Friday, December 07, 2007


I LOVE it!

Can't wait to meet all of you in a few minutes!



Elena said...

i love you
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Anonymous said...

omg mitchel i want to see u again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i love all the snow too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it would be better if i could see u!!!!!!!! aw im gonna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry said...

Ah, Chicago is so much fun. I hope you go to that awesome popcorn place in the city. It's called Garrett and is located on Michigan Ave. =) Also, I bet you're chowing down on some UNO pizza- always a favorite. Can't wait to see you on the 21st when you finally come to Mass.

<3 Kerry

Samantha said...

did u like LITTLE ROCK???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniela said...

have fun :)
I wish I would be there ..
Daniela (from Israel)

Anonymous said...

i <3 snow too...but sometimes it can b a pain...but i am glad that u r enjoyin' it!....if u wanna c more snow...come to nebraska asap!!!!!!! :]


Jessica said...

Heeyyyy Mitchel.
*sighs* I'm really upset that I can't see you today in Woodbridge. I was so excited..until I found out that I had to get the braclets to get in...but oh well! I met you once at the YMCA last time in Chicago, and that I will never forget, even though I was like, completly star-struck and so nervous, lol! But anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I hope you have an AWESOME time at Woodridge and hopefully I'll get a chance to see you in the future for a 2nd time! I LOVE YOU!!!
P.S. I think Santa got me an Oliver doll! *squee*

Sara said...

Hey Mitchel,
haha. I'm glad you're happy about all of our snow in teh Midwest. I live in Wisconsin so we have tons of snow too. I wish I could've been able to come and see you in Chicago. I hope you have fun!!!!


caitlyn said... are soo snowed here in new york a few times this fall but hardly at the rock my socks off!!! joke...when ever i see you on a show i kick the air and my socks fly off...haha...bye.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU ! ! !
but i live nowhere near chicago ! !
come to new jersey =]]]

-xo michele


Mitchel!! Did you enjoy the rest of your time in Michigan? You said it was your first time :) LOVE YA! -Emily <33

Selah said...

Heyy Mitchel.
I'm actually watching In the Loop right now. Here's the link for anyone that missed it:

(Your part starts around 21:38, I think)

It's so cool. Your dad gave the girl your banana nut bread? That's sweet of your dad, but she fainted two times, my goodness. Wait, why hadn't she eaten?

I can't wait for...what was it, Feb. 5th? I will definitely buy the DVD. Just for the music video! With PUPPIES! I'm a sucker for dogs, sorry.

I think you can drive with a hoodie on. I think that you're not to drive with headphones on. Like listening to a CD player//iPod//mp3 player, because you can't hear sirens and stuff. But you have a mercedes? You ducky luck. (wayy to know your lefts and rights, too.)

Why so modest? I saw the videos on youtubes. Girls are fainting left and right...and SCREAMING my ears off. God knows what the 22nd will be like. Okayy, I'll admit that I'll probably be screaming too. :)

Love Selah.

Selah said...

Ah, cool. I just found the link for just your segment. It's still so great.

Chelsee said...

Hey hope everyone had fun today! Still counting down.... 14 days!!!! woot! It started snowing AGAIN today, we only got like not even an inch though... and my mom made me go out in the snow to get the trash barrels and in the 2 minutes I was out there, my hands turned like a purplish color... bah it was cold. But I guess it's MUCH colder in Chicago. Ah well, have fun!!!


MeganP2010 said...

aww I wish I could be there!! I'd love to be in the chicago snow with you!! Will you be in san francisco anytime soon? like this weekend...? hmmmmm... anyways, I LOVE YOUUUU and I really can't wait to see you again!

also you were so cute on the iVillage show thingy-- i tivoed it!! You were too modest though, you KNOW you've got ALL THE LADIESSS!!! lol ok im done


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! lol! Just wait until you see Massachusetts - it's snowing in Connecticut right now! I think I might get a snow day on Monday! *smile* I love the snow! It's so pretty when the snow falls down gently and creates a white blanket on the trees... who knows, maybe we'll get a white Christmas! That would be so much fun! At our school, we've already started snowball fights... snow was flying everywhere and our clothes got wet when we went back inside and it melted, so we switched to hackiesacks instead! OMG, only two more weeks till Christmas (and my birthday the day before)! I'm so excited! My birthday is actually the first day of winter vacation for us! I can't wait until you come to Worcester on the 21st! Well, enjoy the snow while it lasts (I know I will)! Especially since you have to go back to LA and get used to the hot weather again! lol! Have fun! *smile*


ShireenMusso_ilymtm said...

