Thursday, October 11, 2007

J-14 Winner........

to be announced soon! I did my part this morning and finally made a was one of the hardest things I have ever done......but I gotta tell you.....the winner went all out and told me so much about herself....I feel like I already know her! We have a lot in common and she sounds like a lot of fun!

Good Luck to everyone who entered and thank you so much for all the hard work that was put into this always....MY FANS RULE!!!!

Give J-14 some time to let the winner know...sometimes it takes a day or so to get a hold of a winner......ok.....They will announce it soon.....A Big thanks to J-14 for making it fun and I CAN'T Wait for our date!



Anonymous said...

That's Great Mitchel! Congrats on choosing the right person! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's soooo awesome mitchel! I hope whoever wins has a good time with u! I know that I didn't win, my entry sucked. And I had 2 write another 1 cause I 4got a signature from my mom. So yea. But still, I can't wait 2 hear how it goes! Oh and mitchel.......if u want 2, go 2 and u can watch the video of me & u from santa clara. Sooo yea. Well I g2g, I have 2 do homework, even tho I have 5 days off!


Holly said...

I hope you have fun with the winner. I am so mad because I forgot to enter. Bt anyways have fun Mitchel!

brooke said...

so i have a feeling i didn't win.
i put so much time and effort into my letter. it took me three months to make it perfect.
ugh i hate lifeeee.


Anonymous said...

I can't talk now because of homework, but I will post again later, OK? ttyl! *smile*


brie said...

Wow...lucky her! i wish i could've entered, but I never had the chance to. :(

Anyway, what's goin on, Mitchel?!?! I can't believe how busy you have been! i've been really busy, too. my teen theatre just started again, so i'm doing that. plus, the Art Club at school is working on a mural, so i have that, too.

This week was Spirit Week at school. It's so much fun! We had Class Color Day, Wacky Day, and Jersey Day. Today was Animal Day and I dressed up like a cat! MEOW!!! lol! Tomorrow is Spirit Day. We get to wear clothes with the school logo on it. Plus, we have our Spirit Assembly tomorrow! There's a bunch of games and an obstacle course (you'd be good at that!) and there's a School version of SINGING BEE, too. AND I'M A CONTESTANT! YAAAAY! I'm so nervous, but I can't wait!

Then Saturday is HOMECOMING!!! YAAAHOOOO!!!! I'm going with a bunch of my friends and then we're going for pizza later. I can't wait!

Well, that's all for now, Mitchel! Stay AMAZIN!

luv, brie

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Have fun with the winner!! =)


.audrey. said...

congratulations to her.
i'm pretty sure it wasn't me.
i didn't write all of that.
i wish i had.
she's lucky.
have a great time!.

ELENA said...

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Sasha said...

I feel so happy for the winner. Yet I feel so stupid. I got that magazine and I was going to enter but I totally forgot. Grr... I hope you too have alot of fun and I'm glad you have alot in common. I did remember to sign up for a signed skateboard from you so hopefully I win.

My friend and I always have this fight one who's cuter. It's either you or Cody Linely. I say you she says Cody. So we go around and ask people whos cuter. It's normally a Tie. So we go to a few guys and ask them whos cuter. They say I don't know I'm not a girl! So then we go ask my best guy friend and he always agrees with me. So he said Well Mitchel of course. And I started laughing because the way he said it. He is so awesome. So you won by one point. GO YOU!!!!

I just thought I had to share that with you. We also do that with Kevin and Joe Jonas. Joe always wins. :( Oh well as long as you win right!!!

Well See Ya

Anonymous said...

yay congrats mitchel !
what a lucky girl !
my entry was like uhh not even half a page cauz it said like write a sentance so i listened !
i still cant wait to hear the rest of your songs

-xo Michele

Anonymous said...

OMG I HOPE ITS PLEASE BE ME!!!!! i have entered 5 of those contests already and still have not won i think its my time!!!!! i will cry if its me!!!!!!!!!!! i hope it is!!!!

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel that is so great to hear!!! =D I hope whoever you picked has the best time of her life! I know it wasn't me....I don't really have a lot in common with you, and I don't win things easily....That I know!!

