Sunday, September 09, 2007


And Happy Birthday to everyone who has a BIRTHDAY this week!

Hannah did not win the EMMY.....but that's ok. We had an incredible time last night and it gives us something to work for next year...right??

Great week coming up....if you don't already know....ALLY who runs is flying in for a visit on the set and we are all excited to have her here. Should be a blast! Hopefully she will bring her camera and take a bunch of pictures and share a few stories on

Another great week of Hannah.....there are plenty of shows left this season that haven't aired yet there's a lot of great stuff coming your way.

Miley's concert is coming up soon too.....I hope a lot of you are going.....that will be incredible...

Have the best week ever!



Anonymous said...

aww. i wish hannah montana won an emmy.

i can't wait for new episodes

<3 Tara

Anonymous said...

You have the best week ever also Mitchel. Its good to hear you had a lot of fun last night even though you guys didn't win, but I sure you guys will win next year. I can't wait to see all the new episods of Hannah Montana that are still to come this season. It is the best show ever. I love you Mitchel.

Anonymous said...

MITCHEL! I talked 2 ally....I can't wait 2 meet u and her in santa clara! I wanted hannah 2 win sooo bad! But at least it was a nominee! I can't wait till like 6 days! AHHHHH! I get 2 fly down 4 like 3 days 2 san jose 2 visit fam and u! I get 2 fly 2 reno! Yeaazz! But I fly by myself.......but 2 badd I'm not 18 yet! No gambling! It sux! Vegas is nothing without money and card games.........well gotta luv u!

Anonymous said...

im definitely looking forward to more episodes of hannah its always fun. anyway good luck with everything this week.


ally m. said...

hmm. maybe i will be first comment? lol idk.

whos liz? well happy birthday to her! lol. :]

awww. thats okay about the emmy, [i love your attitude about it!] you guys are still amazing <3.

yay! hopefully ally has a great time & comes back with lots of stuff to share.. :] that will be AWESOME.

can't wait for all the new episodes. i've been looking on various sites for upcoming ones [although who knows if theyre reliable..!] & im excited for the "rock block" lol. :]

<3 ally m.

Sasha said...

That stinks that Hannah did win. But you do got next year.
Coll. Ally's going. If she does take her camera they will probably be awesome pics.

See ya

Leanne xP said...

I can't wait for the Hannah Montana episodes!

If the tickets don't sell out very fast, me and my friends are going!


Carly said...

hey mitchel

everythin said sounds exciting!

i hope ally has a greatt time and hope hannahs going well for ya!

omg i wish i was going to the concert! but i cant.

hey whose liz?? lol

alright ill ttyl

thanks for keeping us updated!



ELENA said...


Anonymous said...

oohh she didnt darn, well if you had fun its worth it right? i hope you and ally have fun on set. also good luck shooting. i cant wait until the epiosdes air. i dont think ill be able to go to a concert because the last time she was here she was sold out in 3 min. amazing right?



Anonymous said...

well my birthday isnt this week but next week on the 18th!!!!!!!! i think those people who voted r crazy for nt picking hannah o well ur DEFFITLY GONNA GET IT NEXT YEAR!!! im going to one of her concerts im sooooooo excited U SHOULD BE ONE OF HER OPENING ACTS WITH UR AMAZING SONGS!!!

Daniella said...

I do happy for you :)

Elizabeth said...

Haha Mitchel-

When I first read your title I froze and thought "My birthday was in May." I seriously had to stop and think this one out. Boy, am I smart. :-P

That too bad that Hannah didnt win. Oh well... You don't need an award to know that you have a great show! And I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures from Allys visit soon!

Miley isnt coming to an area around me this time. Before the closest area was Ft. Worth but I think that sho was canceled. So now the closest place is Houston.

No Mitchel...YOU have the best week ever!

<3 Liz

Georgina Lily! said...

