Sunday, October 14, 2007

2007 World Magic Awards

Hey guys.....just forgot to tell you that I was presenting at the World Magic Awards last night......lot's of Magic....lot's of Fun! I presented an award on stage to a magician named Ray Pierce.

My little brother Marc attended the event with me. The entire event was to support the Feed The Children that was cool.. I had a blast at the after party visiting with Lot's of kids!

I will be in dance rehearsals all week. Want to know why????? Keep checking the blog!



Anonymous said...


Carly said...

awww that sounds like so much fun that so sweet of u and marc.

awww are u going to the dance rearsals for ur music... lol

cant wait to see the music videoss! im soo exciteddd!

thanks for updating the bloggg!! ttly ilyy



Anonymous said...

Omg, please tell us WHY! Is it maybe for another music video perhaps??? TELL ME IF I'M RIGHT!


P.S. That sounded like a great event to be at, and for such a great cause also!

Dani said...

That sounds super cool! Glad you had fun and its super awesome Marc got to go too! Always incredible when the event sponsor's something like Feeding the hungry and stuff.

Can't wait to hear more .....especially with your dance rehersals???


Anonymous said...

you're gonna learn to dance !
aahhh ! ! you're amazing

-xo Michele

mitchels babe said...

music video is why you have dance all week i'm guessing. how's life??? i really hope i win the J14 contest but i know you would never pick deserve better. talk to ya later.

love ya always babe

Anonymous said...

I know why!! at least i think i do
Your shooting a video!!

Anonymous said...

Today I was at walmart because I was getting the Sean Kingston cd and I walked by and saw the Metro Station cd and I was like "Hey look it's the Metro Station cd" then one minute later I was like "Hey wait a minute!! I know who that is!!"

Elizabeth said...


Either you're going on tour with Miley to be one of her background dancers, or your practicing for next seasons "Dancing With The Stars". I'm leaning more towards the first one...

I'm glad you had a "magical" time last night. I'm so glad that you're going to all of these events that are helping children and adults that don't have it as easy as others.

I shall be awaiting that answer to your dancing rehearsals. (May I note that you STILL havn't revealed whos touring with Miley. Thats why I'm thinking you're going with her.)

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is sooo cool! Can't wait 2 c ur music video on Disney Channel! Hi, I'm Nicole, and you are the coolest!!!


Anonymous said...

That's cool! Ok mitchel, u need 2 stop leaving us with cliffhangers! Haha. I am thinking of wat u could be doing........still thinking................ummmm....I really have no clue. Gosh, I bet its gonna make me go 'OHH!' but I don't know.......I'm a tad stupid in the morning.....ok, so like I was readddingg sumthingg on radio 4 san franciscos station.....and it said 4 the jingle jam tour that u were supposed 2 be at the stop in san jose....but idk if that's true or not, but if it is, ill faint, once again...oh and if u do go 2 the metrostation concert(s) in dec.....I will be there! The only time I'm going 2 LA 4 my bday, and metrostation is playing! I'm soo excitedd!


Daniela said...

I glad that you happy :)

Anonymous said...

I might be first to comment, WHOOO!
Dance lessons!? HOW HOTT IS THAT!??! woah, you never stop amazing me with ur mad skills, dude!
Maybe on the 27th...
See ya, love ya forever, Hope


Well thats a big thing to forget! lol
Ray pierce, the magician, awesome!lol
I'm so glad u and ur brother got
to go together! =D
dance rehearsals? omg, is hannah montana having a musical show?

can't wait for ur next post!

Meghan said...

World Magic Awards? That sounds fun! I bet ya had a blast and it was for charity, that always is something good to do! Anyway, dance rehearsals...please tell us why...SOON!!!! Right now, my risky guess is for some movie for Disney Channel.

Anonymous said...

Coolness!! Sounds like you had fun. Let me guess another music video??? COOL!! if i was right.


Samantha said...

Gasp! That sounds too cool!! I bet it was fun! Haha.

Aw, thats awesome. Brother bonding! haha.

I want to dance... ahaha. sorry...I'll definitley keep checking, because you have my attention!


Anonymous said...

Dancing with the just joking. Probably for a concert or something you are doing. Your life is so interesting compared to mine!

Leanne xP said...

Were the World Magic AWards televised? That's awesome that is was for Feed the Children Ministries! I'm sure you had lots of fun. =]

Ohmigosh this is gonna drive me crazy! Yes, I do want to know why, badly! Please tell us soon!


Anonymous said...

i'm first.
it's great that you got to present the award....

Anonymous said...

Thats good that you had fun, and its for a good cause. :)
let me guess are you making another music video? anyway keep up the good work, and i can't wait for the next hannah montana episode. :)

lots of love,

Jacquelyn said...

Hey Mitchel!!

Glad you had fun presenting at the World Magic awards last night!!!!

Have a great time at your dance rehearsals.....Can't wait for new songs!!!

Have an awesome week....

Oh, my friend Rachel loves you! ♥

Yours forever and always; ♥
~*J*a*C*q*U*e*L*y*N*~ ♥

Taylor said...

