Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just part of the SURPRISE!!!

Please visit me here!!! And let me know what you think??? There's many more surprises to come!! I PROMISE



Tiffany said...

love it!!!! you sound great!! i love "leavin" alot! it's my favorite so far!!

i didn't know your parents also did acting and music. very cool!

seriously, leavin is amazing. dude, ahhh amazing!! lol i just sound stupid. but for real, good stuff :]

Inessa said...

i lov you mitchel (l)

Anonymous said...

gahh i love it!


Meghan said...

That radio Disney thing was COOL!! I can't wait to hear Leavin'!! I'm over here going "NOOOOOOOOOOO! WHERE'S THE REST OF THE SONG!" But yeah, I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THE REST OF LEAVIN' it sounds FANTASTIC! But that Incubator thing you did rocked! Keep releasing songs! You are not only an awesome actor/role model! You are also the man at music! I also LIKE the messages of your songs!

Ok, I really really LOVE "Wasn't Your Girlfriend", but I was a bit iffy on "Let's Go" and "Leavin'" sounds more like "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" so yeah I'm spazzing out lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!

OMG!!!!! I heard part of your new song Leavin!! IT'S AWESOME!!!!! So thats part of the suprise?? I got there from the link you gave us! It's The best song ever!! GO MITCHEL!!

-Chelsea AKA Chilli

Mic said...

Sorry I can`t see it..i don`t have that flash stuff.

Anonymous said...

I like the song leavin' kinda nasly though, you're on your way mitch!!! You're gonna rock!!!!

Hannah said...

Whooo! that was pretty awesome!
i like let's go the most cuz it's more lively. i like lively songs a lot.
congrats! and stay doin' what you're doin'.


p.s. basketball season for my middle school are starting up in about 2 weeks, and practice is everyday til 5ish so i won't have as much time to check out your blog. but i'll try to as much as i can.:)

Emily said...

OMMGG! (: Ahh. I'm excited. I'm exploring that site right now. Congratulations on everything, Mitchel!

mariam! (: said...

ohmygosh. (:
leavin' is amazingggg.
just like you.
i can't wait to hear the whole songgg!

and i cant wait for the other stuff! <3

oh boy.
so im gonna start making that video soon.
hahahha. (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchel!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! As I'd say It's la CA√ĎA!! hehe! Leavin is great! Can't wait to hear the rest of the surprises!

Have a great time! and post soon, please!!

Love Ya!

Erin91 said...

i think i just melted into the carpet.
why are u so amazing?
for real though, what can't you do? are you like secretly illiterate or something? right now ur pretty perfect.

anyway, leavin=amazing! omg loved it!
why'd they change your wasn't your girlfriend lyrics? too scandalous for radio disney? haha i liked your first version better ;-)

anyway, i don't know if you know this're kind of a big deal. people know you. hah sorry anchorman quote.
ps-really sorry for such a long comment

meeghan said...


that's about it.
It sums what i had to say really well.
love ya mitch.

Anonymous said...

wow I love it, its not even the full song but i really like it!!
I can't wait for the suprises! :)

lots of love,

Elizabeth said...


Best. Surprise. Ever.
Leavin' has a JT vibe!
I love all you songs but "Wasn't Your Girlfriend" has to be my favorite.

I can't wait to hear the full recorded version of those songs!

<3 Liz

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel that was AWESOME!!!! I'm not kidding!! Could u maybe post the lyrics sometime? That would be cool!!


Anonymous said...

Mitchel, I seriously listened to wasn't ur gf, lets go, leavin and the interview for 3 hrs last nite. I listened 2 leavin the most, 84 times. And I'm not even kidding u. My mom got mad at me cause that's ALLLL I played. I am so stoked 2 hear ur surprises! AHHH! U know, u have got me like waiting sooo impatiently, I seriously tell my friends that if u don't say the surprises soon, I will put the starburst cases I ordered 4 u on bak order! Oh and yesterday I won like 7 things of starbursts and I ate like 10 of them and I was soooooooooo hyper, it was hilarious wat I did, I ran outside when its POURING and hailing and I have on shorts and a tank and I'm dancing like a werdio and I fall over my self and I laughed soo hard......sooo I think I need 2 leave the starbursts 2 u......mitchel, I am like going crzy here, I don't know if I can see metrostation in LA or anaheim cause that day my grandpa bough me tickets 2 c the jonas brothers after I told him I wanted 2 c metrostation on dec. 4, so idk,I mite go 2 the metrostation concert on the 3rd, then fly 2 seattle the next day, idk.......well hope u don't kill me by not telling the surprises!

