Saturday, September 15, 2007


If you guys are waiting outside....and I see you....I will definately stop and say hey!



Emily said...

Awh. i wish i could go and meet the hottest man possibley alive xD

Hope you have fun!

iLOVEshoez said...

Love you lots!! hope everything is going good....its good for me here....

~Andie <3

Olivia said...

thats nice of you
when i read this i was like on sugar and i'm like..
"Wait whereeee is this?"

like it was stalker status
like idk mann.


karina. said...

that's awesome!
i wish i could go, but i'm soo busy this weekend =/ it's a couple hours away from me.
oh well, next time. you will definitely see the elves girls again =)


heather b said...

hey mitchel :)

i just wanted to thank you on behalf on all your fans lucky enough to come to santa clara even if the tickets were sold out bc you would come say hi to them if u saw them . i think thats amazing that you care so much about your fans and that you keep up a website to update your biggest fans on your daily life. have a great week !

<33 heatherr b

mariam. [: said...

i wanna go.
but, its a long drive.
and my mother wont take me.

i still love you.

Ashleigh said...

hope i c u there i WILL say hey
luv Ashleigh

Anonymous said...

O I WISH I COULD COME!!!!!!!!!! please please please please come back to chicago or aor anyware in illinois i will drive all over the state for u but please come back!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally said...

Hello~I live in Taiwan.
I love Mitchel so much. >0<
Taiwan present the time am the afternoon 8:10 minutes
If has free time, May come Taiwan ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!
I'm from germany. U R really cool!
Ehm... Yes.. That's what i would say (I hope it's right...)

Anonymous said...

i live no where near Santa Clara =[
come back to New York or New Jersey

- xo Michele


Suh-weet! Awww but im headin off 2 church. Well I luv ya mucho mista musso!!

Daniella said...

It's sad that i live in Israel..
because I can't see you :(

Sasha said...

Man, I wish I could've gone

See Ya

Anonymous said...

too bad i am not there!!....but i can imagine that i am there!!...well have an awesome time!!!


Elizabeth said...


You are too sweet! Everyone is going to be so thankful!

<3 Liz

Olivia said...


youre in it at the end x]]

YAY !!

i look bad though xP

Anonymous said...

I want to go but I don't know what time you're going to be there!

Kylee said...

Your so nice.. i wish i was there. (:
Kylee from Texas.

Holly said...

I wish I could go but I really live too far away. You should come back to NJ or NY, like you came for the mall. That would be awesome. Then I would be able to go. I hope you have fun at the signing. You rock!

Katherine said...

Hey Mitchel! I hope you will come to Arizona sometime! Maybe even come to Tucson...that would be so cool!!


ttran said...

Hi, Mitchel!

Aww, it sucks that I can't be there, but I hope you and everyone else have a great time!

HAve an awesome Sunday!

shireen said...

Mitchel! why aren't you going to be in the new episode! i havent seen you in like, two episodes. ='[
will you be in the October 19 episode? i really want to see you, considering im in Michigan. which is no where close to Cali. and i almost cried when i found out about the episode where Oliver gets diabeties! Count on me buying that episode on iTunes

i love you!,

McKennah said...

Hey Mitchel! I am finally #1 on your blog. YAY! I hope you have fun in Santa Clara. I wish I could go,but school is WAY busy down here.Two more days in counting 'till Metro Station's CD comes out. I will totally be first in line!
Have a good week,

Fer said...

you're soo cool!=D

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL! Ok I'm on my sidekick rite now..its 1225.....on the 16th...I am waiting 4 u! I know by the time u get this u might have already met me! Ill be by the hotel entrance! I have starbursts, a letter and a binder 4 u 2 sign! I REALLY want 2 meet u.......I know that the private event is 4 john robert powers people only..(I am JRP but not in santa clara, in oregon) soo yea...I talked 2 a person from JRP and she told me where u would be since I can't meet u in the JRP thingyy....I traveled for 15 hrs just 2 meet u! Soo I hope I really can meet u!

kaylaaa said...

heyyy mitchel, im stoked about the new hannah montana episode coming out this friday, its looks real good. kbye :)

Anonymous said...

i heard that in an episode...oliver gets diabetes.wowzers...didn't expect that!

