Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Forgot to mention

You want to see my new girl dancers? They are in the new "If I Didn't Have You" Video.

Look for Damian and Whyley who have been with me since the beginning. Damian is in the green and black striped jacket and Whyley is in a white T with vest. Whyley is in the center durring the big dance number.

Carly (Brunette)is in a Yellow T -shirt and blue pants and Nancy (Blonde)has on a red sweater. If you spot them in the video, that's my new girl dancers.

Get to know them if you have a chance, they have been great and have worked really hard to make the new show look great!

Let me know if you see the video and let me know what you think about it.



brooke said...

ahh cool :D.
i'm gonna go watch the video again and try to find them!

& i think the video is super amazing. you and em look so cute in it.


Daniela said...

ohh that's a great video :)
I like it!
really , I wouldn't have nothin if I didn't have you :DDD
I wanna meet you so much!! when this day will come?
Daniela ( from Israel)

Nisha said...

Hey! Mitchel! I love the music video, "If I Didn't Have You"! It's AMAZING! You and Emily both looked AWESOME!!! I just saw "You Didn't Say It Was Your Birthday" and the loliver parts were my favorite!!!! You and Emily were awesome!!! :P


Lilly said...

yay, first one...n i LOVED the new music video soo much[i downloaded it] (: n love the new dancers too, they're fantastic

MitchelLover64, All Mitchel Musso said...

I saw the vid yesterday and I LOVED it!!!!!! You and Em are sooo cool! And you danced really cool too!

And I remember seeing those dancers. That's cool that they were your dancers.

See Ya!
Love Ya!

Ashley R.

Annie said...

yesh saw the video and it was amazing!!!!! hope you had fun doing it cuz it looked amazing.
the new dancers seem good too :)
come back to orlando soon mk?
have an awesome rest of the week
later, annie

GiGi said...


That's awesome! Your dancers are great and it was so nice of you to tell us about them!

I saw the new video on YouTube, and I loved it! You were so amazing in it, and you made me laugh! You and your dancers did an outstanding job, tell them I loved it!

Hopefully I'll see you again, AND your dancers, on the new tour! I can't wait until the dates are posted!


Tami said...

Ya I saw the music video!
It was amazing! Good job to you and Emily! I love that song too! It's a great song! :)
<33 ilysm!

Beth said...

Hey hey been a longish time. Well anyway I saw your video with emily and I love it.
Not like you'll ever take my compliments.
Kidding kidding
Or am I
Sorry hyper 16 year old here.
Anyway wicked with all the stuff.


Anonymous said...

I really loved the video. It was really cute. You and Emily did a great job.

Julie :] said...

love the vid, Mitchel :]
its awesome.


Brittany said...

Ohhh that's super cool! I'm gonna look out for them next time! They all seem like great dancers! I LOVED the video! It was too cute and the song is cute as well! Even my mom sings it haha

<3 Brittany

Ashlee :) said...

do you mean Damian in the blue & black stripped jacket? it could just be the colors on my computer ;) haha.

the video is awesome & so are the dancers. i love ittt.

i believe im going to see your brother on tour in july with boys like girls, i cant wait.
come back to floridaaa soon :)


Gennine said...

I've seen the video, Mitchel, and I LOVED IT!! The Choreography (sp?) was awesome, and the song is really good!!! I can't wait to hear more from you!
love ya!
~Gennine, 15, NJ

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel,

I thought the new video was amazing!!:)

Have a good week!


Carly said...

awhh i found them! ahha there great! i love the video!! Great job to all ya'll



Anonymous said...

I watched it.

Andd lovedd it!!!

I've watched it like 10 times.



Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch

i think u, em and your dancers did an awesome job in your new music video 'if i didnt have you'
i LOVE it so much! u n em r so so cute in it.

i also watched the new HM episode that aired here on friday , the loliver moments were AWESOME, im looking forward for more to cum
BIG BIG loliver fan! haha

your awesome mitch
take care, have fun, stay happy

Fer said...

Haha dude you mentioned your dancers, you're so cool!

They really are amazing, how you all dance, the costumes and everything! I like it, you and Emily look great and the song turned out really good and catchy.=P


Amy Lynn said...

thats really cool. i really like your new dancers.

i especially love the beginning, when your talking. It's a nice "Mitchel Spin"


Anonymous said...

the video is soo cutee!
you look amazingg.

