Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thank you IMDB FANS!

Thank you so much for wanting me to say hi to you guys today on what would have been my 5 year anniversary. I appreciate all of you.... I can only post here now because here I can go through posts and not let you guys see the crap that I was seeing on IMDB. The Blogger is safe....so when someone comes on MY BLOG and says they won the date with me on J14.....I can just delete it because I know who won and it wasn't that person....see how we can all deliver ourselves from the drama.

No one gets upset....it gives me a chance to read your messages and post.....so you know that I am seeing what your saying.....

Anyway...I do appreciate all the fans.......I have some REALLY BIG NEWS.....but can't share yet....BUT....will share in the next day or too....maybe even sooner...

keep reading my blog!



Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!

Can't wait to hear all your news!
When are you going to have your new songs? Can't wait to hear them either.
Sure I'd be checking your blog to know yor news and to see why are you going to spend the week dancing.

Have a great week!
Love Ya,


Ashleigh said...

thats cool be dont need all that drama
woow hurry with the really big news

love ashleigh

Anonymous said...

it won't let me post on IMDB =[[
that makes me sad. Lol.

you keep doing that =P
stop doing that.


Lily said...

ur so kewl ... i wont be a person who has a chance with the whole j14 or wateva it is lol cause im from the uk and dont get anything so kol lol
keep up the awesome stuff ur doing
all the best
xox lily xox

Desiree said...

Can't wait to hear what the big news is! [:

Fer said...

wow you ARE right! This is so much safer than IMDB!

Anyways...can't wait for you to tell us about those REALLY BIG NEWS!!!!I'm sure it's great!!

Hope you're having an awesome week!


Anonymous said...

Mitchy booooy you are TOO cute=]
whoever the winner is..she is one lucky girrrrrl !

Life wouldn't be life without a little drama tossed into the mixxx you know..it's the spice of life..roll with iittttttttttt!


Laraaa [Larabelle]

Anonymous said...

dude this is SO much better.
IMDB has tons of crap but whateves you're here now:)

It was fun chatting with you the other time on mileyworld .. I'm just sorry you had to deal with everyone fur-eak-in'..

seriously, HOW DO YOU DEAL ?
hahaha later<3 !

Anonymous said...

hey what's up?!?! nm here just really bored. well i think that you're awesomely awesome *yes awesomely IS a word!*.lol-ok whatever.

Jenny said...

Oh yeah.

The next day or two huh?
Okay, I'll wait until then (:
I'll be patient or however you spell that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel

Thanks for update on your blogger. im so happy im a fan of you :)
your awesome

good luck with everything

love you




Daniela said...

I happy if you happy :)
Daniela (from Israel)

Jessica said...

Ooh, really big news!! I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

hi mithcel!!
I hope you forgive me for my bad english and strange comment... but I want to say only one IMPORTANT thing... YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
(in any way!) I LOVE YOU!!! [and say hi to USA from Italy!!!]

Leanne xP said...

Hey Mitchel! I never posted on IMDb, something always came up that was confusing. Five year anniversary? Like from having an IMDb? Awesome! I would wish I won the J14 contest, but I didn't enter it. =[ I had to be 13 or older. Just eight months and one day. That's probaby not exact because of the 08 leap year, but then two days... you get it. =]

Can't wait for the big news! Sounds exciting already! Hope you can reveal it soon! =]

I need to tell you this... Okay well I go to a school that goes from PK-8th grade (and it's actually pretty small). I'm in 7th grade and at lunch me and my friends switch with each other every other day to help the kindergarten. Well there's this one kid that my friends are always like Ohmigod HE LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE MITCHEL MUSSO except for the whole six-year-old-thing and the hair. I'm like yeah he's gottaa be Mitchel Musso in disguise... I gotta admit, his face kinda does. In some sort of way, I don't know how yet. Now we call him "the Mitchel Musso kid". Yeah and then there's this other kid who uhmm the other day he had brownies with his lunch and he had one in each hand and in some fi-fo-fumm voice he was like, "I want ice cream! What kind of ice cream? Chocolate ice cream! Vanilla ice cream! Strawberry ice cream! Kindergarten is uhmm... interesting, haha.


coolestloser_ever said...

aww. :[ there were no comments on here so I thought that I would leave one. lol. can't wait to here the big news. :D
love, peace, and chicken grease.