I'm glad your having fun! I had the best time of my life seeing you on Tuesday.


i love you,
The girl with the Candy Book in MI

Cassie =] said...

so this has nothing to do with the post. but i just wanted to say i saw the new Hannah Montana. and you rocked (even though it was only for a small time. lol)

leanne =] said...

asdfghjkl; I wish i was there! New York's not as far away as you think. =]

I saw you on In the Loop, it was awesomeeeeee! =]

Omg I wasn't in the kindergarten today with Mini-Mitchel, but he cried at lunch today! =[ And I wasn't there to make him happy again! It's so sad. I can't get over it. I finally got a picture of him, but it's not a very good one because it's a liiittle blurry and his lips are... uhmm... weird in this picture. And there's a halo over his head...

Okay, we have a problem. You always post a new blog when I['m not home. I must move to California so we won't be 3 hours apart anymore. =]

(The one with no question on Radio Disney) =]

oliviaheartsmitchel said...

see you sunday boyeeee.!
bring yer license for love?
and when you see mariam and i
you have to be like
and then hug us or something fun (:
i like how many times you were liek OMG on in the loop it was prettyy funny HAH.

i'm hyper because i still need to like schedule a flight and book a hotel i'm like mad streesssin.
anddd marc better be feeling better for sunday because he has to beee hyper like hwas before.! ahahah.

Mariam. [: said...

i'll be driving seven hours to see you, but it's totally worth it, cause i'll get to see you perform.

i adore you more than you can imagine.

bring us california kids some snow on your way back, hahah. (:

i love you sooo much.
the girl with the big green sign.
even though you should know that by now!

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

I hope you guys are having fun!!!

ally m said...

Isnt snow wonderful? :)
Hey, come up to Grand Rapids!
I wouldn't recommend the AmTrak.
I don't want Mitchel to crash.
Lol, seriously though.

I saw Miley & the Jonas boysss yesterday in concert. :)

Long time no comment.
Sorry. :/

Love. <3
Ally M.

~JB~ 35 said...

Hey Mitchel...thanks so much for coming back to chicago...glad u like our snow...u can take it with u if u wasnt :D

well my feet are still completely frozen but.....hope u liked the sweater


Carly said...

hey mitchel haha today was a lotta fun thanks for taking the time to talk like after! it was a lotta fun!!! hope u enjoyed stayin here in chicago!! aha i hope u keep jbs pinky promise! lol see ya soon hope u liked the sweatshirt and belt!! ttyl


Carly (the other zumiez girl)

Anonymous said...

i saw you today in the vip group

Mallorie aka Dani said...

MITCHEL! You make me LAUGH!!!!

So...I met you VIP today! I was the girl who gave you all the stuff and talked to your dad about Cheese Jerky! lol And then my friend wanted me to sing it!

It was so funny how you asked me and my friend if we liked Hannah Montana and I went "No." And you said, "Oh, I don't like it either!" That made my day! (And also when you and your dad said I was part of your family and when you took my hand and said that we were best of friends!! AWWW!!! haha

Oh! About the gifts for you and your brothers....
~You know your a true Mitchel fan book-For you of course!!!
~Hula Girl!!!-Ahaha hope that made you laugh! For your mercedes! lmao right....
~Dogtag-For you!
~Dani Refridgerator Magnets!-For your garbage...lmao
~Mini RC Truck-MarcMarc
~3 bracelets- I bought them from school to support the Invisible Children Organization in Africa! ! for each of your brothers and you!
~Letter-From my little sister Karlie! Yeah...that wasn't me!!!
~Fire Hydrant and Bone!-Stitch! of Course!!!

And then I reminded you about how I brought the skateboard last time...I don't think too well, which was fine cause you see ALOT of people!

Lots of Love,
Mallorie aka Dani

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm glad that you're having fun in Chicago. I hope you have a good time in Arizona.

I love snow as well. I really wish it would snow in the South a lot more than just an inch or two.

I hope that you never have to do five hours worth of Biology. Ugh. I got done around 6:19 pm. I guess that's college for you. I can't wait to get my finals out of the way so I can enjoy my month off.

I also got to see you on "In the Loop". You were really funny and adorable. :]


Sara said...

It was snowing here in Massachusetts earlier too. TWO WEEKS UNTILL I SEE YOU!!! I'm insanely excited.

The only thing is I'm worried about needing wristbands or something like that to egt in :/.

Love ya ♥

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
I'm glad to know you are starting to like the snow! I was going to watch "In the Loop" this morning but it doesn't broadcast here in MI.
Thanks again for the " you know what" yesterday!! it was fun!

Have fun in the snow! eat some... its good!... just don't eat the yellow snow!! LOL

-Your Best friend for the day, Katie R.

