Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hey!!!! It's MONDAY!

Hey guys! I have sooooooo many things to tell you....but I can't share too much yet.....but....I am very excited about several projects!

I know I told you a couple of hints last post.....about a few cast members doing a few things.....well......I know you all had different guesses and some of you were right.....Em is doing a movie for Disney....it's called Dad Napped.....although I heard a rumor they may change the name...so we'll see......and I was talking about the fact that Moises has a film coming out early next year called The Perfect Game...so be looking for that....Billy Ray also booked a movie! That's right! And he will be working on that in a few weeks...very cool!

But guess who's shooting a music video for Disney? That would be me! How blessed am I right? I couldn't believe it when they asked me.....I recorded the vocals yesterday and will be shooting the video on Saturday of this week.....I can't tell you too much about it....except that it is awesome! and involves some baby lab puppies.....so......could it get any better for me? I don't think so.....

I'm thinking about the fans....and answering fan mail as QUICK as I can...that is a full time job you know......

There's a lot more I want to share with you guys.....and I will when I can.

School is going great! I hope it is for you too!

Mason is home for a few days which is FANTASTIC! and Marc is doing good too!

Please look for the newest POPSTAR....it has some incredible photo's of my dancers for the 4th of July and lots of cool stuff about the event and a pullout poster too.

Thank you for letting me know about the Super Short Report....I haven't seen it yet....but I'm glad you guys have!

Have the best week ever!


Fer said...

wow everything is just soo cool!!!

I can't believe you're doing the music video!!I'm sure it's gonna be great! congratulations mitchel!

I WILL buy the new popstar!just cause you're in it=P I love popstar though!

School is doing great for me too=D
Glad you're having a good time say hi to Mason and Marc!
Can't wait for you to tell us about everything else!

Oh and I love your super short report!The Trenton part is hilarious!

Have an amazing week!

love ya<3

Sakura said...

you're doing a music video?
awesome! ohhhhhh i love puppies!!
you have'nt seen the super short report?
er nice job on it?
( was the question Sonny asked you a real one? or was it in the script?)

still awesome job!!

MARIAM! [: said...

i cant tell you how excited i am for you.
or how in love i am with you...but thats a different story. (:

cant wait for the next premiere or something so i can see you.

i think i wrote your name like five hundred times in math class today when i got bored and then i wrote all the things i love about you on the back.
i ran out of room purty quick.

i adore you so much.
and i cant wait to see your music video! <3

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! I love puppies!!!! and YOU!!!!!! lol. I con't beleive u r going to have a music video!!!!! I am soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!! =) U r sooo cool and hott. I love everything about u!!!!! School is awesome!! I got a 100A in Math!!! My most favorite subject in school in Health!! I love ya!


Anonymous said...

HEY mitchel! I knew bout ur music video....cause u told me about it on sept 16........but I'm still SOO excited! I seriously am like still shocked/happy that I got 2 talk 2 u more than the usual 30 sec. U have with other fans. I luv u soooo much! Ok like a hour ago, the pilot of hannah montana was on! Boy have u gotten hotter! Lol......my favorite episode of hannah montana is on, the 1 where mike standley gets introduced. I'm luving the vampire outfittt! Oh and u need 2 come 2 oregonnn! If u do, I will luv u sooo much more!(which is almost impossible cause I luv u soooooooooooooooo much) well I gotta go outside and run around in the rain! I luv u!


hannah stars doing movies- awesommme! lol
music vid? you? yesss! lol i be watchin for it
schools cool for me ;)
its been a while since you last posted, im so happy u made a new one :)
yah ur super short report ROCKED!! lol
as always,
wuv ya mucho mista musso ;)

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! The only guess I got right was that Emily was doing Dadnapped;and I heard that rumor too, that the title might be changed. That's some pretty cool news! I can't wait to see all of the movies! I also can't wait to see your music video! That will be so cool! I can see it now; you playing with some adorable lab puppies... what could be better?!!! School's been ok so far... have fun with Mason and Marc! I want to see the new popstar, but it hasn't come out yet in my area. That's pretty much it. ttyl! *smile*


Alexis said...

Thanks for the update Mitchel! I saw the super short show yesterday and i was rolling on the foor laughing. "ITS TRENTON DUDE." Hehe your my favorite.

Alexis said...

Thanks for the update Mitchel! I saw the super short show yesterday and i was rolling on the foor laughing. "ITS TRENTON DUDE." Hehe your my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm glad things are going great for you!! I'm very happy myself, mostly because you're happy!! :) I saw you on the Short report and you were amazing!! I have picture day tomorrow, and a marching band thing on Friday but I might miss it because I'm busy and than I get to watch a premiere of one of my favorite shows called Degrassi so my week is going to get even better!! Have the best week ever!!!

Jess W.

Dani said...

Woah....long post dude!!! Glad things are going well with you!!!

Does that mean Jason is touring with Miley? I got 2 of the many questions right...haha...

AWWW!!! Baby lab puppies!!!! I will diffently watch for them!!! And you too...*cough*

Good luck with you fanmail...haha.... I bet you have enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool! I bet all the envelopes are filled with plenty of kisses to fill 20 olympic sized swimming pools! Yeah...good luck with that....

School is good...I got a 3.5 GPA!!! YES!!!! *cough* NERD! *cough*

I got the new Popstar! I loved the pics and stuff. They always do a great job down at Popstar mag.

Glad you got to see your big bro....Cool to hear Marc is doing well too!

Love your Super Short Report...I cracked up!