Anonymous said...

aww that is sooo sweet of you!! OMG yesterday was exactly eight months since I fell in love with you!! It's a new record for me!! The longest time I have liked someone was around 3 or 4 months!!! And I still love you just as much as I did eight months ago and basically everyone I know knows it. And many years from now I will still love you!

Jess W.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god....who can do that??

However I'm waiting for the big news! =)


Sara said...

I remember the IMDB drama :(. It was terrible and so unnecessary. Its awesome that your still seeing our posts though :). I totally appreciate it and the fact that you blog to keep us updated.

I REALLY REAllY wanna know what the big news is. I'm so impatient lol.

ELENA said...

´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶ .*.*.*.
´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶*.*.*.**. ..


Anonymous said...

YEEEEAH MITCHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hola nino!!
Gosh i just hate dat 2!!when ppl say that they 1 the talent show(band)even tho oregestra 1!theres a huge rivaly between us!!!lol!!
Any ♥!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutly loveee the show
i dont like drama either
cant wait to hear the news!

you should come to cincinnati sometime!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the IMDB posts....it sucks what people do to gossip and get attention. Can't wait to here the big news! I'm going to be sending you a letter soon so I hope to here back from you! I wish I could go to Miley's Concert, but they sold out before I cud get there! Best of Luck with everything!

morgan elizabeth blanchard said...

hey mitchel! yeah thers alota weird ppl who post on imdb. not jst on ur page but other peoples' too. i hope you are having fun. please come back to florida sometime soon. i still havent seen the disney 365 in disney world on tv. i hope it comes on soon! keep being amazing! mwah!


katie said...

haha mitchel...i love you <3
keep being great

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to hear your big news =] 5 years wow thats a long time !

Anonymous said...

omg mitchel u r amazing and the way u think of things.... wow thats super lol!!!! CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE BIG NEWS I WANT TO KNO hurry up and share plzz i will check like every hour!!!

Selah said...

It DOES deliver us from a lot of drama.
Big news, big news, big news!
Can't wait!

DiamondDust said...

Salut ~ Oh, I see. It's nice to know that I'm not writing for nothing. :3 Really big news, eh? Whenever you want to share the news is just fine.

Bye Byes ~


Anonymous said...

I find it annoying when people do that or pose and are like HI IM MILEY! which they're clearly not.
But when you can tell us about the winner...please do, even though im from london and never entered lol!

Nikita Bimson said...

wow...that must be hectic

Anonymous said...

congrats mitchel its been 5 years time flys by lol luv ya

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear your big news! I wish people wouldn't fake other people out like that, but I never believe them unless you post about it here or I see it in the magazine holding the contest. ttyl! *smile*


Holly said...

Cool. I hope you get the I Love Mitchel Petition I made in the fan mail soon. Cant wait to hear the big news! You rock!

Anonymous said...

no worries about that!! it's already good enough for you to make time in your agenda to read all of our stuff and life drama (like you haven't got enough of that , haha)
But my life is quite normal right now, I'm doing a screen saver with pictures of you and Max Theiriot (more of you of course).
So...congrats about your 5th aniversary and tell us the BIG NEWS , I hate suspense and waiting haha :)
So goodbye for know
smile to life

Meghan said...

That's cool! YAY! You celebrated it! We were all hoping you would come on IMDB...but I understand your concern. I didn't know until of Hannah Montana when it first came out...but still, I'm glad you are remembering dates like that!

I can't wait to hear your BIG news!! Please tell us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Sasha said...

Man...I was really hoping you could tell us...but i can wait. Can't wait till the next few days or sooner

Carly said...

aww. okay makes sense but happy annerversey!! lol

omg is the big news have to do wit chicgago????

or no omg is it about ur music!! or a new movie??? omg tell tell tell! cant wait!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Your completly right about the blog thing.....it is better IMDB isn't it....no offence to any fans of IMDB....I'm a fan myself but I'm not signed up so I just go on to learn more about my fave stars (like you Mitchel!), I do see horrible things some people write but most of it is good stuff.