Aww. sounds lik u had a tonn of funn!! i bet all the kids were soo xcited 2 c u also!! :) ur soo sweet!! :] well, have funn at dance rehersals. i dance 2. keep us updated on how they goo!!


Sasha said...

I'm glad you had fun. I hated my weekend. I had to babysit... Those kids are evil!!! They're my cousins. They had to spend the night for 2 days.

And I want to know why? so i'll be checking your blog alot.

Lisa said...

well that sounds fun about the awards thingyy
have fun!

!~Mitchel*Luver~! said...

hey mitchel. i love you! im glad you had fun at that there party you went to. good luck with the dancing! and i hope you have fun on ur date with that chick who won, whoever it was. it prolly wasnt me but i still love you!

Anonymous said...

coolieo!.....i wish i could've seen it!...ur taking dance lessons!?....that's cool....let me guess....the dance lessons r 4 like another preformance like let's go??....that would b so cool!!.....well i need 2 go.....bye-bye!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

Sasha said...

i just saw you Disney 365. Couldn't really hear it because my cousins were screaming, but I saw it. When I hear it i'll tell you what i think

See ya

Anonymous said...

Hi! I mean to comment before, but I had homework. I just got back recently from being in a pep rally in the High School Musical tour! It was so much fun! We had a blast, and we were able to be pushed on stage like a ride! Then, at the end, the entire cast signed our tee-shirts. It was so much fun! Also, yesterday I was at a competition called Bash at the Beach for our robotics team; we won the trophies for best qualifying team, proffesionalism, and the trophy for the winning team! It was so much fun! There was music and cheering, and we all had a blast! Anyway, back to your update. That sounds like such a cool way to award prizes to magicians and raise money for a charity! I think the dancing is for another live performance or a music video or for a tv show/movie, but I can't wait to find out and see it! Good luck at dance rehearsals, and drink plenty of water! *smile*


heather b said...

heyyy mitchel :)
thanks for updating the fans. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the episode on hannah thats what friends are for. i watched it 4 times already because i have disney on demand so i get to see episodes before they come out . prettyyy cool =] let me just say that without showering or brushing your teeth for a week, you're still hot :) haha ii lovee uu <3 heatherrrb

Hannah said...

that sounds like lot of F-U-N!!!
i think i can guess why you're in dance rehersals......a new song?!?!
or maybe even a performance?

well, i'll be checking the blog more often so u better post some more info!:)


ttran said...

Hey Mitchel!

No way!! You're one freakin lucky duck! I love magic!! Glad you had fun!

Have an awesome week!

Molly said...

Awww! I wanna know why you are in dance rehersals!! I mean, I a have a couple guesses...but still!!!

:D! Thanks for updating!!


ally m said...

yay! hopefully there will be a video of you presenting =)

DANCE REHEARSALS?! OH OH OH. hehe im excited now.

my guess is its for an episode of hannah =)

cant wait to know for suureee!

<3 ally m.

shireen said...

ooh, mitchel
your amazing :]


Lizzie (: said...

ah, i love you.

ELENA said...


Fer said...

woow it sounds like soo much fun!
Glad you had an awesome time you look soo cute in the pics!!!

Hmmm dance rehearsals!!!mabye for another music video?idk but I really wanna know!!!so tell us soon=D

love ya<33

brooke said...

aww mitch i'm so glad you had fun :D. the event sounded totally awesome, cause im a huge fan of magic.
i'm slowly getting over the fact that i didn't win the date, it isn't as easy as you think /:
eeeek but i did finally got a poster back from you that i've been waiting for, for about 6 months! i was totally happy :].
ooohh i dance, maybe sometime we can go dancing together. haha, that'd be an awesome date.
well, talk to you soon.


christine said...


dudee ii kantt waitt till yoor music video and yoor music!!

ilyyyyyy <3

With Love,
Christine <3


omg that sounds like funn!!! youre dancing too? is there anything you cant do? lol. i cant wait to see your music video! and the new hannah montana on friday. jake ryans coming back!!! my friends and i obsessed with him. we're weird like that. lol. yesterday was my birthday! i turned 15....just thought youd like to know that. lol. keep up the great work! youre amazing!

ps...i think you should update about coming to got me all worked up about it! lmao <3

MARIAM! said...

you said you already shot the video.



i loveeee you!

Chelsie said...

Lol dance rehearsals. I love dancing.

Anonymous said...

noo mitchel!
WHYY must u leave us hangin?


glad u had fun the other night =]]
you're amazing!!


lauren said...

lol nice hook at the end mitchel

Anonymous said...

You look so cute in the pics of magic awards!!

tell us why you will dance...=)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!

Good to hear you had a great time on the magic awards with your brother Marc, sure that the party was great!
I'm guessing that you're going to be dancing the whole week cause you're going to make another video. Hope so!! That'd be fantastic! I'm totally going to check your blog to see if I was right or not!

Have a great week.
Love ya,


brie said...

Big congrats to your bro! YAY MARC!