Hope to hear you come back to Chicago...That would be awesome of course...I can't to hear more news to!

Have a rockin week!


Anonymous said...


carly said...

hey mitchel glad to know about everyone and there bookings! lol thats exciting. it was funny cuz i get these emails about movies to audtioin for and stuff ya know and it said be in the next big disney channel hit Dadnapped and i looked it up and found out emily was in it! thats really good! good for her! and everyone else! lol.

omg thats soo exciting to hear about ur music video! sounds funnnn!!! bet ur exciteddd!!!

aww ya i heard masons home thats fun! lol

so wait u still get home schooled right? even tho hannah montana filming is over for right now.

hey ya know how u said that moises is in that movie coming out later. isnt ur brother marc in it too? i think i heard that. idk. lol. well have funn wit every thingggg!!

hope chicago is still being thought about! lol sorry i had to say it! i g2g homework! thats what stinks about school. ill ttyl



Anonymous said...

Oh and btw, you posted ITS MONDAY! when you actually posted on Tuesday..you weirdo :p

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Wow! Quite a few of your cast mates are in movies! Congrats to all of them!

No way...no way, no way, no way, no way, no way, no way, no way, NO FREAKIN WAY!! A music video?!! Excuse me while I scream of joyness! Aww, and there'll be little bitty puppies!! Hold on...I still need to scream because I'm super duper EXTREMELY excited!! It's not a surprise that they'd ask you! You're such a great singer! Well, congrats to you! WHOO!

School is Awesome! Two more days until messy games!!

Err!! Where am I when the Super Short Report airs?! I haven't seen it yet either...

Yay for you!! Get to spend some time with the whole family! I just visited my sisters a couple of days ago. They're totally insane! But that's what I love about them!

Well, I must bid thee farewell for now! Have an incredible week!!

I still can't stop screaming about the music video!! I absolutely cannot wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

yay first comment. Hey mitch i love that song let's go and wasn't you girlfriend. I even have a cd with let's go on it when you had performed it live. It's so good! Are you doing a disney song for the music video? and are u going to have a song on the disney mania when it comes out again? i can't wait!
Love your biggest fan.

Kylee said...

I got two of the guesses right!! yay (: haha i cant belive they asked you that so amazing!!!!! Im very excited,cant wait for the new songs and for your video (: thats also cool Billy Ray and Moises got a movie! awesome!!Glad school is good, still waiting for my mail back haha. have a good day,
Kylee from Texas

Kayla said...

Hey Mitchel :]]

School is going good for me. Which is suprising.
I can't wait to see the music video for disney, that should be fun to work on.
The Super Short Report was awesome,I just saw it on Youtube. It was funny.
Well I really hope you can come to Chicago for a signing!!


Jacquelyn said...


Yeah.....idk where you are, but where I am it's Tuesday!! LOL!!! =D =)

I'm so happy that you are in a music video for Disney!!!!!! I can't wait to see it!!!!!! And maybe it can get better for you.....I COULD BE IN IT!!!!!! LOL...jk

And, i saw the Super Short Report a few days ago....That made my day!!!!!!! =D I loved it...

School's great for me!! I'm getting A's and B's in everything, but as always, a C in Geometry....grrrrr....>.<
Homecoming was Saturday!!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!! The theme this year was "A Knight of Heroes"...(the knight is our mascot!) the field house was decorated with superhero decorations and such....But the dance was the best part! And I had this amazing dress.....

Right now i'm so tired.....yesterday I tripped going down the stairs at school and landed on my right foot a funny way and sprained it slightly and it hurt a lot...I'm such a clutz, I can trip over anything really!! Plus I had a test today, AND one of my friends dislocated his arm playing football the other day...AND i have a choir concert coming up...Other than that there is not much going on.

Well, i really hope you have an awesome time shooting your music video this Saturday! Have a terrific week!!! =D

Yours forever and always;

Anonymous said...

Thatz Sooooooooooo kool I cant wait 2 see all the movies AND ur music video its gonna b sooooooo kool!!!! I cant wait!!!!
Good luck with every thing ♥♥xox♥♥

Leanne xP said...

Hah, it's not Monday anymore. =]
I heard about Dadnapped and the The Perfect Game on IMDB, except I saw Marc's name in the cast. He was in that view more thing, so I'm guessing he's not really a main character.

YES! I can't wait for the music video and song! Black lab puppies? Awww! It should be awesome, you're in it. =] It would get better if your album came out tomorrow and went triple-platinum in it's first week =]

I have the poster on my wall. Your shirt said Volcom onm it and I didn't know that was the brand so I said to my friend, I wonder what language it's in! And she was like uhmm that's the designer...

When you get the chance, tell Mason that Metro Station is almost as important as breathing (you are too!). I haven't turned on the radio in like 2 weeks, that's all I've listened to. I got pretty much all my friends to love them to.

I think I'm the only one who hasn't seen it. All my friends have seen it and I'm just like how come it's never on when I am? Yesterday I was watching Disney for 4 and a half hours, and the other one came on. I missed one commercial break, and I think that's when it came on.

Hannah said...

