Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who's coming to see me at CELEBRATION in FLORIDA?

I'm headed that way in just a few minutes....Today is going to be Great! I can't wait to meet you and show you my music! Mom will be at the Merchandise table if you need a T-Shirt or Hat....Celebration is supposed to be really cool....they make it snow there!



Anonymous said...

that is so cool!...yes first comment!!!!!...have fun!!!!!!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to meet you!

Sasha said...

I won't be able to go. It to far. I haope you have TONS of fun!!!!

See ya

Carly said...

awww! that sounds like a lotta fun! bet its going to be the best concert yet! have fun wish i could go...



sophiesdgirl said...

hey mitchel. hi how are you doing i hope ok just wanted to tell you something and its really inportent verey inportent well i dont know how to say this but well ... ill just go ahead and say it i think im strong enough to say it ... ok here it go's i... i wove you there i said it im so glad i got that of my chest.. lol have a wonderful day. may god watch over you pertect you . you rock don't ever change ..

leanne =] said...

Omg that's so awesome that they make it snow. Why couldn't I live in Florida? You seriosuly need to do a Jingle Jam in NY. Like seriously. Us New Yorkers are waiting for you! =]

I can't even tell you how much I love White Striped Gloves.

Iloveyou. =]

(The girl with no question on Radio Disney) =]

Mariam. [: said...

it sounds like so much fun.
you've become in love with snow haven't you?
have an amazing time!

remember what you promised me?
and you're coming home soon. (:

since you dedicated a song to the girls in texas...what do you plan on dedicating to us california kids?! hahaha. (:

i love you, mitchel.

i KNOW you want a MITCHEL devoted popstar! edition. and if you don't (which you do) then do it for the fans that want it.
a blogpost could definately help dude. not that you need any help, because everyone already loves youuu! (:
but, yeah. this would be a good oppurtunity, cause i am sick of not seeing you in magazines. ):
i always write letters and emails bugging them about featuring you moreeee!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! How was Reading? Have fun in Florida! Did it snow yesterday? It didn't where I live, but I know it did in other parts of the north east. It never snows in Florida! It should be interesting to see what the concert is like with fake snow! I wish I could come, but I guess that's what youtube is for, right? I can't wait for four things... your preparty in Albany, the new year, Christmas on tuesday, and my birthday on monday! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will be a white christmas... hmm... maybe there's more to this whole "fake snow" idea... hmm... lol! *smile* ttyl!


Anonymous said...

do another california show!
in southern california.

and you should pick a girl to go on stage and sing leavin to her.
i bet you can make he r cry.
that would be sooooo cool.
id die.

have fun

Taylor said...

i wanna come!!
i was gonna but i live in west palm beach.
it takes 3 hours to get there.
im sadd.
and im at my frends house!! :(
please come down again tho!
so i can meet u a 3rd time!
:]] i miss u!!

<33 Taylor

Breann said...

ugh! i wish i was goin!! u seriously have to come to south jersey!! i think imma call my cousin to buy me a dang shirt lol! and i bought the metro station cd its amazing!!

Love u

Daniela said...

Have fun :)
I wish I could be there..
Daniela (from Israel)

ash said...

merry chritmas mitchel nad all who read ur blog!

selah said...

I'm coming!!!
We're leaving in 30 minutes.
But I'm trying to make a shirt, while my mom handles some furniture related issues.

I've never been to Celebration, so this ought to be funn!

Love Selah.

Tiffany said...

hey mitchel u should stay like an extra week in florida or a day or 2 cuz i'm going to be in walt disney world,leaving 2morrow(sunday).love u lots!

carolannemaria said...

where can we get your merch if we cant go to a show?!

Anonymous said...

Have fun! (I ever write "Have fun" in my comments ahah) =)


Christy said...

Just wanted to say meetin y'all in boston was awesome, I hope you liked my friend's and I's christmas card! haha. when we told you it was really random pictures with captions we meant it! haha. Sorry about the random stick figure on the back with a flower. We were testing the marker to make sure it worked, but i lost the marker anyway! haha.

Sara said...

Have fun in Florida!!!

It was AMAZING finally getting to meet you in Mass with Chelsee.


oliviaheartsmitchel said...

aww your mommmm :] ahaha.
sooo like i finally found the site for buying metro station tickets for the 30th and it's liek sold out so i was like whaaaatever >.<
they make it snowwww?
woww they should do that in cali.
idk if i'm going to Pittsburgh/Clevelandddd it just dependss on my parentss.
wellll yep.

