Mare said...

Hi again, I just left a message about my daughter Emily being probably one of the youngest fans. I just noticed you and I share the same birthday, July 9. Coool!

adrissy said...

of course we want to listen to your music again, mitchel (= you rock.

well, well... i hope someday i'll get to see you like all this people who commented here, but i think it's a bit of hard, because i'm brazilian. :/
but it doesn't matter, one day i KNOW i'll meet you, ok? i can dream, at least.

so much love from me.

leanne =] said...

Mitchel, what is this? There's a song on the Radio Disney request a song called On and On and it says it's by you. I requested it, but they're not playing it.

And White Striped Gloves was more than amazing! =]

(The girl with no question on Radio Disney, the like Oh My Musso awesomest station ever right now.) =]

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Glad to hear you're having so much fun...again! Haha.

This week was awesome!!! We finally performed You're A Good Man Charlie Brown! It was amazing!

Now we have one more performance tonight.

Cross your fingers and hope we break a leg!

I hope you have an incredible weekend!!

Selah said...

Heyy Mitchel!
The song was AWESOME!
I tried to get through so many times to PICK IT, but kept getting a busy signal.
How anyone couldn't like the song is beyond me.
Some of those girls that Kicked It made me want to punch someone in the throat.

Okayy, so I don't punch people in the throat...mostly, but I was mad that they got through to Kick the song and yet I couldn't get through to Pick It. Darn technology.

Love Selah.

Paige said...

Come back home to California!
I need to see you!


good luck with Radio Disney and with touring!

brie said...

Oh Mitchel, that's so awesome! You rock my socks!

luv, brie

Breann said...

omg i saw u today im soooooo happy i was the girl in the white south pole sweatshirt at the beginning.... our pic came out blurry unfortunatly but i got my hug and autograph && a short convo so im happy i wish we coulda talked longer.... i think im going to Albany i have to do a lot of bribing though lol but imma try!!! o0o0o0o did u know there was a Chik-fil-a in the mall!!! their fricken iced tea is amazing!!!!!!!

Love you,

ASHLEE said...

YESHHHHHHHH. White striped gloves gott PICKKKEDDDD! LETS GO PARTY! WHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I kept doing the dance u do*at the jingle jams* whenever white striped gloves came on. Its addicting. Theyy need 2 put red carpet and/or leavin onn radio disneyy.

Mitch, if I go 2 floor-duhh, we should partyyyy with ur fam and tutor and dancers and peoplezz.


Jenn :) said...

Mitchelll :),
I met you today at the Oxford Valley Mall in Pennsylvania! You were such a sweet heart. Hahaha, I'm the girl that gave you the bracelet with my number on it. I was so nervous, Ah! Well, my friend won the tickets for this Monday, are you going? Maybe I'll see you there. :)
Well, bye, and best wishes!

Fer said...

yayyy I'l vote online!!
you're soo cool! can't wait!

love ya<3


Hey Mitchel U were awesome at the oxford valley mall today!!!! Do U like the freindship bracelet I made U ?????


Lauren said...

hey mitchel; i'm lauren. i saw you earlier today at the oxford valley mall and idk if you saw me, but i was wearing an aqua/green shirt and my twin was wearing a hot pink shirt? you probably didnt see me cuz i didnt get to go up and meet you, but anyway i just wanted to say heyy and maybe i can go and see you in pittsburg. kay and i hope the rest of your weekend is amazing=]


p.s. you are soo hot in person and ha you were totally rockin the skateboard look. youre amazing. =]

baileyyy said...

hey so i DEFF think
you neeed to come back
to chicagooo :]]]]]

carolanne maria said...

sooo, i met you today.
and let me just say you're amazing.
and so sweet.

francesemily said...

It was great seeing you today! The cheese jerky rap is much more entertaining in person. I didn't get to call in to kick it or pick it, or get online to do it. How was the turn-out? See you in Boston =]

Anonymous said...

I love the song! Have fun in Philly! Do some sight-seeing! I got back a little while ago from New York! I saw the Phantom of the Opera! It was amazing! I hope you get to see it one day! Have fun in Philly! Do some sight-seeing! *smile* ttyl!


