Monday, September 24, 2007

The Premiere....The Hannah Season II Finale & Party

The Premiere yesterday of "The Game Plan" was cool. Madison is a great little actress and she stole the show....seriously......but The Rock is very cool too. You should definately see it.....I think it's rated G....but it will make you laugh!

We finished Hannah Season II with one of the most incredible episodes yet! I'm not kidding....I really think that the shows get better every week......but this one had so many guest stars. I am not sure how many shows you have seen so far this season.....but we shot there's so much more Hannah coming your way!

We had our Season II party at a place called RAMSEY's in Taluca Lake, California last night. Everybody was there and there was lot's of food and video clips of bloopers from the show and lot's of memories.

I found out that two of our regular cast members just booked new films.......and one of our regular cast members may be traveling to cities where Miles will be to promote her upcoming cast member just finished a starring role in a film due out early next year......and one cast member just got asked to do a new music video for a new Disney guess who is who? Have fun with that one....

Also......I am hoping to share some exciting news about my music....but the main thing is that I have 3 new songs to share with you guys.

There's a slim possibility that I may get to come back to Chicago......slim chance.... you know how I feel about Chicago!!!!! and a little bird told me someone had a'm just saying....keep prayin!

Have a great week! Tell your friends about the Blog and



Fer said...

hey mitchel!
I'm glad you had fun at the premiere and at the party=D
Can't wait to see all the episodes left for season 2!

Ok so I'm guessing Emily is the one who got asked to do a music video for Disney and maybe Moises is one of the others?Or Jason idk...

Can't wait to hear your new songs...I'm sure they're gonna be awesome!!!!
love ya<3

Anonymous said...

That's cool!!!

All right, I am going to take a shot at this but...I think the two that have booked films are Miley and Jason. The cast member who is starring in a new film is Emily. The one who is traveling to cities with Miles is her dad, then YOU are doing the music video since you've just started doing music songs at all!

I can't wait to see all of the episodes!! I hope you are in more cause I love it when Oliver has a really funny scene! I guess it is good you are going to Chicago, but....

I DON'T LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR THERE!! Come do something in Memphis or Little Rock for once!!!

Erin91 said...

ahh i freakin can't wait at all for the last episode! i heard corbs is in it and everyone's on a date together ahh can't wait. and the last episode we've seen is the one with the rock, Don't Stop Til You Get the Phone. so we still got a lot more to go.

awe i wish we got to see bloopers! they should show us some at the end of the show like they do on fresh prince and life with derek lol.

cant wait for more of ur music either! and i know emily booked a film..ah idk who's doing the new music video! probably miley? or emily? or YOU! that'd be awesome.

peace out goodlookin ;-)

Becky Holloman said...


Guess what?!?!? We have the exact same birthday!!!!11one1
How crazy is that?

Anywho I'm listening to Metro Station right now and they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

There is a possibility of me and my friends going to see them when they come to Chicago in December!


Anonymous said...

Yeeeeeeaaaaah Mitchel!

* dα n !є 11 є ' said...

Hey Mitchel!

Wow, it seems like you had a busy week, lol shooting the last episode of Hannah Montana, Parties, Premieres etc.etc.etc.!!:)

Hmm, i'm sorry I haven't written on your blog for about 2 weeks now...schools been extremly hectic for me, since i'm on a Junior Trivia/Certamen Latin team, which will probably last till the end of October, so I'll probably have to study reallll hard till then lol :((

Anyways, last week, I had the time to go buy the Metro Station CD (thank god!!), and it blew my mind away, once I actually finished my homework and started listening to the lyrics...they're awesome, and i'm SO excited for November 18th, because Metro Stations finally coming to Toronto!!:)))))) I'm probably going to go to their gig, at the Kool Haus with one of my best friends, so I hope to see you and Miley there too:)))))

I'm glad you had a lot of fun filming Hannah Montana this season, and its true!!, the episodes DO get better, every time. ( well comparing to the first episode to the one i just saw on sunday night. ):))) UMM i think Miley's coming to Toronto too, but i'm probably not going to go to that, since i'll be going to the Metro Station one...but if I dont get a chance to go to the Metro Station one, I'll definately go to the Hannah one :))!!! BUT, one of my friensds is going to the Hannah one, so thats some support right there (Y)!!:)

UMM i'm guessing that Miley is the one touring, and Emily is the one whose doing another movie:)) is that right? LOL :P or it could be youu;)lol haha jksjks. :P

Your music has been awesome so far, so keep up the good work!!:) DO you know when YOUR albums going to come out, by any chance? LOL.

Anyways, I got to go pracise fingerings for music. :)))
I'll try writing on here more, but till then -

Love Always,

Anonymous said...

hehe I'm glad you had fun =]] and my friends and I might watch this movie soon, hehe, Madison is soo dorable =]]

yeah I agree, "Hannah Montana" is getting better and better and I can't wait to see the upcoming episodes, oh and I'm going to Miley's concert in DC, I am so excited.

Oh and I went to an Emily Osment fansite and the owner posted that she is making a movie called "Dadnapped" [: I am so excited for that one too =]].

Have a nice day =]]

<33 Leslie

Anonymous said...

great to know you had a blast in the party! So sad that season II is finishing but thanks god there's gonna be a season 3 right?
It'll be so horrible if hannah ended...
talking about the guesses..well I think the one with the finished movie is Emily and the one with the music video is wether you or Miley for sure...the others...well I really dont know yet but I hope you'll be apearing in stuff a lot more because I never get enough of you, really! So dont make us wait any longer please and release you album!
And by the way I got a petition 4 ya...instead going back to Chicago come and discover mexico city(yeah, that far away I live), it's awesome and i'll give you a tour around the city! of course you can take Miley and Emily along but the important one is you think about that! haha!lol!(seriously!)
So that's it for now , I would tell you about my life but it's pretty boring at the moment, haha
love ya!!!

Maryann! said...

Oh thank gosh its just the last episode of season two, for a second i thought that it was actually like the last episode ever. Boy am i bright haha. :]
whoaa 3 new songs?! Good for you, i can't wait to hear them. I FINALLY got my Metro Station CD yesterday, I loveeee California and Disco <3.
You and your brother are very talentedddd singers!

Anonymous said...

You cant go to Chicago!
I need you here in TEXAS.

Lets Make A Wish On The Fireworks Below said...

I can't wait to see the new episodes of Hannah! and I most deff can't wait to hear more of your songs! You're music rocks!

ELENA said...



Anonymous said...