Daniela said...

YOU AWSOMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU ROCKKK!!!!!!!!!!
Daniela :](from Israel)

Anonymous said...

okok i'll go!....guess what?!....metro station is in town tonite!....too bad i just remembered now....i could've gotten tickets!.....ok i'll tell ya what i think once i watch it!


kristina said...

I love the song leavin it was good mitchel.

Anonymous said...

OMG!.....THAT WAS AWESOME!....i luve the song leavin'!.... :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!! This song is incredible!!!!!!! I love Let's go and Wasn't your girlfriend.....i think this will be so awesome!!!!!!! I love your voice!....please come here in Italy one time....=)


Alisha said...

omg. mitchel u sound awesome!! i love all your songs. YOU ROCK.=]]]]] are you gunna come out with a cd with all your songs? if you do im so gunna get it!! i was gunna get your brothers cd but i didnt have enough money. =[. i love your new song Leavin, its so awesome. was that song just PART of the surprise?? will there be more?


Anonymous said...

Your voice sounds much better in high quality =)

I didn't like 'Let's Go', but 'Leavin' and 'Wasn't Your Girlfriend' are very good.

I must hear you sing a balad. Muuuuuuuuuuust. Your voice would sound sweet in a slow song. You must also duet with Miley. Muuuuuuuuust. Or Emily. Either would be awesome.

Good job on the singing so far - I look forward to hearing you with maybe a different style, maybe more rock-ish than hip hoppish, and hopefully a ballad/duet of some sort in the future.

Samantha said...

Give kudos to Ashlee! (the one who came from seattle on my birthday(september 16th, =D) to see you. She posted that on IMDb last night so I and the rest of the Jonas loving community could hear it.

I love all three songs! I think i like Wasn't Your Gilfriend best though. Its super catchy.

Can't wait for the rest of the suprise!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!
Guess what....
Today is my birthday! woot! lol
I can't wait to here about your surprises coming! I'm very excited.
Keep up the good work.
I love you!<3

Olivia said...

ahh i heard it while i wa babysitting yesterday and i was like.
andd now u make me wanna make a websitee all mitchel ishh :D

my dad will pay for it YEEEEE!

i hope people are n't like fjkasndfjkasnf to me about being in your blog last time.
jealousy is a buttttt. ;D

oh well its not like i'm being like


k just had to say that.

el end.

ally m said...

i cant wait to hear the full version!

mitchel, you are an amazing singer :) seriously like, i love your voice. ha, who wouldve thought youd be so great?! :D meaning that in a good way.

but seriously. i love your music. keep up the AMAZING work. <3 youre the best!

& i loved "thats what friends are for?".. you were FINALLY in an episode! i missed you :( and you were hilarious!

ps. on that radio disney thing, is that a different version of wasnt your girlfriend? the lyrics sound different...

<3 ally m.

bianca; said...

haha doode the preview of
leaving was pretty neat. and
on your incubator thing i saw
that in your bio that your
favorite sport is football..
lets play?! haha i love football
and i know.. im a girl but hey
thats sexism . haha. football
is neat. got a gooood grade for
football at school was better,
then a lot of the guys ;] and
sushi! yum. loveee sushi, japanese
foood. and we should skateboard together one day..w/out helmets haha.

Caroline =] said...

OOOHHH MYYYY GOODDYY GOSHHH!! LOve it!! Its SERIOUSLY AMAZZZINGG!! Ah i really love it Mitchel! You're so talented! "Leavin" Is deff my favorite!!

Ps. You were awesome in Hannah Montana last night, hahah no showering for like days hehehe and jackson smelt so bad a seagul died, haha good stuff (: Have a great saturday!
Peace & Love,
Caroline from RI

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

The New song "Leavin" is absolutley amazing.:]

Can't wait for some surprises.

See ya

Your #1 Fan,

Courtney #21

Amanda Q said...

I LOVE your song "Leavin" its very dynamite <-- my new word ahha
yepp you should make a music myspace cause i really want to put your songs on my myspace XD your so awesome and talented you seem so perfect is there anything you cant do!

i love you ,

Anonymous said...

ur great :D
cd anytime soon?
i'd buy it =D
love youuuuuuuuuuu =]
i met you before :'D

Rachel said...