So anyway....BIG NEWS??!! Please tell us what it is soon...kk?? lol!

So geuss what? MY B-DAY IS IN 3 DAYS!! it's on October 19th and I'm so excited!! Me and My friend Kaitlyn are going to the movies to see The Game Plan. Then were going to dinner!

g2g! BYE!!!

-Chelsea AKA Chilli

Mitchel_Musso_LOVER721 said...

Yeah I so agree!! I can't wait till u tell us all the news!!!!!!! check out my myspace
It is ALL about YOU!! =)

Love Ya!
Samantha from Arkansas!

katie said...

mitchel you rock :]

brie said...


luv, brie

Bobbie said...

the free download this week on itunes is metro station :] :] :]

Molly said...

okay, when you said crap im pretty sure that cracked me up because i think that is the "badest word" you've said on here. thanks for making my day :).. cant wait for the exciting news!


p.s. do u find it weird when people make "fanfiction" about ur real life as mitchel, because personally i think that is WRONG. (sorry just watched a video on youtube about it and it was WEIRDDDDDDDD)

Anonymous said...

Aww Mitchel :(
IMDb misses you.

Except those..evilerrrish people.

She said so on ff.net..


She's..lurking, and if i say anything she knows where I am..

Dani said...


If your talking about me and my post on IMDb with the topic "I won....." inside it read...."A Cheeseburger from the monopoly game at Mickey D's! For real!"

It was just a joke if that's what you're talking about......Everyone on IMDb thought it was hilarious!

If it was me sorry for the confusion, I was just being a dork and a prankster as usual!

Anyway have a great week! Has the winner been contacted yet do you know? Well, I know now its not me! lol

Paige said...

Hey Mitchel! I can't wait to hear your exciting news! :D Tootles!


snocaps said...

can't wait 4 the big news Mitchel!

mitchels babe said...

♥I can't wait to here you BIG NEWS!! I'm pretty excited!! Yea, I understand what you're saying about posting on blogger instead...I like this better because I know you actually READ my comments. well...I hope lifes goin great for ya!! hope you do another win a date contest so maybe i can FINALLY win!!
oh mitchal,
how i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥love ya always babe♥

MARIAM. (: said...

ohhh mitchel!
you have no idea how much this "I can't tell you now..." bussiness is driving me up the wall!

but, i have faith its a concert.
or at least.
that is what my heart is set on.
oh so very muchhh!
don't break my heart.

i love you mitchel.
sooooooo much. (:

(the girl with the big green sign!)

Anonymous said...

WOW...SOME STRONG WORDS THERE!....that makes a ton of sense that u r not on imdb....can u just tell us now ur secert???...it is so taunting me!!!...well g2g!....


Tiffany said...

oh my gosh, utah...on the 27th?

you are sooooooooooooooooo going on tour with miley!!!!!

oh my gosh, i'm so excited!!!!!

can't wait to see you on the 23rd ;]]

Erin91 said...

oh my goodnesss you pulled a teenage girl on us. "i have something huge to say! but i can't tell you, sorry!" haha, jk. but come on, the suspense is killing me!

Rachel said...

Dearest Mitchel, My Love.
So yeah cant wait. I really hope you decide to come here, Rochester on the 16th of December. CUz ijust love you soo much and Oh MY GOSH, meeting you is like a dream! Becasue your such an inspirtation, with everything you do so well. Your amazing and i love you with all my heart. :) Keep being amazing!
Much LOVE,

Elizabeth said...


Happy anniversary! Haha... I'm glad you can delete stuff from here. If I would have read some of those other comments you were talking about..I would have gotten SO mad!

I love really big exciting news!!
Cant wait to hear whats up!