I got my poster back from you on Friday! You signed the one where you have that blue shirt on. I LOVE IT!!! The smiley was cute! HAHA! Thanks a lot Mitchel! I don't know any other celbrity that's as sweet or as awesome as you are!

Homecoming was so much fun! I had a blast with all my friends! We were dancing up a storm! There was some drama between a few of my friends...over ONE BOY! I'm so glad I didn't get would've ruined my night for sure!

After the dance, me and 8 of my friends headed out for pizza! It was so good, and I didn't get home 'til 12:30! HAHA!

This really funny thing happened in school with my friend. My buddy Jackie has an obsession with "moosies" and thinks they're so cute. So at school, she e-mailed me through the school's e-mail system and said that she was singing the Make-A-Moose song. Then, I drew here a little picture of a moose and wrote her back. Then on the bus coming home, she goes "What's with that moose you drew? It's not called 'Make-A-Deformed-Moose'". And then we tried singing the "Make-A-Deformed Song" and MAN was it a mouthful. It came out all weird, but it was so funny!

That's all for now. Glad everything's going great for you, Mitch! Good luck with dance practice--can't wait to see what you have in store for us. And PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE try your hardest to come back to chicago REEEEEEEEEEALY soon!!!!

luv, brie

anna signore said...

Hey Mitchel!!!
aw.. sounds like a blast! lol well yah i got my braces off! i love my teeth! lol and i got a retainer too. its purple and sparkley! lol but yah hows it goin? i hope good! lol well cant wait to see the new hannah montana's lol ttyl
i love you!
♥ anna signore

Kylee said...

Okay, in my Skills for Living class we have to do these things called potato babies. They're supposed to show how it is to take care of a real baby and we have to name it and make it have a face and babysit it and take it with us everywhere. GUESS WHAAAT. im naming mine Mitchel after you, with one L :] Well, yeah, i just thought i would tell you. THAT YOUR LOVED AT MY SCHOOL!!Even though a lot of people make fun of me for liking you so much, i do :]


Anonymous said...

GoSh MiTcHeL!....tHe ThInG aBoUt ThE dAnCe LeSsOnS iS lIkE tAuNtInG mE!....cAn YoU tElL uS pLeAsE!?....wElL i NeEd To Go!!!
LoT's Of lOVE!


DiamondDust said...

Bonjour Mitchel! I see you have an official blog and randomly decided to go check it out! Magic, huh? I've had somewhat of a smidge of taste for magic.

Anyways, it's nice to know I can be updated with events of your life, yet not too much because obsession is a scary thing. Checking up on you every once in a while should be fun though.

Toodles ~ Au Revoir ~ Until the next time I speak ~

DiamondDust of CO

Carly said...

hey mitchel

i think i commented on this post like 3 differnt times lol. but well yah so again i sooo cant wait for the music videoo! im soo excitedd. and im so sad lol i havnt seen ur disney 365 yet. everyone says its soo cute! lol.

awww and is there any posiable way u can go on imdb tomorrow? i guess its ur 5 year annerversy lol alotta ppl including me thought itd be cool if ya just said hi.
i could see if u cant cuz ur busy and all. its fine just a suggjestion lol. we all miss u theree..

any word about chicago?? we all hope u come bk!!!!!

hope everythings going good wit u! everythings good here. got a lotta hw. but thtas that usual. well i better go ttyl



Gigi said...

Hey Mitchel! What kind of music will be on your album? I could've sworn you said rap...
can't wait!!!

Chloe! said...

I love magic!

Dance rehersals. Fun
Music video? Concert?
Who knows?



Karleigh said...

WOw sounds FUN...

Let me think mitchel and dancing?/ MUSIC VIDEO???

I just came home from dance at the moment. I am taking hip-hop and tap....

welllll hope u have an awsome week!!

welll i will check ur blog later byee!


Anonymous said...

dance rehersals??????????? wut for???? tell me please!!!!! i want to see that music video u shoot the other day so badly cant wait till it comes on!

tjmthesun said...

How old is your little brother? Anyways i think you are so amazing! I really like you! We need more people like you in the world!

*becky* said...

That sounds really cool! I bet it was a lot of fun! I saw on your website some pictures of you from the event. One was with Rick Thomas and his tiger. I bet that was so cool! I've seen his magic show that he does in Las Vegas a couple of times and he's reallllly good! Also, did you happen to see Lance Burton? I've seen his show a couple of times and he is amazing!!!


Georgina Lily! said...


Sounds like you had lots of fun at the World Magic Awards.. By the way, thats a cool name lol =]

Have a great week!!

Love Georgina xxx

Anonymous said...

Mitchy, yea your like amaaazzinngg my friend. oh btw, i met you. you know jodi? me and my family was with her andyea and lilly's mom has got it going on is coming out on mah birthday, i think nov.9

MileyGwen said...

I saw you!! I was goning to watch it anyway after i got home from dinner. And all of the sudden there you were! I'm like OMG!! It's MITCHEL MUSSO!! Me and my sisters were freaking out!!It was so cool!