Hey Mithchel!

i can't wait to see the music video! i just LOVE puppies and i bet u were AMAZING in it. have fun and be yourself and do a lot ofdancing even thoughu may not need to, but do it anyways. i love seeing people just get up and dance.

well, wish moises, emily, and billy ray luck on their movies! omg, u should TOTALLY come to the bay area with miley for halloween!


kelsey said...


the super short report was awesome!!! when the kid was like "today i will be interviweing a cast member from hannah montana"..i was lik AHHH!! MITCHEL!!! lol

I CANT WAIT UNTIL YUR VIDEO WITH THE PUPPIES LoL its gonna be great cant wait

and um im gunna need more info about the whole chicago thing b.c im kinda really excited now even though you said there was a slim chance but still...

but anyhue the video will be amazing and your pretty much the greatestt!!!!!!!!!

luv youuuu


Chelsie said...

A music video? That's awesome! I'll be waiting to be see it.

ally m said...

hmm. maybe ill be first. =)

yayyy for everyones awesome projects!

i cant wait to see itttt.

& they need to start airing the new episodes of hannah montana closer together. instead of like, one each month. =(

keep up all of the amazing work youre doing <3


<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

Mitchel that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!! You are SOOOOOOOOO AWSOME!! No wonder everybody loves you!! ( I have no idea why girls like zac efron yuck!!!)and I have been dying to meet you FOREVER!! I'm on your website more than anybody else on the planet!! (or in america or the u.k lol:]

I live in Lubbock, TX and I am your number one fan!! I write I (heart) Mitchel Musso on every paper I have!! LOL!! And It would mean the WORLD to me if you came to Lubbock or DAllas in November!!!

Anyway the chances to meet sombody like you are a million to none. I can't go to California because I'm only 12. I atleast need to know that I'm being payed attention to on here( not to sound like a brat or anything LOL Sorry if i do)if at all possible, (this is if you want to) could you mention Shayla Boas in your next post?? PLEASE--- that would mean the world to me!!!! PLZ PLZ!!

Anyway good luck with your music video!! I can't wait to see it!!! It's going to be SOOOOO awsome!!


Anonymous said...

well i see your in a good mood. :]
i watched the short report the other day, and i couldnt believe it. i mean i knew you had one coming soon, and they were talking about Hannah Montama, so i figured it was yours. :] it was!

yesss. music video. and i love puppies. :']
hah i cant wait to see it..

actually, ive been getting really into Metro Station..
i got their CD and i thought it was AMAZING.
you can tell Mason's your brother..

oh yeah. i heard about a movie called Good Luck Chuck.
it has Jessica Alba in it,so i assume your excited..

:] -Jessica.

Katherine said...

Hey Mitchel, That is so great that you are working on a video! I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to see it! I hope you have a great week.

Katherine L.

Rock On and Peace Out.


Hey Mitchel!!! Thanks for updating! I was pretty close with some of the guesses....OMG I can't believe you get to do a music video! You're doing great with the whole singing thing..amazing! And with puppies?!?! awwwww. What's the song called?
I'm actually doing good in school...straight A's, except for global studies.....C+.....whoops! lol.
I kust saw the Short Report on TV.....It's sooo funny! You looked amazing too!
I bought POPSTAR! I have no more room for any posters in my room anymore..:( Now I've gone to decorating the hallway outside my room. lol. The poster is amazing though.

ps....I really think you should come back to Chicago...just a thought tho ;)

pss.....Homecoming is this Saturday....will you come with me? lol I had to ask. :) :) :)

kristina said...

That's so cool that you are doing a music video mitchel i can't wait for that

christine said...




AND the songs too. hope yooh sing it sumwhere in cali. II WANNA SEE YOOH AGAIN!

well ii hope everythings good with yooh. good luck!!

With Love,
Christine <3

tiffany said...

i had a feelin it was you :] congrats dear

i think my mom's ganna get me a ticket to metro station's concert in san francisco for my birthday and i'm so stoked, i love that band.

i started work yesterday and i'm about to murder the kids already. but oh well.

anyway, have a great week dear. <3

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your making a video!!!

I'm so excited Mitchel, you should REALLY come out with a CD soon.

IS there a new season of Hannah, your so cute on that show =D lol.

Go on tour to MN too =D that would be awesome!

I hope you got my bracelet, ttyl


!~Mitchel*Luver~! said...

omg i am soooooooooooooooo happy for you!! and for them of course..but...MORE FOR YOU!! I LOVE YOU!! and i love METRO STATION! just about the BEST music ever! besides yours! i love you..still....

Cristina P. said...

''could it get any better for me? I don't think so.....''

Baby...OF COURSE it could and will get a lot of better 4 u... cuz u disserve it! and i've Been praying a lot 4 u...and i think that works! lol

Im happy that you're going to be with ur bro ^^ the family is the most important thing in the world and u know it

I hope all your dreams and wishes come true....You disserve it

Kisses and hugs...and lots of love...from your biggest fan of Venezuela.

love you-xoxo

Always Yours, Cristina.<3<3<3

Anonymous said...

i'm soo happy that you FINALLY posted. ahahaha.
yay. :]

here's the link to the super short report:


OMG OMG OMG YAY when will the music video be airing? OH MY GOODNESS!!! =]
that is awesome.
and i've very excited about billy ray's/emily's/moises's new films. that is very exciting!!

i haven't sent you any fanmail yet! i've been planning to since forever ago. my friend made this amazing picture of you but walmart messed it up and so i've kinda been waiting for it so we could send it to you. she really wants you to sign it for her :D

tell marc and mason i said heyyy!

OH and i got the new POPSTAR! it is incredible! i just moved so after i get my room fixed up, i'm putting all my posters of you right on my wall. haha. yup.

wow this is a long comment!
sorry! :]

CONGRADULATIONS again about the music video! i bet you're super excited!! :D

love ya much!