:o U MIGHT GO BACK TO CHICAGO AGAIN AND U HAVEN'T BEEN TO LITTLE ROCK,ARKANSAS YET!! :( (I'M SAD!).... WELL ANYWAY! I really hope u come to arkansas sometime!!!!!!!!! I got 3 shots in my arm today at the doctor! They hurt really bad!!!! I was off school today the teachers had inservice thing. I bet it's u or Emily who will have a music video in disney channel!? :) Well I gotta go.

love ya!, Samantha

brooke said...

you have to come back to chicago.
i am begging you with my whole heart. i would do anything to see you again. you have no idea how much i love you. you probably think im just another fan saying 'i love you.' but when i say it, i mean it.
i would do absolutely ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING, to get you back to chicago. i've already met you once, but one more time can't hurt a girl. i know for sure that you wouldn't remember me, but if you get a chance, please check out my myspace..
the default picture is us [:
ahh mitchie. pleasepleaseplease go back to chicago! i live in ohio, but my dad is so nice, & he drove me to see you.
i guess there isnt much i can do to get you back, but you have no idea how much it would mean to me.
i would kill to live in cali, i would see you at least once a month living there!
well, i know you probably wont read this, but i hope you know, going to chicago would make me ecstatic. all i want is to hug you again. thats all.
.. and marry you, but thats a different story.
please consider going back, i love you so much, and all i want is to see your smiling, perfect face again.


Molly said...

wow, you guys are off to better things. it almost makes me sad that season 2 is over, because that means its closer to ending. but good job with all you've done.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to everything.


Anonymous said...


MORGAN said...


Addie loves you said...

Hey Mitchel!! I wanna see The Game Plan so bad. Madison Pettis is so CUTE!!! Lol, but yah there is gonna be a season 3 of Hannah Montana, right? Hope so, I wanna see the show go on for a long time. Can't wait for new episodes! Luv you so much!! Can't wait to see you in Chicago!! Bye!! Hugs and Kisses!! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! It sounds like you had fun! I can't wait to see the rest of the episodes! Any news on the Hannah Montana movie? I can't wait to hear your new songs! Now for my guesses... I know that Emily is going to be in a DCOM called Dadnapped that is filming in Utah in November by Salty Pictures, I know that Miley is going to be in the remake of Adventures in Babysitting with Raven, and so I'm guessing that you are going to be doing the music video! That would be so cool! *smiles* ttyl!


Anonymous said...


Mariah said...

I loveee that show, i'd cry and like curl up in a ball and die if it ended.. Hahah
xx Mariah

mechi said...

i hope you also book some films , i really pray for you, couse i dont want people to forget you when you grow up, i mean i want you in hollywood films more older (besides disney)! i dont know if you though about that :)
i guess maybe emily is starring a new film! and YOU doing the music video!
hope so!
see you"

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!!!

I'm happy you had a really great time at the Premiere and the Hannah Season II finale party!! I wish I was there....I love parties!! =D

Hmmm....Let me guess......Billy Ray will be traveling to cities, Emily finished the starring role, and Miley starred in the music video......Am I right???? Or at least really close???? =D

I can't wait for your music!!!!!! I love your music so much!! I can't get enough!! =DDD

OMG OMG OMG OMG YOU MIGHT COME BACK TO THE WINDY CITY CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! =DDDDD Sorry I'm so happy right now!! One of my best friends loves you a lot...(almost as much as me!!) and has been DIEING to meet you!! Can't wait to tell her that you might come back!! Even if it is a very slim chance....

I signed the Petition a while ago....Dani made that petition!! =DD

Well, have a great awesome week.....I will!! It's Homecoming week!! =D It's the funniest thing....My best friend likes this guy, and so on Friday she asked him out for homecoming on a POST-IT NOTE!!! She stuck it in his locker....I laughed out so loud when she told me yesterday! She did too!! =D

Weeeellll.....I'll catch ya la8r!!

Love ya lotttts!!!!
Yours forever and always,
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Anonymous said...

Mitchel that's good that you had a good time at the party.Can you post pictures from it.Also I had no idea you had bloopers from the show can you post that to.Please!!!!

mariam. (: said...

mitchie. (:
im glad you had fun last night
and im super happy they you're happy.
i CANNOT wait to hear all the new music! and hear what else is in store for you and everyone. (:

all the girls with the petition are seriously going to have a heart attack when they see this. no joke. (:

wait, so are you just hanging out now that season 2 wrapped?
or are you working on something too?! (:

i love you!
have an amazing week.

(the girl with the big green sign.)

i made this in honor of...guess who!(:

Anonymous said...

ok i think it is emily 4 the music video and jason or moises 4 one of the 2nd season is going by fast isn't it???....i so can't wait 2 hear more of ur music!! is the best ever!....glad u had a ton of fun @ the premire!.....sorry g2g!

~*~*~*luv2laugh*~*~*~ :)

Fer said...

or maybe YOU are doing the music video and the movie!that would be sooo cool!<3

yay! I was the first comment!=D

Sasha said...

I'm glad you had fun at the premiere. I can;t wait until more episodes. I say you got asked to do the new music video for a new disney film, or Emily did. I csn't wait to hear the 3 new song. They're probably really really great.

See ya

Carly said...

wow lots of new films lol i cant even guess about any of the actors. lol.

glad to know u had a good time at the premieree!!

OMFGG OMFGGG! PLEASEE IM PRAYING TOO!!!! OMG CHICAGOOO!! YAHHHH OMGGGGGG!!!! IM SOO EXCITEDD! LOL!!!! come soon lol. NO OMG COME DECEMBER 16 and 17!! for the metro station concert! lol. speaking of whihc they were amazing on sat! i went! lol.

but yah so sad that hannah montana is over. well for hte season. lol!!but well yyah i gotta go. but have a great week!!! i love u! please come bk to chicago!! i had so much fun at brooke field zoo and ymca!! ahhhh gosh im so excitedd!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mitchel please post some pics of the night and the bloopers!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!I can't wait for the rest of the season.

keep on rocking

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel!

I'm thinking its Emily who is the music video. She did an awesome one for her movie! Maybe the movie is Jason? I really have no idea...:D



Claire said...

OMG PLEASE COME BACK TO CHICAGO!!!! please please please :)

we miss you!

i think youre doing the music video...emily and jason are shooting movies...and billy ray is traveling with miley? just guesses! love you please keep updating the blog :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch to see HM Season 2(the rest of it). It sounds so exciting! The premiere and party sounded so cool! Will they be showing the HM Bloopers? Can't wait to hear from you soon!
luv ya.<3

xluckycharmsx3 said...