Shannon said...

wow mitchel i love your voice soo much!!! I basicly started crying when i heard leavin. You are amazing! <3

heather b said...

heyy mitchel =]
gooodd luck with everyythingg . you're the best ! my sweeet 16 is coming up on tuesday .. to bad you're not in jersey =[ love yaaa

Anonymous said...

aww i'm so excited for all these surprises!! Loved the new episode of HM this week! can't wait till lilly's mom has got it goin on!!!

-Megan (we met on the set!!!)

ps. it's my birthday on thursday! 15 babyyy!!

morgan blanchard said...

omg! mitchel you have an amazing voice!! wow. i love you more and more everyday!

always, morgan

Georgina Lily! said...

Hey Hey, Brother From Another Mother..

Whats Happenin Dude!!

Lol.. I have no idea what that was about, but i felt like saying it lol..

So... That 'Leaving' Song is really good.. I love it, really do!! Id say its my favourite =]

I had my hair done today, its really nice, i have dark brown hair with reddy brown streaks in, i love it =]

just thought id tell you that..

and im gonna go now, but before i do, hears a song...

[[To the tune of Hey Mickey]]

Hey Mitchel, your so fine,
your so fine you blow my mind
Hey Mitchel
Hey, Hey,
Hey Mitchel!!!

Lol!!! Byeeeeee x x x x
Love Georgina..

P.S.. keep Makin great songs for me to listen to lol!! xxxx

Lizzie (: said...

Omg Mitchel.. "Leavin" is one of the best things I've ever heard. I can't wait to hear the full song. I keep replaying the clip over and over. Ahh, I love it.

i love you (:

Georgina Lily! said...

You Are The Music Man,
You come from far away,
And you can sing,
What can you sing?
You sing the best songs!!!

Best songs, best songs, best song songs, best song songs, best song songs, best songs, best songs, best song songs, best songs, best song songs!!!!!!!

LOL! [[To the tune of Music Man]]

Love Georgina [The Cool Fool!] xxx

Anonymous said...

WOW! i already heard "let's go" and "wasn't your girlfriend" during the summer, but the song "leavin" was so great! how do you hit those high notes so effortlessly? hahaha. i can't wait to hear the rest of the song. im sure it will be just as good.

♥ laurie

christine said...

OMGG MITCH II LOVEE LEAVIN!! its awesome! yooh sound soo good!! kantt waitt to hear da suprises!!!

but seriously leavin is awesome! da minute ii heard it ii screamed (haha dat happens a lot) and ii fell in lovee wid it!! kantt wait to hear the full song!! DUDEE II KANTT WAIT TO HEAR YOOR AWESOME MUSIC ily <3

With Love,
Christine (your #1 fan) <3

Dani said...

I really like the song Leavin'!


Jessica said...

MITCHEL!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! "Leavin" is so AWESOME!! I'm like, so excited!! Mitchel, you have an INCREDIBLE voice!! Gosh, I'm gonna like, listen to that song all day!!!

Anonymous said...

i love love love wasn't your girlfriend! you have such a good voice, its raspy when you sing, i love it :) can't wait for more suprises!

Anonymous said...

OMG MITCHEL I LOVE THAT SONG IT IS AMAZING U R SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TALENTED!!!!!!!!! so u got me to thinkin about doing a lil rap myself and here it is if ur interested.........

there once was a skittle on the flo u c
then a midget picked up and he threw at me
i said hey lil dude dont u mess with me i have 3 black belts in kor ra te
he didnt belive me and he said yea right if u think yo so tuff then lets start a fight
i was thinkin he cant be fo real
i mean he cant mess with me cuz im da real deal

dont u just love it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

leavin is AMAZING!!
WOO!! maybe it's my favee out of the 3?? haha idk i haven't heard the whole song yet :D
YAY!! =]

lol. i have 3 essays to do and i got online to look something up and i was like "OH I NEED TO GO LOOK AT MITCHEL'S BLOG!!AH!"
so that totally made my day =]
i had to get up early and take the PSAT =//

last night's HM episode was GRREAT!! you make me laugh so hard =]

yea buddy. that was awesome.
YOU are awesome.


Daniella said...

omg! "leavin" is like my new favourite song of yours *lol
sending love love love,

Chelsee said...

Oh my God, Mitchel you're such an amazing singer!!!! You totally had me fooled on "leavin", at first I was like "hmm, who is this. It can't be Mitchel." Seriously, I thought it was like Chris Brown or something! lol! But I think you're better than Chris Brown. I love the songs, keep it up!


Leanne xP said...