So.....You've been extremely busy this week!! Wow...I'm glad that the music video you shot on Saturday was fun! Can't wait to see it!! =D
I've been fine....Foot still hurts from last week's fall in the stairway...Other than that it's been great. I tried out for a solo in Choir today....we are singing "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. I hope I got it!! =D Yup yup....Nothing else really going on...same ol' same ol'....

Well, Have another amazing week!


Yours forever and always;

Anonymous said...

I sign up for EVERY mitchel contest and u wanna what i get.... NOTHING!!!!!!! =(
Well anyways, I'm alright I guess. My cousin died december 2,2006, he was in a car accident and he would 18 today! R.I.P Chris 10/11/89-12/2/06!

luv ya!
Samantha from Little Rock,Arkansas!

Carly said...

hey wow have fun to the winnerr!!

i know it wasnt me. lol. no call. but thats okay. i knew i had one in a millionth a chance. lol. i was wondering if there was any contestant that made it in the top 10 wit the name of carly and kinda made like a book. lol. just wondering. -yah it was me lol- well no but i do wish the winner to have a great timeee! are u able to tell us where shes from? just wondering. well hope everythings good wit u! i gotta go do some FUN (says sarcastically) homework. lol. ttyl lul



Anonymous said...

That girl is soooooo lucky!!!!! Mitchel, You are the most insperational,talented,loveing,and careing person I had ever met.... well after my mom and dad!! lol!!!! I love you!

Love Ya!
Samantha from Little Rock,Arkansas

Anonymous said...

Aw, you'll have a great time with her I'm SURE!
My entry was...interesting. lol. I didn't write that much but all my friends were signing it and saying random things...haha.
I think it's great that you do these magazine dates with fans. It's such a sweet thing and it shows how much you care about your adoringgg fans =]

K well have so much fun!
- Carey

MARIAM. said...

since i have not gotten a call from j-14,
i have a feeling, i'm not the luckiest girl alive.
oh well.
next time, right?


Anonymous said...

She's very lucky to go on a date with the most amazing guy ever!! On my first drafts of what my statement was going to be I wrote about myself and how we have a lot in common but by like the 20th draft I changed it so now I'm mad at myslef. But I know that you chose the best. Have an awesome time! I know if I won I would probably have a heart attack and then go tell my bff.

Andrea said...

thats so cool...who ever wins is the most lucky girl ever!!!i know i didnt win for sure... though we do have a lot of things in common but...
Ok so i cant wait to see the next hannah montana episode its the one called "That's what friends are for?" and im so happy your in it!! cuz lately you havent been in the epis. I also cant wait to hear your new song!!!
Im just starting school the 15 cuz i moved and i think im gona join the soccer team - by the way I luv soccer :P -
and i hope everything goes good for me in school though ill miss my friends a lot! but we still talk to each other :)
my brother teached me a skateboard trick today but i fell a couple of times but then i got it!! :) it wasnt that hard i just couldnt do it lol... we also made a race wit the skateboards... he beat me :( but i was pretty close and anyway he's older than me and knows more about skateboarding but im close to him lol =D

well cya bye

Luv ya!!

ally m said...

sadly, i didnt get to enter.
well congrats to the veryyy lucky girl!

i hope you have a fun time on your date :)

<3 ally m.

Mindy said...

Hey Mitchel, I'm pretty sure I didn't win because I just wrote you a funny rap. Anyways, have fun with the winner! :)

Jessica said...

That's great! I hope you and your date have a nice time! :) She's really lucky, you know! ;)
I hope you have an AWESOME week!

P.S. I FINALLY got the Metro Station CD! YAY ME! I feel so accomplished! :D lol!

mechi said...

hey mitchel, have lots of fun with the girl, and i cant wait to see the video you made!
its unfair becouse i cant enter to those magazines contest if im here in argentina :s
but anyways, i know you know i exist, and thats cool , at least!
bye byee
and good luck!


this girl...
did she, idk,

i'm glad you finally chose
and i hope you have fun with her.

Mal said...

Omigosh...I don't want to get my hopes up....but....that sounded alot like my entry! I did this thingy with my name and we'll see....whoever the girl is she will have a great time!