Brittany said...

hey =)

i saw metro station on december 11, they were amazing! i had so much fun.

you should come to st. louis missouri, i really want to meet you <3

marykateee =) said...

today was so bittersweet.
i dont know if you remeber this but three girls saw you today in PA when you like first got threre and you were up on the second level and one of them screamed "MITCHEL!!!!!!"
haha wwelll that was me
i was so happy!!!
but i didnt get to see you and gte an autograph after standig in line for two i was kinda disappointed.
but i understand!
can't wait to meet you sometime for real!!!!
keep up your amazing work.

MeganP2010 said...

haha mitchel I made that for you!!! It's of you and yourbrothers...just watch!

I used the picture of mason from when I met him @ his concert @ the warfield in San Francisco, and the one of marc from when my sister got her picture with him at your jingle jam in san jose!!!!

okayyy yeah thats it! Come to San Francisco soon so we can chilll! love youuu buddyyy


Mariam. [: said...

oh mitchel!
todays the big day.
home state jingle jam! (:
i bet you're kickin' it with kyle rightttt now!

somebody's busted for keeping secrets. hahah.
-"In addition, he is slated to play the lead voice of caveman, Byron, in Disney's first ever animated movie of the week, "Byron Boulder.""
-hes being featured on radio disney jams 10.
-his new song "on and on" is now available for request on rd.
-he didnt tell us that his presentation at the magic awards was on friday night.
-hes gonna be going the disney channel stars music video thing for that song, "strangers like me."

you know who im talking about?
im talking about this kid named mitchel. lush brown hair. gorgeous hazel eyes. amazing sense of humor.
ring a bell?

good luck today.
even though you dont need it. (:
i love you sooo much.

Anonymous said...

You lied.
you said that when we heard all of WSG, we'd understand but we've all heard it a million times and it still makes no sense.

Time to dedicate a blog post to ths lol k?



heyy mitchel! i voted a billion times!!! im glad its gonna get played now! i have to find where i can download it. have fun at the jingle jam in dallas! you have to come back to chicago soon! we miss you! you pinky promised! lol jk keep up the great work mitchel!

andreaaa. said...


omg hey.

hahah me & my best friend totally went to see you in langhorne saturday.

because it was my sweet sixteen birthday! and i was like psh, mom, the best birthday present would be definitely going to meet mitchel!

but, we only got to shake your handdd cause you ran out of time. =/

come back soon to make it up?!


always; andrea <3


Lol werid I got that message from ally on aim. And I had a xmas concert and my class had 2 sit in the church so yea so we weren't allowed to talk (we did) but I checked my phone to c any im's or txts and there that message was

Erin said...

I miss you u definetlly have to come bac to philly or mabee even better, Montgomeryville Mall in Montgomeryville. I really hope u liked the necklace and the chocolate pretzels and the starburst and the poem and the note and the scrapbook.btw the three pictures came out great.

Samantha said...

Ahahaha. Disney channel is on my tv right now and it was a commercial for Phineas and Ferb, focusing on Candice,and I heard you. ahaha, it was funny...

Jeremy(you haha):Oh hey Candice!
Candice:*giggles* Oops, my camera went off.

Hahaha, that cartoon is hilarious, and I've only seen one episode.a hahaha.


maryann musso :] said...

oh my god i was so upset i didnt get to meet you yesterday, my friend that i was supposed to go with got REALLY sick and i would feel weird if i went alone. :[

But now i get to see you in Pittsburgh with Olivia! It will be twice as chill as philly lol.

Meeghanherexo said...

Hey boy.

could you please.
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?
Come to minnesota?

I will do anything.

megan said...

soo friday was boring without you in rochesterr...

BUT I WENT TO THE HANNAH MONTANA CONCERT. miley nick joe and kevin did amazing!!

good luck with stuff
((im officailly 15))

Breann said...

Oh mitchel your so fine...your so fine u blow my mind hey mitchel....hey...hey... hey mitchel... lol i dunno im bored...i hope u had a great time at the jingle jam today...i haveee sooo much to tell u when i see u in albany i cant wait!!!! well...i guess i gotta go work out... im tryna lose like mad crazy weight for ya.... I LOVE U & i can't wait to see u again...


Tiffany said...

what is white striped gloves about??? do u have a pair of fav gloves

Johan said...

i love white striped gloves. at first it was if-y but that song gets stuck in your head!!! i had it stuck in french class. lol.

Taylor said...

2days my bday!
hope u hav a funn day!! :]]

<33 Taylor

brie said...

OMG!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR SONG GOT PICKED!!! How kool is that?!?!?! Congrats! I hope some of your other music gets on the radio soon!

luv, brie

PS-Still waitin to hear about the CD...didya like it!??!?!