Wow, I really like Leavin! It's probably my favorite so far and I haven't even heard the full version. I can't wait for the other surprises!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures especially the first one!! I wish they would play the full songs instead of just parts of it tho. Can't wait to hear more songs and see new episodes of Hannah Montana. Friday's episode was hilarious!! :]

anna signore said...

OH EM GEE!!! omg! Mitchel! omg i am soo soo i am speachless!!! i love it sooo much! your amazing! omg i cant even explain how i feel.. lol but all i have to say is i love it and your voice is AmAzInG!!! keep it up and thanks soo much for sharing! this is soo exciting! omg good job!
i love you!
♥ anna signore

Sasha said...

You soun d awesome on "Leavin" I can't wait to hear all of it. You are totaly amazing. I can't wait for more surprises!!!

See ya

Anonymous said...

my birthday is the same as yours (07/09/91), happy sweet 16

Anonymous said...

Mitchel. Woa, are you talented!! I love all of your songs! And in the Incubator when you explained how you got into music, it just seemed like it just....happened, you know what I mean? I love music. It'd be awesome just to get into the music biz just like that! I love singing along to all my favorite songs...*blush*...umm yeah that'd be your songs! LOL. And Miley's! Wow I love her songs too. ANYWHO back to you! Keep up the awwwwesome work and can't wait to hear more of your songs! That's all I have to say....

Love always,

Anonymous said...

I THINK: it's faaaaaab.
I'm thinking radio disney changed some of the lyrics to "leavin" or "wasn't your gf" ... too hottt for radioooooooooooo ??!!??

LOOOOVES itttt=] !


katie said...

mitchel..your just TOO amazing.
if you ever come out with a cd, i would definatly buy it. fur sure.

now!.. can we all know the REST of the surprise...pleeeaassse


-Katie A.

Caitlyn said...

this really has nothing to do with your message, but i was just wondering if for my birthday (november 2) if you could do a birthday shout out to me on your name is caitlyn, it would be the greatest gift EVER!!

Caitlyn said...

heyy its caitlyn again... even though i only heard a preveiw of 'leavin' it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!
you are the greatest siger in the universe!!

rachell said...

mitchel is amazingggggg<3
so is your brother, i met him yesterday

Rebekah said...

Hey Mitchel! Like everyone else is saying, I can't wait to hear the rest of Leavin. Sounds amazing so far. You have such a great voice. And it's so cool about how your mom and brother help you out (I don't have perfect pitch either). Can't wait to hear the rest of your news!!!

Love ya! Rebekah

Katie said...

o my god! thats soo kewl!!!! I LOVE IT! but today i hit my head really hard so im kinda out of it but i think that the music just brought me back!! lol love ya, katie o

Chloe! said...


I loved the whole "Incubator".
Sounded great!
Your so sweet to your brothers.
I already love Wasen't Your Girlfriend, and Let's Go.

I listened to the "Leavin" clip so many times!

Hey, what's your height?
Just wondering.



iiLoveMitchelTatex3 said...

ilyy mitch <3

christine name was me now ii made a blogger haha ii feel soo kewl (:


With Love,

Smurfy said...

My gosh!
I love 'Leavin'...or at least the portion of it I heard. But I'm kind of on the fence about the Radio Disney Edit of 'Wasn't Your Girlfriend'. Maybe it's because I'm used to the regular version...I don't know. 'Let's Go' is so much better to listen to without all the screaming, you know, from fans. I'll save a lot of money on hearing aids, I'll tell you that.

...Wait. Just part of the surprise? Are you joking? There's more? You're doing it again, Mitchel. Just leaving me hanging. I have to occupy my time with reading books about vampires and werewolves. -sigh-

Anonymous said...


Fer said...

awww mitchel that is soooo cool!
i reaally live leavin!!
you totally rock!!

Kimberley Lash said...

ahhh. mitchel! i am like your BIGGEST fan everrr! i love you! i love your voice. KEEP SINGING. or rapping! lol. i love it. youre awesome. I would LOVE to meet you. come to New Jersey or like New york!! Please? I love youuuu. Youre great.

My myspace:

Anonymous said...


just felt like saying

i'm gonna make me a blogger thing.
just lettin you know. ahah.


Jordana said...

it's awesome!
Please come to Toronto to see Metro Station haha.

Anonymous said...

I Love It Wait No..........
<3 Ya
<3 Always

Amyy said...


i was confused...cuz i already made a blogger thing. i had just forgotten!! CRazyy!!

you've already read my comment thing. how COOL is THAT?
very cool.

hope you're having a GREAT day!!
and if not.... um... well hopefully you are :D

love youuuu

-(aMbReA)- said...