Anonymous said...

she's one lucky girl, i know she will have a fun time with you, anyone would- your such a great guy. :)

please come to Canada some time :D

lots of love,

Tate Dubois a.k.a. Meshia said...

hey Mitchel, i have so much going on right now. i changed my name, it was meshia but now it's Tate Dubois!!!! I love that name, it so awesome! tell me what you think about it. and tonight me and my school choir did the High School Musical songs and the dances!!!! It was so amazing, I loved it, i didn't want it to end! I can't wait to see your new music video, it should be amazing....Me and my theatre class are going to a play called A Raisin In The Sun! And we are going to New York next year, I can't wait. Anywho, I hope the winner is as awesome as you are, TWINKLES

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! I hope it's me...I know that it took me about FOREVER to make had sparkles and a picture of me with an autographed picture of you, and soo much...I did put a lot of effort into it, so I have my fingers crossed! I'm sorry it was so much work picking, but whoever that LUCKY GIRL (!!) is, I'm sure you guys will have the time of your lives! If it's with me, well....I'm usually in an awesome mood, and I will SO comment on here again if it is me! Well I gotta run, so I'm KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED. Hopefully I hear from J-14 within the next couple of days....I'm glad everything is going well for you, and I can't wait for your new song! Well the last 2 songs, I should say! Can't wait to see the music video, either!! ;) Sorry, I'm tired, so I'll post more later!

Love always,
*A loyal fan!*

Leanne xP said...

I didn't enter the contest, but I know I should've. Actually, I couldn't. I'm not 13 yet, and you had to be 13 or older =[ I hope you like her! I'm happy for her!

Yes, your fans do rule =] Haha lol you rule too.

christine said...

heyy mitchel!

congrats on choosing da winner! ii fergott to enter .

ilyy <3

anyways dude all ii thinkk bout is yooh and yoor NEW MUSIC!! ii seriously KANTT WAITT!

With Love,
Christine <3

Anonymous said...

Hope you have fun!! It was that hard?? wow. still congrats to the winner!!



Samantha said...

I didn't enter...Haha. I forgot there was one.... I still rule though right? hahaha.

Tell her congrats for me!!!


Anonymous said...

awesome mitch!.....hope u have a lot of fun on ur date!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey mitchel glad to hear theres a winner! can u please tell us if j14 tried and contacted them already?? thannkss ily

Meeghan said...

Mitchel, Mitchel, Mitchel.
goodness gracious.
I wrote a lot about myself, and we do have a lot in common.
But, I'm not that lucky.
maybe god will help me... Life's been tough lately.
I havn't gotten a call yet.
so it probably isn't me.
But hey, the glass is still halff-full!
If I win, I have to give some credit to my friend Laura and my friend Ashley.
Let's keep our fingers crossed it's me!
love you Mitch.

Anonymous said...

Great to know you chose the right person!!! but so bad it wasn't me because I didn't enter!! It sucks so for the girl.....remind her how damn lucky she is for having a date with you!!!
As always...I love ya!
P.D. keep writing cause there's nothing better than hearing from you

Hannah said...

OMG!! i didn't know about the contest thingy! we have sooo much in common! we both snowboard, play basketball and skateboard!
well have fun on your "date".
i'm gonna keep telling u this on every comment:
come to the bay area for halloween when miley tours in oakland!!!

Stay ballin'!


ttran said...

Hey, Mitchel!

Congratulations to the winner!! What a lucky duck!! I hope you two have fun on your date!!

I ALMOST saw the Super Short! When I turned to Disney, all I heard was, "The report is in, and we're out!" and I saw you! Totally just missed it! But I'll catch it eventually!

Have an awesome weekend!

Samantha said...

Your Disney 365 is on right now!!!! You look really handsome! Sorry, just had to say it.

Oooh, I love video games. I want to play. Hahahah.


Anonymous said...

I Hope u guyz hav fun!!! i really wish i could enter!! but im in new zealand so i can:( so sad!!!

heather14 said...

well done 2 the winner! hope u have fun!

lauren said...

hope you have fun!

Taylor said...