Heyy Mitchel.
Thanks for the update! =]
Awhh thats to bad Hannah didnt win, but oh well at least you had a good time and hopefully win next year!

I hope Ally has a great time on the set and with you, i cant wait to see all the pictures she takes and to hear all about it!! =]

I hope Mileys concert goes well, i wish i could have gone but i live in England =[..
anyway im sure it will be awesome!

i have been rehersing for my show and we only get 4 rehersals at the dances, and the show is on saturday, i only have 1 more rehersal left, and i cant dance to save my life, its so bad lol. so please could you pray that everything goes well and i dont mess up =]..
im doing another show in january, its Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, and im auditioning for a part, hopefully ill get one =]

Have a great week!! =] x

Well i gota go, hope to hear from you soon.
Love from Georgina xxx

P.S.. I saw a picture of you in your suit at the Emmys, and you look really smart! =]

Samantha said...

Mine's the 16th...Does that technically count as next week???

Right! Glad you all had a good time Saturday.

That is so exciting! Ally is gonna have a blast! As are all the rest of you I'm sure. I hope she brings a camera and takes pictures!

Oooh, yay! I'm so excited. I'm still waiting for that one with Joey Fatone! haha. Are you in the episode with The Rock, Mitchel?

I'm hoping to go, but those tickets are gonna be hard to get!!!!! I really hope I can though!!!

You have the best week too!


Anonymous said...

mitche li love u u rock

livvy! said...

happy birthday to liz! even though i don't know who she is, i hope she had a great day anyway. my birthdays in 3 months, i'm so excited, haha.

awww, i wish hannah won the emmy, but atleast you got nominated and had fun :)

i hope ally has an awesome time with you! can't wait to see the pics.

man, i wish i could see miley's concert. i bet it'll be amazing like all her other shows. she came to england a while ago, but i found out about the concert the day it was on! i was so frustrated.

have a great week mitchel :)

love, livvy x x x

Zoe_Xx said...

grr, hannah montana should have won!! But...Woo, can't wait to see more new episodes!! =D

Anonymous said...

Wow, sweet! Ally is sooo lucky! Lol, she better post back pics with the cast and you Mitchel or I'll be sooo annoyed! Can't wait to hear more about stuff on your blog, hope you're okay too!

xoxxx Katherine

Megan said...

hannah montana should have won an emmy!!!! that is so not right..
i'm calling the people who give the emmy's out and i'm gonna straighten them up!!
haha, just kidden, but HM definetely would have won if i was in charge. =]
anyways, hope u have a good week!
ily mitchel!!!!!
megan <3

Kad [Short Notice] said...

Aww, happy birthday to Liz!

Such a shame Hannah didn't win, but better luck next year!

I hope school's been going great for you and as well as Hannah.

Ah, I can't wait to hear more about that! Have a wonderful time, Ally and make sure to take pictures!

Have a great week, Mitchel. :]

Ashley said...

Sweet, but I wish Hannah Montana won! I wish I lived in Ca. I'd love to meet you and Ally. I hope She has fun on the set. I also hope to enjoy future epis of HM! TTYL!
<3 Ashley

Anonymous said...

hey i love the show mitchel, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

i'm very upset that hannah didnt win the emmy :[ it should have :] heh. you're amazing mitchel, i love you babe!

Holly said...

Thats so cool that Ally is coming out there. Anyway sorry Hannah did not win the emmy. But it is still a great show. Can't wait for the new episodes of Hannah. Your amazing Mitchel.

brooke said...

eek mitch that sounds super fun :D
i hope ally has a great time on the set!
ahh i wish i could see you in santa clara, but OF COURSE stupid ohio is too far away "/.
its okay, hopefully you come back to chicago. that would be absolutely amazing.
well, have an amazing week :]


Samantha said...

Oh yeah, I forgot....

Happy Birthday Liz!

Katie R. said...

