Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yep....this is definately part of the Surprise!

Ok know I am going to Miley's Concert in Utah...right? I will be there tonight! Can't wait....

But I also wanted to let you know that if you live in Portland OR.....I will see you guys on Monday October 29th! I will be at the Lloyd Center Mall at 4:30 doing a Meet & Greet and I can't wait to meet you!

Truth is....I am about to do ALOT of traveling!'s hoping I'm coming to where you are! I will share the list on Monday if I get the OK to share......but until then....Meet me in Portland for a Party you will Never forget!

And...I believe there will be a new song on RadioDisney this week so check it out and let me know when that posts.......and please check back here for some more EXCITING news....on Monday I'm going to try and share it all!

And....Special shout out to
That was a very special pumpkin! Thank you

P.S. Someone asked if I emailed them personally.....NO.....that was Not me. I do NOT post anywhere now but here on my BLOG which is a Post to ALL my Fans.


ashleigh said...

hope u get the allclear to post teh places your goin
hears hoping you can come to england some time soon

love ashleigh

Lizzie (: said...

Ahh! I'm gonna die if you come back to Chicago. I love you so much (:

Anonymous said...

oh r u doin' a like meet and greet tour or somethin'?....i can not wait until monday!!!....2 days that all i gotta remember....any hoo i can't wait for the new song!...g2g!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

Daniela said...

it's sad that I live in Israel..
but have fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of travelling?
...A mall tour like ashley tisdale is my guess! But if its true come to London everyone loves u here man!

brooke said...

i pray you go to chicago.
i will cryyyyy if you do. you have NO idea how bad i want to see you again! my dad already said he'd take me :D, so thats a plus. ahhh omg i cannot wait until monday! hopefully you'll be able to post the list :]!
talk to you soon.


Carly said...

awww thats exciting! have fun with ur traveling!! and have fun at the hannah montana concert!

i hope ur traveling includes chicago... haha. lol

loved the pumpkin!



Caitlyn said...

On a game called clubpenguin... name on it is ClUbMiTcHeL and im only letting people as my friends that are a fan of you!:-D

Leanne xP said...

-hopes that you're coming back to NY- ...please come?

Ooh a new song, I'll hope I hear it! Can't wait for Monday. I'm gonna be walking around going MondayMondayMondayMonday like Eddie Murphy in Norbit. =]

We had a Halloween party last night and at this party it's like if you're not gonna dress up, you might as well not even come. So me and a couple of my friends went as the Hannah Montana cast's alter egos! I was Mike Standley III, a lot of people liked my costume. I had this zip-up jacket almsot down to my knees, baggy jeans (with the nelt), the boxers (that no one could see), Jordans, a shirt that says Cheese Jerky, the blue visor, and the goatee. Four of my other friends went as Hannah, Lola, Jackson, and a paparazzi. Jackson actually has very dark brown hair and she had blonde hair paint in, and it was... interesting. She had J written on one side of her face and O on the other for Jackson and Oliver, she also hada Cheese Jerky shirt on. We didn't win the costume contest though, this haunted clown thing won and also Ozzy Osbourne and the Flinstones. One fourth grade girl went as a jailed Paris Hilton, we wanted her to win. It was so much fun!


PS: here's a pic of me and Hannah =]...

Elizabeth said...


Traviling? Meet and Greet? I like those put together when it involves you. I'll be listening to radio disney and I'll be sure to tell you if I hear anything.

Have a great time tonight at the concert! Tell Miley and the Jonas Brothers I said 'hello'! (If you can).

<3 Liz

Caroline =] said...

Ohh yay first comment!! Aw thats cool! I can't wait to hear the song on Radio Disney!! Hopefully you come near RI? hahah
Have a great weekend Mitchel (:

-Caroline from RI [:

kristen said...

hey Mitchel thats cool your going to be at the mall!! sorry i cant see you but maybe when you travel somewhere else its cool that you have new songs!! cant wait till november 10th new episode of hannah montana!! ill watch and love it!

you #1 fan

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the concert and at the party! =)....more exciting news? I can't wait....


Sasha said...

Hey Mitchel
I so hope you come to Indiana. Well in the West Lafayette IN. I can not wait for more exciting news on Monday. And I hope you get to share the list.

See ya

Anonymous said...

OMG will u be coming to chicago!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? that would be amazing have fun cant wait to here the new song!

Dani said...