<3 Liz

Maryann is CRUNK. said...

i hate when you say you have big news then you don't tell us!
haha jk.

oh well, your insanely busy so i give you a ton of credit for coming on here and updating for us. :]

congrats to whoever won the J-14 contest :]!

Samantha said...

I remember the good IMDb days. I saw how crazy it was getting, and I stopped going on your boards =[
But I did know this would of been your anniversary on there. =]

We know you appreciate us, and we appreciate you. Back in February, the 5th actually, on Imdb, you said something really sweet to me. My friend printed it out it was so sweet, and I wrote it in my journal so I wouldn't forget what an incredible guy you are. It made my day.

I'll definitely keep reading!

You rock Mitchel!


Lori said...

Hey, Mitchel. I love reading your blog and I can't wait till you tell us this news. I need to know.

Jacquelyn said...

Awwww thanx Mitchel!!!!!!!!!! We really miss you on IMDb.....Ever since you left the boards have been like....dieing. But your blog is great too! I love to come on here and read all your posts!!!! That always makes me really happy!!!!!! I love love love hearing from you..


I can't wait for the REALLY BIG NEWS!! Looking forward to it!!! =D

I hope you have a nice week this week!!

Love ya lotttttts ♥
Yours forever and always;
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Emily said...

I just loved how you typed crap, really I do. (: I love you Mitchel! ♥

Molly said...

Hey Mitchel! Guess what? Metrostation has a free single on iTunes!! Its Shake It! Just thought you'd wanna know if you didn't already!

Thanks for giving a shout out to the IMDb fans!!


Hannah said...

Aaaaww!!! Well u better spit it out soon mister!!! lol. i don't have much to say right now, which is very rare with me cuz i can talk and talk and talk forever. even about the most boring things or random things like peanut butter and crayons.

oh by the way, I think u should say this in the next Hannah Montana show or episode: i'm more fly than a butterfly!!!
i just came up with that line just randomly while at school last week.

Stay friky friky fresh!

christine said...

aww dats so sweet of yooh!!

mitch ii seriouslyy kant wait till yoor music and video! disney channel is playing everyday and ii listen to da radio just in case yooh might go on. ilyy <3

ii hope yooh sing yoor songs in los angeles, california! ii REALLY wanna see yooh again (:

With Love,
Christine <3

shireen said...

ooh c'mon!
tell us pleaseeee
i'll be your number 1 fan....
oh wait.
i already am :]


[that rhymed!]

simplewords said...

I'm a new fan. (woo go me!) But I just wanted to tell you that you're awesome for doing the j-14 date thing. I had heard about it, and didn't believe, but after my friend sent me your blog address, and I read it for myself, I was glad to know that we can now agree on at least one celebrity! So thanks for being so awesome like that!

P.S. I've known about your brother in Metrostation longer thatn I have known you as a celebrity, and throwing my opinion out there... THEY ROCK!!

Kaylee said...

Ahhh, Mitchel!

I've read your blogs for awhile now, and today suddenly sparked some weird courage or something.. well, at least enough for me to post on here for the first time.

Anyways, you are pretty much an awesome person. And I keep praying that maybe you'll show up at the Hannah Montana concert in IL in December. 'Cause then I can meet you and cross off my "things to do before I die" list.. Okay, I'm only kidding. But seriously. =)

Can't wait to hear the big news! Maybe I'll make this a regular thing and comment on your blogs more often.

Much much much love!

meeghan said...

we all miss you on imdb.
So much, the boards are like dead now.
But I bet your mother told you that, it's pretty obvious.
5 years.. I was on for 2 of those years.
Mitchel, Mitchel......
I'm sorry about all those dumb posts.
We tried to fight them off, but they kept getting stronger.
I love you kid.

Taylor said...

aww. thats realy nice. cant wait to hear the big news!! and i got my own blog!! yay!! lol. and the imdb drama is bad :( i hate that kinda stuff. well, luvv ya!!


Chelsie said...

Big news?! I'm scared ): Just kidding.

It's funny how I'm listening to "Disco" right now too haha

I can't wait to hear the news.

ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Haha! Like my shirt says...Save the Drama for your Mama! You're right..no crapola on here! Whoo for that! Happy fifth!