Definitely get prepared for next year for the Emmy!!!
Sounds Like a Fun week! I hope Ally has a BLAST with you guys!
Have a Great week Mitchel!!

Katie R.

i'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


lol thank u so much for mentionin myy sistterr!!!!! she appreciates it and so do i and i just died cuz that means u read my comment and like omg im freakin out right now!! thank u again

i love u i love u i love u

ava =D said...

hannah should have won! but i cant wait for the new episodes to come out!

well i wish i could go to mileys concert but it isn't a world tour...=/


Anonymous said...

Even though Hannah Montana didn't win I still think it's the best show ever!!! My week is going to be awesome too becuase it's my bff's birthday Wed. and I'm having her and my other friend sleep over! We might try and explode my fish I'll be really sad but it will still be kind of cool. I hope you have the best week ever!!!!!


Anonymous said...

woo! happy birthday liz! :]

ahhh i wish i could fly out to the set! AHH OMGsh. that would be the best day of my life


Ashleigh said...

how cool its my birthday on onday i will be 16
loads of luv ashleigh

Jessicca Rene'e =) said...

haha wow i ment to write a comment for this blog but i sent it to the last blog u posted (i think that makes since lol).. anyways yah im sorry you guys didnt win the emmy btu you guys will deff win next year! and a happy birthday to liz.. my birthday was yesterday too! 14 heck yah lol.. have a great week!

Jessica Bennett /`benedetto =)

daniella said...

hannah montana should have won!! is the GREATEST show EVER!!<333
i can't wait for new episodes!!
hope you have an awsome week!


Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel :]]

Can't wait for the new episodes of Hannah Montana. It is so exciting!!
So hows school going?? Hope it's going well. School is going pretty good for me, and I really like all of my classes.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, there's alot of birthday's this week. My mom's birthday and my best friend's birthday is this Thursday and that's the day I'm seeing Metro Station! <3

Isidora said...

Hi Mitchel, Remember, Hannah Montana is always a winner with or without an Emmy, I always thinking of you... :D
You're great...
Your big latin American Chilean Fan
Isi :D

jordan said...

Yeah hopefully Ally brings her camera!! My birthday is on November 2nd!!!!!!! sweet sixteen

Meeghan said...

Who's Liz?!
haah, well Happy birthday to her.
too bad hannah didnt win, I think it should've though
well, byee!

Anonymous said...

awww man, I wanted Hannah Montana to win =[, but you guys are still the best. =]]

Jessica said...

Who's Liz??!! lol, I feel bad that I don't know who it is! haha, my mom's name is Liz, what a coinky-dink!
Aww, Hannah didn't win an Emmy! :( That blows but I'm glad y'all had fun! :)
No WAY, Ally's coming on the set??!! Lucky ducky! Hope you have fun, Ally!
YAY, more Hannah Montana episodes, can't wait! I dunno if the one with Joanie Palumbo (sp?) aired yet, but I can't wait for the rock one!
Soooo, Mitchel, my homecoming's coming you wanna be my date???
But that would be pretty much AMAZING! But a girl can dream, right? ;)
Well, I gotta go, I hope you have an AWESOME week Mitchel!


Awe man! My b-day wuz in May- sad face =[
I'm glad you had a good time and im terribly sorry yall didnt get the emmy. Who won btw? (if u guys didnt...)
That'll be suh-weet 2 c u and ally 2gether! Ya'll are tight, arent ya?
I'm reel glad yall arent goin off da air like suite life is =] yay***!
I'll try my HARDEST 2 c mileys concert!!!
As always, wuv ya mucho mista musso!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Thanks for the update! I love the green color of the blog, too! It rocks. You guys work so hard on Hannah...You definitely deserved that award! But shake it off...You have some great things coming your way just with your connection to the cast, so that's awesome! Who's Liz?? A fan, I'm guessing?! *HAPPY B-DAY, LIZ*
But, yes, I am so hoping Ally takes a camera! I want to be her right about now!! (Doesn't everyone want to be everyone else who gets to meet you, though?) ;)
I can't wait for the new episodes to air! There haven't been any new ones in soooo long...but doesn't a new one air September 29th? I thought that's what Ally posted a couple of days ago...well I'll have to check that out!
I hope you have a great week, too, Mitchel! You're so sweet!