Anonymous said...

and i meant to say....

it's not monday! it's tuesday!!
well now it's wednesday over here but it's still tuesday over in CA.


heather14 said...

you must see! i have it it's funny and kinda wierd. can't wait to see the video that you have done!

gotta go and get ready for school now it's been a very wierd 3 nearly 4 weeks. i might comment again. see ya!

Daniela said...

OMG ^^
You so cute!! Congratulations!!about the video clip.
And what about your new songs?
Have the most incredible weekend ever!!
Daniela (from Israel)

brooke said...

mitchhhhhh :]. that sounds totally awesome. i cannot wait to seee the video! & thats awesome that Masons home for a couple days :D.
i hope you got all my comments on your last post. if you didn't, then all i can say it..
go back to chicago.
i would do anything in the world to see you again.

well have an awesome rest of the week!


Paige said...

I'm so happy for you, Mitchel!
And for everyone else too!
Have fun shooting your video. Lab puppies?! I'm jealous. =D

Christina said...

Thats AWSOME! I figured it would be you for the music video since your working on recording right now and I was right!
Can't wait to see it! I know its gonna be so rad! I got my interum yesterday lowest grade was a C so thats good! Glad Mason is coming home. I always love it when my sister comes home from college for a little while. So have a blast.

ELENA said...

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Sally said...

I love you~Mitchel Musso!!
I live in Taiwan.
It's 8:40PM now.
I love so much >0<

Georgina Lily! said...

Hey Hey Mitchel! lol =]

God you are sooo the luckiest person ever you know!!

Thats so cool that you're doing a music video for Disney! Your like living my dream, lol just kiding Im really happy for you!!

Gosh seems like all the cast have got something going on!
Hope everything goes well for them!

Take your time with the fanmail, im sure all your fans know your busy and dont mind wating =]

School is great for me too! but im off sick at the moment, i think i either have tonsilites or a throat infection, its so annoying because i have a bad cold so its hard to breathe, and also its really painful swollowing food. so i hope i get better soon =[

Glad your brothers are doing ok!
Have a great week!!
Love Georgina xxx

Anonymous said...

YOU DIDN'T MENTION HOW YOUR DOG WAS DOING=[ ! hoooow is the big guyy=]

aww I am uber happy for you mitchel.

you don't know me but it doesn't matter because now I can go as crazzzzy as I want and say this :




ps. is there a special lady in your life ??

hahahahaha ;]


Anonymous said...

hey sweetie.
great job&good luck.
loVeRsSzZ you:)



Anonymous said...

first comment.... :) you rock mitchel!!!......

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

Can't wait for your music video, sure it's going to be awesome and the idea of the puppies is great!

But I also can't wait for the movies and the other new songs that you had talked about in your last post.

I saw the super short report yesterday in youtube, lol, it's so funny! :D

Hope you have a great time with Mason and Marc!
Love ya.


brooke said...

i'd swim the ocean for you, the ocean for you, WOAH OHH OH OHH mitchel, oh you dahhhlin.
iloveyou. verymuch.

go back to chicago so i can see your amazing self again :].


brie said...


hey, are you coming to Chicago? PLEEEEEASE SAY YES!!!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...


julie said...

aww I can't wait to see that music video you're gonna be greatt :)! & I did see the super short report, I loveddd itt :D! you're amazingg!

Good luck with everythingg :)

Love always


Rachel said...

u look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo incrediably cute in the Super Short Report thing!!! u were funny also!! :)
Rachel <3

Anonymous said...

YEY thats so cool im so looking forward to see your music video and emily's movie...i cant wait!!

i saw your super short report you were AWESOME :)

and well i moved so im starting school on october 15!! i miss my friends but we still talk to each other like everytime :D

looks like everything is going great for you and i love that :P
i would love if you and emily got to do a movie together you guys are my favorite's in real life and on hannah montana!!

i cant wait to see the next hannah montana episode and for your next post!!!

love ya

Erin91 said...

ahh cant wait for ur music video! omg im so pumped!

oh and is it true that you and the hannah cast and the cory in the house cast and the suite life cast and everyone is doing a circle of stars video for the song "stranger like me"? just wondering-heard there was gonna be something but it's probably a rumor.

anyway, school kinda sucks but it's junior year so what can i expect.

have the best week everr!

Samantha said...

Ooh! Wow! Yay! I'm excited! I love Emily, she's so awesome! And Moises is amazing! I love that kid! Can't wait to see it!!! And go Billy Ray! Woo!

Oh wow Mitchel! Thats so incredible! You're very blessed! Aww, lab puppies! I love puppies! Can't wait to hear more about it!

We know you're thinking about us, and you try to answer fan mail as quick as possible. We understand. I've yet to write you actually...Haha, shame on me.

We'll be waiting to here.

Ugh...School is going, alright. I totally stink at Algebra too. I don't get it at all.

Woo! I love Mason and Marc. Glad they are good.

I have the new issue. The pictures are great!

You're welcome. Makes me laugh every time I see it. "Whats the capital of New Jersey!!???" Hahaha.

Have a great week Mitch!


Anonymous said...

omg im so excited for everything coming out the stars of hannah r all becoming amazing successes! AND WUT UR SHOOTING A MUSIC VIDEO HO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to hear it I LOVE UR VOICE!!! i got the new poster i was very excited to see u and also the super short report is halarious!!!!!! my fave one by FAR! SO ANY MORE NEWS ABOUT CHICAGO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

yay you're gettign a music video
i'd write more but i have ccd !