A.J. said...


OMG i really wish i was in florida.

AHHHHH...darn...u should come to connecticut sometime.




brooke said...

mitchie loveeeee.
i wish i could see you perform!
i told you in indianapolis i was gonna try to go, but ohio is too farr "/. my dad said i could go, but it'd be basically my entire christmas present, and i would've done that, but none of my other friends would be allowed to fly down to florida..
but its okay, cause im seeing you in 10 days in cleveland :].
i hope you like my present, i've been working on it every single free moment i have.

well, have an awesome time today!

ashlee said...

Mitchel! I sad. I wanted 2 go 2 the concert 2day! But my dad wouldn't take me..*cuz I live in oregon, and the concert is all the way across the country* I think u need 2 start doing shows/meet n greets over here. Cuz ashlee luvs u, but doesn't like planes. So tell ur peoplez 2 schedule stuff over here! TELL MOMMY MUSSO ASHLEE SAYS HI! And if marc is there, tell him ashlee misses him. And tell ur dad that ashlee says "hola". And if michelle is there, tell her "aloha" *I ran out of ways 2 say hi...* :] HAVE FUN!

P.S. I think white striped gloves is my hyper song. I go CRZY whenever its on. OH. And I've created a musso counting thingy! It goes "1 musso. 2 musso. 3 musso. 4 musso.....etc." :D

iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...


have fun in Florida (:
also wishing yooh a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year


With Love,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you're having a blast in Florida. Haha. That's awesome that they make it snow at the celebration.
Good luck with your performance.


Fer said...

awww that's soo cool!
I wish I could meet you!
hope you have fun!!!=D

love ya<3

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch!!!!!

Thats so kool! Soooooo geuss your excited about snow lately since you don't get it in California, and you've been seeing it alot lately! I love snow to! We have so much of it here in London, Ontario, Canada! Kinda makes you wanna come here huh?? lol! Anyway I'm really sick today..... it sux.....i'm coughing alot right now. So a few weeks ago i went Christmas shopping for myself.(i know stupid right?) I got Hannah Montana guittar pic earings, the Jonas Brothers C.D., A Hannah Montana doll, and a really cute top! can't wait til i can acually use the stuff! So it'll come in really late but I'm gonna send you a Christmas card and a letter.k?? and maybe a poster for you to sign!
Anyway sorry for such a long comment but i had alot to tell you! Today (sat.,dec.22nd)(Drew's B-Day)(Drew's a kid at my school)is the first day of the Holidays!! no school for 2 weeks!!

Hope your having fun and living life to the fullest!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR FAM!!!!! tell everyone i say hi!


-Chelsea AKA Chillie

Emily said...

i wish i could be there but its across the country. omg i saw the new happy u year commercial with you & selena, hahahahaha i could not stop laughing!

~emily from san fernando valley

Jenny said...

*sigh* boy i wish Mitchel would come to Minnesota *siiiiiiighh*
I wanna see Metro Station in concert on January 31st. in MINNESOTA. But I gotta ask my parents..
M to the I to the N to the N to the E to the SOTA!
you should come!
you know you want to! :D


aww mitchel can you come to pennsylvania flordia is too far away you need to ome to the pa (perferably the eastren part)

charleen8 said...

I just got back from your show in Celebration,Florida, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! I had the chance to meet your mother ,too, she is sooooo sweet!!!! Thank you for the hug when I got to you at the autograph signing,I had a picture of you and I from last year that you signed for me. I hope you come back to Florida again soon. Have a GREAT HOLIDAY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I seriously wish you were under my Christmas Tree this year. But i doubt mom could find a big enough

selah said...

Heyy Mitchy!

Your mommy is incredibly sweet.
I met her at the merch table the second time I went there...first time was to buy a shirt and hat, second time, I bought a dog tag and got a Metro Station sticker!
But when I was paying, one of the ladies there noticed a shirt I had on [one I put iron-ons on...]
The front said "Sorry, I'm on vacation on the beautiful beaches of OKENLAND..." and on the back it said "...where their main export is LOVE."
She thought it was cute, and she introduced herself.
Then she noticed that I had on a necklace with a charm that was the state of Texas with a heart through the middle.
Your mom's awesome!
Plus, she told me that they had changed the set-up of where to line up for the autograph signing.
Needless to say, I could not stay to get your autograph.
Maybe next time around...