Love always,

Fer said...

hey mitchel!
who's liz?well happy birthday liz!
aww I wish Hanna won the emmy but yeah that's ok...
Can't wait for more new episodes!And yeah I hope Ally takes a lot of pics and videos=D
well wish Miley luck at the concert from me, and have the most awesome week too!
luv ya<3

Tayler said...

That stinks that hannah didn't win but it's good you guys had fun lol
can't wait for the next new episode

Devann-Dianna said...

Pshh, that must be so amazing so be able to fly out to California to visit the set! Go Aly!!

And Happy birthday to Liz!

Anyways, Aly told us on MMO to leave you a comment saying we're active! Sooooo I'M ACTIVE! Ha ha, which is kinda a given as I'm one of your moderators (Invisible-Stars) so yeeeaaaahhhh. =]

Have a great week!

-Devann Dianna

Devann-Dianna said...

Oh! I almost forgot!!
Are you in a tux in your picture!?!!
That's amazing! Tux's are great!! You can deffinatly wear the suit, Mitchel! Ha ha

-Devann Dianna

Heidi said...

Cant wait to see the new episodes of Hannah Montana coming up!
Thanks, My birthday's this friday!

Shelby 8-] said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

Ah thanks for the happy birthday to everyone with a bday this week cuz mine is thursday! ahh big 16 i am so excited its liscense time man! Did u get yours yet?

aww HM didnt win an emmy =[ sad i loooveee HM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch
I'm soo excited for Hannah to come to minneapolis MN i can't wait to see her in person if you see her can you ask her if she's gonna sign autographs when she comes here???
talk later

meagan said...

hey mitchel! i want to go to the miley/jonas brothers concert sooo bad, but they arent coming to dallas :[. have a great week!

Erin91 said...

ah i wish they would play new episodes! are you in Don't Stop Til You Get the Phone? that's coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

u have the best week ever!....too bad hannah didn't win...but like u said u had an awesome time being there!...HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!...that is really is like only 58 degrees here!...the high is only 60!...and i am barefooted right now!...i wish i could go 2 a miley concert but can u wish her the best of luck from me?...i wish i could have seen her but her concert sold out in like 10 minutes!...crazy...well i need 2 go...i still love ya lots!
this quote is really funny i think anyways!
"If you mess with a thing long will break."

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :) happier, bigger, and has awesome hair like u!!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could meet you.

but im super stoked to see metro station in columbus! ive already got my tickets and i can't wait :) you should go to the show tooooo.


Anonymous said...

hey mitch i'm going to the miley concert in chi-town in december are u going?


Anonymous said...

Oh well, maybe next year right? I can't wait to hear all about Ally's day visiting you guys! I am going to Miley's concert, but for me the Mileyworld presale hasn't started yet. ttyl!


Lyz Alarcon said...

yay! i'm sixteen tomorrow! <3

some person said...

Don't worry about the Emmy, we (the people who watch Hannah Montana) will still love the show no matter what. So even though Hannah Montana didn't win the Emmy, Hannah Montana is still a winner to us. It's a great show--what's not to love?

I can't wait to see Ally's pictures and hear about her experiences, so, I'll be looking forward to that.

Have an awesome week! (:

Olivia said...

sweet :]
happy birthday to all the ppl lol.

somethings wrong with the world.
metro station album in 8days


caitlyn said...

how do you get tickets to go to a show

Anonymous said...

i looove YOU !
do you know wat time does it start for the santa clara convention ? caant wait to see you(=

kristen said...