Thats awsome 4 ya mitchel! Im soo happy 4 u!! :) Hope u have an awesome time with the winner. I kno u will! :] She's realy lucky. Well, i hope i can c u again someday soon!! lol.

xoxo always,


omg i cant wait 2 find out!
i wonder where she's from... lol

luv you mucho mista musso!


Anonymous said...

goood job mitch! i no whoever win will hav a fantastic time with u caz ur awesome sooo i cant wait to hear how it went HAV FUNNNNNNN!!! <3

Anonymous said...

ahhh no way!
lol i didn't enter... boo!

hope you have fun!! :]


Anonymous said...

Wow! i am J-E-L-O-U-S of that girl who won. i hope it is some one who deserves it because some people arn't even thnakful that they win things well.....i wish i was that girl! how have you been? i have been ok i guess. welll have a great weekend and just to let you know you ( you probably get told this a lot) but you are sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

Kylee said...

Okay, in my Skills for Living class we have to do these things called potato babies. They're supposed to show how it is to take care of a real baby and we have to name it and make it have a face and babysit it and take it with us everywhere. GUESS WHAAAT. im naming mine Mitchel after you, with one L :] Well, yeah, i just thought i would tell you. THAT YOUR LOVED AT MY SCHOOL!!Even though a lot of people make fun of me for liking you so much, i do :]


Karleigh said...

Wow sounds like fun. Hope you choose a good winner.

Like i said before when i dont check ur blog u post and when i do u dont, its messed up lol.

Omg i would have so told stuff about myself if i enter that contest. I wonder if we have anything in common?

Well thats it for now...wish to meet yaH!


Anonymous said...

guess what's on right now!??

your disney 365!!

im seeing it just now for the first time and i seriously screamed

you're making me laugh =]

you get to be CHEETAHLICIOUS

so now i'm super happy.
and thought you should know about the best commercial everrrr :D

hope you update soon :]


Anonymous said...

OMG! Mitchel I cannnnnntt believe this! I JUST found out u r gonna be at the san jose,CA stop 4 the jingle jam tour! U have NO idea how I'm freaking out rite now! I seriously fainted! I fell out of the chair and laid there for 10 min! I can't breathe at all! Like I'm such a big fan of urs that when I hear that u r comming close 2 me, I still freak out! Even when I have met u 2 times! Haha. I am like jumping around and screaming, and its like 12 am! Haha. I probaly won't go 2 slep 2nite......ill probaly run around the road a couple of times! Gosh, I'm like seriously soooo excited!


melissa said...

hey mitchel...guess what...i got my so excited


* dα n !є 11 є ' said...

Whoever you picked, I’m sure will be great & you guys will have loads of fun, on your date! :)
Haha, anyways; I just read 3 of your blogs, since I hadn’t been on here to comment in awhile, but I’m so excited for the Metro Station concert in Toronto! Are you & Miley going to attend it as welll, cause I definitely am! (Y):))

Moreover, I haven’t heard any of your songs yet on the radio, I just watched “wasen’t your girlfriend” on youtube, which was ahhhhmazinnggg. :) I’m glad you had fun though, shooting your vid.

Hmm, what else… ohh, lol schools been amazing, this Thursday is going to be Oktoberfest, so there is going to be a bunch of events happening outside on our 3 football fields, which will be totally awesome…. In addition, I was also chosen with 7 other people to represent the junior division in Certamen this yearrr:D ( Certamen = latin tournament, which includes: history, mythology, vocab/derivatives & roman life!) I hope we do welllll, and I’ll update you with wtv we get.:)

Anyways, I have to go practice rhythms, for this percussion ensemble thing I’m doing within the school…which is going to be amazing once everyone gets their part right:D

Hope you have an awesome weekenddddd<333
[b]Love Always,[/b]

Anonymous said...

Hey...if the winner challenged you to a game of air hockey in her entry....don't post this comment, so I know....I know that sounds lame, but the entry sounded alot like I just want to know! I'm soooooo impatient!

Jessiica Renne'e =) said...

i cant wait to find otu who won!
who ever it is is really lucky! lol. i thought u picked the winner liek 2 months ago lol. i was way off lol. =)

Jessica Rene'e bennett /benedetto =)

mitchels♥babe said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!

i REALLY hope it's me!! i doubt it though cuz you would never like deserve better. better luck next time i guess!