I know one other of those places already, but I won't ruin the surprise for others!!! Hopefully CHICAGO is on your list??? We have 118 signatures on the petiton for you to come back!!!!

g2g But I will comment backer later!


Anonymous said...

That's so cool! Have fun at the concert and the signing! That is a very cool pumpkin, too. I'm going to one of Miley's concerts in December. Are you coming to New England any time soon? I hope so! Really random... this past week a group of German exchange students came to our school! Cool, huh? They were really nice! ttyl!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention in my last post that I'll be listening for the new song! I can't wait to hear it! ttyl! *smile*


Scarlett said...

gah! traveling?

i'm not even gonna ask if you're coming to canada.. i know it will be a no.. :( but that's definately tooo bad, we need you here, we really do.

hope you can come eventually.

thanks, scarlett.

Meeghan said...

I blogged it!
Woo hoo!

I'm happy now.

Katie said...

I really hope you come to Michigan <33

brie said...

OMG! I can't believe how much traveling you'll be doing! I HOPE YOU ARE COMING TO CHICAGO!!!!! Please post the list ASAP!

For everyone who lives in Portland, have a blast with Mitchel!

Congrats on your music being on Radio Disney! I hope I get a chance to hear it soon!

luv, brie

Mariam. [: said...


so thats so amazing that you're doing lots of traveling...
as long as you don't forget about the kids in l.a.

so i made this as a joke,
and i dunno why but it made me laugh. if anything like that really happened, i have no idea what i'd do. probably go completely insane. hahahah.

i love you so much!
the girl whos taking the big bad green sign out next friday. (;

Fer said...

hope you have a great time tonight at Miley's concert!!

awww wish I could meet you...=( are you ever coming to Mexico??? lots of people love you here=D

Can't wait to hear your new song!
love ya<3


come to colorado.
no one ever comes here.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Please come back to Chicago! Por favor! I still haven't been able to meet you in person! PLEASE COME! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW SONG!:) -LYNN , YOUR #1 FAN FROM CHICAGO!!!

Anonymous said...


i can't wait till monday!!
or the new song on radio disney

hope u come here!!

Alyssa xoxo<33

Smurfy said...

Still only part? GROWL.

GAWD, I hope you come to Orlando.
I just read that Metro Station will be here on Wednesday but I can't go. I was really bummed out by that. But if you come, there is no way I won't be there.

New song? Sweet. Can't wait!

Now there is a reason for MOndays to not be so crappy anymore!

Love Selah.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just fainted! I'm like nottt breathing! I livee in portland! Omg! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Ill be there totally mitchel! This will be the 3rd time I meet u! Mitchel, I'm like shaking! I can't believe u r coming to MY city! I have had 2 travel down to california to meet u the last 2 times. I'm totallly freaking att. I'm at lloyd center every saturday for acting thingyss. I'm actually going there in about a hour for a audition for sumthing. Ahhh! I'm still like shocked. When I ran 2 go tell my dad 2 plz plz plz take me 2 the meet n greet thingy, I tripped over my playstation controller, got up, ran into the door, and fell over the couch. Wow. I'm pretty much lame. Well I gotz to goz. Luv ya! Ill see u in 2 days!


Chelsea. said...

YEAH. i second the whole...come to Colorado thing.
that would be...pleasant.
to say the least.

aw. Yay for Radio Disney and Hannah Montana concerts.

wish i could go. :]
have fun!

Anonymous said...


i hope you're coming to KY! =]
cuz you know i'll be there! :]

can't wait to hear the new song!!!

iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

Hey Mitchel
im so happy there is gonna be a new song on radio disney!! ughh ii cant wait to hear it!

yesterday my class friends threw a surprise brithday party for me at school! ii lovedd itt.

my real birthdays on October 28. ii no ii keep saying this in yoor blogs, but pleaseeeeee, ii wouldnt want anything more than yooh simply writing happy birthday Christine in yoor blog .. . ii hope yooh can! it will be the BEST birthday present from yooh!!

Have fun at Utah and at the parties!

With Love,
Christine <3

Sara said...

OMG if you come to Massachusetts my life will be amazing. Seriously, I'm seeing Metro Station in 2 weeks and now your telling me your about to do a lot of traveling???? That makes me VERY VERY VERY excited. Only, I'm afradi I won't be so lucky because nobody ever comes here :(.