Hey mitchel glad to hear about allY! she rocks!!!!! im sorry hannah didnt win the emmys! i would of put yall as winners!!!!

Fer said...

oh I was wondering...are you in the next Hannah episode?the one that airs on september 21?please tell me you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to whoever Liz is!

Are you friends with a jennifer faustino? becuase i know her and she says she used to date u idk

i cant make it to any concerts =( i have already been to too many concerts this year so my parents are making me cut down on the concerts i go to because i went to warped tour 3 times and i am going to another concert in october and then i might go to see metro station sometime in december so idk

ok well i cant wait for the new episodes of hannah montana U rock Mitch!

-Kelly <458563


Awww...Hannah Montana should've won!
That's okay, at least it won a Teen Choice award, right?! =D

Mitchel you looked sooo cute in that suit! Nice color on you.

Happy birthday to Liz!
I obviously don't know who she is, but, yeah =]

Yay! You basically said happy b-day to my BFF. Hers is today.

I want a birthday wish from you too! Mine is in January. What? It's not that far...


Much luv, Mitchel!!


Jakepltnm said...

Sorry that HM did not win the Award, I have it on my IPod...i mean...never mind. anyways you and the rest of the cast did a great job this Season and the rest of them. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

You are going to leave a blog for the memory of 9/11, right? I really hope you do, it'll make so many people feel better.

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Aww, that sucks that "hannah Montana" didn't win...but you're right. It does give you something to work on! Hopefully, you guys will win next time! I'll be rooting for you!

Ooh...more stuff to see on! Can't wait! Hope you guys have lots of fun!

I wish I could go to Miley's concert, but I doubt I will...I've never actualy been to a concert before...kind of sad, isn't it?

And happy birthday to Liz! I may not know who that is, but I hope she had an awesome birthday!

Have a fantastically great Monday!

kelsey said...

yea so im pretty excited for the new episodes and by the way i have to say i have two favorite episodes of hannah montana my all time favorite is the one when miley sneeks out with jackson and lily and oliver take their place i dont think iv ever laughed so hard i usually dont laugh while im watching t.v by myself you know? but i was cracking up! its so funny every line oliver has is just hilarious!

and my second favorite episode is the one with jesse mccartney at the end when they do that rap is freakky freakk hilarious thanks for making me laugh!!!

i love you mitchel keep up the amazing work your awesome!


mariam. [: said...

i love you.
and i miss you.
and when you post it makes my day.

you'll win next time around.

im kinda sad im not gonna see you this weekend,
but another time...right?

allison said...

i like yr picture :] haha
& i hope she takes pictures too...
ahh yr so cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm sorry that Hannah Montana didn't win an Emmy. I hope you have fun with Ally and can't wait to hear about her day on the set. I also can't wait for the new episodes of Hannah Montana to air. I hope you are having a better week than I am so far.


Kylee said...

Aww its okay 'Hannah' didnt you said...theres always next year (:
Man, i wish i could come visit the set the would but just amazing!!!
I wonder if you have got my letter yet i sent it out like 4 weeks ago...
haha but you.
have a great week 2..
Kylee from TEXASS

Chloe! said...

Hey Lovely!

Too bad you guys didn't win, I was rooting for youu!

Have another good week.


Hannah said...

aaaaw... oh well that's the way the cookie crumbles as they say. whoever "they" are. well, i'm not to sure if i can make one of miley's concerts. my parents don't really want me to go with my friend. well, hopefully i'll see you next week & i can't wait to see the pictures on



That sucks that 'Hannah' didn;t win. You shoulda. Oh will next year. I can't wait for new episodes!!! It's been tooooo long. Are you gonna be in the one with The Rock?
If you can, tell Emily O that 'The Haunting Hour' is like one of my new favorite movies ever!!! I've watched it 5 times already in the past 3 days. Her and Cody do an amazing job!
I really hope I can get tickets to Miley's concert. Presale tickets are tomorrow. My mom's gonna get them. I'm really hoping she doesn't screw up. She's not that great with computers. If we do get tickets, we're gonna stay over night at a hotel with a few of my friends. So, it'll be amazing! lol. I can't wait for Metro Station's concert either!
I hope you have a great rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

to bad that hannah montana didnt win.=(
I cant wait till they air the new hannah montanas!!! there hasnt been a new one in FOREVER!!