Hey Mitchel,

I'm glad that you got your own little piece on Radio Disney! That's really great! I heard your new song "Leavin'" and your vocals were sooo awesome! I can't even believe that you can make your voice go so high!! I'm just so physched about it! I like singing myself, but I don't know, I never really thought of becoming a singer. I think I'm really good but no one's ever really heard me before...Well, I hope that you get to make your decisions and hopefully take a bigger step into becoming a music artist and who knows, maybe you'll make your first debut album! Take care and have fun with singing!! ^^

Take care!
Ambrea from Cali

Bridie said...

The pictures are awesome. And I absoulutley LOVE Leavin'.
Because I'm from New Zealand your songs aren't on the radio =( Lol.
You and Mason look so alike by the way! Lol.

If you could could you pppeeeeeaaaallleeeeaaasssseeeeee send me a shout-out in your next blog!! Dude you are so freaking awesome!!


Bridie said...

Oh yeah!! I must add a duet with Miley would be might wicked. :D


Olivia said...

ay bay bayyy

i got a bed today.

anddd leavin is my favorite.

heres the clip link if people wanna download that shiiizzz??

dontt worry though its like 30 seconds anyway
and when your cd comes out even if i already had all the songs i'd still buy it :]]



Anonymous said...



i was just on metro station's myspace.. i dont know HOW i missed this before, but they're coming to KY!! AHH!! i'm so excited =]

ya know what? it's the SAME DAY that miley & JB will be in KY. how crazy!!? i didn't get tickets to that though...
so maybe i can go see them!! :D
for rizzle.


[for some reason it won't let me sign onto my blogger...WHAT?? i KNOW i couldn't have forgot my username that quickly! LOL!]

love youuuu

Tiffany said...

woah, my comment was first on this post. that has never happened to me on here before! lol

so i saw metro station tonight. they were really good! i met them afterward, and your brother is so nice! i think he thought it was weird when i told him that i had met both of his brothers before (since i have met you, marc, and now mason too) but whatever, lol. they were all still cool and really fun to see and meet!

Lauren said...

lovin it! your rockin! :)

ELENA said...


brie said...

I've already seen it, and it's AWESOME!!! I can't wait to hear more of "Leavin'" It sounds really good! And I've listened to "Wasn't Your GF" so many times! I LOVE THAT SONG!!!

Can't wait to hear the rest of the news!

luv, brie

brie said...

oh, i forgot...


luv, brie

mitchels babe said...

oh my gosh...a new song!!


the interview is cool too..oh cool!

mitchels babe said...

just realized..sorry to comment again:
the lyrics for
'Wasn't Your Girlfriend' are different then the one you first released on radio disney??

caitlyn said...

Caitlyn said...
this really has nothing to do with your message, but i was just wondering if for my birthday (november 2) if you could do a birthday shout out to me on your name is caitlyn, it would be the greatest gift EVER!!

5:50 PM

Caitlyn said...
heyy its caitlyn again... even though i only heard a preveiw of 'leavin' it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!
you are the greatest siger in the universe!!

6:00 PM

it is my 11th bday to let you SO EXCITED!!!!!

MARIAM! said...

i think i found the other surprise.
): too bad i can't go see you since its prettyyyy far.
i really hope you're gonna do something in l.a. and this isn't the entire surprise.
cause i havent seen you since august and i miss youuuu.

have fun at jingle jammmmmmmm!

why couldn't it be in l.a.?

Scarlett said...

hey, i love you're voice it's great.
but honestly, i'd really love to hear you with you're guitar.

do you know what would be crazy cool?

you and mason doing like an acoustic metro station song! yeah..
that'd be amazing.

Scarlett said...

hey, i love your voice, it's great.
but, honestly, i'd love to here you with your guitar.

do you know what would be crazy cool?

if you and mason did an acoustic metro station song! that would be incredible. yeah..

Christina said...

omg that is so cool! xD I love wasn't your girlfriend Give us more suprises plz

brooke said...

wow mitch.
even though i only got to listen to a little bit of 'leavin'
i think its amazing.
i love you so incredibly much.
please go to chicago, & that will make my life

..until i marry you that is.


Ashley said...

That's sooooooo cool!!! Actually today(21st) is my BFF Talia M.'s B-Day! She would be sooooo JAZZ if you could wish her happy birthday! Oh and mine's next Sunday(28th) woo hoo! Anywho hope you have fun w/ your music.
<3 Ashley W.

