Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Miley's Concert in Utah

So.......any Utah Mitchel fans????.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................cause......I'm going to be there! I can't wait to meet a few while I am there.......I'll be in Utah on October 27th.

You never know where I might show up....so keep reading my blog...ok?

By the way.....the Music Video was an experience I will never forget! I thought about you guys while I was making it and I was hoping that you will enjoy it when you see it.....because I had a blast making it. So much fun! They hired a band for me and we had a party! The cast was great and the crew was great even the food was great! I sang and danced all day! And yes....the puppies were there and they were so cute!

I have lot's of cool news for you guys....but I got to give it to you in peices.....so....

Mason is home and getting ready to get back on the road in just a few days.....if I am in town on December 3rd or 4th, I will be at his concert.....but I don't know my schedule yet.....so I'll let you know when I can.

Please Please Please listen to Radio Disney the next couple of weeks.....because I think next week they are going to play a little of my music. I know I told you I have some new stuff for you guys to hear...I was only able to send them a few songs.....so I know they will play a little bit of "Let's Go", "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" and a new song that I think you guys are gonna like called "Leavin"......the plan is I'll do some interviews and stuff and you guys let them know what you think about the songs.....so.......let me know when you hear it ok??

I worked on Phineas and Ferb today and the script was all about me and Candice...so I know you guys will get your fill of Jeremy when this one airs! I think the show goes into full swing in January....but I'll keep you posted.

A new Hannah Episode is just around the corner...so be looking for that.

Also....the new Hannah video came out today....did you get it yet? Go check it out!

Ok guys.....I have so much more to share....so I'll post again soon...



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Awww. dang it...Utah? Come back to Chicago! Por favor! I can't wait for the music video to come out. And, when I say I can't wait, I mean CAN'T WAIT! I'm stoked!

I will def. be listening to Radio Disney for the Music of yours. You know how I feel about your music! I LOVE IT! I'm actually getting the "HM" DVD this weekend, so I'll def. be telling you all about it! Can't wait for the new HM also, and all the new Phineas and Herb's coming up! That'll be tons of fun! Well, peace,love, and Gap! From, your #1 fan from Chicago, Lynn!:)

Anonymous said...

AW! U need 2 be in oregon on oct.30 2 c miley! AHH! 3 days b4....soo sad...=(.......oh mitchel, guess where I'm gonna be on dec.3-6??!! L.A.! If u r gonna be there tell us! Cause I luvvvv meeting u! Its soooo much fun! Oh and if u go 2 youtube.com/user/mitchelmusso06 and look for the video saying me and mitchel musso, that's me and u from santa clara! U r like WAYY awesome 4talkin 2 me longer than any1! Oh and I just got the new popstar! I LUV the pics! Mitchel, I think I might have gone overboard! I listen 2 wasn't ur gf and lets go like 7 times a hr..........I'm up till like 2 am listening 2 u! Oh and CAN'T wait 4 radio disney! Oh If u r going 2 metrostations concert on the 3rd or 4th, can u PLZ PLZ PLZ tell us???!! I will go in a heartbeat! Ill see them actually on nov.29! So that's only a few days away from each other!
If u remember me from santa clara, I'm ashlee by the way! I hope u watch the video!

Anonymous said...

Oh mitchel, if u EVER come 2 oregon, imma be there as fast as u can say musso! Haha. If u even like go 5 hrs away from where I live, I will be there! I would travel the WORLD 4 u! Trust me, I look up 2 u as a person and a actor and u inspire me 2 follow my dreams and just live life as it is. I seriously auditioned for acting stuff rite after I met u on march 10. I saw u, and wanted 2 get into acting. I actually am taking classes at John robert powers. I'm auditioning 4 sum things in a few weeks! I'm soo excited! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ look at my youtube video of u and me! Youtube.com/user/mitchelmusso06


Anonymous said...

NO mitchel not utah....... chicago come back to chicago!!!!!!!!!!! im sooo excited for the music video its gonna be HOT cuz ur in it of coarse! i seen mason and the boys in an issue of AP magazine when i flipped the page and seen metro station i was like OMG! i was very excited lol i will deffinitly be listening to radio disney i love hearing u sing/rap u r just amazing at it!!!!!

Lauren said...

mitchel!!!! you should come to michigan! ypsilanti, please, we could have a party lol! have fun at ur bro's concert!