-xo michele

when is the video gonna be on tv


Sasha said...

Congrats on the music video. I sooooo can't wait to see it!!! I'm also glad for Moises, Billy Ray and Emily. Tell them crongrats for me ok! School is going great for me too. I'm nervous though. I have to do a presentation Tomorrow. I soooo hope I get an A. I'm glad that Mason is home for a few days. I'm also gald that Marc is doing good too!!! I hope you get to see the Supper Short REport soon!!!

See Ya

Anonymous said...

OMG!! i can't wait to see the video!! and all of the movies... well school is really boring for me.

Anonymous said...

omg. yay i'm soo happy for Emily =]

eeeep. music video?!? OMG. now i'm soo excited hehe. congrats btw =] i alreay know that i'm going to lovee the music vd. of urs [: lol.

ill try to buy the new issue os Popstar! hehe. school is doing good for me too. i have tons of homeworks though. :[ but yeah. hehe.

well havee a nice day [:

<333 Leslie

Anonymous said...

congrats mitch 4 getting 2 do that!....i thought mayb but wow!...awh puppies?!....i luv puppies!.....say hey 2 mason + marc 4 me!! :)...school is alrite but now we r taking stanford tests!...yuck!....i almost fell alsleep after we finished the spelling one....plus math is tomorrow....hopfully i do well!...oh yeah i need 2 tell ya 2 things....a) u look soo much like ur dad! and b)i sent u a letter!...yea!....one more thing...i looked through t.v. guide and mascot prep is on thrusday @ 9:45, 8:45 c....4 u it would b...well i tink u would know!...lol!..anyhoo...talk 2 ya later and lot's of love from me!!


Anna =] said...

sounds like everything is going great for you.

music video[: i'm so happy for you.

umm.. school is going great. i actually really love this year. i'm doing good all in all. i'm finally starting to get back to normal since the death of a friend.

ps. you're funny in the super short report.

I'd swim the ocean for you♥ said...


im so stoked for u that u got a music video!!! I bet it's fabulous just like everything yuh do=]

lol i ♥'d ur super short,, you are too funny

schools goin pretty good for me too=]

omg mason and marc

Love you,,

Lets Make A Wish On The Fireworks Below said...

OMGosh Mitchel thats awesome, I cant wait for the music video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

YAY, YOU POSTED!!! Gosh, I was getting worried! Aww, you're doing a music video with lab puppies!! That's so cute! Hope Stitch's nice to them! ;)
I'm so glad school's going good for you! It's going good for me too!!
But, are you still coming to Chicago???!!! I know you said it's a slight chance, but can you please let all us Chicago people know 'cause I really want to see you again!!
And I'll try and see if I can get the Popstar! issue. I haven't been to the store recently, so I'll definetly get it! And I still have to get Metro Station's CD!!
Well, I hope you have an AWESOME week!

Sara said...

Congrats on the music video! I bet the puppies are gonna be adorable! Thats very exciting news. I can't wait to hear about the other stuff.

The super short report was hilarious! I laughed soo much at the Trenton part.

I'm doing pretty good in school so far. I have an A+ in culinary arts(cooking) so thats excting :).

Luv ya ♥

Molly said...

wow, that is really cool, i read the summary for the season finale, i was about to scream ( im a huge loliver fan) and i was like on facebook telling everyone of my friends but yeah exciting! school is pretty good, this week is homecoming, stressfull! i have had a 3-7 practice everyday for cheerleading, i never knew you could have so many girls 10 ft in the air all at once! sheshh! but looking forward to the music video, the ssr was really funny!


Katie said...

omg that super short show was sooooo funny! u did great! i always will love ya no matter what! xoxo, kate

Anonymous said...

I soooo knew you were the one of the music video! but I didn't quite got the other guesses right :P
Well, I can't tell you how happy I am to know about your Disney deal! I can't get enough of you!!
I hope you get more and more projects so we(your fans) can feel closer to you!
Congratulate everybody for me!
Thinkin' of you

Anonymous said...

Mitchel I wanna tell ya that I'm soooo gland for ya and for everybody (included me) for being able to appreciate you amazing talent!!
Your So Damn Hot Baby!

Elizabeth said...

Wow Mitchel!-

Several projects!? Holy cow... You're such a busy bee (haha...I'm laaaaaame)! I heard about Emilys movie! Isn't there another Disney star thats going to be in it? Either that your I just heard about Emily. I'm excited to see Moises in his new movie and I can't believe Billy Ray has a new movie too! But whos touring with Miley?

A music video, with you, and puppies!? How thrilling... I'll be waiting to see what movie its for! Your living the dream, Mitchel! Music, movies, TV shows, **screaming fans**. Speaking of which...

I think we're all just thankful that you read the fan mail. Most celeb's don't take the time to do so. A responce back is just a bounus.

I've seen the Popstar! and the pictures are amazing! School for me has been....dramatized. 'Nuff said. I'm glad what everyone is doing well!

Try to keep us posted! I wanna hear about those songs that you mentioned a few posts ago!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! you get to shoot a music video!!! with lab puppies thats AWSOME!!! you truly are blessed. good luck answer in all the fan mail i can only imagine how much mail you get every day. WHOOO Masons home!! He rocks!!! So does Marc hes AWSOME... yeah hes my age... Oh the Supper Shorts hilarious you did a good job as usual... I hope you have a good week too
okay im done

bye <3


Alicia = ] said...