Who doesn't like big news? I surely do! And it's not just big news....it's REALLY big news! So that makes it even better than regular big news! Lol! Sorry...I'm being weirder than usual today! But I can't wait to hear what's going on!

At my school, we were buying spirit links to raise money, and one of my teachers said he'd do something if his class was able to wrap all their spirit links around the hall. They did. So yesterday, he painted himself blue, wore a cape, and ran in the hallway yelling, "I AM GLACIER MAN!"


And we have it on video. I think my friend's putting it on youtube. If she does, I'll give you the url thingynabobbers.

Hope you have a grrrrrrrreat week!

anna signore said...

aw.. thanks Mitchel!
well i cant wait to hear the GrEaT news! and i am a great fan of yours and i am glad that i became one becuz your a great person! i love you! lol but yah lol um... yah.. lol ttyl

i love you!
hearts and kisses

♥ anna signore

abby said...

hey mitchel!!

i love reading your blog!! you are AMAZING! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW HANNAH EPI!! =]

just incase you didnt know..on itunes metro station has the free single of the week! excting!

texas loves ya!

Olivia said...


look at us.!!

we are dancing..at the disco!!


Cassie said...

i completely understand why you aren't on IMDB anymore. but way to leave us hanging lol. just kidding. but seriously best of luck with everything you're doing, you're an amazing actor and from what i have heard on youtube an amazing singer =]

Anonymous said...

it makes sense. the rest of your fans are really sweet though. i don't have a IMBD i feel left out now. oh well ill live. sweet ill keep checking.

lots of love,


Anonymous said...

COME BACK TO FREAKING FLORIDA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*And preferably South Florida :)*

Molly said...

okay your brothers band has pretty cool music.. sorry this is like late but i just now got to listen to themm. im poor on iTunes now i have 84 cents, but since they have there free song on there i finally got to listen to it.. i like it:)


Carly said...

hey mitchel! ahhh i know i commented already but like i keep coming bk hoping u postd the big newss gahhhhhhhh i cant WAIT TO HERE ITTT!! so exciteddddd

please post soon about it!!!

agian happy 5 year annerverseyy!!!




Chelsea. said...

psyched for the news.

and way. to kill the drama.
since it's WAY cooler online. pschk.

have an amazing week.

karina. said...

can't wait for the news =)
and yeah, there's just wayy too much drama on the IMDb boards, i just read threads on there that interest me but people on there can be really rude. wow your blog is getting popular haha. anyways hope you're having a good week!

Karina aka one of the "elves girls" =p

-(aMbReA)- said...

Hi Mitchel,

I'm glad that you think ahead of what happens on IMDB. Can't wait to hear your great news and I hope you tell it soon! Post a comment onto my blog if you ever get the chance!

A fan of yours,
Ambrea from Cali

Anonymous said...

hey Mitchel!!!
wow 5 years?!? well Happy Anniversary Mitch!!!
yeah the blogger is MUCH better then IMDB.
it got a little crazy there sometimes..lol

i really hope that the surprise is another performance from you!!
you were great at CityWalk!!
i can't wait to hear the news!!
plz tell us soon!! =]]

<3:] krystal <3:]

Lauren said...

hey mitchel! it's my b-day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARIAM. (: said...

you wouldn't tell us what the name of the song in your music video...but a little birdie did.

Lean on meeee. (:
i cannot wait to hear it.
and the other new stuff.

and to see you.

i keep dreaming of youuuu!

Andrea said...

COOL! What are the BIG NEWS??? I hope its Lilly and Oliver are gona end up together on hannah montana or that ur dating Emily Osment lol i really want that to happen!!lol...well i cant wait till ur next post!!!POST SOON!
cya LUV YA 4 EVER!!!

Chelsee said...

