Thursday, December 06, 2007

I goofed again

I shot "In The Loop" for NBC today and it will air tomorrow...Friday.....sorry......I thought it was airing today .....catch it tomorrow!

I don't have details on next week yet...sorry about that.....You'll be the first to know when I get all the info. I'm having a BLAST in CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Kad [Short Notice] said...

Haha, aww.

I won't be able to see it because I'm in Paris until Tuesday. =[

I hope it went well though!

Cassie =] said...

that's ok. people make mistakes. i'm glad you're having fun. but you need to come to MA. when you do, i need to know =] gracias! =]]

Jenny said...

Heyy, you posted a blog while I was still on your page :D
Yay for that blast you're having in Chicago lol. <3

PS come to Minnesota ! NOW! lol jk.

Daniela said...

have fun :)
Daniela (from Israel)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!

Hey, you have loads of dates, it doesn't matter! It wasn't a big mistake.
Hope that someone posts it on youtube so that I can see it.

Have a great time!

Love Ya.


sophie said...

what is in the loop? and what time will that be. im in callie . well enyway i just wanted to tell you that your doing an great job with everything and i seen a video of you and boy you look stressed out . you need to just relax. and everyone loves you so im praying for you so god will give you strangt and peace joy and lots of love. well hope you have a blessed day im out wove you watter

Meeghanherexo said...

I'm really sick tomorrow.

I can feel the flu coming on..


ashlee said...

Chicago is so far awayyyy, u need 2 stay in oregon for like 2 days. Then I would be super uber happy.

I'm sick this week, so ill be able 2 watch "in the loop" when it comes on.

3 days until jingle jamm! Sooo excitedd. My bday is in 2 days, so that's my bday present from my dad. I need 2 think of a good present 2 give u.....hmmm......


carly said...

Haha mitchel glad to know ur having fun here can't wait till tomorrowww have fun how ya liking this snoww? Haha see u soonn

Jess said...

I was wondering if you knew anything about the "Win a trip to hollywood" in Bop's celebrity spectacular. I saw it in an older issue and i saw the two girls bowling with you and I was wondering if for this one if the winners will get to do something fun with you again... I really hope so!!!!! So please let me know if you know anything that you can share about it!!!

Selah said...

It's okay.
I forgive you.
I was actually about to see if they had put the segment on their website, but I checked your blog first.
I'm glad I did.
If I had gone on that site, and not seen the piece, I might have gotten really..."upset".

I'm glad your haveing fun in Chicago. Hope you have a coat. I hear it's pretty windyy up there. hehe

Love Selah.

Caroline said...

haha it's ok. we all goof sometimes. like today, i tripped over a stray tap shoe in dance class and almost fell flat on my face. lol. anyways, glad ur having fun in chicago, and can't wait til ur in richmond!

~Caroline :D

leanne =] said...

Haha that's okay, Ally said it was Friday and so did my TV. I have it taped on my DVR. I can't wait to see it. =]

So on Monday Mini-Mitchel (or the Mitchel Musso Kid) and my friends had a very interesting conversation. Apparently, his father is Justin Timberlake. Nice right?

And yesterday in my ELA class we played kinda like a game because wehad a test today. It was on compound sentences, and Tuesday we had to make 15 compound sentences with a partner. I know you would think our teacher realized that by 7th grade we know compound sentences. Psh... So two of my friends said they were going to write a sentence (dedicated to me) about your allery to lobsters. My ELA teacher has a very similar last name to yours and when you say miss and her last name it sounds EXACTLY like Mitchel Musso. My teacher heard them telling me they were going to make oone of their sentences about that and she went, "why do you have to make a sentence about me? I'm not even allergic to lobsters. Well I used to be but not anymore." It was like funny. So then they must've wrote a couple about me and you because the next day when we played the game we had to write the sentence that she dictated on the blackboard like faster than the other person you were up against and it also had to have the correct punctuation. One of my friends gave my teacher her notebok and she told her to read a certain one when I got up. So when I was up she read, "My friend is obsessed with the celebrity Mitchel Musso; therefore, she has pictures of him on her walls." And then I won that round. How awesome is my teacher? And today she was giving us pretzels because she usually does that for like no reason and she has names for most of us and now mine is Mitchel. Or sometimes Musso. Or Mrs. Musso. My teacher rocks.