HEY! that is sooo cool that you are going to have a music vid. on Disney Channel!! soooo cool... I need popstar magazine!! haha... You are AMAZING!! You ROCK! = ]

-Alicia! <3
= ]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel i send a comment in the other post asking you something, but really that's not that important. I'm not an english speaker, you know what i mean, so i just wanted to tell you that i love Hannah Montana and that's how i knew you. I wanted to give you just one advice. I noticed that you're like being so egocentric, don't get me wrong it's really great that you write to your fans, really cool i mean it! But just be a normal guy! don't let fame goes up to your head. You know what i mean? 'No dejes que la fama se te suba a la cabeza' you can translate it if you don't understand me! You're a great boy! i know that. Keep like that and congrats for your new vid! Always look for better! Being cool is not always better! Be you, is the best thing you can do! and always think twice before you do something! Best wishes! (I don't want you to accept this, go man!)


heather b said...

mitchelll:) so happy to hear about your new projects. the more mitchel the better!! i wrote your name all over my notebook in math today i was so bored haha i shoud send it to you one day . i sent u bracelets a little while ago so i hope you like them. come to nj/ny!!! <3yaaaaa love heather b

Anonymous said...

eeeeppp... emily a movie and you a music video...this rocks!!cant wait!!! you and emily should make a movie together! seriously! you guys are my favorite --- and i think that you guys make the best couple ever!!! lol just had to say that :) but seriously and also on the show lilly and oliver should end up together they are meant for each other!! well those are my opinions!!
Im so happy everything is going so great for you Mitchel...I LOVE YOU... your music video is gona rock i just know it and i cant wait for it or for your next post!!!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!this cant get any better...hopefuly it will :)!!!
i cant wait to see the season finale for hannah montana i read the summary and i screamed like crazy and almost pasted out cuz i love loliver(lilly and oliver) ... did you know that LOliVEr spelled LOVE...lol im just been random, ok so back to the point
cant wait till your music video!!
love you and always will!!
oh and did you know you and emily make an awesome and cute couple!!
(been random again...lol sorry)
i hope you make more music videos and even a movie that would be great well cya soon :)

Anonymous said...

puppys? is it a christmas video?

Christina said...

Well I had dance last night and guess what we danced to If We were a movie. I was like I have to tell mitchel that we danced to it. lol.

What song is the music video for?

and super short report heliarious.

I saw sleep walk this way and the bunny song is stuck in my head

Dang flabit where's that rabit hes got a habit of running away Hey Honey wheres that bunny
he took my money that aint okay. hahaha
kunkle, Karen
Oken, Oliver
Trescott, Lilly
Lilly: Don't bring me in to this
hahhaha ur so funny.
Good luck with shooting
and I will buy the popstar issue once i get some money!

o and *cough come to richmond cough*

heather14 said...

hey mitchel again when i last commented i had to go those puppies sound so cute! i wish i had one unfortunatly i can't buy popstar mag because i live in england and the time i commented was about 8:13 ish before boring school. say hi 2 miley,emily,marc, mason they sound like cool bros 2 me i have 1 annoying sister and one bro. i will keep looking at this website which is what i found when i watched a video about you. keep up the fab work must watch hannah later! bye this is my email if you want to send me anyhing heather.turnbull1@btinternet.com thanx see ya bye!

Ashleigh said...

i cant wait to see the music video its going to be so cool

schools been alright i will befinatly go and buy popstar

the metro cd was awsom
cant wait for your other posts

love Ashleigh

Holly said...

Hey Mitchel that is awesome! That is incredible that you are doing a video for disney! Say congrats to everyone who is doing a new project on the Hannah set and tell Miley good luck on tour. Got the POPSTAR! The mega poster is awesome! Look for my letter, it is with and I Love Mitchel Petition! I hope you like it. It is signed by people from MMO! Have an awesome weekend. Glad you have Mason back. You rock!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

You're doing a music video?! That's so cool! I can't wait! Congratz!

Caroline said...

Yay! It's so awesome that you're doing a music video! I got it right! And I never would have guessed Billy Ray booked a new movie! That's really cool. I'm so tired, and I am SO glad tomorrow is Friday. Can't wait for the new Popstar! :D The Super Short Report was HILARIOUS! Great work! So what is the video for? Is it for a new movie, or is it just an independent song that you're doing? I cannot wait to see it! Have fun living the Hollywood life, and keep us updated! Come to Virginia!!!

~Caroline :D

shireen said...

Mitchel were HILARIOUS on the short report. i was at my cousin's house when i first saw it, and when i saw your name, i screamed and i accidentily threw my phone across her room. i was so excited to see you and i kept laughing. my goodness your incredible. and OH MY GOD I AM SO PROUD OF YOU WITH THE MUSIC VIDEO!! i can not wait to see it. im in love you so much that it's insane and seeing you on Disney or the 150+ pictures of you in my room or writing in your blog makes me even happier each day.

kisskiss :]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
it's amy again.
check your blog like i always do =]

i won't be on the computer again until tuesday so i thought i'd comment this blog again. woo!

i think i'll be able to get metro station's CD soon! i really can't wait to get it! :]

tomorrow is homecoming at my school! i'm prety excited! :D
i was going to go to the dance but i decided not too. but the football game is always the funnest because there is SO many people there! :]
and i am singing the national anthem with the chorus.. we're amazing. haha no that sounds bad. well last year i wasn't in it and i thought they were SO good, and i'm so happy that i got in it this year! we are going on a trip to disney world in march to sing.
oh my goodness.
you should totally be there and watch us sing :]

i think i've told you that before.
i don't know.
hope everything is going well with you!

karina. said...

that's awesome mitchel! i can't wait to see the video =) and congrats to everyone else on all their projects too!
black labs sound adorable =)


Karleigh said...