Hey Mitchel! Ahh I can't believe you actually mentioned my anniversary post in your actual blog! Wow I was having a terrible, terrible day but this made it so much better! Well, happy IMDBversary, and thanks for making me smile! :]


heather14 said...

hey mitchel can't wait 2 hear the new songs! been busy this week aswell had a day off from school on monday coz we had an opening evening. went out and bought a new bag. saw the video and you must have had another hair cut don't cut it too short please! you look good with long hair. gotta go see ya heather14

heather14 said...

hey lily i live in the uk too so i know what it's like. heather14

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I love your blog, and I am soo happy that you got one. (i like it better than IMDB too!)
It seems like almost everytime you post you got some big news! You've got one busy, but awesome, life! I can't wait for the news!
Keep up with the awesomeness. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
I was never on IMDB, so I don't exactly know what kind of "crap" you were talking about, although I can imagine! Your fans are just so crazy about you...they want to be the #1 in your life, so that's the only reason I can see for anyone doing anything to disrupt the peace between everyone else...well, that, and pure jealousy! The Green Monster gets the best of us all at some point, I guess...

I was kind of feeling weird about posting to you on here because I really wasn't sure if you read all of these posts or not...but your post you just put up really explains it, so thank you! I'm so glad you read everyone's messages, though...very sweet! LOL.

WE appreciate YOU a lot more though! You're great in everything you do, and plus you're super cute, so yeah...I can't wait for your news, and I will definitely keep reading your blog...you can count on that.

Love always,

brooke said...

aww mitchieeee. i can't wait to hear your big news. i hope it deals with chicago.. :D.
i'll be checking back!



don't be fooled.
there isn't any new drama on the boards.
at least not about you.
maybe you should check it out.
all the people that have started things are gone.
just like 20 people that have always been there.
trust mee.....

so i'm happy to hear that you have new projects.
and new songs.
and the j14 date.
i totally entered that.
((duct tape envelope and the entry on paper taped to construction paper.))
that was me
idk if you saw it.

hope you have fun.
whatever you choose to do...


Caroline =] said...

ahh mitchel you're leaving me in suspense!!! (:

becca said...

Hey there sweetheart!

Any news on when we will get to hear your new songs??? i cannot wait for them! I bet that the dance rehearsals are for the video that you're doing for disney channel. is that what they're for??

Metro Station's song "Shake It" is the free Single Of The Week on iTunes. I screamed when I saw them on there, and now everybody in my house thinks that I am mentally insane. O well, maybe I am.

I cant wait to see some more new episodes of Hannah. The one this week looks like it should be pretty good (the one with Jake Ryan). Are you gonna be in that episode?? Hope so!

Well, I hope that your week is going great. Its almost Friday, so I hope that you have an amazing weekend.

Much Love♥♥

Anonymous said...

i love you
haha :D


Anonymous said...

awhh...i luve ur new picture!.....it is so cute!


Jessiica Rene'e =) said...

hey mitchel!

I deffently cnat wait to hear your big news! and i also cant wait to hear your new songs. I donto no anythign about imdb , i didnt no how to leave messeges on that or anything haha. but i love how you can write your blogs =) I didnt hear anything abotu who won the date with you so i guess its not me lol its all good tho lol. Anyways .. Hope you have a good week!

Jessica Rene'e Bennett/ Benedetto =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

Sorry I wasn't here for so long its just that I have to go to school and I play middle school basketball on tuedays and thursdays. I hope you having a great october, I cant wait for halloween. There really isnt much to say but i STILL come on this awsome site of yours.

See Ya Later

Your #1 FAN

C*O*U*R*T*N*E*Y :]

Anonymous said...

Hey mitchel I just seen your Disney 365 thing.You are so great.

Carly said...

ahh mitchel ya gotta udate ur blogg! u lft us all in suspensee! gahhh!



tiffany said...


i turn 21 in 1 hour and 18 minutes. not looking forward to it >.>

anyway, i hope YOU have a better week than i'm having haha

ally m said...

i for one miss you on imdb =/

i am excited for this big news!
eeeeeek. cant wait to hear it!

<3 ally m.

Sasha said...

Me likey like the new pic. You look handsome in it!
And I still want to know why your going to spend the week dancing

Georgina Lily! said...


Cant wait for the big news!!!

Love Georgina x