Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey guys...About Rochester

I am so sorry....sometimes they change the place of where I will be and I have No control over that. The Mall that was suppose to have me that night canceled and another venue took it's place. Sometimes things change and it's a bummer. I'm hoping I can come out and meet you on another day in the future.

By the way.......I just found out today....



oliviaheartsmitchel said...

ooooooooh Mitchel that sucks about Rochester, for whoever was gonna meet him.
weell IMDb is a mess right now..
someone needs to look at it..
before i delete my new account i made yesterday..

i don't know what to do about it.
well have a gooood dayy then,

Mallorie aka Dani(RefridgeratorMagnet) said...

Dude. That sucks. We know you can't help it!

WOAH!!!!! You posted at 4:44!!!! how cool is that?!?!

Mallorie aka Dani(RefridgeratorMagnet)

sarah said...

I'm so excited to meet you in Boston! :)

its basically only 10 days away.
I'm wicked pumped!

see you then! <3

leanne =] said...

But you're still coming to Rochester right? Haha just kidding. If you were coming closer to where I am in NY I'd definitely come, but my mom doesn't want to drive four hours to Rochester or Albany. =[

(The girl with no question on Radio Dsiney) =]

maryann musso :] said...

awh im sure they'll understand mitch.

your quite the busy kid haha.

Carly said...

awww that really sucks! hope it gets resceduled!



Sasha said...

Man that is a bummer! I hope people aren't to mad about that. I hope you can go there soon!

See ya

Selah said...

AwL, I'm sorry Rochester fans.

Love Selah.

Jesssss said...

OMG!! GMO!!! I can't wait until I get to see you!! Only 2 more days!!! Not counting today...Umm so what did you find out? I wanna know!!

Rachel :) said...

awwww mitchel thank you.
please please please think about coming here sometime!

Mirandahhhx said...

aww okay.

Stefanie said...

uhhhh, i was driving 2 hours to see youuuu.
let me no if another timmeee PLEASE =]
was looking soooooo forward to it, where is the other venue???
-love youuu.

Anonymous said...

awh that's sad!.....hopfully u can go back!...i also hope u can come 2 nebraska someday!....well ttyl!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)

elyse said...

NO!! me and my friends had everything figured out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! were gonna miss you in rochester
love, megan

MeganP2010 said...

ehh that's okay mitchel... i'm sure rochester knows you love them

hope you can come to san francisco! I'd love to hang with youu!

--Love, Megan.

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

It's my birthday on the 16th, and I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to come and visit you, in Dallas, but I live in Cleveland. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna visit you on New Years day, when you come here. That'd be a GREAT way to start of the new year for me.

Have the BEST week ever. You deserve it.

Deticated to you forever, and always,
Amanda <3333

lauren : ) said...

hahah that sucks about Rochester.. but come to Canada : ) thats where its at!

Mariam. [: said...

poor kid.

i'm praying for you,
like i always dooo.
cause i know you're mad busy.
and i hope you're always,
happy, safe, and relaxed. (:

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel guess wut i just found out? mason and the boys in metro station r coming to milwaukee with cobra starship!!!!! they r coming next month yay! thats two of my fave bands o i hope i can go!!! soo how r things?

Anonymous said...

it's ok we still love you


Sara said...

That sucks for the fans in Rochester :(.

10 daysssss! I'm super super super super excited.

Love ya <33333

Anonymous said...

whatever i still love you soo much.

Just hopefullly you can come here someother day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
About what u said eariler about Dec. 16, I am coming to ur Jingle Jam and I'm looking forward to seeing u :) I feel sorry for ur fans in Rochester :(

Daniela said...

:O it sucks for who was supposed to go but I sure they will see you someday..
and they have a better chance to see you than my..
Daniela (from Israel)

brie said...

Sorry all you Rochester girls. You'll all probably so excited! I'm sure Mitch will come back!

Anyway, what's goin on, Mitchel? Yesterday, my drama class put on a Christmas show called "Reindeer on the Roof" I had sooo much to memorize cuz I had the lead part! Yay me! Yeah, the show on Monday was horrible cuz the leading man had a hard time with his line because he was also doing a play at his school. And my director couldn't work the doorbell and telephone! so we were on stage AD-LIBBING the entire time! But overall, it turned out great!

I'm sure you did unbelievably awesome at Jingle Jam! I wish it came to Chicago, though. But, I can't complain cuz I MET NATALIE PORTMAN! Dude, you can't seriously top that! You know, she was much prettier in person...I loved her scarf!!!

You're probably so jealous cuz I'm talking about Natalie Portman...I'm sorry! You know I still think you're awesome!!!

Come to Chicago again soon...maybe when it's not so dangerously COLD! You can stay at my house...it's better than any hotel! I got a PlayStation, tons of CD's, and nothin' beats my mom's Italian cooking! Come to my house next time...we'll have a blast! LOL!

Well, be careful flying. We miss ya a lot in the SouthSide Chicago! L8R, Sk8r!

luv, brie

P.S- Tell me how you like the CD and stuff! I really wanna know if ya like it!