Hope you have fun on the set this week!


hey mitchel. guess what? my birthday is next week:] september 18th to be exact. and it would be AWESOME if you wished me a happy birthday:] srsly, i may just die if that happened.

in other news, i plan on going to the santa clara autograph signing this sunday [2 days before my birthday], but i dont know where or when. i cant find the info anywhere. so, hopefully you post more info soon. and if you already have, sorry i didnt see it:/


Anonymous said...

hey omg my bday is the 15th lol but yah sorry bout the emmy


Sry to here hannah montana didnt win but its somethign to look foward to!! i'm thinking of goign to a hannah montana concert or maybe i'll also go to one in NY but i no i'm goign to teh Newark (NJ) one...u should be there with u theer i would only need 1 more person to make the best people ever people! (u, Miley, Nick (ON TOUR WITH MILEY!!! YAY!!!, and all i need was ashley tisdale!) well cant wait till more hannah montana episodes!!!till den!

baby r said...

Hopefully Mike Stanley is included in those new episodes!
Hope u and ally have a great time!

baby r

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you are having a great week because I am and tomorrow I have my first basketball game with I know is going to be fun and wish me luck. I am really sorry if you guys didnt win an emmy but I still very happy for "Hannah Montana" and good luck in the future. Can't wait for some more great epoisdes.

Have a great rest of the week!!

Your #1 Fan,

Courtney :]

Anonymous said...

Aw, that's too bad it didn't win=/ you said, next year!

Can't wait for the episodes! Thanks!:D

Anonymous said...

GAH! You're not in the episode with 'The Rock' are you!? Me angry. Rooooooooooar...!

Me miss Oliver.


When the lala is your character gonna get an episode dedicated to himself, HUH!?

Well, you've given me slight hope by saying "there's great stuff comin our way"... now there'd better be. =_= (that's a cyber glare by the way)

So, if we don't get an Oliver dedicated///Oliver/Miley friendship episode soon... expect angry girls with torches and pitchforks at your studio. Teehee. I mean... ROAR!

Now... I shall sign off like every other rabid fangirl here to camelflouge my frustrated pitchforky post...



Debbie! (that's not really my name by the way xD)

Curious.Kristin. said...

awww...Hannah should have won! but you guys something to work on (as if you aren't working hard enough already, the show is great!!)

Have a GREAT week...and I can't wait to see the new episodes!

I can't wait for her concert! I'm getting my tickets tomorrow! And hopefully, I'll be going to the Metro Station/Anberlin concert in St.Louis! Thats awesome too..right? Haha..have fun!


morgaann x said...

I lovee your new background.
& happy birthday to whoever she is.lOl. umm so my b-day is in like 10 days. yaaay! finally i'll be 15, learner's..oh yeaa.
well peacee.
--morgaann x

jennifer said...


haha you're awesome mitchel :]

love, jennifer<3

Amanda Q said...

aww i missed em =/ poor hannah oh well we all love her =]]

Anonymous said...

Aww! I was crossing my fingers for you guys to win the emmy!

Mitchel, are you going to see any of Miley's concerts?

Your biggest fan in New Zealand

tiffany said...

aw. i'm sure you guys will win next year. the show is already a huge success and it's only going to get bigger.

have a good week sugar :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the Emmy.. But it's not that special, huh? x3 Anyways, have fun with Ally, hope she gets lotsa good stuff from her visit!

Sammie said...

it totally shouldve won.

you kno why ? it rocks :)

but seriously. well yeahh.