Anonymous said...

YOU! I JUST HEARD OLIVER WILL HAVE DIABETES!!! WHAT THE EF!? That's a little sad. Many other Oliver fans are also going, "WHAT THE EF?!"

And please, PLEASE tell me Oliver will get a stinkin' friendship episode with Miley. I heard "that's what friends are for?" will be about JAKE. So... HE'LL be getting a friendship epi before OLIVER!? WHAT THE EF (again)!?


This is madness, dude. MADNESS.

mitchels babe said...

you didn't tell us you'd be on radio KOL!!! i was just watching it and i was like OMG it's my future husband!! haha, i love you!

love always babe...

Christina said...

Man I wish I could go and meet you! You should come to Richmond you have some fans here too!


I wish I could go! That's really nice of you to do that. All the more reason to love you! :)
I can't believe you're not in the episode with The Rock.....that's like 5 episodes you're not in. That makes me sad....and I couldn't get tickets to see Miley and Jonas Brothers. And I'm sick right now and our volleyball team didn't win in the championship as you can tell, I'm not having the best week right now. I hope you're doing good though!
Have a great week!


...Wait Oliver gets diabetes?!?!? Noooo!!!! Where do you guys figure this out?

Mariah said...

Mitchheellll- You ROCK
I hope you come to Canada one day! Haha <3
I asked my mom if we could go to the USA.. Shes all NOOO
Soo i'm sad.
Yourself, Emily and Miley are my favorite people in the WORLD.
I hope I can meet atleast one of you one day.... =]
Who is wishing se could of been in Santa Clara right now =[

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go!! I wanna meet they onliest guy I love!!! All the guys at my school are not cute and most are mean idiots. It makes me wonder how they are the same species as you!!

Anonymous said...

Mitchel thank you SOOOO much for hanging out with me today! I was the girl who had blonde hair and the black shirt and jeans on! Seriously, I really can't believe I got to basically hang out with you! We talked for like 15 min didn't we? When I first saw u I'm like wait....wait...OMG! Thanks soo much for the pics! I luved how when I called my friend u said I'm being recorded talking to you! And thanks soooo much for signing my binder! I hoped u would like my collage, and u did! I really can't believe I got to achieve my dream of hanging out with you! It really means a lot to me that you did that! And when u came up the escalator and came over to me I started to stop breathing! I luv(ed) talking to you! You are soo sweet and kind! I luv how you told me all about ur new music and wat you are doing in a few days and in the next month. I can't wait till oct.30! Ill be listening allll day! Oh and you know how I told you I have like 3 corbin bleu cds? When ur cd comes out I'm gonna buy like 1000000000! Seriously mitchel, you completely made my life today! I was like shocked by how I got to hang out with you! I really hope you do things like this in Portland, Oregon! Oh and if you don't remember, I'm the one who flew in from oregon by myself just to meet you! Oh and I'm sorry for not introducing myself! I'm Ashlee. Thanks for saying me and you are like best friends on video! I didn't even think you would even say that! I really think we get along good! And oh I am sorry I couldn't stay for the meet and greet, I actually had to leave, but I was gonna walk up to you and say bye but I didn't want to be rude and interupt you. I will upload the videos up and I will send you the link in a comment! Oh and my friend annabel like LUVS you now for talking to her! You made mine and hers today! I hope I can see you again sometime again! Maybe if you go to a premiere in the first week of Dec. I can meet you again! Ill be in disneyland that week for my b-day! (Dec.8th is my bday so remember it! Lol) I am sooooo happy that I got to meet you, even hang out with you! I thought I would never meet you since I found out it was private and stuff! I would travel all over the world to meet you! You are soo funny too! I luved how that little kid kept saying really funny things and then you made me laugh everytime you replied to him...oh and I LUVED when you were like you know, people aunts when the kid said ants bite me! That was hilarious! Now I know you like driving! But u still like getting driven around! I luved that! Ok I'm gonna go cause I'm blabing! I hope I can meet you again!
Ur #1 fan in OREGON! And the world!,
Ashlee! (A.k.a. The girl who talked to you the most at the signing and hung out with you!)

