Monday, September 24, 2007

The Premiere....The Hannah Season II Finale & Party

The Premiere yesterday of "The Game Plan" was cool. Madison is a great little actress and she stole the show....seriously......but The Rock is very cool too. You should definately see it.....I think it's rated G....but it will make you laugh!

We finished Hannah Season II with one of the most incredible episodes yet! I'm not kidding....I really think that the shows get better every week......but this one had so many guest stars. I am not sure how many shows you have seen so far this season.....but we shot there's so much more Hannah coming your way!

We had our Season II party at a place called RAMSEY's in Taluca Lake, California last night. Everybody was there and there was lot's of food and video clips of bloopers from the show and lot's of memories.

I found out that two of our regular cast members just booked new films.......and one of our regular cast members may be traveling to cities where Miles will be to promote her upcoming cast member just finished a starring role in a film due out early next year......and one cast member just got asked to do a new music video for a new Disney guess who is who? Have fun with that one....

Also......I am hoping to share some exciting news about my music....but the main thing is that I have 3 new songs to share with you guys.

There's a slim possibility that I may get to come back to Chicago......slim chance.... you know how I feel about Chicago!!!!! and a little bird told me someone had a'm just saying....keep prayin!

Have a great week! Tell your friends about the Blog and


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mike Standley the Third

is in the House this week.....We are shooting our last episode of "Hannah Montana" this week and it is an awesome show!

Metro Station CD came out today!

Premiere for "The Game Plan" is on Sunday at 2:00PM at the El Capitan in Hollywood...I'll be there.....

Hope your having the best week ever!


Saturday, September 15, 2007


If you guys are waiting outside....and I see you....I will definately stop and say hey!


Santa Clara

Hey guys! Ally was with me on the set of Hannah last night.....she will be updating you as soon as she is back home. She took lots of to meet the cast and we had a great time.

We needed to let you know a couple of things about Santa Clara......first of all....Ally won't be there. She doesn't have time to drive from LA to SC because of her plane flight back home she's really sorry that she will miss the fans and hopes to see all of you at a future signing.

Second.....I believe that the venue in Santa Clara was done by ticket sales and may be sold out...I am not sure....but I have been told that that is the case. If your driving a long might want to call the convention center to find out before you make the drive.....I hope that it works out and we get to meet...


Thursday, September 13, 2007


My brother Mason's Band METRO STATION


Their CD will be at Best Buy & Circuit City September 18TH!


Sunday, September 09, 2007


And Happy Birthday to everyone who has a BIRTHDAY this week!

Hannah did not win the EMMY.....but that's ok. We had an incredible time last night and it gives us something to work for next year...right??

Great week coming up....if you don't already know....ALLY who runs is flying in for a visit on the set and we are all excited to have her here. Should be a blast! Hopefully she will bring her camera and take a bunch of pictures and share a few stories on

Another great week of Hannah.....there are plenty of shows left this season that haven't aired yet there's a lot of great stuff coming your way.

Miley's concert is coming up soon too.....I hope a lot of you are going.....that will be incredible...

Have the best week ever!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Creative Emmy's

Hey guys! The Creative Emmy's are tomorrow. Here's hoping that "Hannah Montana" comes out the BIG WINNER!


Sunday, September 02, 2007

School Starts for me tomorrow......

yeah......good times....

But...the great news is....we are shooting an episode of "Hannah" this week and Mike Stanley the third.....Is in the house! So that's always cool. right?

I have been spending time with my older brother Mason who leaves on tour again tomorrow....check out his shows on Myspace/Metrostation. You don't want to miss him if he is in your area. His CD comes out September 18th....RUN to the store and buy Will be blown away...It's AMAZING

I am excited to tell you that I am working on a two new projects for Disney....VERY excited about that! I don't want to make anybody upset by talking about it too early because we are working on them, they are NOT finished.....but as soon as I know it's ok to talk about....I will tell you guys! ok? But....You guys are gonna love it!

Is my Super Short Report airing yet?? Let me know when you see it ok? And the 365 that was shot in Florida.....

Ok...... Who's coming to see me in Santa Clara? Give a shout out if your coming....

Have the most awesome week!