Love Always,

Emily said...

ooh are you going to any of Miley's concerts?? that would be so cool. I saw you at the one last time with the cheetah girls, I was like freaking out when you came out on stage! haha. i think the best pictures i got that night were of you because all the lights were on. anyway i DEFINATELY think you guys should have won the Emmy. you deserve it, the show is amazing! you guys all rock!

~Emily from San Fernando Valley

Esther said...

i wish i could go to santa clara, but its too far. it would be like a 5 hour drive. =[. oh well. haha.

maybe some other time! congrats on the nomination for an emmy anyways! haha.

i cant wait for the new episodes!

you rock!

Suz said...

I can't believe Hannah didn't win an Emmy :P It's the best show ever!

ally m said...

Will you please let us all know if youre in the Rock Block episode, Dont Stop Til You Get The Phone?

Thanks! :] Cus I wanna know for sure.

i love youuu.

<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Too bad Hannah didn't won the emmy :(! but I'm sure you'll win it next year cause it's the best show in the world!
I can't wait to see all that episodes you talked about! Too bad they will air in Spain like months later! the last episode that aired here was get down study-udy-udy, so...
Have a great weekend.

Love you,

Georgina Lily! said...

lol sorry this is nothing to do with anything, but i just wanted to say me and Livvys comment is like exactly the same! lol.
Well byeeeeeeee
You Rock! =]
Love Georgina xxx

Ashleigh said...

im total frekin out cuz it means u read the coment
oh buy the way i soz that hannah dint win and emmy hers hopein for next year

luv ya loads! Ashleigh

Paige said...

Hey Mitchel
Im glad to hear that your week is going to go good!
Im glad that my school has the day off tomorrow.
I wish Hannah would have won the emmy but it's ok there will definitly be another award that yall will win! =]
Keep up all your good work.

heather b said...

hey mitchel :)

sorryyy hannah didnt win - even though you guys deserved it. i wish i could see you in cali but im all the way in jersey =[

what concert of miley's do u plan on going to ? it would be totally awesome to see u there.. lovveyaa

<3 heather b

rachel said...

yay i cant wait for a new hannah montana!

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to see all these new episodes!!...can u post the fanmail info again?

u r amazing! keep it upp!!


Anna =] said...

i wish Hannah would have won the Emmy:[
but you guys we're lucky enough to be nominated! so congrats on that.

i can't wait till new episodes, of course.

have a great rest of the week

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I know your busy.

But, my birthday is September 17th,

Could you say a personal hello on here for me? =D

My names Moni =D

Tiffany said...

i'm going to see miley's concert. tickets sold out so fast in my town, i'm lucky i got some! i'm really excited it should be super fun, i'm taking my 6 year old cousin and she is sooo excited. she loves miley and your show! she's a big fan of you too! and so am i :]

mitchels babe said...

so how has life been lately? sorry you hannah montana didn't win. school sucks and i hate algebra2!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!! can't wait for the new hannah's! are you in them because if not then that stinks!!

love ya always babe!

danielle said...

yay more hm episodes i cant wait

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

So I'm sending this comment on September 11th. So I have VERY EXCITING news!!!! Yesterday I met HILARY DUFF!!!!!!! I went to her concert and got an autogrph!!! After the concert I lirterly RAN out of the arena and went up to the little gate thing near her tour bus. Me and hundreds of other people waited there for an hour waiting for Hilary!!! Before Hlary came out we saw her dog and her band came out video taping all the fans! I'm in them!!!! Then her dancers came out and everyone was screaming!!! I got an autograph from one and the one that I got the autograph from was handing out Hilary Duff guitar pix!!! I GOT ONE!!! Then Hilary came out with her manager body gaurd person! She pointed to my section first!!! I got one of the first autographs!!! She signed the cover of my CD!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! At the concert I got a t-shirt and a flashy stick thingy that says "HILARY DUFF Dignaty"!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

Anyways so sorry I didn't say a word about you just then! So now I'll acually talk about you!!lol! So I've always wanted to see Mily in concert but she's never toured in Canada.:( Anyway nevermind that right now! You guys should of won! So can't wait for more Hannah Montana eps!!! So Happy Belated B-Day to Liz! Whoever she is!! Any way I gotta go now cuz I can't be on the computer long cuz I'm sick! I have a horrible cold and a really sore throat!! I can't even talk!!!! Anyway GOOD LUCK ON EVERY THING!!!!