Anonymous said...

you need to come to ky. =]
even though i won't be at miley's concert, because i couldn't get tickets! rawr! Lol.

YAY MITCHEL for posting again! :D
deffinately woke me up before i left for school =]

YAY i CANT WAIT to see the video!
or hear "leavin"
OR see the new hannah! WOO!

you're amazing!

Kad [Short Notice] said...

Aw, Utah? Haha, have fun!

I can't wait for the music video. I'll be listening to Radio Disney and watching for the new HM episode, and the new Phineas and Ferbs soon!

Haha, my birthday's in January. What a nice surprise :]

Sasha said...

I can't go to the Utah concert. Try coming to Indiana. I can't wait to see the music video. I'm so glad you had fun! I love puppies exspecially Great Danes. I love great danes. I can't listen to radio disney. Two reasons I dont have it on my television no more and I might be on the computer to listen to it on the internet, but I'll try and do my best to listen to it. I hope you had a great time with Mason and I can'twait to see the new episode of "Hannah" I'll be waiting for your new post.

See ya

carly said...

thanks for postin again! wow that was a lot of updates!! lol. well everything sounds exciting. and yah i will defently be listening to radio disney. i used to love that station lol. i would always call in for contests! =]] but now im to old. glad to hear the music video was fun!! and glad to hear about P&F! well i gotta go get ready for school.so well ttyl lol



Leanne xP said...

Utah's like all the way across the country, but I'm happy for the fans there!

I'll remember that when I see the video =]

Wow, weird, I'm actually listening to Metro Station now! They're like uhmm really good.

Yeah, now I'm gonna be sitting in front of the radio waiting for it to come on. I can't wait to hear Leavin!

Phineas and Ferb is awesome. I can't wait for it to air! My friends like Perry the Platypus. Of course I like Jeremy =]

Ooh a new Hannah? Yay! I'm gonna get the DVD. Like soon.


Anonymous said...

okay im going to skip the first part because i dont live in utah. sorry. AWWW the cute lab puppies!! you did say they were lab puppies right?

Well at least Masons home. thats cool. Thats sooooooo cool. I can't wait to hear the new song!! I wonder if its on youtube yet. Probably not but I'm going to go check anyways. soooo yeah. I'm done now.


brooke said...

mitchieee :].
i hope you go to the hannah concert in cininnati ohio! that would make my lifeee. im getting backstage passes, and it would be so awesome if i could meet you againn.
& today i got the metro station cd, which is absoltutely amazinggg. i hope to see them in concert.
i cannot wait to hear "leavin" i want more of your music!

.. hopefully you'll go back to chicago, i would be the happiest person in the world if you did [:
aha well im at school, so i gotta go! but talk to you soon.


Molly said...

wow, cool! i have like two minutes to write before i go to school... that really bores me,, and knowing im going there for four years.. eww.. high sucks! except for socializing.

Anonymous said...

What's up!?! I love the Hannah DVD it rocks just like the show!!! I can't wait 2 hear your music I know it will be awesome!! Check out my blog If you have time. I am a new member.

Daniela said...

And I really love your songs they awsome!!
I so happy for you :)
You so cute^^ And I can't see the video :( :( cause I live in Israel.

Anonymous said...



sounds great babe!
love you mucho mista musso =)

Ashleigh said...

plz come to engalnd

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel! I'm glad to hear that you had a great time making the video can't wait to see it. and can't wait to see the new Hannah Montana episode.

Have a great week!
Love ya! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your music Mitchel...but I can't listen Radio Disney because I live in Italy....=) I hope one day you will come here in Italy!


Samantha said...

Not in Utah...Sorry. But swing by Michigan December 6th and maybe I'll see you! Haha =]

I'll definitely keep reading!

Oh I bet! Music videos look like blasts! I've always wanted to be in one...Not have one.. hahaha, I don't have the voice for singing....But I'm glad it was such an awesome time. I'm sure you'll remember it forever. =]

Yay! I like cool news. Hahaha.

Mason! Love that guy. Hahah. He's coming near me, but I can't go.... =[ He'll be here on a wednesday, and I help out in our church's kid's program, so I can't miss that. I'll be thinking of him though. =]

Oh Mitchel! Thats awesome! Their gonna be playing your songs? I would love to listen but I can't... I don't get radio disney. I can't get it in on my radio, and They took it off music choice and replaced it with a classical station. I know I could listen online, but there is no internet on my school computer, and there is no way my mom would let me out here! But mark my words Mitchel, as soon as someone posts those songs online, which I know they will, I will listen repeatedly until I know them by heart! And though I'm sure I'll love them already, I'll tell you what I think. Promise =]

Woo! New Hannah episode! I've been wondering when we'd get another.