I loved your performance. I've heard your songs on youtube and such but they are so much better LIVE.
I got some really amazing footage that I will put up on my youtube t'morrow.

Just being in the same surrounding area as you made my entire year a little less crappy.
Thank you, dear.

Love Selah.

francesemily said...

Us doing the cheese jerky rap completely owns youtube right now.

I thought you'd like to see how it turned out.

Plus I wanted to show you it is on youtube, as promised =]

Candy said...

Hey Mitchel! you did really good today! and i really enjoy your up-beat music =) I was disappointed that I did not get to meet you though.
God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

the concert was great.
are you goig to have a cd anytime soon?

Katie R. said...

Hey Mitchel,
I hope you had fun today at your Jingle Jam concert! I wish I could have gone to one of them! But nope, Instead I made a bunch of my Famous Apple Jack cookies ( the ones I made for you!) today for my family for Christmas Eve!
I hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL Christmas and a Happy New Year! and I hope 2008 brings you as much blessings as 2007 has!!
I hope to see you soon!


Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel!-

I heard your song Lean On Me on Radio Disney today!! I spazzed out cause I wasnt expecting it at all! I'm so proud of you! I love that song!

I cant wait to see the music video!

<3 Liz

Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

Yay!! Snow!! I wuv when it snows...oh the perfect memories of when we had the first snow storm for 2007. We had gotten out early Feb.13 and then had off on the 14th and 15th, which is when I started to fall in love with was amazing!! Well tonight was awesome!! I heard sirens and I looked out the window and saw fire trucks. So me and my bff go and look and they did this Santa thingy. It was cool because I'm just like "Santa I know what I want for Christmas!! All I want is Mitchel Musso!!! I hope he fits in the bag!!!" lol it was funny. He said "I'm not sure if that's going to be easy." or something like that. If only I could just wake up in the morning and see you sitting under my Christmas tree...that would be crazy but awesome!! But I guess I did get what I wanted because I got to meet you a week and a day ago!! I actually did put you on my Christmas list!! So...ummm maybe one day you'll be sitting under my Christmas tree...haha. Well I hope you get everything you want for Christmas because you're da best!! I'm writing a song for you and all I got is this:
Mitchel Musso is so sexy
It's hard to believe if you don't agree
yea still working on that...but I am remixing some songs that would fit for you like Big Girls Don't Cry and Hey There Deliliah which is now called Hey there Mitchel Musso. I finished Big Girls Don't Cry and all I have for Hey there Mitchel musso is:
Hey there Mitchel Musso
How's it like in California
I'm a thousand miles away but boy tongiht you look so gorgious (however you spell it) yes you do
And then some other parts in the song so yea. have the Merriest Christmas you could possibly imagine!!!

Olive Juice!! (It was on Family Guy, as in I love you!!)
~Jess W.

selah said...

I forgot to tell you that when I put my shirt on after a took a shower, it smelled like bananas.
Wow...that's a throwback.

Love Selah.

selah said...

Okayy, last comment for the night.
I posted the pics from my shirt on my blog, if you wanted to see them.

Love Selah. G'night, home skillet bisquit.

Future_Mrs_Mitchel_Musso said...