Danielle said...

Hey, Mitchel. Hope I get to work with you someday.

Do you actually read these comments? If you do, write it in a blog post so I know I'm not just writing to no one.

AI said...

It is a great fan!
I live in Japan.
Oh, I mind it, and there is it.
It is 12 years old!
I always support you in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Have fun! =)


Taylor said...

i soo wish i wuz there.
and i wish it snowed in florida, but its ohkay.
im soo happy ur having funn!
ily. ♥

Katie said...

Hey Mitchel :]
I met you Houston,
and we sang Cheese Jerky
together :D and I met you
in Tulsa, and you said you
remembered me :D And I told
you I was going to come to Dallas
to see you, and you said you'd
hook me up :D Can't wait to see
you next weekend! I love you

Love Katie.

kyle said...

Hey ya....dallas.......4sho hey christmas is gonna b pimp

edie sedgewick said...

Omg mitchel.........I saw yall on the cousin tapped it 4 me and I would just like to say I love ur little scarf.....u looked so hott

Edie from oken land

Kodhai said...

Lol. I forgot California doesn't have snow. No wonder your mesmerized by it. =) Hope to see you soon!
Kodhai <3

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel. its my birthday today and im havin a really bad day =( it would be amazing and be the best present ever and cheer me up so much if you could say happy birthday to me


brie said...


Yup, Mitch! That was me yesterday with my friend Jackie! I was the one with the dark hair that gave you all the stuff!

Yeah, on the way there, me and Jackie were trying to think of something funny to say to you. So then we started making Hannah quotes and I was like "Oh my God! That's perfect!" LOLZ! And then, we were wondering if you could rap Cheese Jerky. We were so excited when you did and we were singing it so loud right along with you!

Yeah we were in line forever bearing the cold waiting to see you. Every time the line moved, we started to scream. Lol, what dorks we are! And then we were complaining about the cold and I was like "Mitchel needs to give us a hug to warm us up!" Yeah, I wish! Anyway, I got one last time at Brookfield Zoo, after surviving the pooring rain!

Yeah, I hope you like the Mitchel's Mix and the Scrapbook. The list could've gone on FOREVER if I had the time. After you're busy after meeting all those fans or if you needs something to do on the airplane, read it! I guarentee you'll be laughing your head off! Oh, and while you're reading, you can listen to your Mitchel's Mix CD (Mitchel's Mix...can't get more original than that!) Yeah, I put on some songs from some of your favorite bands, plus a little of my favorite rock hits I thought you might enjoy! What do teenage guys love more than a rock n roll CD?! (, you definatly had your share last night.....haha)

Yeah, me and Jackie really wanted to take a picture with you last night, but we were kinna afriad we'd get in trouble. Then towards the end of the line, my mom asked that Nick guy (the one with the burgundy shirt) if we could grab one with you. And he was so nice and was about to say yes, but then this other guy was all "NO, YOU CAN'T!" GRRR!!! SOOOO MEAN! Do they NOT understand that this is a DREAM COME TRUE for thousands of girls?! Well, I guess that's a guy thing.....boy brains, I tell ya. (Excpet've got the only smart one!)

Oh, and I watched you on "In the Loop" SO AWESOME! Yeah, after the meet n greet, I was like "MOM, we gotta look in the parking lot for a silver MERCADES!" and she was like "He probably just FLEW here!" and I was like "MOM, DON'T CRUSH MY SPIRIT!!!!!" lol! Yeah, but really cool. That was so nice what you did for that girl who fainted. So sweet! She probably didn't eat that Banana's probably still wrapped up all moldy and stuff....jk haha!

Well, that's all from me! Come back to Chicago soon! Next time, come to MY HOUSE so then me, you, and Jackie can throw our own little party! We can hang out and listen to music and play PlayStation and have a snowball fight! Gosh, listen to me and my fantasies... Again, thanks for coming and I hope you come see us CHicago girls again soon!

luv, brie

Sasha said...

I'm glad you love the snow! It's really fun to make snow angels! So I live in Indiana and I was so close to get to go to the Childrens Museum to meet you, but now I can't because my dad got sick. Maybe some other time. One of my firneds that they might get to go so they said they might get me your autograph. Well I hope you have tons of fun today!!!

See ya

Jenny said...

Aw I wish I could have been there.
Theres a lot of snow in Minnesota too.

Meeghanherexo said...