I do not have the new dvd, no...Sadly I'm a little on the broke side. I spent all the money I had on a Hannah Ticket December 6th. Haha. Wish I got floor seats...Oh well, my seats are good. Tell Miley and Kevin, Nick, and Joe to look over at Section 107 at December 6th. Hahaha. Thats where I'll be.

Can't wait to hear from you Mitchel, its so awesome how you keep your fans up to date. Thats why we love you! Well, thats not why, but it makes us love you more! Hahah.


ttran said...

Hey. Mitchel!

In Utah?! Those lucky ducks! Hope they get to meet you!

Sounds like you had loads of fun making the music video! Did the puppies pee everywhere? Lol! I can't wait to see it!

Whoo! Wonder what Jeremy and Candace will get into...

Messy games was last week!! So much fun! I took at least three showers, but I still smelled the molasses on my hands! It was pure greatness! We had to eat M&M's with ketchup. Talk about UGH! We were being timed, so I just shoved everything in my mouth. Never doing that again! lol

Then there was homecoming which was a lot of fun, too!

I hope you have an awesome week! I have a five day weekend because of fall break! And I'm leaving to go to Texas today!

Holly said...

Hey have fun in Utah. Cant wait for the new dc video. Also cant wait for radio disney. I hope to get the dvd soon. Cant wait for the new episode. keep a look out for my petition in ur future fan mail. you rock!

shireen said...

why Utah?
you should go to Trenton, NJ =]
andd of course i wil be listening to Radio Disney. i hope they do play your music- its amazing =]
and when will be avaliable on iTunes? i plan on getting the Hannah DVD this weekend, btw :]

#1 fan on earth,

brie said...

Oh my gosh Mitchel...THAT IS ALL SO GREAT! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see you on TV and listen to you on the radio!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...

can;t wait for P+F
you should come to new york soon
that would be the best
what song did u do for the music video
can't wait
and i will also keep requesting you song on radio disney

Caroline said...

Hey! This post was definitely the bright spot in my day, I've had a pretty sucky one. I will most definitely keep reading your blog, and you should TOTALLY come to Richmond, VA!!! Have fun in Utah with Miley though. I cannot WAIT for your music video!! What song is it for? Lol. I'm listening to Stand by Billy Ray and Miley right now. :D I'm SO listening to Radio Disney these next few weeks, can't wait to hear it!! Can't wait for the new P&F and Hannah. I SOOO want the new Hannah DVD, but I'm kinda short on cash right now... Thanks for cheering me up!!

~Caroline :D

Anonymous said...

i just saw your DISNEY 365!
i wish i got your autograph =]
i love you,

Anonymous said...

love, your biggest fan, (in utah), HOPE!

ally m said...

wow, long time no comment on my part. lol, well i JUST saw your disney 365! like, 5 mins ago & i had to come tell you! lol its about time :]

hehe youre so funny. watching you dance like hannah :P great stuff. haahhh. well yay for all those lucky Utah mitchel fans.

come to her show in grand rapids on dec. 6 ;] hehe.

cant wait for the music video!

pleaseee tell me youre going to be in thats what friends are for? i cant handleee all this no-mitchel. :[ I MISS YOU.

alrightt, byeee! have an amazing week.

<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see your video and the new hannah montana.
disney's showing your 365 episode.

Jessica said...

Aww, Utah?? COME TO CHICAGO...please? lol! :) Well, I hope all the Utah fans get to see you!
Oooh, I can't wait for the music video!! And I'll definetly be listening to Radio Disney 'cause I listen to it like, all the time! I can't wait to see the song "Leavin'" and I'm glad Mason's back!
Oooh, new Hannah DVD?! *rushes to store* haha! :P
Can't wait for the new Hannah episode and Phineas and Ferb!
OMG, Mitchel! *dies of laughter* Ok 'cause my little sister's were watching Disney Channel down stairs and all of the sudden I hear, "JESSIE!" and I'm like, "WHAT?!!" and they come into my room and say, "MITCHEL MUSSO'S ON T.V.!" so I turn on the T.V. and you're on the Disney 365 thingy! I was laughing SO hard when you said, "Cheetahlicious!"
Well, I hope you have an AWESOME week, Mitchel!