OMGG thank yooh SOO MUCH fer da pic and autograph yesterday! im sure yool remember me. i wuz da gurll wid da glasses (i fergott to take dem off) (:

anywayss ilyy dude and KANT WAIT till yoor 3 new songs!! ii hope yooh sing it sumwhere in cali cuz II REALLY REALLY wantt to see yooh again!!!

Much love <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you had tons of fun at the premerie and the party!! From doing my research I am confident that I may have figure out who is doing somthing.

Moises and Emily are bookings thier new films that come out next year.

Billy ray cyrus is going with miley where she is promoting her concert.

Jason is finishing up his film with will come out this year.

You Mitchel are doing a new music video for disney

(I wish you could come to Florida but I know you are busy and its hard for you because you don't get to pick out where you want to go.)

I hope you are having an awsome weekend!!!

Your #1 fan,

C*O*U*R*T*N*E*Y :]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
Woa, I have not commented on here in such a long time!! LOL. That has gotta change! I did want to see "The Game Plan". It looks so funny, and she really is a great seems she's starting out like little Dakota Fanning did, and now she's HUGE! LOL.
I am gonna cry. The end of HM season 2? That's insane!! I haven't even caught the newest episode yet! I'm a bit behind...right?! Hehe...I love all of you guys, and I love the chemistry on the set (well the chemistry that there seems to be from me lying on my couch...LOL.), and you guys work so great with all your guest stars! Man, I wish I could've been at that party...LOL.
My guesses...
New films: Cody and Emily
Travel: You?
Upcoming film: Cody
Music video: You?
Oh my gosh I have no idea...Tell everyone if they're right, please!! LOL. It's gonna drive me insane until I find out! ;)
Maybe if you get to go to Chicago again, I might be able to's a 5-6 hour drive, but maybe I can make it! (I'm gonna pray for that too...LOL.) But I've never met you, you're my favorite celebrity EVER, you're cute, you're seem like the type of guy I'd get along with, so watch out Mitchel! You might be headed my way! (Or I might be headed your way!) LOL. Hopefully I get to meet you!
But I am having the most awesome week, actually! I get to go to this party this weekend, then next weekend is my school's Homecoming game & dance (yeah, I have a ex-boyfriend and possible to-be boyfriend...I would've taken you for sure!! LOL sorry!), and I'm probably going to an after-Homecoming party and bonfire afterwards...even though I have to be home by midnight...well that's about it!! I hope you and your family and friends are doing great and you have a great week too!

Love always,

!~Mitchel*Luver~! said...

that sounds like so much fun! i think the person who's movie is coming out next year is Emily and i think Jason got something and probably Cody but i dont know. i love you! oh and im in love with mason's voice. i love all those songs! :D


tiffany said...

no actually i really don't know about chicago. everybody always talks about it and i'm so confused as to what the big deal is, but oh well.



Kelsey said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you came to chicago you know who will be there!!!!! just this sunday actually was the (september 23rd) was a whole YEAR since the first time you came to chicago!!! man a lot has happened in a year! you dont believe how much praying i will be doing to get you to come back to chicago!!!! so excited!!!!!

love you!!!!


ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

This weekend I'm hoping to watch "The Game Plan". I think Madison is just too adorable!

WHOOOO!! A google cheers for a great Hannah Montana season! So exciting!!!

Oh, no....more guessing!! I'm pretty horrible at it...I just don't have those great guessing talents, you know? Hahaha...I'll guess later.

Oh my dear.....THREE NEW SONGS!! You know how spaztic I get when it's just one song!! But THREE!!I'm like a spaz maniac now! I really can't wait to hear them!

I hope you get to go to Chicago!! I don't live there, but I know many many people really want to meet you there, so I hope you'll go for them! Maybe they'll become as spaztic as me!

Guess what?! Next week is homecoming week, and on Thursday...we're playing Messy Games!!! It's really fun! I played last year....everyone had to crawl in molasses and syrup! I got pudding flung at my face...yeah, it was super cool!

I hope you have a very very very very super awesome spectacular week!

Elizabeth said...

Here we go Mitchel--

I'm so going to see 'The Game Plan' soon. It looks like an adorible movie. I've always loved Madison! Shes really good in Cory in the House.

So far I know that Corbin Bleu was in the last episoide because it said in the newspaper here. The guy who plays Cooper was in it too. All these old charcters are returning!, friends, and memories. Sounds like a fun wrap-party!!

Ohh crap. Here I go. Have fun laughing at my guesses (I know I'm gonna be laughing while typing them up!). I'm guessing Emily and Jason are the ones with the new movies. The one traveling is Billy Ray. The one with a starring role is Moises. The music video is either you, Miley, or Emily.

I hope the music news is either 1) the news of a CD or 2) the release date of one! 3 new songs.. Very exciting! Ohh...maybe you'll be in Chicago while I'm there for a visit? Haha..doubt it.

So far my week has been bad. I'm already behind on my homework, I didnt make the choir I wanted to get into (even though all my friends say I deserved to be in it), and my friends wont quit telling me to get over it. I'm not upset about not getting in...I'm upset that people that didn't even try out made it.
At least one of my new friends made it. I'm so proud of him!! He really deserves to be in it.

Well... I guess i'll talk to you later.

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

i have a crush on you!!

mickii ! said...

you've got to come to PA <3

Kylee said...

Okay wow,
No more guessing for me..
But...Miley's dad is going on tour where miley is..and its Emily that has a role in a movie.and a music video is you!?!haha yeah.

Well, yeah know if i really ahd to time to make a petition for you to come to texas i soo totally would but i have school and stuff so sorry.. but hey, i still have time to comment right (:

Okay if you go to chicage during the summer in july...i will be able to see you then ebcuase my cousins live there and we go every year around july. i would be amazed to see you and them at once.

Can't wait for the new songs and the new "HM"

i love youu.


Kylee from Texas
(sorry that was longgg)

iluv2act94 said...


Dani said...


I know you said slim chance about Chicago...but you know how crazy we get!!! lol

I think I got more excited about the mention of my petition!!!! That was cute..."A little bird told me..." lol Anyone who wants the link its:
or just click my name!!!!

Geezzz more guessing games...ok...Miley I think gets the movie, I believe I heard something about a remake of the Advetures of Babysitting? Great Movie. You get the music video, Em, gets the other movie...Um...and maybe Jason finished the movie...Billy Ray is traveling with Miley? I'm so confused!!!!!! But that's not the first time....

Can't wait to hear you're new songs!!!

