Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 Songs at the New Concert

7 New Songs you have never heard. Looking forward to Saturday and the weeks to come


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"We're all on this date together"

Hey guys, when this episode airs, look for Marc. He is standing at Rico's or sitting on a chair at Rico's in a couple of scenes. He and Miles brother Braison decided to be extras that night because it was the final show of the second season.

And hey! who am I seeing on Saturday? Who's going to be in New York?

Are you guys voting for "If I Didn't Have You"? I was looking at "Shake It" on Itunes and found our song was listed in the top 100 that's crazy!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Metro Station

is going to be on TRL on June 9th at 3:30PM. They are flying Mase and Trace out!

They have articles coming up in Popstar,Cosmo Girl, People Magazine, J14 and AP.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dolce I got to go to Dolce the other night. Dolce is a really cool resturant owned by Ashton Kutcher. It's their 5 year anniversary and he's there...very cool. So I go up to meet him and tell him that Mason is singing the song "Shake It" for his movie's commercial! He was very busy but very cool about it. I just thought that was sends you to the perfect place at the perfect time sometimes...right?!

Yes, I was with a I won't say who( and before you start asking, no it wasn't Emily)....but I will tell you that she is part of the Disney Family.

Have the BEST DAY ever!


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hey guys! Please take note that my trip to Knoxville is an autograph session only. There will be no concert that day.

And here are the dates so far and we hope to be adding more!

May 31 Darien Lake Theme Park Darien Center, NY
June 6 Alabama Adventure Bessemer, AL
June 7 Sierra Morado Tucson, AZ
June 14 Knoxville Convention Center (autograph session only) Knoxville, TN
June 20 & 21 Aloha Stadium Honolulu, HI
June 25 Cranbrook Education Center Bloomfield Hills, MI
June 28 Elitch Gardens Denver, CO
July 11 Kenosha County Fair Kenosha, WI
July 19 Venetian Festival Saint Joseph, MI
July 26 Ocean Front Arena Wildwood Convention Center Wildwood, NJ
Aug. 2 Otsiningo Park Binghamton, NY


"If I Didn't Have You" -& MUSIC TOUR!

Hey guys, if you have heard or seen the music video for "If I Didn't Have You", and you liked it, give Radio Disney a call & REQUEST IT!

I will be posting the first 11 cities today, so check back in with me!

Have the Best Day of Your LIFE!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Enter to WIN!

Good luck guys!

Forgot to mention

You want to see my new girl dancers? They are in the new "If I Didn't Have You" Video.

Look for Damian and Whyley who have been with me since the beginning. Damian is in the green and black striped jacket and Whyley is in a white T with vest. Whyley is in the center durring the big dance number.

Carly (Brunette)is in a Yellow T -shirt and blue pants and Nancy (Blonde)has on a red sweater. If you spot them in the video, that's my new girl dancers.

Get to know them if you have a chance, they have been great and have worked really hard to make the new show look great!

Let me know if you see the video and let me know what you think about it.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hey Guys!

I have been really busy...resting. I actually got some time to go home to Texas and do nothing and it was Great! I am back now and working on even more new music. I will be recording two more new songs next week. You guys have a lot of new stuff to hear!

My personal tour starts the end of May and I promise to give you details ASAP. I can confirm a trip or two to New York, I am definately making a stop in the Chicago area and I may be coming to cool would that be? And about 10 other states. I am very excited and can't wait to tell you all about it.

I am totally focusing on music this week!

Mason is doing GREAT! He is in Ohio today and just checked in this morning. Marc is trying to finish up school.

Did you check out the Good Morning Texas video? My mom and I did the show together last week.

Catch mine and Emily's new video coming to the Disney Channel soon and don't forget to pick up the Disney Mania 6 CD coming out May 20th I believe.

Have you seen the new "Shake It" video by Metro Station.....very very cool!

Have the most awesome weekend ever!


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hey Guys! GO RED TEAM!

It's crazy out here in Florida! It's hot and busy and very fun. Thanks to all the fans who have come out this week to visit. I am planning on staying until Sunday, so hopefully I will meet a few more of you before it's all over.

Marc's here too, so look for him!

I have lot's of stuff going on concerning my music. I will be visiting some cities soon and will share dates as soon as all is keep checking back on the blog.

Metro Stations new Music Video for "Shake It" will be out in a few days, it is INCREDIBLE. Have you heard it on the commercial for the new Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher movie Las Vegas? So cool that they used the song.

Hope you guys are having a FANTASTIC week!