-Chelsea AKA Chilli.G

Alex said...

hey mitchel. late, but I'll be seeing miley and the jonas bros here in memphis! in november! yayz! my mom got free tickets from work! yayz! haaha...sooo laturz and good luck with...uhmmm...everything?!

Tiffany said...

so mitchel, just a question: can you do the soulja boy dance ( the superman)? lol

Anonymous said...

what time are you going to santa clara bye alyssa

j said...

Hope you have a good timeee!

Sorry you guys didn't win the Emmy, theres always next year!
~ Ally


hey babe!
sounds like you're having a great time!
Your blog looks good with the new color :)
& your new picture is super adorable!

Hope Ally & the great of you have a GREAT time!
Thanks for always keeping us up-to-date with whats
going on with you!

xo; Ashleyyyy.

vicky said...

i can't wait!!
ily mitchel.
&& whoever liz is,
happy birthday!!
much love,

Anonymous said...

Too bad about hannah

Nicole said...

Are you going to the HM show on NOV14 in dallas?

ohh, OMGH, im turning 15 in 6 days :]
im happy, so ill pretend that you said happy bday to everyone whos bday was this week and next week!

i cant wait to see the new stuffff!


Catherine said...

OMG! I always saw you post blogs saying Happy Birthday to people and your fans who have birthdays that week. My birthdays today, so you just wished me happy birthday!


Aww you guys deserved that EMMY though! Next year, definately!

Hope you have fun with Ally!


Hannah said...

Well, you win some, you lose some, right? But just think: all those fans you guys have? That is your biggest reward. :] Of course, an award now and then is fantastic. :D
Have a great week and best of luck to you all.


Andi said...

Hannah Montana should have won! Thats like the best show ever! You guys did a great job!

Love u!,

alyssa v. said...

well,you guys do a good job on the show anyway!

Jessica said...

i am going to see her :] you should tour wif her :D

Karleigh said...

Have the BEST week ever too!!!!!! Cant wait to see all the new epidsods of HM. I wish i could meet you, YOU ARE THE COOLEST! I LUV YA!


Sara said...

Aww too bad Hannah Montana didn't win. Its such an amazing show. I can't wait for the new episodes!

I wanna see Miley in concert and theres 2 dates for Massachusetts that I could go to but I'm afraid they the tickets are gonna sell way too fast and I'd need a way of getting there :(.

On the bright side I'm seeing Metro Station in November which i'm REALLY excited about and I'm definetly buying their cd next week :).

Your amazing Mitchel and your definetly one of the sweetest guys ever.

Luv ya. <3

Anonymous said...

mitchel ii really wanna no when yoor oder appearance is gonna be

pleasee answer baqq ii really wanna no

plz and thank yooh <3

Anonymous said...

Found your blog and thought I'd say that you are a pretty good actor. And also ask you a question. Since you used to go on IMDB, did you ever check out Jason Earles page and see the insane age war on there? Is there a reason for the fight on his age or can you actually tell us how old he is?

Lo said...

I hope the cast and Ally have a blast! :D Congrats for the Emmy nomination Mitchel & to the rest of the HM cast! Much love!

-(aMbReA)- said...

Hey Mitchel!

Tell Liz that I hope she had the awesomest most fantabulous birthday ever!! ^^

Take care,
Ambrea from Cali