Iknow there's something I'm forgetting...well, see ya later alligator!

sara said...

hey mitchel!
OMG YESSSS!!! COME BACK TO CHICAGOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe. i live like 3 hours away, but w/e, i'd obviously come. hehe

Anonymous said...

Yoooo Mitchel!
So I'm going to make this one of the longest comments you will ever get on here, or atleast I'll try. Anyways, I already left you a comment on this topic you posted, but it was one sentence so this will make up for it. Hmm, well I'm not going to guess about which person is doing which because one, I'm not sure and two, I just don't feel like it right now. I really really hope you come visit Florida again. Get some tickets to Halloween Horror Nights and all that jazz. Wow, but yeah you need to come back to Florida. We floridians miss you here. Plus, there's ALOT of Chik-Fil-A's over here and I love that place as much as you do. I'm trying to make this sound not so weird. I doubt you'll even be reading this so why bother. Ha Oh well...I still love you :) I'm watching Life of Ryan right now on MTV. It's an OK show. It's like any other reality drama show on television these days. I know this comment isn't going to be the longest one you'll get, but it's 10:40pm here and I got school tomorrow at 6am. I sure wish this could be longer and now I'm just rambling so I'll comment you lata!

(P.S. Mucho love from the IMDb-ers. The boards aren't the same without you!!)

Kiora said...

Ah~ I want to see the Game Plan.. Too bad I don't have any money or time >_>//
&& I can't wait to see the new episodes xDD
haha awesome.. you're coming to Chicago, eh? Not many people like to come here.. not the most interesting city in the world....

Leanna said...

Emily Osment is in the movie, right? Dadnapped? Are you doing the music video? Because that would be amazing!

Love Always,

Daniela said...

cooooooooool !!! :)
you have 3 new songs? :O I didn't know..
have the best week in your life!

Hannah said...

i think you should come to the bay area with miley for her concert & Halloween! then we can go trick or treating together! that would be sooo much fun! well probably not going to happen, but hey, a girl can dream.

that partay sounded like a lot of fun. so when are you guys going to start filming season 3? so far i'm VERY happy with season 2. I love mike standley.

also, at school me & two of my friends named each other after u miley & emily. i'm miley cuz my name's Hannah so i'm either hannah montana or miley. my friend lily is of course lily. & whitney is oliver because that's what was left but i think it fits her because she's goofy like oliver. yea it's corny but fun.


p.s. come to the bay area more often!

Samantha said...

Madison is adorable! I love that girl!

Oh man... I don't know either, but I'm exicted.

I can't even begin to guess. Wow. Thats really difficult. But I heard Anna(Ashley) is supposed to be in Camp Rock, so is she one that is in a movie? I can't guess for the rest, but trust me, I'm beyond excited for each of these projects. And thanks Mitchel, you don't know how much I appreciate you keeping us so up to date like this.

I'm so excited! If you come out with a cd, I'm buying it, and thats special, because I don't buy many cds. Haha. I just don't have money...

Chicago is far for me... Come to southwest Michigan! Haha

You have a good week too. And oh, all my friends already know! haha


Cheyenne said...

Hey Mitchel,
haven't commented in a while...but i am now so it's all today i got in a fight with my cousin...and the worst thing about it is that it was over the see she lives in Oklahoma...& I live in Texas...but whatevv...I'm over it hope she is too...anyways i am not even going to guess i am the absolute WORST at guessing things....Can't wait for the new songs...and Hannah episodes...oh i almost forgot..the other day i was like runnin through my house really fast **btw i slipped & fell on my wood floors && it was pretty funny but it kinda** anyways my mom was like what are you doin...and i was like Duh mom I'm goin to watch H-M with the double it....but at least i fell for a GOOD CAUSE...haha...&& I got Metro Station's CD the other day it's's on REPEAT on my ipod, in my itunes library, and in my car that i get to drive in 4 months...whoo-hoo i am so excited to finally drive..Can't WAIT to DRIVE!!

Gideon said...

Hmmm, the two who booked new movies are, I think, Emily and Jason. The one traveling to cities with Miley is her dad. And you, or possibly, Moises are doing a music video for Disney....

Have a nice day.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!

Sure you had a lot of fun on the premiere, the season II finale and the party!
Can't wait to see all the next episodes, especially we're all on this date together, with Corbin Bleu again :)

I guess: Miley and Emily just booked films, Jason is starring on a new film, Billy Ray is going with Miley on tour, and Emily is doing the music video.

Can't wait for your new songs! The other ones were great!

Have a great week.
Love you.


brooke said...

mitchel, i'd swim the ocean for you. the ocean for you, WOOAHH OOH OHH mitchel.



brooke said...

come back to chicago.
please. it would mean the world to me.

brooke said...

go back to chicago [:
i'll do anything.
i'll pay for your flight if i have to.


brooke said...

& please come back to chicago.
if you do, which you will, you will meet your biggest fan/ future wife. wouldn't any normal boy wanna meet their future wife?
i thought so [:


Alyssa said...

For the person traveling with Miley, Billy Ray.
And for the person finishing a movie, Emily Osment.
And for the person with the music video, YOU!!! (I hope)
Have a great week, Mitchel!
♥ Alyssa

Leanne xP said...

New York called. they want Mitchel back... please? =]

I want to see the Game Plan. It looks cute. My brother wants to see it, too... But let's not focus on him.

I really can't wait for the new Hannah Montana episodes. I read in the Disney Adventures magazine that one that was airing soon was called No Sugar, Sugar and it's where Oliver has diabetes and Hannah gets her head stuck in a cotton candy machine. I just can't picture Oliver as a diabetic.

I hope some of those bloopers are gonna be on some of the DVDs. The last two didn't have bloopers. =[

Finished a music video? That's totally Moises. Lol uhmm no, Emily, but hopefully you.
The new movie,
again, hopefully you. But I think it's... Jason.