Wow sounds cool. WoW A music video sounds sweet!

I will soon buy the POPSTAR mag....

well everythings sounds like its going good!

Dude when i check this blog u never post when i dont check u post like CRAZy LMAO!

Wish to meet u!


Selah said...


Yes, you are very blessed.
You ducky, ducky luck.

I feel incredibly out-of-the-loop because I have no clue on what happened in Chicago.
It keeps coming up in your posts,
and I'm lost.
What happened?
Did Godzilla destroy the YMCA while you were there?
I dunno...

I know I'm late,
but I just got Metro Station's CD today,
and I love it.
They definitely deserve more attention for their talent.

Can't wait for another "Moment with Mitchel"

Jenny said...


Oh, I guess I guessed all of those pretty much wrong. Gee. It was confusing so yeah.

Oh yeah I got the new Popstar! magazine. I loved the pictures. (:
Hahah Moises is sooo sooo small. :P


Anonymous said...

heyyy mitchell that sounds like funnnn..i cant wait till i c ur shot that looks sooo kool...aweee skool is sooo hard for me...when will u shot ur next hannah montana show ...i cant wait....ur soooo kool <3333

huge fan,

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty excited... I just got my tickets in the mail today for Miley's concert, and I just found out that I'm aloud to be an audience member ON STAGE for the High School Musical on stage tour in my state! It's just me and a few more people, and we're basically a pep rally on stage! It's going to be so fun! Oh, and I also found out today when my absolute favorite singer, Avril Lavigne, is having her tour! This has been a pretty good day, and I have a three day weekend, so this should be fun! *smile* ttyl!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and one thing that I forgot to mention in my last post is that I get to go to what's called Bash at the Beach next saturday! It's for our robotics team, and we get to compete against other robots and have fun on the beach all day! And that's the day before I get to be an audience on stage for the High School Musical on stage tour! Oh, and the Miley Concert Tickets are somewhat like an early birthday present because my birthday is in late December. *smile* Just wondering... are you planning on doing anything this Halloween? At our school, we get to dress up in costumes on Halloween! It should be funny to see what everyone dresses up like. *smile* ttyl!


Emily said...

OMG so i just got the november issue of popstar! i immediately flipped to the 2 pages about july 4th. i can see part of my head in the pic where you were signing postcards for us!!!! haha i can see my bag on the floor too. lol i was really excited about that.

~Emily from san fernando valley

kaycee said...

so who is it then that is coming on tour with miley?

Anonymous said...

you do have the dopest rhymes btw

uncontained ;]

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel Do u like Guitar Hero. Write stuff and Good luck with your video

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel!....i know i already commented but i feel like doin' it again....plus telling u a little about what is happening 4 me!....first of all, all the testing is over!....second i saw my bro today....and finally i got sick!....not very fun thing 2 happen on a weekend...my friend doesn't feel good either...man i am so tired and it is only 8:05 here!...i don't know but i might go 2 sleep early unless i brighten up and feel better...i will think of puppies....the kind u get 2 work with....i think it is helping!....piece of advice....DON'T GET SICK!....yeah that's about it....until then...love ya!


alicia said...

OMG a music video? AWSOME!!! im so excited do u no wen its ganna come out?? o yeah guess wat! me AND my friend r ganna go to the metro station concert here in houston on the 23ed were sooo excited! well have fun at skool or actually TRY and have fun! lov ya come to houston one day

Anonymous said...

wow, everything seems to be going good for you then? :)

oh my, that video is going to be awesome, like every other thing you do! and the puppies, aww, that's like the cutest thing ever.

ah, i still haven't got round to writing to you yet. i'm so lazy, haha, i just have so much homework. i will do soon though!

glad you got to see mason, and that marc's doing good :)

i wish i could get popstar! but the only way i can get it is if i buy it online or something. silly english magazines with no mitchel in, they don't know what they're missing out on!

well, have a great weekend mitchie :)
haha, i hope you don't mind me calling you that, it's kind of become a habit.

ily lots :D
x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

WOW!!! You have the most exciting life! I can't wait to see the music video! It's Saurday now which means todays the day you film it!!! I want to see the movie with Moises sooooooo much! when it comes out I'm gonna see it!! I'm a HUGE fan of Moises! I'm almost as big a fan as I am of you!! I also can't wait for the movie with Emily! She rox!Geuss what? My B-Day is in 2 weeks!! It's on Oct. 19th! I hope I'm getting all the Hannah Montana DVD'S there is! Happy Marc's doing well, Mason to. It's really great that Mason was home for a while. You know what? my friend Chelsey said that you are her favourite person! You r my fave person 2!! Anyways I gotta go! BYE!!!

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Chelsea AKA Chilli
(I took off the G. It's just Chilli now!)

Anonymous said...

hi Mitchel.


Valaurie said...

Your doing a music vidoe?! I can't wait!!!
It's sad your not filming Hannah Montana, though. But almost everyone is doing movies, which is good.
Say hi to Mason for me.
Also, your short report was soooo funny!!!!