Meghan said...

Hey! You're going to Utah???? Sorry, definitely won't be able to make it there! I live in Arkansas! and the concert is sold out and I can't make it there either. I wish I could listen to Radio Disney, but my computer won't let me, it's stubborn.

So yeah, can't wait to see the video!!! When is it coming out? I can't wait to hear it!

"Leavin'" is your next song coming out...cool. Sounds cool, can't wait even though I HIGHLY hope it is like "Wasn't Your Girlfriend". I LOVE THAT SONG! So yeah, I WILL pick up that new HM DVD! I haven't yet, but...I WILL.

Christina said...

Come to richmond please. I got the popstar issue and wow you being scared of a really strong woman beating you up made me laugh and the thing about not picturing you dating miley or emily cuz I just watched the halloween hannah montana and it was so funny cuz You were like "Wait I know how to tell who the real miley is. Both of you kiss me."

I saw the Jonas Brothers sunday they were AWSOME! I think they said something about coming back So cannot wait for the music video. Finally saw your Disney 365. Ahh that was funny. Can't wait for new hannah and new music sounds awsome!

Anonymous said...

Awww. dang. utah?! Come to the concert with miley on CHICAGO. Cant wait to see ALL those things! Have a good week!



Erin91 said...

oh man oh man! let us know when ur music video will air! (even though it prolly wont be for a while cuz ur disney 365 still has yet to air..) but anyway, i love your music (still in love with Wasn't Your Girlfriend) so i can't wait to hear more. and i dont listen to radio disney, but now i guess i have to lol.

and u better be in the new hannah episode or else im punching disney! that is all. :-)


Rachel :) said...

Okay so i know EVERYBODY is telling you where to go, but YOU HAVE TO COME TO ROCHESTER NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE you soooo much and i really really REALLY need to meet you! so please please please PLEASE come here! Seriously im soo excited and i hope you will try to come!
Oh and BTW congratulations with all your music stuff. I LOVE YOUR SONGS! and i cant wait for more to come!

love you!

Mollie xox said...

Woah. MITCHEL. come to rochester on the 16th! Cuz like a billion people love you here!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey!......i so can't wait 2 see the video!.....awh aren't u sweet thinkin' about us?!....i can't get radio disney on my radio....i live too far from a conection....i will be getting the new hm dvd!....it came out on my bffs b-day!...was so much fun!...can't wait til p/f is fully showing!....it will be a blast!....well g2g!


Anonymous said...

MITCHEL!!! I just saw you're Disney365. I LOVED it, and I highly doubt, you're bad at video games. You're perfect!!

Amanda said...

Hey Mitchel,

It's SOOOOOOOOOO nice to hear from you again. I'm glad to hear your music video shoot, went so well. I can't wait to see it. (And btw, I just saw your Disney365. It was AMAZING!!)

I'm also happy to hear Mason is home, and that you guys can send time together. Say hi to Mason for me!!!

And, since I listen to Radio Disney a lot, I can't WAIT untill they play your songs. It's gonna be great!! They have Miley, Emily, and now, YOU!!! I'm having trouble waiting, because it's so exciting knowing that you'll be on the radio!!

Have a GREAT week.
Deticated to you, forever and always,

KeLsEy! said...

yea ok sooo what about CHICAGO??!!

-windy city..
-land of lincoln...
-the oprah winfrey show!
-im pretty sure where the majority of your fans are!

Tess said...

Mitchel! :] I just watched Phineas and Ferb and an old HM episode [the one where oliver finds out it's miley] literally 10 minutes ago on dvr. i'll def. listen to radio disney a little more now that your stuff'll b on there. i love Wasn't your girlfriend. lol. i know like the whole song by heart. you sould go to the Metro Station concert in Chicago on Dec. 15th or something of that sort. i'll be there. :D
i love you [x89189789879849]

Dani said...


Awesome! Utah? The fans there are going to be excited! Even though I'm from Chicago, I'm glad you get to travel to meet other fans too!

I repeat.....AWWWW!!! PUPPIES!!!! haha Glad you had fun!

It's awesome you get to see your older bro for a few days...must be nice hanging with him!