I can't wait to hear this song! Two of my friends are forced to listen to all of these songs. We made a deal. If I attempted to rollerblade (I can't even roller skate.) then they would listen to every one of your songs. One of them's just like oh yeah I like his songs so uhmm that probably wasn't worth it! And I'm like uhmm it was. =]

I've seen this petition! But there's no point in me signing it, New York needs you back. We just do. We're waiting for you. =]



I'm seein the game plan on friday!! so awesome!
u finished already? wow! awesome!!!
I wish I coulda been at ur partayy, i luv partays hehe
i can't believe there's rumors about miley being preggerz!! she would never do such a thing, its juss ridiculous!!!!
3 new songs? links pleez!!!
Chicago? hmm... thats like 8 hrs away! not 2 bad...
and dont worry, i have like 5 other friends who've been to this site ;)
luv ya mucho mista musso!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds cool :)

i heard that emily is going 2 do a dcom called "dadnapped " so i'm guessing she's the one who booked a movie :P

and maybe cody is the one whos doing the music vidoe :P just like what read :P anyways i hope u have great day ;) C.Ya

mariam. (: said...

just in case you ARE reading this,
i messed up the link last time.

i really hope you look at it. (:

i love you.

livvy! said...

eee, mitchel, i love it when you posts blogs, it makes me smiley (:

aw, that kind of sucks that you've finished hannah season 2, but i'm glad you had fun shooting and really can't wait for the new episodes!

ohhh, i hope you go back to chicago. even though i don't live in america, i have these two friends called brooke and lizzie who went to see you in chicago last time, and they said it was amazing. so i hope you go back, so they can see you again (:

speaking of brooke, me and her started a fansite for you and your brothers back up in the summer. it's called mmm fans, here's the link if you'd like to see it:

i hope you like it if you go on it, we've worked really hard on it!

anyway, that's all from me, have a great week mitchel (:
ily xx

Holly said...

Hey Mitchel sounds like the premeir went awesome. Sounds like the movie is good. I cant wait for the new episodes of Hannah Montana. I think you are the one who got asked to do a video and Miley and Emily get to do a movie? It would be awesome for you to come back to either NJ or NY for another autograph signing. I missed you the last time because I got there to late and the line was closed. :-(. I made a petition of who loves Mitchel and I sent it to your fanmail. Dont know if you got it. If you can tell me when you do get it. Have an awesome week.

RACHEL said...


jen said...

hey. do you think you will ever be coming to new jersey for autograph signings

Anonymous said...

are you one of the people we can guess?

oh and is Hannah Montana over or will there be a 3rd season??
hope there's a third season

sounds like you've been having fun :)

Anna =] said...


sounds like everything it going great. I'm excited for everything[:

ugh. it's been the worse week of my life. a junior at my school got killed in a one-car accident. it's terrible. he was the smartest, nicest, and most caring person i had ever met.

i am having a hard time getting over this. i miss him a lot.



hey mitchel! cant wait for the new hannah episodes... also i just wanted to send you this, its a list of names of people that want u to come to pittsburgh!!! i've been writing them down for about 2 weeks and i have A LOT! enjoy!

1 alli
2 skylar
3 alicia
4 lisa
5 amanda
6 caitlyn
7 katie
8 rayanna
9 sam
10 britnay
11 gina
12 kimmy
13 toree
14 jeri
15 ashley
16 megan
17 allie
18 liz
19 mikayla
20 frankie
21 michelle
22 carly
23 geena
24 francesca
25 joya
26 jenna
27 felicia
28 taylor
29 madison
30 dani
31 maria
32 alaina
33 emily
34 jordan
35 leah
36 tiff
37 daina
38 rachel
39 nicole
40 jessica
41 jennifer
42 kate
43 samantha
44 jackie
45 tawalli
46 jenny
47 janice
48 millie
49 marina
50 alyssa
51 dina
52 sarah
53 maureen
54 latrisha
55 erin
56 ally
57 alisha
58 erika
59 maggy
60 sammy
61 christina
62 ciara
63 trish
64 kathleen
65 delanie
66 gabby
67 paige
68 aimee
69 mara
70 julie
71 jamie
72 salle
73 franzie
74 fran
75 bethaney
76 juliann
77 mandie
78 miranda

welp, thats all!

Anonymous said...

the person with the video is defiantley emily ! i know miley is in a movie with raven & im seeing her on tour with JB ! i saw JB three times but the one person i wanna see never comes here, thanks mitchel ! haha i love you come back to NJ or NY i will start a petition ! 3 new songs wow, just get a cd already ! you rock && theres a really cute picture of you & mason in popstar! i bought the metro station cd ! wow i have a lot to say today !


-xo Michele

Jessica said...

haha, The Game Plan looks like a good movie! My sisters like Madison, they think she's funny!
Wow, I can't wait to see the rest of the season 2 episodes! But it's sad that you shot the last one :( BUT, I'm glad you had a great time at Ramsey's! Also, do you know if in the future, they'll come out with a DVD with like, all the episodes from Season 1 and then another DVD with all the episodes from Season 2?! Because I think that they should go that, instead of making so many DVD's with only, like 4 episodes on it. I think that Moises is doing a new movie and I think Emily is the one doing the new music video! And I can't wait for your 3 new songs!!
OMG, MITCHEL, YOU HAVE TO COME BACK TO CHICAGO!!! That would be so AWESOME!! Please, please, please??!!!!! I'm like, making a scrapbook thingy for you and it would be so cool if I gave it to you in person! So, PLEASE come back to Chicago!!!! And I promise if you come back, I'll try not to get too starstruck...'cause I like, couldn't even talk because I was so excited, lol!
Hmm...a petition?? I didn't know about that! Well, anyway, I hope you have an AWESOME week!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!
Can't wait to see all the episodes of Hannah Montana and what you all have in store for us. AHHH!! excitement!
Hope the partay was fun. I would have loved to see some bloopers. They should totally be incorporated to the credits or something.

Ok.. so let's see if I can guess. WARNING! I'm not very good at this. =D
Ok.. so either Billy Ray (obviously) or you will be traveling with Miley to promote her concerts. (you would be SO cool!!! ) Emily booked a DCOM film and Miley booked Adventures in Babysitting (the remake of course) and Moises Arias just finished the film. My guess is that you were the one asked to do the music video. But I'm thinking that since Emily is going to be in a disney film.. maybe it's her.

hmmm.. i'll have to think about this for awhile!

we love miley.
but we love you too!! =D

Jessiica Rene'e =) said...

i can not wait to hear your new 3 songs!!!! , and i cant wait to see the rest of the shows for this season.
thats good that you had fun at the premiere.. i went to see the show saturday and i loved it!lol
and chicago dang well i live in ohio so maybe my parents will drive 8 hours to chicage haha who knows// they might lol, im just gonna have to see about that one lol =)

Jessiica Benedetto, Bennett! x33

Anonymous said...

and so is "JONNY COLLINS!"
haha. Andre posted some pictures from the party. looked like a bLAST!!

well i've heard that Miley is doing a remake of "adventures in babysitting" heck yea!!
but i'm not gonna guess anything else. cuz i hate guessing. lol.