Mariah said...

Thats great!
You are amazing <3 I'm still trying to find stupid stamps so I can send my letter to you!

Emily said...

ahh thats so cool! you sound so awesome in ALL of the songs! good luck with your music, i hope to hear you on the radio really soon!

~Emily from san fernando valley

Anonymous said...

yay part of the suprise
that is so awesome
there's all pictures
i can't wait to hear the rest

-xo Michele

Taylor said...

heyy mitchel!! yay! im soo happy 4 ya!! i absolutley LOVE all your songs!! your soo amazing! well, i still can't wait 4 the surprise!! :)


Daniella said...

ive listened to leavin well over 100 times lol

Andie said...

Thats GREAT!!!! Keep it up Mitchel!!!
Luv ya'


Olivia recorded the song.
Posted it on IMDB.
And I made a video

Shannon said...

i love your new song "leavin"! it's so great...i also love "wasn't your girlfriend" and "let's go"!! I live in Canada so i can't listen to radio disney, but i wish i could!

I didn't know your parents were involved in music and acting as well, you have a very talented family!

I'm going to be in my very first musical this year for my grade 11 music theatre class...and i'm a little nervous lol :)

<3 Shannon

Shannon said...

I love your new song "leavin", it's so great! I also love your other songs, "wasn't your girlfriend", and "let's go" I live in Canada so i can't listen to radio disney, but if i could it would be on at my house all the time!

I didn't know that your parents were involved in musical theatre. You have a very talented family.

I'm going to be in my first musical this year for my grade 11 music theatre course...and i'm a little nervous lol!

Keep up the good work!
<3 Shannon

Shannon said...

Hey Mitchel!

That's great :) Sounds like you're having a lot of fun with your music.
Isn't the fire over here in Newhall crazy? I'm at my dad's apartment and the smoke took over the entire sky.

♥ Shannon

Anonymous said...

omg i havent been able to comment for a long time .. homework and everything .. its hard since i have like advance classes its hard for mey to do everything but im back lol hehe yaya .... i think its awsome i love ya Mitchel your awsome ... and hot haha

Love Nicole aka Nickel aka Nicole(ee) hehehe *huggy wuggy cha * yaya

ttran said...

WOW....I am speechless!

Mitchel, you are absolutely AMAZING!

I love it all!

Jessiica Rene'e =) said...

i love it!, thats so kool that u have another page to, for radiodisney
& i absulutly love your new song leavin!, deffently one of my favorites, even tho i only listened to what so far u have on radiodisney, but what i heard i loved! lol.. cant wait to hear all your suprises!, and u deffently have to come to ohio sometime (mainly around the pittsburgh area) =)
well gotta go watch the steelers play-- peace!

Jessiica Benedetto =)

Anonymous said...

First off Mitchel, congratulations on getting on Radio Disney! That's super awesome, and I'm totally going to listen now! (I don't listen to the radio that much, and when I do its local, but you can bet Radio Disney's going to be what I'm listening to from now on!)

Also, I was on iTunes today, and I was SO surprised to see that the Single of the Week is Metro Station! It's "Shake It"! I got it and listened to it, and it's SO AWESOME!!!! Please, let EVERYONE know that Metro Station's on iTunes so they can hear it! It's a really good song!

<3 Your Biggest Fan (lol)

Mindy said...

i love leavin'! it's gonna be so awesome when I can hear the full length thing! you should get it up on itunes :)

Alicia said...

HEY! I LOVE the song 'Leavin'! it's GREAT!! <3<3
'Wasn't Your Girlfriend' is also great, i listened to that song over 100 times one day!!! hah... keep up your great music!!

Gennine said...

Mitchel, your music is so great! I can't wait until it's on ITunes!!!!
Keep up the great work!!

DiamondDust said...

Hey you!

You're not half bad at singing. :o Keep up the good work. :P


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,
I Checked out the website you gave us and I Love the song "Leavin" and I can't wait for the rest of the surprises

-Luv You-

Mariam. [: said...

Mitchel. "/

Theres a fire in valencia.
So, if you still live there,
I hope you and your family are okay.


Anonymous said...

i loveall of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so great......who writes the songs......... (not an insult)

simplewords said...

wow.... just wow, that is just, prefect! You sound awesome!

Lorelai said...

that is different than the one that was played on kol


amazing!!!!! you are freaking amazing!!! i havent commented your blog foreverrrr so im going back and commenting al the ones i missed. lol but for real 'leavin' is amazing!!!