I bought a Hannah Montana 08 calendar yesterday. July is just a picture of you. So now I can't wait until July. =]

Haha that was long. Hope everything's awesome! =]

(The one with no question in her shout-out on Radio Disney) =]

Sasha said...

I'm glad you having a blast in Chicago. I'll try to watch "In The Loop."

See ya

Anonymous said...

it's ok!!!!!...hey guess what? snowed like 2 inches today and it will even more l8r!'ll b cold but i hope there ain't school tomorrow so i can watch the show!..that wld b so cool!!...but i am gonna record it and watch it after school if i don't worry!....oh yeah...i also get to offically have ur doll w/ lilly and hannah on the 22nd!...only 16 more days!....glad u r having fun!...come to nebraska but not now!.....ha!

~*luv2laugh*~ :) ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
Im glad your having fun in Chicago!
I will be seeing you tomorrow and I'm
VERY excited!
I saw you on ABC today by the way =]
I can't wait until tomorrow!
See you then!

Lizzie Loves Mitchieee (: said...


I saw on you channel 7 news
about an hour ago.

hehe you looked cute.
I'm so excited :D

Mariam. [: said...

i love you.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I still have a chance to watch it! Have fun in Chicago! I can't wait until you go to Worcester on the 21st! ttyl, I have a short story to write in English... this could take a while, because I won't be able to stop writing! lol! *smile*


Anonymous said...

ooo YAY ur in chicago already!!!!!!! but omg I. THINK. I. MIGHT. CRY. this is not good mitchel not good at all get ready to brace urself u might want to be sitting down............. i dont kno if i can come see u tomarro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how sad is that i want to so badly but my parents.............. urg im gonna be soooooooooooooo mad u dont kno how badly i want to see u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will just sneak out grrrr but thats a long walk!!!!! im so sad omg i better see u but if i dont......... (HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in case i cant give u one in person!!!! :[[

MeganP2010 said...

sldfkjajf I'm recording it for tomorrow =]!!!

you should come to the metro station concert in san francisco in february... it's gonna be really small BUT IM GIONGGGG yessss


Meeghanherexo said...

ayyy boyyyy.

I wish I could come tomorrow. but sadly, I live in minnesota, so you should come here.


love you kiddo.

Carly said...

so i heard u were on abc today! i was going ot watch it but haha yah i was at the ortho... like searously out of all times!! gosh! haha but my friend told me about it! i cant wait till tomorrow and i already got the loop taping for tomorrowww!! cant waitt! ahh goshh!! u dnt know how excited i am! haha



Caitti said...

Cool...I just got a bird 2 weeks ago and was going to name it Mitchel Tate but my mom said no so i had to name it Bubba!!

Mallorie aka Dani said...

Did you go to the Shedd aquaruim???? BEST. PLACE. EVER. lmao SHARKS! They're my favorite!

Little Cold for the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel...That plce is amazing....and the Field Museum!

Can't wait to hang with you tomorrow in Woodridge! My sister's really po'd she can't go and I feel SO bad.....She's the best, but my parents don't want to get her out of school and because Jesse McMusso Lover wants to go instead...urm....If I explain THAT there, my friend's little brother would kill me like I for him on Mario Kart! HA! I';m getting out of school like 25 minutes early too cause I have to drive of to my friends' house...speaking of Honda's tire is flat....Grrrrr.....and it was making funny clinkiy noises today! Are you SURE you don't want to trade cars? =)

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya! Tomorrow! You're only a....Day...A-....WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup...that's me as a cucumber....yup....

Mallorie aka Dani!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope I can see "In The Loop", but I'm not sure when it comes on or if my college cable has the program. I'm sorry that I couldn't meet you in Georgia, but I had classes that I had to attend. I hope you had a good time.

I'm glad that you're having fun in Chicago. I've never been to Chicago, but I've heard that it's a fun place.