AHH you should come to KY. since it's like, 1 state away from chicago.

my week is going to be...BLAH!
i got really sick last night and went to the doctor today. they thought i had some rare form of strep, but i don't. so they tried to draw blood to test for mono, but they kept missing my vains. OW it hurt so bad. so i'm not going to school this week. which sucks because i'm in advance chorus and we are singing for the first times thursday and friday night. i was looking forward to that... =//

i CANT WAIT to see more hannah!
i have deffinately MISSED YOU being on new episodes!! you haven't been in the last 2!! =[[[

you ROCK mitchel!

Anonymous said...

I try to tell you often buuut let's hope I can make this one stick:

--- REMEMEBER that okay=]
xoxoxoxoxo SMOOCHES xoxoxoxoxo

Karleigh said...

Hey Mitchel!

I glad u had fun at the premiere!!

WOOOW 30 episodes???? Dude i only seen like 6 of the 2007 ones. Darn u Family Channel!

Cant wait to here the new songs for sure there awesome!

OK anyways hope ur having a great week!!


Christina said...

Omg now I cant wait! The premiere sounded fun. Okay so im gonna say that Emily got one of the movies and Jason maybe? Either miley or you is doing a new music video.

In science class I just realized that theres a kid named Rico in my class and hes not that tall and hes a trouble maker. how weird is that?
I kept thinkin of one of Rico's lines
Curlity like charity begins at home lol
The last show we saw was with the rock
so yea Does Cody come back?! I love Oliver he cracks me up all the time!!! Emily: I'm not jealous Oliver: YES u are and Its okay.
Mike: I'm a staying and Im a playing till my hair starts a graying

#1hannahfan said...

Hey Mitchel!
I cant wait for all the episodes of Hannah to come out! i tape all of them! I also cant wait to see Miley in "The Adventures of Babysitting", and i already saw Emily in her "i dont think about it video! Anyway cant wait to hear your NEW songs! But most of all i want to buy Metro station's cd! i heard two of there songs and they totally rock! Isn't Miley's brother Trace in it? Well cant wait to get your cd too! I think that the person to do a new music video for disney is Mosies Arias!

Luv ya!

p.s. Keep rockin' in the hannah world! Can't wait for mike standly the third!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! i can't wait to see the game plan and the last episode of hannah montana..i hope there is gonna be another season tho :(

♥P.S. You should come to Ohio ;)


shireen said...

it sounds like you've been having a lot of fun this week. and i can not believe that season 2 is already done tapinG! well that means we're closer to season 3! im thinkin it was emily for the video...but im just guessing. i know miley is one of the 2 movie guesses because i heard she's doing a movie with raven. but we'll see. i really want to see YOU do another movie! [where we can see Mitchel, not an animated character, as along with hearing you!! i also want to say that i miss seeing you in new episodes and i'm dying to see you again!

i love you so much!!,


Briana said...

hey mitchel! when so you guys start to film the third season? there is a third season right? omg i hope there is please answer very soon, now im worried. I love Hannah Montana! keep it on!!!!!!!

Dani said...

Hey, sorry, the link messed up the first time I only like got half of the link!!! Here's the petition!


Sounds like you had a fun week!!! I can't wait for new episodes!!!!
Alright....I'm gonna try to guess who the people are...... Emily and Jason got new movies, and Emily will be going with Miley? idk, and Emily also will be in the new movie, and Miley got asked to do a video. I have noooo idea at all, but I do know Emily will be in a new Disney movie. I can't wait to hear you new songs!!

Rachel said...

i wish i could guess about the cast members, but im not good at that kind of stuffs. :) i think ur soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott!!!!!!!!! u r my role model!!
love <3

Tiffany said...

OH MY GOSH IF YOU COME WITH MILEY ON TOUR I'M GOING TO FREAK!! lol, but for real. hope that is you, or Moises because obviously he is just really cool.

and is the video one, miley or you?? hmmm.

here's a video that i though was kinda funny, it has to do with you on the show. lol

talk to you later


Meeghan said...

I met Mason on friday at the LaCrosse, Wi show.
it was awesome.
Dani's petition!
Mason told me he was working with you on your music.
The Musso combo!
cool, cool.

Kad [Short Notice] said...

The movie's rated PG, but I really want to see it.

I can't wait to see the new Hannah episodes, and the finale sounds really interesting, eh?

I think Miley just finished the movie, her dad might travel with her, and for the rest I'll try to figure that out later... haha.

I can't wait to hear about those songs, and I hope you're having a great week!

livvy! said...

mitchel, go to chicago to see lizzie and brooke!

then come to england and visit me? :)
i could take you on a tour of london and we could go on the london eye and go to the london dungeon. then i could bring you back home to milton keynes, where i live, and we could go to the movies, which has.. a ski slope inside of it.
i'm not even joking. it's massive :D

eep, if you came to england and i met you, that would be the best day of my life!

eeep, ily mitchel :)

Please Be Mine said...

Oh yes Madison from Cory in the House. I'll be sure and check that one out. =]
Yeah, I think they do get better ever week too! The Hannah Montana episodes I'm talking about. haha.
Yay! Good for more Hannah coming our ways! hahaha!
Gee, I don't know about that thing that cast members sing and WHATEVER YOU SAID.. its too confusing to figure out right now..
OKAY, maybe not THAT confusing...

"one cast member just got asked to do a new music video for a new Disney"

So that one... Emily?

"one of our regular cast members may be traveling to cities where Miles will be to promote her upcoming concerts"

That one... hmm... gee, I don't know about that one..

Wait, nevermind. ugh. lol. I looked Emily and Jason up, they are both in a new movie, not the same one. So I have no clue about those thingss....... . =/ blahh.

Have an lol.

brie said...

Oh my gosh, Mitchel! You HAVE to come back to Chicago! Where's the petition?!?!?!

Glad to hear that Hannah and the music is going well! I can't wait to hear your new songs!

Today we had Retreat at school. It was so much fun! We played this game, and if you lost the round, you had to show a talent. I lost twice, and I did an obnoxious snort asnd a hysterical Napoleon Dynamite impression! HAHA! Then, someone asked me who my favorite actor was. Guess who I said....George Clooney!!! No, just of course! All my friends were like "I know! I love him!" See, we girls in Chicago LOOOVE you!;)

Alrighty than, Mitchel. Talk to ya soon! And remember...CHICAGO LOVES YOU!!!

luv, brie

Georgina Lily! said...

Hey Hey..
Glad you had a great time at the premiere!!! =]
I wana see it :)!