Radio Disney...funny story about that....Well, all the radios we have get really crappy reception on it so I tried to listen on my new laptop...but a really creepy voice came on a sais "Sorry! You haved to live in America to listen to Radio Disney!" The last time I checked I lived in America.....And the really creepy part is even after I close the browser....IT DOESN'T STOP!!!! AHHH!!!! But...a cool thing about Radio Disney...if you come to Chicago, and Radio Disney Sponsors it or has something to do with it...I will be able to like actually meet you before or after the signing! My friends' mom knows someone who works for Radio Disney and the person w]as able to get someone to meet Emily and Jason at Brookfield when they were here! And she knows me and my bff are fans of you so....you should have seen us when she told us....lol

I hope you're in the new HM episode! And I got all the episodes of HM on my iPod...so I can't really but the new DVD...darn...

Have a supercalifragelisticexpeealidocius *DEEP BREATH* week!


Taylor said...

heyy mitchel!! its Taylor!! Can't wait 2 c the music video 4 disney channel!! LOL! havv funn in utah!! U NEED 2 COME BAK 2 FLORIDA SOON! i miss ya! haha. i sent u a letter 2 ur fan mail address. hope u got it!! :] i'll def. be listening 2 radio disney and im soo xcited 2 c more of hannah montana! well, hope ur havin funn in cali and keep singing!! i luv ur voice! :)


Hannah said...

Utah?!?! you should come to oakland/bay area! especially since when miley comes, it'll be halloween i think.
if you're coming, or tell miley to come to this reli little town called albany. it's next to oakland and berkeley.
well, you're porbably not gonna, but hey, it's a suggestion.
anyways, i'll be on the lookout for the music video and your new songs!


christine said...


hehe btw love yoor report on hannah montana and lovee da disney 365!! ilyy <3333333333

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

utah ? come to new york !
i say that in every single response you need to come back or go to florida in like 3 weeks !
i mite see metro station on tour YAY ! i want to see your video so badly !

-xo Michele

Elizabeth said...


I'll be listening every Saterday for the next few months. Thats when they play their new music. I'm so excited! I can't wait to hear your new song! I hope to see your music video out my the holidays! And puppies....awwwww....

To tell you the truth...when I first saw Phineas and Ferb, my first thought was "Oh great...another stupid animated Disney show. Poor Mitchel..." But then once I saw that rest of it I was blown away! It was actually really good! So now I feel a little giulty about my first thoughts....lol. Can't wait till January though!

I need a new Hannah! I'm excited for that too! And I dont even have the second Hannah DVD yet.... :[. So I think I'll be asking for both DVDs for Hanukkah.

So glad to hear that all is well in your life! Keep it up! We're all rooting for you!

<3 Liz

anna signore said...

aw.. yah i dont live in utah! lol but i have been there and ist pretty cool. but yah i hope you have funn there! i wish i could go there and see you! lol but yah i got my braces off yest.! i love my teeth they are so straight with NO stains lol cuz i brush my teeth! lol and yah i only have one more poms dance/game which is sat. but yah im sad that its like over soon cuz its sooo much funn! so yah... gr.. i really really really want to see you soooo sooo bad! i never met you and your killing me cuz i want to meet you sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol well maybe sometime you could come to chicago! lol i know you went to brookfield zoo but yah i wasnt a big fan and now that i am of you and i missed you at the zoo cuz i go there ALL the time, i wished i knew. i could have been there when you were too but i doubt it. i went when Emily and Jason went from hannah montana but there were wayyy tooo many ppl and i got lost so yah lol well i got to go talk to you later! byes
i ♥ you!
♥ anna signore

Anonymous said...

Who would you like to meet if you weren't famous?

LEEANAH xox said...

Mitchel Tate Musso!
LOVE YOU! xox,

Katii MUSSO said...


Christina said...

Yes I know I already commented again but in dance class we got to dance to Emily's song I dont think about it and could you just tell her. and that its my theme song in life.

Anonymous said...