♥love ya always babe♥

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see who wins!

(by the way October 3rd was my b-day!)

alicia said...

nice so im so excited im goin 2 the metro station concert on the 23ed in houston im soo happy me and my friend r goin together im so looking forward 2 it!!


hey mitchel,
do you think you will be attending the "Enchanted" movie premiere at the El Capitan theatre on Saturday November 17th? hope to see you there! your fan,

Chloe! said...

Oooh! Whoever wins is a lucky girl!

I entered, so I hope I win!
(for my entry I put in 2 pictures. haha)

I can't wait for you music video to come out, and to hear your new song.

Thinking of youu.


ally m said...

I for one am VERY excited that you will be in fridays episode. You don't know how much I, as well as lotsss of other girls, have missed you in the episodes!

The show just isn't the same. :[ & they don't even try to explain his absence?! Ughhh.

Well, I heard you won't be in the Heather Locklear episode. :/

Whats going on with this?!

Can you PLEASE tell us all why you're not in the episodes?

Do they just write you out?
Are you too busy?

Whats uppp?!


<3 ally m.

Anonymous said...

O my god Mitchel. i cain't wait. i forget if i entered or not. but if i did i hope its me. um i love u and i cain't wait to see your new music. i had a lot in in common with you. i love sushi, its my fav food, and i love to to cook. i want to become a chef when on older. well luv yas.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

I wish I entered that contest. I was gonna. But anyways congrats to the VERY lucky girl that won!:)Have fun on your J-14 date Mitchel! So I like candy....everyone likes candy right? Thats the only reason why I'm going trick or treating this Halloween. I mean I'm gonna be 12 on October 19th! I'm to old for trick or treating! But I like candy so this is my last year. Next year I'll take my brothers candy! lol jk!I'll hand out candy next year! Anyway because this is my last year of trick or treating I wanted to dress up like Hannah Montana or Lola Luftnagle. But I also wanted to be punk. So I dicided to be a punk Hannah Montana! I have a long dark blue wig that has bangs like the Hannah wig. I've also got punk leggings and punk braclets. I've also got punk clothes that are also sorta Hannah Montana clothes. I've also got make-up. but anyway thats my costume. Anyway I've talked to much about me.... now I'll talk about you. YOU ROCK! YOUR THE BEST! YOUR AN AWESOME ACTOR, SINGER, DANCER, RAPER, AND YOUR AWESOME AT EVERYTHING ELSE YOU DO!!!! I LUV YOU MITCHEL!!!!
g2g! BYE!!!

LUV YA ALWAYS!! <3333333
-Chelsea AKA Chilli

Anonymous said...

hey mitchel glad to knw tht theres a winner!!! have fun wit her! that grl is te luckest grl in the world lol.

so well yah im bored. just looking around on myspace. hey i was lookin at metro stations sight. is ur brother leaving today or SOmething?? jw. i think u should go on tour! haha lol. well yah whats up wit u? ill let u go now im sure u have more important stuff to read. so well ttyl ily


Elizabeth said...

Woah Mitchel!-

Theres a new Popstar! video out! It was taken on the set of your new music video! "Lean On Me"...I can't wait to hear/see it!

(You got a haircut! Its a little shorter than usual... It looks nice!)

<3 Liz

Jenny said...

I know I'm not the winner.
I don't even know if I signed up for it.
I signed up for a J-14 win a date contest with you once, but I think that was back in June of something. I don't know.
But I hope you have fun with whoever the winner is when you meet her (: lol.

Buh bye.

Georgina Lily! said...

Hey Mitchel!

The winner sounds like shes gona be an awesome girl!.. Hope you have tons of fun on your date, cant wait to hear about it!!

Love Georgina xx

P.S. As always you rock!! =] lol

Jessie said...

Thats so great! I hope everything works out. i had a question if we wrote you fan mail would you get it or does like some little man get it and read them? haha anyway i was just curious. i cant believe i missed the chance to meet you. O well....i love your music and acting your hillarious. O quick, whats your favorite sushi. i want to try something different but i cant choose..

Peace and Love

MAYA said...