Cool!! i cannot wait to see it!!
i <3 hannah montana, it is the best show ever! lol

Hope you had a good time at the season party sounds like alot of fun =]

Im guessing its Emily Osment =]

Oh cool, 3 new songs, cant wait to hear them, sure they are reallly good. =]

Pleaseeeeeee Come to England and sing them, that would be maaaaaajor coolness lol. =]

Anyway, have a great week too =]

I dint get a part in the show at drama, but oh well, at least in the chorus so i get to sing, which is cool =]

Well cyaaaaa Soon byeee xxxxx

Georgina Lily! said...

Yeah like Livvy Says.. come to England!! Pleaseeeee.
I will start a petition too =]

It will be funnn xxxx


Lv. Georgina x

Chloe! said...

I can't WAIT for the new episodes!
Good thing it isn't the VERY last Hannah. ;)

Emily=music video? I know she did one for the R.L Stine flick.

Can't WAIT for the new song. :)


-(aMbReA)- said...

Hi Mitchel,
I'm glad you had fun at "The Game Plan" Premiere and the Hannah Montana Season II Party. I can't wait to see the new episode of Hannah Montana and I know that the next season will be even better!

I think you're the one who will get to be able to record a song for the Disney film, and I think it's Miley who will get to be in the movie. But, you know, I could be wrong. But I hope not, because it would be so cool to hear your song in a movie! Can't wait for your new songs too!

Take care,
Ambrea from Cali

Anonymous said...



Dani said...

Grrrr....the link keeps cutting out!!! But that's ok! Just click my name and copy paste! Oh! It's be awesome if you could post it on your blog, Mitchel!!!!

Hope you are having a super week! Our homecoming week is next week and we're having a superhero day...I think I'm just gonna wear a cap like Chowder on Monster House seeing I don't have a spider man costume! DARN IT!!!!! If I had a pig and spidi powers costume I could be spider pig!!! I just have lame costumes like a shark attack victim...haha...I loved that costume!!!

Talk to you later, dude!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! Cant wait to see all the episodes!

NO way! your coming to chicago again! yes!!!! If you do, Ill be there for sure. Iv been at the brookfield zoo and at the YMCA center to see you!

Hope you can come!
Have a good week Mitchel!


Karleigh said...


Guess what?!?!? We have the exact same birthday!!!!11one1
How crazy is that?


Hey Mitchel!!

WOW omg i have the same BIRTHDAY too. Isnt that awesome?! I love the day July 9th its always an awesome day even if it wasnt my birthday.

Anyways i am so bored....I think i posted on this comment before and it didnt go through? Hope ur having an awesome week and cant wait to here the RAD new songs!!

Well i LOVE ya! YOU ROCK! Your the COOLEST PERSON ON EARTH(and i really mean it)! I WISH SO MANY TIMES TO MEET U!! PLEASE come to Canada its rad here!


Dani said...

My friend Elyssa says if you come to Chicago, bring Zac Efron....I seriously have nothing to do with that....She also says she has a big bug in her garage....I have cool friends, right?

Anonymous said...

o thank the Lord that it was the only last episode of Hannah Montana season 2 cause i heart that show and i luv Miley and Musso sooo YESSSSSS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I talked to ur bro on VLB! Lol. It was fun. =D

mitchels babe said...


I really can't! I read this blog when you first posted but I didn't have time to comment on it. I CAN'T WAIT! I also can't wait for the hannah montana episodes to air..and for the season 2 DVD to come out so I can watch the bloopers. how's life? yea, school still sucks. I HATE ALGEBRA 2!!!!

<3 love ya always babe

Caroline said...

Hmm... thats a toughie. What's with you and guessing games? Alright, so I think you're doing the music video, Jason and Miley just booked films, Emily just finished one, and Billy Ray is going on tour with Miley. :D I can't wait for your songs! I'm sure they'll be great. It would be SO amazing if they showed the HM bloopers on TV, I bet they're hilarious! And there is going to be a Season 3, right? I hope so. Anyways, glad you had fun the premiere and the party.

~Caroline :D <3

abby said...

you NEED to come to scranton, PA :)

Anonymous said...



Samantha said...

Just saw your Super Short Report! I may be weird, but I thought it was hilarious!!! Hahaha. That Sonny Raines is so cute! real name's Jacob right? Anyway, it was great!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just saw your new Short Report! It was so funny! You looked so creeped out! You're a great actor! My favorite parts were when Sunny said "So, Mitchel, if that is your real name!" and "'What is the capitol of New Jersey?' 'What does that have to do with the interview?' 'Just answer the question!' 'OK, it's Trenton!'" It was so funny! Do you know when your Disney 365 will come out? Or when some of the existing ones were filmed because that could give me an idea... Either way, the short report was cool! *smile* I just got back from our town fair where I sang songs from High School Musical for our summer theater, and I helped work a booth for our town robotics team! The team went to the Nationals in Atlanta, GA for the last 2 years, so we get to go again this year automatically! I still hope that we earn our way in too! Well, that's all for now! *smile*

Anonymous said...

Let me take a stab at this...

-Jason and Emily have movies coming up.
-Billy Ray is going with Miley, since she IS his daughter and all.
-Miley finished a movie.
-And you did the music video.

With my guessing skills, I probably got all of them wrong. =P

By the way, I saw your "Really Short Report" skit. That was the most hilarious episode (if you can call them that) of "Really Short Report" I've seen.

I loved how you were all "Um... What?" the entire time. And the capital of New Jersey--so funny! My little brother was actually screaming "Trenton!" at the TV. (We live in NJ.)

By the way, are you going to be in the rest of the episodes of "Hannah Montana" this season? I miss Oliver. =(

Anonymous said...

I had the weirdest dream about you. my whole school was crying 'cause you..... i have weird dreams when it's hot i woke up and said, "Thank, God!", it was only a dream.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just saw your super short report! It was really funny! "It's Trenton, dude, it's Treton" haha


Erin91 said...

heyy, mitchel! i already commented this one, but i just wanted to tell you that your Really Short Report commercial is airing!
here, it's on youtube too:

why are u so hilarious? "it's trenton, trenton, dude."

Briana said...

Hey Mitchel!
I went to see the Game Plan yesterday and it was hilarious, and me and all of my friends started getting up and dancing and singing up and down all the aisles when the Hannah Montana theme song came on lol...yeah we are pretty crazy. Well hope all is well, later!!!!♥ Bri

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mitchel!--

My friend just told me that she saw your Really Short Report today! So I guess it airing now!

I'll look out for it!

<3 Liz

Curious.Kristin. said...