Yea hi again!! Umm yea I posted about let's see...carry the one and about a few seconds ago but since you are busy u know I thought you could use a good laugh instead of reading about me being all lovey dovey lovey dovey that kiss kiss kiss kiss in her mind she fantazises about getting wit me!! Sorry Chris Brown rox my favorite sox off my feet which is wierd cuz my favorite sox r Fall Out Boy sox...anywho...wait I haven't even worn them for like ever!! So let's see what's funny hmmm....let me ponder this it could take a little bit but I don't think that would make any kind of difference but o well.Ooo here's my favorite joke and I'll tell you the answer soon...Ok so you've probably heard this one but I wanna tell it to you anyways and see if you know the answer. Someone killed Soulja Boy!!! I don't know when it happened but I know who did it!!! Do you know who it was? Ok ummm....let me think of other funny things.Let me think of something from Family Guy or Fresh Prince...hmm. Well u know what is funny? It's when I was in my room and I learned not to stare at a poster of you and walk backwards at the same time. Sure I've ran into walls, tripped, choked on soda, almost fell off my bed and landed on my head, rolled off my bed, get stuck between my bed and night stand, but this one was hilarious!! So I tripped over something I banged my hand on my closet door, my whole body like slamed against the wall and I then fell into a bin. It was so hilarious!! What else is funny besides watching my dog limping all over the house after a long walk in the woods. It's really funny because I'll talk about her and she'll start coming over slowly and looks like she'll fall over but when my dad says "You wanna eat?!" She like run over to him...hmm. Oh yea last night a nasty thought came to mind I covered my mouth like I was going to barf and opened the door my bff's like "Don't scare me like that!!". What's really hilarious is when this girl who used to be mean to me and my friends would say "Stop yo!! You know what this body needs!!"...idk. Or when she gave me her "boyfriends" had an extention and then she said he lived in a hotel so i was like "what is he on the suite life of Zack and Cody too?". But now things are ok with her. Don't get all up in my kool-aid yea that phrase died like weeks ago..long story. You know what was really funny is when our vice principle came on the anouncments to talk about things that I don't listen to and the dance that was that night and said "Wear appropriet clothing and dance approtprietly!!" haha. Or when our principle starts talking and doesn't stop!!! Umm ok now I'm probably like taking up the whole page o no I just keep going u cannot stop this ok stop yo!!! lol. whoa I was like typing to myself it's just like talking to myself but worse. ok umm...I'll tell you funnier things when I can think of long have I been typing because I think my finger's starting to twitch!! oh come on I've been joking about things on Family Guy all week and now I decided to go totally brian dead!!? Ooo I was watching I-robot and he's like "You are the dumbest smart person I have ever known!!" haha. oh and when me and my bff were watching Hannah Montana and everytime you would come on I was like "Whoa omg!! these butterflies they just keep entering my stomach...hold on they'll be back!!" I'm still brain dead here....I'm not being funny am I? Ug I'll tell you funny stuff tomorrow when I'm not brain dead!!

Olive Juice!!
Jess W. (da girl wit da poem!! and will show you my dance moves!!(Of which I don't have much of) (Whoa this is parenthesis in parenthesis twice!!) I'm going to stop now...Love you forever!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, i just saw the happy u year thing where u get all upset, then i saw u on the website telliing us what 2 do.
dont worry, i still need u!
its supposed 2 be a rose...
Luv, Dakota


Tessa said...

Hey Mitchel! I went to celebration yesterday you were awesome. The thing is I was pushed and shoved in the line for an autograph for an hour and when I was at the front you packed up and left I was right there why couldn't you stay for 5 more minutes???? Anyway you looked hot on that stage and you were awesome!
Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I came to see you at celebration in florida yesterday because i live in orlando and I have to say you were amazing at your performance but i never got to meet you. I loved all your songs and you looked so cute. I cant wait till you go on will be awesome and I will keep watching Hannah Montana. Its my favorite show. Have fun on the rest of the tour. Bye! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! How was Florida? I hope you had fun! Unfortunately, my christmas card couldn't be sent yesterday, so if I mail it, it's going to arrive late. I might give it to you at the preparty in Albany on the fifth... hmm... Wow, only one short day until my birthday! Have a Merry Christmas! See you soon! *smile*


abby said...

hey mitchel.
i soo was ready to go, but then my mom said we had to go Christmas shopping as a family. boohoo. =[
i was soo depressed.
i hope you had fun though!
come back to florida!

Maria said...

Hey you did awesome yesterday! Too bad the snow was foam. And thanks for staying to give autographs, we came up right as you were about to leave so we appreciated it!

Anonymous said...

near like union county CRANFORD maybe hehe.. =]
please my whole like grade loves you soooooooooooo much lol ..<33

Anonymous said...

CRANFORD in union county.. =]

i wanna meet you soo badly..
thanks. =]

Anonymous said...

ur performance wuz awesome!!!!! i wuz there wit all my friends and i hae great time meeting u and talking 2 ur family!!! good luck for tha future and hope to see u again soon!
p.s. i live in celebration so u being there wuz a really big deal!!!

maryann musso :] said...

you+me+olivia+pittsburgh= is going to be amazing.

hah im so pumped!
I wish i could have gone to florida :\

abby said...

hey mitchel! awe, i wish i could see you in every state! HAHA.
come back to arizona! :)

hope you have a GREATTTTT christmas!


Jenny said...