If you come to Boston I can DEFINETLY go. *crosses fingers*

Actually, I'm worried about whether or not I can see Metro Station because I haven't talked to my friend who has the tickets in 2 days and thats REALLY abnormal. :(. I REALLY REALLY REAlly wanna go see them though but I have no other way to get there other than her cousin driving us there. *sigh*

...I had to vent.

Anyway, I'll be hoping you come to Massachusetts.

Love ya!

capi said...

are you coming to florida anytime soon?

!~Mitchel*Luver~! said...

hehe that was a cute pumpkin. i hope u are safe and have a great time traveling! i so wish i was with i love you! im gonna be at the metro station concert on dec4 so please please go! i love you and have lots and lost of fun at the hannah concert!

Emily said...

youre coming to that karaoke thing on friday right?? or else radio disney is a liar.haha. i plan on going and hope to see you there! are you going to any of miley's shows in the L.A. area?? that would be so amazing & now i'll be listening to radio disney nonstop! it'll be so cool now that i can hear miley, emily, and you all on the same station!

~Emily from san fernando vallley

Kaitlin FEAR said...

Hey Mitchel!
That picture that you put on your blog, hehe that's Meeghan!
hehe how are you?

alisha said...

i hope you come to massachusetts.

Lauren said...

you should have a meet & greet in Easton, Pennsylvania.

that's where all the cool kids are at;

Anonymous said...

I really hope you come back to Chicago so i can see you again! That would be awesome! I hope you have a great time traveling! Sounds like a lot of fun.
Keep posting in your blog! I love to hear from you <3
Have an awesome weekend Mitchel!
I love you

Jessiica Rene'e =) said...

i cant wait till monday to hear where your gonna be traveling im hopeing near the pittsburgh area (but noone goes there) lol.
or even if u go to new york its only like 7 hours away from me haha. .. Hope you have fun at the concert! && have a good weekend =)

oh yah loved the pumpkin lol

Jessiica Benedetto =)

Anonymous said...

come back to NEW YORRKKKK!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

come near nebraska :] i want to see you again! it's been like a year, which is wayyy too long ;]

here's a pic of me and your brother and my friend and trace. and then another pic of my friend and i with trace and blake after a metro station show we went to. they were awesome! (i'm the one in the picture that is in the white box)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm a little sore from ODP tryouts today and i got kick in the back of the leg with was a little painful.

I really want to see you in Califonia so bad.

I was watching hannah montana on friday and it look like a new eposide when i was watching it but i dont know but i wasn't sure if it was.

See ya

Your #1 Fan,

****Courtney #21****

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you have fun at Miley's concert and get to meet fans. Have fun meeting fans as well at Portland. Portland is a unquie place and really pretty. I hope you have fun visiting there if you haven't been there before.

That's really awesome that you're going to do a lot of traveling. I can't wait for the list on Monday to see where else you're going to travel.

Can't wait for the other news that you have to share with us Mitchel!


Anonymous said...

going to florida any time soon? =)

Zainab said...

Hey Mitchell!
I'm pretty sure you'll have a blast at the Hannah concert,Later!

Anonymous said...

you better come to NJ or NY !
when i heard the incubator on Rado Dinsey I screamed so loud on the way to school && i was singign wasn't your girlfriend all day & my teacher was flipping out she wanted to give me detention ! but she said it was a good song =]

if you come i can't wait to see you again =] YAY !

-xo Michele

kimboliciousl said...

Please come near New Jersey, Teaneck!! It would be awesome. I really want to meet you!! If you have time later please check out my myspace!!

I hope i can meet you. You are really awesome!

PS: i photoshopped a picture of us, haha. i was too desparate!

Haha. Love you!<3


amanda q said...

hi mitchel!
thats tottally awesome that you like to travel :D
and i cant wait to hear that song
please come to california again haha i cant wait to see you again

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I hope you get to visit southern California soon, Rancho Cucamonga, perhaps! I hope you have fun at Miley's concert and you'll have surprises for all of us again soon!

Take care and have fun,
Ambrea from Cali

Holly said...

Have fun at the concert. Cool. I hope to hear the new song. You should come to southern New Jersey like Atlantic City and up. Hope you do a meet and greet here in NJ soon. Remember to keep an eye out for the petition.