tiffany said...

hope you had a good autograph signing today!!


Mariah [Again] said...

WHAT!?! What episode does Ollie get diabities in =[
Dude I'm like crying! Oliver is my fav character! *Sniff*
What episode is this in?

ally m said...

awe, mitchel. [: youre too sweet.

dangggg. one of these days, i'm going to LA. even if i have to walk! haa, i was thinking of asking my parents about over spring break. :] because we've been there before, and we all want to go back!

because i seriously want to meet you so bad. & miley and emily. and i doubt youll ever come to michigan for any reason, lol. [cept for miley, shes touring in my city!]

well yeah, hope the santa clara thing was fun! :]

<3 ally m.

ELENA said...


Anonymous said...

Mitchel I hope one day you come to England because you have millions of fans here! Hope you're having fun and lots of it meeting fans!

Have fun and a million hugs from me:

xoxx Katherine :)

Cassandra said...

i would love to have gone.. except for the fact that i am currently located on the opposite coast... lol too bad Massachusetts couldn't be on the western side of things. lol i hope you had fun. and good luck

p.s. i wanna see oliver on Hannah Montana more! lol i miss seeing you on there! lol

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have come, but I couldn't. ttyl!


Melanie said...

Awesomeness, I love you so much Mitchel, I'll never forget you!! -Melanie

iluv2act94 said...

Your cute.

Please come to MN

anna signore said...

hey mitchel!
aw.. your soo sweet! but i am soo mad i wont be able to see you! ahh i need to see you i really really really (keep saying really for a long time) see you and meet you soo bad! ahh are you ever gonna come out to chicago or like joliet? lol i really want to meet YOU!!!!!!! ahhh lol well yah lol ttyl
i ♥ you

♥ xoxo ♥ anna signore

Leanne xP said...

I wish I could go to Santa Clara. I'm in NY. Come ack to NY! Or even NJ. I gotta meet you again. =]

Wow tomorrow Metro Station's CD comes out. I've been looking forward to this for months! I pre-ordered it. I'm obsessed with Seventeen Forever and Control (thanks Lizzie lmao). Kelsey is another one of my favorites. It's on my iPod. <3


amanda q said...

i wanna go its like an hour away but i cant because my parents dont like driving me places =[[ lame

Cheyenne said...

Hey Mitchel,
That is so Sweet....too bad I can't go...I live in Ft. Worth, you look good in your suit, I like it....ttyl

ally m said...








<3 ally m.

Tiffany said...

Awww.. I wished I lived in the USA. :(

Anonymous said...

haha you are too cuteee for words.
oohhh wait, guys hate that .. hmmm.
How's this :

You're Mr.tougggh guy.
cheesy I knooooow but whateves=]]


Anonymous said...'re soo sweet!! My Social Studies teacher is the best!! My binders are full of pics of you and when she walked by she looked at my binder and said "He's Cute!!" It was very random but kind of funny so I just looked at her and smiled. I think I was blushing but that always happens when someone talks about you. My bedroom is really dangerous becuase I have so many posters of you!! Everytime I walk into my room I look at the posters instead of where I'm going so I tend to walk into stuff and fall off of my bed and trip over my own feet!! I have so many cuts and bruises!! So if I break my arm I blame you!JK Have a wonderful week!! I love you so much!!

Jess W.