Hey Mitchel.
Jenny here. from Minnesota.
You probably already know that I'm Jenny. from Minnesota. but I just felt like saying that.
It snowed more today. in Minnesota. yeah randomness.
in Minnesota.
So I went shopping on Friday. in Minnesota. & I almost was gonna buy a skateboard. in Minnesota. but then I didn't because its snowy anyways right now . in Minnesota. so why not just wait a while. in Minnesota. ANYWAYS!
I'll stop with the Minnesota's now.. haha sorry I'm probably annoying the crap out of you. :O
Have a nice day (: actually night.
Have a nice Christmas in two days! :) what'd you ask for ? haha.
XOXO - Jenny

Brittany said...

mitchel.. come to st. louis missouri =)

Breann said...

omg i seriously cant wait to meet u.... when im with u its the only time that i don't feel soon as i hear ur voice all my pain goes away! and i been sick for like a year and the doctors still can't find nothing wrong...i think my surgery went wrong when i had my gallbladder removed.... anyway i love you and i cant wait to see u! i hope u have an amazing christmas i wanna know everything u got!!! lol


Anonymous said...

hey is there any way u can come back for healthy kids day?? like last year?

Anonymous said...

Sorry 2 bug u again, but i have a question..
In September, i sent u a letter.At the time, there were 2 addreses (yes, i know i spelled that wrong)listed.
One was the one currently listed on your site,the other was like, Talentworks or something. i sent mine to the talentworks one on Sept.3...
It is now Dec. 24 (merry christmas eve, btw!!!), and i still havent gotten a response back (i sent a dollar &a poster and everything,,,, i also see the adress is not on your site anymore..
PS.i have the funniest story 2 tell u b4 i go..
we were at a cabin last week,with no tv, and we were telling horror stories around the fire each of us telling different parts of the story..
here is the story

(my brother) Once upon a time, all the zombies rose out of the ground and started eating everybody..(me) But 2 zombie slayers named Hannah Montana and Oliver(thats you!)came and tried to kill them....(my aunt) so Hannah got on stage and began singing to the crowd of zombies, with oliver sitting in the adiunce, but all of a sudden, an evil magician came and turned hannah into a chicken, and oliver laughed very hard...(my Dad) and all of a sudden, the lights went out!all anyone could hear was,,,peck...peck...peck.....PECK!PECK!PECK!PECK!PECK!
when the lights came on the magican could see oliver lying on the ground, with the hannah chicken standing over him, blood dripping from hr guilty little beak...
At this point Dad had 2 stop on account of my screaming and hollering at him 4 having my fave singer murdering the man i luv...YEESH!
Sorry that was so long, but im afraid ill have 2 make it longer by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
luv, Dakota

Anonymous said...

merry christmas evee! =]]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Do you know if your merchandise will be sold online? I really want something of yours. Best of luck. We love you!

Anonymous said...

Guess what.... today's my birthday! I'm so excited! So far, it's been so fun! Today is going to be so much fun! Merry Christmas (Eve)! *smile* See you soon (In Albany)!


Jessss said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! There's a message in my alphabet cereal it says ooo, oh wait those are I don't have much time right now doesn't help that my computer is a little bit on the slow side or really on the slow side but oh well. here are some awesome blingee things that I made

Have an awesome day!!! And if you ever feel angry at least your not this kid:
it might be a little ummm...colorful? but it is pretty friend told me to watch it so now I'm telling you to watch ok? let me know what you think!!


Fer said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!!!Since tomorrow I'm leaving to Miami and won't be able to come here and leave you a comment...

I really hope you have an awesome time sharing with all the people you love=D BTW wanna know what I want from Santa?? youuu!!!! lol yeah I wish...
Well, again MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
love ya!!!<3

brie said...


I just wanted to wish you and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I wish all the best for you and your family! I hope you get EVERYTHING you want--you totally deserve it!

Oh, if a fat guy with a beard comes blindfolds you and stuffs you in a bag tonight, don't worry. I told him I wanted you for Christmas.


Totally cheesy, but cute!

luv, brie

CAITLYN said...



Jenny said...

Saint Paul, MN-Any fans?
Just wondered because I am planning a visit to come out and see you guys!


posted by Mitchel @ 1:28 PM 11 Comments

WHAT? awwdang. you came to Minnesota? Well come again :)

Belle said...

you were really great at your concert! i came it was so much fun! omg! I LOVE WHITE STRIPED GLOVES! it is the best song EVER! i am listening to it right now! i hope you come to orlando again soon!

Anonymous said...


Loo at what the girls at IMDb did for you and your family!!!

Gather them up and watch!!



I can't believe I just made one of those pictures.....I'm not keyboard talented like that!


Anonymous said...

i know it's probably no where near christmas where you live, but it's christmas in england! aha..
have a lovely day! i love you.
from livvy
xox <3

The Future Mrs. Musso said...