Jason has a film due out early next year.
Emily and Moises have booked the movies.
Billy Ray is going to the cities with Miley.
And that leaves you with the music video!

Did I get it right? Glad you had fun, and I can't wait until the Finale...but I kinda can cuz I wanna see more new episodes!!!

Have a great week!

Emily said...

hey mitchel! are YOU going to any of miley's shows? particularly in the L.A. area?? haha. oh i just saw the really short report. it was so funny, i loved it! especially the new jersey part. haha you are hilarious!

~Emily from san fernando valley

Jesenia said...

Hey Mitchel!...i'm glad that u had fun!...xD i have no idea whats goig to happen!...i want a huge surprise!...xD...well i can't wait to see it and listen to the new song!....Luv ya!


Anonymous said...

heyy mitchel! its taylor!! i cant wait 2 here all ur new songs!! ive been waiting 4 u 2 do more. lol :] neways, hope u had funn at the party!! and if u go 2 chicago, hope u hav a blast. hopefully u can come 2 florida again soon!! :)


Selah said...

Heyy Mitchel.
I can't wait for the new Hannah Montana episodes.
Are you on the one with Heather Lockler?

I just saw your Super Short report segment today.
I guess because they're showing High School Musical 1&2 and all these new promos for Waverly Place and Twitches Too they showed it.
It was awesome.
I honestly didn't remember the capital of New Jersey til you said Trenton.

Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel
I saw your Super short report thing yesterday. That was so funny. Did you really know the capital of New Jersey? Anyways that was awesome. And I can't wait to hear from you again.

See Ya

Anonymous said...

Saw ur super short report last night hahaha
good job
Its trenton ... Its trenton dude
Can't wati till hannah montana Finale for season 2! Goin to see the Jo Bros Sunday!
You know you should really come to Richmond, VA You have fans here!

Oh holla! said...

Yeah!!! Mitchel!!!!

brooke said...

mitchie babyyyyy.
i just saw you on the super short seat thingg :D.
you looked amazing as usual.

hope your having a good week so far!

p.s go back to chicago.


ally m said...

mitchelll. =)
so, my friend has been staying with me for 2 weeks, because her parents are in las vegas. so, i havent really been checking on your site too much. :[

but now i am. :D haha, you havent updated though, which i guess is kind of good? but not really, lol.

let us know whats going on! =)

haha so, i havent really watched tv either. and i just saw that your super short report is airing [Ally said so on your site] and then i checked on the youtube account for the site, and just watched it.

oh my gosh, you are too funny. the "trenton" part was hilarious.

=) ily mitchel.

<3 ally m.

Sakura said...

just saw the super short show thing!!
capital of New Jersey?!
is Mitchel your real name?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! WOW, you do not even know how much I love when you post with long messages. It really MAKES my day! It puts a smile on his gloomy face. Jk! I'm always happy! The "GAME PLAN" premiere sounded fun! Ooh lalalalala! Anyway, I cannot wait for all of the new HM episodes. HM is really one of my all-time fav. shows, and I just love to see you, Emily, Miley, her Dad and Jason, on there. You guys are hilarious, and really have so much talent! I'm so happy for your *special* cast members that got all these lead parts in all these other projects. That's AMAZING. Please tell them all, that I wish them luck, and all of us are oh so very proud of all of you. Can't wait to hear the new music! I LOVE your other songs! I listen to them like 24/7! LAST BUT NOT LEAST... I REALLY HOPE YOU COME TO MY HOMETOWN, CHICAGO! BOTH OF THE LAST TIMES YOU CAME. I HAD PROBLEMS GETTING TO SEE YOU. SO, I REALLY HOPE THAT THIS TIME, EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT AS PLANNED AND, I'LL BE ABLE TO SEE YOU. ONE OF MY DREAMS IS TO BE ABLE TO MEET YOU. YOU'RE A GREAT ACTOR, AND SEEM LIKE SUCH A SWEET GUY. BYE!


Shierly said...

hi mitchel!!

yeah im glad that u had fun at the premiere.. well, i wish i lived in usa. so i can meet you... and the other cast of hannah montana...

well, wish u all the best! ;)

x x x

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel
Now Hannah Montana is finished what u going to do??!!!! HOw about you come to England lol

Hav fun doing watever

Anonymous said...

Ok, just one question, Oliver is dating Lily or Miley in the last episode of season 2? Hope you're in all episodes before the last one that aired! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

you keep getting on and reading more comments, you need to post something!! :[
it's been 8 LONG days!
ahh i read some of the last comments OMGsh i haven't seen the short report yet!
[ because i just moved and we don't get cable until wednesday ]
but i'm at my dad's house so i'm going to watch it on youtube :] and you STILL haven't updated.
that means you should update.
tonight :]

btw, i'm feeling much better :]
the doctor said i prolly had mono but it was a very minor ase. thank goodness. i got to sing w/ the chorus friday. i had so much fn :]

and since i'm bored and rambling,
here we go :]
i dont have school tomorrow! YAY!! it's a professional development day for teachers.
and last night was really crappy so i was really upset at school this morning but GUESS WHAT HAPPENED??
i was standing in the lobby when i saw my best friend that moved to california 2 years ago! [i live in KY] i talk to her a lot over myspace, but other than that i haven't seen or talked to her in 2 years! and she surprised us all today! OMGsh! i thought i was seeing things, but i like jumped on her and i really almost cried. but she could only stay for 30 minutes. so i was like, running all over the school getting all our friends together. she was only in KY to go to court... but enough about that...i miss her already =//

so i hope you update soon! let us know what's goin on :]


Anonymous said...

mitchel!! you already read my comment. haha whoah that was fast.

i watched your super short report thing. LOL it's amazing. i laughed REALLY hard. hahaha.
you're amazing

update! =P

Anonymous said...

you're not listening to me!!

i'm kidding.
i know you're busy. :D

whenever i'm online i check your blog like, a bajillion times, to see if you ever update.
so i came back and you already read my last comment. again. haha.

i hope you are having a good day!
you're amazing!! =]


Cybill said...

hey dude, just saw ur really short report on DC, and um hope ur having a better time than i am right now.

Lizzie (: said...

I really really hope you come. I'm praying as hard as I can. It'd be my 3rd time meeting you (: I'm already working on an amazing present for you. I'm sure you'll love it (:

i love you,

Lauren said...

hey mitchel! i havent commented in a while cuz ive been really busy with school..but yea im glad u had fun at the premiere to =]]. The game plan was such a great movie i saw it the day after it came out it was so funny. Madison and the rock are both so funny and great actors lol just like you!! :) luv ya <33 Lauren