ELENA said...



carly said...

hey agian!

so well yah. the video sounds amazingg! lol

lucky utah fansss! have fun to anyone goingg!! hey mitchel if ya can try and come bk to chicago! lol. we all miss u and theres like 10 other states around us that travel too!! including 5 of my friends that i met when we went to the meet and greet wit u! lol.

hey and also ya gotta go bk on to imdb on october the 16th. cuz its ur 5 year annerversary! lol. just say hi. lol. we all miss u there too!! well hope everything else is going greatt! ILL ttyl lyl



chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

Hi, Mitchel its me Jessica. I was wondering have you ever visted Fort Walton Beach before?, its in Florida. Thats where I live. I wish you could come here, that would be so awesome. Well anyways as always goodluck on everything. I know I never have much to say, but Im shy I guess. Well catch you later. Love you, Bye *hugs you*

abby said...

hey mitchel!!

thats awesome about the video! sounds cool. i cant go to utah. lol. =[ but texas definitley misses ya! speaking of the great texas...i went to the State Fair to see my fav group..lol (JONASBROTHERS) and it was awesome! but 200 people PASSED OUT and it was on the news!! but it was so worth waiting 5 hours drenching and almost dehydrated..lol

oh yea! believe what you wanna believe but cody l. currently lives like 5 min from me and my friend met him the other day at a shopping center so i text him all the time. (well my friend does.) he seems like a pretty cool guy !!! but your prob. way cooler! haha. jk. =]

much luv from big tex!
gabby abby

Anonymous said...

my parents have been asking me all month what i wanted for my birthday [which is tomorrow.] and i told them i wanna see you next time your in chicago, so they said that i finally can. reallyyy looking forward to that!
i wanna see the music video badly!
you and puppies?
yeah, thats perfect for me,hah.
sounds like a blast making it too.

later. -Jessica.

Anonymous said...

oh mitchel!!!
Im gonna be in Utah but until december!!! so if you go there again pleazzzee let us know!!!!
well anyway, you know I love you and that Im very, very happy for you!! Congrats about the video! So great you enjoyed yourself!!
And I swear I'll listen to your songs!cause they are great and it's awesome to be able to hear you voice over and over again!
There's nothing interesting about my life at the moment except my mom broke her nose and she's at the hospital!
Well, time to say goodbye
I love you
XOXO and lotz of kisses
your # 1 fan

Disa said...

Aw, it sounds like you had a lot of fun doing the music video.
I can't wait to see it (:

But, um. I'm pretty sure Seattle needs you here. RIGHT NOW.

I met Mason in August when he was on tour with Metro Station and he was super sweet.
My friend & I stalked him in a grocery store... but he only bought a bottle of water. Hahah.

Oh, and I'm in the process of making a Metro Station fansite, so maybe you should check it out (:


Can't wait to hear more updatesss :D

Your Fan said...

Mitchel I live near San Diego,
well kinda i live in Temecula I doubt youve ever heard of it lol

but alot of metro station fans are here and we all want to go up to a concert

but we realy want to go if your there can you please post when you'll be able to go to your bro's concerts?

thanks a bunch.

Peace out girl scout.

Anonymous said...

Ohmygoodness. PLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE come to the one in Memphis, TN on Nov. 29. I'm going with my best friend and we would absolutely LOVE to see you there.!

Emily said...

Woah. COME TO ROCHESTER. on the 16th! I LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel! Long time no comment! I'm so happy because... it's FALL BREAK!!!! Wow, you're going to UTAH? As Amy said... PLEASE come to Kentucky!!!! and as brooke said... come to the Hannah concert in cincinnati, ohio!!! I live only 8 miles away from both ohio and cincinnati, and it would be a great surprise to see you there! I'm not forcing you to go, it'd just be so great to see you. anyways, i've never told you this, but... you are very very very very very very very, etc... wowishly... outstandingly... crazyishly....hot. WOOOOOooo!!! I needed to get that out!! well anyways, type to ya later!!

Peacegal, or you may know me by a name starting with an "S".

p.s. are you in the episode, "That's What Friends Are For?"?

p.s.s I love being a 14 year old with a twin sister!

Anonymous said...

heyyy mitchel welll that is great ...ur songs r off the hook and the bomb..i lov em....aweee utah i wish pittsburgh....i cant wait to c the new HM episode i no it will rock....awee mitch ur sooo awesome!!!!

Lauren said...

hiya mitchel! =]] when they were selling tickets for mileys concert in omaha Ne i was really wanting to go but they sold out in like 5 min. i cant wait to see your music on disney!! :) and phineas and ferb cant wait to see new ones! =] well ill ttyl Luv ya <33 Lauren

Fer said...

I'm sooo glad yo had an amaing time shooting the video! Can't wait to see it!Can't wait to see the hannah episode on friday!As well as Phineas and Ferb it's gonna be awesome!

Che|see said...

He goes to Utah, but not BOSTON?
Yeesh How long must I put up with this torture?!?!?!