Hi Mitchel! I really wanted to come to the celebration and see you perform. Unfortunately, I couldn't leave Jacksonville at the time. I hope I can look forward to see you sometime in the future. Have a wonderful Christmas!

chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

Hey Mitchel I havent commented you in a while. Well, anyways I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and God bless you. Jesus loves you and I do too. I hope you have a great one.

Oh, yeah and just to mention. Im still waiting for that autographed headshot.. and please put what I told you to write on it and everything. =)))

Well, Merry Christmas. God Bless you. Jesus loves you and you know me too. =)))


Thats so cool! I hope you have an amazing Christmas!! I looked all over for white striped gloves (not the song tho) at the store today. i was gonna buy them and put them under the tree for me. lol. I couldn't find any though. =[ Anyway, I hope you had fun in Florida! Pinky promise you'll come back to Chicago!

~JB~ 35 said...

Merry Christmas Micthy.....u rock my

Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS MITCHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how was florida??? anything new???

leanne =] said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS MITCHEL! and to all your family. =]

that's my christmas tree in my room. like the star? xD and yes, thats a poster of you in the back.

leanne =] said...

i got the summertime oliver doll for christmas, a t-shirt that syas I <3 Mitchel Musso, and the yellow metro station t-shirttttt! =] MERRY CHRISTMAS! =]

(The girl with no question on Radio Disney) =]

Mariam. [: said...

Merry Christmas Mitch. (:
i hope you get everything you wished for...
and tha you arent causing too much touble in texas right nowwww.
hahahaha. (:

i love you.

see you soon!

Sasha said...

Happy Christmas Mitchel!!! I hope you have TONS of fun.

See ya

Chelsee said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS MITCHEL!!!!! lol hope you see this!!! Well, I didn't get the Oliver Doll :( Oh well, but it's ok, cause I found an iTunes gift card in my stocking, so I'm guessing I got an iPod... lol! Oh, and guess what else...I GOT THE QUEEN GREATEST HITS CD! Aha I'm like in love with it! Well, not more in love with it than with you.... What do you do for the holiday? Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Mitchel! I hope you got everything that you wanted! I got some pretty cool stuff. The only thing that I wanted but didn't get was a white christmas, but there's still some time left in the day, right? It doesn't really matter anyway. I actually didn't want anything for this Christmas or my birthday yesterday, but my parents surprised me by getting me something that I did want but forgot about because I didn't think I would get it! It was really funny when we got my dog some presents! She got a red and white ball that she loves and some peanut butter dog treats (she loves peanut butter) but she's enjoying herself too much for us to give her the last present (a dog bone). She won't be able to decide which to play with if we give it to her too early, so we're waiting. *smile* g2g. I can't wait to see you in Albany! See you soon! *smile*


Jess said...

Hey Mitchel!!
I hope your Christmas is as good as mine...actually better then mine. Mine has been great besides waking up at 3:30 in the morning going into the bathroom to hug the toilet...if you know what I mean. Yea but that only happened once so I'm feeling a little better. It was all worth it when I realized that the first present I opened was the Metro Station CD!!!! YAY!!! Oh yea I was wondering if you would technicly be mine and my bff's date for New Years eve? She would be mad if I didn't include her. But since you won't be here with us we could just pretend you are so will you? Have the BESTEST week EVER!!!!

Jess W. (Da one wit the poem at the Crayola Factory!!)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mitchel!

selah said...

As they say across the pond,
Happy Christmas, Mitchel!
Hope you're having a great day.

Love Selah.

Anonymous said...

i was there
but i didnt get to meet you
u left 5 minutes before we went in
hope to meet you next time your in Florida


aspen said...

i was there and u looked so cute! i luv the out fits!
see ya soon!!

luv: aspen

Anonymous said...

u looked so cute there!! i even got a hug from u! i was in the groupe waiting outside the radio disney building with me and my friends!!! luv aspen

Anonymous said...

heyy yeh i went. well i was really just going to Celebration on that day with a few friends and we ended up staying for your part of the show. Then we were just sitting in an ally thing taking random pics and you walked by and started talking to us and i got a extremly dark pic. yeh well your music was pretty good that day.


katie said...

heyy yeh i went. well i was really just going to Celebration on that day with a few friends and we ended up staying for your part of the show. Then we were just sitting in an ally thing taking random pics and you walked by and started talking to us and i got a extremly dark pic. yeh well your music was pretty good that day.