I like snow too.

i'm about to go snow-tubing!

we should go some time. ;]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! I hope you had some fun in the sun...ahem...snow! LOL. It's crazy how much it's snowed even in Ohio, and it's just the beginning of December...Whoa, right?! But I wish I could've gone to meet you...That's 6 hours away, unfortunately..Anywho, hope you had fun! ;)


Maryann! said...

hah im so happy about the snow for once.

all the snowboarding and skiing mountains opened todayy!<3
I think imma go tomorrow :]

I cant wait to meet you next weekend!

Carly said...

hey mitchel lol omg so ya know how we were talking yesterday and u were saying that we should go to the dallas show next week... my sister (the really blonde one) is trying to get my dad to let us go but i dont think its working haha. but have fun tomorrow at the jingle jam!


Myspace/sk8rzremo said...

Chicago is amazing. I went to see you at Hollywood Blvd, but I couldn't get up so two of my friends that worked there got me an autograph. =] I hope you have an amazing time in chicago. and if you want to have some fun in chicago try sledding or a snowball fight or make a snowman =]
fyi. you're really cute, and it stinks i couldn't get up to see you yesterday. Hope you had fun =]
<3333 Jamie.

ashlee said...

ITS MY BDAY! WOOO! My bday present is 2 go c u down in arizona. *I live in oregon* me&olivia&mariam r going! Woo! Cantt waitttt!


Ahshanaye said...

hey mitchel I really like the blue color of your page like i said b4 i luv luv luv the color blue. So Chicago huh thats cool i'd say 'hey u should come to NF,NY but the only reason people would come here is because of the falls which actually are pretty in the winter. well hope your having lots of fun...LUV YA
Ur numba 1 fan!!!

beckie said...

hey mitch i couldnt go cuz i had to go to mileys concert but... it wuz the best concert ive ever been to ur so lucky that u get to know, work, and be friends with one of the most talented kids there is right now. dont forget I LOVE YOU lol bye bye mitchy mussy

ur biggest fan

Abby :) said...

Hey Mitchel, haha pretty crazy story! I can't wait to see you tomorrow in Arizona for your Jingle Jam Tour! I saw you at Girly Girlz! See ya then!

-Abby :DD

.audrey. said...

oh my goodness.
i met you today in indiana.
it was crazy amazing.
my mom was the one who couldn't get the camera to work.
hope you enjoyed the snow!

Hilaryy said...

Indianapolis was amazing :)

xo hilary

alicia said...

aww im glad ur havin fun! snow in chicago LUCKY! here in houston 80 degrees yuck!

Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...

lmfao... i love you.

Anonymous said...

mitchel mitchel mitchel! i keep seeing pictures of all these girls meeting you and i am SO jealous! please please please come to england soon! i'm begging you! i really neeeeed to meet you! it would be amazing. PLEASE? (:
i love you lots <3

Tiffany said...

same where i live. it's so cold! bet you are missin california. hope everything is going great on your jingle jam tour/ miley parties!


Anonymous said...


You should come back to Chicago again for the YMCA Healthy Kid's Day(idk when, I'm already planning your trip! haha)


Go to MN!!! In the SUMMER! AT THE MALL OF AMERICA!!!! So me, Meeghan, and you can all go Tubing! And fishing! But idk if Meeghan likes to fish! haha. Dude! The last time I went fishing, I was Bass Fishing on a little paddle boat and a giant Northern Pike eated my lure just as I got him on the boat then flopped out! Grrr....I WILL GET MY REVENGE!....*cough*

Hey, did you like all your STUFFS I gave you? The Hula Girl was my favorite and the book! lmao Hope Stitch likes his stuff too!

Mallorie aka Dani(RefridgeratorMagnet)


Omg Chicago was amazing! I cant believe you were still cold after all the autographs! I was one of the girls that went up and talked to you after, but we didnt win the dinner. Pinky swear you'll come back! lol It was great talking to you!

brooke said...


i saw you on saturday :D.
it was so amazing.
i cannot believe you remembered me.
you have no idea how much that means to me :].
i am SO glad i got to see your beautiful face. you are so perfect, thank you for making my life [:

i hope you read my card, and enjoy the starbursts!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just got back a while a little while ago from getting a Christmas tree! It was actually a lot of fun, and we brought our dog with us, so it was even more fun. She loved the car ride and liked the walk through the trees more. Well, I have to write a story for English (and it's surprisingly fun to write it!) ttyl! *smile*


Sasha said...

I just watched you "In the Loop" Your dad is so sweet giving that girl some banana nut bread or something like that. I so can't wait until Feb 5th. I am so going to buy that DVD. Just for the music video. I love doggies. I'll keep checking your blog for new things.