Mitchel Luver! said...

I VOTED PICK IT IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!But i cant find it to download it!!!!!

Breann said...

ok i know i left like 10 comments and they have nothing to do with ur post but....listen to the song with you by chris brown and wanna know you like that by nikki flores those songs express exactly how i feel about u!!! can't wait to meet you again oh and i put more pictures on my wall imma put up a lot more when im are the links to with you and wanna know u like that:


Abbster said...

hey Mitchel!
you are so talented, you just keep getting better!
you are both an amazing singer, actor, and dancer! lol.
i can't wait to see you in florida! oh yea!
i went to this sushi place for my sisters bday, and the whole place rotates! it was soo cool. the sushi was amazing. it made me think of you! =]
have an amaaaazing week!

Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

Hey!! haha remember me? (look closely at pic) did you like the neclace? And my like 4 page note about how much you mean to me? I just realized something. You told me that I gotta teach you how to dance sometime (at least I think you did I'm still prosessing everything)...well the ironic thing is, is that last year I was going to tell my crush (who I think is an idiot now) that I liked him or hoped that he would ask me to dance. So I asked my mom how to dance (a little strange isn't it?) and so she showed me how (even stranger) but he rejected sad. But the wierder thing is is that in my letter I was talking about how at dances I would pretend to be dancing with you and how I hoped some day you'd actually be there. lol. So...that's like awesome...and crazy!! All my friends were like OMG!! I even showed my homeroom teacher and she's like "He's cute"...that's exactly what my mom said...maybe I shouldn't tell her I told you that...shhh I didn't say anything about my mom!! Well I miss you soo much so you need to come back really soon before I go into my room, become a hermit and listen to When You're Gone over and over

brie said...

OMG, i have this really funny story 4 you!

My friend's aunt got her backstage passes to the Metro Station Concert in Chicago (man was I jealous.) So I told her to tell Mason that I said Hi to his brother (you). So I asked my friend about the concert today (she said it rocked, of course!) and she's like "Dude, I told Mason you love his brother!" and i was like "AHHHH! WHAT?!?!?" She said "yeah, i said 'my friend is in love with your brother' and he had this confused look on his face." but wait, it gets worse! so then, she's like "That's cool how you guys are all M's like Mitchel and Marc and Mason Musso. And that's really funny cuz my friend's last name is "mu" also!" then your brother was all confused again. So she told him my last name and Trace was all "How cute! (my last name) and Musso!!!"

Gosh, I'm so embarassed! LOL, but that was funny! Ask Mason about it!


luv, brie

Selah said...

Heyy Mitchel!

Five days!
I am so excited!

-just so you know, OMM stands for OH MY MUSSO. i see somemany girls using ON MY JONAS, so i chose to use OMM!-

I can't wait for Saturday.
I prayy I can get there early enough to get in, since it is first come, first get in or whatever.
I have to go to a dance class with my mom, then we'll hopefully make our way there.

Have you seen I AM LEGEND?!
Oh my gracious goodness, that movie was....beyond description.
I cried.
I nearly crapped myself. haha
You have got to see that movie, Mitchel.
It is incredible.
Not just because of Will Smith, but there is this ADORABLE german shepherd in it.
Ah, she was so cute...I'm sorry.
I'm a dog girl.
Alvin and the Chipmunks was cute too.
I spent the weekend at the movies.
What else have I got to do with one week of school left?

Love Selah.

GASPPP! They're doing another Disney Stars Music Video thing?! Cool beans! I was wonder that about a month ago, since they have only had Circle of Life and A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes. Okayy, well, I'm off to watch How I Met Your Mother. Peace Out, home skillet biscuit!

abby from texas said...

hey mitchel!
i saw your show in dallas last night and it was amazing!

i was in the second row next to my friend who was wearin a hm shirt and going crazy...

then later we got pics and autographs from you =]
-and you commented my friend on her metro station sticker and we started talking about metro station...

i just developed my pic with you today and i'm going to frame it ! ayay!!

ur amazing!
abby from texas

Anonymous said...

omigosh i just heard all of white striped gloves and i luv it!.....u r amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

Anonymous said...

I made a video for MarcMarc and Stitchness....