Meeghanherexo said...


You're not deleting your account, i wont allow it.

ay mitchhh.

I was going to go to rochester, cept....the rochester in minnesota. (:

Come and see me?


ashlee said...

Thatt suxx. But the rochester fans will probaly get 2 meet u sumtimee else.

MITCHEL. OMG. I freaked out when I was looking at tommy2.net, it said that U*mitchel musso, of course* is gonna be on the radio disney jams 10 cdddd! Ahhh! Like whoa I just screamedd so loudd. I'm gonna buy like 4 of those cds, 1 for my moms car, 1 for my room, 1 for my living room, and 1 to travel with.


brooke said...

helllo loveee :].

im sure all of your fans in rochester will understand, if they love you enough!
soo im seeing you in TWENTY days.
im already working on your gift, its going to take up my entire life for the next three weeks. ahah, but its okay.


Chelsee said...

Aww that sux. Well I hope the same thing doesn't happen for Boston... I would seriously cry.
But I hope you can go back to Rochester so everyone there can meet you!


Rachel! said...

omgsh mitchel im so effing confused.
i know your not coming to the mall now... but just today they changed the website to saying moises arias is coming.. DID HE TAKE YOUR SPOT? ahh. whatever. i love you sooo come back some other time!

Jociee said...

My birthday is on Saturday!! DO I GET A SHOUT OUT!?!?
Anyway have a great rest of the weeeeek!

Adriana Ruiz said...

That sucks.I'm sorry about that-but when your part of hollywood-that's how it works.I hope you come to florida some time soon!Check out my blogspot.
Thanks for keeping up to date on your blog!You rock!


Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...

Aww, that sucks for whoever was gonna go.
But I'm positive they'll all forgive you (:


Meeghanherexo said...

guess what.

Today, I got mail addressed to an 'Ella Musso' sent to my house....

wierd huh?

My family was like, 'OHMYGOSHMEEGHAN!'
haha, dorks.

it's something about the princeton review....

Do you know an Ella Musso, mitch?

cause musso isn't a very common name...

lovee ya boy.

Tiffany :] said...

so i heard your goona be on the new radio disney jingle jams volume 10 cd. tell us about it!! :]

(p.s. i found the info on www.tommy2.net)

Fer said...

what did you found out?!!

=Othat you're coming to Mexico?? that is sooo cool!!! lol jk I know you're not but I hope someday you will!!

But I really wanna know what you found out!Hope you're having fun=D

love ya<3

Anonymous said...

if ur not coming to the mall in rochester, u should def. come to Carousel Mall in Syracuse :-)

Mariam. [: said...

meeghan posted this.
and sooooo,
i thought i should make sure you saw this.

im sorry babyyyy. ):

you still have all of us fans, though! hahahaha.

Kaci said...

EEEEEEK! LOL. What did you just find out?! Oh my gosh it's gonna drive me insane...PLEASE TELL ME! Hehe! No I'm serious, tell me! Pretty please...do you want me to end up in the loony bin? Acuz that's where I'm headed...I can see it now...Just kidding! Sooo...don't forget to tell me!


Selah said...

My goodness.

I just went on IMDb (I was looking at the info for the new Harry Potter movie), and I went on the forums under your name, Mitch. Geez Louise.
I mean, I have an account, but I don't do the forums or anything.
I just look up stuff, but seriously, why are people so...angry?
It's like they want to insult any and everyone for no legit reason.

Ugh. I just told my mom "TEN DAYS", and she just rolled her eyes at me.
How rude.

I was bored.
Yesterday, i wrote it on my foot...but washed it off in the shower.

I need to go.
I have a Winter Concert for chorus t'morrow.
Plus, I have to think of what I'm going to give you on the 22nd.

Love Selah.

Livi said...

Thought I'd send you this...i drew you a random picture...<3Livi


Tiffany said...

hey mitch!!don't worry,its not ur fault that things get changed. nd 2nd wat did u find out??is this gonna be another big secret??love ya!

brie said...

Ooooh! Mitchel! I heard on the news that Miley was coming back to Chicago for another concert on January 14th! Does this mean you're gonna come back for another pre-party?!?!?! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE SAY YES!!!!!!!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

hey someone said theres more tours for miley are u going to be going with her??!

come back to chicago!! we miss u!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the Rochester pre-party. I hope everyone still gets to see you, though! As long as the weather's good, I'll be coming to the one in Worcester! I can't wait! Are you staying somewhere in the North East at all in between Sunday's concert in Dallas and Friday's pre-party in Worcester? If so, lol! It must be hard for you to get used to the cold and snow, growing up in warm places! Still, it is fun here at this time of year! Well I have to go... I'm having my first snow day of the year and I'm making cookies and hot chocolate! Have fun! *smile*


megan said...

according to the newspapper in rochester moises is coming? is that true?? and by the way, you couldve sang happy birthday to me on friday cause my birthdays on saturday.
its okay i still love you
Ohh and GUESS WHAT i made my boyfriend listen to hannah montana and hes like ohh well shes actually not that bad IM LIEK DUHH!!
well talk to you later. come to rochester soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mitchel! The cookies came out great! I just went to www.emilyosment.us, and I found out that you're going to have a song on the Radio Disney Jams 10 CD. I know you've heard this a lot, but congratulations! *smile* ttyl!