See ya

Jessiica Reneee' =) said...

i can not wait till January 3rd!
im countign down the days =)
i keep thinking if your gonna remember me from when i met u in florida lol.. who knows i only met u for like a minute before goin on the rockin roller coaster hah.
but anyways. i hope you have a great week =)

Jessiica Benedetto =)

Carly said...

mitchel have fun at the jingle jam!!

come bk to chicago!!



ashley musso said...

i CAN'T wait to meet you in richmond va mitchel !

i am your biggest fan, and when i see you, i'm going to give you this scrapbook that i made for you, with 100 reasons why i LOVE you :)

Fer said...

awww I wish I could meet you=(
come to mexicoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE you!

chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

Hi, Mitchel.. I sent off my letter yesterday with my request for a headshot autograph. I hope I did everything right, like you told us.. but if I didnt just tell me, ok. Well I'll be looking forward to it in a couple of weeks or whenever you send it. =)))))
I just hope I did everything right.

Well goodnight, sweet dreams.
Jesus loves you. =)))))

Madi said...

Hey Mitchel!
I just met you in Indy. I had a great time. You were so easy to talk to, and you dad was really nice too. haha. =] you really need to come back to Indiana when you go on tour. anyways, keep safe, and keep everything up. your amazinggg.
<3 Madison

if you have a myspace and can write back, to me. my url is

Mariam. [: said...

seeing you last night,
made my entire month.
you seriously have no idea,
how much i adore you. (:

you promised me!
and i know you wouldnt lie!

i love you sooo much!
the girl who drove 7 hours to see you.

Meeghanherexo said...

I agree with Dani.

We all can go fishing and tubing at my cabin.

and sing kareoke.(:
and partyyy.

and go swiming....(:

let's do it.

makes me happy.

bring mason and marc.

Mason and my sister would get along reallyyyy well.... they're the same agee.

and marc and my little sister are the same age.

and were pretty darn close!

but mitch...

could you pleaseeeee....



I miss you.

Lets Make A Wish On The Fireworks Below said...

Let it snow!
Have a happy Holiday Mitchel!

Caitlyn said...

I made you a xmas present and am sending it in the mail but i dont want to tell you what it is yett!!


laura said...

Hi! i don't know if you actually read these, but if you do i just want to say that it was awesome meeting you yesterday at PCH. i'm sure it meant a lot to the kids there. also, i was super nervous to go outside and ask for your autograph, but you were actually really nice (i was in the black and pink and came outside to talk to you just before you left). oh! and i accidentally deleted the picture that your mom (i think) took on my phone. i'm so mad about that. anyways, if you come back to phoenix you know where to find me! we can take another picture! i'm 16 too . . . just fyi haha. bye!

Anna =] said...

it's been forever.
life is crazy in a goooood way[:
love youuuu♥


sorry I didn't go see you in Chicago.
I was supposed to go with Lizzie
but her plans changed A LOT.
she had to miss her aunt's funeral to see you.
she felt so bad, it was terrible :(
but i'm just happy she got to see you!
she had the best day of her life!
i'll go with her next time.
and i'll dress like a freak.

Sasha said...

Ok so this is probably my 3rd comment on this blog, but I got my friend to listen to your song "Wasn't your Girlfriend" and she loves it. I didn't really think she would like it. Well i hope you have a great day!!!

see ya

Selah said...

Heyy Mitchel!

I got a digital camera the other day! Yes, I am very excited about that as you can see.
So, what was the first thing I took a picture of? My iron-on shirt...okay, maybe not the first, but one of the first ten!¤t=SANY0112.jpg

It was a picture someone made, and I thought it was awesome. The words say "Holding my heart like a hand grenade." Green Day lyric that matches the shirt you had on with the heart grenade.

Love Selah.

p.s. 12 more days!

Anonymous said...


Abby said...

Yes... Chicago is the bomb. :D Glad you noticed. And I'm happy you appreciate the snow. :D It's best when it's lake effect. :D I'm happy you get to experience it, especially if you're not really familiar with the cold, hard winters. :D Chicago/northern Indiana is awesome like that. :D


Anonymous said...

OMG ALL THAT AMAZING SNOW IN CHICAGO CAUSED US TO HAVE A SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay this is awsome!!!!! i wish i could have seen u again ill find away i always do lol!

Adriana said...

Hey Mitchel!Hope your enjoying the snow!You really need to come to Florida!Check out my blogspot.
Thanks!Love your blogs!Your so giving!

Ally said...

hey mitchel,

i was at the pre-party in sewickley. it was soo great meeting you!! even though you probably don't remember i was in a group of people around 15 years old. and one of the girls was REALLY wild lol. we saw you at about 7:15. I wish you can come to Sewickley again! PLEASE?! Oh and one more're really hotttt in person.

Hopefully you read this!!