Love your biggest fan in Canada,

daniel said...

hey there, mr. "triple O"! just found your blog thru the "hannah montana" entry on wikipedia (hehehe)...

i'm from canada, and i watch HM over here thru the family channel on cable and on ABC...i find your chemistry with miley and emily very good, and i hope it stays that way...you guys blend well and have a good sense of comic timing together!

i've seen only a handful of episodes from season 2 (because, altho HM airs daily on family, they only air new episodes on fridays...and ABC also airs mostly season 1 eps so far), and i heard you guys just shot the season finale...hope you guys'll be signing in for another one, though! :)

so yeah...hope you get a lot more projects in the future, and best of luck with the upcoming music vid! please say hi to all your co-stars on HM, especially miley, of course (we'll be waiting for her here in toronto in december!)...my sisters, cousins and i all love watching your show! keep it up! Ü

verysexxistacy said...

WOW!!! That's soo great for you Mitchel!!! I'm glad your making anoother video!!!! I can't wait to see it!! I was sooo glad that I am your October "FOTM" on your official website!! I was soo happy!! I love you Mitchel Musso!! I think your the greatest guy ever!! I hope to meet you one day!! That would be a dream come true for mee!! I love you!!!!! I'll always be your biggest fan!!! xoxo

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I am sooo super excited to see your music video!
I saw that Super Short Report you were in. I me and my friends almost died, we were laughing so hard! It was soo funny. Great job!
I heard about Dadnapped, and I think I'm gonna audition, I'm not sure yet though. But it sounds really awesome.
Have an awesome time shooting your video! can't wait!

mitchels babe said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! i can't wait for your music video!!! is it for disneymania CD? school is going OK i guess...i just don't like it! i got the popstar issue and you look really cute!! i can't wait to meet you soon!!!!1

love ya always babe!!!

Nikita Bimson said...

Your super short report was funny.
You looked scared alittle, but it was cute. And the mega poster of you is happily on my wall...lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!

I wait for the music video!! I think that it will be so great!!

School is going great for me too!

Good luck for all!!


Anonymous said...

tell me something:

why can't more guys be like yooou?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I just don't understand=/
anywhooooo your post sounds cuuteee=] baby labs are sweet and everything souuunds like it's going pretty well !

what type of dog is stitch ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Anonymous said...


Valerie said...

Hey! what song is the music video for? well hope U got My B-Day letter. Say hi to the Fam for me K? U r so awsome and i LOVE PUPPIES!!!!!! So cute. well gotta go


Anonymous said...

I was born in NJ....
you are so smart! You know the capital! lol
love you forever, Hope

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel,

I'm happy that a lot is going on for you and your cast members whether they're right now or on their way and I can't wait to see how cool they are!

I'm glad that you and a lot of your cast members have a lot of new movies and fun stuff that are due by winter next year, and I'm super super happy that you got to make a song! When that happens you'll be known to the whole world and that would be soooooo awesome!!

I hope you have a cool week and that you are pumped up about your new song!

Take care,
Your fan Ambrea

Christine that goes to all your brother's shows! said...

its maaah birthday.

my friend's friend saw you at the mall last week.

yes, and i dont think you remember me. HAHA

Odessa said...

wooh i'm going to a Metro Station concert next month i think!

Carly said...

hey mitchel! just felt like stoppin by and sayin hi! =]] whats new. not much wit me lol. hope all the music and everything is going great. pleaseee come bk to chicago! we all miss u!!! and if u can maybe post one more time on imdb we miss u there too! lol but we all understand and respect the fact that ur busy!! =]]]] well ill ttyl ilyyy!


Christina said...

Guess whos gonna buy the new Popstar
I am I am
I just got enough money last night
after baby -sitting I was like Hey Now I can by the latest Popstar. so I'm gonna try to buy today after school.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel :(

I already commented but this is really important.:( Why the sad faces?? Well today after lunch my friend Jake said that he was watching one of those entertainment news shows and it said that Hannah Montana is going to be canceled and that the producers are being sued cuz they stole some other guys tv show idea!:( PLEASE TELL ME THATS NOT TRUE!!!!:( I also read about it on the internet.:( I'm really not happy right now!:(
I'm gonna go now so yeah bye.:'(

-Chelsea AKA Chilli

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! how r u? i saw the super short report! it was so funny. i caint wait to see the music video and am excited to see the final episodes of hannah montana. when do they air? and miley and billy ray are starring on dancing with the stars which i caint wait for. and i forget this alot but do u go to public school? sorry. jw. i love you and think your so funny in hannah montana. i bought a magazine with y in it not popstar but i have pics of you!

TELL MARC AND MASON I SAY HI AND SUP? LOL. and i think school is so annoying. about school i want to become a chef when im older!!!

well loves ya and have fun!



Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel i just got the hannah montana dvd that came out today. thats so cool you have a great pic on the front cover and on the disc. it was really good. are u sure u don't have any secrets?


Meeghan said...

Mitchel, you heart melter you.

chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

Im so sad none of my comments are making it on here. Ok anyways like I wanted to say gould luck on everything you do. I love you. Bye Bye.

One of you new fans: Jessica Montes

shierly said...

hi mitchel!

its so cool that you're doing the music video! i cant wait to see it..

wish u all the best!

x x x

Tiffany said...

hey, i just found out that your brother's band, metro station,is performing in my town within the next couple weeks! i'm so excited, and am pretty sure I am going!

so i'm thinking you need to come to your brother's concert with motion city soundtrack in omaha, nebraska on october 20th.

well it sure does sound good to me :]]

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel
i was just wondering if ur going to attend any of the metro station concerts that r in LA on dec 3 or dec 4 cuz im going to both so hopefully ill see u there ;)