OMG guess what! my dad got tickets to see miley in chicago!!! i cant belive it! the seats kinda suck but at least we get to go!!! speaking of neeed to come back because that would be the most amazing thing everrrrr. and someone said that you should go on a mall tour like tizz did. that would coooool. ahhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

well.....if you are anywhere near L.A. PLEASE!!!!! shout out because i am sooooooo close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what inspires you to write you music?????????????


chipsahoyawsomesmart said...

Ok, thanks for telling me.. Im really gonna give that girl a piece of my mind for giving me a fake email like that. I mean it made me rest so uncomfortabley last night.. I shouldve have been able to tell the difference though. I sort of did but, I wasnt sure, but to bad it wasnt you anyways, because now there will never be anyway of contact with you except for here, unless I have you comment me back in my own blog. Well, ok if you would later leave be a blog comment. Im gonna make a comment blog just for you to comment for me. It will be called "Mitchel Musso comments for Jessica Montes"

Muneeb said...

Man You Really are the first star ive seen that really gets in touch with his fans...That is awsome...That really inspires me. Not only do u get in touch..U update at times And Then U Surprise them. If I Do become a gonna do this blog thing too..Nice way to put a smile on a fans face. Well keep up the good work mann...Lookin foward to that new i feel like the only dude here ..kinda scary...pshh oh well...Hannah Montana and Your music rocks.

Caitlyn said...

OMG...I hope you can come to NY!!! I will seriously CRY if you do!

Muneeb said...

Another thing..Something Great About Music Is Theme...Which Isn't Much Anymore..Like Michael Jackson's Thriller Theme OF Horror.."Beat It" Gang theme..Or Like Will.I.Am's Song Called "She's A Star" Which Has Space Music If U Haven't Heard It Check It Out

:) Good Luck On Ur New Album

ally m said...

all these lucky girls in your blog.
i am determined to do something to one day become one of them!

aw. i dont think youd ever come to grand rapids, mi. too far away, lol.

on your official site, they have a new layout. and they have my favorite picture of you ever on there. so im happy. :)

cant wait for the new song!
and the new ep. coming soon!
please say youre in it!

<3 ally m.

bruno said...

too bad that I live in Brazil
I'd love to meet you :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! How was the concert? ttyl!


Anonymous said...

I hope you can come to somewhere down south in Florida!!! Like Miami or something....

Love Savannah

kelsey said...

o man i cant wait til monday!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love you!

Anonymous said...

hey mitch!...i just did this like today....c i found a picture of u at the monster house premire and i copied and sent it to me.....then i saved it to my computer...and now u r my personal desktop background! friend called me crazy 4 doin' that but i don't care!!...any hoo hope u had fun at the concert!!!...ttyl!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!! PLEASE...I hope you are coming to in Northwestern, Ohio!! Pretty pretty please I'm like wishing and hoping and dreaming and all that good stuff....begging is more like it!! My dream is to meet of my only wish-on-a-star-pinky-swear-stick-a-needle-in-my-eye-I-am-not-even-joking kind of dreams...I am serious! LOL. So please...come to Ohio...NORTHWESTERN Ohio!

Love you always,


karina. said...

hmmm. lots of traveling, huh? would that mean you're TOURING? *cough* haha. i'm just guessing, but since you're kicking off a music career, it would make sense =p come back to northern california though! the elves girls can't wait to see you again =)

morgan bl said...

i hope you come back to florida! i love you! mwah

ttran said...

Hey Mitchel!

So you're traveling a lot, huh? That's very interesting to know! Maybe you'll visit where I live!

I'll be sure to listen to your new song. I'm sure it'll be AWESOME.

Aww! I saw Meeghan's adorable pumpkin!

And I'm glad to hear you're safe!

Well, I hope you have an incredible week!

Terri said...

OMG i hope you come to Boston area!! I would die to meet you mitchel

well cant wait till tommorow !!(monday)

Terri said...

OMG!! i hope you come to Boston, New Hampshire area!!

Cant wait till tommorow to see if you are allowed to tell!!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait til tomorrow!....i am so anxious!...only a few more hours...i hope!....i <3 u so much!....u have to come to nebraska!...i have been waiting 4 a day until i will finally meet u!!!...g2g!!

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

Anonymous said...

chicago... lol


Samantha said...

Oh wow. Super cool! I can't wait to see the list! Grand Rapids, fingers crossed! =D


Olivia said...


this rest of the suprise better be in the LA area mrrrr :]]<3

Carly said...

hey i have to go to school but i cant wait till i get bk cuz hopefully the list will be up...and if not thats okay too!... if theeres a chance that u dont post today i hope u have fun in oreagon!! and hope all the fans have fun too. (well y wouldnt they) lol. well have fun ttyl cant wait to see the list!!!!