I hope you're having a wonderful week.


oliviaheartsmitchel said...

ahah i knew it was a mistake when i tried to tivo it it was like some stupid thing, but my moms like "i'll just record both days" ahahahaha.
iii will seeyaaa like in a fewdays (:


brooke said...

im coming to see you on saturday!
look for a girl wearing a shirt that said, mitch will you marry me?


i cannot wait to see you.
its going to be amazing.
OOOHH. and i got a basket & filled it with TONS of starburts and a teddy bear :D. annnnnnd a card i made for you, its freakin huge. ahaha.

well see you on saturday!


sara said...

heyy! glad your having fun in chicago! how do you like all this snow? lol

Chelsee said...

lalalalala.... Chicago! Aha sorry I'm just really bored... counting down the days till BOSTON! Woot! Wait is it actually in Boston, or Worcester? Oh by the way you have the coolest hair EVER! Today my friend called me a spazzmuffin... wonder why.... idk, today was a very off day... 3 projects and a test. Hey are you home schooled? Or do you go to like private school or something? Do people freak out when they see you somewhere, like even on the street?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just got back from our robotics team meeting! It was so much fun! We were suprisingly productive despite how much we joked around, and we planned out a bunch of really fun fundraising ideas. ttyl!


iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

aww ii kant WAIT!


ily mitchhh <3

.audrey. said...

i'm so excited.
i have to leave a half an hour early to go do our Holiday Spectacular, but it'll still be amazing to meet you.
can't wait!

Manda said...

I went to the Metro Station show last night in Tempe and it was AWESOME. I got video of their set and uploaded it already. Clicky for the youtube channel. The footage from the show are the only videos I have up, so it's not hard to find them. ^.^

Mason was such a sweetheart and gave the best hugs. It's a shame that I won't get to come up and see you this Sunday (can't get tickets). That would have been awesome - getting to meet all three Musso brothers in less than one week. :D Good luck and have fun in Phoenix (again)!

Taylor said...

its k. lol.
ill watch it. :)
im gld ur having funn btw.
ill c ya the 3rd time on dec. 22nd.
cant wait.
its 5 days after my bday, soo yay!!

carly said...

Omg haha I heard about u on the news and not knowing how to use a scarf awwww lol thts cute tho haha okay see u tonight can't waitt u musyt be really tireddd ttyl see ya tonightt

Breann said...

I just saw u on that show u looked so cute! i gotta rewind what you said though and actually pay attenion i couldn't concentrate i was to busy looking at ur sexiness lol....i LOVED ur sweatshirt i think i was gonna get the same one in black to match the Jordan retro 8 aqua purple...i can't remember tho.... i cant wait to see u next weekend...i made my parents go crazy for a new pair of sneakers and a sweatshirt to match!!! ugh i gotta go pack to go to my sisters house....

love you!!!


*Chillie* said...

Hey Mitchel!!!!!

So its friday now and i just found out today about the Chicago tickets give away thing for miley's concert tomorrow. acually i found out 5 mins ago! so i was like "Mom! We have to be in Chicago before 6PM!!!!! Gotta get miley tickets and back stage passes!!!!!" I've said before i live in Ontario! so i wouldnt get there on time even if i tried!:((
so sad!!!!!anyway geuss i'll just have to keep entering the contests for Toronto tickets! i havent comented in a while.....OH! Forgot to tell you that at our schools book fair i got the new hannah montana book! anyway g2g!!!!!


-Chelsea AKA Chillie
P.S. i added an "e" to my nickname

Aly said...

i thought december 7th was on friday...

i love you<333

xoxo Aly

Anonymous said...

It's not a world's end!It's happens to me almost every day!
<3caroline(from lyon in france)<3

LexyRayAnne said...

Hey Mitchel...
Just wondering are you a mime?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

I finnally found the video of "In the Loop" on the internet! I've just got one thing to say: LOL! It was awesome, you were really funny! :D
and the stories about the hannah tickets were really nice.

Have a great weekend!

Love Ya.


Mitchel lover!! said...

I saw Mitchel on in the loop! He was amazing and if you havent seen it yet you need 2! Maybe you can find it on the internet if you cant watch it. <3 Love you Mitchel!

Elizabeth said...

haha my friend does the same dot,dot,dot thing haha shes probably your soul mate lmao.