You have a part in it too....hahahaha

Grrr!! I DID get an mp3 of your song, but I'm hating iTunes right yeah, I wanted to get it up tonight...but I kinda sorta got grounded so I couldn't run out and get Blank CDs...long story...

Geez....I was looking back at some of your first blog posts and the comments...and let me tell you...I WAS A FREAK!(Still am, but not so much!) Like at the end of every one I'd be like "Thanks for the blog! Thanks for this-Thanks for that!" Like it's good I'm being polite, but that was just freaky! Look how far I've come! From being all uptight and polite to calling you a weirdo and a dork! You must be proud.

Mallorie aka Dani

Meeghanherexo said...


what's up.


I love how it's a habit to just comment your blog when i'm bored in class.


you still should come to minnesota.

we need you.

especially me.



Jenny said...

Heyy, theres another person that wants you to come to Minnesota!
Yes yes, please do come here to Minnesota! :D I will be a very happy camper if you do!!
I will I will I will :DD
so come come come! :DDD
Me and my sister Maria will totally come see you haha.
OK? (:
Have a nice day :D
man i used a lot of smiley's haha.
(probably already says my name at the top. oh well haha)

2nd_future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

you are not the future mrs musso i am jkjkjk. luv ya.hey mitchel. you know the necklace you got on the 14 with the heart and key and said forever. me and my bff gave tht to u and i would totally die if u wore it in ur next photo shot for J-14 or m. i would totally be able to walk up to my friends and be like yo i gave him that neckalce cuz i have best and my bff jess has friends so we gave u forever. so think about it at least and if u do post something in your blog like the elf has the candy cane. btw my chorus concert for school is 2nite so wish me luck bubi

heather b said...

hey mitchelllll =]

just wanted to say i met you at the oxford valley malll and yur such a sweeeheart! you are beautiful! i was the one who mentioned josh flitter. im coming to orlando this week so ill see you at the jingle jam!! im excited . you seem like suchh a chill personnn . ill bring you another bracellet!

<3333 heather

Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel
I'm a litle late commenting on this or alot late. I feel kind of horrible becasue I didn't vote. I haven't been on lately. Next time I will vote a billion times+1!!! I promise. I sent you a fan mail yesterday. Iactually had time and wrote you. School was canceled yesterday becasue of the snow. I love snow!!!! I hope you have a great day.

See ya

brie said...

OMG I need some advice!

In school, we're acting out scenes from Romeo and Juliet. (I'm Mercutio, Romeo's friend that dies.) Dude, I'm so NERVOUS! Me no likey Shakespeare. I'm not very good. Watch: "But soft, what light over yonder breaks...wind....?" AHH! See, i'm horrible! I need to bring some oranges to school, just in case....

Anyways, did you ask Mason about the concert in Chicago? I felt so bad! My friend was all "My friend is in really....IN LOVE........with your brother, Mitchel." I felt so bad! I do love your brother and I think he's awesome, too! And his band totally kicks butt! My crazy friend and her ideas...

Still waiting to hear bout the CD....I'm dying to know if you like it...I know you're pretty busy and all, but when you have the chance, let me know what you think of it!

Have a good Wednesday!

luv, brie

jesssss looooovesssss Mitchel Musssssooooo said...

Erin "stop yo!!" lmao good times!! anywho umm...Mitchel please oh please update your blog because I'm getting to the point where I'm listening to When You're Gone and it's making me sad!! lol jk take your time. But seriously "When you're gone the words I need to hear will always get me through the day and make it ok..." Besides that I need to watch Family Guy I haven't watched it for a few days. And Erin you should marry Marc you guys are the perfect age!! I can just imagine it now!! lol But you're definatly right about the neclace...We'll be like "Oh what now!!? We gave that to him!" but it's a little Mitchel you don't HAVE to wear it but.... Well I'm gonna go watch Family Guy now!! Feeling a little random today aren't I?

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL! PLEASE write about what your location is for Worcester/Boston! PLEASEE!!!

~JB~ said...

Hey Mitchy!!

ok u probably won't remeber this...BUT i told u my favorite # was 35......well congrats on being 35 outta the 50 hottest guys ;]


Emily said...

aww i wish i could have heard it but i havent been online in over a week so i didnt see this blog telling me when it was on. well hopefully people loved it so it will be on the radio more often! and next time i call them asking for mitchel musso they wont tell me they dont play your songs. that was embarassing lol.

~Emily from san fernando valley

rikkiluv said...

Woo Whooo!! You go Mitchel!