ELENA said...

¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ´¶¶¶¶¶

mitchels babe said...

i CANNOT wait for the new song!! by the way I LOVE 'Leavin'. can't wait for your CD..hope its soon!

love ya always babe

Georgina Lily! said...

Heeeyyyyyyyyy! =]

You should totalllly come to En-gal-and!! lol..

England is cool.. Infact its freezing, so bring a jumper lol!!!

Byeeeeee x

Lv Georgina x

P.S. That pumpkin is soo cool! =]

Abbster said...

Hey Mitchel!
I hope you come to Florida! :)
Ahh! I'm soo excited! I'm going to a Motion City Soundtrack concert tonight, and Metro Station is opening!! I'm only going for Metro Station though. haha. I'm sooo pumped! lol.
Well, I gotta go drink lotsa Red Bull! Have an truely awesome week!

Taylor said...

YAY MITCHEL!! i hope u come 2 florida again. hope u had funn in utah and had fun in oregon. :) ill be soo excited if u come tho!! :] cant wait 4 the new song and 2 c where ur going! ttyl.


Anonymous said...

eeeek, i can't wait for the suprise. my friends lizzie and brooke are praying you go back to chicago for them, so i hope you do (:

i can't wait to hear the full version of your new song. i've only heard a little bit of it so far, and i'm already in love with it!

it's my friend emma's birthday today, and at the weekend i'm sleeping over at her house. guess what movie we're watching? MONSTER HOUSE! haha, i love it. i must have watched it like three times in the car on the way to my holiday last week.

anyway, have a great week mitchel.
ily lots (:

aNt said...

Hey kid u rock my soul

Carly said...

ahhh! mitchel this is killin me! lol. see im going to florida like sometime next month.... and im hoping during that time u dont go to the place where i live. if ur even going... lol but yah please post soon. im dieing here! lol

i just was watching hannah montana and it was the study ep. i love the part where u scream oh its a gusher! haha soo funny! well have fun at ur meet and greet!!!



Paige said...

Hi Mitchel! If only you were coming to Miley's San Jose concert...

The day you posted this blog was the day of my very first Homecoming Dance! It was a ton of fun!

Luv ya, Mitchel!!!


P.S. A lot is 2 and Miley both do that...

I wanna she Mitchel :]]] said...

ITS MONDAY!!!!!! I WANT TO KNOW THE NEWS DANG IT!! ahaaa but for real tho, where you comin?? let us know already hottie face. i want to see you ;D

Tess said...

i've been waiting pretty much FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! btw, i'm going to a Metro Station concert on Dec. 16th.

Anonymous said...

it is monday mitchel....can u tell us please???????....thsi is really taunting me!!!!.....come on i have been waitin' all day!!!!!....please?......

~*luv2laugh*~ :)

Anonymous said...

omg!! I hope you come to Pennsylvania!!That would be a dream come true!!!hey wait a second today is Monday...that means your going to post where you are going!! YAY!! I can't wait another day to find out! Love you like a child loves their teddy bear!!

Jess W.

christina T. said...

sooo i was gonna go to the portland thing, then i got the flu and figured you wouldn't want to catch it, so i missed ya.
oh well, i've seen you before, but have yet to get a picture, i'll get one next time =]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey mitch! I met u at the lloyd center in portland,OR 2day. I was the 1 who gave u the dogtag and thee starbursts. My name is ashlee, it says that on the bak of the dogtag if u hadn't noticedd. I ammmmm supppppper excited 2 c u in San Jose! I'm traveling, by myself, down there and I'm gonna meet up with my family and stuff. I really can't wait! I realllllllllllly luved meeting u 2day. I practically fanted when u remembered me! And srry 4 kinda stalking u when u were walking up the stairs...*cough*....I am likee soo excited 2 c u again! I hope u like ur dogtag! I seriously thought off that yesterday! Ohh and I luved 2day when a girl asked if u were single and u asked how old she was and she's like "11!" ohh yeaa, I like recorded a video of u! And I LUV ur new music! I was singing along 2 wasn't ur gf and leavin! My favorite songs off the world! Well PEACE-OUT,
Ashlee(a.ka. The person who gives u starbursts!)