Anonymous said...


Have you seen Marc's boards on IMDb? That's to Lizzie and I, we made everyone go over there and now the boards are rockin'!!! Show MarcMarc, he'll love it for sure. We all are fighting over who's gonna marry him. lmao And make him a blog too! He needs one cause he's a stud. x) We are fighting over Stitch too....Lizzie wants Stitch's dad though....lmao

Mallorie aka Dani

Mariam. [: said...

metro station and cobra starship's california show is ALREADY SOLD OUT.

what are we gonna do, dudeeee?!

all of your fans have decided,
that marc is in serious need of a blog. hahahha.
i'd watch it if i were you, the kids stealing your fans. =O

i love you mitch. (:


hey love- hope ur having fun being famous =)
luvya mucho mista musso
x.o. katy

Selah said...

Wait, what did you find out?
It wasn't the Jessica Alba thing, was it?
Sorry about that.

Hmm...for some reason the picture I had on my other comment won't show up.

Maybe that will work.

9 days! Woot.

I'm so tired.
I just came home from my chorus concert.
It was a lot longer than I expected.
I just want to sleep for eight days.
Hey, I need a day to get ready for the J.J. Concert!

Love Selah.

Anonymous said...

come back to LA, mitchel!
we miss you here ;)

MeganP2010 said...

mitchelllllll heyyy

when will your album come out!?? I discovered that I really like the song license for love (I definately see the mason in it)and I'm just so excited for all your music stuff!! Come to San Francisco, okay? It would be really fun... like really, you've got so much to do there... I have a feeling you'd like all the shops on the haight =] I go there like every weekend with my friends...

ok so alskdfja I can't wait till you announce when the album comes out/ when your songs start hitting iTunes. I love youuuu!!!


Kayla said...

Hey, Mitchel. You're coming to the Crayola Facotry instead and I totally live in Easton, PA AND I'm meeting you at 7:30 tonight!!! =D See you later. ;)

kaylaaa said...

okay, i just left you a comment. but, now i just made an account. so, i'm leaving another one. AHH! i'm so excited for tonight. A;LDFKJAL;DKJFA! <3

Anonymous said...

Are you still going to some of the preparties for the hannah/miley concert, because if you are, are you going to the New Orleans one?

Selah said...

Growl. My photobucket is being a jackhole. The picture WAS my arm with "i'm so bored, your words are making sense" written on it. Eh.

Guess what I found out?! That:
1. Miley's Tour is being extended for a month, and she'll be coming to Orlando! My mom will buy my tickets if I bring up my grade in Chemistry. Man, I hate that class.

2. "White Stripe Gloves" IS THE NEW MUSIC MAIL BAG SONG ON RADIO DISNEY! I was so excited about that because I've been dying to know when they'd start playing your music. I can't wait for t'morrow!

Love Selah.

Molly said...

haha.. your probably not used to all the snow.. where i am now everytree is iced over.. they look like they could just snap and fall right there.. kind of creep.. and we have a layer of snow, then a layer of ice, then another layer of snow.. and we are getting more snow an excepted 6 inches by the time of saturday at 6pm.. and surprisingly i do not live north.. actually on december 1st it was 65 degrees.. and well now my street looks like a winterwonderland..but anyways.. you have quite a busy schedule.. i have finals all next week.. soooo excited!!! not.. but just to tell you.. i got some of metro stations songs in like the middle of october, since then i have listen to them a total of 1105 times from my itunes and ipod.. probably more than that from like friends cars and stuff.. but just thought i would tell you!
havee funn and be safe!
Molly =]

Rachel said...

haha so i just went to see Moises in rochester.
The WHole time i was thinking about how insane i would have been if it was you i was wating in line for.

but thats okay :)
cuz your coming here sometime.

love youuuu

Tiffany said...

can you explain what inspired your song "white striped gloves" because i don't really get it. is it just about a pair of gloves you really like or what? lol. seriously though, do you just like gloves alot?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found out that radio disney will play White Striped Gloves tomorrow at 2! I'll be busy then, but I will watch it on youtube, and I can't wait to hear it! I just got back from a museum, and guess what... I SAW AN ARCTIC WOLF!!!! It was so cute!!!!!! I had to resist the urge to pet it! It was so beautiful! *smile* ttyl!


Anonymous said...

i wanted to come see you so abdly for my bday but i coudlnt so ym friend bought me the oliver doll !
i got sick though so it's good i didnt come see you even though i really wanted to !


-xo Michele

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel
i'll be in dallas =]
cant wait!

abby from texas

Erinxwuvsxu!! said...

soo happy tht you couldn't go to Rochester on the 14.(srry to any1 who was planin to go) but if tht didn't change then me and my bff couldn't have met u on the 14 at the crayola factory!! and u wouldn't have gotten the sundae cup with starburst and the poem and the other stuff.