Angelica said...

Mitchel ,

i really loveeddd the video !
it waas AWESOMEE ! you`re such a GREAT singer ! annd so is Emily =]

the dancers are so cool !


Loads of love,

Anonymous said...

oh! i saw them!! They're awesome dancers! I love the video Mitchel!!!! Truely I can say...I wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have you around in my life! Seriously!! Lovin' you more by the second!

~*Elle*~ <3

oliviaakiddo! said...

ahh mitchel i thought it was cute.

and the other danom dancers they useddd. that lilll ccccc kid from july. remember? ahahahaaaa!
interesting timess.

Shannon Loves Mitchel said...

I will go watch the video and find them!
Luv Ya!

Tuba said...

I'll be sure to check those videos out Mitchel. :)

Hopefully, its gonna be good.
Rachael says hi.

-tubester :)

Anonymous said...

Post the dates already!:D its almost the end of May.

selah said...

the video is hella stellar. it was so adorable. i loved the colors...everything! your dancers are so boss; damian and whyley and carly and nancy. my mom was actually the one to point out damian and whyley when i made her watch the video. hehe


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Oh, yeah, I saw them, they're REALLY great dancers! Man, I wish I could dance like that ... *gets up off chair and tries to bust a move ... trips over ant* Owww!!! Mmkay, future referrance ... *begins to write* Megan ... can't ... dance ... OW! You will come visit me in the hospital, right??? :)

Ooo, this means that I have to watch the video again to see just how it's done! Well, if I MUST ;) ...

Keep smiling!!
~ Megan

Jenny said...

okay, i didn't see it yet anyway..


maybe i'll look it up on youtube later. can't right now. my internets being retardedd! haa.

Annie said...

I saw the video for the first time a couple days ago. I loveee it! :D
The song is amazing and the choreography and set are awesome.


Anonymous said...

I LUV THE VIDEO!!!U & Emily Are like meant for each other.The song is awesome!I ABSOULUTELY ADORE THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!Can't wait 4 ur REAL CD

Emma said...

Mitchel, the video is awesome!!! You and Em both rock at singing and dancing AND acting! I'm just wondering- can you tell us where it was filmed? It looks like a school in the Santa Clarita Valley a little bit, but I can't be sure... Can you post about it, please? I wish you continuing success and luck in the future!


haha i found them!! i think the video is super amazing. you and em look really cute in it. =]

guess what else!! i just bought tickets for metro stations concert this summer and the one that im going to just happens to be on your birthday!!! i thought it was the coolest thing. lol.

i hope youre having a great week!!

alana said...

I WILL keep an eye out 4 them!

Kennedy said...

I saw the video and its amazing!
u look HOT!

Peace out

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel!!
Your video is AWESOME!
I loved it, keep it up!
You and emily look great in the music video! (:


Anonymous said...

i loved your video, its so upbeat and everyone is happy. :)
keep up the good work,
lost of love Stephanie

Anonymous said...

I saw the video! Amazing! You and Emily looks so cute =)


natalia said...

Hey Mitchel!

Yeah, I've seen the video. It's awesome. Emily and you looked both fantastic. I bet you had fun doing it.

I'm gonna watch it again and look for your new dancers.

Have fun!

Love Ya!


Allie said...

I ENTERED THE CONTEST! AHHH! I have been dreaming of you coming to my school for like, a year now, and it might finally come true! They might not pick me because I'm at a high school, but then again, you are a high school student, and it will totally work. I HOPE I WIN! Plus, as a bonus, I'm a verizon wireless user, so i guess i have a higher chance... so happy i live on the east coast!

Saw the video yesterday, it was so cool! great job!


Anonymous said...

the video is so great mitchel! i love it! ill have to go watch it again to find your knew dancers though. cant wait until your CD comes out! its ganna be so amazing!

emily h.

chelsey said...

i watched your video and i loved itttt, and your new dancers!

and i saw you at your concert at darien lake!!
ah you guys were amazing!!!!

write backkkk!!!!!!!
thanks soo much

ily xoxoxo